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  1. My experience has been that anything you drag and drop into a note on Windows or paste without using same style will have a different font on IOS. To fix, do a remove formatting on the Windows note (Ctrl+Shift+space) which will return the note to default font. After syncing the IOS note should be all whatever the default font is on IOS.
  2. Per @gazumped no best way in general, just some better ways that can be tuned to a specific use case, So whatever works best for you. If you think you have too many tools, consolidate and get rid of some. For me specifically, EN is the only app. Early on my use case morphed to second brain, paperless, and task management with it all in one place available on multiple platforms. As such I store everything in EN and use the reminder function to manage tasks. I decided that the quest for the perfect system was fruitless for me, a) it probably didn't exist and b) the time to find/migrate would outweigh whatever benefits (assuming I was efficient with what I had). It's worked so far. There are some concessions in that not every aspect of my use case is "perfectly" supported. But the aspects are supported very well and I feel no need to look elsewhere. If I am not grumbling when I am doing something everything is fine, I grumble easily when it comes to productivity hits. I have incorporated PhraseExpress so as to have some hotkeys pertinent to my use case that EN Windows desktop does not have, productivity. Ten years and 47,500 notes later I'm happy. But that's my use case and my tolerance for the trade offs of fewer apps, in my case one. It helps that EN is a good fit for me out of the box. Could EN make some changes, sure. Hopefully you find what works for you.
  3. Right clicking on the image and selecting the editor of your choice is about as seamless as it gets with EN, or annotate. But as you say, not an ink note,
  4. Yup, that's the measure as to whether one rolls their own pending EN implementing such a thing, if/when. For example, I created my own set of hot keys for reminders as there are none native to EN. Worth it to me as much as I use reminders FWIW.
  5. Dates sort better in 2020/05/28 order, whatever the case.
  6. Ditto, though I do add a _YYYY tag in addition to the Receipt tag. Just in case.
  7. For sure. I was posting re the finding, not the fixing. Not sure the juice would be worth the squeeze relative to extracting the highlighted text, for me anyway.
  8. It would ***** up your other reminders in a search, but sorting a reminder search by completed date would group completed at the top, Windows desktop anyway. FWIW.
  9. OUCH on the grief. Glad I rarely use the web i suppose. Relative to this, try creating a new note, then merge with the "phantom" block, and then delete the resultant merged note. I've done this a few times with notes that have no notebook that aren't modifiable. Might or might not work in this case.
  10. Ctrl+Z will undo as long as you haven't changed context.
  11. Maybe a number of posts thing. I see what @gazumped sees.
  12. Any platform(s) in particular and what kind of list? If you use the reminder function for your to do's note lists can be sorted by remindertime on Windows and I think the Mac dekstops. Doesn't help if you are talking about a list in a note though.
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