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  1. @TMT-TSHEPO, as a premium subscriber, you have access to note history. Unfortunately, however, that only seems to work for notes that exist; it can't get at vanished ones. You also have access to Evernote Support, and this definitely sounds like a time to contact them. The place to do so is https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. It's a process getting that to work, though. For me, it's pretty random as to whether it recognizes me as signed in or not. I was signed in, went there, selected a series of topics, and saw no Submit Ticket button (only a button to upgrade for email support, which of course was grayed out since I'm already a signed-in premium subscriber). I signed out, signed in again, and got the same result, until I reloaded the page, and then the Submit Ticket button was there, all green and ready to go. Hope it'll be simpler for you!
  2. Yes, but it works erratically. It's really dependent on what you've just been doing. Sometimes it reverts a few keystrokes or words, sometimes it reverts a whole paragraph--and then won't allow a redo.
  3. @jarodsafehouse71, welcome to the forums! This does sound odd. Is it only happening in one note? In line with what @gazumped asked, what's the source of the text in which the problem occurs? Was it perhaps clipped or pasted in from the Web, or from some other source? There may be some underlying formatting that's causing the issue. Also, have you tried editing it with the Evernote Web interface? (Go to https://evernote.com/ and log in at the top right [not with the large fields in the middle of the page, which are to sign up for a new account].)
  4. I think that Evernote might need access not only to your location but to something like Google's map database to do this. It's one thing to tag a note with an address, but another (it seems to me) to associate that address text with a specific spot on earth. Actually I wonder if, for this specific kind of thing, there wouldn't be some way of doing it in the Google-verse. Google knows way more about me than I want it to know; so far, it can't tell me when I'm low on milk, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could ask it to remind me to get milk when I'm near the supermarket.
  5. @WarningMania, I'm sorry that it didn't work! I don't really know what the problem is. But when all else fails, I blame the Chrome-based editor that Evernote introduced on Android last year. It may have something to do with that; it may not; but that editor has caused enough other problems that I might as well blame it for this too!
  6. I've excerpted a few portions of the original post, to make just one point: why should it be called "punishment-through-inconvenience," "forceful coercion," and "blatant attempts at extortion" when a company tries to get users of a valuable service, one that is costly to produce, to pay something for it? Why on earth should it be free at all; and why should asking for money for it be considered somewhere between malicious and criminal? I totally understand about being a broke student, having been one myself; but it does seem at least reasonable to allow that makers of a product or service who are nice enough to give it away for free do have a right to try to get some of us who are able to do so to pay. OK, so that's my own vent, which I recognize is no help at all for your problem. More helpful, perhaps: if you are able to pay for even 1 month of Premium service, you should be able to access your note history (from before the paid period) and might recover some data that way. You can then drop back to Basic after you've gotten the data back.
  7. I just tested creating a note in my Android device, then opening it in the Windows Evernote app, where the font used is Tahoma. Using the Windows Character Map, I copied several math symbols to the clipboard (∫∞√∑) and pasted them into the note in Windows. After a sync, they showed up perfectly in Android. So I'm with @gazumped, check the font. The method I described may work best: create a note on the Android device, then edit it on the Mac, using whatever its native font is. Of course, I don't know how you're inserting the math symbols, and I don't anything about how fonts and math symbols work on a Mac, so this may not work! Bonne chance!
  8. Similar deal on Windows: click the little box to the left of the search field at the top of the Note List, and you'll get a list of options to choose from. Hopefully one of them will work better for you.
  9. That's a good procedure in the Windows Evernote program; but this is the Android forum, and people are looking for a way to do this within Android. (Actually, I find that on my Android phone tapping a link that has been created in this way doesn't put it in the phone dialer; it may work on other devices.)
  10. @sjt, it does seem to be taking a long time to implement what ought to be a simple feature. However, last year sometime Evernote changed their Android editor to a new, Chrome-based one. Its features were very basic from the beginning, but they have gradually been improving the formatting capabilities. I presume that this is the reason it's taking so long to get to this, since it has to be done within the overall context of a common editor across all devices. Assuming, that is, that they do intend to get to it eventually!
  11. Great, glad that works for you! I just hope that someday the main Android editor will be more highly functional (and improvements have been made to it steadily in recent months).
  12. This issue has been reported a number of times. See for instance Evernote is definitely aware of this. Last December a support employee told me that this is a known issue they'd been working on, and they expected it to be resolved in the next app update. That didn't happen. In February an Evernote employee posted in that thread that "We are currently in the process of correcting this, and will likely be fixed within the next few updates." It still hasn't happened, and I'm not optimistic it will be fixed soon. Basically we could see a fix any minute, or any month; or not till much later.
  13. Yes, that's exactly what I experience. But I had not related it to text formatting! That's why the alternative suggestions are available in Messaging. And that gave me an idea: I checked in the Evernote quick note that you can pull down from the notification bar, and in that app (which uses a different editor) the gray-underlining and the suggestions are available! Perhaps that would be useful to you, as long as you don't need formatting and don't mind the notes being automatically put into the default notebook.
  14. What's the version number? I just tried it, and the PDF opened fine. What app do you use on your phone to handle PDFs?
  15. @jubate, check out this thread, which seems to report similar issues: