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  1. That seems like the case to me too -- and highlighted by the points specified by ObviousBob. But that doesn't seem like the case to me. Desktops (and desktops first) are still in use by a very large number of people. But yes, perhaps if you use mobile more than Desktop then EN is not as good of a fit as an app more specifically tailored to take advantage of that mobile devices native feature-set. But that doesn't mean EN haven't the capacity to grow -- but it may mean that it's not a great fit for you and others in particular. I think they were dead in the water without this major rewrite to unify things across the board. How many app ecosystems run on web, iOS, MacOS, and Web and excel on all of them leveraging all the feature-set of said platforms? I would say that generally, apps that excel at using all the features of a specific device are also limited to that specific device (like Craft, Bear, and Apple notes in the Apple only ecosystem). I think EN had to take this big step back to regroup to better have the capacity to grow and I think we've seen some great improvements since last year. Yeah - remains to be seen. Hopefully they are possible.
  2. I think it's fairly well known that they had accrued a ton of technical debt with five separate code bases and it was hard to make any forward progression so they needed this major v10 overhaul/rewrite to survive as a product and company. Now, having said that and having no idea of all the internal decisions and compromises and trade-offs that had to be made, it seems like a better rollout approach would have been to push out new versions of the Evernote client as separate apps on both iOS and Android and allow the legacy to run on them (like you can on Windows and MacOS) until all the kinks were worked out. But perhaps that was not viable for lots of reasons of which they have not, and probably will not share with the user base.
  3. I think I'm in a pretty similar boat as far as platforms and software. I use Evernote, Day One, and Things and I also use Evernote on a Windows machine -- but not near as much as I use it on my Mac. Here is my breakdown of usage in time spent on Evernote on different platforms: MacOS - 80% iPhone - 8% iPad - 5% Windows - 5% Web - 2% That said, I love the v10 Evernote experience on my Windows machine now vs how it was before. It was so different from the Mac version that it was pretty jarring to go from Mac to Windows. Now it's seamless (except for having to remember some different keyboard shortcuts, but Cmd or Ctrl Slash FTW!). I just recently updated to Evernote Personal (I was a plus user until not too long ago). And I think the Evernote Tasks are pretty useful (and hoping for improved features), but I'm still using mostly Things for tracking tasks... but I think I'm transitioning away from it. I've already paid for Things and I'm used to it and it works for me, so I'm in no hurry. Once Things 4 comes out though and it's another $100 for all three platforms -- I probably won't be doing upgrading to Things 4. I thought about moving to Evernote for Journaling from Day One, but I'm grandfathered in on the Plus plan of Day One. The Plus plan was a one time fee and so I don't have to pay monthly/yearly for it. If somehow the Day One Plus broke significantly I think I could move to Evernote for journaling. I like the direction that Evernote is headed. With this unified code base (and unified UI look) it seems like they are better positioned to make more (and consistent) feature updates -- and that's what we've seen so far. EN still some v10 issues to work out -- but things are definitely much improved from a year ago and getting better all the time.
  4. Hrm... not my experience at all. The only real issue I've got on iOS is the one talked about here: Except for that, I find the experience on iOS to be pretty great and smooth. I wonder if maybe there are some iOS differences in our settings that would be at play here or perhaps it's the phone type. (I have an iPhone 11 for reference.) Point by point for comparison: The animations are rough and ugly. Not on my phone they aren't. It's super smooth. The transition from Notebooks page to Notes page, Home page to Notebooks page, Notes page to the note itself page is badly designed. Seems fluid and smooth and nice to me. The bar on the upper screen disappears then appears again. Maybe I'm not sure what bar you are talking about, but if it's the one with the green back arrow, share, add tags, and the three dots -- that stays fixed for me. Especially the transition from Home page to other pages, the background image on top are changed in an unpleasant way that cuts the upper half of it. Doesn't seem particularly bad to me. The top bar suddenly appears covering the background image and then the note slides in from the right. The three icons on the right corner of the Notes page are doing the same thing!. Not seeing that or I'm not understanding. Notes take like a second to load and display but they just pop out within one frame, making the whole experience a lot worse. Notes load for me in less than half a second. (No comments on iPad experience -- just iOS) I know it would be a lot of work to post a video or gif of what you are seeing, but I'm not seeing on my phone what you are describing.
  5. You can right click on the Zapier inserted attachment and select 'View Inline" and it will show the same as when you drag and drop them. The screenshot below is from a Mac, but I believe it would be similar on Windows.
