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  2. OK, sounds like you've done all you can to prevent problems. Since this is only happening in the most recent update of the Windows desktop program (, it may well be something that Evernote has introduced somehow in their efforts to improve the editor. Are you able to examine the text that Evernote is placing on the clipboard to see what invalid characters it contains? That must be what's happening, since cleansing it through Notepad succeeds. Are you able to test with very short, simple paths (such as "c:\temp"), and increase the complexity until it fails? Or does it fail with even the simplest paths? This definitely seems like a bug that should be reported directly to Evernote (this is only a user-to-user forum).
  3. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    Yes, that's been there for quite some time (see my post from Oct. 5 last year; I don't think it was new then). That's the "quick note" feature that pulls down from the notification bar while the phone is unlocked. The new features seems just to be a link to this on the lock screen.
  4. Evernote black screen in iOS 11.0.3

    My own issue was resolved by restarting the iPad. It appears that the new split screen mode may have confused the app. I agree that it's prudent to be wary of updates. However, reporting problems is the first step in getting them fixed. 11.0.3 seemed like a good place to start with iOS 11 on a non critical piece of hardware. My iPhone stays on 10 until the new system stabilizes a bit.
  5. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Yes, good clarification; you need that enabled to reproduce the issue. Otherwise, your new note has no tags.
  6. Evernote for Windows 6.8 Beta 2 Released

    Issues with tables and indenting: If you select a table, and use the Ctrl+M indent shortcut, then the text in the table's cells are all indented, but not the table itself. To indent a table, you need to create a line that's already indented to the level that you want, and cut/paste your table to that line. I realize that there's ambiguity with this and similar operations (align left/middle/right) etc. and the workaround is awkward, but seems to work. Weird indenting behavior: Type some text (e.g. "My Table") on a new, unindented, line Press Enter to go to a new line Insert a new 2x2 table on the new line Add numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 to the new cells in order of left-to-right, and top-to-bottom Select both the new table and the "My Table" line above it Press Ctrl+M to indent them You now see that there are now two text lines above the table, both indented, the first containing "My Table", and the second containing the number "1" (presumably extracted from the top-left cell of the table). In addition, the number "2" in the top-right cell has shifted left to the top-left cell. All cell contents are indented, and the table is otherwise unchanged (other cells retain their values, and the table itself is not indented). Cheers!
  7. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Weird. So I searched "tag:tech" and then set up a new note - no tag. There's a setting in Evernote under Tools > Options > Note to "Assign selected tag to new notes" which might affect the situation if you're searching by selecting a tag from the left panel... ?
  8. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    Just found this post. There's also a 'notifications' option in Evernote settings* where they are slightly more up front - the top option is "Add notes from notification bar". If I then go to Android settings, the Lock Screen setting is set to allow notifications. (There's a 'more' option option there which takes me right back to the Evernote options too!) * I'm on 7.14 beta
  9. Sub Notes / Notes with multiple Sections

    Yes, please. child-notes would be awesome. Yes, there are workarounds, but here is the simple feature I imagine: - Right click on a note, and select "Create child note", a new note window opens, and you edit. It's indented in the list under its parent note. or - Multi-select some notes. Then choose "Establish parent-child". A window pops up with the list of selected notes. Organize the list to make the parent note 1st. All other selected notes are to become child-notes to that note. Click ok.
  10. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Nope -- I'm using the beta version myself.
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  12. Looking a little deeper, I found the following constant definitions in the Evernote API (see EDAM_NOTE_TITLE_LEN_MAX 255 EDAM_NOTEBOOK_NAME_LEN_MAX 100 EDAM_TAG_NAME_LEN_MAX 100 So these limits are enforced by the Evernote service.
  13. Also clipped in Firefox 56 64bit no problem.
  14. Never bothered to try it out, because as @DTLow suggested, all three titles are quite frequently displayed in situations where only the first N characters are visible. Good indexing practice suggests the meaning of those titles should be clear from that visible portion. Plus longer titles take more typing to generate an automatic match or to create in the first place. My current setup shows 30 characters for unindented Notebook and Tag titles (slightly less for indented ones, obviously...) and about 75 for note titles. That's for a fullscreen display. Smaller windows leave me with less space and/ or require scrolling. I aim for brevity at all times!
  15. That web page works for me. Clipped successfully. Win 10, Chrome version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). Web clipper version 6.12.3
  16. Hmmn. Copy the 'phantom' note contents into another new note and see whether that syncs? If so, delete the current version.
  17. Evernote crash after start, trying to sync

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. At the moment of the crash, I was at the latest release (not from App Store) online updated (I always stay updated). Since I urgently needed to work with it, I ended up deleting all my local data from Application Support folder. Currently, I am resyncing with the server and cross my finger that when done, I won't be having the same problem on startup. If I do have the problem I will definitively try the beta and give some feedback
  18. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Already fixed, I think - doesn't appear to happen in my 6.8.2 beta version
  19. Yeap. Copied the URL and pasted screenshots into the note
  20. Evernote crash after start, trying to sync

    Hi. What version of Evernote do you have, and was it obtained from the App Store or direct from A recent upgrade was (apparently) causing crashes, and subsequent beta versions have included fixes (and possible other problems...) Your choice would appera to be either to step back to a previous version, or to try the beta...
  21. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Looks like this is an actual bug. Pretty easily replicatable. Workaround: once you add text or title to the note, and either sync or click to a different note, then back (causes an implicit sync, I believe), then you can remove the tag.
  22. Hmmn. Hadn't realised it before but Firefox's Add-on pages are immune to clipping I get the same result. There's even another add-on called Firefox Screenshots which normally does exactly what it says on the can, but that gives a similar message - 'This isn't a normal web page.. unable to screenshot' You'll be able to copy sections of the page and paste into a new note, or take a Windows screenshot of the visible area, but that's about it...
  23. BUG: New note with a tag I can't remove

    Hi. Have you tried the basics to clear caches and memory? - Log out of Evernote and back in / Log out and restart device, then back in? If so, then with Windows the (relatively) easy next level is to uninstall and reinstall Evernote.
  24. Evernote 8.4 crash when open app on iOS 11

    The support team suggested me to uninstall evernote app in apple watch. It work like a magic. Sorry for delay reply.
  25. Paste to Evernote changes lines

    Markeh.. " improved problem..." Love it. That should be Evernote's tagline!
  26. Content Missing from yesterday

    I can definitely see a problem if the data doesn’t make it to Evernote’s datatabase On my Mac, this is automatic, I enter some keystrokes and the activity log shows a “saved” line as the data is added to the database. I can also see the actual database files being updated
  27. Thank you for the tip. But is not the same. Important to say that in my path there is no special character or letters with accents like á ç ã. Not even spaces. My development tree is all lowercase, no spaces, and clean as possible. like instead of use "produção" (production) we use "producao" to avoid charset issues.
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