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  1. Still doing it. Should I upgrade now? The latest upgrades were heavily criticized last time I checked, but maybe most problems are solved by now.
  2. After checking the startup folder and the different shortcuts I use to start the app, I see no clear reason (I did not find any "install shortcut") that may explain this. It seems every time I restart the computer (once every 2 or 3 days), Evernote reinstall.
  3. Hi. Anybody had this problem? Evernote keeps reinstalling itself, each time I restart my desktop. I am using (308626) Public. I did not upgrade to 6.22 yet after seeing posts talking about numerous issues. i do not have much time to troubleshoot things these days. Thanks, have a good day.
  4. You are right, it searches within the notebook, i was confused by the text appearing in the French version which seems to imply that it was searching through all notes. I should have tested a bit more. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Although I use Evernote all the time (32 500+ notes), I am struggling with the lack of consistency between the editions I use (Windows, web-based, Android). How is it possible to search within a notebook in the Android client? It seems there is no way to reduce the scope of the search, while you can easily do that in the web-based and Windows client. Also: is it possible to merge two notes in the web-based client and the Android client?
  6. Don't worry, my English is what it is (not my 1st language). But to be absolutely precise: I mean searching (or filtering) a tag from inside a notebook. With 33K notes, I have to combine techniques.
  7. Well, in Windows, while in a notebook, you have this tag icon on the top of your notes list that act as a filter. This is a very useful behaviour and I would be very happy to see this tool in Android.
  8. I have a simple question: when u open a notebook, can u filter it with a tag, like u do quite easily in Windows? I could not find a way...
  9. It is the most unbearably slow software I have on Windows. By far. I used all the recommanded tricks: re-installing, indexing, etc. It is just a terrible experience. I have to use the firewall trick to make it somehow useful. ( )
  10. My iPhone 6s just died on me. And I am seiously considering the switch to a Samsung S10. How is the performance of Evernote for Android? I have more than 31,000 notes. And the Windows client is seriously flawed, from my point of view. Still, Evernote is an integral part of my workflow.
  11. Can u guide me through this? I'll do anything hat can speed things up. I have close to 30K notes and I am one of the users complaining a lot about the slowness of Evernote.
  12. There is a thread on the subject. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/102926-windows-client-slow/?page=2 and another one...
  13. Please... make this software run instead of crawling... This is all I ask from now on. The features are already there.
  14. So... if you replace the Trash tag by Archive, at least mentally, you get the Archive solution a lot of people are hoping for? Seems too good to be true.
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