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  2. Thanks PinkElephant and Shane. @Shane D.: would it be possible to have the notebooks manually deleted by support? Thanks! Cheers, Oliver
  3. AFAIK the software is the same, from free to full subscription level. The control for which part is showing happens through the server, when logging in. Bugs that are noticeable in a „lower“ plan will hit the „Upper“ plans as well. The other way depends on whether the bug is in a function used by other plans as well. Subscribing to a more expensive plan is by no means a cure for any bug. Personal is the second-best individual subscription level, better than the old Premium (3rd) and Plus (4th). The 1st ranked Professional plan is new, the features that set it apart from Personal were only introduced with the new plan setup. To old Premium and Plus can’t be subscribed any longer by new users; they are legacy levels continued only for existing subscribers to these plans.
  4. Notebooks with all the content that was in them. I have only two devices (my Mac and iPhone), logged in with the same account on both.
  5. Thanks everyone. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it.
  6. Thanks @PStirton and @gazumped for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue on Windows (but not Mac) with same Clipper and Chrome version as @PStirton. Our developers are aware of this happening at some sources and are working to resolve it.
  7. For pure note taking I really see no deeper sense in stereo sound. But maybe useful for other related tasks, so why not. There should be a switch to enable stereo and maybe higher quality. Both leads to much larger files, which can create a problem when on a mobile network. I think the default should be „OFF“. It is no joy to be on the road, only to find out that your data budget has been eaten by crispy surround sound grabbing, where a plain mono take would have been sufficient.
  8. It says in the help pages (you need to follow the link in the document I have linked above) filtering would work only in the desktop clients Win/Mac and the web client. On the other hand in my iOS client 10.13.2 there is a „contains“ option in the filters menu. I think (without any inside knowledge) that EN had to extend the database with a new section. Probably this is missing in legacy. Will give using the search syntax command a try in v10 and legacy later.
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  10. May not be your cup of tea, but I put all important spreadsheets in a local folder for my cloud service with a link in an EN note. That way any time I save the model I get an automatic backup on the cloud service. Plus no way for EN to ***** up a sync. Easy access to the model via the note link to the local file, a bit more complicated with new EN but still doable. Full disclosure I am still only using 6.25.1.
  11. I've been having this issue with my Android app for a wee while. I tend to keep Evernote running while using other apps. Whenever I bring EN back up to create a note, the editor for the new note won't load, or will only load after a a good while. The solution is to close the app and then load it up again. It's not the biggest issue, but it's a bit frustrating when multitasking and when I'm just want to jot something down on the go. I've got the latest version installed
  12. Can you confirm your subscription level It should be visible in your account settings
  13. Spotted that earlier - got excited! Then tried it out on Windows 6.25 and got less excited. Most, if not all of the new terms seem to need v10 to work. They do work for me in Evernote Windows, but not in my pre-Legacy Windows app. Ah well... I'll catch up sometime!
  14. Voted this up, as I am doing the exact same (record in another app for stereo). Audio quality in EN10 has increased, would be nice if stereo was supported (on capable devices).
  15. Personal is actually a minor upgrade to Premium. Sure the name sounds like a downgrade but the features of Premium and Personal are the same but with the added bonus in Personal of access to Tasks and Calendars. In v10 the default view for PDFs is the Single Page view. There is no option for otherwise and is by design. I don't think any of the issues you've identified would be any different in Professional. Some are bugs and others by design. Professional uses the same software so the bugs will be common. The 'by design' things will no doubt diverge between plans but I think what you see is what we will all get until fixed.
  16. Very strange. Fortunately that is not my experience. If I go to a note via a link from another note, even when I can't see the new note in the note list, I can still access the three dots menu. I don't recall ever seeing it greyed out. Whether the edit toolbar is there or not I can always access the three dots menu. Unlike the other bug, which I definitely can replicate, this one is a mystery. Perhaps you should raise a support ticket.
