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  1. Google only currently. I have been using Google calendar as a conduit for my Apply calendar and that has been working.
  2. Have you tried the scratchpad on the new dashboard?
  3. I feel inadequate. I backup the.exb on my work system weekly and call it a day. On the home MAC it is Time Machine only.
  4. Well, you can pin one note with Personal, and multiple notes with Professional.
  5. I've seen it in attached Excel files on the Mac client. Strangely, scrolling to a content free section of the spreadsheet and then scrolling back corrects it.
  6. Yup. It has been a while since I've set this up. Other than sometimes taking a while for items to show up, I haven't noticed any sync issues.
  7. If Google wants to know when I go to the dentist, they can have at it. There is nothing on my personal calendar to be concerned about.
  8. Create a Google calendar and tie it to your Apple calendar. Point to this Google calendar in Evernote and your Apple calendar content will display in Evernote's calendar. With the calendar and task widgets now added, I'm starting to see the dashboard as useful.
  9. Additionally, within Evernote there is a choose calendars option so if you have multiple Google calendars you can select here which ones to show.
  10. Ok, thanks. Yes, currently the most powerful way to search is on the note as the entity, with the one task per note approach. I'm hopeful that task specific searching will be improved then we will have a lot of flexibility on how to use and organize tasks.
  11. Just curious, can you give an example? I'm not seeing what you are missing. For me, adding an easy ability to make a task recurring, and a view sorted on inherited note tag would round this out for me.
  12. Logging out and logging back in fixed the issue for me. This is on iOS.
  13. Or at least it should be documented somewhere that this may be required for initial download.
  14. I always thought Steve was one of the better Evernote YouTubers out there. Maybe it is because my beard is the same color.
  15. I can't really add anything new that hasn't been said by the others, except I would suggest giving it a try now in parallel with Legacy. It is developed far enough along that it will at least give you an idea of the direction that v10 is headed and the impact, or not, on your use case. Load speed, search etc... should improve some over time but what v10 will likely be, is essentially there now. If you don't like what you see or experience, you can start working on your plan B now instead of waiting for the Legacy withdrawal announcement.
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