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  1. Well they seem to be quite calm about the issue. I'd love to hear - yes we are noticing crazy slowness and acknowledge it is a bug and are working diligently on it now before we lose our core users (paid core users at that)
  2. Besides the speed that is killing me. I am going crazy because of; search results defaulting to relevant - not by day last modified, did not find a way to change the default. not having a folder where I can put files and have them imported into Evernote. Really hoping these get fixed. I like the Evernote said they want to work on their "core" - but nothing more core than performance.
  3. I just did the upgrade and I am seeing something weird. When I drag a note from 1 notebook to another. The note does not visibly move. It DOES say that it is in the new notebook. The "count" of notes in the notebooks get update When I LEAVE the notebook and return it is fine This seems to be a new bug
  4. Not sure how helpful a "me too great job" - mail can be. But sometimes I see an APP that really is just great.and want to thank the creator And this is one of them. I sort of planned out this app in my head as I felt it was needed .. It is like you read my mind. I can imagine some interesting - ways to progress with this .... use visual dragging to move notes to notebooks tabs.inline editing ( not the first to say that)some intesting way still not sure - to organize /tasks /todos And yes I would pay for this kind of app Allen
  5. Not sure is +1 will help - but this is something I see coming very soon. I am imagining an SSD super light laptop with only 64GB of disk space - I currently am in trouble on a 250 GB LT
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