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  2. Correct me if I am wrong. Can you do the following in evernote V10? 1. I want to paste two pictures in a note, so Win+Shift+S to clip part of the screen, then paste Ctrl+V to evernote. 2. repeat the above so you have two pictures in the note. 3. Now I notice that the second picture stay very close to each other or even at the same line. 4. I want to add "enter" or type in some text between the two pictures. On Step 4, seems like there is no indication where the cursor is for me to type in, I do try to click somewhere between the two pictrues, then type, it end up dele
  3. No, the Legacy product only has two options: enex and html The Version 10 product only exports to enex format; new options are pending >>Alternatively is it possible to convert the complete contents of a ENEX export to markdown? html > markdown would be more likely; it's ubiquitous
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  5. Does Evernote 6.25 permit export of files in the markdown format? HTML is not the same. Alternatively is it possible to convert the complete contents of a ENEX export to markdown? Thank you
  6. He had nothing to say except make fun of people who were inquiring and you know this and now you turn around want to heckle too. Get a life!
  7. A strange comment for a user post requesting information Also, this post has become a feature request where users can indicate support (vote button at the top left corner of the discussion) This is useful towards convincing Evernote to implement this feature
  8. I don't know if hysteria is the right word, but there is something wrong with the general user-base mentality regarding the Version 10 product I'm a long time Legacy product user (Mac), with no issues I'm aware there's a Version 10 product; it's a work-in-progress and I won't be seriously reviewing it until the work is completed The posts I'm seeing are not objective feedback of the Version 10 product It seems to be an exercise in self-flagellation given these users can easily revert to the Legacy product (Mac/Windows)
  9. Still waiting for Evernote to give us an answer! Your updated app is still terrible, it needs fixing, and ignoring our feedback won't help.
  10. I am moving to nvALT and simplenote. I am so sorry I ever spent ANY money on this application. The developers COMPLETELY RUINED IT. It's Astonishing to me how they could not see that they were doing so.
  11. Hey @dalembertian, Not sure about desktop, but on the web versions you can change the editor to the classic editor—like in the below image.
  12. Thank you all for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 6.25.## on a laptop but a tablet was updated to the 10.### version. Every reboot of the tablet or every restart of evernote had an update to go through every freakin time. And, the check box was no longer present on the top editing toolbar; I use the checkbox often. It is not convenient to expand another toolbar to get to the most used functions (the checkbox). Thank you for the link to the legacy version.
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  14. Not sure that you can - Windows 7 is not a supported OS.. but maybe: if you can uninstall all subsequent updates with Revo Uninstaller Free and then revert to 6.17 you'll get back to where you were. Temporarily. Windows 7 will not last, and 6.17 will not last much longer. Sooner or later you will have to embrace the new "improved" 6.25...
  15. I just barely stepped into this mess today. Most of these posts are ~2 months old now.... are they really not bringing back the Sync button?? 🥶
  16. Devastated by the "Upgrade" Which competitor is the best to switch to if I decide to bite the bullet?
  17. I am running Windows 7 and had previously beenhappily running Evernote V6.17. Last week I upgraded to Evernote Windows version 10.The performance was so slow that the app was totally unusable. So I backed my way down the updates, uninstalling each before reinstalling the previous version. V6.25 was still too laggy, so I went back to 6.17, which is where I started. But it, too, is now very, very laggy. When I create a new note, it takes at least 1 minute before I am able to type anything in the note. Rebooting the CPU hasn't helped. It is not trying to Sync. This slowness has robbed all of the
  18. How do I downgrade??! The missing Sync button is infuriating. I can't right click to create a Notebook in a Stack anymore. EN is not playing well with Outlook. This all is creating a colossal waste of time and energy. Taking my money elsewhere if they don't fix this.
  19. How do I downgrade??! The missing Sync button is infuriating. I can't right click to create a Notebook in a Stack anymore. EN is not playing well with Outlook. This all is creating a colossal waste of time and energy. Taking my money elsewhere if they don't fix this.
  20. Anybody who can read should have a look at the support documents for the different clients. They don’t say in each detail what will stay, and what was abandoned, but it clearly states 4 discontinued items: no more local notebooks no more presentation mode no more Evernote-Special-Edition-Scanner support no more context This means context is gone because it was decided to remove it, and it will not come back. This is not difficult to understand, although maybe hard to take.
  21. Probably it will come to v10 with a future release. The iOS app has audio, and the new watch app is announced, that will rely heavily on audio input. Since the new apps share a lot of code, I think it will be found on the desktops soon as well. Personally I run legacy and v10 in parallel on my MacBook Pro, so far without problems.
  22. I guess the database is moved to under the user folder. For example, in my Windows (where "igrep" is my user name): C:\Users\igrep\Evernote\Databases\igrep.exb I'm not completely sure, but its size (mine is 25.3GB!) and its contents (I found some images I saved before by opening as an SQLite3 file) make me think so.
  23. Hi Did you try this... 1. Uninstall your current Evernote installation 2. Go to...C:\User\yourname\Appdata\Roaming...delete the Evernote folder (note: Appdata might me invisible, simply show all folder) 3. Then install the new 10.4.4 version (in this case Evernote will ask again your credential and it will start fresh) It's my trick when I got problem with Evernote installation Have a nice day
  24. Export by notebook; there is no limit on # of notes
  25. I may be wrong, but assume that they still are not capable of doing this until they retire the legacy versions. I remain hopeful that the migration to v10 will allow features like this to be added, but I would imagine that means all versions of the app are using the new editor so that they do not have to code this feature into the legacy versions. On the other hand, I suppose it could work out that any collapsed sections show as expanded in Legacy apps, similar to how the new Checklists still show. Either way, as @gazumped states... we have managed to wait this long...
  26. Hi Shane, Nearly all of my images were added using the Evernote Clipper. That's the Clipper in the Menu Bar (on a Mac) not the Web Clipper. I save partial screenshots using this clipper that then they save into Evernote. On Evernote 10.4.4 these images invariably do not display now and instead just present a link to download the image that I then have to view in another app - very frustrating. On Evernote Legacy the images display inline just fine. See attached for an example of the same note in the two apps. I notice that on Evernote Legacy there is the option in Preferences/Cl
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