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  2. OSX app searching not working properly

    Apparently the troubleshooting appears when you press Option (Alt) before clicking on Help, after that, it's possible to choose for "Recreate full text search index".
  3. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 5 Released

    That's an intersting thing... Yes, that's what I get too. But worse, as you observe, the relevant resource opens inside the Evernote window and now I can't get back to the original note or to a different note. I click on the shortcut to a different note but the link content still occupies the window. Yes, I have to fully close Evernote and re-open to get everything back. This looks like a proper bug. Have you raised a ticket?
  4. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 5 Released

    Not sure if others faced this. when i clicked a link in the pdf instead of loading in a browser. it loads inside evernote. changing notes doesn't remove the link. I have to close the app fully and reopen it to change it
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  6. Evernote for Mac 6.13.1 GA

    Hi Chantal, would it make sense to implement some features in the software that checks for itself on a regular basis if all notes are in sync and if not just reloads the faulty note? What you proposed seems like a workaround at best, but I would expect a software to run mostly autonomously and checking something for completeness, seems a perfect task for a software to take care of. Especially if syncing is at the heart of that software's purpose. Just thinking out loud. Regards, Dietrich
  7. In the earlier version new images were put to where the cursor was, and luckily the cursor was on the bottom if der did not change, which was quite convenient. Could someone from Evernote please acknowledge this and let us know when this could be fixed? I accidentally updated on my other machine the other day, and there the issue was again. Seems we are not alone with this issue. Linking to the other post:
  8. Hello, Is there any way to stop the tags to expand when you are using a saved search? I have a lot of groups of tag which I am using them with saved search function. It is very annoying that each time the tags are expanded. Evernote: 6.7.5 Windows 10. Thank you.
  9. Thanks - I'll do some experiments, changing the default notebook and see if the icon goes away. Interestingly, on android, that notebook had a similar (but somewhat different) icon. That notebook is set for offline usage. I turned that option off, and the icon went away. That same notebook is also the default notebook on android, and there is no icon indicating that. No big deal - just a little inconsistency in the user interface.
  10. How can I see Pdfs inline?

    I'm looking at Devonthink features which include inline display of PDFs
  11. Just to be clear, the problem occurs when searching within a single note and having multiple search results. Yes, I do get the correct amount of results and the results are good. The problem is that the little black right search arrow does not display. Please look closely at the screenshot:
  12. Blogging word wrap ?

    I'd bet this is less of an issue of text wrapping the edge of a window and more of an issue of not being able to set a specific wrap point. Yes, text will wrap at the edge of a window... but say you are working on a 27" monitor and you take a note full screen for zero distraction writing. Evernote will take a line of text across the entire 27" monitor which is not ideal. I've run in to this same issue with Evernote and it is why I've moved all writing to Ulysses.
  13. It's not a question of being "hard" and more about priorities. Evernote has never indicated an in interest in syntax highlighting. The focus seems to be more on word processing features
  14. Why would a simple <code language="C"> </code> syntax formatting be so hard for a organization like Evernote ?
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  16. Help - Search not working with upgrade

    rebuild the search index Hold down the option key, click Help then Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index worked for me too. Thanks!!
  17. When I search inside a note and I have multiple results, only the left arrow shows - see screenshot. Evernote Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) on El Capitan.
  18. I see a little horizontal blue line underneath the modification date on some notes in various lengthts. It looks like a progress bar. See screenshots. What is this? Evernote Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct) on El Capitan
  19. I have Evernote windows running on Win10. I wanted to make sure I had my main folder available offline, as it is on my Android phone and tablet - could not see an option for that (which I thought I had seen and used before, years ago) - looked in help - it says "On desktop computers: If Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows Desktop is installed on your computer, all of your synced notes and notebooks are stored on your computer in a local database." Great! But, looking at the notebook list, this notebook has an icon to the left of the name that looks an awful lot like some kind of download notification or option. See attached image. Clicking on it doesn't do anything. So - I am wondering what the icon means. I have used Evernote for years - was there a time when you had to set a notebook to offline on windows - and this icon is a holdover from that ancient time? Or does it mean something else? Mostly just curious - unless it means something important... Thanks Dan
  20. When editing tags wait until I click away (Mac)

    Okay. Interesting, Windows fails when a tag is removed using the above panel when Search when note is updated is NOT checked. Seems like a bug in Windows. Anyway. Another way to get where you want is to use the tag picker dialog, Ctrl-Alt-T on Windows, after you have highlighted the notes. You can add/delete tags and the note updates don't occur until you click on OK. Then the search gets updated, no matter the settings. FWIW.
  21. facetime camera images reversed (mirror flipped)

    Useless. This is why I am no longer enamored with Evernote. What is the point of touting a feature that is, well, useless. If we want to snap a photo of text, we should be able to read it without having to hold up a mirror, spin around three times and whisper, "Hagrid is my hero."
  22. When editing tags wait until I click away (Mac)

    CalS ... your answer made me revisit my question and see I was not clear ... nor did I do my due diligence. I do NOT want to see a change to (asynchronous) search ... only to the situation where the Search is done and one wants to EDIT THE TAGS for a selected note. (see image). I've edited my original question but should the sysops wish to delete this thread as I got it wrong that's ok too and I'll make a new, correct one.
  23. And in the meantime you can use a text expander like PhraseExpress to turn nb into notebook:, or nbi into notebook:inbox, which is even quicker.
  24. In the meantime, it may not be optimal (since you lose searching of the files), but you can create a link to each file and put those links in a list.
  25. Autohotkey scripts for Evernote

    Attached the updated AHK script with optimized balance between editing comfort and write protection ;=================================================================================== ; ; The script starts up in ReadOnly mode. ; ; When you start a new note (CTRL-N) editing is enabled. ; ; When you start editing an existing note, an edit-confirmation dialog pops up. ; Once you confirm edit mode, editing will stay enabled as long as you keep typing at ; a minimum rate (default=60 seconds between keystrokes, specified in NextKeyTimeout_ms) ; or till you leave note editing by clicking on another control (other than a note). ; ; So if you just switch between two open notes, editing stays enabled. ; Also if you switch beween an external application and a note, editing stays enabled as well. ; Of course, there is always the timeout safety net that switches to readonly when no editing ; activity detected for 60 seconds (NextKeyTimeout_ms time). ; ; Search boxes and autocomplete boxes (tags...) stay always enabled. ; ;==================================================================================== I suspect that this implementation is azerty specific. Remapping can be done easily in the table at the bottom of the script I will try to improve this next week (in the mean time I have tested it and it does work after a few warnings when starting up the script) Evernote.ahk
  26. Ha ha... thanks for the correction. I worded that lazily and was intending XML attributes (although that thought is still likely flawed design wise :-D ). Thanks for clarifying the intent of Evernote tags.
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