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  2. Dave-in-Decatur

    Full edit on pictures is gone

    Definitely needed. I've voted it up. There's more discussion in this thread on the Android Help forum:
  3. Jamie Botten

    Problem with random note "editing"

    That's correct. Yesterday I made a new note on my phone and then a couple of hours later opened up Evernote on my PC (website) expecting to find this note at the top of the list (sorted by "Date updated (newest first)". However, within the top 10 notes were some that I haven't touched in a couple of years. The order of these notes is the same in the app on my android phone, but the Windows App on my Surface laptop presents the notes in the order I expect to see them, which is good, but confusing. Thanks for the reply, I hope you can provide some clarity on this.
  4. EdH

    Lastest version \ 6.7.6 |Don`t Sync or connecting

    You need to apply the update discussed in this thread, or upgrade to the latest version.
  5. Today
  6. EdH

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    I dunno. You posted a image that said new fonts, color pallets, etc. I assume they infinitesimally tweaked the fonts Evernote is using for some dialog box somewhere.
  7. Evernote.com work perfectly, but windows 10 Desktop client don`t syncrionize. I try to exit, and login again, but then i can`t log in. I don`t figure out how to use support on this site, so i try to texting here. I found on forum the same problem and, try the old solution and install 6.7.6 course " Anyways. They state that they are only supporting 6.7.6 and higher due to this security flaw. " But Still. 2018-15.08 Waiting for quick help
  8. Don Dz

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    Ctrl + still zooms at least.
  9. wallymountz

    Unable to install on Windows 7 64 Bit

    Thanks for the suggestions folks, but alas, run as administrator did not change anything. Still the same error message. I forgot to mention in the original post that I had rebooted to no avail.
  10. Rob Freundlich

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    They clearly spent a lot of time on the rebranding. I hope that doesn't mean that rebranding matters the most to them. As opposed to, say, fixing all of the little things that have been bugging us users for years.
  11. David, thanks for the details. We are also experiencing this in our app. We are requiring customers to disable the extension so our app can work. I hope Evernote are going to fix this bug ASAP.
  12. gawkla

    Evernote for Windows Update Required

    Fully agree with this. Evernote Team. You are really testing us. I am on the way to go away. This is to much for me. Sorry.
  13. You're right I wasn't aware of the indent shortcuts - we should be using them. I'll delete my post.
  14. Do the documented Cmt+] and Cmd+[ work? Or is the documentation in error? On WIndows, tabs work as you describe them here, but Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M always indent, and never insert spaces.
  15. pepr

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    Installed 6.14 public and Ctrl+Scroll is not zooming note, like in previous...dont know how many builds, so is this no longer planned?
  16. atomic-elk

    System error - won't allow access to notes

    No fix for me with this sadly. (android 5.1)
  17. I don't understand the "But just for one time!" Sharing works for me, and it's a permanent solution.
  18. As part of my processing, I append the metadata to a note's contents I have this automated with a script on my Mac I can do tag searches using Spotlight
  19. Excellent solution Ron. Thanks
  20. I love that Evernote is integrated into Spotlight and Finder search, but it's really limiting that you can only search for notes. It would be incredibly useful if you could search for and launch tags, as well.
  21. Sayre Ambrosio

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    It looks great with the dark mode on Mojave IMO. Though as with every update of every software known to man, there are going to be people that love it and people that can't stand it.
  22. CrispyCris

    Highlighting Selected Texts for Web Clipper

    I'm not sure if I understood correctly what you meant by "using evernote as a highlighter", but it's possible to highlight something when you're clipping a page. You just have to select the portion you want to be displayed highlighted and proceed to save it. You probably already found the answer, but I'm posting it here anyway in case someone else needs it.
  23. Metrodon

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    It's working - it just looks pretty bad...
  24. Hello together, Hopefully I will find a solution for our problem here. Let me try to explain the problem: my girlfriend and I are trying to share / edit the same shopping list. I started the list in my evernote account (Android). After that I wanted to send her the permission to read and edit this list,so I typed in the Email address of her evernote account (iOS) in 'the send permission dialog'. At first she can read and edit this list. But just for one time! Do you know how to share this list the correct way? Thank you in advance! Greetings, Lukas
  25. macfixer

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

  26. FabioFS

    Shared with me

    By the way, how to delete a note that someone else shared with me?
  27. Tc_Texas

    ios how to delete work chat conversation

    C'mon, please get this fixed. Still broken in Aug 2018. Stop worrying about the color of the damn elephant and get the bugs fixed.
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