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  2. Works for me - I didn't have to go through textedit Also, the latest Evernote/Mac version allows text to be copied from a pdf
  3. I use Evernote on four different iOS devices. While I like the new iOS layout, constantly having to log into iTunes is an enormous pain. Please fix this.
  4. Tried different variants (View->Sort by:Title, View->Sort by->Title) - nothing worked for me as well
  5. Must agree - very slow. Lag problem starting a new note, as above, replicated too. System blackout also happening too often. (iPad mini). I thought this update was supposed to bring much faster speeds.
  6. @cifip I'm hearing from multiple clients/customers that they would like to see the "location" or "calendar" suggested note titles come back to the iOS app.
  7. Can you give more detail on the sharing - is this within Evernote or email or ? Which platform. My Mac allows "Copy To Notebook" >>or use tags from myself! The tag restriction is by design - only the notebook's owner is allowed to add new tags
  8. The inability of Evernote to receive feedback via tickets (as opposed to a forum post) is hilariously amateur. Overall, I agree with the OP. The absolute lack of layout customization options for the web version is horrid. Give us layout and typeface options. Managing my notes through notebooks, stacks, and tags is impossible. There is much too much unnecessary white space, not to mention the layout font is disgusting. What is that, Georgia? The "old" version is much more compact and navigation-friendly. I feel like the new web layout is perfectly suited for casual users with one notebook, no tags, and a handful of notes. Is that really the audience that the developers were targeting with this layout? If so, I can't imagine that casual users are the majority. If it is, I'd like to see the statistics on users, notebook/note count, because my mind would be blown.
  9. Hi @Kbrd, The fix for this is in the next update to Evernote for Mac, version 6.11. This should be out sometime soon, hopefully next month. This version is currently in public beta and can be found here:
  10. I also tried this.. can't move the note to one of my own notebooks.. or use tags from myself! That’s definetly a missing feature...
  11. Hi @cblevins, I would like to have you try recreating the Full Text Search Index in your Evernote application to see if that resolves the issue. 1. Open Evernote on your Mac 2. Hold down the Option key on your keyboard and select Help from your Mac's menu bar 3. Select Troubleshooting > Recreate Full Text Search Index Please let me know how this works out for you!
  12. Firefox

    For a few days I have been completely unable to log into Web Clipper. There's a little red dot on the icon. The first time I tried to log in, I got the sign-in box, but nothing happened. Now when I click on the icon, I get a blank box for a second and it disappears. Every time. I'm logged into both Evernote Web and the desktop application, but the clipper is completely borked. I have re-installed the add-on and updated Firefox. Zilch.
  13. So thank you for your input. As I mentioned, the Evernote outlook clipper will only work about 10% of the time. It breaks and you cant get it to work again until a new version of Evernote is released and then it will be fixed for awhile and then breaks again. I would only use the clipper if it worked. I understand the comment that it is an outlook issue but if I forward the same email to my gmail account then the documents are there (not stripped) then if I forward from gmail to evernote the files are there. So I dont know why outlook only strips the files when sending to the evernote email address. Again the only time I see the issue is forwarding from outlook to evernote and this issue is a new one as it used to work with this computer, with this version of outlook. Bryan
  14. I'm using: Yosemite Preview Version 8.0 (859.21) Evernote V6.10 (454267 Direct) I am also unable to copy from a PDF in Preview and paste directly to an Evernote note. I can workaround this by going indirectly... Copy from Preview Paste into TextEdit Copy from TextEdit Paste into Evernote. Must be something in the data coming from Preview that Evernote can't handle but TextEdit can.
  15. I faced the same problem so I created a Chrome extension to suppress ctrl+s/cmd+s You can download it here:
  16. I faced the same problem so I created a Chrome extension to suppress ctrl+s/cmd+s You can download it here:
  17. I faced the same problem so I created a Chrome extension to suppress ctrl+s/cmd+s You can download it here:
  18. I used this feature daily in my teaching. I'm very disappointed both that the feature is missing and that we were not told that this feature would be dropped from the latest version. Could an Evernote employee please confirm whether it will be coming back to the iPad app? And also confirm whether the Presentation mode is slated to disappear from the laptop app? If so, I need to start migrating away from Evernote sooner rather than later. Thank you.
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  20. On my Mac I use the WordServices free add on
  21. web

    Would love to see this feature as well.
  22. I'm aware of the availability of text statistics for an entire note. However, working on CFPs and other types of documents, I want to check the number of characters or words for a specific paragraph or title section for example, not the entire note which may have revisions and buffer text. Currently I open Word, copy and paste, then get the statistics there, which is daft.
  23. Apple Mail allows for forwarding rules I wasn't happy with the results, but Mac also has a scripting feature so I could set up the notes exactly as I want them. My script is documented here
  24. There is no "merge account feature" @amanda_h gave you steps to transfer notes using a .enex export This works well on desktop platforms You can also look at the shared notebook feature which will work on the other platforms
  25. I have the same crash-on-launch problem on my iPad updated to iOS 10.2.1. Evernote is currently updated to the latest version (8.0.2 ). I tried to reboot my device and the app, but it still does not work. I definetly CANNOT uninstall and reinstall the app because I CANNOT lose my unsync notes. Evernote was working well just last week, yesterday I needed it again and boom, it won't work. I need the app and i CANNOT reinstall because the notes inside are very very important for me, I sync my notes often, but not so often! not everyday! So it's impossibile to me to lose them, I need another solution. I am a premium member, I payed my money for this service and you can't tell me "reinstall and lose some notes" to troubleshoot this problem, this is unacceptable. Give me another practical, applicable, solution asap! Thank you all.
  26. *hands together in front of chest* Please can I have a scroll bar? Please???! Its been months and I've had to resort to using OneNote to take notes. I hate One Note.
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