  17. I feel your pain. Today I came into work to discover that an Excel file I keep in EN didn't sync yesterday. I was using the Win desktop only. I do use the android ap, but only occasionally. This particular file is something I keep open all day, every day and update frequently. I save it constantly and compulsively. Thankfully I also print a copy of the latest version at the end of the day. That's how I discovered my numbers were off this morning. I checked the note and it last saved at 8:30am yesterday, when I had it open until 5pm. Now I have to recreate all my work AGAIN. This is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to me on just this note. No telling which other notes I was in yesterday didn't sync. Honestly, I'm not even mad this time, just... resigned. I have also put in multiple support tickets, provided reproduction steps and logs on various issues, including sync. I've begged for a sync button. They don't appear to care about any of it. I'm going to bring this up to support one more time and switch back to Legacy again, but I think this is my final straw. I realize now that there is no easy swap to something else, so I need to start putting in the work and figuring out new workflows elsewhere. BTW - I find that using Legacy and v10 side by side is a recipe for disaster. This may be one of those user-specific combos of software versions things, but I lose data when I have both open simultaneously or even switching back and forth during the same day.
  18. I can do that. It takes about the same amount of time as saving each one. The problem is I sometimes need to share 12 - 40 PDFs (and never the same ones) with one or several people (often new people) and none of them use EN. Imagine doing that a handful of times a day, every day. Since my original post I've discovered that some of the PDFs in html containers DO open instead of requiring download. I don't know what the difference is, but it must be something about the way the original email is composed.
  19. I know that's there, but sometimes it's grey; I need a keyboard shortcut - like we used to have. (Yes, I'm using win10). The problem with what you show above is it only works when I can see the note in the left pane. If the note I want is 100 down in a 380 note folder, but I've gotten to it via a link (I'm a heavy linker) and it's open in the viewing pane, I can't go up to the toolbar, Note, "Open in new window". It's greyed out, as is everything else on that menu. I thought briefly that it was a problem with my linked pages being in a different folder than my "shortcut" note that has links, but it's not consistent. Sometimes it's grey, sometimes it works (but more often it's grey). Another thing I noticed is, when I can't open the note in a new window or get to the items on the Note drop down menu, I also can't use the "Previous Page" button. That calls back to my bug issue Expand/Collapse Note and Previous Page buttons not working correctly. I think this is a bug.
  20. Hi there, Thank you for reaching out! This is a known issue that we're working to address. I'll provide an update here once we have more information and the issue has been resolved. Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime.
  21. Hi All, I've split this discussion out into it's own thread. @esetter230 As you already mentioned, this an issue that we're working to address. I'll add an update here once I have one available. If you are experiencing this issue, please let us know on this thread.
  22. I'd love to be able to control the Notes Displayed via the Dashboard Widget. Right now it appears as the most recent notes are collected and displayed, however most recent does not equal most important. I love to be able to tag a Note as Dashboard eligible, or maybe be able to remove a note from the Widget and have the "next-in-line" to pop in. But really, teh user should be able to control widget-worthy notes. Thanks
  23. https://evernote.com/blog/whats-next-for-tasks/
  24. There is a new parameter introduced into the search language, called „contains:“. You can use it to search for all tasks, completed tasks or open tasks.You can use it as well as a filter. It is described here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040282613-Search-overview
  25. 1) We are all users here. Nobody is obliged to read or answer anything. If a post is interesting for others, it gets lively. If not, not … 2) We are now on v10.18.3. The 7.14 client is now legacy, declared end of life. It may or may not be the same, nobody will do anything about it with the legacy client. On v10 you can try yourself - i am currently on my iPad.
  26. OK, this AM, after verifying the version of installed app / desktop app, I do see an item on the left sidebar called Tasks. It tells me I need to upgrade to use that feature... Instead of being mad, I knew I had made some tasks during the beta period when anyone could use it. I searched for the word tasks, and all the notes that contained tasks showed up in results (along with a lot of other notes that had the word tasks in them). Reading the ENML search syntax a few years ago paid off! So, the function is there, just not the ability to manage them cleanly. I imagine there is a way to search for a discrete term that would return ONLY notes with tasks in them, but I don't need that functionality just yet. Thank you all for your help. It has been very gratifying to get so many high quality answers in such a brief time!
  27. Had a similar situation, a while ago. I was on Premium, wanted to continue it, but use points I had acquired. The site could not handle this change in plans. I had to quit my subscription, and let it expire. There is a 5 day period where the subscribed status is kept even after the magic date. Meanwhile I resubscribed, this time using the points. 6 month worth of Premium, let it run and quit. Again during the 5 days resubscribed to Premium. This was not a change in plans, just in payment method. It seems EN has work to do on its commercial backend, not only on the main app.
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