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  2. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    I'm reading this release as being directed to the Business Accounts. It's implementing the new Spaces feature. I saw nothing in the release notes that would interest me in upgrading
  3. Hi, I'm sorry, been using Evernote for ages but can't find the tags on my iPhone Evernote for IOS. I've been told this is the way to go now "Tags" and not Notebooks but for some reason can't find them in Evernote IOS for iPhone
  4. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Is there only one developer working on Evernote? I was glad to see that we finally got a new major the end it is disappointing. this had to be version 6.* not 7. The lack of development and new features is frustrating, while it is product with so many potentials. Calling this version 7 is ridiculous and doesn't hide the Evernote's biggest problem....there isn't any progress in the product anymore. Or do I misunderstand the Evernote product releases and update strategy?
  5. OK - so last November I finally had enough (conflicts and viruses and hardware failures). I returned my third new dell (in 10 days) for full refund and "INVESTED" into the Apple eco system. I've always had a top of the line iPad and an iPhone (they JUST WORK). I've since acquired MacBook Pro, time port extreme thingy, and about a dozen other Mac 'funny named' things... Work requires Windows - so I opted for Parallels (vs. boot camp) and it works great. So - through all the utilization of Adobe products (subscribed to CC), Microsoft office, and several others - the ONLY disappointment has been - EVERNOTE. Now forgive my brashness - but WHO IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH DESIGNED THIS so differently than the Windows... IT SUCKS - nothing less. I've got some low something or another number (per EN support) - been using this forever (it seems)... When they trashed the Pen product - I reviewed my options for note taking and LEFT EN for GoodNotes (and with no regrets). I did stay for EN (in General) - and the last PC iteration in NOV I liked. I've always had ghost note issues - but assumed that was par for the course. Win product was more than useful - it was special. I worked GREAT - a moment or two and I could find what I was looking for. Just like that. MAC - GOOD LORD - what could this thing possibly be syncing - NON STOP - and the SEARCH - rename it GUESS please - or USE ME TO FREEZE THIS... Functionally - I am for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE looking for an alternative - as EN on the MAC is a waste. I'm methodical - I'm analytical. I'm organized. Perhaps that means (in EN's eyes) I am a PC person - but I'm all Mac now - and after just THREE short months - GOD himself couldn't talk me into going back to the dark side... MACS work. Yes I paid more than double what an associated PC would have cost by comparison (i7 quad, 16gb, 1tb, 15.4") but I've NEVER had a PC perform 1/3 as good as this thing - its exceptional. And before you Windows numb-nutts decide to chime in - the Dell I returned was over $4000 for a laptop - and it replaced the ASUS ROG - it too was a great disappointment (I do NOT game - I do edit and have several power-hungry number crunching items so I opt for the very best hardware - for which most manufacturers - through offering 50 different options - don't fully test compatibility - and, well, FAIL). So I've two questions... One - am I missing something - as I (inherently) go at EN much like I used it on a PC - DIRECTLY - and for the most part - EN is just a huge filing cabinet with basic optical searching enabled. TWO - (and imminently more important) Is this known - and will it get fixed... YES I didn't give specifics - why - because the whole damn thing works significantly worse vs. PC. I need something - on my PC I type it in - and I've found it in seconds. SAME DATABASE. On the MAC - it needs to sync (which lasts and lasts and lasts - and heaven forbid a mouse farts - it re-syncs), and then it freezes a bit, and then it displays garbage - side by side the search engine does NOT provide the same result (WTF?). I need to upload something - no problem on the PC - dump it in the upload file - done. On the Mac - you can make an upload file - but then it automatically opens EN and then EN needs to sync (again) and now you are dead in the water until its satisfied... My MAC runs circles around my old PC - but the old PC runs circles around the Mac running EN. I do NOT want to run this on a VM (parallels) as it would have to run all the time - I use Win 10% of the time - and when running it eats up memory, hard drive, and processor power, as its allocated exclusively. And one last note - I certainly hope any solution is not (AGAIN AND AGAIN) 'delete everything and start fresh' - aka - kill it all then leave the unit run for three days... I think (last check) my database is 150gb or so - fast connection or not - it takes a while. Third question in the case the last two are hopeless - any good solutions on a Mac?
  6. Evernote for Windows 7.0 Requests I'll go with Big Smiling Grin
  7. I used this one It converted your enex backup to md files. The only thing what you have to create folders and subfolders and put there all you md notes the way how it was in evernote (notebooks/categories).
  8. Evernote - Research tags

