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  1. Other Skitch much better

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  2. Other Skitch much better

    Yeah, I went through the options pretty good. I'll add it as a suggestion. Obviously EN is copying the selection into memory. Surprised that they wouldn't be using the clipboard anyway as it is part of the OS. Been using a standalone program, but it's kind of a memory hog. I was looking at Chrome extensions when I remembered EN already had a clipper
  3. Other Skitch much better

    Sorry to drag up an old one, but gazumped said you can copy the screenshot to the clipboard. I have been using a separate clipper for this for years, when I thought to check out the Evernote clipper. Couldn't figure out how to copy to clipboard though. I'm using the crosshairs to grab a section. I tried Win-Shift-S, but that froze the entire screen, (greyed out) until I hit escape. Nothing was copied. This would be a great default action option.
  4. Multiple Taskbar Icons

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I was having the same problem. DeDeG's suggestion worked for me. Pin to taskbar after opening the program, not before.
  5. Not Responding

    Beleive me, I understand. I struggled with it for a long time, unwilling to let go of EN. Hope it works out for you.
  6. Not Responding

    First time I ran it, it seemed to help a lot, but about a week later, it was bogging down again. No to the paying part. I have over 15K notes and have been a premium user for years. It may be that support is better, but this is obviously a wide-ranging problem that has been going on for years and from what we can tell, is not being addressed. After messing with the optimization for a few weeks, I put a serious effort into a replacement. For me, the only two that fit the way I work was OneNote and Nimbus. I liked the look and feel of OneNote, but the integration with OneDrive was clunky and difficult. On top of that, the support is Microsoft. If you have ever dealt with their support, I don't need to say more. Nimbus has had a few quirky things that I can't swear isn't user error, but overall has worked very well. The import was very easy and moving notes and folders around has been great. Full disclosure, I am a folder guy, not a tag guy. The folders and subfolder work very good and they are actual subfolders, not like ENs fake 'stacks' The tags I did have seemed to import fine, but I didn't pay any attention to them. The best thing has been the support which has been astonishingly fast. I'm not going to completely dump EN, but will go to the free account before my renewal.
  7. Not Responding

    Yes, very disappointed. When they raised the prices, I not only paid, but defended the move on the forums, but I think that was a mistake. Not sure what is going on with the company, but communication has fallen off and that is usually a bad sign. There are weeks when I'm just dumping in docs and don't actively use it, but when I need it, I expect it to work and it is getting worse. I know my experience doesn't mirror some others, but if Need a note and have to wait several minutes each time, or a writing an article and have to stop in the middle to let the system catch up, that's a problem. I'm about halfway moved to Onenote and at this point, don't see a reason to look back.
  8. Not Responding

    Unfortunately, the optimize database trick is only a stopgap. In the first place, I have to do it at least once a week and it takes 3-4 hours. Second, program still hangs, but not during sync as often. Just Not Responding for no apparent reason. Been waiting 5 minutes after cutting and pasting some text into a note. I think I'm going to have to take a hard look at OneNote and Nimbus. This is getting unmanageable.
  9. Not Responding

    Well, I stumbled across the super secret Optimize Database command in another thread and ran it. Been about 12 hours now and I haven't had Not Responding once. I still the sync spinning when I go active for a few seconds, but it's not hosing up the system. I'll probably try some of the other options under the hidden tools menu when I have time to let it run. Optimize Database took several hours to run. Meanwhile, I just used the web version, which, I have to say is not a great substitute. It does all the major things well, but a lot of minor things, such as word count in a note and note manipulation or missing or hard to find. I did spend several hours with OneNote and Nimbus. Either would make a viable alternative if Evernote continues to have problems and the management team continues to stay silent and updates don't get rolled out with fixes.
  10. Not Responding

    Mine now, but I've tried pretty much every combination.
  11. Not Responding

    I leave mine open all the time also. But every time I switch to it, and I tested it just now, the sync icon starts spinning.This is before I have edited anything. It may go for a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes. Doesn't matter whether it had focus a few minutes or hours ago. Haven't had instant sync enabled in years. A simple don't sync while active option would solve the problem. I want my other clients to stay up to date, but not while I'm in the middle of typing something.
  12. As I said in another thread, the lag waiting for the client to sync every time I want to use it is getting to be a bigger problem. No settings in the sync section seems to make any difference in the operation including unchecking everything. I know there is a fix using a batch file, but that's not ideal for me, although I will go that route if I have to. Doesn't look like EN is going to solve it any time soon. So, I am going to try the web client for a bit. I wanted to ask any users that have used both what your impressions are. Also, any long time users of the web client, are there any tricks and tips you could pass on TIA
  13. Not Responding

    No excuse for not testing. Which brings me to my current test. I haven't used the web client much. Once I got used to the Win client, it just seemed to different. But now, I'm going to test it for a bit and see what I think. I'm going to start a different thread asking about Windows users experience and preferences on the Windows vs the Web client.
  14. Not Responding

    What I don't get in all of this is what is the programming logic. I was a developer for years and know that everything has a trigger. If this happens, do that. So what was the logic behind, as soon as Evernote becomes the active window, start syncing. If, on the rare occasion I went there and didn't find something I expected, I could always click on sync. The logic seems to be, the user want's to do something right now, so let;s prevent that from happening.
  15. Not Responding

    Yeah, thanks. I've seen that before. I just heat setting up a jury rig, that I'm going to have to remember to run the batch. I am in and out of EN frequently, often times spur of the moment to check or make a reference. After all, that's what it's for. I use two portable devices, so I want it to sync, just not while I am using it. It seems to be it would be a simple thing to have it sync only when idle, or if it is not the active window. After all, there are 6 different options under the sync settings - how about one that actually works