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  1. What kind of device are you using: Android, iOS, Windows, Web interface, etc.?
  2. This issue was reported some time ago, and it may be that, besides recovering the original notes from Trash as @DTLow notes, the merged note can be viewed in the Web interface or even in the Android app. See:
  3. If your notes look normal on other Evernote interfaces (e.g., in a Web browser), then they're OK, though obviously they're not usable on your phone this way. I'd suggest uninstalling Evernote and reinstalling it (assuming just restarting the phone doesn't fix it). Do a sync before you uninstall!! If you have any notebooks that have been marked as offline, you should temporarily return them to normal (syncable) status before you do this. Then reinstall Evernote, let it download its data, and hopefully things will be OK again. Your notes (except for offline ones) are not stored on the phone but on Evernote's servers, so they should be safe.
  4. Actually, the difficulties of printing from Evernote on Android have been discussed a fair amount, though not very recently (search the forum to see). There's a pretty well supported request to make it easier, with some workarounds offered in the thread:
  5. It is Android, and has been asked in the Android forum. No need to double-post!
  6. If all you want is checklists that reside on your phone, this is correct, Evernote is not the tool for the job. Colornote is great for this--I also use it for to-do lists, packing for trips, etc. Evernote's strength is its multi-device, multi-platform capability, so that I can create a note on my phone (checklist, an idea or draft, a Web page, a photo, etc.) and later view and edit it on my desktop or laptop. And vice versa, etc. Evernote's editors have their limitations, different ones on different operating systems, but for me it serves this broader purpose very well.
  7. Evernote's notebooks are not really "folders" like in a Windows directory system. Thus you can't make levels and sublevels of them. You can make a stack containing notebooks, in other words, but you can't make a stack within that stack, or a stack that contains that stack and other stacks. Many people (and trust me, one of them will show up here any minute) use tags for organization beyond (or instead of) the notebook level.
  8. @Igr33tu, this sounds like an issue that may be beyond the user-to-user forums. Since you're a Premium subscriber, it might be best to create a support ticket: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
  9. And even when you drag them in one by one, they may locate in random places, wherever you drop them. There's clearly work to be done on drag-and-drop placement in the Windows program.
  10. Hi @tomminhdo, and welcome to the forums! Is this happening just with regard to editing one particular note, or with all notes? I ask because that's an unusual error message, and I wonder if it relates just to one specific note. I also wonder whether you are either short of internal storage space on the device, or trying to store the Evernote database in external storage (the SD card), which Evernote doesn't want to do (see this Help article).
  11. Yes, that is a good alternative. Agreed, Ctrl+something (e.g., Ctrl+L would be obvious). Or just bring back good ol' Esc.
  12. I've been in touch with Evernote support about this, and they confirm that there is a problem. Now, I prefer to use Opera because it is independently developed and maintained, and not connected to Google, Apple, or Microsoft. FWIW, I just downloaded and installed Firefox, and when I logged in to Evernote on it, I got exactly the same error. So clearly something is in fact going wrong, but given that Firefox and Opera are also independent of each other, it's not clear that it's the same thing on both browsers. Very frustrating, but my use of Evernote Web is light enough that this won't really interrupt my workflow. Nor will it cause me to start using Chrome or Safari--but am I right in assuming that the new Evernote Web is working properly on them?
  13. @Scott T., I was referencing the OP's issue #1, the Web version. I thought I recalled others reporting issues using templates with it--but that must be with the older version, as you say. @MikeG689, I don't use the Mac program, so I can't comment usefully on what might be going on there. Hope it gets sorted!
  14. #1: I believe that's been reported here. Hopefully they're working on it. #2: Which desktop version, Windows or Mac; and which version number of it? In my Windows program (v. 6.17, the latest publicly available one), when I start a new note and click Template, the templates come up right away. Since it was working for you last week, several possibilities occur to me: A temporary connectivity problem, whether on Evernote's end or on yours. Try again after awhile. A temporary problem in the templates system. Ditto. Something temporarily amiss in the desktop program. For Windows, I find that closing the program completely (File > Exit; clicking the red X box only closes the interface) and restarting it can clear up such glitches. Apologies if you've already tried all of these. They're about all I've got.
  15. Less current current? Umm, yeaahh. Maybe "pre-current." Or dried current, to be used in Christmes ceke. {Allows time for them to work that one out.}
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