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  1. Sync Slowdown

    Yeah, I just don't understand why I can't set it to sync when it's convenient to me. All sync options are now turned off and it started syncing as soon as the window is active. I leave it running 24/7, so having it sync in the background, at night, or any other option would be preferable. It's like the program is say, "I've been sitting here doing nothing for 4 hours, but he wants to do something, so I guess I'll sync now."
  2. Sync Slowdown

    Thanks. Maybe I'll try that. I do want it to sync a few times a day. Don't understand the various sync options if it's going to ignore them
  3. Sync Slowdown

    Not really a new subject, but I revisit occasionally to see if anyone has a solution. I've tried every combination of settings in sync options, but no matter what, if I go to Evernote (Windows app), the sync icon starts spinning, and I'm pretty much hosed until it stops.Get (Not Responding) and I wait. Also get it Doesn't matter if I last synced 10 minutes or 10 hours ago. Currently, I have everything unchecked except On Demand sync. I've also tried everything unchecked except Sync on Exit, and every other option. Like many of us, I have a ton of stuff stored there and I'm usually in a hurry to find something.
  4. Next thing, they'll stop supporting my Palm Pilot
  5. IQTell Shutting Down. Again

    DTLow, for me, it was simply the all in one place interface. They screwed that up with their latest release so that you needed multiple windows open to use tasks, email and Evernote. This made it not much better than using 3 different apps. I am still evaluating replacements, but shouldn't be too hard to find. Mostly, I want the easiest possible method to send emails to EN and to my task list. For the first, it may simply be the EN email address or web clipper. For the second, there are quite a few that accept emails and turn them into tasks, so, among them, which has the feature set I want. It will be similar to that thieving little kid, Goldilocks - not too big and not too small.
  6. They came back from it once, but not twice. Even if they pull out another last minute save, I will be bailing for good. Fortunately, I didn't g all in with them as many did. EN is still my everything app, so all I have to do is move recurring tasks and I'm done
  7. Autosave folder in Android

    The app I am working with now is a new camera app. Only option is to specify the folder it writes to. I might be able to work out something with Dropbox and/or IFTTT. Thanks all.
  8. Autosave folder in Android

    I'm more thinking of having a folder in Evernote that has been given made available offline. Then placing something in that folder syncs back upstream.
  9. Autosave folder in Android

    Is there a folder on the Android where, if I save a file there, it will be added to Evernote, similar to the autosave folder in Windows? I have several apps in which I would like the output saved to Evernote, as opposed to going through the share or email process each time.
  10. Scanned PDFs

    You should be able to modify the layout in Adobe and resave, then delete the original. You can rotate images inside of Evernote, but I don't think the change 'sticks'
  11. Icon question

    Got it. Probably been there for years and I never noticed. Thanks
  12. Icon question

    Next to one of my notebooks is a small icon of a notebook with an arrow pointing toward the notebook name. Can't find any help on this or difference between this and other notebooks. Thanks
  13. Offline Notebooks Data

    Just went through two more cycles of doing the same thing with inconsistent results, so..... IDK
  14. Offline Notebooks Data

    Thanks, should have tried that before posting. Just did and got same results. Clearing cache didn't help. Total local data right now is 1.32Gb so not a problem, but could become one
  15. Offline Notebooks Data

    I know when I make a notebook offline and sync, it downloads my data. If I then remove it from offline, is that data removed? I'm thinking more in terms of storage than security.