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  1. Is there anything potentially unique or different about your location or keyboard configuration? As I commented before, there are some known bugs in Electron (the framework on which Evernote desktop is built) which could be impacting the Cmd-` functionality. For example: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/21847 https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/17287 One workaround to consider trying would be to try binding a different key combination and see if that works. To do so, go to macOS settings, then Keyboard, then choose a new (unique) key combination for "Move focu
  2. I'm curious, do you both find 10.6.9 to be worse than earlier versions? If so, I hope you will consider reaching out to support (if you're subscribers) to note the problem so that they can fix it. For my part, progress is a little uneven but each new version seems to be a little better than the last.
  3. That's really interesting. Was it a consumer GDrive link, by chance? I'm guessing that an enterprise (G Suite) Google Drive link would not have the same communication attempts. Or if it does, there would be an innocuous reason for them, such as temporary security-related logs that get deleted quickly and don't get used for advertising.
  4. The code was already there as the feature has been in testing for months. I'm guessing something went wrong with a flag that was flipped, briefly enabling a feature that only testers should have seen. As for the focus on new features vs. restoring old capabilities, the CEO has said they plan to do both in parallel: continue working on restoring some old capabilities while delivering new features. There are a number that have been in the "coming soon" section of the release notes for a few months now. Hopefully they get implemented soon, perhaps in next month's update.
  5. This is unnecessarily and unhelpfully alarmist, IMHO. History shows that there is always advance notice (often months and months of notice) before a major change such as that. And as I said earlier in the thread, Google does not monetize in any way its G Suite products, of which Evernote would almost certainly become part of were it to be acquired by Google.
  6. Google doesn't monetize its paid G Suite services, so I wouldn't be too concerned about a Google acquisition. I think it makes a certain amount of sense as a potential Google acquisition, actually. The new v10 is written primarily in Javascript, one of Google's preferred programming languages, and it's cross-platform with a feature-complete web version. The back-end infrastructure is also already running on the Google Cloud. 🤔
  7. I think you're right that valuation is very important, and I believe that they may have planned for and expected some short-term churn on Premium subscribers with the transition to a brand new software platform in v10. Where we (perhaps?) differ is that I believe Premium subscribers are extremely important, as valuation of freemium software like Evernote is based on paying subscribers and the conversion rate from free to paid. So, while they may have been willing to briefly tolerate some declining metrics related to paid subscribers towards the end of 2020 and perhaps very early 2021, the
  8. 200 million users who cost them money, and perhaps a couple million paying users. Huge difference. As for valuation, I agree with @tavor that valuation is undoubtedly an extremely important metric for the senior leadership and the board. Evernote is owned by investors, many of whom have been waiting a long time to get their money back. The only way they will do that is if they can either IPO or sell to a large software company for a princely sum. Evernote's valuation is what determines whether they get to sell (or IPO, which still involves selling stock), and the faster that valuatio
  9. What's everyone's keyboard layout? There's a long-standing bug in Electron (the underlying framework used by Evernote for v10 on desktop) that affects users of certain keyboard layouts: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/17287
  10. Paul A.

    Look up

    While there isn't a right-click menu option for dictionary lookup anymore, there are two workarounds: Force click on a trackpad, if you have a newer MacBook Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-D
  11. There are now two different types of "boxes" in Evernote v10: checklists and checkboxes. You are inadvertently mixing them, probably because EN will convert a checkbox into a checklist in some situations. The following article explains the difference between the two. Most people transition to using exclusively checklists, which will keep things consistent. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005597-Create-a-checklist
  12. On desktop (Windows and Mac) you absolutely can install the legacy version - see instructions below: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote Unfortunately not as easy nor supported to downgrade on mobile.
  13. Thanks for doing this - I upvoted it and encourage everyone to do the same. I have made similar requests in the past on the forums and via direct product feedback to Evernote, It just makes too much sense not to implement. I have no idea if this gambit will work out for Evernote, but there are two features on the road map that could bring in new paying users. Both have been mentioned on these forums but since they're not supposed to be public I will be vague. The first one, probably coming early this year, I kind of envision as being designed to increase engagement with the produc
  14. For me, EN for Mac, so I think this is posted in the wrong forum. Kind of a minor annoyance, really. Many far more important bugs to fix IMHO. Since we're in the Android forum, @matej1990helpfully linked to a number of open and irritating Android bugs in this comment:
  15. Two things: One, make sure you are logging in with the correct account. Many people sign up with an email and then accidentally create an account with their Google or Apple accounts and then they have two accounts... Two: Once you've verified you're using the correct email address, log in to the web client at Evernote.com and see if your notes are there.
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