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  1. This isn‘t only a special issue with the windows v10 app. Similar issues happened to me with the web version of v10. The thumbnail picture there seem not to be changeable after first applying, even if deleted. This is in my case only a phenomenon if watched in the web version. If I use other (legacy) apps I will see another picture im the thumbnail view (or no picture if all pictures in the note are deleted) So this looks like a real v10 issue which leads to the famous, long ongoing and unsolved request for better or free choosing of images for thumbnail view... (look like this request is
  2. my fault: not [Ctrl]+[Enter] did the job in my case , it was [Shift] + [Enter], see above...
  3. Today I tried [Ctrl Shift] + [Enter] while a following image was selected - don‘t know why - but this helped: I got a free line before the image... correction, 2021-02-09: not [Ctrl]+[Enter] did the job, it was [Shift] + [Enter] the logic seems simple: while 'Enter' is supposed to insert a new paragraph and to move the cursor to the next paragraph, [Shift] + [Enter] inserts a paragraph above/before the current selection and moves cursor to the new (previous) paragraph.. (comparable with direction change using [Shift] + [Tab]...)
  4. I'm also used to insert more than one picture and to add lines and descriptions thereafter in between the pictures. Tried now on actual web v10.7.5 with 3 (smaller) pictures dragged and dropped into the content. The pictures got displayed both next to each other in on line / paragraph. If I select one of them left or right arrow wil select the other on but won't insert a cursor between the pictures to add some space, a line or a paragraph. If I'm right before v10.7.5 the pictures would have been inserted in separate lines and the cursor could have been inserted between the pictu
  5. @Saphyre for horizontal lines / dividers or checkboxes you can as well use markdown-like inline codes. if you enter „-“ 3times followed by a space you get a divider line, „[]“ followed by a space will insert a checkbox (at least inside a paragraph)
  6. This rule and workaround has worked before v10. With v10 EN seems do do so only while choosing the first picture to be added as thumbnail preview. At least on EN web v10 Version every try to change pictures didn‘t work in my case. There the old picture even was displayed after deleting. Havn‘t tried on desktop, because there I‘m still running legacy (with changed preview pictures...)
  7. Unfortunately EN iOS 10.4 is even slow on newer devices which are not high end (in my case: ipad 2019, 32 gb and enough free memory, at least before v10...😞 Loading slow, memory consumption high, changing apps while editing longer notes for copy and paste nearly impossible. EN loses focus most of the time, sometimes even giving memory fully free, so loading, opening, finding focus starts new... Spoken for fluently note editing - in my case - this makes EN nearly not usable. That's why I tend to do textwork and editing in other apps (with better markdown support anyway) while working
  8. "another question" should then be raised in another forum-topic. (Please don't hijack topics, this messes up everything). answer may be - as discussed to several other topics: the new version isn't natively programmed and integrated in your/our android / device environment. for cross-functionality and better common code development v10 needs to be kind of emulated in a special "Electron"-environment. This environment and changed content source sync processes need time to load, ram-space to store and battery power to be hold... (not only on android, but also on iOS, in the web-interface an
  9. Good to hear that performance issues in principle could be solved. But I would rather prefer a modern Evernote version - as a web service... - wich would work sufficiently and fast even if you have non high tech devices, which needn‘t be old, but may be consumer standard and it should work even well if your internet bandwidth isn’t the fastest. I would also doubt that this solution will lead to a mentionable conversion rate from free basic to paying premium. (But anyway if time will come I will consider an iphone 12 pro... 😉)
  10. Same problem here (without clicking on "home" !!!). AFAIK this is a new issue which I am confronted with for the first time only since the last update 10.6.9 released 14.01.2021...
  11. Welcome to the club, this new and intended behavior has already been detected and discussed in several other images. I would suggest to read in theses issues why there are these two alternatives and which pros and cons have already been discussed. A simple search for checkbox an/or checklist might help...
  12. See that EN has just released Android Version 10.4, with quite a lot of fixes: Additionally they added / restored an EN widget. Missing of widgets was , as far as I can see, one of the most criticized lacks of v10 for Android and led to several harsh 1-star ratings and comments in Google Play Store. May be they stalled the roll out because of this and other issues. And may be we will see EN v10.4 now soon again in Google Play Store....
  13. Who „you“? Don‘t forget this is primarily a user to user forum... So me or us won’t be able to fix anything. I think that soon restoring broken / lost functionality is something most of us would wish most for v10, but don‘t forget: xmas is just over...😉
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