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  1. Not 100% sure, but I think your upload limit would be decreased by the amount of the now smaller note. The measure is what gets sent to EN, so any time you change the note the resultant note size is what decrements your monthly upload. Again, not 100% sure, someone from EN would need to weigh in to correct or confirm.
  2. CalS

    Evernote for Job Search record keeping

    Only need to post once. 🙂
  3. CalS

    Evernote for Job Search record keeping

    A note per interaction titled YYYY_DD_MM contact information. Quick searches would then show activity by date or month. You could use tags for city and the broader contexts, email, letter, whatever. That and simple text search for things like company should facilitate finding things. You could consider using a template note to ensure you capture all the information. Top bit for the initial contact and the bottom to handle the updates. Have an open/closed tag or the like for easy access to current applications. FWIW.
  4. CalS

    evernote Print Preview - Windows

    You are so kind, or a design decision not fully designed. For sure not the biggest error in the world, but I guess I'm old school relative to things should be what they say, otherwise you get folks confused and/or sideways. Print brings up a standard Windows print dialogue, no preview available Print to PDF brings up a standard Windows Save as dialogue.+ Print Preview brings up your default PDF viewer, kind of like Print to PDF but with more options. End of the day it is just sloppy, IMHO.
  5. CalS

    evernote Print Preview - Windows

    Clueless as to EN's intentions to fix this, though I hope they do for those that print. Not in my use case, I started using EN to get away from paper. Hope ON works well for you, I tried it once and ON didn't fare well based upon how I use EN, lots of attachments and tags with minimal notebooks. It was like taking four decks of cards and throwing them in the air in a wind. A bit of a cluster, not well organized in the end, for me anyway.
  6. Export/Edit/Import by notebook to resolve this. Keep in mind the other considerations posed above. To address the potential issues I don't change link names in EN. Then should the link ever get broken I just search on the link title to find the note and re-establish the link if need be. FWiW.
  7. CalS

    Bulk links to local files

    Got it. I use the folder link myself. One extra click I suppose but on the other hand I don't have to update the note should I add any files to the folder.
  8. CalS

    Bulk links to local files

    With File Explorer go to the folder you want to link. Right click in the address bar and click on Copy Address. Paste the address into the note You will now have a link which will open that folder when pressed
  9. CalS

    automatic tagging of scans

    Closest you might be able to get in EN would be to legibly write/stamp the "tag" on the document. Real good chance this would problematic and unreliable. FWIW.
  10. Copy the 5x20 in the spreadsheet. Create a new note and right click paste into it (or someplace in an existing note I suppose) Position the cursor withing the recent paste and right click (in the example below I clicked on the diagonal between Col 1 and Col 4). Select upgrade table. Before and after below.
  11. CalS

    Change encryption passphrase?!

    Changing the encryption password on one bit of text does not affect the passwords on other bits of text, in my testing anyway. You can have more than one encryption password. Agreed, practical issue is remembering which password if you have a bunch of notes with encrypted text and a bunch of passwords.
  12. CalS

    Is Evernote Shutting Down?

    Which version is this?