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  1. s2sailor

    Dealing with Note Conflicts?

    This is no good way to compare that I've found. I have to manually check them to see which one I want. It is a pain and one I try to avoid. If you can get in the habit of syncing when you are done on a device and then syncing when you first start on a device you will avoid (for the most part) sync conflicts.
  2. The suggestion to use local notebooks was mine, not the OPs. I suggested it as a way to keep sensitive information off the cloud. Version 2 of Evernote was not cloud based, all content was local and it worked great . I would say that 3/4 of my content today is in local notebooks. If the ability to have local notebooks was removed then Evernote would become very limited for my use case.
  3. What I suggested is on a note by note basis. If your note is text only, then you can encrypt that note using EN's built in encryption. For anything more complicated than that, I will create a pdf file, encrypt it and then attach it to a note within EN. There is no current way to encrypt entire notebooks. That has been a common request and so far EN has chosen not to implement it.
  4. Only two ways that I know about. Put anything that you are concerned about into local notebooks only. They will stay resident on your laptop and will never get sync'd to the EN servers, but you are responsible for any backups and data recovery. The second is to passwork protect, such as using a pdf attachment, anything sensitive that you want to store on Evernote. Evernote also allows you to encrypt selected text within a note. I use all three methods. I operate under the assumption that anything placed on the cloud can, and may likely, get compromised at some point, so I encrypt what is important to me, or keep it off EN servers by storing in a local notebook.
  5. Assuming you do mean notebook and not folder, below shortcuts in the left hand pane are notebooks. There you can right-click on a notebook to rename it. As far as sub-folder, all we get are stacks and notebooks where a stack is a collection of notebooks. Dragging one notebook into another will create a stack containing the two notebooks. Right click on the new stack name will allow you to rename the stack.
  6. s2sailor

    Color-coded notes, notebooks, and stacks

    That's debatable. I acknowledge they provide a mechanism to provide feedback, but I've seen no indication that they give a hoot (bad pun intended) about what does or does not get voted up.
  7. Is there a user forum for Notion somewhere where progress of the app can be followed?
  8. s2sailor

    MIND MAP for Evernote

    Not sure if it was my post or @FactMan's that triggered this but you should try to recognize the difference between chastising and informing a new user that there is already a lot of useful information on both topics in the EN forums. Continued or renewed discussion is fine but we would be remiss in not pointing out to a new user the warehouse of information already available.
  9. s2sailor


    I'm not sure about all clippers but Chrome has an "Add Remark" area when you clip from the web. You can add your summary there and it will get added to the note created when you clip the article.
  10. s2sailor

    MIND MAP for Evernote

    There is a lot of GTD information out there already on the forums. I would suggest digging through that some first and then if you have any questions or comments, post first to those threads or open a new one if the topic doesn't appear to have been covered elsewhere.
  11. s2sailor

    Karma Points

    ☺️ I'm aware.
  12. s2sailor

    Karma Points

    and that is why I still follow this forum ... there is always something new and useful to learn here. I wasn't aware that the view selection would stick to the saved search. In general I like snippet view the best and just use that but this now opens up new possibilities. List view will be better for some of my saved searches. Very helpful, thanks!
  13. s2sailor

    Karma Points

    Saved views?
  14. s2sailor

    Karma Points

    When reminders first came out in Evernote I tried to make them work and couldn't to my satisfaction so moved on to Todoist for task management. It wasn't until later when I tried just one task per note as @DTLow mentions, and use of saved searches and tags that I could make this work for me. I can arrange task lists anyway I need to: work, home, by project, today, overdue, etc .... I liked the Todoist interface but the desire to stay within EN and now that I had a workable method, not perfect, but close enough, I left Todoist and have stayed with EN.
  15. s2sailor

    MIND MAP for Evernote

    I don't use mind maps but I have several spreadsheets that are living documents. As mentioned by @TK0047 you can just attach your file to a note and then double clicking on it will open it like normal. Any changes will get saved to the document attached to the note. Sometimes I don't want a document in Evernote and will instead create a shortcut and attach the shortcut to a note. Doubling clicking on the shortcut in the note will open it like normal but any changes will get saved to the document stored on the HDD, outside of Evernote. The note shortcut just provides access to the file, nothing is stored in the note.