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  1. Clicking a note link after a search is working again. 😊
  2. Watch out for the Kool Aid @DTLow.
  3. Try using the Import folder capability of EN. Create a folder on your PC and use Tools - Import folders to establish a connection to a notebook. Then drag the 10 PDFs to that folder and you will get 10 notes in EN. You can then tag, title, whatever and then move to the notebook of choice. If you are talking about this forum it may be your PC dictionary that did the checking.
  4. These dashboards are notes. As such you can view them on any EN app. Maybe Mac users embrace their creative sides more?
  5. No risk here, the ink in my printer has dried out from lack of use.
  6. Yeah, I've done my own spelunking with Notepad++. Had occasion to do some mass find/replace to an export file of target notes, standardized some table widths on my phone log notes. Probably not even 175 MB, just a couple hundred notes at a time.
  7. It is possible but per @jefito not within EN. Folks use an external app called Filterize for this sort of thing. YouTube video.
  8. Thanks for that, thought you might know of one off the cuff. Methinks I shall do my best to avoid any note delete DAAs, but should one occur stick with brute force, KISS at this point.
  9. Side list viewer here so meh on the aforementioned views. Rolled my own for reminder maintenance with PhraseExpress and mouse positions. Alt+1 - Create reminder with date or mark existing reminder done Alt+2 - Change reminder date Alt+3 - Clear reminder Sample of create/close below. Did this a while back, not that hard actually, me doing it being the example therein.
  10. Good idea. Or copy out the note I want. You know an editor for a 17GB text file? Tried notepad real quick and that's a no-go.
  11. I'm working my way to 5. Synced, Local, Inbox, Scans, and Quick for offline notes on the mobile device. Don't have any share needs so that should do it. Recovery is holding me back at the moment. Importing 37k notes to retrieve one seems a bit onerous. I may keep the other three around for a bit, 24k import then.
  12. How about an anti-dashboard dashboard, just EN itself? I open EN to the Inbox, typically empty, and then with one click can access tags or saved searches for task info (named such that most used are on top of either list), one click the shortcuts across the top, or Ctrl+Q for a dynamic search (sometimes the search bar). The shortcut Searchz contains a table of medium use searches enacted by a PhraseExpress hotkey, so two clicks to those. Not elegant or pretty I suppose, but fluid and gets me where I need to get in short order.
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