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  2. You just commented on this feature request. Why post basically the same request a second time? Now the administrators have to take time and merge the discussions.
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  4. An assisted search function to make use of the search grammar would be a great help (I know it is ‘sort of’ implemented on the mac client). Today you almost have to code to find what you need using the search grammar: Example: Find notes created between two dates takes stuff like: created:20180805 -created:20180815 That should be simpler. It is hard to remember and on the phone, it is hard to type in the search strings exactly as it should appear. It would be great to have an assistant or search form / page, that could help search for content. An intuitive search function would also be a great selling point. I recently onboarded 15 users in my company and they are all sceptical due to the lack of “easy to understand” search.
  5. KrisGal

    Advanced Search

    I support this idea. I have tried to learn the search grammar but I am other systems too and forget the details. Would love to have a search page. Today I needed to find notes I created back in August. I had to google how to create the search string - and typing this on an iPhone is error prone. created:20180806 -created:20180815 A search function/form with options would be really useful. Thanks.
  6. Because it came up in thread w/ another user w/ same issue (but unlike me, they can contact support)... I had recently restarted laptop/browser, but did it again anyhow. As suspected, problem still exists. Seems to hang on the Sync. Don't want to keep trying because then w/ my luck will actually fill up my space w/ 30 copies of same clip.
  7. You should contact Support for this https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action Please let us know what you find out. Can you provide details on your device and browser.
  8. I reported/ran into the SAME issue today. So friggin' frustrating. IT'S A BUG. Credit us/fix the problem! (not you, them)
  9. Principal Moo

    Thank you!

    Hi DTLow, I am using the Evernote app in Windows 10. The changes may not have been recent, but I stopped using Evernote a while ago because I really needed tables that I could resize. Now that I can use tables in Evernote, I can create a daily log and note every incident that happens during the day, make notes for each meeting, provide details for each student incident etc. I can then tag the note so that I can quickly reference a teacher meeting, student incident, parent discussion etc. I understand what you're saying about needing other tools for more advanced note taking. Prior to trying Evernote again, I was using a Google Doc and added daily logs to one doc i.e. one for each month. However, the search function is not the same as Evernote tagging, so it can take a while digging through notes to find the information that I need to refer to. This also makes it possible for me to use Evernote for most of my daily tasks. Before, I was using Google Doc for my daily log, Todoist for my tasks, and Evernote for my personal journal. Now, I can do all of them with one app. This is why I'm really excited.
  10. DTLow

    Thank you!

    Just wondering what device/platform you're using. afaik There's been no reason changes to resizing tables I find the Evernote editor is ok for basic notes. I'm a fan of using other tools, dedicated editors like Word/Pages. I'm not going to limited restricted by limitations with any editor. I store the documents as file attachments to notes. Links can be used for Google Docs.
  11. Principal Moo

    Thank you!

    I just wanted to say "thank you!" to the Evernote team for making it possible to resize table columns. I have always kept my Evernote subscription active, but I have been using other tools to fulfill the numerous tasks that I have (I'm a school principal) because I need to be able to use tables. However, those tools have never felt permanent to me and Evernote has always had everything that I need (except for the ability to resize columns), so I decided to check in. Lo and behold, I can resize columns now. This is an absolute game changer for me on so many levels. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for taking the time to review and reply. I've looked where you suggested and it's true that the option you mentioned "Use Outlook contacts in Work Chat." was now selected. On other PCs that I use evernote on that haven't integrated, that option is grayed out and I have no issues. I tried turning it off on the offending PC, then restarting evernote. While it did remain turned off, work e-mails are still populating in the share menu, so my issue isn't resolved yet. I do feel closer to the solution though, whatever that might be.
  13. So, I'm going along, clipping stuff and get error from web clipper that I've exceeded the limit for the month. I check and I have almost 22% (13.8M) space left for the month. What I was trying to clip was def under 1M. Having to wait 15 days for space to reset because of this bug is just the latest strike against EN. Using Chrome on Mac
  14. Stefano B

    External links not opening in Chrome

    Solved by changing to Microsoft Edge as default browser
  15. Yesterday
  16. jefito

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 2

    Just curious as to what happens if you duplicate the note; does the duplicate have the same condition? Couldn't see this in 6.16.1, I'll try it again when I get around to the latest update.
  17. jefito

    Changing View Layout in Windows App

    You're welcome!
  18. logandb

    Accessing photographs

    You can find notes with images in them of any type using the search: resource:image/* For a particular format (e.g. jpg, png) use: resource:image/jpeg resource:image/png
  19. nannaya

    screenshot error

    I sent an email to Evernotehelp and I got this reply; I am very sorry you are facing this issue, this is actually a known issue that the development team is aware of, and hopefully a fix will be released soon for that. I do not have an ETA for a fix date, as the development team is not sharing their development roadmap. I know this might not be the answer you hoped for but at least I hope that clarifies the issue. I guess I should install Vivaldi. Thank you very much.
  20. I know templates are new, except they aren't. I didn't dig too deep, but I did find this template. The creation date was 11/19/2007. The 2009 date below is the date updated, which must have happened in some upgrade, or mass tagging event. The earliest phone log template I found was actually 1/11/2006, but that as some confidential info in it. I am not sure when Evernote dropped their templates. They didn't have many, but it was more than just the phone log.
  21. EdH

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 2

    Yup. Another workaround. Still....
  22. JeffreyC

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    I jumped on my PC a couple of times today (lately been living more on the iOS client than anything) and, ugh, I DO NOT like that new distraction at the top. I echo what RMRuby says; please let us turn that thing off. Thanks as always for listening.
  23. Guest

    Evernote on iOS 12

    Evernote has become so slow on iOS 12 that I don’t want to use it anymore. I have been waiting for an update to fix it or something. Vomit nothing. Is this a known issue that the team is working on?
  24. It is a PITA and I'm not sure how it happened in the past. I seem a bit newly aggravated so maybe it didn't? Just not sure.
  25. DTLow

    Cannot login to Help, cannot send email or chat

    This is what I get If we raise our hand, maybe @Scott T. will join the discussion
  26. Amy Payne - Lasting Order

    Cannot login to Help, cannot send email or chat

    Yes, that's the one that gave me the error code and then said I logged out.
  27. DTLow

    Cannot login to Help, cannot send email or chat

    Did you use the Support Page url I posted?
  28. Amy Payne - Lasting Order

    Cannot login to Help, cannot send email or chat

    HOW? That's my whole problem. I have no way of contacting support.
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