  6. There are a lot of posts about issues with Evernote. And I know lots of them are justified and things still need to be worked out. However, I am somewhat surprised that there aren't more posts about how great Evernote is though. Is it just because people that are satisfied don't think to come and post positive things? I mean - what would be the point of that? (Would you just look like a "fan-boy"?) The only reason I really found these forums were because of issues that I was having in the early days with v10. Can I just say that I am loving Evernote right now though -- more than ever before. I run EN on PC, MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS and occasionally on the web -- all on the latest v10 version. (Maybe I'm lucky that I don't have an Android...?) and I have very few issues and complaints. This app and ecosystem is seriously awesome. Here are just a few random thoughts that I jotted down recently -- not nearly an exhaustive list. Multi-platform. So cool to be able to access my notes from anywhere. Same with tasks too -- vs being locked into a specific OS platform. (I'm also a Things user in the Apple-only ecosystem and can't access from Windows PC) Multi-platform look is universal -- same on Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, iOS (and web) -- very, very nice This one is huge to me. Before, the note font was so different between Windows and MacOS. The UI is so good. One of the best on any apps that I've used. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really dig the look of the new version. Like - really dig it. Kudos to the designers. Love the structure of the setup compared to XXX (which I loathe) or XXX (which is so tedious) [competitor names removed] Price is good enough for Plus -- I may upgrade to Personal/Professional. (7/21 - No real need to yet though) 9/3 - I upgraded to Personal Attachments are super nice: pdf, Affinity Designer, Pages, etc. different options for inline PDF (and PDF searching for Personal) love the way the attachments are inline (kind of weird how I can edit some files in place -- like a Pages document -- but not a PDF (with Preview and not the EN PDF Editor)) Working with attachments is simple compared to other tools Opening multiple windows on Desktop is awesome like XXXX [competitor name removed] can only do one extra window and it isn't a "full featured" note editor / window. (Yes - hoping that tabs come back on MacOS, but if it doesn't, I have adjusted.) By the way -- this works better on MacOS than Windows because of MacOS's Command-Tilde window switching within the same app Dragging and dropping/moving attachments and bullet point blocks is superb When note window fills application (side bar and note list are hidden) you can use 'Switch to' to go to a different note and then use the back mouse button or keyboard shortcut to go back to the other note. Tasks -- searching (and filtering) for tasks is pretty nice. I like how it bolds the text and keeps the task list with the filter for subsequent opens of the task view. Tagging setup is phenomenal. Can I mention "Switch to..." (Command-J on MacOS, Ctrl-Q on Windows) again -- love that. Love that I can expand a note to take up the whole space (hide the side bar and note list) and then use 'Switch to...' to find and open a different note in place. Feature request... I should look to see if this is already posted... Make it so you can open a note in a new window from the 'Switch to...' There are so many other things that Evernote does right -- this list is really just a drop in that bucket. I know there is still a ways to go with v10 to work out all the kinks, but I think they are definitely on the right track and I'm really liking how things are shaping up.
  7. The initial post states this: The right swipe -- as is working in EN on iOS right now -- is contributing to the very problem mentioned in the very initial post of this thread. Sometimes when trying to scroll to the left content of the table from the *right* side of the note it will close the note. This is not standard iOS behavior -- to issue a "go back" when swiping to the right from the *right* side of the phone. And when scrolling down, it's also possible to close the note because EN on iOS issues a "go back" when swiping any kind of horizontal movement to the right from anywhere on the phone -- not just the left edge. Yes, the title of the post is worded poorly. It shouldn't say "Please STOP closing a note with horizontal swipe", rather it should say "Please STOP closing a note with a horizontal swipe from the right side of a note when trying to scroll to the left content in the table" or perhaps "don't close a note when swiping to the right from the right side of the phone".
  8. Is there any other kind of task management program that allows for this kind of functionality (to have a due date that spans more than one day)? I can't think of any.
  9. In iOS, your finger should be close to the left edge of the screen for a swipe to the right to trigger going back to a previous view. Try swiping to the right with any iOS stock app starting the swipe from the right half of the screen. It won't go back... In Evernote you can place your finger on the right half of the screen and swipe further to the right and it goes back to the the previous note or list. I don't think this is standard iOS behavior. Edit: https://learnui.design/blog/ios-design-guidelines-templates.html METHOD OF NAVIGATING BACK CONTEXT IN WHICH IT WORKS Tap “Back” action on top-left of screen Any screen on which a “Back" action appears Swipe right from left edge of screen Any screen on which a “Back” action appears
  10. 60 MB is a very low number. If you want to use Evernote for free and you want to add very many attachments (or attachments of significant size), then you might want to consider uploading files to somewhere else (G Drive, Dropbox, etc) and link to them from a note in Evernote. Evernote's model for storage is different than most file storage services. Most services limit the overall amount of data that you can *have*, whereas Evernote will limit the overall amount of data that you can *upload* in any given month. Doesn't matter if you delete it 10 seconds after -- it still counts against you because it was uploaded.
  11. Still hasn't finished? 😃 Apologies if you thought I was directing my "petty complaints" comments at you specifically. I wasn't. Was just speaking in generalities with regards to that. Edit: My main point was that "There are so many note taking and task management apps out there now but I think a lot of people have used Evernote for so long that it's really hard to make a switch" and so that it might actually be helpful for them for someone to say "hey -- have you thought about trying something different that might work for you better". (Craft, Apple Notes, Obsidian, UpNote, Notesnook, Notion, Bear, Nimbus, Rome Research, Joplin, Dendron and Notejoy just to name a few if anyone hasn't looked lately)
  12. You're right -- it was easy. 😃 Thanks for this. I was always doing it with the mouse and it didn't occur to me to use the keyboard. Using the mouse doesn't seem too bad to me though. Bottom tag area for Mac: Command + apostrophe Edit tags menu for Mac: Control + Option + Command + T
  13. It's a small thing, but this is a minor pet peeve of mine too that you can't center an image in the new v10 version of Evernote, but you can still do it in the Legacy version (which it sounds like you are still using on desktop anyway). FWIW -- I don't really mind that I can't center images anymore, but I'm still hoping they make it possible (once again) in a future release.
  14. And maybe double check that Evernote is allowed to make notifications on your mobile device...?
  15. I just upgraded from Plus with their 40% off of one year for Personal deal. My Plus membership renewal, which I had just paid recently, was set to expire in July 2022. I ended up paying something like $13 at the time of upgrade and my Personal subscription now goes to the beginning of September 2022. The $13 was the difference between what I had currently paid for Plus to the end of the old term, plus the two extra new months. I paid directly with credit card outside of Paypal or any App Store program.
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