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  2. I can't write multiple handwritings I write my handwriting in my Evernote every day. But in the current version, you can't handwrite multiple pages. This works as a fatal drawback to my use of Evernote. Please make it possible to write multiple handwriting.
  3. I write my handwriting in my Evernote every day. But in the current version, you can't handwrite multiple pages. This works as a fatal drawback to my use of Evernote. Please make it possible to write multiple handwriting.
  4. You can't center or left align images anymore either. This is super frustrating from an aesthetic point of view. One use case where this is particularly annoying is when I use public notes to share information and I add a banner image or logo at the top to bring branding or visual appeal to the note. To not be able to have that centered is frustrating.
  5. I really DO like the home feature, but my frustration is the time it takes to open in Android now. I have circa 2500 notes, so not massive, and am running on a Samsung J6+ which isn't high end but is a decent enough mid market phone, and is company issue. From starting the app to being able to access notes is 23 seconds, then you need to open a note, which takes a further 11 seconds (just timed it on a random note) and thats over half a minute before anything can be achieved. The Samsung is my work phone. Compare and contrast with my personal Iphone XR. 4 seconds to open the a
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  7. The only limit is currently the 50 notes per selection. Hope the raise the limit one day, but not a show stopper either: Just select block after block, the TOC in the note can be longer than 50 links.
  8. There is no know limit that would be relevant to text. Basic users 25MB, Premium 200MB, which is an awful lot of characters. Out of general thinking I would split the whole thing into several notes, maybe a chapter each. First editing long documents is not really nice in EN, any text editor does better. Second it is auto-syncing, and there is a certain risk of doing a bad edit and loose content. Note history can recover some, but the snapshots are not taken by the minute. Hint: Have a look at Scrivener - this app is made to build book projects: Collect stuff, outline, fill with
  9. Fair enough. When you look at the internet most pages with equations use either pictures showing the formula, pdf documents that probably were created with a special editor or try to allow some editing in a special window. But these editors are usually pretty bad. If you just need it neatly, you could try Microsoft Math. It has a function to scan handwritten formulas and convert them to typed text. They even do some solving and graphs using the input. Here is an example:
  10. Hi this is a question out of curiosity, anyone ever been aware of how many words an evernote note can hold before it might get unstable or glitchy? I am building one for a book note which is going to be pretty substantial in the end so want to make sure I am not going to be prone to data loss. Its only 6k words just now but only a small bit into the book!
  11. Just to keep this up-to date as of V10.12.4 (1) The main merged notes problem has been fixed, and images are no longer lost. As documented by MikeP, there is still a problem where 1 of the notes contains only a HTML container. This will be lost in the merge. Workaround is to add some random text in the html note. (2) The incomplete indexing problem remains. I was misled in checking this because it was picking up some of my test notes. However, the original problem remains. (OCR indexes for pre-V10 created notes are incomplete I.E. not migrated properly - so some notes are missed in s
  12. It's the default option but you can change it. Click the three dots menu in the top right hand corner of any note. Click note width and then fit to window. EN then seems to remember that setting for all notes. This works on both the desktop and web app.
  13. Hello, I have downloaded the V1o the other day and noticed that my dashboard note has changed. I have a lot of images there (one for each month and ohters) which link to other notes. The links on these images are no longer embedded but show as internal links underneath. Firstly this looks totally awkward, secondly, ther is no option to add the hyperlinks back to the imaged and thirdly the linked notes does not open the open note window but bring me back to the desktop app into the folder where the note reside. What area the plans to bring these function into v10
  14. Certainly, this approach would make me much more productive using Evernote. Now, I create less links than I should, because it is a multi-step process. Interlinking more notes, would make me more productive and would help in finding information. Ctr-K should open a dialog like the current one, but that searches for note titles when writing a text, thus allowing to link other notes by title.
  15. EN Mac 10.11.5 Copy and paste worked even before, by using the clipboard. What does work now with 10.11.5 is drag & drop of pictures from and to the finder. Maybe you need to specify what is not working, reinstall the app or contact support.
