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  3. Thank you for your reply. I cannot fathom why this is the default and why it cannot be changed. But, I'll re-download the old version and make do.
  4. you’re talking semantics, what you’re describing is exactly what I’ve been doing, it no longer works after years of use.
  5. How to link together with EN links? Its not iOS 14.6 issue otherwise would have happened with other apps also. please do share details about en links. Thanks
  6. There is no web clipper on the iPad. Web Clipper is a browser extension, and the iOS web kit does not allow browser extensions to be installed. The way to clip something on the iPad is to have the website open, and then click on the share button. Select EN from the share menu. You will be asked to enter title, notebook and tags. Confirm - the page is grabbed. It will not enter into your EN account directly. You have to open EN on the same iOS device. This starts the import process into the database, and by syncing it to the server, it is added to all EN clients. It is advisable not to build a long queue of clipped content - better import directly after sharing. There is a second option - in the shortcuts gallery there is a shortcut to copy a web site into EN.
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  8. Hi, I have new iPad, latest iOS version, latest Evernote version. I’ve deleted and reinstalled all my browsers. Hard restart of iPad. despite all this I get nothing but an error message when I try to clip anything, complete fail no matter what or where I try to clip anything on my iPad and iPhone. Is clipper no longer supported on iOS? Evernote becomes more useless every day, what efforts are being made to correct this? I think the chatter on this has diminished on this topic is because users have given up on Evernote. Questioning why I continue to pay for Premium. Thoughts from other users, or from Evernote team? thanks!
  9. @Jaycf If you want to see the creation date, follow this: Go to notebook view, open the notebook you want Click on the 3 dots menu top right Select from the view options „small“, you can as well decide to sort by creation date or by modification date To shorten the list, you can filter for periods, like last 7, 30 or 90 days
  10. There is only a legacy version for desktops (Win & Mac) available from EN. A legacy Android version must be loaded from the internet, from sources outside of EN.
  11. You can’t send an email to support. You can issue a support ticket. When you do, you get an automatic answer within minutes, with a case number. These days you get an answer mail within 24hrs, based on US west coast office hours.
  12. If you use the new version, the bug can’t be the same as a year ago. The software is completely different from then.
  13. The desktop clients are twins, as are the mobile ones. And you just produced copy & paste, nothing specific for the platform. Technically spoken you can post as often as you wish. You just produce a lot of duplicate entries - in a forum that is based on user to user interaction. Not all users have the time or patience to sift through it.
  14. If you use EN when you need all this, switch to another tool.
  15. OK, there seems to be a persisting problem. Anybody issued a support ticket about it ?
  16. @agsteele No legacy version from evernote available on your link provided. This is the same old story that multiple people post on here over and over again saying there is an evernote hosted legacy version available. As of right now, no version available. Follow your own post you quoted and see for yourself.
  17. The high battery drain is most likely the result of iOS 14.6. It is known that this iOS release has a battery drain problem - just check in one of the Apple forums. It is expected Apple will issue a fix soon. The side bar works on my iOS devices - but it is indeed not very large and hard to hit. It is in general better to create smaller notes, with less scrolling. You can link them together with EN links. They allow to jump between related notes without the need to put all into one note.
  18. First you are wrong with your first assumption - the majority of forum visitors are „guests“, non users or those who don’t register as users. Obviously they find value in the forum. Second you can go to Reddit - it is probably the right place for people like you who want to spread unfounded rumors about „security issues“. Reddit is full of your kin. Third if you want to reuse a checklist, the easiest way is to create a template, or a master note you copy when you create a new note with the checklist.
  19. IMHO this whole thread is pretty pointless: There can’t be a million different definitions of “update”. A note is touched, edited, moved, whatsoever. And this means updated in the broadest sense of it. If you imagine a table of all different actions, and add a switch to define whether it should update the date or not, it is obvious that the combination of possible on/off choices grows beyond all reasonable means. It really makes no sense at all … and is often the result of (instead of accepting it is a system defined field under system control) building complex systems around these dates. My advise: Go and use tasks in the future for targeted actions, let the system default fields like creation and modified untouched.
  20. I have the same problem. Using Note 20 ultra with Android 11 cannot upload images to my notes but it can be done from my desktop with Windows 10 and an Android tablet with Evernote 7. I tried to reinstall Evernote, reiniciate the phone etc and nothing happened. Help, please.¡
  21. I'm super used to typing in vim with Insert, Command, and View modes. It would be super useful to be able to type and edit my Evernote notes with at least Insert and Command modes. I know there's the vim-evernote plugin, which leverages Geeknote, which I like... but often I want the full UX/UI of the Evernote desktop app AND the vim mode at the same time 😕 I am happy to see the new(er) Keyboard Shortcuts feature and am hoping the work done for that would allow Evernote developers to more easily implement a vi mode for editing notes.
  22. Hi @Ajinkya Pawar, they took a few days to respond to my support ticked the first time I reported this. Then over a month to set up an appointment to have a tech support person watch my screen and record my screen as I demonstrated the problem. Then another 2 months to fix the problem for notes up to 5,000 lines long. I was very specific in my support ticket. I provided the specific version number of Evernote for Mac client and also the specific version number of the Mac OS I was using. I also gave them specific (very LONG) times for adding a line to the bottom of the file. That may have made it easier for the support staff to escalate my support ticket to the software engineering folks. You may want to put in 2 support tickets: 1) a Windows specific support ticket and 2) a specific Web Browser with Evernote Web support ticket. I continue to use Evernote Legacy for Mac for my day to day production work because it is much faster in lots of tasks. Evernote Legacy for Mac is working well for me so far. And it syncs to the same Evernote database in the cloud. You may want to use Evernote Legacy for Windows for your production work until they get back to you on your support ticket. Good luck!
  23. I agree with others that have suggested changing due dates to Today or Tomorrow for unfinished tasks.
  24. Can you tell a little bit more about what you do, and how the system reacts ?
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