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  1. I find EN runs okay on my phone but not so much on my iPad. iPhone is 1 year old and iPad is two years old. Using a technical term here, the iPad just seems to act a bit squirrely versus the iPhone. Long lags, sync indicators that don't change, longer boot up. Fortunately I only use the mobile app for the odd lookup. Couldn't do any real work on it.
  2. Same here, 5.33.0 is what I get. I've been told it's a note count thing. So 6.25.1 on desktop, V10 on IOS, and 5.33 the infrequent times I use the web. I thought V10 on the web might give me some insight into V10 in general, they’re supposed to be similar. Anyhoo....
  3. Search not working so well with iPhone IOS 10.7 either. I was out and about and needed to find something. I entered the a one word search on my phone and could not find the note from September I knew should be there. Got to my desktop (6.25.1) and did the same single word search and found the note. In fact the search yields 369 notes on desktop and 212 on the phone. I can't check V10 on the web but 5.33 says 212 notes as well. Something woefully amiss here. I think it may be that EN OCR of PDFs does not work well. I've seen this problem in the past where local OCR is more accurate
  4. You can't. If they disappear the legacy desktop the only option to use EN is to convert to whatever current version of the desktop . My point in the above is we can continue to use EN after legendary sunsets though with "whatever beast V10 becomes" as the desktop client. We just need to protect our local notes soon. With a local notes solution in place I do not feel as much a sense of urgency as some on these forums to make a move. Legendary 6.25.1 is working great for me. It's fast, requires minimal clicks, and I've tuned it to my needs. I will leverage that productivity of
  5. At least your data doesn't go away if legacy desktop disappears. One can slog through for some period with a functionally weaker, slower app. Though not sure what my "for some period" would be if performance doesn't improve. IAC your data will still be there though not baked in the best of wrappers. If there is anything at all urgent in the process it might be any local notes that you have. Deciding what to do with those and perhaps creating a parallel system for some period may make sense. There are a few providers with local note capability but they may be missing other key to you
  6. There are check marks on the IOS devices though I found the iPad version to be confusing. Sometimes the check mark would be green even though the note had synced. Relative to Windows there is a message that the note has been updated. But since search results lag the update sometimes it causes one to second guess. My brief stint with V10 on Windows anyway.
  7. I used a backup to test V10 Windows desktop. Painfully slow, click heavy, missing features all added up to switching back to 6.25.1 in 30 minutes. V10 has a ways to go to be competitive. Same goes for IOS iPad. Slow and confusing as to what/when syncing occurs. IOS iPhone is fairly usable for lookups and the like once you grasp the convoluted search method now in place. Weird the response times vary with the two IOS platforms.
  8. Most of my local notes contain PDFs or attachments of some sort. The paperless bit of my use case. I created a folder tree (parent with years as children) on OneDrive. OneDrive user so logical place to put it. Pick the cloud of your choice. I use BoxCryptor on that folder tree. In this fashion the files are visible on my PC but are encrypted on the web. As I port the PDFs to the folder structure they are encrypted and synced to the OneDrive. I use Windows index/search on that folder tree. In File Explorer from the parent I can search titles and contents. Frankly
  9. You have to export and import by notebook for this to work. Mostly useful as a backup, particularly for local notebooks in the legacy version. Can be used for a fresh start but download is safer, even if it does take longer.
  10. If you've ever accidentally changed any of the above or accidentally deleted a note tag you know how hard it can be to find and repair. An option for those not wanting to change would be fine.
  11. Slightly different for me. My phone syncs smoothly and quickly. My iPad does not. Or it may be and not displaying the results. IAC, iPad not as smooth as iPhone.
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