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  1. Thanks. I had forgotten about the hidden menu.
  2. I am using on Windows 10. I'm not sure when it started, but I have noticed that searching for text, which has always worked well and fast, isn't quite giving me correct results. This morning, I decided to dig in a bit. I did a search for a word as I wasn't sure which folder it was in and didn't find the results I was looking for. The results that came up were legitimate, but not the one I was looking for. So I did a manual search for it. I found the note in question and the word I searched for was highlighted in the text as if it had come up in the search. So then, I went out and searched just on that notebook. Two notes came up, but not the one I was looking for, which had a dozen instances of the word in it. Note that all the notes that do come up, have the word in them. Also, the notes that do come up are from after the missing note as well as years before it. Not sure what is going on, but this is something I use a lot. It has always worked great, which is the main reason I never invested much time in tagging. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. Sorry, I didn't get back to you earlier, my notifications seem to have stopped. What browser are you using? Currently, I'm using Opera. Browsers are another piece of software that seemed to think bigger is better. Got tired of Chrome hosing up resources, so I went to Firefox. It was better for a while, but with a dozen or so tabs open, it was just as bad. Opera does everything I need (except log into EN apparently) and rarely freezes or uses more than 2Gb of memory. Chrome would get into the 4-5Gb range after using it all day. Edit: Just started Chrome and Firefox. Chrome had me logged into the clipper, FF did not. Guess I'll go dig into Opera settings and see if I can figure something out.
  4. One thing I would love to see if possible. Can't the Windows client communicate with the web clipper so it know's your connected. I close my browser often and it's a pain having to log in to the clipper every time. I realize it's two different systems, but seems like the Win client could write a cookie or something to let the clipper know you are logged into the system already.
  5. Yeah, it would be a mess, but the main reason I am using the html export is easy access to all the PDFs in one place. Once created, I filter on those and copy them all to my OneDrive. After a couple of days, once I'm sure the whole thing has been backed up to my external drives and the cloud, I delete it all. My 1Tb internal is starting to fill up.
  6. User error. I was clicking on Single page. I guess a 12,000 note html page exceeded some kind of limit ?
  7. May be time for a reboot. Also had a Windows update yesterday. (When I came back to reply to your note, I hit reply and my previous message was in the text box. Only way I could get it to go away was post it and delete it.
  8. Are you having any issues with export in the latest release? My enex exports have been working fine, but tried to do my HTML export and it keeps crashing somewhere about halfway through.
  9. There are two cases when, for me, emails in EN are better than my email system. One, when I use title as a naming/sorting convention, and two, when it is something I absolutely need whether I have an Internet connection or not. That case gets rarer every day, but still happens. Re backups., I do weekly Enex exports and monthly html. Nightly, there are two backups to external drives, one my primary data files and one a mirror of the C drive. Also have real-time cloud backups of hard drive and both externals. So there are 8 copies of my EN data on 4 devices in 3 physical locations, not counting the two Android copies.
  10. Yeah, as I began cleaning up some folders in EN, I realized just how much data was there that I have never looked at, and likely never would. A great deal of that was email,. so that's an easy fix. The document storage decision will be a little tougher, but I may segregate that further into long-term vs short term needs. For example, 2005 tax returns, vs docs I need for a vacation next month.
  11. So, I'm taking another look at OneNote as a possible backup and/or replacement for Evernote should that become necessary. So far, I was liking it fine. Last week, I created a new Notebook in the Android version and a section and page under that. Last night, I went to OneNote for Win10 on the laptop, accessed that Notebook and created several new sections and a page under one of those. Computer was left running all night - not sure if OneNote was or not. This morning, that Notebook was missing. The More Notebooks link showed nothing. I opened OneNote 2016 (still makes no sense re an older non-supported version has to be used for certain functions) and did a File Open to find the missing Notebook. The Notebook was there, but all work done on it last night was gone. No conflicts. There is a lot I don't like about Evernote, but in 8 years, it has never, not once, lost any data. Since I'm already paying for it, I may use OneDrive for backup documents storage, PDFs and such, but OneNote just bit the big one. One thing that has come out of all of this, is I am rethinking my overall strategy. Evernote has always been my 'everything in one place,' place, but I've started changing that strategy. I am slowly moving toward documents, notes, and email being treated differently. I'm not sure if this will stick, but it's what I am experimenting with. Email clients are very good at organization and searching, so I'm leaving most of those in place. I'm still waffling on what documents I want in Evernote for easy retrieval, versus in long-term storage like OneDrive or Google Drive. Hopefully, this all becomes a moot point.
