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  1. Automatic Text Template

    It is under Tools in the menu bar.
  2. As a workaround I use a PhraseExpress phrase such that when I hover over a word and press Ctrl-Shift-LeftMouse focus is transferred to the next instance of the word in the note. I use underscore as a prefix to all of the links to avoid false positives. FWIW.
  3. Yeah, I see the same thing, weird. I was able to get consistency by putting created:day updated:day in the search bar and toggling the All/Any drop down. However, after I saved the search it performs in error. Definitely a bug.
  4. I think I have up voted this in another thread, but up voting it here as well.
  5. Managing local storage

    The AutoUpdate folder is where EN downloads the program updates. You can delete the files in there. All you really need is a copy of the EXB file as a backup. However, it is more difficult to recover notes from an EXB file. Consider using the Export function provided by EN and back up your notes by notebook to HTML or EN's native ENEX format. I use the ENEX format since it is easy to import. Relative to copying to the other machine yes you could read the data offline, provided that machine was logged into EN at some point. But be SURE that you don't have an internet connection since you might create sync conflicts. Easier solution is to just keep the second machine synced with your account. I believe the presumption is correct.
  6. It was more a message for myself so as to not wear my teeth down.
  7. Windows Client Slow

    With the left panel open, right click on Notebooks for all notes or a specific notebook for just that notebook, and select Export Notes. No need to select notes themselves. I would recommend the by notebook option. You can also hit Windows-L as you leave your PC to lock it and protect from whatever somebody might be lurking nearby. Plus, once the export starts you can't use EN until it is completed.
  8. Windows Client Slow

    As long as you DON'T close EN with File - Sign out yourusername you will be okay. To test try File - Exit, turn off your internet, and start EN. You will have your Database but no syncing.
  9. There are two functions to format the contents of a table. The format bar and the drop down arrow in the table. The format bar is about things horizontal and text. The drop down is for things vertical and background coloring. For an entire row or column, click on the grey bar for the row or column, it should turn green. Then you can use the format bar or the drop down arrow in the table to format. For a cell click in the cell to use the drop down, highlight what is in the cell to use the format bar and then format.
  10. Windows Client Slow

    I suppose. Though you could continue to use the desktop version and data for some period of time following a melt down.
  11. In Windows if you right click on a stack you get the option to create a notebook in the stack. Is this what you want? Which platform?
  12. Left side margin of notes in desktop client

    This has been reported in other threads. The indentation is a result of the changes EN made to tables. No response from EN as to whether they are considering doing something different with tables to get the alignment back to how it was.