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  2. Yes, some idea of what was fixed would be tremendously helpful.
  3. I have created only 3 notes so far and used highlighting only in this one, so I haven't given so many chances to reproduce the behavior. I didn't try to remove the highlighting using the option you mentioned. I already deleted the problematic highlighted text and wrotte it again. I haven't used highlighting again to see if the problem is really gone but I will do it again to reproduce the behavior and try to remove it with the option mentioned. The text of the note is enterely written there, nothing copied from outside. Other details: - I have used the Android app and the web app to write in this note; - The problem happened near the moment I shared the note. It was shared with reading permission only and using the sharing link. I have no idea if it's related.
  4. 3rd thing - downloading of notes as offline metadata This seems to run quickly, even for entire offline notebooks
  5. Yes, and in the Windows desktop program note links of either format still lack the title at the end. I suspect, however, that it is "coming soon."
  6. A couple of questions: is this only happening in one note, or does it happen in other notes? Would it be possible to simplify formatting in this note to remove the highlighting (using the 3 dots menu at top right), or would that remove too much other formatting? If it's only happening in this note, is there anything unusual about the source of the text in the note, e.g., copied from a Web page (which can often introduce unwanted format codes)?
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  8. Yeah, it's called the ascii table. http://www.asciitable.com/
  9. We should keep 2 things apart: -syncing of notes, up or down that were created, deleted or edited - downloading of notes as offline content Mixing one with the other does just muddle up the water. We expect EN to do the firefighting right now - we should give good directions about what to fix. In my case syncing up and down is working on iPhone and iPad Pro. Downloading my offline content has stalled after initial progress. This is reported, and I am waiting for a release that will fix it.
  10. But I don't see a list of what is fixed. The app store just has the same description as the 10.0 release. Both iOS and iPadOS.
  11. @ej8899 Thank you for letting me know! One of our support specialists is going to reach out via support ticket to get more information. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know here.
  12. I am using the greater than symbol for a lot of my tags > I have the problem of finding a symbol that appears after the >tag Has someone created a list of the symbol order?
  13. The familiar "shard" format may be a problem We're used to the "evernote:///" format (in-app) Of course in-app links don't work on the web, however the app converts them when accessed Evernote/IOS dropped the in-app format edit: My panic attack is over When pasted into a note, the link is converted to the in-app format
  14. Interesting. I hope this is a precursor to more advanced linking functionality (such as linking directly to a specific header within a long note). Along these lines, I also hope Evernote takes note of the huge hype around Roam Research (and many competitors / imitators who are springing up). Roam Research has just raised at a $200M valuation despite being very early in development. Roam has popularized very advanced ways of linking and referencing notes together and has a core group of exceedingly passionate fans, many of them former Evernote power-users.
  15. Thanks, as mentioned I found the workaround in the app-store : click to see the app-details, then you can update ...
  16. You may want to peruse the IOS 10 forum before you make that move. Quite a few not so nice issues are being reported depending upon your use case. If you still want to proceed I would try deleting the app from your phone and then goring to the app store to add it back. Might get the new version to appear. https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/717-evernote-for-ios-issues-versions-100-and-above/https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/forum/717-evernote-for-ios-issues-versions-100-and-above/
  17. Just updated to Evernote 10.0 for IOS and PNG attachments show up as very small icons barely recognizable compared to past version of Evernote IOS and current version of Andriod where the full PNG image is visible. If you happen to see the small icon there is an option to open it but there does not appear to be a way to switch to full view similar to PDFs. Unless they are able to provide a way to see full attachment this is a deal breaker for me as most of the 8K+ notes have PNGs attached. If anyone is listening at Evernote please find a fix.
  18. Today is created:day This week is created day-7 This month is created:20200901 And any other derivatives that you want. Any of these can be made a saved search and added to shortcuts if you like. Also an easy way to find un-tagged notes is to search for -tag:*.
  19. Also iWorks (Pages/Numbers) Just to be clear, this is the View Inline/As-Attachment option toggle
  20. Why no pdf preview in the note ? Is it so difficult to achieve ? And Word, Excel previews like in the mac version would be nice. Whant do you think ?
  21. Hi All, Wanted to provide an update here. We've been able to successfully reproduce the issue, and are working to address it. I'll follow-up here once I have more information.
  22. I think the 'Eat Cake' comment is a reference to the "let them eat cake" quote usually attributed to Marie-Antoinette. The general message appears to be that Evernote are out of touch with their user base (which I would agree with).
  23. Well, apparently not 🤔, but ... I have IOS 14.0 (iPad Pro) Evernote I looked at the app-store, where I can 'open' Evernote (not update when shown in the list of applications) Then I can click on "Evernote" to see more details, example screens, etc. It was only at this moment that I got the option 'update' So update is hidden in the app-store. ... some screenshots that show this process to get to the update >>>>> I had v8.24 >>>>> in the App Store, I searched for Evernote; only 'open' is shown. >>>>> click on Evernote shows more details, and the option to upgrade ("werk bij" in dutch) >>>>> Update done >>>>> got V10 >>>>>
  24. Personal backups are do-able on the Windows and Mac platforms We can backup the raw local database files and Evernote has a note export feature More information at How-to-export-content-from-Evernote How-to-back-up-and-restore-your-data-in-Evernote-for-Windows The export feature doesn't maintain notebook assignment Separate exports are recommended for each notebook
  25. A very similar behavior here, on my iPad Air 3rd generation. The download progress bar stopped after a tenth of the distance, and there it remains after having the iPad open for two days with screen lock set to off and Evernote in the foreground. No progress, no sign of any activity. Also on my iPhone SE, 1st. gen - exactly the same situation. Ah, what glorious days, back in time, when i could rely on Evernote on my iOS-devices and access my most important notebooks even when i was without proper network access.
  26. I'm on iPad Pro 2020 running Evernote 10 on iPadOS 14. I'm a paid Evernote user on the middle tier right now so I get to enjoy lots and lots of "please upgrade" buttons all over the interface on all my Evernotes. On Evernote 10 most of the time it goes to a screen that either says "oops, we encountered an error..." and has no way to go back to the main interface and I have to crash the app. Really seems like it wasn't tested throughly before releasing to us.
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