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  1. What confuses me is when is this supposed to be happening? For example when I go to the section to sync I do not see that anything is actually syncing. Even when I select sync it seems to indicate that a total sync has just occurred and nothing else needs to be done .However on my iPad I see a little swirling activity on the upper left-hand part of the screen which indicates that maybe something is syncing. I just checked my notes and i think that a few more notes made it into the offline status.
  2. I am having same problem. One month ago i selected a notebook for offline access (for a trip to polynesia where there would be no wifi). Before i left i checked on airplane mode and it looked ok. After arriving at my destination i noticed that only about one third of the notebook had downloaded. I am trying it again now but am not sure it is working any better.
  3. Actually this problem has been solved with the new version of Evernote 6.11 for windows desktop. Now there is a little skirt of empty space around the images and I am finding it a lot easier to enter text either above or below the image. The reccomendation to "right click on image and select View as Attachment" does not work for me. Perhaps it is not referring to Evernote for windows desktop.
  4. This is a vague question but it pops up repeatedly in my workflow. I will paste an image in a new note and then want to add some text under or on top of the image. I then find that I can't put the text cursor anywhere within the note to add the text. Also, I can't simply move the image up or down either so that I can add the text above or below it. This happens when the image takes up the entire width of the frame. The only way around it is for me to double click on the note pane which then turns the note into an independent window. Now I can finally see space on either side of the image and I can move it up or down, and add text wherever I like. Would love to know if there's a workaround for this.
  5. Actually, this is exactly the way I (and all my employees) work. We have two screens and use EN notes on both screens. We will open one note which has multiple files within it and distribute those files to other notes in EN which are on the other screen. Very quick and efficient workflow with no hiccups at all. It's only on the ipad and android versions where we have trouble. We are effectively unable to work on the go without laptops.
  6. The problem is that the ipad is very limiting. On the desktop I can go to a note, select a pdf file, right click/copy it and then paste it into another note. I can then delete the original note. I can do these things quite easily by having both these notes open at the same time. On the ipad I can't figure out how to easily copy a pdf so that I can paste it elsewhere. Furthermore, I can't keep two notes open at the same time so it makes it difficult to work between notes. For this reason I use my evernote on ipad as an information tool but not as a real work machine. For example, when I travel I keep all of my travel information on ipad evernote; however, if I ever need to get work done I need to use my laptop or desktop. It's the same way with the android version.
  7. I do have a couple of notes that have massive pdf files in them. For example, we service 40 clients a day and scan their billing sheets every month into a note. Therefore, that note will have 800 pages every month. Acrobat can scan and compress this into about 35MB. I totally agree with your observation that large files makes EN slower and can cause sync malfunctions, so when I combine these massive files I upload the older ones that I don't need directly into Gdrive and leave a little placeholder in the now empty EN note to let me know where I put them. For example, the Jan 2017-April 2017 note is now empty but it directs the user to a 140MB file that was moved to Gdrive.
  8. I think the advantage is as was described by my previous post. I like to have 10 years of gas bills all in one note. It's very easy to do and there is absolutely no downside to it. I can store many years worth of statements by combining them in acrobat into fairly small files. 10 years of gas bills is about 2 MB. In my business I deal with over 100 vendors. I have a seperate note for each one and every vendor statement is in that dedicated vendor note. If I want to see the statements for vendor X I simply go to his note and can see 20-30 pdfs all in a row. If it gets a little messy, I will use Acrobat to combine them. My entire business can be conducted by skimming through 100 notes as opposed to thousands of notes, tags, titles etc. One of the advantages of the one note structure is that you can never make a mistake ie: if you get a cable bill, you simply copy it into the note dedicated to cable bills. However, if you are titling, tagging, dating, sorting you need to be very meticulous to avoid mistakes. With my one note per vendor system it's hard to make mistakes and the mistakes will be reflected within the note itself eg: I may have placed the November cable bill after the December one instead of before (I'll spot the misplaced pdf immediately rather than looking at different notes). Finally, the one note system makes it very easy to provide concatenated data eg: while installing solar panels I was asked by a company to provide 3 years worth of electric bills. I was able to go to my one note containing all the electric bills, "save attachments", combine with acrobat and then send that one big pdf (all done within 2 minutes). It would have required several more steps if I had spread my pdf's around 50 individual notes.
