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  1. 10-4. Rather than using TOC's I use the saved searches. Three AHK hotkeys, Ctrl+1 2 3 for Today Late and Tomorrow. Then clicking the magnifying glass for the less used. In essence the note list created by the search becomes my TOC. As we always say, horses for courses, whatever meets your eye the best.
  2. They even had that contest of sorts some time back. I'm not sure dashboards are that important if you use EN as the engine for paperless and GTD , to me anyway. Mostly when I go to EN I have something specific in mind to get done. Not to navel gaze. Left panel closed provides two click access to tasks (some of which are simulated with an AHK combo so one click). Shortcuts across the top provide quick access to repetitive dynamic sets of notes. The existing hotkeys and some roll your own facilitate search on the fly. So I guess the existing 6.25 interface is my
  3. You may give more credit than is due. 😇 Ditto on usage for me. A tagger myself, five notebooks of record mostly due to backup and local (down to three if I were to move to V10). I don’t care where it’s stored, I will simply search for it No horse in the race but I’d just as soon nested notebooks were added so as to have this debate disappear. They aren’t included in the V10 rewrite which maybe says some serious back end plumbing to address? Supposition on my part.
  4. When V10 first appeared it was stated that3 minutes was the target for sync updates, which made no sense to me in a knowledge app. Hours sounds like an issue. I thin FUBAR is the proper spelling for this condition. 😇
  5. Sorry, but no. I don’t use V10 at this point as it lacks features I need that exist in legacy. I am steering clear of the new version pending those features returning, or not. No future in banging my head against the wall at this point in time. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Of what has been the question. All accounts? Active accounts? Customers as opposed to users? Mind numbing if this argument has been raging for 10 years through leadership changes. That really is spitting in the face of 98% of your users.
  7. Folks been doing it for over 10 years now... To no avail at this point.
  8. Have you tried using a code block to store the text? Not sure it will help but easy enough to test.
  9. I don't think they would drop support for older clients without notice, particularly after instructing customers to use the older client while the new client is being refined. But who knows what can happen? The easiest way to mitigate the older clients is to remedy the new client, be it speed, bugs, or completing functional repair. Even then the old client may work. If there is a concern it would be if EN were to add nested notebooks or the like which required a fundamental change to the data base structure. That might be problematic when syncing older clients. But such a change woul
  10. I believe that was done once before. A security issue of some sort.
  11. Or wait a couple of months until EN clears the underbrush in V10, unless it has the functions that you need and it performs as you expect.
  12. Clueless. I would guess there are some months left. Import folders are coming back soon, hopefully other features will be un-retired soon as well. From what I gather in the V10 forums there is still a ways to go with speed and too many bugs. I tried V10 on Windows for about 15 minutes and dumped it. Not sure it plays nice with larger data bases. It would help if there was some guidance from EN on the life span of the "old" stuff, but hey, maybe they aren't 100% sure at this point. As @PinkElephant says, think about your alternatives should the features you need not make a comeback.
  13. No biggie. Not to belabor the point, but Shift+Alt+T (or the Filter by tag icon) searches for notes by tag. And you can drill down so to speak. After you select a tag you are presented with any tags on all notes that have the tags thus far selected. Example, I have a $tatement tag for all statement notes. After I select that tag I am presented with all the other tags in notes containing the $tatement tag. And the list of notes shrinks as I add tags. So $<enter> followed by amex<enter> yields all notes tagged with $tatement and Amex in the note list. Example of
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