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  1. Thanks everyone. I should have figured this one out sooner. I will try eliminating the spaces in tag names or perhaps using the quotation marks. Both options sound good.
  2. OK, so I discovered something interesting about why my search wasn't working. My tag's name was "patient scan". However, if I change the tag name "patient scan" to "patientscan" then it works perfectly. I experimented some more and discovered that the same problem applied to "2023 Taxes" or "2022 Taxes" ie: trying to exclude those tags using -tag:2023 Taxes or -tag: 2022 Taxes does not work. When I changed the name to 2023Taxes and 2022Taxes I can then exclude them. Bottom line, is that apparently tag names can NOT have spaces if they are to be used in exclusions. I don't know if this is a bug or if I should have known about it before.
  3. Thanks Pink. Just to be clear: Let's say that I want to search all of my notes in my notebook "WORK" for the key work "proparacaine" but I want to exclude all notes that are tagged with "patient scan". How would you do this search? No matter how I do this search I can not get it so that all my notes with "proparacaine" come up but exclude those that have the tag "patient scan".
  4. I would like to do a search of all notes in a particular notebook but would like to exclude a particular tag from the search. In the past, I would simply put a minus sign on the tag to exclude that one eg: -tag:dog and it would find every note that did not have this tag. This no longer seems to work. In fact, it is now finding me the search results that still have tag:dog but also have "dog" in the title or in the body of the note. How can I search a particular notebook for any and all notes that exclude a specific tag? Thanks in advance.
  5. As of now I'm seeing my google calendar events on the Calendar in EN; however, I am unable to edit events created on Gcal. In other words, I am unable to do what Vlad is showing on his video. I assume that this is a functionality that is still being rolled out?
  6. First of all, you have been using the "FREE" version for 12 years? And complaining that you are not getting your money's worth? Secondly, your comment about storage is completely irrelevant. The storage is a very small component of Evernote. I too have accounts with Gdrive, dropbox, icloud but none of these are as important to me as my EN account. That's where I do all my web clippings, organize all of my scanned documents, search all of my stored information, check my tasks and calendars etc etc. Your comments suggest to me that either you do not have a solid understanding of all the possibilities of EN or that the free version is so restrictive that you haven't been able to avail yourself of all the power of the program. Since I've been paying for EN from day 1 I have no idea what one gets for free, but I imagine it's not too much.
  7. Agree with this one. I find that in many ways I've had to adapt my workflow to the new interface. Fortunately, nothing has been a real deal breaker but since v10 I've had to rethink operations that I used to do effortlessly for years. Overall, am enjoying the fact that at least the versions now seem very similar on win desktop, iphone, ipad etc. Some of the updated features are really enjoyable and this takes away the sting of losing some other features.
  8. Thanks agsteele. I also noticed that the calendar view on "Home" (windows desktop) is also a truncated daily view. Makes the Home feature somewhat less useful.
  9. On EN windows desktop I get a nice view of my entire calendar month which I find very helpful: However, on my iphone I get a daily view which is far less helpful to me. Not sure why they don't have a month view option for that? Or is there a workaround there? I would love to be able to simply use EN and not have to use Google calendar anymore but the view on the iphone is useless.
  10. Could you explain further? What does the trailing space do? Also, what is the advantage of enclosing the VIN in quotations? When I use the trailing space my search result gives me all titles that have a space. 2023 non-cash
  11. I used to be able to see my “Home” page on EN on my iphone. On that page I had a scratchpad and several other widgets. Now I find that the only way to get there is to hit the little icon on the upper left (settings) and then go to “my widgets”. Is this correct?
  12. I have never figured out how to get a ring notification from EN on my iphone. Would love to figure out how to do this. Perhaps using a shortcut apple script? I’m pretty sure there is no simple way.
  13. Thanks Pink. I think you were answering another question ie: on offline usage. This particular issue is the one in which pdf's show up as "untitled attachment" on Evernote web. Nothing can be done with those files. The only way I have of opening these files is to drag it to the desktop and then open it from there. This works on my windows 10 desktop but it does not work at all on windows 7 (my employee is still on that). This seems to be a recent issue for her since she was using EN web in the past and opening these attachments without any issues. I sent a bug report to EN and they sent me back some vague, non-specific "fixes" that didn't work.
  14. Actually, the whole thing is mystifying. I selected a notebook with 3000 notes to download as an offline notebook. After 2 hours the whole thing was downloaded. I can see all 3000 notes offline. However, the same 20 notes in the other notebooks are still spinning green. However, if I go on airplane mode I can still see those notes without any problems. This suggests that despite the spinning green circles they are accessible offline.
  15. I have the same problem. I can see the attachments on my windows 10 desktop EN version but I can't see them on the web version. Here's how it looks like on my desktop version: When I try to open the attachment I get this message: When I click Open, it opens up normally and I can see the pdf. I don't know what "undefined" means and why it says that. Now here is the file as seen on the web version: There is no opening this file at all. Double clicking or using the download option is useless. However, if I drag this file to my desktop I can double click it there and the pdf opens. The strange thing is that one of my employees who is using a win7 machine also has this problem with the web version but she can't even drag the pdf to the desktop. In other words, on her win 7 machine she can't open any pdf file at all from the web version. It's a big issue.
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