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App Performance Issues: Slowness/Poor Responsiveness/Lag

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Brand new here, so please excuse my ignorance.

I just upgraded to 10.37.3 EN for Windows. I'm running Win 10 on a Core i7, maximum RAM. I tried this upgrade because EN has suddenly become slow to toe point where it's pretty much not usable. I have found old threads that talked about re-indexing, but I have not been able to find how to do that in this version.

Any ideas? What more info can I provide? Thanks!

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4 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

You don’t tell anything enlightening …

Running EN 10.32 on several iOS devices I can only report the best (with ideas on how to make it still better).

Yes _ I realized as I was writing that it was just a general sharing of frustration. However to make it useful would have required: 1) a lot of writing in 2) a Windows thread (ie: not ios) so I opted to leave it as a general post of unhappiness. Suffice to say that most of the issue(s) revolve around sync (or lack of or not knowing for sure when it happens). Just after my original post I had **another** conflicting post - aaargh!!

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On 5/13/2022 at 2:57 PM, fredhammersmith said:

I had lost hope but...

The new Windows app seems to be really, really good.

I have not touched Legacy for a week.

And I started to look unfavorably at my switch to Nimbus.

If they can cure their Android app...

Maybe I will switch everything back to Evernote.



After this post - the replies moved towards the mobile questions.

I want to follow-up to the main point of the post, that the Windows version - seems to be stable.


Do others feel this way? 

Are we really getting there?

Are we there ?


Trying to see if there is a semi-critical mass in that direction.

This is a question about Windows client only, or even windows on Browser



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Question to those of you (@agsteele, @fredhammersmith, etc) for whom EN on Windows is working well now -- how many notes do you have? Some of the early issues were not just about stability, but about response times with large databases. I have about 12K notes and am still skittish. Thanks!

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I use EN both at home and at work. Many months ago I downloaded v10 at work and didn’t like it. However during the installation my highly stable version of EN was uninstalled. I reinstalled Legacy which was supposed to be the same version but I have never been as satisfied with it as the version I use at home ( I posted on this many times and several users disagreed and said that Legacy was identical etc. Because of this I never downloaded EN v10 at home because I’m afraid to lose my last perfect working model of EN.   In answer to your question I find that I can use V10 but that I prefer 6.25. This is not scientific and probably based on my comfort levels, my  computers, work flow etc. Having said that, there is no doubt that v10 is heading in the right direction and will eventually be clearly superior to earlier versions. Some people may feel it had already reached this point but I am not quite there yet. 

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On 5/15/2022 at 10:58 AM, idoc said:

I reinstalled Legacy which was supposed to be the same version but I have never been as satisfied with it as the version I use at home (

Yeah, "Legacy" is a slightly different version than the final version of EN pre V10, which was  You can still get that version at Filehippo, I think.

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First install v10, for example by upgrading from the old 6.25. Take care to save all local notebooks. They will be converted into cloud notebooks, or you need to remove them yourself.

After v10 is up and running, you can install legacy using this procedure:


It will create the legacy client, running on its own, second local database. Both will sync to the same cloud database.

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On 5/15/2022 at 8:52 AM, agsteele said:

I've been very happy with Windows v10 performance for a good while.

Performance, yes, except recently clipping isn't stable.
But, you still can't select more than 50 notes and export Notebook as PDF still doesn't work.

So, I still need the (very nearly one year-old) beta version. AFAIK, neither of these problems have been addressed in months. My ticket from last August has still not been updated.

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@dbvirago If performance was fine, and starts to suffer (especially if startup time is going up), it may be the local database took a hit. In this case it should be replaced by a fresh copy from the server.

Depending on what you want to do with a multiple notes selection, the limit of 50 notes can be sort of a nuisance. The limit can be raised with a system intervention - I know the way on a Mac, I believe it is similar on Windows. I put it to a comfortable 500 on my Mac. I could not go beyond 1.000, so probably there are more limitations.

If interested I can drop the recipes here.

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5 hours ago, AnneMKE said:

Just downloaded version 10 after using an old version as an uncategorized archive for many years.  It's unbelievably slow; I don't think I can stay with it for frequent daily use.


I'm still avoiding v10 myself based on reports here. A few questions: how many notes do you have? It would not be surprising for the initial startup / loading / indexing to be very slow. Is it still slow on subsequent usage?

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@AnneMKE If you "just downloaded" the new version, you shouldn't be surprised it is not yet racing ahead.

While you are busy to keep it busy, it is busy without you keeping it busy. Why ? Because it needs to download and organize all your stuff from the server first. @jdmarch you were on the right path with your post.

EN tries to have the client up and running as fast as possible. This means only a fraction of the complete database is initially downloaded. It is just enough to make it work. All the rest it will first load on demand, from the server.

What you experience now is practically a web client, loading your specified content when you feel you need it. Maybe your Internet connection is a little on the slow side, and voila: The client is slow.

But magic happens in the background: It is keeping on downloading all of your database. This is, when you keep EN running (can be in the background), and the computer does not go dormant.

If you are able to monitor your network traffic, you can see how data is imported. Once this stops, your local database has been build, and the client will be significantly faster.

Last hint: Hope you don't run a turning disk as main drive any more. On this, all recent EN versions (including the ones called legacy now) are not performing well.

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I really wanted to continue using evernote (after many happy years)... moved all my notes over to Joplin, which is super quick by comparison.  The Joplin iphone app especially is super quick - reminds me how I used to use notes!

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iPhone 11 Pro max, iOS 15.5, EN iOS 10.34.

  • Time from hitting the EN app icon to open Home screen: 3 seconds
  • Time from hitting the new note button until new note is ready to type, with app open: Below 2 seconds
  • Time from hitting the new note button in the widget, app closed, until ready to type: 3 seconds

Yes, measuring time may tell that there are apps that are still faster. But for all practical reasons, EN iOS is as fast as anybody will ever need.

Disclaimer: On older devices it will not match these times. We run it on an iPhone 6S+, which I would evaluate as usable, but not fast.

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11 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

iPhone 11 Pro max, iOS 15.5, EN iOS 10.34.

  • Time from hitting the EN app icon to open Home screen: 3 seconds
  • Time from hitting the new note button until new note is ready to type, with app open: Below 2 seconds
  • Time from hitting the new note button in the widget, app closed, until ready to type: 3 seconds

Very interesting data. We are in the Windows forum and I think this thread is mainly about Windows performance, so what I'm about to write might be slightly off-topic...

That said, as you may remember, I've complained about Android performance for quite some time. Recently however (in the last couple of Android app updates), I've noticed pretty substantial performance increases. Compared to your tests above, I think I'm getting slightly better performance on my Pixel 6 Pro, which amazes me. I know the iPhone 11 hasn't been the fastest iPhone for almost two years, but given how bad Android performance was at one time, I'm pretty impressed with the improvement.

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I have been facing one issue recently, whenever I use Alt + Tab to move between windows, there is a 3s 4s delay in Evernote, so I cant no copy, or paste or do anything with Evernote during that time frame. This become very annoy when I have to copy/paste or paraphrase material from other website/slides.

My current version is as below

10.40.9-win-ddl-public (3494)
Editor: v151.4.18473
Service: v1.54.5
© 2019 - 2022 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved

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I assume you run EN on a pretty current PC, with an SSD drive.

In this case it may be your local database took a hit. To replace it you can do this:

  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote
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