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  1. agsteele's post in Blurred fonts was marked as the answer   
    A possibly helpful discussion on this in another thread.
  2. agsteele's post in Account not shown on Mac after install was marked as the answer   
    The most common cause is that the user logs in with a different account on the two devices. So ensure you are using the same login on the iPad and Mac.
    Evernote.com/contact is the place to get support.
  3. agsteele's post in Weird characters are added to / printed in my note when entering a shortcut was marked as the answer   
    Could you temporarily change your default anguage to English and then see if you get the same issue.  This feels like it may be an OS/Evernote conflict or possibly a conflict with another application.  Do you get the issue with other shortcuts or just Ctrl+Alt+T/L? Change language and reboot your PC.  See what happens then change language back to Dutch and reboot.
    If this isn't happening with your device and keyboard working in English then that might highlight a language issue.
    You might quit the Evernote legacy program if you have that running.  I've experienced problems having the same shortcut running in Legacy and v10.  If that works then change or disable the shortcut in Legacy.
    You could also change the Evernote shortcut to something else, again as a temporary test and see what happens.  Try something really unusual such ALT+Shift+= which isn't likely to be used by any other application or the OS.
    A reminder that you can change the Evernote shortcuts: Ctrl+/ then select the ... menu item that appears when you point at the shortcut and select Edit.
  4. agsteele's post in Evernote For Windows v10.18.3 - Tasks Not Working was marked as the answer   
    Sounds like a support ticket is the way to go. Many others are successfully accessing task in v10.18.3 - works here just fine.
    I don't wish to suggest you haven't thought this through but the good old fashioned re-boot the PC could be a solution and if not, then uninstall and completely remove all data directories then reinstall and allow EN to rebuild your data is likely to be successful. (To ensure you clean out the old installation use a program like REVO Uninstaller or just be sure that the %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote directories are deleted after the uninstall process is complete).
  5. agsteele's post in Calendars in New Plans not available for Personal user was marked as the answer   
    Thanks.  Actually had to disconnect my calendar and then reconnect.  I suspect it was a hangover from having been in the Calendar Beta trial.
  6. agsteele's post in The note Title no longer defaulting to first line of the note? was marked as the answer   
    This change has been present since the switch to version 10.  There is no setting in v10 to achieve this. I suspect that this will never return but I could be wrong
    Your only option is to go back to the legacy version if this is key to your workflow.
  7. agsteele's post in Web Clipper & Shortcuts was marked as the answer   
    The Web Clipper is a stand alone plug-in for a number of browsers. Once installed it creates an icon button on the browser toolbar.
    I'm not sure what you are requesting about adding to shortcuts - could you describe it in a little more detail?
  8. agsteele's post in Thoughts on how to fix inability to open files that I saved in Evernote? was marked as the answer   
    @John Burroughs The new version of Evernote is not configurable in terms of the location to store your data.  The good news is that we know your data is intact since you can view it via the web.
    My recommendation would be to thoroughly uninstall Evernote then be sure to delete all left over data directories.
    AppData\Roaming\Evernote is the directory which Evernote v10 uses. Still delete it.
    I'm not sure where AppData\Local\Packages\Evernote.Evernote_q4d96b2w5wcc2\LocalCache\Roaming\Evernote has come from. Even so, delete it or if you prefer copy it to another location for safekeeping. It isn't serving a useful purpose and may confuse the reinstallation.
    Once all vestiges of Evernote have been removed reinstall Evernote from the installation program. Once you log in you should find all your data is restored from the cloud and properly organised. The resync process can take a few minutes to process so give it plenty of time to grab everything from the Cloud before attempting to open a document.
  9. agsteele's post in not using default pdf viewer was marked as the answer   
    THis is an issue with the Windows desktop application.  Depending upon how you added the PDF to the note, sometimes the filename is stripped of its file suffix. Eg: filename.pdf becomes filename
    You've discovered that this is the case for you. Right click on the PDF and select Rename and add .pdf to the end of the name. That should fix the default program open issue.  I get this when adding PDFs from my scanner and also adding a PDF by sendto or dropping on the desktop shortcut.
