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  1. Make sure you are on the current browser version, not the beta.
  2. Not the first request for tag maintenance on a note to change the updated field. 100% support this and up-voted.
  3. If the notes are truly segregated, Stacks make it just a little easier to search, just select the stack. If not truly segregated, tags are probably the better option. To be clear, tags are not segregated by notebook with EN, unless you make it so.
  4. Nice Easter Egg! 👍 Or one can tag them Business.Card
  5. Yeah, this has been reported before. The scroll bar does not function as one would expect with long lists. Per @gazumped workarounds are shortcuts or using a text expander. Putting created:19000101 in a saved search will.get you to the top of the list, assuming you save the search view sorted the way you want, created in this example.
  6. Not a Facebook user, so meh for me. Don't know what other sites were white listed. End of the day, kind of like tallest short person in the room. All browsers have a foible of some sort, to someone. I still use FF in addition to Brave. Very rarely Chrome, resource hog that it is.
  7. The EN web beta is not full function. You need to go back to the Current version to get reminder functionality.
  8. Right click in the note and then select To-Do.
  9. May depend on the PDF. I just copy/pasted from a PDF and the lines appeared as a "paragraph". As a matter of fact, three paragraphs became one paragraph after the paste. So the opposite problem to yours. No extra CR/LF best I can tell.
  10. Don't know what chaos means are the screen shot. In any case, go to Evernote web and then go to settings. Revoke access to all devices there and then go back to your iPad. Screen shot of what it looks like for me. As a premium subscriber I have more than two devices active.
  11. No highlight for sure. Though no copy/paste I can drag/drop images to the Current web version. Very charitable of you. 😉
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