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  1. If they get the export notebook as PDF sorted out, I'd be set. At least half of my notebooks would only need to be done once for final archivals. I'd probably prefer that over the export as HTML from Legacy.
  2. That would be nice, but I'm glad if you get the link via right click, they give you the option. I don't remember that being that before and all of my links were web links. What I would like to see is the ability to drop a link on a Scratch Pad.
  3. Cleared the cache and data. No reinstall. Opened back up and left it for about 5 minutes. Opened up to 11,334 and incremented up to 11,346 in a few minutes with no dupe notebooks. All is well. So far
  4. Just opened it again. Began at 11,248 and started incrementing 1 at a time for about 10 notes, then suddenly dropped back to 10,465 I'll run a check on the db, but my assumption is, the web version should reflect the master wherever that is. Since Legacy, Web and Windows v10 all match, that makes Android the culprit. Worse since there are at least 1,500 dupes and the count is still low.
  5. 10.13.2Based on a post I saw on Reddit, I checked the total number of notes across all devices. 11,345 on Windows and Web. Android at 10,383 but still syncing. I haven't been to the All notes section of the Android in a while. I have added 70 notes in the past week. 10 minutes later Android says 11,949?!? 20 minutes - 10,432 30m - Said, 11,248, then dropped immediately back to 10,464. 40m - exactly the same' 11.248 to 10,464 After an hour, 11,248 - 11,400 - 10.464. Giving up A quick scan of notebooks show accurate numbers on most, but some notebook show as multiple copies. One with 429 notes has 4 copies. *I should note that all during this time, new/recent notes and tasks were showing up in the proper place. It's opening faster, and I can get to recent stuff, but this is clearly a problem. After next update, I will likely do a clean install.
  6. Oh, I was nice to the guy, just came here to vent. Or as I tell my wife, that was me being nice. And TBH, it's not a pressing need, but would give me a decent backup option and eliminate one more round trip to legacy.
  7. Well, this just got interesting. Got a reply from my ticket asking some good questions. Just got a response from a different tech, telling me you could only select and export 50 notes at a time and how was I selecting more than 50. My ticket specifically said Export Notebook as PDF. Maybe they haven't read the marketing material. If they tell me that you can only export a notebook with less than 50 notes, I'll be asking for a refund and downgrade my account.
  8. I just did my first full notebook export to PDF. 303 Notes. It went through the export window counting up each note, but when it finished and said Export completed, the PDF was only 4 pages long. A notebook of 150 notes worked as expected. Another one with 300 notes exported only 45. I don't know if it is using the same process, but I recall exports from Notion exhibited the same behavior. At any rate, it's unreliable at this point.
  9. Yeah, that's where I've been going. Even if I log into the web client successfully, when I click on help, it asks me to log in. I found a recent email and replied to that. I'll see if that works before I have to type everything into the mobile client.
  10. It changed the default location of a new task, but not sure how I would use that yet.
  11. Or try a 3rd party screen capture program. Nimbus has a very good free one, but I currently use Greenshot
  12. I wish you could resize the widgets, otherwise, I'm happy with Home. Wish Calendar was a two way sync. I'm in EN much more than calendar, but I'm getting used to it. Need recurring tasks, but for recurring or long term tasks, I like having them on my Home page. I still have Legacy and use it for backups or anytime I need to work on a of notes at once. Not just over 50. v10 takes seconds per note for any type of batch process. But in the long run, that's not a foot out the door. If I left Evernote it wouldn't be for a different version. For my Windows/Android environment, Nimbus, Notion and Google Drive are all viable alternatives.
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