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  1. Ink Notes

    Well, and a cheery hello to you too! Exactly what in my post made you think that I didn't know what I was talking about? Below are two screenshots. In the first one I drew three shapes with the Shape function turned off. In the second one, with those sloppy shapes still present, I drew three more with Shape turned on. The difference is apparent. With the Shape function on, immediately after I draw a shape the software regularizes it as shown.
  2. Android Clipper not formatting very well

    Hi @lisec, you are definitely not alone! The issue is under discussion in this thread:
  3. Two posts, both of them marketing spam.

  4. Android Restore Data

    Spam posting reported.
  5. Note links not opening desktop client app

    When you do that action, Evernote will create a link with the form https://www.evernote.com/shard/.... That link, if used within Evernote, will appear as the title of the note, underlined and in green, and when clicked will open the corresponding note. If pasted into a Word document or used to create a shortcut in Windows, it will open the note in your Web browser, as you've experienced. However, if you hold down Ctrl while clicking "Copy internal link," you'll get a link with the form evernote:///view/.... That link, used within Evernote, will function the same as the other type. But used elsewhere, it will open the note in the Evernote program rather than the browser. Word may not format it as a link automatically, and may warn you about security issues when you Ctrl+click it. But it will work as you wish. This type of link can be used in any program or document that supports hyperlinking, and in the Windows Run command dialog. It's also handy for creating shortcuts on the desktop or in a folder. Hope that helps!
  6. Make the font size adjustable in the notes editor

    Please search this forum for the other suggestions that have been made along this line, and add your voice and vote to one of them (by clicking on the upward arrow at the top of the page). I think this has more impact.
  7. Same for me. The version number of the update is 7.17. The previous was 7.16.1. I tried clipping the same two pages as I referenced in my previous post, with the exact same result--which was completely unsatisfactory and useless for the second one, just as before. Hard to believe they bothered with this!
  8. How to Upgrade to v6 using existing database?

    I don't know why @kvitekp suggested using a registry change, though perhaps that's because I don't fully understand the original issue from a couple of years ago. If you just want to designate a folder other than the default for your database, you can do Tools > Options > General, and then under "Evernote local files", click the Change button. After you click OK, Evernote will immediately start the migration, so be sure you've got the folder you want!
  9. How many notes do people have?

    Note that this only holds true when you're viewing All Notes; when viewing an individual notebook, only the count for that notebook shows.
  10. I'm still on v. 6.5, for the very reasons presented here (and others). Every update breaks something that worked just fine, and improvements (if any) seem to be minimal. The most recent I heard was that the user spelling dictionary was removed!! Accidental? Deliberate? Sociopathic? Who knows; but I ain't updating till something actually improves. It's happening on the Android app too--they broke a reasonably well-functioning clip/share function, then restored some minimal functionality, but it's still largely broken (I almost typed borken--that should be a word).
  11. Windows Version 6.9 issues

    I've also had that happen, when copying from emails or some Websites, just today, in fact. I think it's due to some underlying, invisible and apparently unchangeable HTML coding. Neither simplifying formatting nor removing formatting fixes it. Not even pasting it into plain-text Notepad and copying it back! However, and very weirdly, I did just find that copying the text in the Evernote note and then pasting it into a brand-new note removed the extra lines.
  12. Note links not opening desktop client app

    Can you give some more details? What are you doing, step by step? When did you notice that it stopped working--after an update? Thanks.
  13. Reminder notification on Android ?

    In the Evernote app, go to the main menu (3 bars top left), then Settings > Notifications and make sure it's turned on. It should put a notification into the notification bar/panel, and play whatever your default notification sound is.
  14. Expanding article selection

    I just tried clipping using the Full page option, and it got everything--perhaps more than necessary, but at any rate the whole thing.
  15. Welcome to the forums! This forum is conducted in English. However, please look at the International Forums, where you may find support in your language.