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  1. I would agree that many people here do NOT want to have a prompt every time that they delete a note (and I delete dozens per week), and that this should therefore be an optional feature.
  2. The Evernote Editor

    I don't think that it's inconsistent that I'm posting on this topic. We all realize that with finite resources Evernote needs to hone their focus as much as possible. My post was to convey the notion that there may be millions of users such as myself who have no problem whatsoever with the editor. In essence, I'm stating that the editor (as is) is good enough. And yes I realize that there are users who would want the editor to be better, but in the grand scheme of things EN is not about editing but IS about storing, cataloging, categorizing and searching. And yes, I'm sure that 99% of Evernote's users do not utilize even a fraction of the potential search capabilities of the program (not just me).
  3. The Evernote Editor

    Interestingly enough I really don't care at all about editing on Evernote. I use EN to store every conceivable piece of paper in my work and home life (after scanning). I also use it to share emails with Gmail, to clip from the browser and to share notebooks with my employees. I have almost zero interest in using it as a word processor, spreadsheet or chat program. Those tasks I complete in Word or Excel or elsewhere and then dump them into EN. Likewise, I am mystified when I hear about the complaints regarding bullet lists, checkmarks, To Do lists, Reminders etc etc. I use EN as a vast depository of information that comes from every conceivable angle. In almost 5000 notes I have never cared about editing a note other than figuring out the best way to cram in the pdf's, images and other stuff that I put there. I would imagine that no matter how long the EN team labors at this task they will not produce a viable alternative to mainstream word processors, spreadsheets etc. and that they shouldn't even try. On the other hand, there is no reason why EN could not become a better "tickler" or Reminder List program. My two cents to the EN team is to focus on creating a product which functions as an effective depositary of information and the means to search simply and intuitively through this information. Even after years of being a "poweruser" and a Premium customer I still use very few search parameters because I find them difficult to remember, unintuitive and relatively clunky. In fact I remember a program called Infoselect which I used over 10 years ago in which searches were super easy and lightning fast. I far prefer EN to Infoselect but sometimes wish that I could conduct searches within EN as easily as I did with that other program.
  4. Maybe an old thread but I'll chime in anyway. I think it would be devastating if Evernote went away. It is the single most important piece of technology in my life, and that's saying a lot because there is a lot of tech in my life. Prior to Evernote I struggled daily with being organized. I was never able to find receipts, statements, letters, important documents etc. This was particularly alarming since I run a small business in which I have to interface with 40-50 vendors, not to mention a fairly complicated home life. I lost thousands of dollars by simply missing deadlines, losing important papers or not keeping track of warranties, bills payable etc. Eventually the complexities of keeping organized began to cause frustration and depression as I eventually concluded that my brain was not one that could handle organization. Therefore, I consider the day that I discovered both Evernote and Fujitsu's SnapScan to be one of the most significant in my life. I read extensively on how to tag, search etc and then simply eliminated all the paper in both my home and work life by scanning them into Evernote. Eventually I got so alarmingly organized that I would demonstrate to everyone I knew how I could pull up a birth certificate or a specific banking statement from five years ago (in 30 seconds on my android). I began to integrate evernote with my emails, my taxes, my to do lists, my accounts payable and my receivables etc. I quickly became a premium user and then forced every one of my employees to share folders with me so that we could collaborate together easily on every project. I really can not think of a single part of my life at this point that does not rely extensively on Evernote in some way. One of the wonderful things about the program is that you can pick and choose what aspects of it you want to use and those that you don't. That's why I never cared about Evernote's side offerings because I simply chose to ignore those that I didn't care about. I love the fact that Evernote's structure is so loose and customizable that you can develop any system that you like and exquisitely tweak it to your specifications. I'm sure that there are things that I do on Evernote that the vast majority of its users have never considered doing. Likewise, I don't do many things that many Evernote users do on a daily basis. Having said all this I would probably agree that Evernote should probably focus on the few things that the vast majority of users consider indispensable and cut back on some of their side offerings.
  5. I think that the database file (user.exb) would be helpful if you wanted to reconstitute evernote entirely on a new device or in case of some disaster. I've always liked the secondary backup of the enex files in case you lost specific notes or a notebook and wanted to restore those very easily (has actually happened to me twice). I even use a third method ie: I backup all my attachments within Evernote and store those elsewhere. This may sound compulsive but over the years I've been "saved" once or twice by all of these methods.
  6. I have several employees who I interact with on a regular basis by sharing notebooks. Each one of them has a notebook which I can add comments or images or files to. We can share it in real time. Granted I've only been accessing this on windows based desktops but I can't see why this wouldn't work otherwise. After all, if you access Evernote and add a note from your android or ipad it's still synced to the servers at Evernnote and is accessible by whoever is sharing the notebook in any format.
  7. I would like to regularly export all my notes from my various notebooks and keep them on Gdrive or a backup drive. Nice plan but no cigar. About 50% of the time this seems to fail somewhere in the process. I have about 10 notebooks and a total of 5000 notes. I select a notebook and select Export file in Enex format. It begins to do the export but will often stop somewhere in the process and simply hang there. If I close it out and try it again it does the same thing and stops at exactly the same note eg: note 933/1055. In the past I was told that it was due to a corrupted file or note somewhere in the notebook and Evernote support gave me some instructions to fix the problem. However, this happens on such a regular basis that exporting my notes has become an unreliable method of backup. I realize that there are other backup methods but I like the concept of being able to export all my notes as an enex file. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if this may be due to the fact that I am using the previous windows version of Evernote (
  8. I downloaded v5.0 on my laptop and tried to use it while still using v4.0 on my desktop. I found v5.0 to be very buggy. At least once per day I get the message "Evernote not responding" for various reasons. I have had to restart the program several times. In fact, after I upgraded to v5.4 I had to uninstall that and go back down to version 5.1. I gave myself about a week to see if I liked the new interface and I don't. There are certain small issues that bug me and I'm not sure if I just don't understand how to solve them or if they're unsolvable. For example, in v4.0 I had my saved searches as an item on my Favorites bar. If I hit "saved searches" it would drop down a list of all my saved searches. In v5.0 you can't seem to put saved search on the favorites bar (ie: you can put individual saved searches there but not the entire dropdown batch). Another minor point: In v4.0 I have a notebook that has 40 sub-notebooks. Fortunately, this notebook is always collapsed and when I search through my notebooks I don't need to see all the 40 subnotebooks that comprise that notebook. In v5.0 all the sub-notebooks are showing and constantly have to scroll past them all when I am trying to select a notebook on the right panel. Also, the general font and arrangement of print throughout v5.0 is harder for my older presbyopic eyes than v4.0 was. On the other hand, the reminder feature is great and was sorely missing in v4.0. Also, I enjoy the fact that when you do a search you get suggested search terms based on your data. Right now I am using v5.0 on my laptop which is positioned directly next to v4.0 on my desktop and I am comparing them constantly to see which version yields faster results more easily with less clicking. In my hands, v4.0 appears to be winning.
  9. windows Getting Images Out of Evernote

