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  1. I'm using EN10 on my Mac for home use and it is ok. I still get the occasional white screen issue but not as frequently as some and I know they are working on that. IOS is mostly OK except I can't download my large notebook for offline use Iike I was able to in prior versions. I don't expect that to get fixed. I will have to adjust how I use offline notebooks. For work, I use Windows and I am running legacy there. That workflow is too specialized to consider EN10 at this time.
  2. I have similar connectivity and use the same process as @PinkElephant and still have trouble with offline downloads. The variable seems to be notebook size. When trying to download one with 8000 notes, at some point during the process the app will close. Once that happens, it becomes unstable and I have to reinstall. Smaller notebooks up to about 1000 notes seems to work ok. Happens on both an iPhone and iPad.
  3. I would be happy to if I thought it made any difference in Evernote’s development priorities. 🙂
  4. True, or at least we hope, but this recent discussion has been about the back step v10 is, on at least some of the platforms.
  5. V10 on Mac and Windows has definitely lost function. No local notebooks, no import folders, no scripting, no local backup and restore, at least as far as I can tell, to name a few. It is slower to use, and requires more clicks to get most things done. In general, it is not as functional or useable. It has gotten better since first released but still not as good as the legacy version. In the iOS version offline notebooks is still not working for me. I have one large notebook that will eventually crash the app before it completes. Once that happens it becomes unstable. Notes ma
  6. I don’t use the web or Android so can’t speak to that but for the other OSes, in areas that are important to me, they have lost ground and are still not on par with the legacy version. Uncharitable? No, just calling it like I see it.
  7. There are many additions that would be nice, but their target is the masses and not the outliers. When the CEO mentioned that new innovations were coming, I was intrigued, and then they announced ... a dashboard. I’m sure many were happy, but I was disappointed. It offered nothing to me and indicated the direction they are taking. If my work OS wasn’t Windows, I would have moved to DevonThink when v10 was released. V10 is not a bad product and I think it will do well in the market. It just isn’t the product I wanted, or needed it to be.
  8. For your sake I hope this gets added, but if tags are truly only used by 2-5% (whatever the number was) of the user base, then the number of folks that use scripting is probably countable on one or two hands. I will be very surprised if it gets added. It was only ever a Mac feature to start with.
  9. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on that? I have tried a few ideas, but none that I'm happy with yet.
  10. Downloading does seem faster but is still a problem for me on a large 7000ish notebook. The app crashes before the download completes and then becomes unstable requiring a reinstall.
  11. The “upgrade” removed, permanently, some key functions and broke the workflow for many. Hating the update is certainly justified.
  12. It doesn’t appear on your Mac because the clips originated on your iPad and are trying to import there first. It is either stuck on a clip or struggling to download a very large one, and is now backed up. No new clips will load until this is resolved. If allowing it more time to download doesn’t work, then I think a reinstall is your next step. You will lose all of those pending clips. I’ve seen clips take a while but never get stuck. It would be useful to see a list of pending clips and be able to selectively delete an offending one.
  13. Not really. This is a user forum. They may occasionally pop in, but it is rarely used for customer dialog.
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