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  1. I didn't necessarily "revert" -- I just have them both (v10 and legacy) installed at the same time -- on both my Mac and my Windows machine. One feature that I miss in v10 is being able to manually change the update date of the note -- it's for part of my work flow. You can't arbitrarily change the update date of the note in v10 as far as I know. So I downloaded the "legacy" version in order to do that and I hope they add that feature back in v10. I haven't noticed any issues running both versions at the same time -- but I haven't done a whole lot of testing either. oh - and for what it's worth - i prefer using the new version -- i like the look and feel of it way more. There are some missing features I hope that make it back and it's not quite as snappy, but it works for me.
  2. I've also been frustrated with some of the missing features (and I lost a note and part of another note). I remember trying Notion out a couple of years ago and didn't think much about it. Then, back in May (I know it was May, because I wrote in Evernote about it...) I tried it again because I watched some video about how awesome it was. Here is what I wrote about Notion back then: 5/28 - It literally gives me such a headache to try and work with this app. Tedious is definitely the right word for it. I'm not sure I could even use Notion if that was the only option out there. I tried out Notejoy last night (and, wow, not even close to Evernote) because I've been frustrated with a few things in Evernote Version 10. Here is hoping it doesn't take too long for Evernote to come back close to feature parity and make things more snappy.
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