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  4. You should realize the power of DARK MODE
  5. Discussions on this topic have been merged >>Having to cycle through a whole sequence of searches I could use a script on my Mac to run the sequence and store the note links in a daily study note
  6. Oh sorry, the support end didn’t seem too important. I’ve screenshotted the support side and attached below as well as a pdf sent by support (redacting the mentions of my actual info he knew, I left the phone number he gave which isn’t actually mine). This contained a link that was meant to have the files the guy wanted, but luckily seems to not work for him or me either. Also, am I correct in thinking after a file has been deleted from the trash folder too, it cannot be recovered. I’ve checked all my files and they don’t contain any important info, but can’t remember whether it’s the same for deleted stuff.
  7. So the screenshots you posted were the scammer's conversation with Evernote support? It looks like only one side of the conversation, do you have the rest?
  8. Hello, again. Had a chance to take a break and try some things. I have been able to run all four web clippers on this machine: Chrome on Ubuntu 19.10 (64-bit) Firefox on Ubuntu 19.10 (64-bit) Chrome on Win 10 Pro (64-bit) Firefox on Win 10 Pro (64-bit) ... my main platform for web clipping. Everything seems well behaved. For me at least it looks like your fix may have worked.
  9. Thanks! I'll keep my eyes open this week for the new clipper version.
  10. @RichardI thanks for the update. What you're showing here seems like it may be a different auth issue. It looks like you're running clipper 7.12.2 and there's a fix for Chrome cookie settings in all Chrome 80+ versions (including Edge dev/beta builds running Chromium) coming soon in 7.12.4 if you keep checking for updates throughout this week as it becomes available. This should solve what you're seeing there in your dev build of Edge as I can reproduce the issue you mention there on Clipper 7.12.2 and 7.12.3 but not 7.12.4.
  11. I'm ok in Edge (79.0.309.71) and Chrome (79.0.3945.130), but the latest dev build of Edge (81.0.396.0) still doesn't work. When I right-click the web clipper button, it shows a Login to Evernote menu item, but when I click it a pop-up comes up, it says Web Clipper Login Successful (without explicitly asking me to sign in), but the web clipper window still doesn't come up. I've cleared my cache and cookies, but the problem persists. The log is showing an auth cookie error, but in the browser settings I've allowed all cookies, I'm not blocking third-party cookies, and I've turned off all tracking protection. Not sure if this is specifically an issue in this version of the browser, especially since it's a dev build and the official release version works fine for me. Log.txt
  12. Hello. That's great to hear. I cannot log out of Firefox at the moment, but I reopened Chrome and was able to log into the web clipper without problem. I will continue to keep an eye on it over the next few hours and, when I'm able, I'll completely shut down the browsers, reboot, and try it in both Linux and Windows, just to make sure it's all done and dusted.
  13. @Horace_NYC @RichardL We just implemented a fix that we hope will address the issue. Can you retry now, and let me know if the issue persists?
  14. Wow. this is disappointing. I've been battling this for months now (I am pretty sure it didn't used to do this on my phone/ipad). I just assumed there was a setting that changed. Now that I see there is no fix... it's kind of a deal breaker for me. It's one thing to unlock your phone. It's an ENTIRELY different thing to have to relaunch the app and then manually search for the note I was using and finally, scroll back to where I was. My laptop doesn't do this after it sleeps. It wakes up in evernote in the right spot on the note. Bummer. I've pretty much got my life in evernote but using iOS more and more makes this a significant reason to look elsewhere. ☹️
  15. Maybe this iOS shortcut can help: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/0d6e466b4b1444549da81ddc6f90b82d Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it does not grab all of the page. This is especially true when trying to grab a forum discussion .... but on normal web sites, it clips everything with a lean layout. Some of the pics may be missing, so if you need them, copy and paste them manually.
  16. I use Evernote to store my Daily Journal notes Description here A separate note each day Generated each morning by a script on my Mac from a template Script updates key information like date Can include attachments like images Can include handwriting as an attachment I use multiple notes if extended detail is being entered for an activity
  17. I suppose the real driver of prioritization would (or should) be number of users of each client. From this, we have the numbers of Windows, Mac and Web users being relatively equal on the desktop (the numbers presented do seem a little funny in that a lot of people use multiple clients, a mix of desktop, mobile and web). Short form: ever since I've been coming around here, there's always someone claiming that the Mac client is getting the short end of the straw, and someone claiming that the Windows client is the one being neglected. Sort of "the grass is always greener" situation...
