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  2. Interesting, on my Android, 1 year old, 1 note comes up as part of a list and does not need to be opened manually. thanks
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  4. In the latest release, 8.12.3, on my Pixel 3a, a shortcut to the note goes directly to the note, skipping the list. Not sure what the difference in your case...
  5. Please provide specific details; like a screenshot of the search and the note >>It appears to depend on how you are connected. WiFi is particularly unreliable. If you have internet access, the search is run at the server I wouldn't expect any difference with Wifi vs Cell access Without internet access, the search is run locally. Offline notebooks provide a complete set of data.
  6. You can do it, you just need to use offline notebooks. The IOS version of EN relies on the server for searches and data so you have to have access to wireless or cellular coverage. With offline notebooks all notes in those notebooks are searchable. So if you make all your notebooks off line you will always have access.
  7. Mine is certainly not the most fancy, but I created a ToC (table of contents) for my most frequently used notes. I use this on my android devices, web interface on Linux, and full client on windows and mac. When I built this, I opted for easy thumb scroll ability, so I made it narrow and long rather than landscape.
  8. No, it's a valid request. My only concern would be a performance hit on our devices.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I upvoted that prior thread "tonychung" to make it "1" Am I out of touch to think that a search function like this seems completely normal?
  10. The search indexing operates on specific rules which do not include parsing text You're welcome to add your vote to a feature request; vote buttons are at the top left corner of the discussion
  11. Maybe I should email Microsoft and ask them to create a menu based pricing structure (since I don't use/need Outlook or OneNote)?
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  13. Second that. Why can the search function not parse the text out of a title and find fragments? If my title is "ismarthome" and I search all notebooks for "smart" it will never find the note. What is the point in having a search function that expects you to remember the exact phrase you typed if you are trying to use search to find it??? And do not even get me started on the fact every other time I switch out of iOS Evernote and then back in, it has to refresh and reload the screen EVEN though I have downloaded my entire notebook. Why? Long time user. Just not an entirely trusted repository if I cannot rely on it to have an effective search function and then editing notes and switching back and forth, it loses connectivity or loses all your Apple Pencil scribblings you just took from a meeting.
  14. Thanks but that does the same as what I have now, I open the app and then click on the notebook, which comes up as top of a list, although there's only one. thanks
  15. I might have a gone a bit "overkill" with the emoji's - but then, my eyes are drawn to the specific things I need when I do open the dashboard note, so they definitely help.
  16. OK, so what you're asking for is that Evernote, when it detects that you have a notebook that contains only one note, automatically opens that note? Seems like it would be work wasted on something that probably rarely happens in the realm of Evernote users, most of whom have multiple notes in each notebook. But hey, it might happen. In the mean time, I think that what you might try is making a shortcut to that note, which will appear in your Shortcuts list, then you can tap on that, and the note will open. Open the note's notebook, and then long-press on it so that a checkbox appears to the left of the note header.Then open the three dot menu at the top of the screen, and select "Add to shortcuts". That should now be in your shortcuts list.
  17. You've inspired me enough to where I am updating my Dashboard template/scripts to incorporate emojis
  18. Android. It does not do this, there is only one note but I have to click on it to open it after opening the app, as if it is on a list. Thanks
  19. Yeah, I reached out to support to see if they can at least generate a list of note titles and reminder dates from some backup. I do have an email that is sent to me automatically everyday containing the contents of a Filterize table of contents for all reminders in the next 7 days (which used to be my method of tracking reminders)... Therefore, at least I can recreate the ones over the next week. Unfortunately, those reminders I set for weeks or months in the future are the big unknown that is going to haunt me. But I guess if Evernote can't pull something like that I will just look through all notes over the next week and hopefully seeing the titles will prompt me to remember anything I set future reminders for (or at least catch the important ones). It seems likely this is just going to be a hard lesson learned about being careful when activating/deactivating anything that has ability to change the Evernote data....
  20. Which platform/device are you using? On my Mac and iPad, the single note is displayed for a Notebook, Tag or Search >> Android The discussion has been moved to the Android forum
  21. Notebook isn't designed correctly when there is just one note. When opened, it comes up with the note in list form, you have to click on it to open it. Even though there is just one. This is very annoying and unnecessary. If there is one note, then it should just open automatically, when Note book is opened. Making it more efficient. Thanks
  22. Hi. And hmmn. Not a multi-screen expert, but I also have a Dell (Inspiron) running two external screens: HDMI and USB (via an AOC driver). My screen grabs work OK when I use them - I'm getting a 'cross hair' that I can use to outline any part of any of my screens. We're a (mainly) user-supported forum here and as a subscriber you should be able to raise this with Evernote - they may have some suggestions as to settings. Do your screens all have the same resolution? How are you initiating the screen grab? Via the hotkeys? No idea if any of that is relevant, but it might help spark some suggestions this end...
  23. I have a new laptop (dell xps 13, windows 10) running evernote (the latest version) with two external monitors (one hdmi, the other serial). I have a problem with "clip screenshot" when connected to my external monitors. This used to work on my old laptop (same basic setup of two external monitors). However, with my recent new laptop, when activating clip screenshot, I no longer get the cross hairs to see what I'm selecting (for example a region). And the monitor displays jump and distorts. The interesting thing is that if I click and drag, it does capture the region and send to evernote. However, I am usually off quite a bit, because I can't see my outline. Has anyone experienced this? I use this function many times a day, as a way to take quick notes when appropriate and would sure like to see my crosshairs again. Note: this DOES work properly when I'm only using the laptop and NOT connected to external monitors. Thanks, Brad
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