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  1. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Excellent! Good tool to know about. I use PE extensively on my PCs but not at all on my iOS devices, don't spend enough entry time there to put in the effort. This may be something to use if it is as easy as your report. Thanks.
  2. Hard to tell. I’ve had spurious results with the arrows, not backing up in the sequence notes were viewed and sometimes getting the drop down of recent notes as opposed to last note. So I don’t trust the arrows too much. Now I’m in a period where back arrow takes me back a note vs the list, a good thing. Still, not developkng any PhraseExpress macros with them. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yeah, my attempted point was that the arrows cycle notes whatever the context, not tag view or notebook view or the like, which is the OP desire.
  4. The forward and backward arrows only work on notes, none of the other views. Would need to submit an enhancement request for backing up though the other screens, I think. Otherwise, just have to click on tag list again.
  5. CalS

    Auto Rolodex feature

    Going forward, some email apps harvest any unknown email addresses to an incremental address book. So forwarding to EN will capture them. You can periodically export your address books and save the result in EN if you like.
  6. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Good to know, thanks. Interesting that the windows desktop version has most of that in the free version.
  7. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    Could be other text expanders out there with a free or lower cost.
  8. Something else to consider. dog searches for any word that starts with dog. "dog" searches for only the word dog. So the delta could include notes that have dogs or whatever in them.
  9. Not a part of current EN. Doesn't mean a request couldn't be created for that if you feel it is important. This spacing appeared in a recent release. Check boxes were more compact prior to that release.
  10. Oh well, worth a try anyway. Since you are Premium you can use chat or submit a trouble ticket.
  11. CalS

    Encrypt a whole note?

    You used to be able to encrypt an entire table in one fell swoop, or whatever text might be continuous. But never a whole note of mixed content.
  12. No native capability within EN for what you want to do. Roll your own,
  13. Try signing out and back into the forum.
  14. CalS

    Getting help re my account. How to?

    Specifically what is your problem? This is a user forum by the way.
  15. CalS

    Feature request: "Log" note

    $149? Best I can tell it's free for 10 phrases, $5 for "standard" and $25 for "pro" Not sure which version is needed for a simple date insert, but it is no cost to find out.