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  2. From the documentation (here) : I'm pretty sure that it's waiting for you to type. If you use the /s option, you'll be specifying a text file that contains the note contents. Since you're not using /s, then the program will read from standard input; i.e., you need to type the content of your note at the keyboard (presumably you're in a Windows command prompt shell). Type until you're done, and at the end, type Ctrl+Z, and your note should be saved. I'll have to try what you did with pipes later -- gotta head to work!!
  3. Another simple function or feature, which takes insignificant resources to add, is neglected by the EN team.
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  5. Mata Hari

    Where is the EN database on MAC

    It is a big surprise that some ENEX files cannot be imported. I wonder if there are other apps that open ENEX Just last wednesday I wrote that I have exported to ENEX. Now again, i cannot import these. So the only option to make backup is html ? Why does EN make backup complicated?
  6. It is sad if you have lost any of your iPhone files. There are many ways to recover iPhones notes. If it just happened then you can go with a recently deleted folder in the app notes. Then, click the edit button and choose to undelete the required folder. However, you can't go with this method of recovery if more than 30 days have passed. Similarly, you can also recover deleted notes via iTunes or iClouds but if it again sounds tough or technical then you should go with software that restores the backup or lost data in 1 click. In this regard, I found iSkysoft iOS data backup very effective. I have used it twice to recover accidentally deleted files of my iPhone. You can download it from here https://toolbox.iskysoft.com/ios-data-backup-restore.html. Yes, it is a free software to download for iOS devices that's why I am recommending it.
  7. Hi, I'd like to use EnScript createNote to write an import script. So, I first tried it using the cmd line of Windows 10. I tried the following: enscript createNote /i "Test" enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" With and without usernme and password. The command execution hangs I also tried echo. 2>&1 | enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" echo "Note body" 2>&1 | enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" These commands returned but didn't impact. However, enscript listNotebooks for example did work! Please advise. Thank you.
  8. rob24hrs

    Sort tasks manually

    Thanks for marketing 101- "noted" for several years does not bode well. It is perhaps significant that other developers actually listen too their customers- the rest slowly inevitably loose them.
  9. DTLow

    Auto Rolodex feature

    I'm guessing the interface is vCard format. Does anyone have an import/export utility for this? An alternative is to store the .vcf file as an attachment in an Evernote note.
  10. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    Sync Issue! Two systems running 6.17. laptop 1 was in use most of today.. various notes added, removed, modified.... it syncs every 15 minutes automatically -but for the purpose of this report, it was 'force synced' moments ago. web and ios devices are showing what laptop 1 shows for updates/changes/etc. laptop 2 also set to sync every 15 minutes. but was force synced a few minutes after laptop 1 was done. Notes are NOT in sync. As I type this, I have 5 notes in laptop 2 inbox that were dealt with on laptop 1 earlier today - notes changed, tagged, moved to different notebooks. Here they are in laptop 2 - no changes seen. The troubling thing is that the revised notes don't show up on laptop 2 anywhere (thinking that I'd see duplication of the notes or conflicting changes/etc). but nothing. I need to look further to see if there are other note issues - perhaps this is some odd fluke, but I haven't seen sync issues for quite some time now. For those testing this version - use some extra caution just in case! after extra testing... 1) if I delete the 'rogue' inbox notes on laptop 2, the notes on laptop 1 that were changed earlier in the day (tagged/renamed/in different notebooks) are deleted. 2) laptop 2 shows 35044 notes, laptop 1 shows 35047 notes. 3) doing a more detailed audit - seeing notes on laptop 2 that were deleted from laptop 1 earlier today - laptop 2 showing them in original notebooks. More testing... 1) Fix Selected Notes quickly cleared the 'rogue notes' on laptop 2 and brought in the updates from the server. 2) trying a "fix all notes" on laptop 2. fingers crossed. Seems like a "scary" process to click on with 35000+ pieces of important information on the line. Not sure of the best course of action at the moment... tempted to freeze laptop 2 from syncing any further then log out, wipe the database and let it download again just in case of database corruption. Anyone else seeing sync issues?
  11. When did the update come out? It hasn’t yet appeared in my AppStore updates notifications.
  12. pleasemakeitwork

    Installing new OS X what to do with EN?

    My question posed an either or question about the sequencing of the os upgrade and the en install, I read your reply as telling me that I should first do the os upgrade then do the en upgrade. Thanks
  13. Don Dz

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    Small bug: dragging text files from file explorer into a new note doesn't copy the content, doesn't do anything. Dragging other files, and using shift with the text file, attaches them just fine. Not something I really use, just noticed it doesn't work for me. So far it seems consistent.
  14. DTLow

    Installing new OS X what to do with EN?

