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  2. Yes, I felt the same when coming to this forum. Some members just impose their opinion to us with their point of view, use cases and alternative way to work around when it comes to a situation the nested notebook is really useful. It's kind of trying to disagree and completely prevent the idea of adding a new different feature despite the fact that adding this feature does NOT create a similar/duplicating functionality or impact on their way of using tag system, and I don't know why? Don't tell me that you want me to use EN the same way like yours, because I don't save the same content as yours and I don't have the same organizing philosophies (rules and conventions that optimized the best for me in case of performance and effectiveness in saving, recalling and searching) as yours. Just one thing to say to the admins or the product manager I don't know if you read this: Everyone has their own way to organize thing which works best for them and in their own sense. EN is a tool set and it should provide tools for the customers to freely manage their own organizing without the limitation. I think it is the goal of EN, right?. Thank you very much for this amazing product.
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  4. Thanks for sharing your views on the Premium upgrade and now I understand how it will fit better for my needs. My whole focus is to have Evernote capture most, if not all, of my hard copy documents and web info. I like the fact that you also are making use of your phone camera to capture everything as was also suggested by DTLow vs jumping in and getting a scanner right away. Thanks!
  5. Great tips! Your feedback is extremely helpful. Going to dive into tags and the Scannable app. Thanks for giving me a great start!
  6. @jefito, ah yes, citing the founder of Trello, now I understand. Pretty, pretty. Sorry, my job world involved SAP, Oracle,JDEdwards and such like. Word was just a tool and yes, its present code has not much to do with the one from the year .dot.
  7. Just noticed a small issue after deleting the local copy of my database (~15.5 K notes, 7 GB) and enabling on-demand sync. Thumbnail images in the context section of a note are broken unless the associated note has been downloaded.
  8. Ditto: What he said. Not cool. This has been going of for a tad long and really frustrating. How do I go back to earlier version? I upgraded on my office laptop and living with this problem there....driving me crazy. Still have version that works on another laptop and reminds me what it can be like when highlighting works. How hard can it be to fix this??!? Any update?
  9. When you say Organized Notes, are you referring to a set of outlines, formats, or neatness of notes that these folks People use?
  10. I have two bugs: A note in shortcuts and with the title "\\\ BIDAIA" (i put slash if the case...) is not syncing across devices, i modify this in my office computer, Sync, and in home it does not sync with changes made in the office.... The left scroll randomly move down automatically...
  11. My observation in terms of straightforward note taking is that organized speakers/teachers/presenters yield notes that are also organized. Disorganized folks produce disorganized notes.
  12. p.s. I do think that Evernote continues to care. The quality of the Window application seems rather to have improved; ditto the Android application (those are the two that I use). The Windows client is my workhorse, day in and day out, and work and for personal use. I don't worry about Evernote, but if I did, I can rest assured that I will have my notes available in publicly known formats.
  13. Agree. As a matter of general principle, feature loss for whatever reason is not a plan -- particularly for a tool that is a core element of user workflow. Features should not be removed but rather added at least as (and preferentially as user-configurable) options on all platforms. In a broader sense, is a feature reduction as it makes the app substantially less usable. I raised the issue for user-configurability of the formatting bar with Support and that was passed to the Dev team. Perhaps the same could be done for other contexts, e.g., the home page as well.
  14. Well, I should have separated my thanks to you from my criticism of EN. I really do appreciate your help. EN has a really vibrant forum with some very helpful users.
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  16. Which feature was this? I hope removing features to "cohere the platforms" isn't a plan. Our desktop platforms are really going to suffer
  17. I’ll say this: It’s not available on MacOS. Apparently to cohere the platforms, they removed the feature on iOS rather than make it available on all platforms. I relied on it and can't wait for restoration. Beyond that the particulars don’t matter here.
  18. Thank you for your response. I did export my contacts as a vcard file. Reality is that by the time I manage the reformatting into Evernote and fix the pblms I've decided to just cut and paste the data.
  19. Sorry, I completely overlooked your signature. Two workarounds Simply use the Duplicate Note function to create a version copy Implement your own demand versioning backup. Windows is less scriptable than Mac, but I'm thinking of a note export, with the time stamp appended to the title. My backups are run on a Mac overnight, but I could add a demand option
  20. What additional features were removed??? My expectation is that with the new releases, we'll see the v8 outstanding work completed and we'll see the restoration of some features
  21. Not sure this is a fact, but my experience says a history copy is made whenever you modify a note which you haven't changed "recently", maybe as quickly as an hour. But EN does not create a history note for every change. EDIT: Here's a sample:
  22. Yo, dlu!! From out of the mists of time....
  23. I saw similar behavior where on one node (home desktop) I enabled demand sync after updating (not really know what it was), I then made a change to a note (adding an attachment), then after I got to work I noticed the attachment wasn't there on the work version (also on latest beta but not demand sync enabled). I was able to pull it off my phone, so I know it was in the cloud. After I got back home and turned off demand sync and haven't seen the issue since.
  24. Not sure why this was mentioned. As a digital filing cabinet, Evernote can store files in any format What formats were you interested in? I use PDF for static data, the native formats of dedicate apps or the HTML format of Evernote
  25. No way that I know of, sadly.
  26. Complete rewrite? That's a potential recipe for disaster. One reference: Tell it to Microsoft Word -- that first shipped in 1983 or 1984 or so. I'm sure there was a rewrite somewhere along the line, maybe when they shipped for Windows. See, e.g. I know for a fact that code I wrote up to 20 years ago is still running happily, probably tweaked, debugged, and modified since then, but substantially the same, because complete rewrites are dangerous and error-prone, particularly in a complex and mature code base. Such a shiny bauble, hanging up there, so tempting: "let's just sh*tcan this old code base and write it fresh. It'll be great". But rewriting will be harder than you think, and probably won't be great, and you'll lose all of that time doing the rewrite and not adding new features, and meanwhile, you'll have no improvements to the applications while the rewrite is underway. You should have better spent your time just adding new features to the old code base, If you want more import and export formats, you should ask for them. A rewrite guarantees nothing. BTW, as far as I recall, Evernote has done at least one rewrite of the Windows application. From The current code base is less than 10 years old, in other words.
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