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  1. Hi. Just notice that my Evernote windows client is loosing track of that was already imported in my "watched folder" for the last couple of days. It juist re-import everything whenever I restart the app. Version 10.74.1. Anybody has the same problem?
  2. Since I had a similar undocumented issue with another database (ACDSEE), and as I recalled that Windows recently repaired my startup disk, I decided not to investigate further and opted to reformat and reinstall. Additionally, I didn't anticipate receiving technical support within a reasonable timeframe.
  3. Same results. Uninstall, reinstall. I did try to find the way to contact support. And I could not find it. Which is... weird.
  4. I cannot open Evernote for Windows this morning. I rebooted, no effects. An error message window appears, with "exit code: -1073741819" Is there some reference somewhere about the error codes?
  5. Well, the taxman here wants proof that I paid for Evernote in 2021. The web interface shows only the last 24 months invoices so I am trying to reach somebody from Evernote to get a copy of my invoice. Problem is: how to reach somebody? I get into an endless loop of help web pages, but the only thing I need is a human being somewhere. Any suggestion?
  6. Drawing and annoting in the new Evernote is very bad. Very very bad. I dont use the feature anymore. I switched to Samsung Notes for this and import the notes in Evernote.
  7. Hi. Evernote 10.59.5 here. Evernote is behaving weirdly when I try to attribute tags to notes for the last few days. Some tags I cannot select. I cannot even write them manually, the tag option disappear. And of course, this weird bug goes on: selecting a tag to display notes sometimes work, sometimes won't. It seems to help to repeat the opration two times.
  8. Still... One of the reason I did not stay with Nimbus was that my notes could not be transferred easily on another platform. Your work belongs to you. And that is one of the things I loved about the old Evernote. You could export everything quite easily to a couple of more universal formats.
  9. Yes this happens to me from time to time too. I think if I change the focused note while it is generating the preview of another, something bad happens. A bit scary.
  10. It is an Android problem, not a Windows problem.
  11. In the store since this morning! Will report later.
  12. For the last couple of weeks, I had a new bug on my two Android devices (S6 tablet, Note 20 phone). Let's say I did not touch Evernote for a couple of hours. If I use the Evernote clipper ("sharing" feature) on any web page, a red window will briefly appears (but i won't have time to read the message on this red screen). And then i will be back on the page I was trying to clip. Nothing happened. Each and every time, I will have to switch to Evernote, close it and re-open it. Then go back to the page i was trying to share. Then I will be able to share it with Evernote. Not a catastrophe, just weird and time consuming.
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