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  1. The open in Spark link still exists and works for me in Evernote 10.21.5 Mac. Maybe remove and then add back the connection in Spark.
  2. s2sailor

    Date format

    That is a valid request and makes sense. The standard OS date config never worked for me and I’ve always used autohotkey, that’s why I mentioned it. As I understand it, v10 was a complete rewrite, so it might be they just haven’t added it back in yet.
  3. s2sailor

    Date format

    Evernote has never been very configurable in the date formatting department. No matter what they add, someone will always want something else or something different. It is best to use something like autohotkey to configure exactly what you want.
  4. A task is an attribute of the note. That is how it has been architected, so a note is first needed as a container for the task. If you create a task without assigning it to a note, it will be assigned automatically to a note called "Things to do". I see your point and would also like to assign a tag to the note when creating a task. When you create a new task, they show you the note that it is assigned to and give you the ability to move it. It would be nice if below that was a note tags item showing any current tags assigned to that note, and the ability to add or delete note tags from there. I think that would accomplish what you are asking for. Also, I would like to see a task view grouped by tag.
  5. In case you were not aware, note pinning is available today on the dashboard view. You can pin one note in the personal plan and multiple ones with the professional plan. There are requests to have the pinned note show in the note list pane as well. Alternatively, you can make a shortcut to a note and it will show up in the shortcut list in the left hand pane. The entries in the shortcut list can be manually reordered.
  6. Shortcuts are very useful. I use them as well. Depending on the device I’m using I will minimize the left hand pane. That is when I would find having pinned notes in the secondary, note list pane, to be very useful. The email app I use has a pin feature and I use that all the time.
  7. Yes, that request has been out there for a while, but now that pinned notes has been implemented in the dashboard I created a new topic to hopefully encourage them to not stop there. The situation you describe could be problematic, and it would be a problem with searching, now that I think about it. Those details would need to be worked through. I suppose making pinned notes scrollable to be an option would work but it does complicate the coding. I would be happy if they would just pin the note(s) to the top of the list in the all notes view.
  8. Now that we can have pinned notes displayed in the dashboard, it would be nice if that note (or notes if you have professional) could be pinned to the top of the note list pane. Also keep them pinned (always displayed) when scrolling the note list.
  9. Make it persistent and include a drop down with your notebook list populated for easy selection - like how it is in legacy.
  10. Yes. My largest notebook is about 8K and I have yet been able to fully download it on any version of v10. I leave it plugged in with the screen on and what happens, every time, is that it will get about 50% through and then the app will close. Restarts will move it a little more and then the app closes. After a couple of restarts the app becomes unstable and I have to delete it and reinstall to even use it. My next largest notebook is around 700 notes and that, and other smaller notebooks will download, but the large one never does. I now, unfortunately, keep the large notebook deselected from offline download. Every few new versions I will try again ... ever hopeful.
  11. As I recall, you can change the name during installation. At the time, I wasn’t sure what had changed in the “legacy” version and instead wanted to use my current installation.
  12. It has been a while since I've done this, but I would suggest you download the new version from the Evernote website and I believe it will see your current installation and give you options to select from there for them to co-exist. As a precaution, it never hurts to do a backup first, especially if you use local notebooks.
  13. Evernote is likely not the only app you use that has personal or sensitive information. If your concern is theft, you should work to protect the laptop and not just the EN app.
  14. What subscription level does your account say? If you were premium then you should have been migrated to the personal plan which gives you access to most task functions.
  15. They can be installed at the same time. There is no harm in giving it a try yourself. Everyone has different use cases and will have different thoughts. Best to give it a go yourself.
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