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  1. Hi, @whoami1, and welcome to the forums. Which platform are you working on (Web, Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Android, iOS, etc.)? As @jefito says, tables are the way to do this, and the Web clipper is probably creating tables in the process you describe. The experience I have is that the Web beta and the Windows desktop program are able to create and manipulate tables fairly well, Android not at all; I don't know about Mac/iOS.
  2. Hi, @PlatinumHydra, and welcome to the forums. At present only the Web client (beta) really has built-in styles, such as headers. Others (Windows desktop, Android, etc.) try to approximate the fonts, sizes, etc., of these styles. I've noticed the differences too, and I'd also like it to be uniform. I have had to wave my no-obsesso wand at myself a couple of times. The plan is, as I understand it, for the Web client to be the testing ground for upgrades coming to all the editors, and presumably when the Web client's capabilities have been migrated to the other platforms, we'll see more consistency. Till then, we just have to deal with it.
  3. Just WRT this, and out of genuine (if somewhat skeptical) curiosity, are you finding Microsoft to be responsive to customer complaints? What's their support like?
  4. In fact, Evernote staff do look over these forums, and occasionally reach out here when necessary and appropriate. Since the OP states, "This is a minor temporary annoyance without any impact on functionality," it doesn't seem likely that they will jump right in on this one, however. This approach seems to be pretty standard, or at least very widespread, in software "support" these days. I found it very annoying when it first began to appear, what, 10 years ago? But I've grown accustomed to it, and in any case, like it or not, I don't expect software companies to pay staff to participate really actively on such forums.
  5. Well, @CalS, that's in the URL area of the ... what, metadata? At any rate, I think Tony is wanting it to appear automatically in the body of the note, and I don't think at this point that that works. At least not in Windows.
  6. Strange. I just made a test note, in a window that was very short from top to bottom, so I wouldn't have to type much before it needed to scroll. And it did scroll, i.e., when I got to the end of the line at the bottom of the window and continued typing, the existing text rolled up so I could see what I typed. Evidently that's what's not working for some folks?
  7. No more gurus here; just look around. (Oops, sorry for inserting a fact.) But hey: Gurus vs. Trolls ... that might make a great video game!
  8. The Beta has been updated recently, and is being updated fairly often. In fact, it now represents at least the beginnings of what the editors across all platforms will be capable of. It is still a beta, and things could go wrong. But the only issues I've seen have been features not yet added. I haven't had any data loss. As to what "the company" is up to, anyone who's actually interested can look at the extensive set of "Behind the Scenes" videos. But oops! What was I thinking? In Andreas' world, only trolls have freedom of speech. Anyone who reports positive facts is just "defending the company" and ought to be silenced.
  9. Staff occasionally look in, but this is primarily a user-to-user forum. @PinkElephant's point, I believe, is that when creating the new notebook in the Web client, you may have accidentally logged in with a different email address, which would very quickly and easily (unfortunately) create a new account. So yes, it would be a completely new account, and that's where the notes you created at that time would be. Depending on what email and password you used to create it, it might not be obvious how to get back to this account. You may need to try every email address and password you might have used--being careful not to create yet another new account! You can go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new to create a support request. I'm not sure what options will be available to you on a Basic account. If the notes are important enough, it may be worth signing up for Premium for just one month so that you can get full access to support and they can hopefully straighten this out. At the end of the month, you can simply drop back to Basic.
  10. @benkrall, after I posted the message that you quote, I thought better of getting involved in this discussion and deleted it (which is why others who come here will not see it). All I'll repeat of it here is that, for me, there is not a "constant issue of data loss." I don't think I'm unique in that experience, but I haven't done a survey. I don't have the impression that you have either. We each have only our own experience to go on; mine is good, on the whole, and yours is lousy. I don't think it's fair to project from only one's own experience to what the service overall is like, or to what its staffers are doing overall. No need to reply to this; I don't foresee a fruitful dialogue here. I do hope you are able to get out of the mess to something that works better for you.
  11. Hi, and welcome to the forums. How are you accessing your notes? On the Evernote Web client in a browser, or in the Windows or Mac desktop programs?
  12. Hello, and welcome to the forums. Another user reported a similar problem, and it was related to emailing notes directly from a scanner. Is that also your situation?
  13. Finally figured this one out. In a PDF within a note, click on the header bar (the gray stripe at the top), then on the 3 dots, to get a choice of Download, View as Attachment, and Page-through Preview or Full Preview. For me, View as Attachment is especially welcome. Thanks again for noticing this.
  14. When I switch to another app while I'm editing a note in the Evernote Android app, I do usually get a message saying "Saving note in [notebook note]." There's also a manual "Save note" option in the 3-dots menu at top right when editing. Either of these should save a temporary copy to local storage on the phone. I'm not clear on what you mean by "close a note"--if you're tapping the check mark at top left, that should sync it with the Evernote servers. Actually exiting (closing) the app without doing that is a recipe for losing data. It might save locally, or it might not. The Evernote app is meant to sync with the Evernote servers, not to save locally on a long-term basis (unless you designate a notebook as "available offline"). If something has changed in how the app works (updates in the last year have been exceedingly minor, in fact generally hard to tell what has been changed), your best bet might be to do a sync (from the notes or notebooks list, tap the 3-dots menu and choose sync), close Evernote, uninstall it, restart the phone, and reinstall Evernote. You'll have to give it a few minutes to download the index and other data that it does save to the phone, and re-establish any settings that you customized. I hope that's some help.
  15. Hi, and welcome to the forums. There's one specifically dedicated to Android issues, and you may get better help if you post this there: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/210-evernote-for-android/.
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