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  1. Got all that. It's a personal choice. I have the left panel closed other than those rare times some organizational need arises. I took a look after a share and said yuck! Mr problem I suppose, just didn't care for it. If you really, really want one account it is the pain you go through, pain proportional to the number of notes I suppose. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Well that might actually be a matter of opinion depending upon use case, how a person feels about tags and the like... I saw what tags looked like back in the day after sharing an account and couldn't hit "undo" fast enough.
  3. Export by notebook from the one account. Import the results into the other, As a Basic user that you may or may not run out of space for the month. So if you can save to local notebooks until your allotment renews. Or sign up for a month of Premium to complete the process. You can also share one account with the other but then that isn't one account.
  4. Put things in another folder until you are ready to import them.
  5. If you have some Excel skills you can copy the note titles and other meta data into a spreadsheet and do a compare to find duplicate titles reasonably quickly. Go to side list view, I find this the easiest view to use when doing this. Go to all notes and sort by title, saves a step in excel. Click on a note in the note list and press Ctrl+Alt+A to highlight the list. Press Ctrl+Alt+C to copy the list. Open Excel and paste the list into Excel Create a commutation column comparing title with the one above it, flag it as Yes or whatever if it matches. Filter by that computation column and you should have a list of duplicate titles. I think it took me longer to type this than it does to actually do it.
  6. A quick web search for tool to advise when a web page changes returns this 14 BEST tools for Website Change Detection & Monitoring (2020) and 5 Best Free Tools to Monitor Website Changes (2019). I did not dive any deeper. Maybe you could roll your own for this feature. Not to be a wet blanket, but doubtful this is going to find it onto EN's priority list. FWIW.
  7. EN didn't specifically say this. Somehow a half baked beta became the default for new users. A year ago maybe??? Was a mystery to me at the time and still is. Only logic I've heard is maybe it had something to do with getting exposure to the new editor. Still doesn't make sense to me, too much hair on the new version and it isn't feature complete relative to what one expects based upon the literature. IAC, the "previous" version seems to work well, the few times I use it a month. I'm mostly desktop version, faster and far more productive than the web for me. FWIW.
  8. Cool idea, never tried dragging a link to the note list to create a note. Thanks. Anyway, this works fine with Brave. I switched to Brave from FF and Chrome a ways back, still have all three available just in case. Seems faster and has a built in ad blocker. Brave might be worth a try until EN fixes the FF issue. FWIW.
  9. Full disclosure, there are some features not yet implemented in the newest version and a few more bugs than in the previous (current) version. If they don't impact you it should be great.
  10. Check to be sure you are not using the newest version of the EN web client. It is not feature complete and has known issues. You can determine this by clicking on the drop down next to your user name. If you see this panel click on Switch to older version of Evernote and see if that helps.
  11. Got a response from EN support. I am able to reproduce this exactly as you've described it. I've gathered all of the very helpful information you provided and passed along to the development team for further review. They'll prioritize and investigate the root cause to determine the best way to correct this issue. While I don't have a time or date on when this would be resolved, do know they are working diligently on a resolution. At this time, I'm marking this ticket as answered while the development team investigates the issue. So time will tell.
  12. This thread is almost 3 and half years old with not much traffic. Are you experiencing exactly the same problem as the OP?
  13. You are welcome, glad it finally came to its senses.,
  14. I created a note with diamond mountain in it and was able to find it on my PC and IOS with and without the strike through. Hard to tell if there is a special character in there somewhere messing up the works. Have you tried typing over diamond mountain in the current note? Or adding it as text somewhere else in the note.
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