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  1. That's correct and we have built workflows based on how Evernote evolved and ones we hope to eventually use on v10. I'm not debating the direction Evernote is taking, I actually agree with it. The surprise is that they released v10 too early. It was too stripped down to be useful for many of us. Very little was communicated prior to the release of v10. The permanent removal of local notebooks, a key feature for me, was not early announced, though I suspected it was coming.
  2. You are missing the point. We have been using workflows based on what Evernote is (or was). v10 breaks many of those workflows. It is not a case where we are trying to use Evernote as not intended.
  3. I think a different way of saying this is that you don't have a workflow that is impacted by the limitations of v10. Many of us do.
  4. Like pretty much everything on the internet, use at your own risk. That said, I've seen the site mentioned here numerous times and no reports of problems.
  5. I've experienced this problem as well. Created a short note on my iPhone, saved it and then later went looking for it and found an empty note. Nothing I typed was saved. Suspiciously, at about the same time I experienced a sync problem on my Windows system running I've tried all of the usual steps to resolve the sync problem, including the cntl-help options with no luck. I've tried everything that I know of, with the exception of rebuilding the database, which I hope to avoid. Interestingly, I have both v10 and legacy running on a Mac and no sync problems on either. The pro
  6. It was a large notebook and took a while to export so was going to try that later, but you saved me the trouble, thanks. It appears export isn't fully baked on either desktop client.
  7. Interesting. With the common code development I'm surprised to see a difference like this on v10.
  8. Local notebooks will not be coming back. I suggest you should start making a plan now on what you want to do with those in case support for the legacy versions drops without advanced notice.
  9. At least on the Mac, click on Notebooks to get to the Notebook list. Then in the ellipsis (more actions) menu there is an export notebook option. I just tried that on one of my larger notebooks and it appears to have exported the full notebook. I didn't confirm but the resulting file was quite large.
  10. You can. You can also run both in parallel if you prefer. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  11. It appears to be permanent. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005107-Convert-local-notebooks
  12. I don't see a way in v10 yet, at least in the Mac version. I don't have v10 installed on Windows, but I think they are basically the same. You will need to use the legacy version to save attachments. Select your notes and then the right mouse button meno shows the save attachments option.
  13. Last I've seen, recently in an interview with Ian Small, is that Linux is definitely coming. There were first going to stabilize the Windows, Mac and IOS clients first before rolling out Android and Linux. Evernote never provides target dates, but at least they have indicated that a Linux client is coming.
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