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  2. 'Tabs' or 'Pages' within a Note

    This would be transformational. This is the one key feature of Microsoft OneNote that I really miss. Better at top (or side) of note than bottom , ideally configuration option. Would be great way to link related notes, so if easier to implement, each tab could be a separate note.
  3. Indents unexpected cancelled !

    Hi. Have you tried checking the notes in another browser, or the downloaded desktop client? This may be a display problem rather than the note actually changing. If it is really affecting the note content, try Note History (if you can - paid feature) to roll that item back to a previous version. Alternatively keeping backup copies of your database would help you restore a note to a previous version, as would editing your text in a word processor and attaching the original document file to the note. (You could also copy/ paste the content of an early draft into the note to help find the content.)
  4. Evernote Browser Add On New Design fail

    So sorry! Im *frustrated*! Super helpful reply so thank you very much for that. Ill roll back I think. I appreciate people use this software/widget for all sorts of purposes so perhaps they might be happier. Maybe not, if others are rolling back too.
  5. Fonts Don't Match

    Hi. A device font is whatever standard typeface that device uses when there's no other specified - the default font setting. You can't directly make a choice on Android - I don't know enough about how fonts work to know how they scale, but I'd imagine 12pt text on a mobile screen would take up a lot of space, whereas it would look fairly normal on a desktop monitor. It is possible to specify a font setting for notes in the Desktop version, and if you choose a specific font, that's what should be shown on any device - although again I'd imagine, in different sizes depending on the device screen size.
  6. Can't edit note on first click

    I would like to report the same problem. I have EN 6.11.2 with Win 10 Pro. In my case, the reported bug is random. In other words, the bug either occurs or it does not occur. When the bug occurs, the following info applies. The details are the same irrespective of whether I open a new note, or a saved note. - On opening the note, there's a blinking cursor at top left of the note text pane. - A single press on any key, including Enter, causes the cursor to disappear. - Any further key presses, including the Enter key, do not cause the cursor to reappear. - A single click on the mouse causes the cursor to reappear. The cursor appears: (a) at the position of the insertion cursor (the pointer that looks like a girder) if there is text in the text pane or (b) at the top left of the note text pane if there's no text in the pane. --------------------------- The following comments might help the troubleshooting. -------------------------- The bug has been occurring for some time, and I've been too lazy to report it. I'm now wondering if the bug started at the same time as the fancy new indent that now appears automatically in a new note. -------------------------- There's another bug which is too minor to deserve its own post, but might help the troubleshooting. I hardly ever type directly online - I type in EN, then copy online. For example TenForums, gmail, StackOverflow, and so on. That prevents any disasters due to hitting the wrong key :-) So I prefer all plain text in EN, to avoid scr_wing up the formatting in the online target. [Actually, I originally typed an "e" where the underscore is, but EN substituted five stars :-) As an experiment, I typed "heck" and "blow", and "doggone", but these escaped unscathed. I'm surprised that "blow" is permitted.] So, for bullets in EN, I simply use the combination "space-dash-space", as in the bullets above. In any other HTML text, except EN, I can highlight "space-dash-space" and copy these three characters somewhere else. But in EN, the final space is dropped, so I end up with simply "space-dash". The same applies when I copy spaces between words in EN (but not in other HTML). If I "manually" highlight text by simply extending the highlight using "shift", then any final space that I manually include in the highlight is dropped after the copy. (Of course, double-clicking on a single word in Windows will always include any final space - I don't know about Linux, which is a more natural OS.) I'm not a techie, but IMHO the HTML used by EN causes non-standard handling of spaces. I think standard treatment is that REDUNDANT spaces are removed, so the EN HTML thinks that "space-dash-space" contains an extra space :-) If the HTML is in any way non-standard, that might be the cause of other strange behaviour, such as reported in this thread. Thanks.
  7. Does Evernote require iOS 9.3 or later?

    Hi. Does @DTLow's post above help?
  8. Evernote Browser Add On New Design fail

    Not 'us' guv. This public forum is -mainly- supported by users. It's read by Evernote developers, but has no link into other support channels. There are (a lot!!) of other threads about recent Clipper changes - a lot of users seem to going the route of rolling back their Clipper version for the time being until current glitches are fixed. See below.
  9. I just have been realizing that a. Scannable and the option to scan the business card via EN iOS app exist b. Scanning business cards are a premium feature Did anybody test whether the problems persist when using the EN iOS app? Might the premium feature-ness have anything to do with the problems? I actually started a similar topic in case anybody wants to drop by:
  10. @gazumpedalready gave a very valueable tipp here: combine the business card and a new note to make a "editable note". Or create two notes. Not what I would expect from EN but a feasible workaround. See post around
  11. Happy Birthday to this thread - briefly active 12 months ago with nary a comment since. The linked thread expired at about the same time, so I'd say this hasn't been a problem for most users for nearly a year. Also most people are up to version 6.7 or 6.9 and Evernote are pushing out a beta 6.12, so a lot of bug fixing has gone on behind the scenes.
  12. Scannable still under development?

    yeah, that seems to be the most rational... Cheers
  13. Scannable still under development?

