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  1. I was being quite facetious with my comment "there is confirmation it has been synced by means of an error message "Note Upload Failed" for that one rogue note that is always there to torment you." Unfortunately I've come to equate this still unfixed issue and the error message it produces with Sync from Phone being successful. I do go to the Sync option in Settings on occasion. I have not updated my phone app since the "new" EN was released. I take it the Sync button is still in Settings? .
  2. Good point there - use a browser to access EN on both my desktop and laptop. I've never used a browser. I've always known the browser was there to use but I did not like the interface when I first started using EN and have never used it since. I'll have to check it out. Still, put a sync button in the desktop clients. It is a small thing for peace of mind. With the phone client its' always been a quick swipe to ensure a sync has started and usually there is confirmation it has been synced by means of an error message "Note Upload Failed" for that one rogue note that is always there to torment you.
  3. Up to now, for 8 years, I leave my office with EN active on a laptop and a desktop and then use my phone when I arrive at my destination. I've never ever manually exited EN on my desktop or laptop unless it was to perform some kind of critical and exhaustive software update on my system. I boot them up in the morning and EN is automatically logged into. I sleep or shut them down when I go to bed 16 hours later. So now I have to manually stop EN to ensure a sync goes thru and then manually log into EN when I return. That is not convenient. I might do this 2 or 3 times a day. With my convoluted passwords I use a password manager but not one that auto-fills and so with my peck typing method it can take more than a minute or tow to successfully get back into. Pffft!
  4. I've waited almost a year for EN to work the bugs out before installing v10 or higher. Today I put it on a new PC I've just built and the first thing I spotted, other than a huge storage size difference which I'm still investigating, is that the Sync Button is missing off the top of the screen. I drop PDF's into notes everyday and often just before I run out the door so I have to know they are available on three different devices. Manual Sync is critical to me. I'm just not comfortable without that Sync button. I guess I will be waiting a bit longer. Premium user since 2013.
  5. Premium account since 2013. About 5000 notes. I don't want to update my phone (Android 10 OneUI v3) with the update that popped up this week. Working mainly off the Windows desktop app due I have stopped traveling for work. I have not updated my Windows app either. Can't believe I'm almost grateful to COVID. For shame EN. .
  6. Here we are a few days later and went to use it and it did NOT work - inserting the line at the bottom of the note. Then I realized this latest note was one I had created within the past month on my Windows PC. Earlier I had tested it on some older notes, possible originally created on my phone more than a year or two ago. So I found a note created on my phone in the first year of use with minimal formatting and tested it. It worked as it should. - SUCCESS Found another from January 2019 created on my phone, and it worked as well. - SUCCESS. So now I'm into notes with a mix of formatting and previous horizontal lines inserted. A note created in 2016 on my PC and never updated - SUCCESS. Note created on my PC in 2019-08-26 - FAILED. Note created in 2013 and updated on 2019-04-03 on my PC - FAILED. Note created on my PC 2018-12-04 and never updated - SUCCESS. I think you can see where I'm going with this. I'm speculating that notes UPDATED on the Windows PC app after a certain date have been corrupted somehow. .
  7. I did the same Dave. Tested in a note with several horizontal lines, a note where I had put in a placeholder to insert a line at a later time, and a new note. What version of Android are you using? .
  8. v8.13 is now installed on my Android phone. This function is working as it should. Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Android 10. Is it fixed on your phone? .
  9. The "Insert Line" bug has been fixed. Yay!!! Still having issues with the "Note Upload Failed" bug. I've created a new note (on my Windows desktop) with copy & paste (not the Duplicate Note option) and then tried deleting the note off my phone, multiple syncs on all my systems using Evernote. Still there. Will have to go back and review the suggested procedure which involves deleting cache, uninstalling Evernote, and then re-installing. Took 2 days to restore all my offline notes the last time I did this, but hey! looks like I'm not going anywhere for at least 2 weeks. Stay safe! Isolate, and stop hoarding the toilet paper! .
  10. Has it been gone for a week or more? It will come back if your Android app is like my Android app. Mine came back and I believe it was the same note it had the error with before I uninstalled, purged the cache, and re-installed. .
  11. It worked for a week for me. It is back. It is a different note. Complete waste of time. Took a day to reload data back to my phone. YES, the note WAS created in a different app..... an older version of EVERNOTE that actually functioned correctly. 😡 😡 .
  12. Me too .... A complete waste of time clearing cache and data. Took a full day to reload all the data to my phone for offline use. .
  13. I tried the clear cache and data method. Seemed to have worked for a week or so. Then this morning when I was out and connected via cell and not WiFi, edited a note and back came that error message. But not the note I last saw this on. Fix one note and it pops up with another. Always a message that the note could not be sync'd as it was create with a different app. This is not what I want to see when I'm trying to use Evernote in the field to manage my client relationships. I have to wait to get back to the hotel and do ALL my serious data entry and editing on the laptop while connected via the hotel WiFi. So I have started making audio recordings to transcribe later. Which is what I used to do with my previous CRM software and is why I switched to Evernote. 🙄 👎 .
  14. FWIW.... it has nothing to do with the Android version or hardware if my experience is definitive. New phone... Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Android 9, fresh install, and the line still inserts at the bottom of the note. Now to see what happens with the locked note issue. .
  15. Seeing this too and I cannot understand it. "Locked due it was created in another app" I got rid of one. Sync'd. All Good. Added to an existing note using the App on the Android phone. Sync'd. Then an unrelated note from a different notebook, different period of time, shows up as a notification. The only commonality is that the notebooks the various notes are in are all sub-notebooks within the same notebook above them. I'm certain the the latest error was created on one of my Windows machines and sync'd.
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