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  1. Just a minor note about latest (EN 10.13.4) on MacOS 10.15.7. (This is not a critical installation for me, so I keep it updated -- vs my critical Windows installation which I keep on 6.25.1.) Today, started EN, wrote a new note, seemed fine. Then tried to open another note by clicking on its snippet. Just blank. Likewise for other notes. Waited a few minutes, no change. Quit and restarted EN. Now I was able to open notes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Interesting! So when there are 10 unsynced notes, they are just in the program's memory, not even in the local database? You're sure of that?
  3. Thanks, OrbWeaver. I was just getting tempted to try an update. Will wait another month or more.
  4. Just for the record since Android is being discussed. I don't use it heavily (mostly lookup not much entry), and I don't much like the new Home interface, but I haven't seen any bugs or extreme delays. (10.9 on pixel 3a) I'm still sticking to 6.25.1 on my main Windows workhorse. Thrice burned, ten-times shy.
  5. To give him the benefit of the doubt, this may have been just a technique to pin his comment so that others would see it more readily. Though that would not justify the lack of any other acknowledgement of the feedback here.
  6. They don't ever comment here; no sign that they are interested in our feedback. I have been using Evernote for at least 15 years and am very discouraged.
  7. Right, nobody is claiming any new problems with the current release in particular. It's the entire re-engineered 10.x series that is broken. The reason for the rising frustration is that we have been willing to cut them some slack for a few weeks or even months while they work out kinks with new technology, preferably keeping the community informed. But now, 5 or more months after the release of 10.x, fundamental problems remain with absolutely no acknowledgement or plan for improvement on the part of the company. Hence the rising tide of disillusionment, and the widespread suggestion to return to the legacy version 6.25 until either the company makes a radical change to fix the breakage (not just adding more and more fluff), or one finds an alternative. The tradeoff, and specification for an acceptable alternative, will vary for different users.
  8. Amazing that we hear nothing from EN here. Maybe they listen on twitter. I just tried: https://twitter.com/evernote/status/1359585656842948612
  9. I've been using Evernote for roughly 15 years, and while there have been changes that I liked and changes that I didn't, I've never seen anything like this pervasive collapse of functionality. Does anyone here know whether the Evernote team is even aware of these performance issues? If they are living in an alternate universe with tiny little test demo databases, they may be happily going on in adding cute fluffy kittens to their feature grid while the foundation rots under their feet.
  10. Yeah, right? When a note-taking app can't take notes, does it really matter that it has an "awesome" "home" screen?
  11. Hi @celia80302 For what it's worth, I have scansnap set to dump files into Evernote directly via the cloud (so no drag-drop needed), which has continued to work with legacy. (This scanner was originally Evernote Edition but a year or two ago when EN dropped it, Fujitsu issued a firmware replacement patch, so it now has been converted to a standard Fujitsu ScanSnap.) Now that I think if it, this workflow might depend on the scanner having Wifi capabilities, which mine does.
  12. For the record, my initial impression of 10.6.9 on Mac is that the performance is much improved. No long waits yet (much less freezes). Time will tell. Still not updating my Windows (primary Evernote) machine.
  13. Thanks for the info @OrbWeaver. Presumably (and from brief look at its docs) Joplin does not have Evernote's ability to do fuzzy searching in images? For everything else it sounds perfect. And frankly markdown would be a relief after Evernote's stubborn inability, decade after decade, to allow me to reformat text to my needs.
  14. 10.6.9 just released on Mac. The release notes don't mention general performance problems, but it will be interesting to see if this improves anyway. On Windows (my main platform for Evernote) I'm not prepared to take the risk of returning to version 10 until I hear some consistent positive reports.
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