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  1. Thanks, @RavBoy for doing all this. He pretty much lost me at, WE DON'T PLAN! When I first started programming on my Apple IIe, I brought up a code window and started typing. But, once I was actually programming for money, and the program was bigger than displaying Hello World on the screen, you planned. Meticulously and at great length. And if planning took three months, that was part of the SDLC. The plan was part of the plan. We don't plan? Well, that's pretty obvious.
  2. I wanted to like OneNote; there was a lot to like about it. Give syncing some serious work before you dive too deep. The relationship between OneNote and OneDrive, the desktop, web, and mobile versions was sketchy for me.
  3. This is what I do when I travel out of the country. (Back when I used to do that).
  4. While you have your paid month, go ahead and import everything from Evernote. After that, the free version may be good enough.
  5. The software and data file are local. Until they change the sync, it will be fine. Even then, you will have a working copy and your data for as long as it takes to transition.
  6. In the old version, I always customize the toolbar with a Delete, Print, and email button. Not sure if you can do that with the new version. I took it off my system for now.
  7. Right now, it's at 2.600 with four tabs open, including this one. Facebook is the biggest offender, but I still have over half my RAM free, even with a lot of other stuff running.
  8. Sorry, I meant 2,000-3,000MB, not kilobytes. Yeah, I remember programming in C, trying to squeeze every byte out of memory. My first computer at 64K of memory. I know, because I loaded all the chips myself.
  9. In my system memory use is as follows EN6 73Mb EN10 475Mb Nimbus 700Mb Notion 529MB But I have 32MB. Chrome eats up 2-3K and Lightroom is usually open at 3-5K
  10. No, I said the syncing was flaky. 15-20 seconds as in the Android app, including time to start the app and type in the search term. I wanted to test speed IRL, not just how quick it returned searches. All the apps, whether web, desktop or Android were equally good at searching.
  11. I think it will be more than a couple of months, just based on how slowly they develop. But I don't think it will be years. At some point, they will change the engine behind syncing and that is when it will break. Of course, as a standalone app, there is no reason it won't work as long as the OS can handle it.
  12. Nimbus has an Import from Evernote function. It is under settings on both the web and Windows client. Also, know that in OneNote, you can import individual Enex files as well as point to notebooks. This is also how Nimbus works. And, Notion has an import tool. Again, I would recommend doing it on a per Notebook basis. This morning, I did testing on Android. I searched for a unique word in one of my notes. From touching the icon to displayed results was 15-20s for EN, Nimbus, OneNote, and Notion. Notion has gotten much better, at least on my device. Nimbus was slightly faster each time, but by a second or two. I'm seeing the same flaky syncing in OneNote that I did when I tested it two years ago, but since I have 1Tb of storage, it will, at the very least, be a backup location.
  13. Best might be a stretch. I am taking a short and long term approach. Short term, just in case, in addition to my normal backup procedures, I have dumped my entire EN catalog into Nimbus, Notion and OneNote. These were all easy to do, ran overnight, and it's there if I need it. Longer term, I am reevaluating my entire workflow. For ten years, I have just dumped everything into Evernote. It was easy and it worked. The problem now is, I have a huge dump, with whichever way you want to take that word. And a lot of those decisions were made ten years ago with ten year old tech. So now, I am doing what I have done in other workflows of mine, photography and project management and segmenting the needs, then deciding what will get each job done best. It's nice to think that one piece of tech will do everything, but 1) you end up pounding a lot of square pegs into round holes, and 2) there isn't much difference in clicking between tabs in one software vs clicking into different software. So, it's still being fleshed out, but my thinking is this. Email will be organized in email. The tools to organize email in most packages is much better than it used to be and searching there is just as efficient as anywhere else. Web clipping will be done by Pocket or Notion depending on the intended use. Anything that would benefit from a graphical UI and/or a database will go into Notion. Notion will also be a hub so I can reference what is in other places. Document storage and retrieval, most likely OneNote. Only because I'm already paying for 1Tb of storage there. The interface will get some getting used to, but it works. During this process, Evernote will get pared down to bare bones, flushing out all the *****. So, if they do turn it around, I will have a good, new starting point to build the future.
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