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  1. Do you know this to be literally true? i.e. That there wasn't a single character from the old code base brought to the new code base? Has Evernote said this? It may very well be true - I don't know. Unfortunately, I can only think of two plausible explanations for these cursor bugs. Evernote truly does have two entirely separate code bases, but, just by astounding coincidence, they programmed infuriating cursor jumping bugs into both of them. It is just a further coincidence that the symptoms of those bugs - on two entirely separate code bases - are pretty much indistinguishable. This seems to be what you're saying, @PinkElephant. The company programmed infuriating cursor jumping bugs into the original code 7+ years ago. Years later, those bugs live on in Legacy... AND Evernote chose to copy-paste some/all of those bugs into the new code base. Both explanations are quite cynical, but I'm no coder. This is all I can think of as a layperson. Is there a more optimistic explanation out there?
  2. Weird cursor jumping has been a known issue at Evernote since early 2014. Source: Evernote - The Bug Ridden Elephant. You could likely search these forums and find weird cursor jumping (and other cursor bugs) reports going back to even earlier years. As a non-coder, it is hard for me to comprehend how an ultra basic "feature" of a note-taking program can fail for so many years. I can only suspect that the root cause of these cursor bugs is so deep and entangled in the code that nobody dares to even try to fix it. Far more fun to change typography, color schemes, and other brand refreshments. That could be why, even now, after 7+ years of cursor bugs, even after the latest rebuild, all we hear is: Maybe there's some other explanation for the cursor bugs that I don't understand. Please enlighten me if you know the answer. I'd love for an Evernote employee to just say "We're not going to build things like Home screens, Tasks, and new logos until basic elements like cursors just work because typing is important." Then it would be great if they could just follow through on that. I won't hold my breath.
  3. So sometimes Evernote allows you to read your notes and sometimes it does not. Like, whatevs, amirite? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's probably time for Evernote employees to devote a bunch of resources to updating the color scheme on the home screen.
  4. These responses just do not sound promising to me. When I say "Do the brakes work?", people pretty much know that means "Do the brakes slow and stop the car as expected?" and thus nobody says "Well, there are lots of different ways brakes can work and you never really know until you try." I need nothing fancy from Evernote as I mainly use it to store recipes and have otherwise migrated away. Typing, reading, saving data, pasting images, that's pretty much it. I'm worried that if I try V10, Evernote will cause my entire computer to lag and screwy things will happen with legacy and my data. Sounds like I will have to wait at least a few more months before trying V10.
  5. Do you think you could make a video of this, post it here, and also describe your hardware? Maybe watching that super long lag time in the video will get enough attention at Evernote to divert some resources away from rearranging home screen buttons and towards basic performance improvements.
  6. Rebooting your entire computer every 15 minutes to cut the lag time when switching notes down to 20 seconds? This is so absurd that I can't even tell if it's sarcastic or not.
  7. This is terrible. I'm most shocked by how you can't tell what has and hasn't synced. Is there actually nothing as simple as a green check mark or "saved to cloud" message or something like that to indicate to the user that data has been stored? How are users supposed to know, ever, when any data is saved?
  8. Hmm. Sounds like only disappointed people are posting. Either Evernote 10 is still a sluggish resource hog... or maybe only people with that experience are responding. So I'll put out a request for any other point of view: Does anyone believe that the ultra basic features of Evernote 10 (e.g. typing) JUST WORK? Or does literally everyone - from users to customers, Evernote janitor to Evernote CEO - everyone - believe Evernote 10 has not reached that bar?
  9. It has been a couple of months since I asked, so I'll ask again: Are Evernote 10's core functions working yet? That is, does the basic experience (opening notes, typing, copy/paste, moving notes, saving data, etc.) just work yet? Or is still better to stick with Legacy?
  10. How do you know that the new Evernote apps will always be slower than the legacy versions? On the one hand, @IanSmall recently said the opposite of this. On the other hand, every Evernote CEO and many other employees have been promising and failing to fix these issues for well over a decade. Let's hope this time truly is different. Are they keeping that promise? Let's see. I think we have the answer. Evernote does not appear to have changed. There are still people there working on embedding YouTube videos instead of making the typing experience tolerable. Employees are still adding features like a home screen instead of ensuring that the program overall isn't a huge resource hog. Evernote is pouring resources into dynamic links with Google Drive files instead of preventing system hang. The list of new and non-core features is consistently large while core performance issues remain largely unchanged. From the outside, it still feels like Evernote is focusing on the car's leather interiors and stereo system while the brakes and steering don't work. Can someone please correct my cynicism if it's out of line? Have there been enormous improvements to the core UX of the new apps that I'm not aware of?
  11. That's too bad. I basically just need to be able to type quickly and it's weird and sad that Evernote does not offer that experience. Maybe when V11 or V12 comes out, Evernote will be fast again.
  12. Can someone tell me if the current version of Evernote is reasonably fast and responsive or if I should stick with the legacy version for a while longer?
  13. I may not be able to EXACTLY quantify "good enough" but I perceive my bar as extremely low; low enough that nearly all software from 1997 would suffice... yet, AFAIK, too high for V10. Evernote should: Show a letter on the screen immediately after it is typed on the keyboard. It should not fall significantly behind normal rates of keystrokes. Respond to mice in fast and obvious ways, such as enabling the selection of more than one item, not lagging way behind the movement of the mouse, click and drag, etc. NOT have, say, an 8 second lag when I open a note that consists only of a tiny amount of text. NOT take lots of clicks and swipes over a 20+ second span to open the program and begin jotting down a thought. NOT use tremendous amounts of resources, because it's a note editor, not a video editor. Fix bugs from ~2011 and earlier to ultra basic features, like securing data, scrolling, or responding to the backspace key. It sounds like Evernote is doing OK on #6 and very much failing on 1 - 5. Is that right or wrong?
  14. Good to know. Sounds like I'll have to wait a while longer before trying it. Is the current version any better than the the version from a month ago?
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