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  2. Thank you! I overlooked the backslash escape. Here is what works (I think this is due to the email address after): author:"\"Telecompaper*"
  3. Thank you for correct explanation of what I was trying to say Jefito. In the OSX version, you can open as many main Evernote windows as you like and this feature is critical for my workflow and productivity.
  4. Thanks everyone for your answers so far. I sincerely hope someone from Evernote replies too as I am still baffled as to why Evernote are dragging their heals over this one. I know from other posts on this topic that I am not alone in (badly) wanting this feature. Until then, I am having to run two OS's and use a Mac: OSX for Evernote (!) as I cannot operate Evernote efficiently with just one Window and Windows 10 (running in Parallels) for my professional work (I am a Windows specialist). Ideally, I want to do away with the Mac and use a Windows 10 Ultrabook. Evernote (for Windows) is the only thing stopping from making the transition. BTW the tabbed windows was released and it is a very nice addition to the the already great OSX version of Evernote. Come on Evernote Windows team, you are falling behind :-)
  5. I use that a lot, myself, but I think that the request refers to multiple instances of the main Evernote window, each with its own note list, etc.
  6. Hey, Thank you for the reply. Yes, it works almost in every case as you say, but those times when it doesn't make for a very bad experience. Is there any way to take this further? Am I the only one reporting this issue? Maybe it's a problem with a Firefox Add-on or something?
  7. Good to hear it. I like pinned reminders (at least in the Windows client) because the reminders list can be closed, and it can be sorted independently of the note list it appears over, including arbitrary user-chosen ordering.
  8. Thanks Jefito, this works perfectly! I still think there should be a feature for this, but this will do until then!
  9. Ok, thank you. I was able to open up a support ticket through Evernote's Twitter Help page. If I can't solve it that way, I'll consider getting premium for a month. I'm currently basic. No backups, unfortunately. Thanks for your help!
  10. Olá! Gostaria de ter opção de busca no seletor de tags do aplicativo.
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  12. Multiple windows works for me. Double click a note from the note list view. That opens a new window, focused on the note.
  13. Yep, that's right; and good catch. Also, I went back and kicked this around a bit more and found out that a search for author:"\"Telecompaper" or author:"\"Telecom*" should do the trick after all, at least i the Windows client. This also works with intitle: as well, and possibly more.
  14. This is complicated, and is probably best resolved by submitting a request to Evernote support using your old Premium account. If you want to try it yourself, you might try this process: Change email for new free account to a temp email address. Change email for OLD premium account to your desired email (which was for the new account) Share all Notebooks in the new account with the old account In the OLD account, copy the Notebooks and Notes from the shared new account to your OLD account. Your OLD account will now be your NEW NEW account, which is using the email originally in the new account. Any questions? Ask before you start.
  15. If you're not already, you should be using the voting control up at the top left of the topic header, rather than inserting a "+1" post (particularly if that's the only content you're posting).
  16. Do reminders "pin" in the Mac client? They do in some note views of the Windows client, and that works well for me.
  17. For me, my scans show the location. Note: This is an option in the Scannable Settings
  18. Does not carry over to mobile or web, only works on the PC.
  19. You are welcome.
  20. Date Added is a valid defined sequence This topic seems more like "anarchy and chaos"
  21. Is Scannable slowly being left out to die? Haven't seen an update in forever, and it's an amazing app!
  22. I do the same, however, Evernote can do better. Users spending more time in app, rather than elsewhere. Thanks for the ideas though.
  23. Yes, but I like having my notes ordered by date added. What you are suggesting will bring anarchy and chaos to my system. Thanks though.
  24. +1
  25. The editor needs work
  26. You want to free up an email from account A so you can use it in a different account B Go to that account A and change it to the temporary email.
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