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  1. Started seeing this issue last week - increasing the number of reports from this dialog.
  2. Wow! Huge performance jump after re-indexing, per your above instructions. The lag is gone - note items now appear as I type in the search field. Thanks!
  3. Sorry - please forgive my gruff comment (above). Too much coffee, not enough sleep, and tight deadlines (always). Here's the scenario: Win7 - 64. Big computer with a fast i7 CPU and 32GB ram. 1) Just updated (today) to latest release. At that point, text search ground to a painfully slow pace. This machine, win7, is running as a VM. I give this VM 12GB ram and 4 cores.
  4. Why is Evernote so damn slow when searching for key words? This technology has been available for decades... Should Evernote just open-source and let the experts fix it?
  5. The new, recent update, well... to keep this on point (apologies to the developers) - well it just sucks. Problems: - Note-taking and retrieval must be transparent. It's a fixture and a seamless tool - something like a light-switch. It's just there when you need it. Simple. The update? Taking a lead set by Windows 10? God... software and everything else with it (maybe). Seriously though, the new update interjects itself. Makes itself known. An annoyance like that person at the theater texting. They force their presence into the experience - the "bubble world" apparent. But, I digress. Reason? Because this new update pisses me off. Lost my focus. And, I cannot go back to the way it used to be. I didn't snapshot my VM prior - so now regrets. Specifically, the feature "search tags" needs to go back. Need the search area in tight context and not spread out across the UI. I want it like before - like in version 5.x
  6. Must agree that the Chrome Evernote pop-ups are seriously disturbing - not so much as an annoyance. This is more about Evernote using cookies and tracking (that's what's used to remember that I clicked the damn "got it" button). The pop-up's title: "Search your Evernote account as you search the web"
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