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  1. Delete Note warning or confirmation

    On which I would just refer the interested reader to:
  2. Any Way to Confirm Deletions of Notes?

    I agree that that could be useful. But I assure you that if it is implemented, there will be a dozen people here complaining about it and saying, "What the **? I'm not an idiot, I only delete things when I mean to delete them, don't hold my hand like I'm a **ing idiot, don't ask for confirmation, just delete it, I'm not an idiot!" (I'm trying to impersonate the style of the typical Evernote complainer here, you and I not being such.) Then there will be an outcry to make this configurable in the program options dialog. If that is done, there will be complaints along the lines of "Hey, look how overloaded the options dialog is getting, it's hard to find the things I really want!" I have no idea whether Evernote programmers take this predictable sequence into account. But be assured, for everyone who requests a feature change there will be at least one who detests it. Don't know if that falls under Parkinson's Law or the Peter Principle, but it's real.
  3. Evernote losing notes

    Welcome to the forums, Martin. You can pay for a Premium account for just one month and get access to all your note history. You might be able to recover the lost content that way, and then cancel the Premium.
  4. Does Evernote stores every content I attached locally

    Just to be sure we're understanding your question correctly, I think you're asking whether attachments (not just the text of a note) are stored locally. The answer is yes, I believe, attachments are incorporated into the content of the note in Evernote's local database on your computer, though not (I believe!) as separate documents. And they are also uploaded to Evernote's master version of your note database (in the "cloud"), unless the note is in a local (unsynced) notebook. This implies that if you attach, say, a .JPG file from your computer to an Evernote note and sync it, you could delete the original .JPG from your computer and still have it stored in Evernote.
  5. I've got an earlier version of Evernote (see my signature below), and I do not experience the problem. I just tested copying a couple of file paths from Evernote and pasting them into file open dialogs, and they worked properly. I hope Evernote will respond to you on Twitter. You've certainly isolated the problem, and the adding of CR+LF seems to be very unhelpful behavior. It's hard to imagine a situation in which it could be useful! You mentioned that previous versions of the EN Windows desktop program converted file paths into links, but that the current version does not do so. Is it still possible to convert the paths to links manually, by selecting them and pressing Ctrl+K (and being sure that the link address has file:/// at the beginning)? Obviously that would be a lot of extra work in your situation, but it might at least give easy access to the linked files.
  6. Ctrl+Alt+N creates note but doesn't put focus on it

    Curious. For me (with Windows 7 and an earlier version of Evernote; see my signature below) I find that the focus does move to the new note, as it should. Has this been happening for awhile, or did it just start recently? It could be that something has gotten "stuck" in memory. You could try quitting EN completely (File > Exit, not the red X/Close button, which only closes the interface), then restarting, and see if the problem persists.
  7. OK, sounds like you've done all you can to prevent problems. Since this is only happening in the most recent update of the Windows desktop program (, it may well be something that Evernote has introduced somehow in their efforts to improve the editor. Are you able to examine the text that Evernote is placing on the clipboard to see what invalid characters it contains? That must be what's happening, since cleansing it through Notepad succeeds. Are you able to test with very short, simple paths (such as "c:\temp"), and increase the complexity until it fails? Or does it fail with even the simplest paths? This definitely seems like a bug that should be reported directly to Evernote (this is only a user-to-user forum).
  8. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    Yes, that's been there for quite some time (see my post from Oct. 5 last year; I don't think it was new then). That's the "quick note" feature that pulls down from the notification bar while the phone is unlocked. The new features seems just to be a link to this on the lock screen.
  9. @mcardia, since you are working in Portuguese, I wonder whether the issue might be similar to the one that @saoki raised and solved here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/109622-encoding-troubles-while-importing-text-files/?do=findComment&comment=482353. It has to do with how copied text is encoded, although if the text is being copied from within Evernote, the other discussion may not be relevant.
  10. Encoding troubles while importing text files

    OK, great! Sounds like you are well ahead of me on both auto-import and encoding (I had to look up BOM!), but I guess Evernote just needed that one more clue.
  11. Line Spacing and Remove Formatting

    Line spacing exists as a feature request. You can go there and click the up arrow near the top of the page to vote in favor of it:
  12. Encoding troubles while importing text files

    Hello, @saoki, and welcome to the forums! Funny things can happen to text encoding during import, in Evernote and in other software. I hate to suggest importing first into word, then saving from Word and importing that into EN, but it might be a workaround worth trying. But when you say "import," does that mean you are dragging the text file into Evernote? Or copying and pasting?
  13. Add photo via app to in progress desktop note

    At present, this is the definition of a "conflicting change" in Evernote. I don't know what might be all the implications of trying to implement it. But I'll admit it sounds like a spectacularly good idea; it might perhaps be done pretty readily now on a tablet.
  14. Understood. And not like I haven't created inconveniences myself, with the best of intentions...