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  1. Anything is doable I suppose, some random generator to pick a note and then hope it is one that you care about? IAC, I use an alternate method of sorts, not as generic as what you propose. I use three tags - !!Weekly, !!Monthly, and !!Quarterly. I add the tags to notes I want to review at the period defined. Sometimes I'm happy to see the note again, sometimes it is a bust and I remove the tag. It's kind of a reload a concept process for me. I have a note for each tag with a reminder which I reset after the periodic review. I do have to have some forethought to add the tag to a note. Does not help if I just want to pull something out of the pile though. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Another workaround would be to move the notes to a Shortcuts notebook, kind of a clearing house notebook. Or just use the notebook depending on how long the shortcut "lives".
  3. Agreed. Just havin' a bit a fun. Horses for courses as always.
  4. I surely hope so. There some painful UI changes re productivity that would hit the desktop if it mirrors the new web. No side list, buried menus, more clicks. My capacity for PhraseExpress hotkey remembrance has its limits. Not to mention how slow it is relative to the desktop. Hopefully that's just a server and connectivity issue, not a new language problem. EDIT. Thought I might add an example. Below is a table I maintain to chronicle when I updated to the desktop versions. I set it up on the desktop way back. On the left is how it looks on new web and the on the right is how it looks on current desktop. The width is just enough to display the table and text, but all the vertical is included. In this example the new constructs are a cluster, in my view anyway.
  5. What is the last version you used? I'm on and it is pretty snappy. I agree there were times in the past when the IOS version was brutally slow. Doesn't seem to be that way now for me with 40,601 notes on the iPhone, with only 10 or so that are in offline notebooks. For sure things can slow down if I have poor or no WiFi, but other than that works fine. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Can you share a screen shot if it happens again?
  7. God no! Haven’t been in a grocery store in years, dearly beloved handled that in the separation of duties. I do tech better so I get the on line shopping duties. With over the shoulder help of course.
  8. Yeah we changed our process recently. We still add items to To Do as needed until shopping time but now I go online with Instacart and place the order for home delivery. Shopping with a keyboard as opposed to feet, My significant other likes this process so much she says we may not go back to the old way when this current chaos goes away. What have I wrought?
  9. A contrarian view. I don't think EN is the place for things like grocery lists, particularly if you share the list with someone. Just not as easy as a standalone app. Our household started with Wunderlist and morphed to Microsoft To Do. One shared list, maintainable from about any platform, press the square box and the item drops off the list. EN works fine for single item purchase stuff. And I do use EN for all my to do items using the reminder functionality. Over 2,000 notes have had or currently have a reminder at this point. That bit works well for my use case, but not grocery lists.
  10. Is it your default notebook? If it is make another notebook your default notebook. Then delete this notebook.
  11. Log out of EN using File - Sign out username. Move your EN data base (username.exb) to the desktop or wherever. Click on EN and then before you sign in go to I think it is options and set the folder to what you want. Then sign in. This should rebuild the data base in the location you specified.
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