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  1. Paul A.'s post in Where is the presentation function? was marked as the answer   
    Evernote decided not to re-implement presentation mode in v10. Perhaps they will change their mind one day. Personally while I can live without it, I did find it quite useful on occasion. If it's important to you, you can run Evernote Legacy and use presentation mode there:
  2. Paul A.'s post in Formatting of Checklists is Broken was marked as the answer   
    Ahh. Your phone definitely qualifies. It seems that they are doing a very slow, staged roll out (i.e. first a random 10% get offered the app, then 20%, then 30%, etc.) So, unless they've paused the roll out due to discovering a serious bug, you should get it fairly soon. 
  3. Paul A.'s post in To-Do ~ Multiple Date/Timeline Choices was marked as the answer   
    Did you create a new note using the To-Do template? (As illustrated below?)

    If so, the template appears to come with all those sections (Today/Tomorrow/This Week/Someday). However, if you don't want all those sections, you have two options:
    Simply delete the sections that you do not want. Set up the note like you want, then save it as a new template. When you subsequently create a blank note, you will have the option to select from previously made templates. Hope that helps.
  4. Paul A.'s post in Unable to add new tag in updated windows app was marked as the answer   
    Hi there, the solution is not to use the "edit tags" menu. I'm not actually sure why that exists at all - perhaps they will eventually add the ability to add a tag from there as well.
    In the meantime, to add a tag to a note, you have a few options: look at the bottom of the active note for a small status bar, click in the space that says "add tag" and start typing.

    As you type, tags that match will be suggested, or you will be given the option to create a new tab by hitting tab or enter:

    Or you can hit F3 (Cmd-' on Mac) to jump to the tag field without taking your hands off the keyboard.
    Or you can create all the tags that you need in advance by clicking on the "Tags" list on the left-hand sidebar, and then you'll be able to use the "Edit tags" menu to select them for a particular note. Until you forget to create one tag, and then you're back to doing it one of the above ways. 😕 I hope that helps.
  5. Paul A.'s post in PDFs - only see first page was marked as the answer   
    Do you see any arrows near the bottom of the first page of the PDF (easy to miss if you're not looking for them) which allow scrolling through each page of the pdf? Alternatively, if you click on the title at the top of the pdf, then click on the three dots overflow menu, you'll see some "view as" options which can change the way pdfs are displayed.
    Hope that helps.
  6. Paul A.'s post in Tags - Mac / Web & Windows was marked as the answer   
    The reason 10.x is not showing any notes is that it defaults to an "AND" search instead of the "OR" search in the previous version of Evernote (shows up as "Any" in the previous version). I don't have the link handy but there's a thread where this is being discussed in more detail and one of the Evernote designers seems to acknowledge it's an issue, so hopefully we'll see improvements soon.
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