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  1. additional to step 4: You can (and sometimes must) edit or change the automatically extracted information in the fields of the new generated note before saving
  2. I assume version 10.0.1 primarily adresses only bugs which were to find and to fix fast and easy. improving 'performance' in general surely will be a very big and important topic for Evernote. But this probably will take more work and time to be done and tested.
  3. Maybe they are just not ready and we - unfortunately - all discuss the worse parts of a non complete beta version which can be optimized in a couple of two weektime sprints ... (I donˋt know what kind of pressure lead to the decision to let this version out in this stadium but I am quite sure that this was not just because of a bloody management decision without any knowledge or interest about bugs and missing features. There might be some more internal or serious economical reasons. But anyway, after this going public they surely have all reasons to concentrate on this getting fixed soon...) But lets get back to that Elektron thing: I think it is not consequent to damn Evernote to set on Elektron and then to change to a system which is already and as well solved with Elektron.
  4. Seems to be no general problem: I just clipped a page with Chrome version 85.0.4183.102 (64-Bit) to Win successfully.
  5. I read that Notion is also realized with Elektron, isn't it? So if Notion is nevertheless fast enough for you to change, why shouldn't Evernote manage to improve its actual app to a sufficient performance in the further process?
  6. Weird behavior with permantly lost input: While I try to edit the title with inserting text, may be shortly stopping input or thinking about a singular word or better phrases the app seems to immediately start syncing the title text in the background. This leads to the point that all further inputs get lost when the app refreshes the title after syncing in the background. Additionally cursor or selection move to a different point. The app then interpretes the meanwhile entered text and I get a messed text with accidentially overwritten words and phrases.
  7. The changed popup panel for web content shared to evernote now always asks for a title in an empty field. Please use the website title as suggest for the clipping as before.
  8. Same as with @NightStalker: when I try to clip web-content via sharing with evernote I get a popup panel where I am asked for the titel of the new note in an empty title field. (Titel of content as suggest would be better...). after finishing this action I get a success message which tells me to wait for up to some minutes. But at the end the clipped content doesnˋt show up in evenote.... No difference if I clip in safari or in chrome... — Sorry, now literally a couple of minutes later I have to correct myself: The clipped content found its way to my evernote inbox, but much to slow and not allways complete: My test clippings seemed to need up to at least 5 minutes. This is much slower than with version 8. That just feels like „not working...“
  9. I was using the list-like continuation behavior for inline checkboxes for example in numerous lists for recipe ingredients: Only missing ingredients to buy on my shopping tour get activated. So I quickly can see, what's (only) missing. If I use the newer checklist instead the things to be remembered and focussed on are crossed and faded... So here I can't more easily see at a glance which items "remain" to buy... (Sure this can be acchieved with a simple bullet list combined mit manually inserted inline checkboxes for each item, but the former behavior was better, at least for me...)
  10. I think there is no other senseful way to export evernote web notes than just to print-out, for example as temporay pdf-copies. The solution in https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005557-How-to-export-content-from-Evernote are as written there "only available in Evernote for Mac or Windows". (Evernote-apps for Mac or Windows are worth a try, they give you quite a lot of additional functions, at least for organizing and administration of your notes.)
  11. That ist the reason why there is allready a separate and reactivated issue for this additional topic, see:
  12. Well, if I'm right, evernote has allready added a kind of mini-fix to this issue: Meanwhile you (mostly/often/allways?!?) get a link to the source-page in the top of the content from a clipped page. This link may be hidden in the non reformatted content-preview as long you don't click on the wizzard icon for reformating. But I'm with all of you: this ist not a real fix and no permanent and satisfying solution for our above written needs". This content-link is often not visible and can easily be deleted by accident or by mistake. An editabe and direct functional link in a separate field is far better...
  13. The new app was constructed by the ground in a new technical environment. This leads to the point that every single functionality has/had to be rebuilt for the new app. There might have been no ability just to „leave in“ any function. The pressure to go public and to show progress after 18 months without bigger changes lead to this version 10.0 which may not have included all the big or small functions we all may have loved or used. But how the hack did you mange to do multiselect on ipad before10.0?
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