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  1. Though it would be amazing if Google changed something in YouTube, don't you think Evernote should be the company that fixes a problem that appears entirely specific to Evernote's software?
  2. So we agree, then, that Evernote appears entirely unique its inability to paste line breaks? i.e. That every known program can do this except for Evernote? Am I the only one who finds it unreasonable that this is necessary to capture a line break?
  3. Sounds like you think the website code is the root cause of the problem. Doesn't my GIF disprove that? Google Docs, Sublime, OneNote -and every other program I've found- perfectly capable of copy-pasting as expected? Why is Evernote uniquely incapable?
  4. Thanks! I don't think I've ever actually used Evernote Web Clipper before. How much better is it than copy-paste?
  5. That's what I've been doing. Does it not seem weird that this is necessary in a note-taking program?
  6. Evernote seems incapable of copy/paste line breaks from YouTube. I have all the updates for both my Windows 10 machines and Evernote. I experience this issue on my desktop and laptop, pasting from Firefox and Chrome. I know these kinds of bugs are supposed to be fixed in the new desktop editor, but who knows when that will be released? Hopefully soon... but maybe not. Is it possible to release a quick fix for a feature as essential as copy/paste now? For the record: if this happens to be a super hard bug to fix, then I would prefer that effort be put into releasing that new edit
  7. If the prior common editors were not abandoned back then, are they being abandoned now for this common editor?
  8. @dcon To be honest, I don't think I quite understand some of the jargon around CE, CEF, frameworks, etc. Are you saying that Evernote started a common editor from scratch as announced in this thread, then abandoned that, then started a whole new common editor project, abandoned that, then repeated this cycle a third time, and now @Ian Small is announcing a fourth cycle? If so, what happened to all of those abandoned versions?
  9. I use a SSD on both of my Windows devices, so this has nothing to do with spinning disks. The copy/paste problems are widely reported in these forums going back to, I believe, the very launch of these forums. I think that means the copy/paste problems are widespread enough to be prioritized... As for "rewriting important bits of software" and "use [of] the proper forums", the other reason I'm posting is because the recent announcement of creating a common editor to fix a lot of bugs made me wonder what the heck happened to the prior announcement of creating a common editor to fix
  10. I do not believe Evernote employees are actually very aware of the bugs, so I hope to raise that awareness. In emails with Evernote support, various employees have stepped in at different times, often weeks apart, and then I've had to retell the whole story of bugs, resend videos, etc. Perhaps these forum threads are a more permanent record that they won't lose?
  11. I have made pictures/videos/posts/twitter messages/etc. about all of those bugs. None of them have gotten fixed. Evernote customer service has even - and I'm not kidding you - lost the videos I've sent them in the past. I've deleted most of the videos since then. Overall, Evernote employees just say things like "Maybe we'll fix them one day... that whole touch-the-screen-then-Evernote-crashes-bug, well, that's on our backlog. We have other priorities..." Should I make a bunch of short video clips and post them in these forums to demo the bugs?
  12. I wrongly used the word "bug". What I should have said is "basic functions" have been glitching badly or outright failing for 8+ years. For example, on a Windows device, cursors still leap around weirdly in lists, such as when you press CTRL + RIGHT ARROW while at the very end of a list. Copy/Paste still misses ultra basic things like line breaks and spaces or inserts them unexpectedly or does other weird formatting things. There are tons of posts about this in the forums. Cursors still disappear below the note if you're using tables, horizontal rules, or lists. If I use my touch screen t
  13. I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic. If serious, why the heck is Evernote building 4 different common editors and how, exactly, are 8+ year-old bugs surviving all of those versions?
  14. Can an Evernote employee please give us an update on this project? This thread was all about a common editor which was started in, I think, 2013, and announced publicly in 2015. Instead of having 5 different editors for 5 different platforms, this common editor would fix a lot of bugs, make for a common experience across platforms, allow basic markdown to become a reality, make it easier to roll out new features and smooth out the kinks, etc. Now it's 2019 and there is an announcement of - wait for it - a common editor. This will replace the 5 different editors for 5 different platforms,
  15. I'm seeing exactly the same problems. Evernote has struggled with copy/paste for many years, with much documentation in these very forums. I'd say that if you need to copy/paste a lot, then you should consider switching note-taking programs. The current CEO says he'll make sure the company fixes super basic things like this, but Evernote CEOs have made similar promises in the past... and now it's 2019 and users still cannot rely on copy/paste functions in a note-taking application. If you'd like to be more proactive about this bug, contact Evernote Support on Twitter.
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