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  1. Could it be a version of this problem?:
  2. Unfortunately, it's been that way for quite awhile--many months at least. As a fellow user (this is a user-to-user forum), I can only say I hope they fix it soon. And welcome to the forums, BTW!
  3. Touché!
  4. What are some mobile apps you use that do have spell check (of their own, not just what's built into a keyboard app)? I'd be interested.
  5. Good find on user.dic. I'll keep that in mind--it might let me import my customized dictionaries from Nota Bene and Scrivener. I would doubt that they sync, if only because spell checking is not available on all platforms--not on Android and the Web version, for instance. Of course, WRT the latter, if your browser has an editable user dictionary for it's spellcheck, you could blend the two.
  6. Yep. I discovered there was a such a thing as boiled peanuts when we moved to Georgia 30+ years ago. I ate one then. I have not done so since. But of course, it's all a matter of taste.
  7. There may be something funky on that page. When I tried to load it, I thought it had crashed my browser. It took a loooong time to load up, but it finally did. I clipped it, but EN only got the first picture and the last two.
  8. More spam unrelated to Evernote or this specific topic. I've reported it.
  9. Well, from what I've seen of my fellow Braves fans (and I'm only a semi-fan since they abandoned the city for the northern suburbs), it would take about 3.5 seconds for somebody to dub such a person a troll and offer to boil them like a peanut. (If you've never eaten a boiled peanut, your imagination will do just fine to let you know what you're missing.) I wouldn't be that troll-dubbing peanut boiler myself, and I'm not saying that about you; but I think Evernote is remarkably generous to pay for a forum to discuss software whose users mostly use it for free, on which forum said users come to suggest using competing software. Are there general software or writing or business forums where note-taking programs are compared? That seems like the place for this kind of discussion, with a post here to point frustrated EN users there (often frustrated with good reason, I don't deny).
  10. Out of curiosity, why are we using Evernote's forums to discuss the functionality of other software? Does Bear have its own forums (which they pay for) where these matters could be discussed?
  11. Good ideas. I voted this up.
  12. Great! @ALB1980, does any of this help you?
  13. @OldRod, is there a way to set your e-mail program to remove HTML formatting either when downloading e-mail or forwarding it? Of course, this might have other unintended results.
  14. Hi, and welcome to the forums! In the Windows Evernote program, when I select a note in the Note List in the center and right-click on it (or use the Note menu), there's a menu option to Duplicate Note. If I select that, it immediately produces a copy of the note in the same notebook, with the word "copy" added to its title. Is this not present for you?
  15. Ah, sorry, I was responding to this, from somebody else: But what you're saying makes sense: For that reason, you might want to start a feature-request thread on the Android Feedback forum specifically asking for larger fonts on the Kindle; there's already a thread for general Android purposes.