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  1. Yes this works and is fine as long as you start writing your notes from scratch - but what if you just use the clipper and e.g. clip a full article for a recipe - including some advertisement. This in my case in average leeds to a full bunch of images from wich a software based selected will be used as source to build and add an image preview. To get rid of a wrong or non wanted image preview you have to remove all images, wait and add the images in right order - including a break for letting EN-server build a new image preview for snippet view. But this only works with web client. Any locally saved (wrong) image preview will remain. My conclusion: These workarounds won't help and aren't sufficient. Best will be EN implements a functionality to select any existing image to be tranformed and displayed as preview image. (Just like you can do for example in in Trello). Shouldn't be to hard to develop...
  2. My observation is that PDF documents are treated as a possible image source. Which image is chosen initially is a question of special and rather hidden algorithms, discussed here several times. To have an impact about the displayed image in the snipped view you have to add only the wanted picture first. Look's like you can add more images when EN-server has added or build a thumbnail for this image. With web client it seems possible to remove all images (and PDF) to force EN-server for deleting a server based thumbnail picture. Then you can add all images and PDF in proper order to get the thumbnail you want. Thus this seems to have no influence for example on a mobile (OS) Client ore local databases. Look's like the small initial thumbnail is saved locally and will not be removed after deleting all pics. It will be (re-) displayed as soon as you add the first possible image source, including PDF, even of the image which has been source for the thumbnail isn't there any longer.
  3. I used to have a similar routine like @gazumped with my ix500. Instead of passing to Acrobat (Destiller) for batch ocr, I did this manually. For two years now I trust on ScanSnap OCR, directly importing to EN-notebooks. (If there are errors to fix, pages to delete or rotate I do this later in Acrobat, when I happen be confronted with such issues). This routine is fast enough for my use, I collect similar documents for the same target-notebook in EN and do my batch scanning. Scanning and ocr are pretty fast. Mostly I'am doing some cleaning and organizing work while organizing the papers for scanning, physical filing or going to the bin... OCR quality with scansnap is good enough for my purposes. (If it gets critical for pure text an copy and paste I use additional OCR scanning of zoomed documents with abbyy screenshot reader...)
  4. same with me, but only yesterday: seems to be a server based issue in conforming Premium to Personal for millions of users and checking modified access rights, Just wait a couple of hours and let EN fix things. Then tasks should be available as announced for Premium/Personal.
  5. In my experience these days the only chance to change the thumbnail / picture is to remove all pics, wait for server-sync untill no picture is shown and then add the wanted picture first. worked for me at least in EN-Web 10... (seems like a small copy of the former note picture keeps to be stored on the server even after deleting in the note body until there is no mor picture left.)
  6. I didn't only log out do solve the problem (on iOS), I even erased the app and installed it new - and got the same issue once again. Guess, they have some problems while rolling out the new plans. Even though I'm meanwhile rated as "Personal User" (like agsteele) it seem like my EN-app so far isn't informed about the features this should come with 😉 😞
  7. Same thing happen to me with 10.12 on iOS, eventually. Edit Button vanishes and comes only back with closing and new opening or via changing views and notebook
  8. I am missing a permanently easy to access overview about all accessible shortcuts in the evernote web client (or did I miss something?). That's why I would love it if there would be an integrated keyboard shortcut menu or keyboard shortcut info panel oder site in the evernote web client. There has been some discussion about keyboard shortcuts for web clients whvh shows that this topic is of some interest. See link below. I suppose the topic and interest in shortcuts would increase significantly if there were such a helpful overview.
  9. I think this is a question of take it or leave it (or use legacy version). The left sidebar and main navigation panel ist dark since version 10 on all platforms, with evernote web and new editor even longer. This is a decision by design. So I don't expect that there will be a choice to change colors for a light mode or to emulate pre V10 design.
  10. seem's like meanwhile, at least with V. 10.15.6 web 253, it is possible to remove a stored thumbnail and to successfully add a new picture which can be "automatically" chosen as new thumbnail. Still it is a decision of the EN-System, which image will be chosen, depending on a rather hidden algorithm or size and dimension logic. As mentioned: Would be better, if this could be a user-decision... (but anyway: at least one step better... 😉)
  11. keyboard shortcuts menu has allready been implemented with 10.8.5 (build 2367) on 2021-02-17 There is a fast access with Ctrl + /
  12. I have to confirm this issue, same things happen to me since EN iOS v10.11
  13. AFAIK this is history and has changed to v10. Control via hidden algorithms depending on size and modified pictures was an option with pre v10 legacy versions. since/for EN v10 this is no longer possible. Here thumbnails which are accidentally chosen by algorithm can‘t be changed. This is why we need an easy accessible option for control with V10…
  14. 3 sec for start would be good or o.k. In my case I do have to wait for fulls start at least 7 sec up to 10 - 14. Internet connection surely isn't unimportant but I can't see any mentionable difference, even if I'm on 250 MBit/s. My device isn't the oldest, but it may be to much counsumer standard and to thinbreastet for EN10 on iOS, at least based on Electron. Seems like EN10 on iOS is running much better on high end oder pro devices with big memory than on standard ipad 2019 with 32 GB.. 😥 (Anyway, I wouldn't regard even 7 to 14 sec as painfully slow as long as the ipad is primarily used for recherche and lookup work. But it's getting hard and annoying when you try to do editing work and do some copy and paste with longer notes. In this case iOS EN 10 on weaker devices seems to lose context and focus every time you change the app for more than a few seconds. This means: 7 to 14 sec every time you come back to EN, plus finding your editing context-selection! Might be a RAM-management issue, may be caused by lots of memory used for Electron-EN10 filled with my data - less than 10k notes, only small part of it downloaded)
  15. I personally wouldn't like to count how many people "need" better codeblock formatting in Evernote. But I would appreciate every "simple to include" and "easy to maintain" functionality which gives us more options and use for individual use of EN. I don't know how hard it would be to develop this, but if codeblock formatting could be managed with (extended) markdown-functionalities it shouldn't be to big a problem. (And this would extend markdown in EN as well ;)) As probably quite a lot of users I tend to collect and save several code-snippeds in Evernote. And it would be nice and helpful if these snippets could be better rendered and displayed by EN...
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