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  1. s2sailor

    Select Thumbnail Picture

    I would like to select my images too but cancelling over this seems a little like tossing the baby out with the bath water, but hey, if it is that important to you.
  2. I have a shortcut that consists of dictate text and create new note. When I use that it opens an audio box that captures what is spoken and then translates it to text and saves it to an Evernote.
  3. s2sailor

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    Of course, I do the same but shouldn't one of Evernote's most important features be easier to use and be more discoverable?
  4. s2sailor

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    Agreed and if done well think how useful it would be and helpful to those especially new to Evernote. Who can really remember things like "resource:application/pdf" or "reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+7" ?? Definitely not me.
  5. s2sailor

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    I find the search explanation useful, but I think it would be really helpful if they added an advanced search dialog where you can easily select any of the available search options including the esoteric reminder ones. I would wager that most users are unaware of the searches that Evernote is capable of.
  6. s2sailor

    Move "All Notes" to the top

    If you are on Windows you can customize the toolbar to include an All Notes icon.
  7. Different tools for different needs or desires. I was intrigued with Notion and it looks quite polished. It seems to be very configurable and for those that want more organization than what Evernote currently provides, I can see this being appealing. I don't do much organizing within Evernote, though I will be interested to see what spaces provides once that is enabled for premium subscriptions, so Notion looks to require more fiddling than what I do today so there wasn't a strong attraction for me. I will keep following it to see how it developes. My current app to migrate to, if ever needed, is Devonthink. My fairly large database imported pretty well and I liked what I saw during the evaluation time, but I've fortunately not been burdened with some of the EN problems reported so there is no urgency for me to move to another tool.
  8. The only downside to this that I recall reading is if you had to migrate the data out of Evernote into another system. If EN does the OCR you will lose that when going to another system. If you let the scanner do the OCR the data stays with the document and will migrate with it if exported. I originally let EN do the OCR but then changed to the scanner when I read this and the change didn't add that much time to the scanning effort (once I upgraded the laptop) so I've kept doing it. I've not tested this and don't know if it is true. Would be interesting to hear if anyone has.
  9. s2sailor

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    Unfortunately, no, that is not an indication that this is on their list. I believe that is just a forum thing, probably something to do with the number of up votes. It is essentially meaningless. They don't typically give us any heads up on upcoming new features.
  10. s2sailor

    Increase notebook limit

    @Seattlitte glad to hear that worked.
  11. s2sailor

    Increase notebook limit

    You show up here as a premium member so I would think this should be working now for you. Time to contact support. One last thought, if you haven't recently, log out of your account and then back in to see if that resets you correctly.
  12. s2sailor

    Increase notebook limit

    How did it tell you? Were you at 250 notebooks and then tried to create another? Were you actually prohibited from creating 251? Just wondering if you are seeing an old and now inaccurate error message.
  13. s2sailor

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    Exactly. If people are unhappy let them vent. Pouring gas on the fire doesn't aid the discussion.
  14. s2sailor

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    You show it in a "unique" way ... maybe hold back on the commentary ...
  15. s2sailor

    Evernote for Mac 7.5

    I don't see drama, just valid user feedback that the UI has taken a step backward. If you are ok with the change, good for you, but your comment and the chicken little reference tends to trivialize the feedback from others.