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  1. seem's like meanwhile, at least with V. 10.15.6 web 253, it is possible to remove a stored thumbnail and to successfully add a new picture which can be "automatically" chosen as new thumbnail. Still it is a decision of the EN-System, which image will be chosen, depending on a rather hidden algorithm or size and dimension logic. As mentioned: Would be better, if this could be a user-decision... (but anyway: at least one step better... 😉)
  2. keyboard shortcuts menu has allready been implemented with 10.8.5 (build 2367) on 2021-02-17 There is a fast access with Ctrl + /
  3. I have to confirm this issue, same things happen to me since EN iOS v10.11
  4. AFAIK this is history and has changed to v10. Control via hidden algorithms depending on size and modified pictures was an option with pre v10 legacy versions. since/for EN v10 this is no longer possible. Here thumbnails which are accidentally chosen by algorithm can‘t be changed. This is why we need an easy accessible option for control with V10…
  5. 3 sec for start would be good or o.k. In my case I do have to wait for fulls start at least 7 sec up to 10 - 14. Internet connection surely isn't unimportant but I can't see any mentionable difference, even if I'm on 250 MBit/s. My device isn't the oldest, but it may be to much counsumer standard and to thinbreastet for EN10 on iOS, at least based on Electron. Seems like EN10 on iOS is running much better on high end oder pro devices with big memory than on standard ipad 2019 with 32 GB.. 😥 (Anyway, I wouldn't regard even 7 to 14 sec as painfully slow as long as the ipad is primarily used for recherche and lookup work. But it's getting hard and annoying when you try to do editing work and do some copy and paste with longer notes. In this case iOS EN 10 on weaker devices seems to lose context and focus every time you change the app for more than a few seconds. This means: 7 to 14 sec every time you come back to EN, plus finding your editing context-selection! Might be a RAM-management issue, may be caused by lots of memory used for Electron-EN10 filled with my data - less than 10k notes, only small part of it downloaded)
  6. I personally wouldn't like to count how many people "need" better codeblock formatting in Evernote. But I would appreciate every "simple to include" and "easy to maintain" functionality which gives us more options and use for individual use of EN. I don't know how hard it would be to develop this, but if codeblock formatting could be managed with (extended) markdown-functionalities it shouldn't be to big a problem. (And this would extend markdown in EN as well ;)) As probably quite a lot of users I tend to collect and save several code-snippeds in Evernote. And it would be nice and helpful if these snippets could be better rendered and displayed by EN...
  7. To say ist with Bronski Beat: It ain't necessarily so...: I personally hesitated to update my android-phone and switched off auto-update to avoid unwanted surprises. But I forgot to do the same with the LG thinq 7 of my wife. So this device has been updated to the latest v10-android version. Although I feared the worst, I was somewhat relieved when I opened the app. At least on this (not low-end) smartphone android-v10 ist working rather fast and reliable, with nearly 10k notes . (Even though there are missing a couple of functions and features of the former feature rich pre-v10-version this installation is definetly usable, at least on this device)
  8. This isn‘t only a special issue with the windows v10 app. Similar issues happened to me with the web version of v10. The thumbnail picture there seem not to be changeable after first applying, even if deleted. This is in my case only a phenomenon if watched in the web version. If I use other (legacy) apps I will see another picture im the thumbnail view (or no picture if all pictures in the note are deleted) So this looks like a real v10 issue which leads to the famous, long ongoing and unsolved request for better or free choosing of images for thumbnail view... (look like this request is handled by trello...)
  9. my fault: not [Ctrl]+[Enter] did the job in my case , it was [Shift] + [Enter], see above...
  10. Today I tried [Ctrl Shift] + [Enter] while a following image was selected - don‘t know why - but this helped: I got a free line before the image... correction, 2021-02-09: not [Ctrl]+[Enter] did the job, it was [Shift] + [Enter] the logic seems simple: while 'Enter' is supposed to insert a new paragraph and to move the cursor to the next paragraph, [Shift] + [Enter] inserts a paragraph above/before the current selection and moves cursor to the new (previous) paragraph.. (comparable with direction change using [Shift] + [Tab]...)
  11. I'm also used to insert more than one picture and to add lines and descriptions thereafter in between the pictures. Tried now on actual web v10.7.5 with 3 (smaller) pictures dragged and dropped into the content. The pictures got displayed both next to each other in on line / paragraph. If I select one of them left or right arrow wil select the other on but won't insert a cursor between the pictures to add some space, a line or a paragraph. If I'm right before v10.7.5 the pictures would have been inserted in separate lines and the cursor could have been inserted between the pictures as described with the arrow keys. But even on v10.7.5 there is still a simple (new) workaround now for me: just adding a view empty lines below / after the inserted pictures and then placing the second, third ... picture ad a proper place further below with drag and drop.
  12. @Saphyre for horizontal lines / dividers or checkboxes you can as well use markdown-like inline codes. if you enter „-“ 3times followed by a space you get a divider line, „[]“ followed by a space will insert a checkbox (at least inside a paragraph)
  13. This rule and workaround has worked before v10. With v10 EN seems do do so only while choosing the first picture to be added as thumbnail preview. At least on EN web v10 Version every try to change pictures didn‘t work in my case. There the old picture even was displayed after deleting. Havn‘t tried on desktop, because there I‘m still running legacy (with changed preview pictures...)
  14. Unfortunately EN iOS 10.4 is even slow on newer devices which are not high end (in my case: ipad 2019, 32 gb and enough free memory, at least before v10...😞 Loading slow, memory consumption high, changing apps while editing longer notes for copy and paste nearly impossible. EN loses focus most of the time, sometimes even giving memory fully free, so loading, opening, finding focus starts new... Spoken for fluently note editing - in my case - this makes EN nearly not usable. That's why I tend to do textwork and editing in other apps (with better markdown support anyway) while working with iOS... which would rise the question why using EN any further if I'd had to work with iOS most time, but this is not the case 🙃 For heavens sake I still can use v10 web-interface for editing, legacy on Windows for organizing and android (legacy) while not at home and using mobile for fast reseach Surely I would like to have a better and synchronized, performant cross-plattform approach, but so far EN 10 messed it all up... 😢😭 (but I still hope EN get's things fixed soon ...)
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