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  1. Just to restart the discussion (if not done so in other threads ;-): Professional users often have to follow IT policies that simply ban the use of uncrypted cloud storage. So there are thousands of employees in small and larger teams that really would like to use EN business - but cannot do so. Is it really that hard (for EN) to crypt notebooks on servers? Even if this would work only with a specific type of clients, this would help a lot: work groups normally use one type of clients (Windows). I cannot see any disadvantages because syncing a database always transferres the complete notebooks to the Windows client. Search functionality is provided on client site. A user might crypt his own (local) without loosing anything. This is the current data transport path: Client -> SSL-encryption -> Internet -> SSL-decryption -> Server (an vice versa) What we need is (1): Client -> SSL-encryption -> Internet -> SSL-decryption -> AES-encryption -> Server and Server -> AES-decryption -> SSL-encryption -> Internet -> SSL-decryption -> Client or (2 - event more secure?) Client -> AES-encryption -> SSL-encryption -> Internet -> SSL-decryption -> Server and Server -> SSL-encryption -> Internet -> SSL-decryption -> AES-decryption -> Client Or (other possibilty at all): Why isn't it possible to buy (or lease) EN server software to execute it on (company-)internal hardware (inside local or VPN-secured wider networks)? This is possible with Microsoft Sharepoint and OneNote... Going this way, many companies would have no problem with EN because it allows to store any data inside country borders. In Germany (or whole Europe) there are masses companies looking for cloud services that grant to store data only local sites (and not in the US).
  2. Same symptoms here: I've submitted "Ticket# 1435525 - Synchronisation unmöglich wg. EDAMNotFoundException: id=Tag.guid" but got no response so far. I've attached an AppLog file to analyze the failure on EN site... Support Chat might be OK - but is it available in German?
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