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  1. Select the drop down next to the search box to see these options.
  2. s2sailor

    Please add Strikethrough to format bar

    One thing I noticed when I converted to a Mac for home use last year.
  3. s2sailor

    Please add Strikethrough to format bar

    Could it be the Mac version? I don't think it is in the toolbar there. Need to dig into the menus to find it.
  4. They fade away after about 5 secs. I'm surprised you even noticed. I've been asking to make the pop up persistent, like on the Mac, so they won't be missed if you happen to not be looking at the screen during the 5 sec window. I understand that some may not want this at all, so making the notice optional would be helpful.
  5. s2sailor

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    Hmmm, not for me. If I click the + it immediately creates a new note assigned to my default notebook. I can then change the notebook if I choose but I don't need to first select one. Maybe try using a different browser to see if the behavior is different.
  6. s2sailor

    Evernote, is it for me?

    I'll start off by saying I know nothing about this but I'll throw this out anyway ... if you will be collecting patient data does the software need to be HIPAA compliant? I wouldn't think Evernote to be the best place for patient medical data.
  7. s2sailor

    Measure how long i've worked on a note

    Just curious, how do you use this information?
  8. s2sailor

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    How so? Clicking on the + sign along the left margin will create a new note.
  9. s2sailor

    Feature request: User-created, sortable date tag

    You could also try using the author field as a free form field for date / tag. Add that column to list view and you can sort on it. This is true for Windows and I'm assuming the same for Mac - not in front of that at the moment.
  10. You should be able to still access your data. You just can't edit it or add to it if you have exceeded your monthly limit. You can sign up for Premium for only a monthly if you need to temporarily upload more data. On the iPhone, to access data when you are offline, you need to select which notebooks you want access to so the data will be downloaded to your phone. See settings - Notebooks - Offline Notebooks.
  11. To follow up on @DTLow's comment, you cannot delete it if you want to continue to use the Window's Evernote client. If you are content in just using the web version, and don't need the functions available in the desktop client, and you have no local notebooks stored on your PC, then you can remove the client and the .exb file and just use the web version. If you want to stay with the desktop client, then the on-demand sync, available on Windows, is a good option to minimize what gets stored locally and will reduce the size of your .exb file.
  12. s2sailor

    Natural Sciences and Evernote

    Well, yes and no. You are correct in that Evernote does not directly support those features, but as others mentioned you can attach a file, or a link to that file to a note. Double clicking on the attached file will open the file in its native format for editing and will be saved back to the copy stored in Evernote when you save and exit.
  13. It could be stuck on a particular note for some reason. If on Windows, hold down the CTRL key (IIRC) and click on sync and any problem note should be shown. What I've done to correct this in the past is to create a new note and then copy and paste the contents of the problem note into the new one and then delete the old one. The new one then syncs. At least this was worked for me so far.
  14. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-
  15. s2sailor

    Dealing with Note Conflicts?

    This is no good way to compare that I've found. I have to manually check them to see which one I want. It is a pain and one I try to avoid. If you can get in the habit of syncing when you are done on a device and then syncing when you first start on a device you will avoid (for the most part) sync conflicts.