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  1. The help article to which @DTLow linked does say explicitly that location sorting is an Android feature. Yet, as @shadowmoses indicates, the sort options in the Windows program do include not only Location but several other location related options. Hmmm. Seems like an inconsistency; or else just something in the Windows program that is, um, "aspirational" rather than being hooked up to anything functional.
  2. Google help? What's that? Well, of course, it's forums, just like this only with less helpful people.
  3. When I log out and go to the compare plans page, it shows that same set of options as @Michael Goulding's screenshot, but the rate is $7.99/month, US dollars, I'm sure; I'm in the US. It does not show an annual option, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Logged out and clicking on the Premium Sign Up button, I just get sent to the login page; maybe there's a cookie showing me as a logged-out subscriber. On my account page, though, it says my subscription will auto-renew next May, and my card will be charged $69.99 per year. So there's no indication of a price increase there. When I open a private, no-cookies-read browser window, I can create an account, and the default selection is for Premium with the Bill yearly slider turned on at $5.83 per month, which is $69.96/year. With Bill yearly turned off, again it's $7.99/month. So to me it looks like there's no price increase. Note to any Evernote staffer who sees this: In the process of the above testing, I created an account using the email address fenortner@burp.co.uk. My apologies that this now-deactivated account with no notes in it will be running through your records forever. Also, apologies to any easily-offended Britons. It was the fastest not-possibly-existing email address I could think of.
  4. @PinkElephant, ein bisschen Hilfe?
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forums. Often the simplest thing for such a problem is to exit the program completely (File > Exit; or end all Evernote processes in Task Manager; the red X box at the top right of the Window only closes the interface, not the program as a whole), and then restart it. This can clear out gunk that's gotten stuck in the computer's memory. A reboot has the same effect
  6. I don't use Chrome or Chromebooks, so this may be unhelpful. In Android, when a Website is being "clipped" ("shared") to Evernote, there's an elephant logo with a circle spinning around it. If I tap on the logo, I got a small popup menu offering a couple of choices, including clipping the full page or saving the URL only. Choosing the latter produces just what you're seeing on your Chromebook: a note with a title and a link to the page. So wherever the setting is on that system, the URL only option may accidentally have gotten set.
  7. I'm not sure whether anyone here can address this. I just updated to Android v. 8.12.3. The version notes in Google Play had the usual idiotic "We came, we saw, we conquered bugs." I thought maybe the developers might post in the beta forum what bugs were "conquered," but apparently not. So can anyone point me to release notes with any actual substance to them? There are a couple of serious issues regarding notes refusing to sync and horizontal lines being inserted at the ends of notes that I hope they're working on. They're not fixed yet, but when they are I'd like to be informed! And why not at least let us know what general areas the bugs being fixed pertain to, e.g., user interface, editor, etc.?
  8. Another possibility would be to log onto your account on a computer at https://www.evernote.com/client/web and see if the table is still intact there. If not, then yes, unless the information can be retrieved or recreated otherwise, a month of Premium will get you access to the note history (which is only taken at certain intervals, so sometimes even there the material is lacking).
  9. Hi, and welcome to the forums. As a fellow user, I can only report that I've never had this happen, not that I particularly know why--other than that I don't create notes that are 57 KB in size, as one user reported. @bmerrow@gmail.com, can you give some more details? Does it happen with random notes, or only particularly big ones? Are there any particular times or places where it's more likely to happen?
  10. Just to comment on a couple of things here: I'm a retired professor, and technology for note taking was coming in late in my career. I never thought it seemed less attentive than paper. What some people don't like is audio recording, actually--apparently under the apprehension that someone in the audience is going to release an unauthorized recording of their lecture, which strikes me as more than a little ludicrous. And I suppose it might seem that someone taking notes on paper must be paying attention, while someone recording audio could be woolgathering, planning to listen to the lecture later. I knew diligent students who took paper notes and reviewed them with their audio recordings later. But back to the topic at hand (you know how professors ramble). I suspect that @Conagh's bad experience could be related to dodgy network connections, whether WiFi or phone/tablet data. In the Android app, the 3-dot menu at top right has an option to save the note, which I think saves it temporarily to the device. It'd be an aggravation in the middle of a lecture, but hitting that a few times might secure the note in a poor connectivity situation. Best might actually be to create an offline notebook just for note-taking, and then after the lecture move the notes to a synced notebook. All this is if connectivity is actually (part of) the problem.
  11. My apologies for the above. Yet another thread has appeared, showing the same "unsync" limitation, evidently on an iPhone: So (A) there are indeed different notices on different devices and/or account types, and (B) the Help article needs serious updating.
  12. For me, I practically never see this system function outside Evernote (I rarely use MS Office programs), so I'm giving it a try. Thanks, @jefito and @DTLow! EDIT: Turns out Quicken uses this function to fill in dates, and insists on numbers only in the date field (without actually telling the user any of this; I found it in one of their forums), so I had to slink back to the boring MM/dd/yyyy numerical setting. Sigh.
  13. Welcome to the forums. I would presume that this happens because Context (as I understand it) requires contacting multiple other services and seeking information from them; and of course their speed of operation is out of Evernote's control. If you're having serious problems with a specific service, since you're a Premium subscriber it might be worth opening a support ticket: https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new.
  14. As long as we're speculating, maybe the aim is to make it harder for multiple people to share a single Basic account, swapping devices in and out at will. But, like @gazumped, I'm still a little puzzled by that "unsync devices" screenshot. On the Evernote Help page about device limits they never refer to unsyncing, only removing devices, nor is there a mention of a twice-a-month limit. However, the Help pages have been known to be a little behind actual practices. Still, on the Devices page of my account (check it at https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action), it refers to revoking access to devices, not unsyncing. If I test revoking one, I get the box shown below. Maybe they have different interfaces for different types of accounts or for iOS vs. Windows. But it is a little odd. On yet another hand (I'm going to run out of hands; definitely only two of those permitted), a post in another thread also reports the two-revocations-per-month limit:
  15. Bonjour, et bienvenue sur les forums. Hélas, quel problème! But if I want to say anything useful I must do it in English. And honestly, I'm not sure what that might be. At some point you have to be able to log in to Evernote. The support at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new is mainly for Premium subscribers, but for such a drastic situation as this, there may be options for Basic subscribers as well. You can also contact Evernote support on Twitter: https://twitter.com/evernotehelps. Let me tap Evernote employees @Shane D. and @May L on the shoulder to see whether one of them might be able to come to your rescue.
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