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  1. Dave-in-Decatur

    Evernote, is it for me?

    I would agree with @DTLow that the best way would probably be to try out a free account and see whether it works for you. I certainly wouldn't convert my whole business or practice to Evernote without a test drive. Taking notes and attaching images generally works well, and Evernote's strength is its ability to function across platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and in a browser). As DT also said, Evernote doesn't really do "group and subgroup," but notebooks (which can be collected into "stacks") and tags (which are attached to notebooks). Many users find Evernote's reminder features rather weak--only one date/time can be set, and there is no "snoozing." They issue an alert on an Android device, but on a Windows computer, they only pop up a small notification feature in the bottom right corner of the screen for a few seconds. Hope this is some help!
  2. Dave-in-Decatur

    [Solved] Export an Evernote note as a PDF file

    Cool, thanks. I haven't updated in a long time, not wanting to deal with all the recent bugs. But more and more it seems that 6.13, recently released, may be the one.
  3. Thanks, Gaz! (But what is this Evernote Daily News of which you speak?) The bit that intrigued me most was: I like that approach. I'm not so sure that "Business" isn't being shoved into our faces just a bit, though.
  4. Dave-in-Decatur

    [Solved] Export an Evernote note as a PDF file

    What version of the Evernote program, and what version of Windows, are you using? I've got an older EN program in Win7, and I don't see this.
  5. Dave-in-Decatur

    What do these options do? "Match by prefix ..."

    Yes, that sounds about right. Most jargon (and I've worked in a highly technical, non-technological field with some unbelievable jargon) has its origins in "normal words" that acquire specialized meanings generally better known to the specialists than the public at large.
  6. Dave-in-Decatur

    Constant Hanging

    @Tamaru, responding to various points in your post: I suggested it may be a combination of factors: the Evernote Windows client is definitely involved (your evidence supports this), but there must be other factors that may be difficult to pin down precisely. If the client were the only factor, then it would be happening to everyone, or at least nearly everyone. The fact that there are likely to be multiple factors involved means that it may take more time to figure out what's going on. And saying that there are factors other than just the EN client involved is not a "con," but a statement of a plausible opinion; I don't see how accusing other people of dishonesty would ramp up EN's attention to this bug, or gain sympathy or attention in the user community. WRT multiple posts, the existence of multiple threads with multiple reporters already has the attention-drawing effect, I would think. I just don't see how one user posting here, there, and everywhere is going to draw any more attention to the issue. I'm not suggesting that anyone "keep quiet about bugs"; but IMHO bumping 3 threads on the same topic does more to clog the top of the forum than to get the thing fixed. I totally agree that this ought to have higher priority than emoji support (which IMHO ought to have zero support, but that's just me), and that an issue reported this often ought to get some more of a response from EN staff in the forums. OTOH, this might be a lot harder to pin down and fix than emoji support. That's all I've got to say. Not interested in a long battle on the subject. Apologies if I offended.
  7. Dave-in-Decatur

    How do I retrieve the contents of a deleted note?

    Premium members can do this through Note History. If you're not on a Premium subscription, you can subscribe for just one month, and it will have all your previous history.
  8. Dave-in-Decatur

    Cannot edit images on Android

    Please see this topic (just a few lines below your new one):
  9. Dave-in-Decatur

    Constant Hanging

    I don't know who's conning anyone; but in fact this is not happening to everyone. I have no idea how many people are experiencing it, but I'm among the fortunate who are not. It may be some combination of factors involving the Evernote Windows client, number and types of notes, Internet connection, Windows version, hardware, and who knows what else that causes these dramatic slowdowns. It's a real problem, but not a universal one; and posting your thoughts about it in multiple threads doesn't really help the community at large.
  10. Dave-in-Decatur

    Windows Client Slow

    It's worth mentioning, perhaps, that this issue is not universal. It's never happened to me. Maybe I don't have enough notes yet, maybe my notes don't have a certain kind of content, maybe it's my hardware, I don't know. I feel bad for the people who simply can't use Evernote because of this; I know it would be a real problem for me. But, while it is happening in some contexts, it is not happening everywhere.
  11. Dave-in-Decatur

    ANSWERED Saving note shared in chat to my notebook

    It might have been easier to get this noticed by starting a new topic rather than latching onto this old one, which concerns a different problem. At any rate, in the Online interface, I see the name of the notebook and a notebook icon in the toolbars above the note title. Clicking these brings up an option to move the note. But this is definitely moving, not copying. The current version of the Online interface does lack a number of capabilities that the dedicated clients have.
  12. Dave-in-Decatur

    Problem adding info to open note after last update

    There is an active thread on this topic, since May: There may be other threads as well.
  13. Dave-in-Decatur

    Change in-Evernote PDF viewer

    Yes, there have been many, many complaints about the revised PDF reader, so undoubtedly Evernote is aware of the issue. But it's impossible for users to know whether they intend to make changes.
  14. Dave-in-Decatur

    Need widget for Evernote Shortcut notes

    Hi, and welcome to the forums. I've voted your idea up.
  15. Dave-in-Decatur

    What do these options do? "Match by prefix ..."

    I think I've run out of contributions here. That would be a workable solution (in the unlikely event that this thread makes its way into the development process). I still maintain ("still," so this is not a new contribution!) that software options need to communicate with their users more than their developers, so that developers need to be aware when they're using in-group terminology that might not carry the same meaning elsewhere.