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  1. Yes you did, and jeez I'd completely forgotten that you had followed up with a response. Thanks for the reminder. I won't stir the mud up on this one again ... but considering I forgot once already, no promises 😀
  2. I'm in this camp. I'm sure local notebooks are a thorn in development's and support's sides. It would make sense to include everything under sync/server control BUT the only reasonable substitute, IMO, is zero knowledge encrypted notebooks. That has its own set of tradeoffs, so we'll see how this plays out.
  3. My main concern, which was not addressed here, is concerning the possible loss of local (non-sync'd) notebooks ... not local (offline) storage. I will admit it is an extrapolation based on my experience with the preview versions and what I saw in the video.
  4. I'm guessing that some of you have not seen the Windows preview ... that is likely a pretty good indication of where Evernote is thinking of going with their desktop apps and is the source around the concerns expressed in this thread. I'm glad they have posted the videos. I appreciate seeing the behind the scenes activity. If there is going to be some negative feedback, better to hear it now, when there may be a chance to influence the design direction, than later when we can't.
  5. Well, since the Windows preview is essentially a web wrapper application, I also share this concern ... we'll see. I hope they have the search as you type delay fixed since that is a pain point experienced today by many.
  6. On my iPhone, when viewing a note if you press the share button, there is a "more sharing options" available. If you select that, you can then select "share outside of Evernote. Pressing that gives you the option to share with Message. I haven't used this much but it appears to create a text message with an evernote link to that specific note.
  7. I'm a little uncertain of this Windows effect as well. My work system recently start throwing low storage warnings. I only had about 1GB available and Evernote performance had not noticeably changed for me. That said, I haven't had any performance issues since I installed an SSD several years ago (I guess I'm one of the lucky ones), so maybe if you are suffering from this problem clearing storage maybe helps ... don't know, just pointing out that it wasn't an issue for me.
  8. The new (beta) version is a work in progress with many features still missing. I suspect that reminders will be returning.
  9. You can do this using the web app, but only using the legacy version, not the "new" web app, I believe.
  10. Not exactly what you want but in Windows you can assign a color to a tag and then for notes that have that tag, a colored bar will show in the note list. For example, I have an urgent tag assigned red and a recurring tag assigned green. Here is a test note that has both of these tags assigned.
  11. A prior post indicated that it may be a current architecture limitation. A more recent post indicates they may be rethinking this. No idea if we will ever see a change, but until then, many use tags as a work around.
  12. As others have suggested, I just scan everything into Inbox, my default notebook. Selecting that notebook then only shows the new items that need processing. They do not initially show as all selected but Ctrl-A (Windows) will quickly select them all and you can tag or move the group as needed.
  13. He did say he had been away for a while ...
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