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  1. CalS, I would like to understand in what way I can continue using Legacy if they choose to disappear the desktop legacy version? Currently, I use EN in multiple places and I count on Evernote's servers to sync all my data seamlessly so it's available no matter where I want to use it. I use android, ipad, windows desktop and I use it at home, work and when I travel. So, yes I understand that even if I were to disconnect my computer from the internet I could continue to use my desktop legacy EN but this is not useful for me.
  2. I won't rehash the whole drama of v10 and who hates or loves it in this post. The issue for many of us is very simple ie: we will not use v10 in its current form but we find Legacy to be perfectly usable. The only problem is how to prepare for the day that legacy simply stops functioning? I have read many posts about this not happening and about how the EN API's will live on forever etc etc. For the sake of argument I would like to assume that this is not true and that there is a possibility of waking up one morning and finding that EN servers no longer sync the Legacy version. I have als
  3. If you want to just type or look for a note then there is no reason why EN10 would not be a fine option. The problem is that right now it's almost useless for anything else. For example, many of us used EN to store screen shots, documents, pdf's, spreadsheets etc. This is probably one of the most fundamental features of an app like Evernote. Unfortunately, with no ability to sync on the fly, you really have no idea of what has been copied over. This and this alone has made it unusable for me. However, just for kicks I tried to see how it would be like if I didn't care about this function
  4. Yes, I've verified that the behavior carries over to anything that requires a direct sync. For example, in the Legacy version when I save a pdf file to Evernote, it arrives instantly into my inbox. Seeing it copied over in real time reassures me that it was correctly transferred. With the new version I save it to Evernote and then have no idea if it actually went through. In fact, even as I'm posting this complaint I keep looking at EN on my other screen and I can see that the file has not yet appeared. If I step away for a half an hour and return, I will probably see it in the inbox. E
  5. One of the most important aspects of my workflow in EN (windows) is to use the clipper to clip directly to my Inbox. Generally this involves Prt-Scr which brings up the clipper. At this point I have the option to simply clip whatever I want and have it go directly to my inbox. With the previous version these clips used to appear immediately in the inbox and I could then annotate, merge and deal with them immediately. With the new version this does not happen. When I do a clip I do not see anything appearing in my inbox for at least 15 minutes. This means that I no longer know for sure
  6. If they just let me use the legacy version I would be perfectly happy. In the past I have gone 8 years or more using outdated versions of Word for Windows, Quicken, Quickbooks, Win7 etc without a single issue or problem (even after the version had sunsetted years earlier). So, even if they never spruce up Legacy again it's perfectly adequate for my needs going forward. Of course, my main concern is that they remove the ability to use Legacy. Of course, this is far more likely than with the desktop apps that I previously mentioned that were independent of any online interactions.
  7. Most of my notes have multiple pdfs since that is part of my workflow. However, I do not have to "relaunch" Evernote as you mentioned. I routinely add new pdf's to my notes on an almost daily basis. Of course, I am referring to the legacy version or to the one just before legacy. If you having so many problems with pdfs it may be due to something else.
  8. Thanks for your response. You're correct in that it seems very close to 6.25.1 but somehow the other one just works better. Perhaps I'm imagining but the legacy version simply lags longer and more often, and very often gives a message about being "unresponsive" or something like that. Thank heavens it's still way, way better than v10.0 but somehow not quite as good as what was there before.
  9. After trying v10 on windows I realized that it would not suit my needs so I reinstalled "legacy" instead. However, I do not think that the legacy version is as good as the version that I used before (and the one that I am currently using at home). Is anyone aware of a way to re-install an actual older version rather than "legacy". I'm not sure why but I get the distinct impression that Legacy is slower and clunkier than what it replaced.
  10. Beth Lee's post is correct. The versions do not get synced together properly and this negates the entire purpose of using Evernote in the first place. In the past I used to use EN at home, at work and on my android. Occasionally I would also use it on my ipad. In every case I would simply hit sync and the information would be synced to every device. Actually this still works well on every version other than the new desktop version (10.*). This is unusual because that version was designed to look almost identical to the android version, but you CAN sync the android version at will. Until
  11. The problem here is not that I am concerned that it will not sync automatically. The issue is that there are a lot of times when you can not verify if a change has been made unless a sync is forced. For example, one of the things that I do every day is to send emails over from gmail to evernote. Normally, I would do that and wait a minute or two before doing a forced sync. I would then see it pop up in my inbox in EN. Now I wait 15 minutes and do not see it arrive. Therefore, I don't know if I should do it again or keep waiting. Not optimal at all.
  12. Am I missing something here, but where is Sync in ENv10? This is a crucial feature which not only let's me feel that know that everything is synched but it's also a way to check if emails or were properly brought over from Gmail to EN. About 5 minutes ago I saved a pdf to EN and then waited for about 5 minutes before I saw it appear in v10. In the meanwhile I noticed that it appeared instantaneously in the Legacy version. So, not only is it not possible to force a sync but it also appears as if it takes longer for items to show up in the inbox.
  13. Thanks. I know that that would work but I was hoping for a shorter solution.
  14. Thanks for your kind response. That solved the problem. I would not have been able to discover this by myself, even after years of using Evernote. Also, their help material is not as helpful as what you demonstrated.
  15. I've been using EN since its inception and I'm embarassed to say that I have no idea how to do one of the most basic searches possible (using v10). For example, I want to search notes that contain the word "ADP" but only within my Contacts notebook. With the Legacy version I simply open the Contacts notebook and type in ADP into the search bar. It immediately returns about 10 notes which are all notes that contain the word "ADP" within my "Contacts" notebook. However, in v10 when I go to the Contacts notebook and type "ADP" into the search bar I get a bewildering dropdown of saved searches
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