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  1. You can still revert to the previous web version from the current version. Just checked.
  2. My hat's off to you for trying. I had to turn of V10 after 30 minutes or so, just could not get anything done process wise and it was so slow. Going to wait it out. And V10 on IOS is as bad but could be fixed for my use case if sorting of search results were to be added back. One specific example for me being workout notes. Pre V10 pressing on the Workout shortcut would display workouts in reverse order so easy to see what was done last time. Now it is a hodgepodge and the most recent workout might be four or five screens down the list. FFS.
  3. 6.25 is the best alternative to 10.0 as best I can tell for my use case anyway. So it is a viable option though not clear for how long. It should be long enough to see the first set or two of "around the corner" feature add backs, That should provide some insight as to whether this cluster will get fixed. In the meantime we can research alternatives as much as we may not want to have to use them and still be productive.
  4. Just wondering if you were referring to V10 or pre V10. 'Cuz V10 does not work as you would expect.
  5. Which version? This post is from three and a half years ago.
  6. With a sedative perhaps. Or anyone doing some level of maintenance on notes and trying to validate their work i a timely manner. Not sure how it effects reminder searches when a date is changed. That would also be an issue if there is a lag before reminder searches recognize updates. Major step backwards this lag.
  7. Not this someone. V10 needs some work to become a 6.25. Time will tell.
  8. Same statement could be made of the filing cabinets I used to have I suppose. Maybe I didn't/don't need to keep all of these documents. But it always seems to be the one I don't keep that I end up needing, never have figured that one out. Electronic documents are so much easier to keep and search. EN sold a product that enabled me to become paperless and then out of the blue they, to quote @Dave-in-Decatur, borked it. Nothing other than thud. Sure lots of chatter about the new standardized EN but not much about the major feature pruning. Hey it's their product they can do with it a
  9. So tags moved to the bottom in V10 EN since not that many people used them and they were occupying valuable real estate. And it is important to have the same essence whenever you crack open EN on whatever platform. I guess the IOS team didn't get the message. I don't have a Windows (not installing that for a while) or Mac V10 clip as they follow the browser. I'd just as soon not have the IOS screenshot from my phone but that's another story. A bit of a snark but also a bit of humor. We 2% taggers are like that. “When making experiences, attention to detail matters.” – Rich
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