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  1. Finally, it worked. 18 300+ files. Not a lot we can do right now, but the possibilities are easy to project. Did Evernote mention their plans for this feature?
  2. Bit of frustration here. Following suggestions. Uninstall (with Revo), re-install, let Evernote synchronized, click on the Files icon, went for a (long) walk. Came back. Same results: spinning wheel. Yes I have a lot of files and a lot of notes (close to 47 000). Still... in this day and age, displaying a directory should not be complicated. It has been said so many times: Evernote should stop create new features and make the app rock solid. The thing I have not tried: trash the database. Should I try? (70 Gb, 323 000 files).
  3. Although I hate it, I will uninstall with Revo and reinstall in order to see if the Files feature can work. If a fresh install is necessary, to use a new feature the developer should say so. It would be less frustrating than the eternal cycle: upgrade, try, does not work, try again, does not work, upgrade again, try, does not work, start or contribute to a thread here, lof of, log in, try, does not work... I mean, they must know about it, no?
  4. I like the idea. But... does not work for me, on Windows 10.85.4 46 000 notes. I logged off and on. The spinning wheel is spinning, and spinning, and spinning...
  5. I would like to know if there is a technique on Android that allows me to replicate the following workflow, used on the Windows version of Evernote. I have several notes containing Excel files as attachments. I like to open these Excel files from within an Evernote note to edit them. On Windows, the note is automatically updated with the edited Excel file. Is it possible to perform the same operation on Android?
  6. Oups, the same error code just happened. I had a couple of electrical failure on my side which may have cause a problem.
  7. Same problem here. My two Android clients have no problems, but one of my two Windows client does not sync anymore. I tried to restart the app, and restart the computer. V 10.77.3 does not sync V 10.75.2 sync No VPN.
  8. Hi. Just notice that my Evernote windows client is loosing track of that was already imported in my "watched folder" for the last couple of days. It juist re-import everything whenever I restart the app. Version 10.74.1. Anybody has the same problem?
  9. Since I had a similar undocumented issue with another database (ACDSEE), and as I recalled that Windows recently repaired my startup disk, I decided not to investigate further and opted to reformat and reinstall. Additionally, I didn't anticipate receiving technical support within a reasonable timeframe.
  10. Same results. Uninstall, reinstall. I did try to find the way to contact support. And I could not find it. Which is... weird.
  11. I cannot open Evernote for Windows this morning. I rebooted, no effects. An error message window appears, with "exit code: -1073741819" Is there some reference somewhere about the error codes?
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