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  1. Icon (indicating "offline"?) next to one folder

    If by "offline" @kronhead means "local," it's always possible to create local notebooks in Evernote for Windows: File menu > New Local Notebook. Such a notebook is local to the computer on which it resides, i.e., is not synced, and so would be available when the computer is offline. What's not possible is for a local notebook to be the default notebook, or for the default notebook to be local, I presume because things like emailed notes go into the default notebook, which is not possible if it's local to one computer. But if the idea is "offline" in the sense of the Android app, in which a notebook can be downloaded to the phone so as to be available when you're offline, then no, I don't think that's possible in the Windows app, apart from local notebooks--it's assumed that the Evernote program running on a Windows computer will always be online to access and sync notebooks.
  2. Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. These kinds of formatting problems are why I haven't updated to any of the more recent versions of Evernote for Windows, so I also appreciate the information!
  3. Since this seems likely to be beyond any user-based knowledge here, and you're about ready to pay anyway, maybe you should go ahead and sign up for Premium so you can raise this with Evernote tech support. If they're unable to provide a solution, and it makes Evernote unusable for you, you can always cancel your subscription after a month or so.
  4. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    I agree that if it were possible to create an Evernote note from the lock screen without unlocking, that would not pose a security risk for existing notes and data. My only concern was the possibility of someone getting hold of someone else's phone and trolling or pranking them through Evernote. Not an issue for me, but might be for some.
  5. Waaaiiit a minute.... You're making a reasonable point based on experience, in a calm and rational tone of voice. Are you sure you're in the right forum?
  6. What is that problem in the Android app? AFAIK, there's no way to set the font size at all in that! (Though it has been requested: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/108418-change-font-size-and-formatting-on-android/.)
  7. Welcome to the forums. We are primarily other users here; Evernote staff check in sometimes, but it's not a direct line to them. Since you're a Premium user, you can contact support directly about this. One thing, which I hesitate to suggest, might be to revert to a previous version of the Evernote software, if this is something that has developed with a recent update. On my Windows 7 computer, there is a folder C:\Users\{My_Username}\Evernote\AutoUpdate, which has the downloaded installers of some previous updates. Possibly installing one of those over your current version might revert away from the problem; but I don't know that for sure, and don't know how far back you'd need to go.
  8. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    As noted in my post above, in the current Android Evernote app you can go to Settings > Sound and notification > Application notifications, then scroll down to Evernote, tap that , and then be sure that "Hide noti. on Lock screen" is unchecked. That should place on the lock screen a link to the quick note feature found on the pull-down from the notification screen. I have to swipe the lock screen (the only "security" I have on it) after I tap the link, which does make it less immediate, so that @Henryx200's issue does remain significant. OTOH, a completely unsecured note-creation feature might raise issues of its own.
  9. Show Stack in List View

    Thanks, Malcolm, that looks helpful, especially since the author (like me) started out using just Notebooks.
  10. Strange automatic scrolling in the Notebooks sidebar

    Odd indeed. We don't know if it solved the OP's problem, but ... have you tried restarting Evernote (using File > Exit), and if that doesn't work restarting the computer?
  11. Managing local storage

    I came across this good article on dealing with ransomware, which might be worth printing out and keeping around just in case: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2084002/security/how-to-rescue-your-pc-from-ransomware.html.
  12. Managing local storage

    I can address a couple of your questions, I believe. Please be aware that I'm just another user, not an Evernote tech support person, so while I'll try only to talk about what I know, please don't take this as authoritative! The AutoUpdate subdirectory contains the .exe installation files for versions of Evernote that you've downloaded in the process of updating the program. AFAIK, their only use would be if you wanted to reinstall or revert to an earlier version of the program; and the oldest ones might not even work with your current database. So yes, I think you can safely remove the .exe files, perhaps saving only the most recent. The .xml files, however, may be something that the program needs when you do an update; they're small, and I'd leave them alone. Others here can give you better advice about backing up, but I believe that c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote\Databases is what you'd want to copy to have just the DB. If you would copy the whole c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote directory and subdirectories to another machine, I'm still not sure that you could use the Evernote program to read the database offline, since (I think--others can confirm or disconfirm) that the program will, by design, try to sync that DB to the online primary version when it starts, and may refuse to run if it cannot do so. As for c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote, I would also assume that it contains only the program's necessary installation files and nothing specific to your setup (other, perhaps, than some configuration data). Even your user modifications to the spell-check dictionary are stored in c:\users\<user-name>\Evernote\Dict. But that is only an assumption; mine has 855 files, and I haven't inspected them all!
  13. How to copy a link

    Great, glad that helped!
  14. How to copy a link

    I've experienced this sometimes (unpredictably) also. Sometimes opening the note for editing helps, sometimes just tapping it till it responds does the job. Don't know whether this is caused by Evernote, Android, or some interaction between them.
  15. HOw to move a note to another notebook

    Also, in Windows you can just drag it from one notebook to another.