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  1. Yes, on the Mac, but while using the new web client with Brave browser, not with the Mac client. I'll see if I can reproduce this again after the 15th. Thanks for investigating.
  2. Great to hear May! Sometimes we feel that recommendations fall on deaf ears. Glad to see evidence that we are being heard. I'll give it a test drive. Thanks to the team.
  3. Hmmm... looks like highlighting to me. Personally, I would find bright, primary colors to be jarring. I like these.
  4. Just to confirm, I still see this on the Mac with some notes. It does not appear to be consistent or at least as consistent as I noticed it a few days back.
  5. Thanks for the response May. I am using the Beta editor. All I'm doing is stepping through the note list viewing different notes. On some, on the bottom right it will show Saving..., those notes do not get their date changed. On other notes I will instead see All changes saved. On those notes the date would be changed to the current day. That said, I'm currently on Windows using Chrome and cannot replicate the problem. Some notes still show Saving... and others show All changes saved, but the date is not being updated. It was on Tuesday using Brave on the Mac where I saw the problem. When I return home I will try again on the Mac to see if I can reproduce the issue. I haven't tried since Tuesday.
  6. For tags yes, but not for notebooks. I would find it useful to easily exclude a notebook from search, instead of using a tag work around.
  7. Even with a VPN you may find the performance lacking. At least I did ..
  8. I'm seeing this as well, but not with every note. It looks like it is trying to save every note that is viewed. In the lower right corner of the note window if I see "Saving..." then the date is not changed. It is like it is trying to save but doesn't complete and therefore the date is not updated. On other notes I will see "All changes saved." On those notes the date is updated. In both cases I am just viewing notes and not editing. I can't tell why some notes complete the save and others don't or why they are being saved at all since I'm only viewing. Also, I see no way to edit the date using this web version.
  9. AutoHotKey is another option to check out.
  10. Though accurate, I personally think this implementation is confusing. I have yet to see a need for a note "list" tab. Personally, I would find it much more useful to see the title of the note in the tab without the need to open the note in it's own window ... my 2 cents.
  11. I wasn't experiencing the problem, just trying to offer some help. From a Google search Ron's Tips appears to have been an Evernote notebook that an employee created and shared out to those interested. It looks like he left the company and the notebook is no longer maintained. Have you tried just deleting the notebook? If that doesn't work then you can try the hide tip that @PinkElephant mentions above.
  12. Maybe because admitting that a hardware upgrade is needed for decent performance on Windows would not be a message that they would want to send. It also may not be something they actually tested and quantified, but installing an SSD will give you overall better system performance that you will notice and hopefully it will also improve your Evernote experience.
  13. An example would be a weekly status meeting where new dated entries are added each week. After the meeting this complete status, with prior history, is then emailed to a distribution. Having this in one note makes this process much easier. I've thought about using note links but that becomes unmanageable.
  14. Does ScanSnap Home allow us to create a profile where we can scan directly into Evernote, like we can with the older software, or are we required to either use their cloud function or import folders to get the scan into Evernote?
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