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  1. Interesting. I hope this is a precursor to more advanced linking functionality (such as linking directly to a specific header within a long note). Along these lines, I also hope Evernote takes note of the huge hype around Roam Research (and many competitors / imitators who are springing up). Roam Research has just raised at a $200M valuation despite being very early in development. Roam has popularized very advanced ways of linking and referencing notes together and has a core group of exceedingly passionate fans, many of them former Evernote power-users.
  2. TestFlight has a strict cap of 10,000 beta testers max AFAIK, almost certainly not enough for a public beta for an app with Evernote's popularity. See: https://developer.apple.com/testflight/ Thanks for the vote.
  3. You're too fast with the forum moves... I was counting on the high traffic in the new iOS thread to get some traction on this (exceedingly logical, IMHO!) request. The more responses it gets, the better the chance Evernote will take the feedback into consideration... At least the new web version allows returning to the old editor whenever there's a problem. My understanding is that the new iOS version completely replaces the previous version and makes it impossible to re-install the old version! In Evernote's defense, one possible issue is that Apple makes it very difficult if not impossible to have public betas on iOS. But that's not the case for Windows/Mac/Android, so there's really no excuse to not broaden the testing pool there before they push the new version "live."
  4. Despite Evernote's best efforts, clearly there are some serious bugs that are affecting a decent number of people. I wonder if they might reconsider their release approach with the next major version (both of iOS and the upcoming releases for the other platforms) and have a big, wide, public beta to better sniff out some of these edge cases which obviously were not caught during the more limited private beta?
  5. I've read through this thread a couple of times and I don't believe anything that has been mentioned is a bug. People seem to be confused about a few things, so let me try to reduce the confusion by summarizing and explaining: On the new web client, the new iOS client, and the (still in beta as of this writing) desktop and Android clients: The old checkbox functionality (where one could add a new line to create a new checkbox) has been replaced with a checklist. The checklist is both more descriptive of its intended functionality and works far better - checking an item off puts a strikethrough through the text, checklist items can indent and un-indent logically just like bullets (the old checkboxes didn't work well indented), and the new checklist items can be re-ordered easily (hover the mouse pointer to the left of the checklist box to see a an indicator which allows you to drag the checklist wherever you want it). Because people naturally will at times need a checkbox that doesn't have the above features, Evernote has added a new item called "checkbox" which has no intelligence. It's simply a checkbox, which can checked off or not, and can be inserted anywhere. It doesn't indent intelligently, new ones won't be created with a new line, etc. The checklist is indented to the exact same level as a bulleted list or a numbered list, because it simply is another form of these lists. The extra indentation allows room for the "drag" symbol to appear to the left of the list when hovering your mouse cursor to the left of the item, to facilitate easy re-ordering via dragging. Since the "checklist" is a new item which only exists in the new clients, it renders as a combination bullet and checkbox on the old clients. This is not a bug - this is simply a limitation of the old clients not supporting a new feature. This will cease to be an issue when the new clients roll out on all platforms. In summary: Once the new clients roll out on all platforms, there will no longer be any rendering issues with checklists rendering as a combination bullet and checkbox. Use the new checklists for checkboxes in a list. Checklists = the old checkbox. Use the "new" checkboxes anywhere else you want a checkbox that isn't part of a list. Did I miss any scenarios or issues people are having? Let me know, and I'll try to answer those if I can.
  6. NB: We are in the beta forum. The beta desktop app on Mac has only a single preference option, and that is "Save Data at Log out." Your linked help document is not accurate for the beta; I can confirm that ⌘-J does not have any effect.
  7. Paul A.

    Look up

    If you have a newer MacBook Pro, you can force click (like a longer click which appears to click a second time) on the trackpad to define a word. This works for me in the new beta desktop app.
  8. Did you see my suggestion, just a couple of comments up? It may help solve your issue. Direct link:
  9. If you have a relatively recent version of Android, you can long-press the notification and then click on the "Gear" icon (on the top-right of the notification) to view the notification channels. It will highlight in blue which notification channel this note relates to allow you to disable those notifications. Additionally / alternatively, is it possible you at one point set up a second Evernote account? It may be reminding you of a dormant Evernote account that you don't use.
  10. @CalS I'm not the OP, but yeah, it's confusing for users. Hopefully they haven't bothered to simplify the forum interface because the "new" beta is about to become the "public" beta.
  11. @CalS, that's not available in the Beta version, is it? Note that this question was posted in the Preview/Beta forums...
  12. Clicking on the notebook name actually does have a function. If the sidebar is focused on one notebook, but you're currently viewing a note that resides in a different notebook and you wish to view the other notes in that notebook, clicking on the notebook name takes you there.
  13. The checklist is available directly on the formatting bar, but only if your window is wide enough. See my screenshot, below. Unfortunately, what is currently missing is the ability to re-order items on the formatting bar which would be useful to put one's most-used options further to the left where they will appear on smaller windows/screens.
  14. There's some buzz online that Evernote has shut down the "Preview" program and started up a "Beta" program in its stead. Apparently they released private Beta versions of their desktop apps this week. Possibly this is simply a change in nomenclature from "Preview" to "Beta", but was curious whether anyone knew anything more? Regardless, this is a hopeful sign. I would guess that the beta testing pool will be much larger than the Preview testing pool, so hopefully most or even all people who have indicated an interest by signing up will be invited in, at least eventually. Evernote seems to be proceeding very cautiously, so I'm sure they'll start with a small group and increase over time. Hopefully it won't take too long...
  15. I'm sure some minor stuff won't make it for launch (and possibly not ever), but they seem to be working hard to get all the core functionality in. Biggest remaining missing items that I've noticed are presentation mode, the ability to control what notes and notebooks get synced locally, work chat, and some usability issues with tags.
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