  12. Interesting thread. The last time I seriously considered jumping ship, maybe a year ago, I evaluated about 30 apps. At that time, the main problem, as it still is, was the lagging issue. Evernote can sit there in the background all day and do nothing, yet as soon as I click on it to search for or create a note, it says, "Hey, I need to do a bunch of stuff, right now. And this would also be the perfect time to sync, rather than when I was idle." The only serious contenders for me were Google Drive, OneNote and Nimbus. Nimbus had the most potential, but as some have said, it's a bit buggy too and moving from one buggy app to another doesn't look like a solution. I will keep an eye on it long term, however. As far as porting to something else, there are the importing tools of Nimbus and OneNote, and as DTLow said, export everything to HTML and go from there is a great solution. All of the import tools, are of the square peg in a round hole variety, so, while they are quick and easy, the results aren't desirable. Having said all that, I have been ready, willing and able to jump ship for a while. To that end, I keep current backups and am slowly creating parallel systems. One thing that has made that easier is getting away from the Everything in Evernote mentality. For years, all important emails have been forwarded to Evernote. Why? My email system is just as capable of organization, searching and cross-platform ability. So, I have been creating rules and filters in Gmail and stopped sending everything to Evernote. Note taking is still done in Evernote, but moving that to any other platform would be quick and easy. This leaves document storage. As much as I hate it, the best solution for me is OneDrive. For several reasons, I have an Office365 sub, which gives me a 1TB storage limit. My current storage after 10 years in Evernote is 5Gb. So I am slowly copying PDFs, etc. to OneDrive and creating systems in IFTTT to duplicate things going forward. I don't need OneNote to access any of these files, but if, at some point, I drop Evernote, I could pick up OneNote without a problem. It has some nice features once you learn the way it syncs, etc. And porting things slowly and methodically instead of some radical, I have to leave right now mentality, allows me to rethink and restructure the whole mess. With OneDrive, I can create the hierarchy that makes sense to me today, and if I go to OneNote, I can rebuild my tag structure rather than just porting everything over. As others have said, if Evernote shut down tomorrow, which most of us don't believe will happen, I have the desktop app and all my data, so I can take as much time as I want porting to another system. Which leaves me with the only problem I see with OneDrive, but one which has an easy solution. It's all in the cloud. I will have to create some system to replicate it locally, along with my external hard-drive and cloud backup systems. And when I say drop Evernote, I mean stop paying for it. Unless they go out of business or have a security problem, there would be no reason not to maintain the free version as a backup. I don't plan on ever moving everything in Evernote to another system, so having things where I can always find them makes it a no-brainer. Evernote works for me. I like it. I don't want to leave it and don't have to right now. But the management and direction of the company has been flaky for a long time now. I don't know if they can, or even want, to turn things around. But right now, I have until April to decide whether to pony up another fee.
  13. Thanks. I'd forgot about the EXB. I did look at the ENEX backup, which is slightly larger than the EXB file. Haven't done an HTML backup lately, but probably should as part of my regular maintenance.
  14. Any way to determine total amount of storage used? Barring that, is there an easy way to figure out total storage needs of PDFs?
  15. This. They keep ramming their 'business' product down our throats. That is not their core business or competency. But like others have said, if they die tomorrow, I will be one of their competitors the same day. With all my data intact.
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