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  1. Just be sure the PDF has been OCR'd. If it wasn't already OCR'd when you added it to EN it may take a bit for the EN servers to OCR it for you, as a premium subscriber. You can try and force the issue by selecting the note in whatever list view, hold the Ctrl key while pressing the Help option, and select Fix Selected Notes. This may force the OCR, don't remember exactly. FWIW.
  2. Horses for courses of course, but I'm of the opinion tags should be as simple and as self explanatory as possible. Also, one should use the minimum amount possible, a function of use case for sure. Tags work great for culling searches to a manageable number of notes, with some text added to the search if need be. Too many tags will eventually lead to confusion, vis a vis, needing a description to remember the purpose of the tag. Not against the enhancement for those that might want it, just a different view on tag usage.
  3. Never sure of the validity of some of the best of lists, but here is a list of free PDF editors, at least for a test period. You can dip your toe in the water with one of these, re copy paste or the rest.
  4. The only special character that EN recognizes is the under score. So "love-in" with the quotes will be the search to get as close as possible. Any notes with love-in or love in will be included in the search results. You will have to filter through those manually or with additional search terms.
  5. No way I know of other than a round trip to Word, you can remove all the links there. Or go to Word first before pasting to EN. Not sure how the end format will look exactly, may depend a bit on the web page. To remove a single hyperlink without losing the display text or image, right-click the hyperlink, and then click Remove Hyperlink. To remove all hyperlinks in a document, press CTRL+A to select the entire document and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.
  6. The contra is actually the truth in my view, users have shoehorned a hierarchical system into tags. Tags in and of themselves are just that, tags. They have no structural component. You can nest tags but that is pretty much just an organizational thing group all accounts together under Accounts for example (other than the option to find all notes for the parent tag and its children). You get the same "node" on notes by using the same tag on notes. So every project doesn't have to have a training tag. One training tag will do paired up with the appropriate project tag to find all training notes for a project. It's a tuple view vs a hierarchical view.
  7. Not my experience. I use eM Client for mail and anything I forward to EN is there typically as soon as I sync, if not worse case within 5 minutes max. Make sure you are looking in the right notebook.
  8. Right click in the note and Select To-do - Uncheck All. This will remove any check marks In the note.
  9. I don't use these commands often, so goo to know. I did an EN Copy Selection on the link you provided above and did a simplify and remove. The results look exactly;y the same. When I took a look at the ENML all the FONT stuff is out of the remove version. I'm sure other things happen with more complicated web pages. If I copy the original formatted note into Word using the keep text only option, and then copy paste back into EN the line break formatting is maintained, though the URL linking is lost. A workaround of sorts, but kind of a PITA. I up voted this assuming we are talking about maintaining new lines when simplifying or removing formatting.
  10. Does remove formatting do a better job for you?
  11. As long as ODS is not enabled. If ODS is enabled search occurs on the servers.
  12. I guess I have got used to leaning back in a desk chair, mouse in hand, keyboard nearby, and not having to touch a screen when in "work" mode. One ear bud in for phone, two for music. Horses for courses. 🙂
  13. Are you sure you logged into the right account? What platform were you using?
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