  18. Thank you for sharing. I don't use this technique personally but it's always interesting to see options. I've collected quite a few links on Spaced Repitition over the years - as a matter of interest: did you find the existing options difficult to use, or too expensive? Wikipedia forinstance listed (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition) Anki Brainscape Cerego Course Hero Lingvist Memrise Mnemosyne Pimsleur Language Programs Pleco Software Quizlet SuperMemo Synap WaniKani - and I was aware of http://revisy.com/ | https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/917-reminders/ | https://supermemo.guru/wiki/Spaced_repetition - there's even an Evernote integration - https://www.revunote.com/ (although you may get an error from your browser on that site)...
  19. I've got the Service unavailable message still on one browser using the web clipper, but I don't have any issues logging in with the desktop client on that same machine.
  20. I don't recall having this issue until today. There is not enough contrast between the cursor and the background, making it very difficult to see. Is there a way to fix this?
  21. Hi. Evernote isn't designed for any specific task, but it's easy enough to create a template for a specific type of note like a diary, or a recipe, or a meeting note - and to copy that note each time you need to create another note in the same format. There may be some options on the web if you search for them... https://evernote.com/templates
  22. Quick update. I have been working on other things, but I kept my Firefox browser up and running. I have just clicked on the clipper icon, and it is working. I have just clipped a Simplified article. That's using the same Firefox browser instance with the same tabs (Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Medium) running -- so no clearing of caches or history or anything like that. Again, this looks less like a problem on my machine and something on the service side. But it must not be very common, otherwise I imagine you'd be getting many, many more complaints. I regret that I'm heading into a meeting and will be away from this machine for a while, but I remembered to copy and paste the activity logs from the clipper into the attached file for you. Horace_NYC activity logs.txt
  23. Hi. You've not said what device(s) or OS('s) you're using, which is a relevant factor in that some OS's show tags in slightly different ways, and mobile OS's generally don't support a tag hierarchy (TH). You'll get a flat list of all tags regardless of parent/child relationships. TH's are otherwise pretty simple - it's possible to 'nest' tags as deeply as you'd like, so subtags down to 100 levels could be set up, if rather impractical. Plus. searching for a sub-level tag can also display all 'parent' levels. Or not - it's an option. The Note options you have are: Stacks - contain notebooks only: no notes (selecting a stack gives you a listing of all notes in the notebooks in that stack) Notebooks - contain notes only - no 'deeper' level Notes - various types of content - can be linked directly to other notes Tags and note titles add extra dimensions - forinstance I always start note titles with the date the contents were created in yyyymmdd format. That date is likely different to the created date of the note, Another grouping of notes can be engineered by Tables of Content - also referred to here sometimes as 'dashboards'. Maintenance is an issue, but I use an app Filterize to automate that. I have one notebook for Dashboard notes and one dashboard note with links to all the others which is the ultimate parent reference point. From that note - call that 'level one' - I can choose any of the others (level two) which contain links to notes anywhere in my database (level three) which can also be local dashboards for more specialist subjects (level four) which can also be dashboards... ad infinitum until you eventually get to an actual note containing data!
  24. Simply Right-Click on an already created tag and select 'Create tag in "<this>"...' to create a sub-level tag (if you are a Windows user - if not, I'm sure that other platform offer similar functionality 😉). I've done so with groups of tags to describe note attributes like "When?", "Who?", "Where?", "Type" and so on. My current tag tree looks like the following: You can find a more-in-detail description of this methodology in http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114779-using-tags-to-implement-dynamic-todo-lists/. This makes it completely unnecessary to structure notebooks in deep hierarchies. I've around 10 stacks of several notebooks organized by tags like described above. Nobody needs more. Full stop 😉
  25. Hello, Shane, and thank you for getting in touch. That is correct. I am logged into Evernote ... on multiple devices. They sync properly and so on. It's just logging into the web clipper that seems not to work. Unfortunately, I do a fair amount of web clipping. Evernote is kind of my storage place for information that I want to have to hand in one source.
  26. Thanks for the help, they didn’t seem to know my number which made me think it is random. Also unless they consider my list of lego sets I want important not sure what they can get. Tbh not really concerned but thought I should alert them in case there is a fault with Evernote that this person is abusing.
  27. I am getting the same issue. And it is destroying my machine by hard crashing everyday now. I have been looking into this issue for well over 4 moths.
  28. @Horace_NYC @RichardL Thank you for reaching out, and for notifying us of the issue you're encountering. I've asked our team to investigate into this. To clarify, you are able to login to Evernote, correct? You are only running into connectivity issues when using the Web Clipper, correct?
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