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  1. I don't really know if this helps but I've taken many of my non-essential notes and moved them into Gdrive. For example, I had notes in which 5-10 years of pdf files on various statements were all concatenated together. I used Acrobat to combine them all and moved them into Gdrive. I do the same for all my bills, scanned books, spreadsheets and other non-essential files. Since many of my notes were just depositories for files this helped to slim things down somewhat. I also had thousands of notes that were faxes from Hellofax that were being uploaded automatically to Evernote. Anything like that I sweep into Gdrive on an ongoing basis. Obviously this doesn't help much with normal notes. I don't know if any of this has actually helped with anything because I too experience a lot of lag but I'm still quite happy with Legacy.
  2. I just realized that I've been using the web version to demo the Windows desktop version and they are not quite the same. The reason why I'm doing that is because when I installed ENv10 at work it uninstalled v6.25. It gave me the option to reinstall "Legacy" but I'm convinced that the legacy version was not as good as the version of EN that I use at home (the one just prior to Legacy). I'm terrified to have this happen again on my home computer on which EN runs my entire life. Nonetheless, I would like to have a way to keep playing with ENv10 and see if it is improving. Is there any 100% safe way to do this whereby it will not uninstall my desktop version? I've seen various suggestions on this forum but was wondering if people had tried this themselves.
  3. I am not seeing that. I am using windows 7 desktop. The popup says "2 notes selected" and then gives me the option to "Move, edit tags, add to shortcuts, Move to Trash". There is no merge option. Also, is there a quick way to delete a note? The only thing I have found is to highlight the note and go to "More Options" on the upper screen and then select "Move to Trash". On v6.25 I could use the delete key or R click and delete. I found a list of keyboard shortcuts and one of them was "Ctrl-backspace" to delete a note; however, that didn't work either.
  4. Has anyone figured out a way to have pdfs in v10 display as "view as attachment" instead of the first page of the pdf? I can change each one individually if I want to but I have thousands of others in my notes. For example, if I have a note with 10 pdf's (ABC Statements 2010-2020) I am unable to see 10 pdf thumbnails all in a neat row so that I can open exactly the one I want. Instead, the entire note is taken up by the first pages of each pdf sequentially. There is no way to directly see the 2020 pdf unless you scroll down like crazy. I can select "view as attachment" for each of the 10 pdfs which solves the problem for that particular note, but I have thousands of notes with pdfs and it doesn't solve the problem. This has really screwed up my work flow.
  5. I don't want to beat a dead horse on this one, but I still think that the inability to force a sync with the new version is simply a deal breaker. About a half hour ago I sent an email from gmail to evernote 6.25. I pressed sync a few times on EN6.25 to confirm that it had arrived and I am done. Now I know that this critical info is in my inbox and waiting for me to act upon it later in the day. However, I don't have the ability to do this with v10 ie: when I send anything there I need to hope that it shows up but I can't be sure. This means that EN v10 can not be part of my critical workflow. It's probably fine for casual use, hobbyists etc. I think that if they give it the ability to sync at will it may make a huge difference for power users.
  6. So I tried v10 again today just to see if it had improved. Right away I ran into the deal breaker problem that was there initially: I had 5 pdf files that I wanted to download into EN so I saved each one to my "save to evernote folder". With EN legacy (or any previous version) you immediately see a notification that a file is being copied to EN and then you see it appear in your inbox. Alternatively, you can hit the sync button and you will see your files in seconds. With v10 I save the 5 files to evernote but I don't see any notification. So I wait for a full 2 minutes and then I see that 2 of the 5 files have made it to the inbox. I keep waiting but the other 3 are not there. I then close the program and re-open and now I see that the fourth pdf is now there. Where's the fifth? A keep waiting and suddenly I see it in the inbox. What used to be a seamless 5 second process has now turned into a whole procedure. I copy files over to EN all day and this is just a deal breaker.
  7. At my place of work I elected to download v10 on my windows 7 system. However, in the process of doing that it deleted 6.25.1. When I realized that I didn't like v10 it allowed me to download "Legacy" to replace it. The problem, as I have posted before, is that I don't think Legacy (which appears to be 6.25.2) functions nearly as well as 6.25.1. I'm not a techie type of person but I'm beginning to realize that any time I want to do something on Legacy at work, I usually try to defer doing it until I get home and can use the more stable version. Without deep diving into all the issues, this tells me that the earlier version is simply better. Now I am fearful of trying v10 at home because I think it will once again delete the only version of EN that I truly use.
