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  • Introducing Offline Notes on mobile
    Hi all, 

    Make sure the info you need is always available, even when Wi-Fi isn’t. Now Personal, Professional and Teams users can select specific notes to access when their phone or tablet is offline—without having to download an entire notebook. 

    That way, you'll never lose access to vital information or documents.

    To make a note available offline, swipe left on a note in the note list then tap the green download button.

    To see all your offline content in one place, tap the “Offline” tab in the sidebar. 

    Learn more https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/209005177
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  • Exciting news from Evernote
    Hi all, 

    We’re pleased to announce that Bending Spoons, a leading European technology company based in Milan, Italy, has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Evernote.

    You can hear from Ian in his latest blog post, and read the full news in the press release. There is also a short Help & Learning article.

    For Evernote, the decision to join Bending Spoons is the next strategic step forward on our journey to be an extension of your brain. We look forward to the continued pursuit of that vision with you, our customers and partners, now as part of Bending Spoons.
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  • NEW for iOS 16! Evernote Lock Screen Widgets 🎉
    Hi all, 

    Capturing and accessing your most important information has never been quicker. See upcoming tasks or a recent note, right from your lock screen without having to unlock your phone. From searches to scans and everywhere in between; get where you’re going in 1-click thanks to 5 new Button Widgets.

    Learn how to add your new widgets.
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  • Roundup of our Q3 updates
    Hi all, 

    Since our last updates roundup, we've been burning the midnight oil. In the past three months, we've launched or upgraded a bunch of features that will help you organize your life and accomplish more.

    Mostly, we've brought in a variety of time-saving shortcuts, but there are a couple of productivity boosters in there as well. Here's the Q3 rundown:

    Just drag to tag
    Tag your notes quicker! Simply drag a tag from the sidebar or the tags menu directly into a note to apply it to that note.

    Manage your progress
    You'll now see a progress bar when executing several actions at once (like deleting notes or editing tags), so you can see at a glance how far you have left to go. Even better, if you change your mind about it, you can cancel the actions mid-progress.

    Get to your preferences faster
    We've made it easier for you to adjust the app's settings by combining them into one big Settings menu. You can instantly open the new menu by clicking Cmd + , on Mac or Ctrl + , on Windows and Linux. And if Settings is already open, you can use the same shortcut to close it. Or just open the menu by selecting "Settings" from the Evernote title bar dropdown.

    Open your shortcuts faster in iOS
    Our latest iOS widget shows you a list of your top shortcuts from your home screen. Find the one you want and open it in Evernote with one tap. 

    Get around faster on your tablet
    We added a mini sidebar to make it easier than ever to navigate the app on your iPad, tablet, or Chromebook device. Now you no longer have to pull up the main menu to access those tools. 

    More keyboard shortcuts
    Cut your working time even more, thanks to keyboard shortcuts on Android/Chromebook tablet and iOS/iPad. And if you use an external keyboard for your iPhone or Android device, you can use them there as well! 

    Give these new features a try and discover how much time they’ll save. We’ll let you know when our next round of improvements is ready for prime time. Until then, make sure to update to the current version of Evernote on all of your devices so you have access to the latest and greatest.

    To see the full list of all our recent enhancements, check out our archive of release notes. If you’re interested in how we deliver updates, read this article to see how we share new releases with our customers.
    As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Take care!
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  • Roundup of our Q2 updates
    Hi all, 

    Since our last roundup in April, we’ve added improvements to help you cut down on the busy work and focus on what’s really important. 

    This includes new functionality to help you tackle recurring tasks with less effort, find what you need faster, and take action in the app with fewer keystrokes, clicks, and taps. Here’s a rundown of the biggest enhancements we made in Q2: 

    Make your recurring tasks easier to tackle — One of your most requested features is here! Tasks is more powerful than ever with the addition of recurring tasks. You can now schedule repeating due dates and reminders for your tasks. When you mark the task as done, Evernote automatically resets to the next due date for you.

    Take action in Evernote, right from your iOS home screen — All of our latest widgets can help you tap less and do more:

    Actions Bar: One tap starts a new note, opens the camera, or creates a new task. Perfect for capturing fleeting ideas and moments before they slip away. You can even search for an existing note right from the widget.

    Notes List: See a list of recently updated notes right on your home screen. A single tap takes you directly into the note of your choice, so you can access existing information and add new content in fewer steps. 

    Tasks List: Check in with your tasks at a glance and open any task to access its details with—you guessed it—just one tap. Note that the Tasks List widget is available for Personal, Professional, and Teams accounts. 

    Ready to save some time? See how to set up a widget on your iOS device. 

    Android user? We see you. Here’s how to set up widgets on your Android device. 

    Linking just got easier — When you think about all the on-screen navigation it takes to add a link, it’s actually pretty cumbersome, but now there’s a more intuitive way. Simply copy a URL, highlight the text in your note you want to link, select ‘Paste,’ and voila—link added! We love how much time it saves, and we think you will too. 

    If you like stacks, you’ll love this — Stacks are a great way to organize related notebooks, but now there’s a way to find the information in your stacks faster: filter by stack when searching within Evernote or using the filtered notes widget—and find what you need with less guesswork. Note that this functionality is not available for Teams customers yet, but we’re working on it. 

    These are just the highlights from our recent updates. There’s a lot more where this came from. We’ll let you know when we release our next round of improvements. Until then, update to the current version of Evernote on all of your devices to make sure you have access to the latest and greatest. 

    To see the full list of all our recent enhancements, check out our archive of release notes. If you’re interested in how we deliver updates, read this article to see how we share new releases with our customers.

    As always, please let me know if you have any questions.
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  • Recurring tasks are now available!
    Hi all,

    I’m pleased to announce the launch of one of your most requested features: recurring tasks!

    This new capability makes Tasks even more useful, helping you manage all those regularly occurring to-dos – from weekly project updates week to bi-yearly dentist appointments – with ease.


    When adding a due date to a task, you’ll now have the option to make it repeat as many times as you want. Preset options like “daily” and “weekly” are available, or you can set a custom interval. When you mark a recurring task as complete Evernote automatically resets to the next due date for you.



    Recurring tasks is rolling out on Mac and Windows version 10.40, and iOS and Android version 10.35. iOS, Mac and Windows customers can get the latest version today by heading to the app store or by using the direct download from our website. For Android customers, the update will roll out over the next few days and will be available to you soon. 


    Special thanks to everyone in our Early Access Program who participated in the beta and shared thoughts and suggestions on recurring tasks. Your feedback helps Evernote continuously improve.


    Learn more about recurring tasks on our blog. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @Anibal I. directly.
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