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  1. I did not recognize the name of the clipboard manager. Oh well. I don’t use V10 on my PCs so could not test Win+V. Hopefully this gets addressed. Copy to Paste is pretty much standard fare these days.
  2. It can also be problematic if you are typing into a table. The table will jump around as you enter each character if the cell is wider than the screen. PITA.
  3. Has anyone tried native Windows paste, Win+V? If that doesn't work I might assume whatever is getting put on the clipboard is where the problem lies.
  4. We all can give them grace, try to help, whatever. But end of the day it is their job to provide a quality product and support. In my experience EN has mostly been on the low side of okay re quality and support across my ten plus years. Never has been a priority from the results I have seen. Nothing implied about the quality of the people, just the end results. Their business to run.
  5. To @gazumped's point, if wasn't automated it might not get done... 😎
  6. I've mostly used DropBox and OneDrive so not a lot of GDrive experience. To be clear I point the link to the local version of the file, so not a web link per se. That way I can access the file on or off line and it will sync itself whenever. I use EN on two PCs with this set up, sharing Excel models. The link looks something like this: file:///X:/\OneDrive\My EN Models\***************.xlsx The X: appears as I am using BoxCryptor to encrypt the files on the OneDrive servers so I'm pointing to a logical X drive. Otherwise it would be a C or D drive. Probably TMI, sorry for that.
  7. Ditto. I have a 2TB SSD USB (got some initials here) and keep 7 daily backups of 8 notebooks, though 2 are typically empty (INBOX and Scans). The Backupery folder is 301 GB for all 7 days. Once a week I 7zip encrypted the 2 local notebooks to OneDrive. Like Gaz I haven't used the backups that much but good to know I have them just in case.
  8. Which would be the same if you had 1 backup file? 😉 Sorry I'm in a spicy mood for some reason today.
  9. May not be your cup of tea, but I put all important spreadsheets in a local folder for my cloud service with a link in an EN note. That way any time I save the model I get an automatic backup on the cloud service. Plus no way for EN to ***** up a sync. Easy access to the model via the note link to the local file, a bit more complicated with new EN but still doable. Full disclosure I am still only using 6.25.1.
  10. Yeah, that’s the weird thing, different experiences for different users. i made some changes to a text note on desktop. It was synced. I opened iOS EN a couple hours later on my phone, the faster of my 2 IOS devices. It took over two minutes for that text note to sync to the phone. To add insult it was in an one of my 2 offline notebooks. Less than 15 notes in the two of them. Just doesn’t seem efficient. 🤷 Maybe if I left EN open I my phone ALL the time it would do better.
  11. I have found that the only way to be half way certain sync is done is to go through the settings menu on an IOS device to the sync option. Dragging the screen down is of no use. The clients sync at their own pace. To be honest, I click on the sync option twice before I proceed. Just to be sure. Major PITA. I still use 6.25.1 for desktop. I find myself using the IOS devices less and less as it just takes too long to be sure things are okay.
  12. Everyone needs to get rickrolled every once in a while. 😎
  13. Probably some of both. On the new IOS version speed is impacted by the age of the IOS device, newer = faster and older = slower. I have a one year old iPhone and a three year old iPad. The iPad is orders of magnitude slower than the iPhone. The iPhone performance is okay other than a longer than it seems it should be sync lag when firing up the app. Relative to the desktop the new version is MUCH slower for my use case. From instantaneous with 6.25.1 to drum my fingers with V10. It is painful. Same hardware so it is all the new version platform and coding. Sorry to say. 🤷‍♂️
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