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  1. It doesn’t appear on your Mac because the clips originated on your iPad and are trying to import there first. It is either stuck on a clip or struggling to download a very large one, and is now backed up. No new clips will load until this is resolved. If allowing it more time to download doesn’t work, then I think a reinstall is your next step. You will lose all of those pending clips. I’ve seen clips take a while but never get stuck. It would be useful to see a list of pending clips and be able to selectively delete an offending one.
  2. Not really. This is a user forum. They may occasionally pop in, but it is rarely used for customer dialog.
  3. Yes, the notebook that I'm trying to download is about 7000 notes. I would be interested to hear if anyone has been successful with a notebook around this size.
  4. FYI, this is still a problem for me on 10.5 with a large notebook. Leaving the display on and running all night and the app will eventually crash while downloading this notebook. Once that happens, the app becomes unstable and I have to delete and reinstall. I did report this to support and eventually got to the developers who requested log files, and then thanked me, confirmed it was a problem and closed the ticket. Smaller notebooks download fine but I'm not holding out much hope that this will get fixed for larger notebooks.
  5. I hope that you are right but this is one feature that Evernote has said (so far) is not returning.
  6. Sorry to report, but this is not completely fixed. At least for me. The variable appears to be notebook size. If notebooks have (guess) less than 1000 notes, everything does seem to work fine. The problem is with large notebooks. I have one that is about 8000 notes. It will get about 2/3 the way through and then the app will crash. Restarting just causes the app to crash. Eventually I have to delete the app and reinstall. This is very repeatable. I have plenty of available local storage on the device so that is not the issue. This happens on both an iPhone 11 and iPad Air 4th gen, u
  7. This is a consistent problem for me as well. If I keep the app open long enough it will start to misbehave. Note content may be blank, searching breaks or scanned notes don’t completely show up. Closing and restarting the app does fix it, but the problem is a nuisance.
  8. It is the offline notebook download progress indicator. I don’t how long you have been waiting, but if it has been a while maybe, as a first step, exit and restart. I’ve had success in downloading similar sized notebooks, but my 7000 note notebook still can’t complete. It has been frustrating for me, but others have reported success.
  9. That captures my wish list pretty well too. I agree with your comments on number one. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery.
  10. This is a well done mea culpa. I would be interested to know how well they communicated the changes they took before they rolled out the poorly received version. Acknowledging they screwed up is one thing. Far better to accurately and honestly communicate changes before they occur, especially if they may negatively impact their customers.
  11. No one can tell, honest 😄 Putting my cynical hat on, EN is not trying to please premium users. They already have our money. Some have left. I doubt it has been a flood ... yet. Their hope is to attract enough new paying members to compensate for those that left and grow the business. This would have been a true disaster if they didn’t keep legacy around. A key decision for them will be when they decide to remove legacy and at what state v10 will be at that time. Many premium members are waiting and watching. I think a key miss by Evernote was maybe not realizing that anyone wi
  12. This dashboard, for the most part is essentially another view with the addition of a built in scratch pad. It loads in about the same time as other views as best as I can tell. There have been requests for this and I suspect many will like it. For my use, it doesn’t provide anything I need, but it is nice to see some new features added. I’m puzzled that it has been added to basic. I think it should have been left out and used as a differentiator for Premium.
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