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  1. Just a quick update for anyone who is interested in tracking this. Today I noticed that I'm now receiving v6.7 on Chrome. Firefox and Safari are still seeing v5.3. I actually haven't noticed anything different about v6.7 compared to v5.3. I'm sure there are changes, but I'm not a heavy user of the web version so I haven't noticed any at this point.
  2. I'm still stuck on 5.3 across Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, but I'm happy to see more people getting access to v6.7. Hopefully that bodes well for rolling it out to everyone sooner rather than later. And on that note, impatiently waiting for the preview apps to get a broader rollout. I'm thinking the apps must have been pretty basic/rough to have not received a wide distribution by now.
  3. Yep. Same with me on Chrome. Seeing version 5.30.
  4. Hopefully we'll all get that version soon. You're actually in an advantageous spot - you can use your favorite browser and use the version that most of us have, or use a non-favorite browser and get the newer version of the web beta.
  5. It's not posted anywhere officially, but I definitely saw it from an official source. Might have been from the CEO's Twitter account. I also saw some people talking on another public forum about being invited to a limited Evernote web beta test and they reported being on a 6.x version. That's definitely not official, but the info triangulates so I'm fairly confident it's accurate (or at least was accurate as of the recent past). Edit: This also matches up with what Evernote has stated publicly in their videos about having limited tests for more advanced versions, and what some people are posting on these forums, in that most people seem to be on v5.29 but a few people are on v6.5, v6.6, etc.
  6. As far as I know, 5.29.0 is the "broadly available" web beta version. The 6.x versions are (currently) more limited tests. Apparently, you've been quietly placed in a v6.6 test, but only for Chrome, not for Firefox. At some point 6.x will become the "broadly available" version. Hopefully soon, because I'm still on 5.29 myself and would like to see some new features.
  7. I totally agree. Eagerly waiting for the preview to be expanded in size and for these new features to come to desktop.
  8. I just want to know when they are going to expand the size of the preview groups. Having been a former Evernote beta tester for multiple platforms, the wait to get invited and get an opportunity to kick the tires myself is quite frustrating. Especially as I've heard very good things about the new mobile client (with the caveat of major functionality still missing, significantly including offline notes.)
  9. FYI, most people are still being served 5.x (5.29 as of today), even on Chrome. The 6.x versions are in more limited testing.
  10. I'm on Chrome v80 (for macOS) and still on 5.28.0. I also didn't realize we could see which version we are being served. Looking forward to trying 6.x at some point. Edit: For fun, I tried loading the web client in Firefox (latest version), Safari (latest), and Chrome Canary (82.x), and I was served 5.28.0 each time. All on the latest version of macOS Catalina (10.15.3). Browser doesn't seem to be a factor, at least for me.
  11. CEO has tweeted that the new clients will have local capabilities (of some kind - tweet wasn't overly specific). Some things will inevitably be different with the new clients, but I wouldn't worry too much about not having offline capabilities.
  12. Evernote staff really should delete that account and then "reserve" the name so that no one else can try and take it. (Or register it to use by forum moderators.)
  13. It's nice for the back-end storage team to get their time in the limelight (and kudos to them for a successful storage migration last year). That said, I was left wanting... more. I was hoping Ian would touch on the current state of beta testing, or what is coming next for the back-end engineering team now that the storage migration was done, etc. Something to look forward to while I (im)patiently wait to be invited to beta test the redesigned applications.
  14. Hate to necro this thread, but this bug still exists. Screenshot from web clipper on Chrome for macOS shifts the screenshot, cutting off part of the content that I wanted to capture. One difference with the other reported experience - I was not trying to snapshot a PDF, but rather a pop-up on a web-page which the article / simplified article options would not capture.
  15. Very happy to see another behind the scenes before the end of the year, and it's great to see what appears to be a close to fully functioning redesigned mobile client. Hoping to get invited into the beta test soon. (By the way, will previous mobile client beta testers get prioritized at all? 🤔) One comment - while I love the expanded tag management features on mobile, why is moving tags so clunky? I would have thought drag and drop would be much smoother.
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