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  1. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Html content was marked as the answer   
    @ruralrelic, I often find this in notes created by clipping from the Web, or sometimes from emailing into Evernote. Using Evernote in a Web browser, the material shows up surrounded by a gray box labeled "HTML content". Is that what you're seeing? If so, try clicking on the top gray bar of the box. That should bring up a "magic wand" icon that lets you convert the material to editable text. Hope this helps!
  2. Dave-in-Decatur's post in can't insert a checkbox midsentence was marked as the answer   
    Try the blue button (Insert) at top right. I find that it can insert a checkbox into the middle of a sentence.
  3. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Zoom to bottom was marked as the answer   
    Regrettably, there doesn't seem to be such a possibility yet. The one workaround I can think of is to use a Bluetooth keyboard with a page down or Ctrl+End function.
  4. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Turn off clipboard image feature was marked as the answer   
    Hi, and welcome to the forums. In the Evernote Windows program, go to the Tools menu, then Options, then Shortcut keys.
  5. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Android Widget Issues was marked as the answer   
    Finally found the other report, scrolling down in the update release thread:
  6. Dave-in-Decatur's post in How to change default app when attaching photo was marked as the answer   
    On my phone (a Samsung Note8 running Android 9), I can go to Settings > Apps, and then when the long list of apps has loaded, I can tap the 3-dots menu in the top right corner and select Default apps. That brings up a short list of apps that have been set as default for something. There are various categories there, and under each category that has a default app set I can tap it and change the default app. If what I'm looking for is not in that list, I can tap a link at the bottom, "Set as default," and that will bring up the whole list of apps again, this time with each app marked with either "Set as default" or "None set as default." For apps marked "Set as default," tapping them brings up a screen with the information "This app is set to open by default for some actions," and a button "Clear defaults." Tap that button, and the app is no longer set as default for anything. Frankly, this seems like an extremely crude way to manage defaults, but it's what Google/Android has chosen to do. I hope this will be some help.
  7. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Screen doesn't turn off/go to sleep was marked as the answer   
    A long-standing feature, not a bug. For further reading, see the also long-standing request that it be removed or made optional:
    In particular, this explanation from Evernote staff:
  8. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Simplified download page evernote for windows was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the forums! We are mostly other Evernote users here, not Evernote staff or development team. If you're talking about the evernote.com home page I tend to agree that it is heavily loaded with marketing, and does not offer much help for people who already have Evernote accounts. The Download App link is way down at the bottom of the page. It could certainly be featured more prominently.
  9. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Large Cursor bug was marked as the answer   
    @MatS14, since, as your OP now shows, the same phenomenon is happening in this forum and in the Evernote Web interface, I'd bet the farm (if I still had a farm) that it's something to do with your browser, not with these two (AFAIK) unrelated Websites.
  10. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Cannot Install Evernote on Oppo A39 was marked as the answer   
    Please see the recent discussions in these threads in the Android technical issues forum:
  11. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Can you add/send/append a photo to a specific note? was marked as the answer   
    Hi, @jimmyray, and welcome to Evernote and to the forums! Yes, this is done by adding an attachment to the particular note, using the paper clip icon on the top toolbar. Tap that while you're editing the note, and Photo will be one of the options. The dialog to choose the photo, at least on Android 8, kind of reeks, but it does work. Also, to the right of the paper clip will be an icon representing the most recently used attachment type, so if you have a bunch of photos to add to a note or notes, tapping that each time will take you directly to the photo dialog.
  12. Dave-in-Decatur's post in PROBLEMS EDITING NOTES was marked as the answer   
    When material is pasted into an Evernote note from some other source, unseen formatting codes often come along with it, and this can affect the behavior of Evernote's editing. A simple solution is to paste and match style (Ctrl+Shift+V), or, after the text has been pasted, use simplify formatting (Ctrl+Space) or remove all formatting (Ctrl+Shift+Space). However, this may result in the loss of some formatting that you wished to keep.
  13. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Corrupt previews was marked as the answer   
    When things like this happen, which sound like something getting "stuck" in Evernote's share of the computer's memory, the first and simplest fix to try is to quite Evernote entirely (File menu, Exit; the X at the top right of the window only closes the interface) and then restart it. That can usually clear such an issue. Apologies if you've already tried that!
  14. Dave-in-Decatur's post in Handwriting support with S Pen no longer working after 7.8.2 was marked as the answer   
    UPDATE: I just installed v. 7.9.4, now available in Google Play. This adds the capability of adding a quick note from the Android notification bar (In the Evernote app, Settings > Notifications > Add notes from notification bar). That's convenient in and of itself; but to my delight I found that when writing such a quick note, the S Pen works, not only in the title but in the note area itself! It's still not working in regular text notes, but this should be some relief.
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