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  1. Good question. I decided to try it for just one professional project, the reason being the complaints of my co-workers who were staring at the spinning wheel in Evernote way too long. So I did not make the complete switch yet (I have +38 400 notes) and I would advise to go slowly. But it is very close to Evernote in features (with some added bonus). For the time being, I think Evernote Legacy is still unbeatable. And I think Evernote in Android is not that bad. But Nimbus... you know... it just works well. You try a feature and... ta-dam... it works.
  2. Frankly,. I think. Nimbus is getting there. I still prefer Evernote for its general look and nimbus" Export function is a (big) problem but there are many beautiful features and they are quite open about their devlopment.
  3. I made my co-workers work with Evernote, but I could feel their frustration. I decided to try Nimbus. Not test it, I do not have the time. Just try it. Imported one Evernote work notebook. Well, I'll be damned. What's not to like? Maybe some have tested it and have some knowledge to share. (I think the table of the OP is not up-to-date.)
  4. I may be very late on some changes, but it seems a search for "word1 AND word 2" is not working properly on the web client. It used to be that you just have the two words in the search box. But the results I got looked like "word1" OR "word2". (Also, navigating and sorting through large search results is terrible in the web client).
  5. Just installed it. Looks good. But I tried to move notes from a notebook to another and could not do it. When I click on "Terminé", the window stays open, nothing happens.
  6. I use my Galaxy tablet a lot on the field. I made a template that I can fill while working, with all the info I need for my work. But to be able to use the S Pen and write directly on the template, I needed to turn it first into a PDF. A bit overcomplicated. Not really nice. This morning, I tried for the 1st time OneNote for W10 and was amazed to see I could write directly over anything. Then, switching from my phone, to my tablet, to my computerr screen, I could very easily adapt the display to see my written notes. Very impressive. I would love Evernote to do that. Don't know if it is in the plans. I made a quick example and a screenshot to give you an idea..
  7. I have all the bugs above plus a new one: if i clip an image, it will create the same exact note, many many times. I used to have that bug before,. It was solved. Now it is back.
  8. Hi. Not able to zoom-in, zoom-out or move around the attached PDF files either. Si annotate them is really difficult. Is it a new bug or the feature won't be available anymore?
  9. Version 10.4 for Android looks good but i cannot edit web pages shared from the Chrome browser.
  10. Anybody trier to annotate PDF files with the new version? I cannot zoom in the page. Maybe i am missing something?
  11. Personally. I use both notebooks and tags. notebooks would form the table of contents; tags would be the index entries. It is a very simple system. Every morning, I have to make sure that all new notes are in the right notebook and properly tagged. I have a shortcut to this search that I use. The whole process take a couple of minutes.
  12. Well I am Ok with using the Legacy version for a while. But, sure, I will look for an alternative. With 300 notebooks and 40k notes, switching is a pensez-y bien! Notion seems to be very interesting and quite powerful. But my workflow relies heavily on the simple yet very powerful tag/notebook system.
  13. This is good news, although I must point out at least one feature which does not seem to be part of the Android or web platform, that I use a lot in the Windows platform: merging notes.
  14. Hi. Is there somewhere a table where we can see that features are included in Evernote, depending on the OS? I am especially interested to know which features are lacking from the Android version, since I will probably buy a tablet for work, and I am still on the fence between a Galaxy Tab and an Ipad.
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