  10. agsteele's post in Evernote 10.13.4 error in Window 10? was marked as the answer   
    @herdianto Did you ensure that you deleted the program and data directories before reinstalling? That is usually also required in order remove any corrupted configuration and data files.
  11. agsteele's post in Maintain note title on top of screen (in all versions, preferably) was marked as the answer   
    This already exists in part... If you open the note without the snippet/card column then the note title appears at the top of the screen when you are scrolling. But not if the snippet column is showing.

    Similarly if you open the note in its own window then you get the same result. Could that be a workaround until the suggestion you make can be implemented?
  12. agsteele's post in Launch EN tray at login? was marked as the answer   
    An alternative and quite straight forward and useful if the program you want to startup isn't listed by following the process that @Mike P points to. A standard Windows function.
    Win+R shell:startup Create shortcut to %localappdata%\Programs\Evernote\Evernote.exe  
  13. agsteele's post in PDF Note attachments are not saving back to Evernote after modified, changed, or edited was marked as the answer   
    @PNG Coops If you are editing a document attached to a note but outside Evernote I find that you need this process to save the changes back into the note attachment.
    1. Open the attachment
    2. Make the changes
    3. Click the save button or type Ctrl+S
    4. Close the attachment
    If you, instead, just close the attachment then any changes appear to be saved to a copy in one of the temporary directories rather than in the Evernote attached version.
    THis is my experience YMMV
  14. agsteele's post in [Fixed in Version 10.9] Configuration File Error Evernote\config.json SyntaxError: Unexpected token was marked as the answer   
    Evernote 10 has to have this file.  It is a key part of the configuration.  The usual location is %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote\resources\static
    If this file is corrupted or misconfigured it is likely to generate this error.
    The only solution...
    Quit and Uninstall Evernote 10
    Ensure you manually delete the Evernote folder in %LocalAppData%\Programs
    Also manually remove the data folder - Evernote in %AppData%\
    Then reinstall.  You will be starting from scratch and the data files will be recreated.
  15. agsteele's post in How do I access PDFs notes within Windows Desktop? was marked as the answer   
    PDFs display inside a note in the new Evernote desktop application in a similar manner to the previous version except that the default view is 'Single Page' in addition to the options for display as Attachment or as 'All Pages'. A 3Mb PDF should sync in the new app fairly promptly.  Occasionally notes to appear to be blank/without content. The usual resolution is Quit Evernote and then restart.  A PC reboot would achieve the same thing but with more inconvenience.
    You can use the legacy version of Evernote instead of or alongside the new version. If the new version is causing hassle then you can confidently run the legacy version alongside the new version.
  16. agsteele's post in blue plus icon moved was marked as the answer   
    The answer was discussed in the latest Evernote Behind the Scenes video published this week where Ian Small explains this very thing - much as @Mike P describes.
  17. agsteele's post in Unable to create a stack was marked as the answer   
    @SCouch Stacks are created in the Notebook list. Click the Notebook label in the black background sidebar or Ctrl+Alt+2.
    Locate a note book you wish to place in a new stack. Click the three dots option at the end of the line with that Notebook then Add to stack | New Stack
  18. agsteele's post in ScanSnap Organizer and Windows "send to" Evernote suddenly don't work was marked as the answer   
    @weemaple You don't say which eversion of Evernote or OS that you're using. If you've upgraded to the new version 10.x.x release of Evernote then you will have experienced the new world that @pwwroa indicates. ScanSnap scanning in the new version requires you to move to the ScanSnap Home software.
    "SendTo" isn't supported in version 10.x either.
    If these are a key part of your workflow then you should roll back to the legacy version of Evernote.
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