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  1. It's true that several big-name Electron-based apps are not yet M1-native, but several are. To name just a few: Typora Slack VS Code Github Desktop Wordpress Desktop So clearly it's possible to do, but Evernote doesn't particularly stand out as a laggard just yet. Hopefully more apps (including Evernote and other Electron-based apps) get optimized soon.
  2. I wrote about this use case in the Tasks thread, with my comment linked below. Based on the likes and replies my comment received, I think it's a popular use case!
  3. I think it's a good idea in general to provide clear and reproducible feedback and submitting from the app may help as it may send device logs. In my case, however, an Evernote staff person already confirmed they have reproduced the issue and filed it with engineering for prioritization back in December. It just seems to be very low priority for some reason, which is why I'm trying to get it a bit more visibility. As a side note, on my phone as of v10.11 (1114563) the "space before word jumps over the word" bug that you reference above is back! 🤦‍♂️ Are you also seeing it once again?
  4. Just confirmed that v10.11 still has the Gboard bug which can result in words getting deleted. This is a bug that not only has existed since before v10 rolled out publicly (in the pre-release beta), but was also present in the legacy version of Evernote for Android. Somehow, despite rebuilding the app (mostly?) from scratch, they reintroduced an old bug and still haven't fixed it. On the private Android forums, it was confirmed by @Hector C. on December 4th, 2020: "Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that I also was able to repro the issue and have filed it with our developers. Not sure why this was carried over from previous versions but they have added it to a larger list of keyboard issues that they are prioritizing." Six months later and still no fix. This is a feature that I use with "muscle memory" all the time and it's insanely frustrating. There was extensive discussion in the private beta forum which isn't viewable by everyone, so I've created a new post in the Android issues forum to track it:
  5. Google Gboard has an extremely useful feature to quickly change the capitalization of a word after you've already typed it. Simply highlight the word and then tap the shift key to cycle through uncapitalized, first letter capitalized, or all letters capitalized. See animated gif below. Unfortunately, since the very first Android beta release (before the public launch of V10) this useful feature instead results in Evernote deleting the word instead. Confirmed still present for me as of the latest version 10.11 (1114563). As of recent Evernote versions, not only does the word get deleted but now the view jumps to the top of the note, making it extra annoying (particularly in a longer note). There's a long thread in the Android private beta forum tracking this issue but I didn't see one in the public issues forum so I wanted to post this and gain some visibility.
  6. The only thing Google Play chooses according to its own algorithm is who to offer the update to within the particular stage. For example, if the app developer chooses to roll out to 10% of eligible devices (in this case Android 10 devices or later), then the Play store will randomly select which 10% receive it. If the developer then chooses to increase to 25% of eligible devices, the update will be offered to an additional 15% of eligible devices, and so on until the rollout reaches 100%.
  7. Just a quick clarification - it's actually the app owner (Evernote) who controls how quickly app updates are rolled out. See this support article for some of the options available on Google Play: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6346149/release-app-updates-with-staged-rollouts?hl=en#zippy=
  8. What platform are you using? On desktop, I just arrow down to get below the code block if I want to write normal text in a note. I don't know of an easy way to remove code formatting for just part of the block, if that's what you're asking.
  9. Can you please also add a way to link to another note from a task? I can foresee that being very useful, i.e. the task might properly live in one note but there could be relevant context for the task in another note. Putting a link right in the task would make it very quick and easy to access both notes when one goes to work on the task in the future.
  10. Same. Maybe there's a server-side switch that needs to be flipped? Either that or we'll be seeing a hotfix ASAP. I do see "Switch to" in the Edit menu, but there's no shortcut bound and doesn't appear to be a way to set a shortcut in the keyboard options:
  11. Can't you have notes as a shortcut in the sidebar? Additionally, v10 desktop (not sure about web) also has a convenient "Recent notes" section in the sidebar, and if multi-select were supported I could see myself using that section to multi-select two recent notes that I want to merge.
  12. Great. Hope you find performance is good (or at least acceptable) once you're able to use it more.
  13. I agree this is annoying and a regression compared to Legacy desktop. One can select multiple tags via the filter screen, which is powerful but fiddly and requires too many clicks IMO. From the Tag Kingdom on legacy desktop, I can Cmd-click multiple tags to search multiple notes, and I wish I could do the same on v10.
  14. How many notes do you have in total? It would be interesting (and a good sign to me) if they are starting to prompt those with > 10,000 total notes to upgrade to v10 on web.
  15. @Hen JI'm in a bit of a rush but the below link may help, suggest you read it carefully and follow the links to help troubleshoot your security issue. Good luck! https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004395487-What-to-do-if-you-suspect-unauthorized-access-to-your-Evernote-account
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