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  1. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Released

    I believe this is the case. I put the reminder icon back, removed the share icon after each beta install and the current public and it stuck.
  2. You can try Ctrl-Q in the Windows version. You will see a search bar, recent searches and saved searches. Start typing and you will see options for notebooks, tags, and recent searches from which to select. Otherwise it works like the normal search bar should you hit enter.
  3. Windows Version 6.9 issues

    Evernote changed the in-line PDF viewer to the Google like version which did take away some key functionality. This was brought up in the beta threads but there has not been a response from EN as to whether the missing functionality will return. I didn't care for the changes much either.
  4. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Released

    A bug reported in 6.9.3 beta 3 still exists in this GA. If you process a jpg through an import folder and you rotate it in the resultant note the image disappears from the note. And if one had source delete checked in import folders and no backup, the image appears to be gone forever.
  5. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Beta 3

    Yeah, I can confirm this in the current GA as well. It seems to be only related to import the import folder. If you drag the jpg to the note panel or add it to a new note it seems to work okay.
  6. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Released

    Minor PITA to me, I use the reminder icon and information icons. Always wonder what someone was trying to change when they did this...
  7. Evernote for Windows 6.9 Released

    Yeah, this happened with the last couple of Beta installs and the GA as well. I think I reported it in one of the beta threads. Seems to force the share icon into the note toolbar.
  8. Depends upon the use case. I have about 400 tags across 6 notebooks with 36k notes. My view of the world is it is key to keep tag names as simple yet representative as possible while using them to cull search results, and then use search if need be. Not saying more levels of notebooks is a bad thing, just for some use cases they aren't needed.
  9. Just exported a note with a PDF in it to single . Imported and the PDF became an image of the first page of the PDF. Oops I think..
  10. I can only speak to the iPhone version. I have 28,756 synced notes at this writing across 5 notebooks, two of which are very small (10 notes) and set to offline. One notebook is my Inbox and the other I use to put notes I want to have access when I am without a connection. I typically don't have any speed issues. If any do occur it will be when I fire up the app, but okay after that. FWIW.
  11. Ditto. Anything I may want to search goes into Evernote from project stuff to GTD to paperless. But there are places for other discrete items. For me pictures go into Google Drive, videos into Mega, less interesting documents are kept in documents which I changed to be a sub-folder of DropBox. Confidential files I want to cloud sync are in a VeraCrypt container which is in the DropBox tree. End of the day though, any working and finding happens in EN. FWIW.
  12. I did a chat with support, the dictionary is indeed broken. No target date for a fix. The only workaround provided was to go back to a previous release. Not worth it to me.