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  1. This is similar to what business users see all the time even in Legacy 😞: Tags with the same name appear multiple with different counts (with no origin) - but the empty ones realiably disappear in all clients. They are retained in the server database and have to be deleted there by using the administration console. So, Your bug in EN-10 seems to be an easy-to-fix one because it works already with business databases 😉. I would accept it until the next fix will come - except it makes a problem when assigning (shared) tags to other notes: which one is assigned? This is a problem in bus
  2. I also keep a diary by automatically creating a note every day at 06:00 o'clock and assign it a template. Because this kind of automation cannot be done inside Evernote, I use IFTTT go create the note by... set up a free IFTTT account define a rule to get the Today's Weather Report from Weather Underground in an Evernote note in a specific notebook (i.e. Diary) thereby tag it with #NewDiary (or any other tag you like) use Filterize to attach your template by... set up a free Filterize account define a rule to change he
  3. This is a bug in EN-10. You should open a support ticket for that. If You need this to work correct, You should use the old "Legacy" version of Evernote. You might download it from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwAR2TNqp-eGRH3Ds8Vfu-CiKPjYolJzZ_keR9eWQaDahJ2GN-7hwn595zI8w&__s=bsetfdgzirbvqtopurph
  4. Fine. It means (my interpretation): After having it indexed on servers, recoIndex-information is stored on servers "behind" a GUID <resource-attributes>...<source-url> en-cache://tokenKey...+https://www.evernote.com/shard/s333/res/...{GUID} </source-url></resource-attributes> So after deleting the note and re-importing it from ENEX, there is no need to re-index it because it points to already computed index data (which has not been deleted on server side). This makes sense in your test case (and even real cases in which transfer/re-index tim
  5. Hmm, note representation in ENEX format seem to be different in Legacy and EN-10 Legacy contains found word in an recoIndex-section within the ENEX file EN-10 points to a cache entry outside ENEX file (on server which in turn might be cached on client) referenced by an en-cache:-URL By doing so, EN-10 has no need to sync the note itself after OCR scanning servers have completed their job. Background might be better syncing speed because only cached recoIndex-data take fewer bytes... ... and makes syncing effects more mystic 😉 (am Rande: Könnten wir uns hier nicht auch au
  6. THX for the link - didn't see it so far... ... and it approves, that indexing is done on server side. Because there is no direct link between EN-10 and Legacy databases on your local system, all that is a syncing problem: Every change on notes and embedded images have to be transferred to the servers servers do their OCR job (at any time with regard to your account and their load) after this job is done (and recoIndex is added to the note), findings have to be merged to the search index (on server side) and note has to be distributed to clients
  7. Oups, aren't PDFs and images indexed on server side (only)? If so (as it is/was my understanding), using EN-10 should not show differences. If it does (and it does if I'm looking for 😉), it might be a sync issue... I tried the following: I've an image, that contains "offizielle Abgabefrist" in two notes: both (Legacy and EN-10 on Windows) find the notes I've copied this image to an other note in EN-10: EN-10 does not find the newly extended note After a sync in Legacy (even nearly immediately after the copy operation in EN-10) Legacy finds
  8. @Mike POK, sorry for opening this new thread. But maybe it helps to get it solved soon 😉
  9. In Legacy it was possible to simply copy an attachment by typing Ctrl-C (or Ctrl-X to delete it) and pasting it with Ctrl-V to any other application like Outlook, Explorer, Evernote 😉 a.s.o.. More easy: You can drag&drop attachments from notes to Outlook... In EN-10.x this no longer works. Commands are grayed out (inactive) RClick-menues: Drag&drop operations only work from Legacy to EN-10. Dragging from EN-10 to other applications results in inserting meaningless Icons like in spite of the files. Dragging within a note in EN-10 works (it moves the attachme
  10. After some weeks of not using a specific maschine, I updated EN to 10.8.4 and tried to use it... In parallel I opened Legacy. Both instances had to sync their data... Legacy succeeded after app. 5 minutes - EN-10 seems to do nothing since > 60 minutes. Klicking on a tag that should lead to 12 notes: Legacy answers immediately and shows all 12 notes. EN-10 answer immediately and shows only 2 notes (in spite of telling me "(12)" right beside the tag name). After some time, it shows 3 notes - whow - sync is running! (*) BUT there is no other indicator like the rolling arrows in L
  11. Your problems might result from a mix of App- and Program-installations. Your App is version Evernote_10.7.6.0 (old) whereas the Program is 10.8.4 (the actual one). I would suggest the following: Uninstall the App Uninstall the Program Verify that "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps" and "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local\Programs" do not contain anything that belongs to "Evernote*" Install Program (Exe) from https://evernote.com/download (NOT the App) Are Your doing this only for test purposes? If not (if You really need to work with Evernote), You may use the Legacy vers
  12. @Shane D.Now it's nearly 4 months after writing down this User Story. I can not count complaints regarding this issue 😞 Is it really that hard to implement a simple ShellExeute() (or similar call on Mac or Android 😉) as an answer to a click to a URL? Your developers shouldn't be tooo smart: If a user wants to define a hotlink to a local file, he really knows why. Even a cloud-based service like EN should respect this. If the user clicks on his|her link whilst beeing on a foreign maschine, he|she should get an error message. But he MUST be able to define such a link and use it on his masc
  13. This service is not a client service. It is handled by the server as long as the server receives an eMail to your personal EN eMail account. There is no change to the service. I tested it just now and it works fine. So please verify whether there are any typos in Your subject line.
  14. @TK0047 all systems (keystrokes) running fine here - tested it with DEUtschem (German) and ENGlish (US) keyboard. 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254), Editor: V 116.1.14913 and Web-Version.
  15. Click on the Icon left of "Tags". A page "Tags" will open. Move the cursor right of the tag to delete until you will see three points ("..."). Click on these points. Now you can rename, delete or do other things with the tag.
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