  16. Quick answer! I read something about that and I haven’t tried it. I do much like the idea of writing it in on the tablet directly into Evernote vs. trying to use latex to write it. Some of the notes I take are directly on the computer though vs using the tablet. I use my tablet for annotating directly on the pdf’s and then go back to using the computer for the note-taking. I guess it’s all in the workflow, process, what seems to work better. Personally, I’m going to keep up trying to get the best workflow with mathematics in mind.
  17. I spent a whole day on a very large document and only upon sharing the link did I see that the page width on the shared note is restricted to a mind-boggingly small 800px (so all my tables just truncated to the right so they weren't readable). Why on earth would such a restriction be put in place? Since people were saying this was a problem back in 2017 and no one from Evernote responded I feel I'm just shouting into the dark (which is the feeling I get from this forum).
  18. You can use the sketch feature of EN to write plain everything, so formulas can be written any time inside of EN. Problem solved, when using the right device. You can keep elaborated formula writing on your personal wish list. Maybe the devs run out of other ideas one day and pick it up. Until then it is sketch, or any app suited to support the special annotations needed. EN is based on HTML, and that does not support it.
  19. I am on Mac, copy / paste of images does not work at all from over a yer now! I really don't understand why Evernote dev Ignore this severe issue. How can you think to an application that prevents you from copying / pasting image contents to Email, Notes etc. Hope Evernote development team will one day come back with solve this major issue this otherwise I will be forced to migrate to alternative solution. I am on paid plan from 2013 !!!!!
  20. You know, I think it’s humorous you come in with a rando stat on a board of mechanical engineers, scientists and university students in STEM against the motion they desire. Humorous enough for me to comment on it. I’m pretty sure, most of the folks above took statistics. And I’m pretty sure your rando stat would be met with quite a bit of skepticism. Where is this 5% coming from? Did you just pull that out of thin air? You could be right, but you could also be very wrong. Without survey data, or polling done by Evernote on its users, it’s difficult to arrive at any good indicator what t
  21. To tell the same story short: Let us have a setting where we can choose between Home Screen or note list view as start screen.
  22. It is staggering that such a basic user preference should be utterly ignored and unavailable. 😡 There isn't even a way to set a preference for the default note font. Get with it, Evernote!
  23. You really don't. The workflow is: Select the notes you want in your TOC (as you would have had to do in the legacy version) From the blue multiselect menu that appears choose the three dots and then copy internal links and then choose between internal or web style links. If you want internal links you can just press alt-ctrl-L without even using the three dots Create a new note and paste in your note links. Even better create a bulleted list or numbered list first in your note and paste into that. You can then drag around the items in whatever order you want (and if it's a n
  24. For a long time the complain went „no updates, is this company still alive ?“. Now the story goes „too many updates, what are they doing ?“. Frankly, the initial iOS app release was no fun. Since 10.2 it stabilized, since 10.4 all of my core functions are supported. The only real issue IMHO is that the app still runs slow on older devices (iPhone 6S+ and iPadAir 2 in our case). On newer devices it is ok. Which long requested features have we got ? Improved editor ? Check. Nested tags on iOS ? Check. Table editing on iOS ? Check (mostly). There are other fea
  25. Works for me, on Safari (Mac & iOS) and Firefox (Mac). The browser takes me right to the start page, within a time frame of multiple days after one login using the „remember me...“ checkbox - 2FA is enabled. Have not plotted whether it is exactly 30 days. No experience with Chrome. Not working „remember“ could be rooted in the security / privacy settings, or plugins. Yet tried support on this ?
  26. I bet this home screen ends up being just another name on the Evernote graveyard of toys they play with. They blow the money. I thought first a few years back they have easy money, some extraordinary generous donors or investors but when the news came about how they have to make cuts then the whole sorry situation of theirs came into spotlight. Think of the Evernote food, Skitch (although a great product I never find it was a good fit being outside of Evernote and too amazing for the basic Evernote needs), think of the work chat (they launched with great fanfare but it was working on and
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