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  3. This shortcut works on my Mac You can contact Evernote support at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  4. Thanks for continuing to bring commentary to this thread. It'd be great to hear from someone at Evernote or IFTTT. Evernote support didn't offer much advice other than pointing out it would be hard for someone to find a shared note link. IFTTT support did not reply to my submissions.
  5. Version 7.13 (458080 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9) macOS 10.15 (19A602) (latest supplement included as of today) Just completed a fresh install of Catalina on my iMac. After installing Evernote and testing it, I find the other keyboard shortcuts that I use regularly (Command-Ctrl-M, Command-L, etc.) are working fine but the Edit Tags shortcut (Command-') does nothing. I can see the shortcut in the "Note" menu next to "Edit Note Tags" I checked System preferences and cannot find any conflicts under Keyboard shortcuts. Indeed nothing happens at all when I press the key combination regardless of the context. I've reinstalled Evernote (just deleted the app from the applications folder and re-downloaded it and dropped the new copy into applications). I've restarted the Mac multiple times (for various other reasons as I've been installing other software as part of my fresh install). I'm plumb out of ideas at this point. I really prefer to either use the mouse only OR the keyboard only as much as possible, so my workflow is missing this helpful little shortcut. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks! Marc
  6. Not sure if this falls under the same issue but in the latest version whenever I try to attach a photo to a note it lags horribly (30+ seconds probably) when I click on an album.
  7. I've merged your suggestion with a similar request Evernote has no support for pinning notes in a Notebook My approach is to use a Dashboard/Table-of-Contents note with links to the "1-3 notes". To ensure the Dashboard note is at the top, I adjust the title and dates
  8. Предлагаю следующее Было бы удобно, если появится возможность закреплять 1-3 заметки в верхней части списка конкретного блокнота. Обращаю внимание, что это не тоже самое, что Напоминания. Предложение касается закрепления заметок внутри блокнота
  9. Hmmn. You could try syncing the database and maybe signing out of the app and back in - seems like the search index hasn't been refreshed since you deleted the Trash.
  10. I have the same issue. It seems that Version 8.23 beta2 (370198-release/8.23) has just expired and Evernote has not put out a new version. HELP PLEASE EVERNOTE. I have entries that are not synced.
  11. DTLow

    Deleted Notes

    My experience is deleted notes are not included in searches I'm not seeing this is a problem either way. As per @gazumped, keeping the Trash emptied will solve your issue
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thanks for replying. I did that but still having the same issue. Strange.
  14. Hello, I am having this same issue on macOS Mojave 10.14 (18A391) with Evernote 7.13 (458080 Direct) Sometimes closing & re-opening Evernote or rebooting my computer helps for a little while, then it comes back with a vengeance. This has become very inhibiting, thanks for any ideas or assistance you are able to provide.
  15. Good job finding it. I've had more than one sync issue caused by notes in the trash on my iPhone.
  16. Thanks for the feedback and the link. Regarding which comments, I was referring to several comments I'd seen regarding the subject that came back after simply searching Forum for "special character" - https://discussion.evernote.com/search/?q="special character". I'm new to the EN User Forum, but seems to be a lot of useful info posted out here. Thanks again for the info and link you shared.
  17. Still no reply from Evernote on this one. Surprising. Usually these types of issues are addressed very quickly.
  18. I'm sure they are (and btw, which comments?): the search language is designed to work this way. From the search grammar reference (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php); the relevant section is: I don't know of any plans to change this, but I'm not privy to Evernote's internal plans.
  19. To date, I've seen no indication Evernote plans to include special characters in the search indexing. >>I don't have this problem on my Android phone (as long as I don't use the "intitle" function). Oops, that's an indication
  20. In one of the videos it is explained that testing is primarily done in the web client. Reason is that doing fixes there is much easier than in downloaded software betas. So it is the web client first, then a last stop of app betas, before a feature is rolled out. Apart from changes forced from the outside (like the Mac/iOS upgrades) it is said that future changes will first bring all clients together in terms of layout, function and if ever possible code as well. New features are postponed after this, because the current multi-layout multi-platform situation does not allow for a real progress for all users. At least this is what I understood from the series of videos.
  21. Part of the new security measures by Apple: Browser extensions come by App Store. Apps other than extensions can still be downloaded from websites. There are just more questions about security before they are allowed to install.
  22. I have never seen that error, but I suspect it is easily avoidable by simply allowing the first line of the body of the note to serve as the title, automatically. I only mess with the title when I want a short title.
  23. Came across this yesterday.. a bit of a fluff piece, no real details, but I was interested that is says "the new common editor is out in beta". I guess they mean the web beta.. I'm anxious to see it on iOS.. https://www.builtinaustin.com/spotlight/2019/10/15/working-at-evernote-austin-engineering
  24. So, Stacks > Notebooks > Sections Can you add some details? It's not the same as notebook levels, but a rose by another name ....
  25. One alternative to multiple notebook levels could be adding an ability to add sections within each notebook so that there is at least a visual separation between the notes. I think, Todoist handles it beautifully in their latest beta version.
  26. I've noticed that when using EN Search on Win10 PC, I cannot find notes when the search involves only special characters (except maybe underscore). I'm using the latest EN version for Win10. I don't have this problem on my Android phone (as long as I don't use the "intitle" function). From looking at Forum comments, I think the EN Developers are aware of this limitation. Are there any plans to fix this limitation? This would be especially useful if at least allowed with the "intitle" search function. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be addressed in a future update.
  27. That's right. All Safari Extensions are distributed by the App Store.
  28. There is no commitment to fix the Mac cut & paste dark mode issue. I'm looking at Microsoft OneNote right now. They have a free conversion utility.
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