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  1. New update today (v8.1.2) - insert line still not fixed. .
  2. +1 to horizontal lines being fixed. PS... thanks for fixing the performance issue with notes taking forever to display.
  3. LOL if they had not fixed the performance issue first I would not have had to worry about the horizontal line. It was that bad, rendered Evernote mobile pretty much useless for me as a tool to make a note while with my clients. The first couple of times I dropped notes into Keep and then copied them over later. After that I dug my notepad and a pen out of my technical kit and kept it with me. Old school but it works offline. 😉 😄
  4. Both were issues within the 8.10.0 version of Evernote. Was the horizontal line bug the sole cause of the performance slowdown? Obviously not as 8.1.1 fixed the delay in notes being displayed but not the horizontal line bug. I am concerned that your interpretation of previous posts in this thread may be causing tremendous anxiety for you. Know what I mean ??? ???? 😉😉 .
  5. I use that fabulous search function to search for a character string - the text of my date stamp yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss (ex. 2019-06-30-090600). Searching on the creation date or last update is of no value because the text I'm looking for is from a date in between those two end points. I'm using Evernote in the same fashion as the old old recipe card contact management system sales reps used for clients 20 years ago. All comments (sub-notes?) and activity for a particular client over many years is in one note with multiple, often daily, additions of comments on requests or issues. Each sub note having a horizontal line above and below it and a date stamp plus the name of the person being dealt with. For example: I want to go back and review my notes from a day during a recent business trip. It becomes a simple matter to pull up all additions from a particular day by searching on the date stamp.
  6. I have now updated to 8.1.1. That fixed the delay to view the note but the insert horizontal line function remains broken. .
  7. Android 7.1.1 Evernote v 8.1.0 re: insert horizontal line function Along with the issue of taking a minute or more for notes to display for viewing or editing, I have now discovered that this editing function in the Android app no longer works as it once did. It used to always insert the horizontal line at the blinking cursor. Now is always places it at the bottom of the note. Works fine in the desktop Windows app. Another negative for EN ver 8.1.0 This is a key editing function for me as I use the horizontal line extensively to break up a note into smaller sub-sections, usually with a date stamp in them. When I'm researching an issue and adding updates as I resolve the problem or a product progresses from beta mode to final form I keep all the updates in one note on the issue/product. Ditto when using EN for client management and keeping track of interactions. BTW... that is another function Evernote should have on that menu bar - a date insertion tool preferably in the form factor of yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss. I currently use a work around app but it is clumsy. Makes it easy to search for all notes or note updates from a specific day or month where you have time stamped your note. .
  8. Thanks for pointing me to this but what a mosh pit of depravity this whole APK Editor/Extractor section of the Play Store is. I would not trust using 9/10 of those apps listed. If Google published one I'd have a go. .
  9. So frustrating. Tried to install from both of the links above and for both got an error message that "the package appears to be corrupt". .
  10. It happens with offline notes that have been downloaded to the phone. Takes a minute or longer for the text in the body to load to view it. Has to be something within the app itself on the phone. .
  11. I'm having the same issues. Oddly, all my notes are set for using when I'm offline and those notes are sometimes taking about a minutes to open. This started about 3 to 4 weeks ago, right before a business trip of course when zippy performance is required when digging up info when with clients. Phone is a ZTE Axon 7 running Android 7.1.1 and Evenote Premium ver 8.1.0. The note will partially load as shown in this image but none of the text shows, just some of the Evernote buttons which can be used such as moving the note to another notebook. However it will not allow me to use the back arrow at upper left. Can I go back to 8.8.1 when I'm on 8.1.0 ?? I've thought about purging the cache and reloading all the offline notes . ..
  12. About 4000 notes here with several hundred inclusive of PDF's or images, maybe 15% of all notes. On a Windows 7 laptop - seldom any performance issues, most are due other processes on the PC. On a Windows 10 desktop - as above. On my two year old Android phone with its' Snapdragon 820 and 4GB RAM - the only time I see a pause, and it is a pause of up to 5 seconds sometimes though not always that long but always a pause, is with one note that has a PNG image in it at the top of the note and when I add a comment below the image and tap on the "edit" button I get the pause. The text formatting is a PITA at times but I've learned how to deal with it on the desktop where most of my large data inputs are made. Works really well for me. Especially when I go offline into remote areas and I can still access ALL my technical docs.
  13. Maybe this has been there a while and I have not noticed but yesterday I spotted this and it is wonderful! When I use the Time Share app I mentioned above and Evernote opens, when I start to edit the note the newly acquired contents of the clipboard (the date and time) are showing in the space just above the keyboard. I position the cursor in the note, tap the text from the clipboard and it inserts it into my note. I tested it and the same happens when you use the traditional method of highlighting text to copy into the clipboard. No more long press to bring up the Android "Paste" option. A time saver! Awesome! .
  14. Fixed here as well. Thank your Evernote! .
  15. CalS - too late to check via web client. I have already done as Dave suggested. Changing the stack name to anything other than Personal brought back all the notes. No search parameters in place. I'm not sure how to change the view in the Windows browser to mimic the Side List view I was working with in the Windows client where it shows a cascade of stacks and notebooks on the left and then a side list of notes in the central window/space. . So.... after backing up my EN folder I deleted it and signed back into EN and proceeded to let EN download everything back to my Win7 laptop. I then changed the name of problem stack from "Personal-02" to "Personal" and this time there were no issues, all the various notebooks and their notes were viewable. Issue seems to be resolved though why it got that way I do not know. However, going back 30 years ago I dabbled with several relational data bases as well as several contact management programs such as Maximizer, Goldmine, and ACT in the years that followed. I can recall how wacked out things would get when an index had corrupted. .
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