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  1. Valid point. I currently run a small business with 8 work stations running win 7. Everything runs smoothly and we back up compulsively to physical hard drive as well as Gdrive. I don’t think it’s possible to upgrade to win 10 without purchasing all new machines and hoping that all of our programs run on the new platform. I realize that risk is there but am hopeful that my important stuff is always backed up.
  2. Thanks for that advice. The advice listed in that link is for windows 10. I am using windows 7 and was not clear as to how to get to the "notifications". The advice given for 10 does not seem applicable to 7.
  3. Ah, thanks! It was a tiny, barely visible picture of a bell that I had missed. Probably should be in the dropdown options.
  4. Maybe I'm having a senior moment but can't seem to find how to add a reminder to a note in v10. I can do it easily in Legacy by going to the 3 dots in the upper right and "Reminder" is the first option. Where is it on the v10 for windows desktop?
  5. Thanks Pink Elephant for your continued outstanding contributions on this forum. I have learned more about how to use evernote from your posts than from any other source. Very much appreciated. By the way, this little trick on how to delete pages from a pdf in ios is not an obvious one. I googled this topic for over an hour and asked several other people. Your solution works 100%!
  6. I can open a pdf and can even annotate it, however I can’t understand how to delete page 2 from a 6 page pdf? Am I missing something really basic? Not sure if this is an Evernote issue or something related to my iPhone 13.
  7. I think I am seeing the problem My iphone 6S is using v8.24.6 and I don't think that I can get the latest version on that older phone. Since I'm getting an iphone 13 in 3 days I'm not too worried and will simply do my update then. I think that will solve the problem and give me access to filtered searches. Thanks for all your help with this, it's greatly appreciated. By the way, how to you get your screenshots on these posts?....that's a terrific teaching tool on this forum.
  8. sorry to be obtuse, but I am not seeing the second part of your suggestion. So, if I do intitle:evernote tag:computer it will return 2 notes. However, if I just type evernote it returns 66 notes. Theoretically, once I see that there are 66 notes I should be able to drill down a little further ie: I should be able to ask it to find a title that "contains" a certain word; or perhaps I can add the tag "computer" at this point? Or perhaps even specify that I am looking for a note that contains a pdf. I do not see this ability to drill down on my searches on the iphone. I agree that if I use extensive search grammar I will find what I'm looking for but that's rather cumbersome. You mention that I can tap on the filter symbol top right but I don't see that option. Are you referring to iphone? I do not see this filter option.
  9. Thanks for the links but I don't see how they apply to the iphone. Of course I use all of this stuff in the EN for windows. However, on the iphone I have yet to find a detailed step by step set of instructions as how to do detailed and filtered searches.
  10. For example, let's say I want to search for the term "Evernote" in All Notes. I'm not sure if I should type it into the search box on the top (Search in All Notes) or if I should use the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the page. They don't behave in quite the same way and I"m not really sure of the differences. So now I see that I have 62 notes that have come up with the Evernote query. On the top right of the screen I see a magnifying glass with a plus sign which gives me the option to "Save Search" . However, I do not see any options on how to drill down further into my search. For example, I only want notes that contain a pdf file and that were created in a certain date range or that are in a particular notebook. Not sure how to drill down and filter my searches. Any advice on where this info can be found?
  11. I don't really know if this helps but I've taken many of my non-essential notes and moved them into Gdrive. For example, I had notes in which 5-10 years of pdf files on various statements were all concatenated together. I used Acrobat to combine them all and moved them into Gdrive. I do the same for all my bills, scanned books, spreadsheets and other non-essential files. Since many of my notes were just depositories for files this helped to slim things down somewhat. I also had thousands of notes that were faxes from Hellofax that were being uploaded automatically to Evernote. Anything like that I sweep into Gdrive on an ongoing basis. Obviously this doesn't help much with normal notes. I don't know if any of this has actually helped with anything because I too experience a lot of lag but I'm still quite happy with Legacy.
  12. I just realized that I've been using the web version to demo the Windows desktop version and they are not quite the same. The reason why I'm doing that is because when I installed ENv10 at work it uninstalled v6.25. It gave me the option to reinstall "Legacy" but I'm convinced that the legacy version was not as good as the version of EN that I use at home (the one just prior to Legacy). I'm terrified to have this happen again on my home computer on which EN runs my entire life. Nonetheless, I would like to have a way to keep playing with ENv10 and see if it is improving. Is there any 100% safe way to do this whereby it will not uninstall my desktop version? I've seen various suggestions on this forum but was wondering if people had tried this themselves.
  13. I am not seeing that. I am using windows 7 desktop. The popup says "2 notes selected" and then gives me the option to "Move, edit tags, add to shortcuts, Move to Trash". There is no merge option. Also, is there a quick way to delete a note? The only thing I have found is to highlight the note and go to "More Options" on the upper screen and then select "Move to Trash". On v6.25 I could use the delete key or R click and delete. I found a list of keyboard shortcuts and one of them was "Ctrl-backspace" to delete a note; however, that didn't work either.
  14. Has anyone figured out a way to have pdfs in v10 display as "view as attachment" instead of the first page of the pdf? I can change each one individually if I want to but I have thousands of others in my notes. For example, if I have a note with 10 pdf's (ABC Statements 2010-2020) I am unable to see 10 pdf thumbnails all in a neat row so that I can open exactly the one I want. Instead, the entire note is taken up by the first pages of each pdf sequentially. There is no way to directly see the 2020 pdf unless you scroll down like crazy. I can select "view as attachment" for each of the 10 pdfs which solves the problem for that particular note, but I have thousands of notes with pdfs and it doesn't solve the problem. This has really screwed up my work flow.
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