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  1. In case you were not aware, there are potentially two elephant icones: one that lives in your browser, which activates the web clipper. As you said, it does not capture the entire screen, only the content of the web page (likely intentionally, or possibly as a side-effect of the limitations in the browser extension API). The second one is the Evernote helper icon, which on macOS lives in the menubar. On Windows it presumably lives in the system tray? Check out the help article, which describes its features: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005067-Use-Evernote-Helper-for
  2. Cmd-Ctrl-F to get in or out of full screen mode, or move the mouse to the top-left to expose the menubar, then click the green icon. Does that help?
  3. Consider yourself lucky. v10 for Android is a very mixed bag, with numerous severe bugs that have yet to be fixed since they were reported in an invite-only beta last year.
  4. Have you tried restarting the app? Maybe restarting your computer? A screenshot might also help.
  5. What about the Android system webview, do you also have that disabled or not updating to the latest version? The mobile Evernote apps appear to render the UI in javascript, and presumably they require the Android system webview in order to do that.
  6. I really hope there are some bug fixes that are not documented in the release notes. Because otherwise, this is incredibly underwhelming, even with the caveat that this release focuses on preparing to release the "Home" feature for Android. @Roy Douglas@matej1990 Would you mind testing some of the editor bugs you've been tracking once this version rolls out to you? I will do the same and report back. Thank you.
  7. If you're comfortable using Terminal, you could try to install Rosetta 2 manually, and then go back and try and install Evernote. To install Rosetta 2 manually, launch Terminal, then I believe the below command should do it. Note that I do not have an Apple silicon Mac to test. /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta
  8. Plus, you absolutely can drag a picture from an email to the desktop, at least in every email client I've used in the past decade and a half! 🤷‍♂️
  9. As far as I am aware, the only workaround is to first drag the file from Evernote to the desktop (or to a folder in Finder), and then from there drag the file to its intended destination. Definitely not ideal. 🙁
  10. Evernote published a new article outlining in detail how Evernote updates its various platforms and who can access each version. A few relevant excerpts:
  11. You need to be on Android 10. For now, that is the minimum version of Android supported by Evernote v10. They are apparently working on support for older versions of Android that will arrive in a future release.
  12. I believe this support article answers your question: https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/360061882314 It appears to be newly written, and was linked from the latest (v10.10) release notes:
  13. That's good to hear. Can you confirm whether this is intended to work on Gmail and other browser-based email providers?
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