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  1. CalS

    Pinned Notes

    May not be 100% what you want, but if you put the notes in a notebook, make your context the notebook, and then File - Exit EN, that notebook will be the context whenever you open EN. Windows anyway; Plus if you add the notebook to the shortcuts section you can see all the notes with one click. FWIW.
  2. CalS

    Does EN/iOS sync in the background?

    Same reason I don't use it I suppose....
  3. CalS

    Does EN/iOS sync in the background?

    You can try going to Settings - Evernote and enabling Background App Refresh. I tried this a ways back and there seemed to be a bit of a battery drain plus I was never quite 100% sure everything was getting synced. So now, I just force a sync whenever I open/bring the app to the foreground. FWIW.
  4. CalS

    evernote Evernote Tables Are Terrible

    Nope, same software no matter the subscription level. I think tables went from dynamic view to fixed somewhere around 6.7, though don't hold me to it. Prior to that if one modified columns to fixed widths viewing the table on a different platform would change them to dynamic widths. The "fix" was to go to fixed width columns which I think your are referring to??? An option for fixed or dynamic width columns would have been nice but wasn't in the cards.
  5. It is also a good idea to take periodic backups of your notes, just in case you empty the trash before recovering a note.
  6. CalS

    Evernote for Windows 6.14 Beta 3

    Updated to this beta today, thought it was the GA based upon the release notes in the download panel, don't remember seeing prerelease in the verbiage. IAC My user dictionary got schmegged, anything words previously added aren't anymore. In its place I have two files on my desktop. Custom Dictionary.txt and Custom Dictionaary.txt.backup. This happened once before, why the reprise? Still can't drag text from one note to another. It looks like it is working, plus sign and light gray text, but nothing happens after the drop.
  7. CalS

    SYNC just stopped working

    Most seem to agree it's the best option before the PDF change and the bug onslaught of 6.8 and forward.... Best being a relative term. I'm using beta 6.14 and other than the PDF viewer and some DnD issues, seems okay for my use case. It's a definite improvement over 6.13. IOS on the other hand has search issues.... which can't be worked around.
  8. Assuming you mean they are using the work user id/password they cannot see your data. There is a user ID/password to your account and one for the work account. The only way to see your data is if they use your ID/password (you would have to give it to them) or you share your notebooks with them (not likely I'm betting). If they share the work notebooks with you, you can see theirs but they can't see yours.
  9. Unfortunately not always accurate in my experience Sorry to say.
  10. Point of it all is, there isn't a simple bona fide indication anywhere in the app that says all notes and/or all offline notes have downloaded. Maybe (???) it's in the activity log, but that would be Neanderthalic even if it did exist. That and it now takes forever to download offline content. Wasn't that way in the past.
  11. CalS

    Required security update

    6.14 beta is out, though there isn't a forum post on it. Supposed to have fixed the note focus issue when first click in a note with text still in the search bar. I haven't tried it as yet.
  12. Turn off WiFi and cellular and then go to EN to see what you get.
  13. Happens when EN is open in focus on the device, showing on the screen. Background processing is supposed to do the job, but I have not found that to be reliable. So best method I have found is to turn off auto lock and let it go.
  14. CalS

    Unable to log out

    Which web version are you using? Can you post a screenshot?
  15. Your are welcome. Yes, you can have multiple accounts stored on the same computer. Just go to File - Add another user to sign in to additional accounts. A data base, a .EXB file, will be created for each account. You should get an icon in your task bar for each account open to facilitate switching between them.