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  1. A few things seems a bit weird in the Post/Apology, which does not really seem to be an apology but rather a "Most people like it better, You should have just kept the old version, only some users have problems" post (A) We believed this was the right path because Mac and Windows users dependent on missing features could continue to use (and reinstall if necessary) their legacy Evernote Mac or Windows client. 1. You think an acceptable option is to not use the new product, but stay with the old one? 2. You assumed that people would have known that that is what you wanted them to do?
  2. Well they seem to be quite calm about the issue. I'd love to hear - yes we are noticing crazy slowness and acknowledge it is a bug and are working diligently on it now before we lose our core users (paid core users at that)
  3. Besides the speed that is killing me. I am going crazy because of; search results defaulting to relevant - not by day last modified, did not find a way to change the default. not having a folder where I can put files and have them imported into Evernote. Really hoping these get fixed. I like the Evernote said they want to work on their "core" - but nothing more core than performance.
  4. I just did the upgrade and I am seeing something weird. When I drag a note from 1 notebook to another. The note does not visibly move. It DOES say that it is in the new notebook. The "count" of notes in the notebooks get update When I LEAVE the notebook and return it is fine This seems to be a new bug
  5. Not sure how helpful a "me too great job" - mail can be. But sometimes I see an APP that really is just great.and want to thank the creator And this is one of them. I sort of planned out this app in my head as I felt it was needed .. It is like you read my mind. I can imagine some interesting - ways to progress with this .... use visual dragging to move notes to notebooks tabs.inline editing ( not the first to say that)some intesting way still not sure - to organize /tasks /todos And yes I would pay for this kind of app Allen
  6. Not sure is +1 will help - but this is something I see coming very soon. I am imagining an SSD super light laptop with only 64GB of disk space - I currently am in trouble on a 250 GB LT
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