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  1. Clear seems less aggressive than Remove. How about "Release local storage for rarely viewed notes"
  2. Haven't seen this before. Does it still occur after you File - Exit EN and start up again?
  3. Well, this is atypical, hasn't happened to me anyway. Sometimes depending upon the origin of the note, special characters may generate an otherwise not obvious match. But typically if a note is returned in a search, the keyword is in the title, in a tag, in the body of the note, or in an attachment. And you are doing a Ctrl-F or the like to find the text in the note?
  4. Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    The new PDF viewer does not have the drag icon of the old one. Method now, until/if EN adds the feature back, is to click the download icon and save to desktop or wherever and then drag from there. The complaint about this was registered in the beta threads preceding this release. That and the loss of the one click open in your preferred editor. Both steps backward with the new Google PDF viewer.
  5. Nope. To search within the note you need to use Ctrl-F in Windows, or per @DTLow, command F on a Mac.
  6. The notes aren't visible on the web version? IAC, make sure you are using the same account information. It is easy to accidentally create an account with EN. This is the issue most of the time when all notes disappear. If not, then I would contact support since you are a premium member. You can also try Twitter support.
  7. Do a the same created date range search on all devices, compare the counts. If they are different add a temp tag to all the notes on your Mac or PC and sync (easier to make mass changes there). If the extra notes are on your Mac/PC this should force the notes to the other devices. If the extra notes are on the iDevices do a -tag:temp with the date search there. Tag the remaining notes with temp and sync. This should force the notes to the other devices. When the totals match for the date range, delete the temp tag and continue the date ranges till done. Start with a short date range and ramp up. Had to do this myself, a few years back. FWIW.
  8. Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    Just an FYI. It was taking over 5 seconds for the PDF to display after selecting a note (I timed 4 different notes). I did a File - Exit and when I reopened EN all was normal. Clueless as to what I might have done to create the issue. Again, just an FYI.
  9. Display size of pdf

    You are welcome. Yeah, the function has been available since the beginning of October, in the betas preceding the 6.8 public.
  10. Which level of Evernote allows scanned docs?

    Per @DTLow, any subscription level can add PDFs to EN. The only restriction with Basic is how many you may be able to add any given month based upon the upload limits. One difference with @DTLow, however. Even with Basic you can search the PDF contents in EN, provide you OCR the PDFs yourself. Typically you can do this with software that comes with the scanner or PDF editor software.
  11. Recover Lost Notes

    Make sure you are signing in with the right user name. Sometimes second accounts are accidentally created.
  12. Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    That helps thanks. Safe to assume this fix will address existing notes with "." in the title? Have a bunch of old notes with PDFs named Account - Also, if you rename a PDF using the context menu the name in the banner does not change in all instances.
  13. Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    What do you see when you make the attached period italics? Nope. EN seems to be telling us that there is an overlap in the characters.
  14. Evernote for Windows 6.8 GA

    Word doesn't fare much better. Probably got to do with mixing italics within a word.