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  2. TimeTracking seems like a niche requirement that wouldn't apply to a significant % of notes or users I'm comfortable using an external app Users can indicate support for this request using the vote buttons at the top left corner of the discussion
  3. I downloaded Notability. How do you save to Evernote in Native format? When I tried it just did PDF.
  4. You need the enscript app because Windows lacks the tools to make use of the "open-sourced API" There's limited access; only the features listed by @dconnet On Mac's we have the Applescript tool, and access to a much larger set of features
  5. One of the primary reasons I use Evernote is to write down list of tasks that needs to be done. If I want to track time per each activity then I would need to copy these tasks to another app like Clockify or Toggl. It would be great that I can add a very simple time tracker on the end of the line in Evernote note that has only value counter and Start/Stop button, e.g. https://cl.ly/02ef8881cf48. This way I wouldn't need to use external App. Another way to do this is to integrate Evernote with Clockify the way it is done between Todoist and Clockify.
  6. Just an update - it turns out I wasn't hacked after all. It was something related to using Web Clipper. It really helped me with improving my online security measures, though! :-)
  7. It would be really great if Evernote open-sourced this as a sample Windows application. Of course,that might also reveal the secret sauce that allows enscript to directly communicate with the Windows application directly, which isn't part of the published API (at least as far as I know).
  8. +1 for Grammarly integration, mostly for Windows App. I use both Evernote premium and Grammarly premium and would just love to have the option to use Grammarly inside of Evernote.
  9. Evernote does not have Pen/Handwriting Mode The icon you posted is for the sketch feature. As you pointed out, it's a known bug that sketches are lost if not manually saved Evernote is not the tool I use for note taking. I use Notability on my iPad. The documents are saved in Evernote in both native and pdf format
  10. Short form: F7 hasn't been used for spellchecking for awhile. How to trigger spellchecking is unclear; seems to be done in the background, but the red squiggles don't appear until you cursor to a line containing a spelling error. Also, the Dict folder thing was also removed at the same time, a consequence of the editor framework that Evernote uses. There's no longer any user editable file to add new words; everything must be added via the right-click menu on words that are marked as misspelled. For more information, see the following post (and following posts):
  11. On my iPad Pro I make handwritten notes using the Pen/Handwriting Mode. (See Image) The problem is that Evernote only saves what you have written when you leave pen mode manually. If you sleep your iPad, close the cover or switch to a different app before leaving pen mode everything you wrote is lost. In meeting I'm constantly leaving pen mode and going back in to make sure it saves but sometimes I forget and then I lose everything I've done since the last time I entered pen mode. Could you put a priority on fixing this as it's super frustrating as well as career limiting to spend an hour in a meeting making important notes and then loosing them all.
  12. I two experience this issue with 2 blanks lines being occupied above the table in Evernote for Windows. This is very annoying. It looks better in browsers, but in my humble opinion as a usability consultant I would say that it is still too much of space wasted. Here is the link how it looks in the browser: https://cl.ly/4a0c3b275634 and bellow is attached image where you can see how it looks in the Windows app. Can you please enable us to change this spacing or just decrease it for everyone?
  13. Specific sorting is a Windows feature but not available on other platforms We specify a sort sequence for the account and it applies to all notebooks
  14. Today
  15. We've released Evernote for Mac 7.11 Beta 1 with the fix for this problem. If anyone wants to try it, please see the link below and let me know if you continue to run into this problem.
  16. Thanks, all, for the feedback. Will have to digest this and perhaps rethink my Evernote organisation! 😜
  17. Maybe I should wait for them to go bankrupt, that's what will happen if we do not complain. Being aware of user complaints is their problem not mine. Annotation application has already turned commodities, if they are not agile in responding to user needs they are lost. They even start rehearsing a change, giving feedback through the blog, but maybe it's already too late.
  18. As the problem suddenly stared I'm assuming it is related to the latest Evernote update, so is there a way to revert to the previous version I wonder?
  19. The key words there being There's no point bemoaning the poor quality of the product and expecting Evernote's ESP to help them find and fix the issues. They need customer feedback and answers to boringly routine questions to work out what's going wrong...
  20. Microsoft products may have their problems but support is great. You can get in touch with them through the app itself that is presenting problems, in addition if the user complain on Twitter or Facebook they will respond immediately and honestly seek to solve the problem. I wish Evernote were like this. In other words is not a user fault but a Evernote fault.
  21. Hi dconnet, Unfortunately, I do not know which version was installed previously. If I did, would it be possible to download that particular version and run the installer for it to repair the broken installation? My only other fix that I can think of would be to remove the user's local user profile and re-create it. Many thanks
  22. Been dealing with this for a couple of weeks now. Evernote 7.10 Mac 10.14.4 Always allow works for about 3 minutes, Deny works for about 24 hours. Tried the terminal trick and that didn't work either.
  23. +1! Spell checking not working anymore, and I used to be able to copy custom spell files into the Dict folder, and now nothing works.
  24. Hi. Checkboxes can be created and used in Evernote for Android, and the note list can be sorted accordingly.
  25. Could you post screenshots of a sample in GoodNotes and the same in Evernote sketch. I'm not seeing a big enough difference that "makes the text barely legible" Here are my samples from Notability and Evernote My handwriting isn't great, but seems the same quality in both images
  26. The same story again, again and again. EN releases a new version without testing and QA. Users are having issues, but the gurus here are never having issues and asking to submit a ticket. A ticket, which is ignored by EN the same way they ignore the users. Makes me sick. Stay on old version, refuse to upgrade!!!!
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