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  1. Well, I think Brian242 isn't unique with his grocery-workflow routine with evernote. I do just the same since a while, which helps me to absolve the weekly shopping routines rather quick and with less forgotten things. The advantage of the former easily possible bulleted list with checkboxes (not checklist!) was a pretty good oversight what was left to buy. I organized the things in prouct groups ordered as I normally walk through the grocery shop, see picture below (in german): I canb combine this with all (internal links to) all recipes I collected and converted to tex
  2. Now we have EN web version (10.4.2)... ... and still no more infos what for.
  3. Chrome-Addin "evercuts" now is available in Version v1.7 . Shortcuts like [Alt] +[m] for moving note to other notebook or [Alt] +[Del] for (instantly) deleting note are working again in actual EN web version (10.4.2). By the way: Ever checked and honoured the amazing shortcut and markdown support in the DropBox-Paper-Web-Editor? (open DropBox-Paper and just press [Ctr] +[Shift]+[/] english keyboard or [#] with german keyboard for for options and infos) I whish EN could do so as well and would supply us all with helpful keyboard-driven functions in a similar way...
  4. Whats up? Has web version 10.4.0 been withdrawn meanwhile? Seems like version 10.3.1 is active again...
  5. I'am having big issues with the updated web application version 10.4.0 as well: (Instant) synching of edited and changed notes in the web version seems to be broken, at least not reliable any more: Changes seem not to be saved and written to the EN www.servers. This led in my case to repeated data loss (luckily reconstructable..) I permanently get old versions of meanwhile more than once updated notes when updating / reloading the web frontend. No matter and not difference if I check out and check in, clear cache or try to use FireFox instead of Chrome. This way web version 1
  6. Yes, that is the annoying thing with the new web version: it seems to load all metadata of the personal database in a kind of big cached data-storage in the browser. This may lead to better search performance but may cause troubles and big delay with really big EN-databases and cost memory as well as energy. Not a problem in my case, just about 8.5k notes, part of them more or less regulary deleted. With this size the new web version is even a good way to use the modernized editor without having to change to the actual desktop version on windows pc or Mac...
  7. Once again there is a new Evernote for web version, this time: V.10.4.0 And once again there are so far no informations bei EN, when this was released, which issues are (hopefully) solved and which new features should be available with this new version. Wouldn"t it be good and heplful, to supply all users and custumers by company-hosted and maintained informative release notes for the EN web version as well, best with history... ? (This could be another subpage, pefectly added to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058361833-Evernote-release-notes) This could efficient
  8. Could we move or convert this issue to requests? May be it will get more and appropriate attention there. This issue may be made by - hopefully temporarily - design...
  9. Be careful, what you are calling out for!!! There surely will be a reason why EN didn't roll out an Android version 10 so far. (Even though the screenshots on Google Play store obviously are allready actualized based on a pre-release version 10 since 3 or 4 weeks ...) If the Android version 10 has at least half as much issues regarding lost funtionality, consuming RAM capacity and taking battery power as the iOS-Version 10, there will be thousands and thousands of users who are shocked and disappointed. So far the old, but native EN-version for Android is pretty fast, doesn't ne
  10. I'd love the answer to this too. Did you find a way ? I'm brand new to this! So far I haven't any solution for iOS. If I have to do "table-work" I just change to my Desktop-Evernote-Web-frontend. Table editing with iOS is obiously on the road map (thats why the user-interface includes this so far non responding function...). EN just hasn't managed to implement this new function (on iOS) in 10.0.x up to 10.1. It probably will be rolled out with one of the next releases (though there is no roadmap when...). Coming from the arguments for the Elektron based new Versions imp
  11. If I am right then v1.4 of the "Evercuts"_Chrome-extension doesn't work anymore with Evernote Web 10.3.0 ?!? (at least shortcuts for Delete Note and Move Note)
  12. tested again: print-problem (again) seems to be fixed with new EN web client version v10.3.0 (at least / even my on my w10 pro-desktop at work in Chrome) Printout delivers all pages, not only the first.
  13. I have to agree. Seems like this is a problem which is depending on circumstances and technical environment. When I started this issue I was using my desktop (w10 pro) at work. While checking the new web version later at home also with w10 pro the issue seemed to be fixed. Today again at work the problem continued with Version 10.2.2..
  14. check if the image ist included as file or just displayed via hyperlink... I sometimes was / am faced with this problem when images for example were only clipped as reference instead of as file (mostly caused by the source-page)
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