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  1. Sometimes the "Clipping" image lingers for quite awhile, depending on the nature of the item being clipped, connectivity on both ends, etc. It should eventually be replaced by the clipped material. Current versions of the app have a "Clip again" option in the 3-dots menu at top right of the note, FWIW. As for log-in screens and the like, a similar issue was noted recently in another thread (below). It seems that more and more Websites are requiring logins, or cookie consent, etc., for what seems to them like a fresh access to the page when Evernote does its clipping.
  2. Dave-in-Decatur

    Change spacing between notes

    Recent updates of the Android app have changed the way notes are displayed in the list. Some will find the somewhat more spread-out or open display appealing, others will find it annoying and space-wasting, I suppose. But it is the way the interface is designed currently, and cannot be adjusted.
  3. Dave-in-Decatur

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    Ha ha, you think this thread is still about its title! Anyone remember an old singing group called the Drifters?...
  4. Dave-in-Decatur

    Local app won't load

    Most of it was Google translate!
  5. Dave-in-Decatur

    No Search Results on Mobile Phone (Android)

    This is so simple that you've probably already done it, but I forget it sometimes myself: after entering a search term, you do have to tap the search icon. Unlike some other contexts, the search does not run automatically.
  6. Dave-in-Decatur

    ANSWERED Evernote Android Typing Completely Glitchy??

    It does seem to be caused by some particular interaction between Evernote (evidently only Evernote) and particular keyboards doing predictive text, perhaps in specific versions of Android. It's not happening to everyone; at any rate, I'm lucky enough not to be experiencing it (using Smart Keyboard Pro). I suspect (without inside knowledge) that hit-or-miss issues like this may be harder to track down and fix. But I hope they'll track it down; it must be frustrating.
  7. Dave-in-Decatur

    ANSWERED Evernote Android Typing Completely Glitchy??

    Have you looked through some of the previous posts? There have been some suggestions about using a different on-screen keyboard, or turning off predictive text.
  8. Dave-in-Decatur

    Local app won't load

    I'm just giving a rough English translation, so that other people who may have a suggestion can offer it: The same happens to me! That is, it started with synchronization problems, uninstalled, installed ... and now the desktop application does not work at all. It gives a connection error with the server when the initial screen appears (in which user name and password are entered). However, if from that screen I choose "I forgot the password", it DOES connect with the server, because I receive an email to reset the password.
  9. Dave-in-Decatur


    Thanks for this, Jeff! Another Evernote trick I didn't know.
  10. Dave-in-Decatur

    internal note not working in the windows app

    Hi, @fede, and welcome to the forums! What process are you using exactly? I don't do this generally, but just now I went to the Evernote Web interface, clicked the 3 horizontal dots next to the Trash icon in a note, and clicked Copy notelink. This produced a URL of the form https://www.evernote.com/shard/a000/nl/00000000/bunchofletters&numbers?title=NoteTitle. When I created a new note in the Windows program and pasted this link, clicking on it reliably opened the original note within the Windows program. Also, what version of the Evernote program do you have; and are you using the "new" version of the Web app or an earlier one?
  11. Dave-in-Decatur

    New version - adding tags

    No problem, no bother! Hope you'll find good info on the Web version forum.
  12. Also, see this thread for other recent reports and comments on this issue:
  13. Dave-in-Decatur

    customizable keyboard shortcuts

    Besides adding onto this old thread, @Otto P. has also created a new thread on the same topic, which @DTLow is responding to. Probably best to discuss there:
  14. Dave-in-Decatur

    New version - adding tags

    Looking at these, I also wonder, as @jefito did, which version of Evernote you're using. Are you using the standalone Windows program? Or are you using the Web interface in a browser on a Windows computer? What you describe sounds to me more like the Web browser version, which I think has had a makeover recently. This forum is for the standalone Windows program, and that may be causing some confusion. There is a Web version help forum here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/235-web-client/.
  15. Dave-in-Decatur

    customizable keyboard shortcuts

    The only customizable shortcuts can be seen in Tools > Options > Shortcut keys. That's on Windows; it may be different on Mac. On Windows, the formatting shortcuts can't be customized.