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  1. I hate to ask such a basic question, but I haven't needed to contact support in years. Searching for support here didn't help. I need to contact Premium support. If I go to my account page and click on contact support, it logs me out and takes me to a generic help page asking me to log in. If I log in, it just takes me to the web version of my account. Then the cycle repeats. I never get to any sort of contact page and I can't find an email address.
  2. Most of my notebooks are missing. I read the sticky on this, but honestly, I have a hard time being a beta tester on something that broken. Fyi, I am using an 'approved' browser; the latest version of Chrome. I'll check back in a day or two.
  3. I revisit my dashboard occasionally and add new links and content. One thing that would be nice is to have links to folders similar to notes. I know I can create a shareable link and embed that which would take me to the web version, but I would prefer it be internal to the Windows or Anderoid app, like Note links. My workaround is to have an empty note in these folders and create an internal link to that note. Not very elegant, but it works.
  4. I have always switched between article and simplified article depending on how much ***** was on the screen. At some point, article began selecting a 'clip' which seems to be some arbitrary section of the page. If I don't pay attention, I may end up with a tiny sliver of the article. Is this an option somewhere? I couldn't find it. I've started using full page instead.
  5. OK, well I'm an idiot. The solution was to simply put today's schedule at the top of the same note instead of separate notes per day. So the Today link works and today pops up. Also, much easier to scroll down to see previous days. I can create a new one weekly or monthly depending on how often I reference past days Thanks for the inspiration, all
  6. That makes sense; I'd love to see some screenshots. I'm probably overthinking the daily schedule thing as I use another app for task tracking.
  7. Sorry, Windows; I always start in the Windows forum, but forget when I wander about. I have access, but having retired from 30 years of databases and programming, it's not something I do if I can help it.
  8. OK, thanks. Another question about links. Is this possible, or can you think of a workaround. I want a notebook with daily schedules. Each note labeled with the date except the current day's which is titled Today. On my dashboard, I want a link to Today's schedule, but I don't want to have to rebuild that link every day. Anyway to build something like that? Thanks
  9. Good tip on the manual bullet characters. I was trying to do the same thing for the same reason. I was surprised when a bullet wasted so much space. My link tables also take up too much space. RCoonceTX how do you keep the cells that small. I can move horizontally, but the vertical spacing seems to be locked.
  10. I did an Enex backup this morning without knowing about this or paying attention. It split my 11K note 5+Gb file into 5 ~1Gb files. Never had a problem with the large files, so not sure I care, but I've never done a recovery from them either.
  11. I think if you ask him a fifth time, he will finally succumb to your superior debate skills and give you what you seek. OTH, he may not give a $#!+
  12. Shakespeare was a hack. Only reason his work has stuck around so much is so that people given to pedantic sesquipedalian loquaciousness somebody to quote. Usually incorrectly. He probably liked cauliflower.
  13. No, I ignore what I don't like because I don't like it. Take cauliflower for instance. I don't like it, so I ignore it. Doesn't matter how it is presented. Have seen where they make it look like mashed potatoes or cheese doodles? I just ignore it. But then, I would think a person who can't capitalize correctly to understand the subtle nuances of cruciferous vegetables.
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