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  1. Maybe who wants to admit that hardware solves a software problem?
  2. Doesn't mean it won't work. Practical experience on my part. Many years ago, BAD EN performance - install SSD - EXCELLENT EN performance. Sure it's only one data point, but a fine data point for me. IAC, just about any app or machine performs better with an SSD and more memory.
  3. The paid service you are using has a specific limit on note size. Perhaps picking a paid service that satisfies your needs would be appropriate. Or add your vote to the 22 above and compromise in the meantime and build your own solution.
  4. 43k notes with no speed issues. Check what else is running on your machine, particularly any of the Microsoft background stuff which you don't use. Turn off context in EN. Hold Ctrl and click on help. Select optimize data base. EN performance is impacted by memory and disk type (HDD vs SSD).
  5. Thanks for posting the solution.
  6. User name is used for EXB files. So moab762 .exb is an EN data base for user moab762. Are you signing in with that user name, did you before? When you sign in to the web what usere name do you use. Check Tools - Options to see what/where your EN data base is. I store my DB in a non-default location.
  7. Maybe post back when you get an answer, for posterity.
  8. Sorry, got nothing else other than maybe a reboot. Like @PinkElephant I am not having any sync issues through my VPN. Private Internet Access to be specific.
  9. Did you completely sign out of EN, File - Sign out username? Any errors in the log file? Be sure you are using the exact username and password.
  10. Kind of a pick your poison at this point. I did post to EN that dispersing the Notebook/Title/Tag data wasn't a move with which I agreed. Particularly since the same structure appeared in the Windows preview. You could do the same.
  11. Yup, I was simply referring to Ctrl+F tech in general.
  12. You can use Ctrl+F within the note to find subsequent occurrences of a word.
  13. Drop the quotes around -tag:*.
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