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  1. I bought a lifetime business plan in Nimbus for $59 last year through some special. I use it for a backup for EN and an escape route if needed. During the period when the Android app was completely useless, it was my goto for mobile. Now, I only have to resort to it occasionally. FYI, the block limit was similar to what Notion had for a while. It didn't work for them either and they have a more 'unlimited' plan
  2. I like Google Drive. If I were starting from today, it would be a contender. The main problem with moving out of Evernote after 10+ years, is I have been using it for 10+ years.
  3. My backups are done by a Ctrl-A to grab all notes and then Export, which is one reason I still need Legacy. AFAIK, they still haven't fixed the Export Notebook as PDF option in v10, which might give me an alternative. Plus, forget 50 notes, if I want to do anything with more the 5 notes, it is much quicker to load legacy and do it there than wait for the painful process of watching v10 do everything one.... note.....at......a......time. Finally, the path from Legacy to other apps is easier should that become necessary.
  4. I have used Paypal for my business for many years. Early on, I got a Paypal debit card that pulls money directly from my Paypal account. I use it anywhere that a CC is accepted and Paypal is not, and sometimes even then as I feel it gives me PP account another layer of protection.
  5. I just tried it and it was very quick. I've issues once or twice in the past, but as someone pointed out, there are a lot of moving part in email. One thing I always check is the address I sent it to. I get lazy with autocomplete sometimes. My cousin Everett probably didn't need my shopping list.
  6. Sorting by size is what I used every year at my Should I renew? point, to see what docs I needed to move before I let Premium expire 😎
  7. Yeah, smart filing was playing hide and see with my notes. I had it turned off, but now it seems to be okay. It doesn't add any real benefit to me, but as long as it's accurate.
  8. I go to Legacy less and less, but still use it for backups or to do anything to more than about a half dozen notes. Today, I needed a Note HIstory, and it was blank in V10. Legacy had the full history. Not sure it this is a known bug, or another one of those one-off things.
  9. IMO, "2+ years worth of meeting notes and next steps." either has value or it doesn't. If it doesn't forget about it and move on. If it does, surely it's worth $7.99 to get them back.
  10. Is it missing everywhere? MIne was 'missing' on Android because of some glitch with the default notebook, but it was still there on Windows and web. Also, if you have stacks, look through all of them. It's easy to drag a notebook under another by accident.
  11. Just did another test and it was there in less than a minute. Thanks all.
  12. Does anyone have a feel for how long it takes emails sent to show up in the default notebook. I was waiting on one to add something to it and it took almost an hour. I thought it was a sync issue, but it wasn't in the web client either. Not sure if this is normal or not
  13. The converse of that is, the update shouldn't be forced on the user at random times. Within a certain time period, the user should get to choose when the update happens, especially if the update will cripple the product for the first half hour of use following the update.
  14. So, I check several times a day to see if I get the update. Nothing. Until today, when I'm out and need a note. Guess what. We are updating - this may take several minutes. Several. Another word they don't understand. But now I have my default notebook. In fact, it's so special, I have two of them. Identical. Yeah, I know. Uninstall and reinstall. I think I'll go with Uninstall and reinstall.
  15. PDF Export still not working for me, at least Exporting a whole notebook as a PDF. Exports part and then says it's complete. Haven't heard anything from the ticket I opened two months ago. Also need to keep Legacy for doing something with more than a handful of notes. Legacy will move 30 notes in less time than v10 moves 3.
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