  8. Just wondering if my experience is unique ie: are people having much more difficulties with 6.25.2 compared to 6.25.1? For me it's night and day difference even though I'm using the exact same operating system.
  9. Evernote Legacy does not seem to function the same way as Evernote 6.25. At my workplace I installed the newest version of EN and immediately uninstalled it. In the process I deleted the 6.25 version but then reinstalled it under its new name, "Legacy". However, Legacy never worked the same as what I had previously had. In fact, at home I use EN 6.25 and it is working great. However, the "legacy" version at work is constantly hanging. Anything I do initiates the "not responding" message for at least a minute or more. It's not that it doesn't work, but it takes 3-5 times longer compared to the version I use at home. Is there any way of getting rid of this "legacy" version and using the one that I use at home?
  10. CalS, I would like to understand in what way I can continue using Legacy if they choose to disappear the desktop legacy version? Currently, I use EN in multiple places and I count on Evernote's servers to sync all my data seamlessly so it's available no matter where I want to use it. I use android, ipad, windows desktop and I use it at home, work and when I travel. So, yes I understand that even if I were to disconnect my computer from the internet I could continue to use my desktop legacy EN but this is not useful for me.
  11. I won't rehash the whole drama of v10 and who hates or loves it in this post. The issue for many of us is very simple ie: we will not use v10 in its current form but we find Legacy to be perfectly usable. The only problem is how to prepare for the day that legacy simply stops functioning? I have read many posts about this not happening and about how the EN API's will live on forever etc etc. For the sake of argument I would like to assume that this is not true and that there is a possibility of waking up one morning and finding that EN servers no longer sync the Legacy version. I have also read about the numerous EN alternatives and would gladly migrate to one of them if absolutely forced to. However, the main question that I have is what needs to be done to prepare for such a migration? Would simply saving the enex files to a cloud drive be enough? How about also saving the "add to evernote" folders which contains all of the pdfs, docs, images, spreadsheets that make their way into EN? These folders contain the actual physical files that were copied into EN but they are spread out at home and work computers depending on where I was when I "saved to Evernote". For now, I will continue to use Legacy in the hope that it will continue to function or that v10 will miraculously become usable in the future, but I definitely want to have an exit strategy if all else fails. Like many on this forum, EN is the organizational platform that runs my personal and business lives and being locked out of my data would be inconceivable.
  12. If you want to just type or look for a note then there is no reason why EN10 would not be a fine option. The problem is that right now it's almost useless for anything else. For example, many of us used EN to store screen shots, documents, pdf's, spreadsheets etc. This is probably one of the most fundamental features of an app like Evernote. Unfortunately, with no ability to sync on the fly, you really have no idea of what has been copied over. This and this alone has made it unusable for me. However, just for kicks I tried to see how it would be like if I didn't care about this functionality. Even then I still found it unacceptably sluggish and clunky. The good news is that EN legacy is working OK and this is the only reasonable option right now.
  13. Yes, I've verified that the behavior carries over to anything that requires a direct sync. For example, in the Legacy version when I save a pdf file to Evernote, it arrives instantly into my inbox. Seeing it copied over in real time reassures me that it was correctly transferred. With the new version I save it to Evernote and then have no idea if it actually went through. In fact, even as I'm posting this complaint I keep looking at EN on my other screen and I can see that the file has not yet appeared. If I step away for a half an hour and return, I will probably see it in the inbox. Even closing and re-opening the program does not seem to force a sync. I would go so far as to say that this is a deal breaker for me personally (even though I've used EN for 10-12 years). My workflow involves the constant saving of pdfs, xcel spreadsheets and other documents into EN on a daily basis. Not knowing what has transferred over and not being able to manipulate those files/notes is a major issue. I will keep Legacy for now and see if this changes in v10 over time.
  14. One of the most important aspects of my workflow in EN (windows) is to use the clipper to clip directly to my Inbox. Generally this involves Prt-Scr which brings up the clipper. At this point I have the option to simply clip whatever I want and have it go directly to my inbox. With the previous version these clips used to appear immediately in the inbox and I could then annotate, merge and deal with them immediately. With the new version this does not happen. When I do a clip I do not see anything appearing in my inbox for at least 15 minutes. This means that I no longer know for sure if my clip has gone to my inbox, and I can't work on them as I used to. Now I have to clip it and manually paste it into a new note. This is much more cumbersome than clipping on the fly. It's affecting my workflow since I used to be able to look through articles and websites while randomly clipping anything I wanted and knowing for sure that they were going to my inbox. Has anyone figured out a way around this?
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