    Make sure your data is fully sync'd to the servers. This is the master version and will be used to recover if things go wrong with your Mac. You should be able to update the OS without any Evernote problems.
  15. Delete the notebook from the web. That should avoid any local client side syncing that would cause a problem due to size.
  16. I am going to upgrade my Mac os to High Sierra. Should I clean uninstall EN before installing the new os or leave EN alone and just do the os upgrade? Thanks
  17. Jordan Mc

    Old Notes Not Appearing on iPhone

    Hi Shane, Thanks so much for your help. I have confirmed that the email address on my mobile device is correct - the same one as on my PC. Also, when I log into the web client (with the exact same email address), all of my notes are present. Best Regards, Jordan
  18. Gear64

    Text file as attachment

    That's awesome, I can live with this solution. Text files have a home in my system now.
  19. I use a 'master' app I've used for years that captures the aggregates like daily weight, hours exercised/day, and distance in case of cycling. Since using Evernote, I use it for any 'routine' based exercise. I keep the workouts in an offline notebook for tablet use away from wifi. Each time I start a new cycle I create a new template(s). When I start the workout I duplicate the template/previous workout. When I get home I can use the create date/update date to capture the time for my master app. The templates are just simple tables with the exercise, weight, sets, reps.
  20. AndyMac90

    Auto Rolodex feature

    That's exactly what I'm after. I do tag the key people but some emails have heaps of people that are just only captured in the note itself. I'll look into trying that out, hopefully outlook supports it.
  21. Hi, I have notebooks that have notes in them, but no number is appearing in the sidebar. I see that you have some notebooks without counts shown as well in your screen shot, any idea why some show costs and others don't? In my screen shot EVERY SINGLE notebook has notes in it, but only some are showing counts in the sidebar.
  22. Austin G

    Print Preview gone!

    Thanks for the report. The print preview is now expected to show in the default PDF viewer. To access the page select option and margin options, select File > Print. Currently, margins set from the page setup option are not applied to the printed page. We're aware of that issue and working on a fix.
  23. DTLow

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Details at https://appadvice.com/app/shortcut-abbreviation-keyboard/1173982216 Shortcut Keyboard is your new Keyboard!The app creates you a new keyboard. This keyboard is made for you with your personal shortcuts. Insert the shortcut’s text to save a lot of time. Additionally, once you have created a shortcut, the text will not change so you can be sure that you do not insert wrong information. One more benefit is that you are not bugged by typing the same letters over and over again.Shortcut Keyboard has a lot of functions, including:- Create new shortcuts with ease and insert the shortcut’s text with a single finger press- Create new pages and position your shortcuts wherever you want on the keyboard- Your texts are variable!- Static texts are inserted without any changes- It is possible to replace a date variable with the current date and time- Another feature allows you to insert your current location- Import and export your shortcuts so they can be used as a backup and to keep your other devices updatedCreate shortcuts to fill out forms with just a few finger presses. Until now, you did not know how fast you can insert your name, address, email and phone number.Send your friends your current location and let them know where the party is at or text your parents that you safely made it to your current location.You can mark your finished tasks with the current date and even insert the current time quickly.Shortcuts can be used in all kinds of situations. They are especially useful for texts you often use and are also handy for hashtags, websites, signatures and I bet you already have your individual use in your mind.How do I use Shortcut Keyboard?The app shows a keyboard. This represents the actual keyboard you will be using.Create a new shortcut by simply clicking on the +. Enter the text you want to be inserted and a text that will be shown on the keyboard.Moving shortcuts is just as easy. Click on the icon in the top right of your screen. A blue border will appear. Click two shortcuts to change places.Do not forget to add Shortcut to your keyboards. Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add Keyboard. You will see Shortcut Keyboard. Add it to your keyboards. Now you can use the globe on Apple's keyboard to change your active keyboard to Shortcut Keyboard.On the keyboard, click a shortcut to insert the text. You can also long press a shortcut to see the text that can be inserted.Every kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to tell us about your experience with Shortcut Keyboard and what features you want to see in upcoming versions. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShortcutKeyboardApp/@ShortcutKeyboardAppSupport: shortcut@wrave.de
  24. Komediant

    Evernote crush

    When i have Evernote on, i can see it in task manager (obvious) but no evernote clipper or evernote tray application in "process in backround" After i use shortcut ctrl+alt+c or click on file->new chat, it dissapeard from running application, and in "process on backround" starts evernote tray and evernote clipper Also i can click in system tray on the evernote icon, when i press Open evernote from system tray, this is the popup If i end tasks "evernote clipper" and "evernote tray" from "process in background" then i can reopen evernote without problem
  25. Yesterday
  26. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Excellent! Good tool to know about. I use PE extensively on my PCs but not at all on my iOS devices, don't spend enough entry time there to put in the effort. This may be something to use if it is as easy as your report. Thanks.
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