  9. I cannot scroll at all on any part of this screen. Furthermore, as I attempt to scroll I am creating unwanted stacks and all sorts of other mayhem. I can understand why they specifically discourage using the web version on the ipad or iphone. So much of my EN workflow depends on comparing information in two notes at the same time or dragging items from one note to another. For example, I will place a pdf in the inbox and then want to move it to another note in another notebook. On the desktop that would take me a few seconds. On the ipad it's practically impossible. It's a shame because when I travel I would prefer to take only my ipad but I'm not able to do any meaningful EN work on it.
  10. Could you elaborate a little on how you use the desktop evernote on an ipad? I was able to open it on the ipad but I find that it us unusable ie: I can't scroll up or down on any part of it. When it opens I can see my notes, tags on the left and my snippets in the middle. I can also see some notes on the right. However, I can't scroll down on any of the panes. So I am seeing a limited view and cannot get to the parts that I'm not seeing. Am I missing something?
  11. If I could split EN into two windows on my ipad it would significantly help my work flow. Your method of splitting the desktop app and the EN app is OK but I found it hard to use. For example, I can't figure out how to scroll through the notes and the snippets. As I try to use my fingers to scroll down the page I find that I am actually dragging notebooks to other places etc. I can't even scroll through my snippets. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something.
  12. Very interesting. I appreciate the feedback. I have the exact same "talented" family as you do and have had to plan accordingly. One of the things that I have always done with EN is using a single note to store large numbers of related pdf's. For example, I have a single note called "Gas Bills". This note is where I dump every single gas bill pdf that I receive. After each year I combine the 12 pdf's into one annual pdf eg: Gas Bill 2017 and delete the other 12. I've been doing this for years so I now may have a pdf called "Gas Bill 2008-2017" and am now starting on the monthly gas bills for 2018. The bottom line is that I have grouped all my pdf's into dedicated notes rather than spreading them around EN with tags and names etc. The advantage is that if I want to take 20 pdf's from one note and combine them, I simply right click on the note and select "Save Attachments". All the pdf's are then copied to a temporary folder where I can quickly and easily have Acrobat combine them into a single file. Or I can choose to copy them over to Gdrive or any other folder. This would not have been possible if I had saved every single bill, statement, scan etc to it's own seperate note (which most of us do).
  13. I agree that the snap scan OCR process is slower and clunkier than Adobe Acrobat. I routinely OCR hundreds of pages a month and have experimented widely with both work flows. By far, the best for me is to scan my pages into a file which I then batch OCR with Acrobat. The file is saved to a "holding folder" on my C drive. I then rename the file with the appropriate EN type nomenclature and save it to my EN import folder. The reason why I like this work flow is that I like to preview and name the file before I send it to EN. Also, it is not uncommon that I think that I have saved a file to EN and then discover that it never arrived (probably error on my part). I never panic when that happens because I can always find a copy of it in my temporary holding folder (although it will be named by date of scan and not the name I assigned it when I sent it to EN).
  14. I was not aware that there was any such difference between the ipad pro and the ipad. I just purchased my ipad and am now wondering if i should have gotten the ipad pro. It was only slightly more costly but i thought that the stylus was the main difference and that was of no interest to me.
  15. I cant replicate what youve shown. When i try to sign into evernote web on my ipad i get a message saying that ipad does not support evernote web. Ive tried on chrome and safari. I am using ipad 2017 running ios11. I would love to be able to drag files between 2 open notes if possible.
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