    Hi I'm not a Scannable user so can't do an accurate comparison, but I thought most or all of what Scannable could do with Evernote was already part of the Evernote App camera feature. The main advantage of Scannable in that context being that it is a smaller app and - allegedly - faster to use that opening the main app to add a picture note. Scannable does do other things too, but if you don't need the extra bells and whistles, why take up space on your device? Evernote don't usually comment on development queries - it's useful information for their competitors, and creates an expectation that a service will be added, maybe even before they've had a chance to check whether it will be possible on all the platforms Evernote covers. I'd suggest uninstalling Scannable for a while to see whether you can live without it - one less app might also speed things up a bit...
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  15. Is the app still under active development? There wasn't a update for almost 1.5 years. At least on iOS. The business card scanning feature went into the EN app already and for the scanning of documents there is a bunch of other apps out there which offer more features. I wonder whether it makes sense to stick with Scannable. For some reason I always thought Scannable is the best option to use with EN but the app is so slow now and especially syncing with EN takes forever... Doesn't feel it works well with iOS11.
  16. Fonts Don't Match

    What is a device font? I don't understand your second comment. How would I set the font on an Android?
  17. I suffer from this exact problem, and it is quite surprising (understatement) to me that a glitch of these proportions has not been escalated after all this time. It is this type of issue and the absence of any response other than slightly absurd workarounds proposed here for a non-functioning scrollbar in lengthy and pointless discussions, even calling it a 'feature request' (lol - could not make that one up) which provokes the thought: 'Evernote in its current form and with these policies is surely doomed'.
  18. Evernote Browser Add On New Design fail

    new issue. It doesnt work! It seems to crash or have some kind of script conflict on Chrome/Mac to try to add tags. It does not accept adding a default tag in the options panel, and also wont allow tags to be added in the save panel... see screenshots. Not sure why your broke it, as the widget itself seems to do exactly what it did before update, but now doesn't work. Well done.
  19. Evernote for Mac 7.1 GA

    I use Evernote 7.1 for Mac, along with Evernote Clipper for Mac Chrome 7.1.0. Since migrating to these new versions (last week? - can't recall), I've experienced several annoying issues: 1. When clipping articles from my browser, I'm unable to type in part of a tag that brings up all tags with that word. The tags that appear are only those that begin with the sequence of letters I type in, but this is much less user-friendly when you can't recall exactly how the tag name begins (a great many are sub-sorted with different lead words). Previous versions of Clipper did allow that, and it was vastly better. 2. When using the Evernote application itself, all new clipped articles have a weird formatting that does not correspond to my preferences. For example, my default text is Arial, but the text appears in PT Serif font (I hate serif fonts!). Moreover, the headlines are in 83 point font, which is far too large. And finally, the margins of the clipped article are very narrow - what happened to the wider margins of previous versions? 3. All of this means I have to go in and manually reformat the text to a smaller Arial font. I hope Evernote is aware of these bugs (at least I hope they recognize them as such) and will correct these in future updates.
  20. Does Evernote require iOS 9.3 or later?

    Sorry for bringing back an old forum topic, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be, or if there was in the past it has vanished.. My dad had an iPad 2 which he handed down to me because he bought himself a newer model. Before he gave it to me, he cleared all of his apps so that I could re-customize the device and use it as my own, sign in with my own ID and all. Had I known I would no longer be able to download and use Evernote on the device I wouldn't have had him do so. To answer the question of how people run EN on older devices... I know that in my dad's case he had bought my iPad 2 from ebay when it was still a new-ish device ( meaning, while Apple was still supporting iOS 9.)
  21. I use Evernote as a general digital file service; I don't know why you think it's a niche product. I'm able to work with this product for nich requirements like multiple reminder dates.
  22. CalS, the notion is a concept that there needs to be more than what they assume all people need. It's a drastic number as so they can ask themselves why so many ? and hopefully realize that they do too little in all apsects of work. Provide better, shapeable code and features. That's all....instead of this soccer mom stuff. 'these devs create hard set functional-based programming that only does as they feel is correct. No idea what is so difficult about managing data lines, and handling html. I should just seek funding, to create a better solution than all there is.. ..and then you would see what I mean. 'As Evernote is a niche box in a dynamic container world.
  23. Scanable Not Saving Contact Data

    They should reduce the price and give partial refunds to people.. This is absurd. 1. scanning business cards does not work properly in Evernote ios. The name disappears on save.. but it searchable... That makes 0% sense to people with a brain. 2. notes should be titles the names and business name of the card...or whatever the person wants to use. For $8 a month, you guys really need to step up your game ALOT. I feel this app should be $2 a month in current state for the $8/month plan... due to the gaping bugs up to and including the bug that FORCED me to open the database file in special tools to extract the data that would not render rpoperly due to backend code cleanup that is horrendous at its' purpose! ..honestly, I'm rather appauled that this company feels they are "proper". Too many issues.. and major SIMPLE features, broken.. for years!!!!
  24. I scan business cards, on ios.. 'the name shows, all data is correct. Thwen I save the card..and the name disappears. The note is labled "business card". I ask genuinely, why is this a "premium priced app" since it behaves like open source college projects ? 1. name goes to note title with business name if avail. These should be reversible. John Smith, Teacher Inc. or Teach Inc., John Smith or Smith, John, Teach Inc. ... I am not sure what is so difficult about this.. I know you guys have alot of other issues like Tables being set to not render due to bad backend clode cleanup... or <hr/>'s that break the page rendering too.. .. honestly, this is not rocket science. I should think a half-competent person could fix all of these issues inside of 2 months WITH learning curve, for all plats. // FRUSTRATED . forgive me.. but this is teeth wrenching stuff since it is so gawd-awfully simple... Business card OCR -> Name -> note title. ****DONE****
  25. notebook layout

    I agree fully. Great observation
  26. Particular notes freezing

    If the update is not showing up in your "updates" tab of the app store, pull the page down to force it to refresh.
  27. I've felt the same way since 6.6, which is when Paste and Match Style broke. It was fixed later, but other items were broken, so I felt I had to keep updating. As for rolling back to a prior version, I'm trying to catalog the changes and breaks:
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