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  1. People will do what they are paid to do. As little as 40 years ago, tech support was a fledgling field. Companies hired geeks like me to help people with their tech problems. But eventually, there had to be a metric by which to measure the job these techs did and out of that grew trouble ticket systems. It didn't take long for the techs to figure out that they weren't getting paid to solve problems, but to close tickets. In theory, these should be the same thing, but in practice they were not. Turn it of and wait twenty minutes before you turn it back on. Call back if you still have a
  2. Dear Evernote: You keep using that word, Soon. I don't think it means what you think it means.
  3. Also, FYI, an even easier method than right-clicking before v10 was an import folder. Drag as many files into it as you wanted to and it was instantly uploaded into the designated folder in Evernote. Supposedly on the roadmap.
  4. I just went in and changed my 9 year old 5 star review to 1 star. Unreliable and unusable. Sometimes it opens up in 10 seconds. Other times it takes over a minute of staring at the green elephant. Old version always worked quickly and reliably. I don't need my notes on mobile often, but when I do, I need them now. I can't wait for whatever random thing is happening in the background. Worst UX I have ever experienced. And that's saying something coming up from DOS 1.0 to now.
  5. I'm reading about other Android users with the same version and number of notes with no problems. So I'm investigating trying to figure out the difference. I just got two posts on Reddit, one from an iOS user with no problems and another with horrible experience.
  6. I don't think you understood the post. The Android version is not a deal-breaker. I need both. The old Android version was the best of its kind, hands-down. Opened immediately and lightning fast searches. Now it takes minutes to find something if you can at all. The legacy app on Windows doesn't help with that. One without the other is nothing at all.
  7. Since v10 came out I have thought that the return of the Import folder was my major roadblock to upgrading. Meanwhile, like many others, I was happy using the Legacy app. That is no longer true. I don't use the mobile app as much as some people, but when I need it, it is to enter or retrieve information on the fly, quickly. Keyword being quickly. Not only does it take 30 seconds to open, sometimes pages are displayed and other it comes up blank. It never remembers my view and always comes up to All Notes, so I have to hit the little burger menu partially obscured by the New N
  8. This is probably posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find it. Hopefully not too little, too late. It's the first of these I read all the way through. It still doesn't all ring true, but may be hope.
  9. Thanks, I was using 6.25.1 which did get removed. Reinstalling was quick, but resetting all my preferences was not.
  10. I could answer that, but it wouldn't help. The alternatives all have strengths and weaknesses and which is best will depend on your specific needs and uses. None of them are Evernote and likely will never be. In some ways each is better and in others worse. So, you need to find one that hast he better things you need and the worse things you don't. I can't speak to the pure Apple offerings, some of which are lauded as great alternatives. I still think if you want to most similar UX then Nimbus is the way to go. If I have to leave EN, or choose to because of the current aggravation factor,
  11. IT would be nice if they acknowledged this 'work in progress' mentality and allowed us to test the versions as they roll out. But I'm not willing to go through the dance of installing the new version, then reinstalling the legacy version each time. The fact that they remove the legacy app each time you install leads me to think that they believe this is a full production version, not a work in progress. I am a beta user for another large database app I can't mention here. I can install new versions and run them side by side until my computer blows up. If it needs to convert the db, it does
  12. Count of notes was a big issue for me. That may seem like a small thing, but I used it in several of my workflows. It sort of became a mini-Kanban board knowing how many things were in what state of progress at a glance. Thank you. And to Barry, re "Let us know what you think and we appreciate the continued feedback. We will keep hard at work! Thank you!" That would be a lot easier if you didn't lock the thread, but thanks anyway
  13. Thanks, @RavBoy for doing all this. He pretty much lost me at, WE DON'T PLAN! When I first started programming on my Apple IIe, I brought up a code window and started typing. But, once I was actually programming for money, and the program was bigger than displaying Hello World on the screen, you planned. Meticulously and at great length. And if planning took three months, that was part of the SDLC. The plan was part of the plan. We don't plan? Well, that's pretty obvious.
  14. I wanted to like OneNote; there was a lot to like about it. Give syncing some serious work before you dive too deep. The relationship between OneNote and OneDrive, the desktop, web, and mobile versions was sketchy for me.
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