    A tag to be specified within the note for specific contents; snippets. It would also have to identify the beginning and end of the snippet. Currently Evernote has an extensive tag system, but it only exists at the note level. With the current system, users are free to insert their own keywords, like _Research. The search feature can be used to access notes with these ketwords I'd want to maintain a master list of these keywords.
  9. Hi folks, I use Evernote to do my research. I often write articles with inspiration from many web clippings, my audio recordings, images I clipped or taken with my camera, etc. Once these research items are in EV, I would like a new kind of "tag". As I am reading a clipped source, I would like to be able to highlight text or images and assign a research tag to these items. I would apply these research tags to all the relevant source snippets I have and would like to then be able to build a new note consisting of these research tag extracts. Essentially, by specifying a research tag in a new document, this would go retrieve all snippets I have identified with that research tag and would bring copies of the highlighted material into my new note. Here, i could re-arrange them to build my article outline. I would use the tags as follows: If i highlight several snippets and assign them the tag "projectX:intro", it would build a collection of related research items. If, for the same article I am writing, I have another section on "how-to", I would highlight all relevant sections of my research that deal with how to do something with "projectX:how-to"....and so on By referencing research tag "projectX", Evernaote would automatically get all the research tagged snippets for me into my new note listed alphabetically. That would be awesome for me and doesn't seem to exist in any note taking apps out there What do you think?
  10. Can you explain the md conversion process
  11. That's just a big unforgivable fucked up. I converted all my notes to markdown, put it to dropbox and now use Goodbye, evernote. I've been your client for a probably 6+ years.
  12. Evernote tries to save money by using 'off-the-shelf' software such as the chrome pdf viewer. Unfortunately, this viewer doesn't provide all the features from evernote's custom pdf viewer. In general I'm not impressed by google applications (gmail for instance has the worst user interface ever...)
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  14. Default Zoom for Font Size

    The ability to set a default zoom is a good start and very necessary. In my writing I have to hop back and forth between notes regularly and having to rezoom each one each time is a royal PITA. That's the tip of the iceberg though. Those of us with less than perfect vision need affordances to increase the size of the toolbar & icons. Yes, I know I could invest in a new monitor with a greater selection of resolutions, but I'd rather not have to. And could you please quit with the gray on white.
  15. GoodNotes creates **searchable** handwritten PDFs !

    Thank you! I will give it a try!
  16. Issue: shortcut "increase indent" do not work

    I'm guessing the developers don't have Italian keyboards I once brilliantly implemented an interface using the F11/F12 keys. After implementation, I was notified the user's keyboards didn't have those keys Note: I included instructions about reprogramming shortcuts
  17. I just tried to open a ticket with Evernote about this issue and here is the response that I received. Too bad they don’t see the importance of fixing this since they tout Evernote for novel-writing in multiple staff blog posts. Hector S (Evernote Help and Learning) Feb 17, 13:50 PST Hi Kimberly Thank you for reaching out to Evernote support. My name is Hector and I will be happy to assist you. I appreciate you taking the time to write in with your thoughts. I went ahead and pass the feature request for the ability to use Grammarly with Evernote web to our development team, but I'm unable to guarantee this will be added to any future updates. The best place to make your voice heard is on our Evernote User Forum. You can join in the discussion and suggest new ideas. Our product team reviews our product areas, joins in discussions, and also posts the latest product updates with release notes. If you don't already have an account with our Evernote User Forum, you can easily create one by clicking the "Existing user? Sign In" link at the top right of the page. Log in with your Evernote credentials, choose a display name, and join in the discussion! I hope this information was helpful. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Best regards, Hector S.
  18. Issue: shortcut "increase indent" do not work

    ok ok, thanks for your keyboard shot, as I'm italian my keyboard is different. Now I understand why it won't work for me
  19. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Released

    Anyone having Work Chat issues since the past couple or so releases? I've still got the problem in 6.9.7. Basic work chats are fine, but when I go to share a note with an existing user, it isn't working. Below, I've clicked the work chat/share note icon in the tool bar, and I start typing the name of whom I'm sending it too. Click the entry with prior chat history and then share the note. The recipient doesn't get the note or any sort of notification, not even in email. Here's what shows in my work chat history. Instead of the note and message in with prior work chat items, it gets added as a new entry/separate chat. But again, recipient doesn't get any notification. All entries in the screen shot below are supposed to be for the same person (same email address), but show up as separate entries.
  20. Make the font size adjustable in the notes editor

    Please search this forum for the other suggestions that have been made along this line, and add your voice and vote to one of them (by clicking on the upward arrow at the top of the page). I think this has more impact.
  21. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    [BUG] - Note not available on the left side of the "SideListView" even though notebook has some notes. Hi Evernote Team, In that long update, there is nothing for the normal and premium users :(. Also, to make things worse, there are bugs as well, and as some people suggested in the forum, it may be like a beta version. I am finding the issue, where a notebook has notes, but none of the note is visible in the left side view. In the notebook, it is mentioned it has 8 notes, I see note on the right side of the "SideListView" but not on the left side, as if it is totally blank. Please find the snapshot attached: This is just one notebook, I have shared, but this is true for other notebooks as well. Hope it is fixed soon. Thanks.
  22. @DTLow - always appreciate you (and others) with the wealth of knowledge you all have and share!!! Sorry, if I was giving off the impression of trying to prove a point, was nothing more than a heads up after getting confirmation from Evernote Support late last week. IMHO the ability to share notes publicly, especially with people who do not use Evernote, highlights the power of the feature and gets them asking questions about Evernote (and increasing people who give Evernote a try). Thanks again for all you share, assist, and support here on the forums!!! Count me a huge fan!!!
  23. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Exactly. Something is wrong, which is why I posted here. Hoping a dev takes notice.
  24. As @DTLow - I use Evernote to collate and collect information, not write long notes. I'll use bold text or a bigger font size to split things up if necessary, but if I want to write anything with styles I use a word processor. My notes are rarely long enough (in typed text) to require any more.
  25. Issues with the new release v7

    It's more useful to post in the release feedback discussion (link below) Issue 2 and 3 have been reported, the snippet issue is new
  26. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Feature Change; the Recent Notes List (sidebar) has been moved to Shortcuts List. There is no longer a separate disable option. This was discussed here
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