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  2. Hi, to avoid even more headache, change your forum user to one that is not your mail address. Else you may get more spam, and maybe worse. For your problem, create a template or a note you use as a template (by copying it when you use it) with the pristine checklist. Draw a copy when you need it, and use the copy.
  3. If on Windows 6.25 you are posting in the wrong thread. On the old clients including legacy, you open the attachment from EN. You edit it, and then you save (into EN) and close the document in the program (like Excel), better leaving the program itself running. This will write the document back to the EN note. Go back to EN, let it do the saving into the note, and then close the note. The edited file now should be there, saved back to the original note. If you leave out a step, the attachment in the note will not update. In v10, from my experience this will not work any longer.
  4. This is a real headache. All of my former checklists now function the opposite way I need them to (I need them as newly coined check boxes). Can I easily convert them? On the Windows desktop app, check lists and check boxes are in two completely different menus, which makes no sense. And creating a list of check boxes is unduly tricky - requiring shift-enter at the end of every line. If you forget, the entire list is converted to a check list. Why is check list EN's default vs. check box? Why not have just one list style and offer each user the option of crossing out and dimming the
  5. In which world are you living ? Every day you receive communication like this - just take a look at the advertisements flooding our day to day life. Maybe you need to buy a dictionary „Marketing speech and what it really means !“. What do you believe any company will communicate in this case ? „We will make notes look alike on all platforms, and to do this we remove your choice of fonts ?“. People who put facts like this in words like we find in release notes were already selling snake oil to our ancestors. Probably at that time there were some angry snake oil buyers as well.
  6. Hello. I use Evernote an awful lot for taking meeting notes and also for centralising my notes and readings from university lectures. One thing that has been a bit frustrating is this: I can embed an existing document (word, excel etc) into Evernote which is a feature I really like and use an awful lot. However, if I then open that document from within Evernote and make some changes, only the copy of the document within Evernote is changed. My original document on my hard drive on my Mac does not get updated. This means that if I make any changes I have to save to twice - once back
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  8. This is a problem i have every week at work. It hasn't gone away. If you create a note on the desktop OneNote app and try to open it with the web OneNote app a message is displayed "OneNote is not compatible with this note format" or something similar. It's very annoying.
  9. Unnoticed the same problem with Evernote v10; Evernote (lecacy) html notes are sometimes non-editable blocks of text while edited on Evernote v10.
  10. First of all, there are TWO desktop OneNote Apps, free dumbed down OneNote for Windows 10 that is tied to OneDrive and OneNote 2016 tied to paid Office 365 subscription. Different apps, different feature set. First app is very similar to Evernote v10...
  11. A problem with onenote is that notes created in the desktop version cannot be viewed or edited in the web version That might be historic - I’ve been using desktop, web and mobile for work projects for 12 months on Windows, Chrome, IOS and Android and it’s been fine. Downsides are slow to load when changing device, and I had some sync and notebook issues, but that was when I first had to use it. (Our corporate preference is ONeNote). It’s been solid for months.
  12. So Im stuck with Helvetica? The font that looks like chopped off limbs or trees or humans? Ugh.
  13. Hello! I have just found the note taking programs (not sure how I have evaded them for this long) and I am trying to find The Best one. Unfortunately there are lots of them, but for me, it would need to clip web pages so that they keep the layout AND so that I could edit them (for example, remove unneeded parts from the middle etc) as well. So far I have tried three: Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and Joplin. Neither of these seem to work perfectly. OneNote: The only way to keep the layout is to clip the whole page, and then you cannot edit it anymore in OneNote. the clipper at lea
  14. A problem with onenote is that notes created in the desktop version cannot be viewed or edited in the web version.
  15. I read "as a reduced selection of standardized choices" and that's what we got
  16. Hi gazumped, Thanks for replying! I'm using the web client on Ubuntu (there is no native client unfortunately).
  17. Click on the tags button at the top of the screen. There you can access the tag list and add or remove tags.
  18. No, you don't drag it. If you click on the name of the notebook, a field will appear at the bottom of the screen with two items: "go to notebook" or "deplace note" (or whatever the options are called in English). As to "wouldn't it be faster to choose the Notebook directly ..." I'm just explaining to you how it works. I'm just a user of the product. I do not work for Evernote.
  19. Oh Pink, you will stick up for EN to the end and it is so monotonous. I’m with Amys- no way would I assume that meant that they were taking away custom fonts.
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  21. Okay, I saw that, but apparently I applied my own interpretation to that, since all my notes already pretty much looked the same in my preferred font. I didn’t read that as: “Say goodbye to font selection and defer to our developers who have made the choice for you.” I thought fonts would still be selectable, just as a reduced selection of standardized choices. Not NONE.
  22. Hi there! Evernote has become quite sluggish since the release of V10.x.. The app itself usually takes five seconds to open on phones with flag ship hardware. Very annoying if one needs to check something quickly or just note down a few words. Search is slow. Fairly often one simply gets a blank page when clicking on any note. The only way of solving this problem seems to be to restart the app. The in-app website browser is ridiculously slow. I don't know who made the decision to release a beta version of Evernote to the public and not have it fixed for months,
  23. Hi @AgnesP Looks like the lateest IOS veriosn 10.5.1 fixed my reminder issue. thanks for letting the team know and coming back finally. worth the wait. regards Paul
  24. Hmm and for some reason my profile here refuses to update to say Premium when Plus doesn't even exist any longer.
  25. Well, I never knew about the release notes, and still this bothers me to NO END, but there is literally no better app out there that does what EN does, so as disappointing as it is to not have custom fonts - I now renewed my Premium membership. Let's keep hoping for integration in a later version! I have written them 3 times now about it and of course there was no reply. The 'handwritten & script fonts can go right to hell in the fastest hand basket ever made! At least add some of the classics like Arial and Times New Roman! Are you going to go back to the legacy version? You can (if you d
  26. you can export EN notes to the "Notion" app, they have a web-client and android/ios apps. the export process is pretty straightforward too. currently I'm paying for BOTH EN premium and Notion's basic, non-free tier, which maybe means I'm not using my tools in an "ideal"fashion", but at the moment it seems to be working well enough...
  27. i can no longer edit tags from within a note in the new version of the app...i can record my screen to show this... or....?
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