    I initially posted this problem over a year ago in the forums: the problem was that I was unable to take screen shots from Evernote (or from anywhere else using the clipper) and paste them into Yahoo mail. It turns out that sending screen shots of various issues to my employees is something that I regularly have to do, and it simply doesn't work between Evernote and Yahoo mail. For some reason, it works perfectly in Gmail. I can take a screen shot within an Evernote note or, using the clipper, anywhere else that I want and I paste it directly into Gmail. For example, I can even go to Quickbooks and clip out a few lines from the register and paste them directly into Gmail using the EN clipper. This problem eventually forced me to leave Yahoo mail and switch entirely to Gmail. As far as I can tell, this problem has persisted for at least a year and possibly more.
  10. I am using windows client 4.6.7. My pdf's are not showing up as attachments. For each pdf I need to right click and select "show as attachment". This seems to work but is very cumbersome. I have gone through all the options and preferences and do not see anywhere where I can set this as the default view. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  11. An employee of mine mistakenly upgraded to the new version. I would like to know how to revert back to v4.x. I was able download v4.6.6.8360 from someone who posted a site here on this forum (bitcasa). Do I need to uninstall v5.0 entirely and then reinstall from scratch using this? Any help appreciated.
  12. windows Easy way to find all notes with PDF attachments ?

    I have not upgraded to 5.0 but would agree that I use the attribute function a lot more often than the search grammar. However, in all fairness to Evernote, if you feel that you will be doing a particular search on a frequent basis it's not hard to look up the grammar and then simply make it into a favorite. At this point I do not use the attributes or the search grammar anymore since I've pretty much saved 99% of my important searches.
  13. keyboard short cut (ctrl-shift-c) for checkbox is not working on Evernote 4.x. I have not upgraded to 5.0 so can't quite explain why this is happening but I've checked it on more than one computer. I can still insert the checkbox if I right click on the note and select that option, but the shortcut no longer works. Incidentally, I'm used to using this keyboard shortcut so I know that something has changed.
  14. To be fair to Evernote: Whenever any company comes out with a new version of their software their are always a lot of people who will howl in outrage at the new version. I"ve seen this with almost everything I"ve ever used. Quicken, Quickbooks, Windows 7, android platforms, IOS7 etc etc. This is to be expected as people will initially struggle with a new iteration of something they were familiar with. However, in most of these cases people will eventually understand that the changes were for the best and there were very good reasons for them. For example, despite the howls that came with windows 7, there are very few people today that wouldn't admit that it's far better than previous versions. My gut feeling is that what I'm seeing with Evernote is partially due to this knee-jerk phenomenon. However, I would get worried if this doesn't abate wtihin the next few months. If the complaints continue then it will mean a true failed version rather than a knee-jerk issue. I, for one, will not be upgrading but will follow the forums carefully to see how people are reacting. I've done this for many other types of software/platforms and find it a rather reliable indicator for success. I anticipate that Evernote will iron out some of the issues over the next few months, and then we'll have to wait and see if this interface unltimately works or fails.
  15. I absolutely love EN v4.6.2. It does everything I've ever wanted it to and more. Based on what I'm reading here I will hold off on upgrading to 5.0.