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  1. Typically this situation is due to the accidental add of a second account, similar to the first. Be sure you are using the right username and password.
  2. Just tried the clicking on links. Seems to work as expected with a text search, does not work following a reminder or tag search. In some instances it keeps the current note set and goes to another note in the list. In some instances it shows no results. IAC, shift clicking on the link opens the right note in its own window. So, still not working as before best I can tell. Need more info let me know.
  3. I'd just as soon the apps be as function consistent as the platforms allow. Wrapping a web app scares me a bit based upon the latency native to web apps versus a client sitting on a local machine. I'm with you, one click to delete a note, two clicks to move a note, one click to add a reminder. This was better in older versions of EN. The newer versions seem to place oft used functions under a menu. Makes little sense to me to hide such things. Looks prettier I suppose. Or my use case is off center to the norm. End up creating my own hot keys to replace the hidden items. Even with that EN is the best tool in my kit.
  4. The advantage of Evernote data as opposed to other app data is that you can rebuild it from EN's servers after a format. Other data has to be backed up.
  5. Your data will be fine on all the devices, get in the habit of syncing whenever you enter/leave a device. Per @Dave-in-Decatur the get along has to do with your getting used to the differences in the interfaces. I use EN on Windows, Mac, web, and IOS on both phone and tablet. Not that hard to wrangle. I tend to do any heavy lifting on the desktop, Windows mostly since I am most familiar with it and I think the tool set is better than the Mac. IOS is more look up with some entry (like when I'm at the gym recording a workout). IOS isn't really geared to easily getting things done for my use case at least.
  6. try navy beans -l.l. -ll. If you have a tag/notebook that might separate the notes you can use it as well.
  7. For the page(s) in question does it work the same with copy/paste, EN clipper article or EN clipper simplified article?
  8. Well that's just weird. I remember a long time ago in side list view the display "jumped" to the middle of the column set. Haven't seen it in forever and don't remember what happened to make it right. No recommendation other than set the column order as you like on both systems and do a File - Exit to see if things stick when you open EN again. Also, not sure what display of focused note or dispose of reminders mean.
  9. Sorry, I should have been more specific, as a Basic user you can't have multiple accounts open via the desktop app, best I can recall anyway. Hence the browser question of the OP. Not sure the OP is using the desktop app. Unless they have a paid account and posted here with the basic one.
  10. More of a culling process I suppose as opposed to show me what I'm not looking for....
  11. Are you changing views when you view the list on the new box, going to all notes or something like that? Kind of sounds like that is happening if the title column is no longer visible in list view, or it has scrolled off the screen.
  12. Are you using the desktop app or the browser? Not sure as you mention two windows open at the same time which I don't think you can do with the desktop app. If browser, try two different browsers, one for each account. Or the desktop app and a browser window.
  13. created:day-7 is the search term. Then sort by file size. Save the search and put it in your shortcuts bar. With Windows desktop you can save the sort order for the search under the sort order icon.
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