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  1. If Windows, you can turn on On Demand Sync on your work machine and keep the complete data base on your home machine.
  2. Got me. I now either download from the website or make a copy before starting the install. IAC, the file disappears in my AutoUpdate folder. 🤷‍♂️
  3. At some point the download file was deleted from the AutoUpdate folder after the install. A ways back, don't remember when.
  4. Asked for many times. What is your default sort for the notebook(s)?
  5. Not sure the consensus in such a small data set. 😉 More than anything else folks seem to tailor their process to their use case and whatever suits their eye. Consensus may be do what feels best to you and here are some lessons learned from others. Don't think there is a "right" solution in all of this, but some learning for sure. One of the strengths of EN is the ability to lever its capabilities to so many different use cases.
  6. I use the OCR process that came with the ScanSnap s1300i, OCR as I scan. Seems to work well. I use Adobe if I need to redo or OCR something I've downloaded which didn't come that way.
  7. EN OCRs the PDFs on the server. That OCR on the server doesn't always match the OCR on the desktop, in my experience. Nor does it download the OCR to the desktop if the document is already OCRd on the desktop. Again, based upon the search results I get. I trust the desktop OCR at this point. I get the fullest search results there.
  8. Segoe UI Symbol seems to work for me in the note title.
  9. I take it you are of somewhat of the same opinion re PC vs Mac UI?
  10. Take your pick. Yeah, less snark in my comment. Just seems it would be slower getting things done in the Mac client. But again, first blush.
  11. Kind of lost me at the first sentence - Let’s imagine how you would use Evernote if you had a brain. Left me out of the pool of readers I suppose. 😉
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