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  2. An Even Better (and now seems obvious) idea ...cheers
  3. UPDATE... Since installing EN v6.16 onto my new laptop, using @gazumped process, I wanted to provide a review of the experience. From a Time perspective - It still took me a good 30 minutes to copy and paste the Old database folder (14 GB - 4,148 notes) and that was using a fast USB3 SanDisk Ultra flash-drive ...so not sure if just syncing files (downloading data) from the EN server with a fresh install would have been quicker or very much longer...so perhaps little time benefit!? From an Settings Accuracy perspective - I noticed that my Tool-bar icon-configurations were NOT maintained/copied across, including shortcuts in sidebar v toolbar (i had them in Toolbar). Plus the font settings reverted to default rather than the one I had selected on my Old previous laptop. Conclusion - Given I still had to check, and adjust things manually, In future when migrating/installing EN to a new PC, I will just use my normal system of fresh installing and reconfiguring the options/settings manually from some previously taken screen-caps. Cheers
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  5. I am wondering if anyone who has samsung tab a6 with s pen get lagging and delaying while handwriting?
  6. With the app „Office lens“ (Microsoft, free on the AppStore) beside other functions it is possible to open any picture from the camera roll of an iPhone or iPad. It can then be manually corrected to a frontal perspective by picking the edges, and saved back to the camera roll. There seems to be no automatic perspective correction, that exists if the picture is take directly with Office Lens using the devices camera. Once there is the collection of the corrected pictures, use an app to create a pdf from them (in my case PDF Expert from readdle).
  7. My personal solution is GoodNotes, ver. 5. Version 4 is still available, but the coding resources go into ver. 5. Handwriting and overall functionality is very good, and I like the feel-and-touch. It has the ability to search for text in all the handwritten notes / pages created, for all notebooks. This is within the App. Because they save variations of any word not clearly legible, they usually even find text where the handwriting was a bit off. A deficit is that the new version just syncs into iCloud, nothing else. They have promised to add other services, but up to now one must export to a pdf and import this into EN to add anything to the database.
  8. Any news on the template limit yet ? As templates to create personal notes, 20 seems a lot, but if you want to create workflows to standardize how information is processed, it is little.
  9. DATA LOSS: tags are going missing in shared notebooks when the person updates notes in a shared to notebook. In my screen shots, I am the owner of the notebook that is shared with one other person. In the particular example here, I've added a tag "receipt-scuba" to this note (and several others). User #2 (after we all sync), gets these notes but the tags are missing. User #2 can not add these tags back in, or update notes in this notebook with this tag (red error box as shown in second screen shot). I think I've posted this before about tags being stripped in shared notebooks. - Ahh, yes... quick search in my notebook for tag:evernote-bug-open - I see I reported this in October 2018 - screen shot here.
  10. Include an option to turn "check spelling" options on and off in the toolbar.
  11. Hello, have you tried to switch your i-device completely off after deinstallation of the App ? Then wait some seconds before switching on again, start up anew and reinstall the App fresh from the App Store. Many mobile devices will never switch off. Sometimes some code and data residue will cloque up in your RAM (device memory). This can lead to a continued malfunction. Switching completely off will allow the i-device to set everything back and start the system cleaned and resetted. Often it works then.
  12. Sad... I will trey revert my Evernote version to v7.7 and never upgrade again.
  13. Haha I doubt we have the numbers to do much interference :), the point is just to show customer service that we exist and are not going away now although they chose to ignore us for two years
  14. Seems like there are plenty people experiencing this issue and being ignored, anybody interested in getting organized and coordinating a Twitter "attack" where we all report this issue at the same time? Maybe if we overwhelm customer support for a few hours or days they'll pay attention and start acting like customer support.
  15. fyi The Pin Notes requests have been merged into a single discussion
  16. My default sort is by 'Created'. I've already used the trick to change the 'Created By' date to sometime in the distant future (2021) to artificially pin my notes to the top. I'm just annoyed as to why there isn't simply just a 'Pin to the top' feature. Doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to implement...
  17. Any idea how it deals with PDFs containing renderable text?
  18. That's a real cool feature; it's documented at https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/link-html-pdf-page-acrobat.html This includes the note If you use URLs containing local hard drive addresses (c:\folder\), you cannot link to page numbers or set destinations. I was able to use the URL in a browser, but not in an Evernote link
  19. Oooh - shiny! Looks like I can run a script to import scanned PDFs from my desktop folder, OCR and then output them directly to an Evernote Import Folder to put them into Evernote. (Assuming that the import folder doesn't try to grab the file before NAPS2 has finished saving it...) More testing required I think but this looks promising 🧐 (I prefer to scan to folder and OCR later because I get to delete the odd blank page, add titles and generally dot i's and cross t's in the completed scan - plus OCR later seems to save a few seconds each scan. Batch OCR does take a few minutes, but I'm usually getting more coffee by that stage, or finding something I can bang my head on...)
  20. NAPS configuration: First, configure the OCR settings (enable OCR for pdf) and encryption settings if you like. All these settings are persisted on disk. From now on, you can just save the imported files to OCR'ed and / or encrypted pdf files by pressing the PDF button. Apparently you can automate your NAPS2 workflow by scripting : https://www.naps2.com/doc-command-line.html I didn't try that myself
  21. +1 on the ability to select a date format for the note titles... It is Annoying af to go back and have to change each note's title with the correct date format. Why does this not use the currently selected date format from regional settings?? Thanks.
  22. Hi. Using Firefox 64bit on Windows, but I can confirm that "/" is not accepted in the tag field (although if you go into options, it is possible to add 'permanent' tag with this character. ??). Don't know why or when (or if) this changed - I don't use that kind of notation in tags. I'd suggest you contact Evernote by email (subscribers) or Twitter (anyone) to get a direct response - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum.
  23. @Dave-in-Decatur Yes, I am able to use Google Chrome to go to a specific page of the PDF. You're right about the URL, it begins with file:/// Thanks
  24. I enabled quick notes option in 'explore evernote' . I did not find it very useful as I need to edit it to save the note to the required notebook as well as tag them. This for me defeats the purpose of creating the note. Instead I find opening a new note qyick enough. How do I disable this feature? I do not find any option to do so. I have searched the forum but can't any answer. Please let me know if it can be done. Thank you
  25. Would be nice to have multi field sorting like some other programs, to really take advantage of that idea. Would not be surprised if someone has already requested the feature.
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