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App Performance Issues: Slowness/Poor Responsiveness/Lag

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If v10 crashes, something is wrong with your installation.

When the app itself is loading, and the menus work, you can try this.

  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote

Else you need to uninstall using (Windows) an uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller. After this, restart the PC, and reinstall from the EN website.

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On 10/5/2021 at 4:02 PM, PinkElephant said:

Maybe I am 99%, but I have no problems with my day to day use of the v10 client.

Where there still is a noticeable difference is on housekeeping tasks like moving or changing multiple notes at once, review of tags, reorganizing notebooks and similar. There v10 executes the same single note operation n times when n notes are selected.

About resources used: The framework in which EN is executing IS based on Chrome(Iim) - so no surprise it grabs itself a lot of resources. It is the browser, plus the app running inside of it (think of EN v10 as a browser extension), plus the apps data.

As I see it, there is only limited room for improvement on this setup. IMHO it is take it or leave it.

I fear your right about this, "...limited room for improvement on this setup... take it or leave it."  User interactions with the software used to be (Legacy version) virtually instantaneous.  Whatever fundamentally different architecture responsible for this degradation of performance and responsiveness should be immediately reevaluated.  If this can't be reconciled, I think Evernote's days are numbered.

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The framework design is at the heart of v10 - I see no way how EN could reverse this.

From user reactions here in the forum I think it will show itself to be the key to ENs future. It has sped up the app development by a factor of 8-10 (counting release cycles). Some long term users are put off, missing features, but I think there are a lot of new users coming in. 

So as I say: We have to come to terms with it, or find another solution. Legacy can bridge it, but will not steal the show in the long run.

This is my independent opinion as a fellow user - I am not intertwined with EN except paying for my subscription.

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I use the new Evernote on only one device -- my Android phone. 

Because it can take so incredibly long to start up that it becomes useless for quick notes, I started using the scratch pad, then transferring that to a note later.

Well guess what? Somehow the scratch pad ends up reporting conflicting versions. How does this make even the slightest bit of sense? What is it conflicting with, itself???

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Some long term users are put off, missing features

Speaking as a long-term user myself, and I think echoing many others here -- it's quite the opposite. We're objecting to the apparent focus on features over stability and usability (performance).


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Talking about features, I miss little, and gained some I missed with the legacy versions. Examples: The Mac version now got import folders, which improved my scanning process. The iOS version supports table editing - very useful.

Talking about speed, OK for me. Only issue is still running an operation on a selection of notes in v10 - which is much slower than legacy. But with the day to day use, no speed or performance issues.

And no duplication or conflicting notes.

Reasons for my different user experience ? Hard to tell when things work ...

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