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  1. You are welcome. Thanks to you for detailing shortcut setup.
  2. For whatever reason this has not been my experience. I double click on the shortcut and EN opens to the note represented by the shortcut. FYI, if you want to bypass going through the browser use Ctrl+L to get a the link. You should see the EN icon versus a browser icon.
  3. Pinned like how for what? IAC, you can copy the note link, by highlighting the note in the note list and press Ctrl+L. Then create a shortcut on the desktop and paste in that link. Clicking on the shortcut will open the note in EN. If this is what you are looking to do.
  4. What kid of note, something you created or a clip of some sort? IAC, highlight the newly created underlined sentence and turn off underlining.
  5. Typically when all access disappears it is due to account credentials. Be sure you are using the precise username and password. Like names secondary accounts can be accidentally created.
  6. You are welcome. Glad it is sorted. You might consider creating periodic backups using the ENEX format. Just in case....
  7. You can do it, you just need to use offline notebooks. The IOS version of EN relies on the server for searches and data so you have to have access to wireless or cellular coverage. With offline notebooks all notes in those notebooks are searchable. So if you make all your notebooks off line you will always have access.
  8. Maybe I should email Microsoft and ask them to create a menu based pricing structure (since I don't use/need Outlook or OneNote)?
  9. Only notes I've had reappear on my phone are shares or clips done on the phone. That the type of note that came back in your case?
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