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  1. Stunned to learn your powers are limited!
  2. That's good to hear!
  3. That's very interesting, @Papini and @XavierBR. It surprises me that using a different software keyboard would affect the Bluetooth keyboard; it's always good to learn something! Perhaps that's why I have no problems using a BT keyboard--I don't use the Samsung onscreen keyboard, but Smart Keyboard Pro.
  4. ... Where it has already been requested: @tavor, please go there and click the arrow at the top to vote up the request. This is a long-standing request with not many votes, so it's probably pretty low priority for the developers. But we can keep trying!
  5. That's an important bit of information. Some time last year, Evernote changed its Android editor to a new one based on Chrome. This has caused a variety of problems (such as Samsung S-Pen input no longer working). However, the note title uses a different editor, and generally does not have these problems. You might try creating a note using the "Add a note" feature in the Notifications pull-down. That also uses a non-Chrome editor, and might work successfully. Unfortunately, it also does not allow formatting of text, so it might not be useful for you.
  6. Sorry. At the top of the page, there are two large arrows, one pointed up and the other down. Click the Up arrow.
  7. Hi, and welcome to the forums! By "articles," I presume you mean Evernote notes; and I presume you're using the Evernote Windows desktop program. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) One thing to look at would be the print options. With a note or notes selected in Evernote, press Ctrl+P, or go to File > Print. In the print dialog, there's an Options button at the bottom left (an unusual feature, and easy to overlook). Click that, and make sure the first option, "Print each note on a separate page," is selected. If that doesn't do it, then I'm out of ideas!
  8. I find the same thing to be true. Don't know that I'd call it a bug, but it's definitely a shortcoming in Evernote's print capabilities. Not the only one, either; but then the program's main purpose is to create and keep track of brief notes, so that printing might be considered kind of a side issue.
  9. Thanks, @DTLow, I missed that request thread.
  10. I'd strongly suggest posting this in the Windows Desktop Product Feedback forum, which is specifically set up to take feature requests and let users vote on them.
  11. Dave, just to save Matt a little time, there is currently no way to do this. It's been requested numerous times; a little searching would take you to one of the two or three threads already present on the Android Product Feedback forum, e.g.: Your best bet is to go there and add your vote to that request.
  12. Glad it's clearer. For the record, even when a note consists of nothing but a PDF, the PDF is still an attachment. There's no other way for it to get into Evernote. If you want to rename the note for filing on the hard drive (and I can totally understand wanting to do that), there are a couple of ways, depending on your setting in the Evernote dialog Tools > Import Folders, under Source. If you have it set to Delete, then the way I suggested before would actually work OK, as long as, after renaming the PDF in EN, you save it to somewhere other than the import folder. OTOH, if you have that setting as Keep, then after EN imports the PDF you could use Explorer to move the file to a different folder and give it a different name (and probably give it that name in EN using Rename Attachment, for the sake of consistency).
  13. I haven't used the business card scanning feature very much, but what I find is that (a) it is not possible to add any text except in a text field that is already present (e.g., Name, Email, etc.); but (b) in those text fields, I can add and delete text as I wish. Some cards that I've scanned previously have a Notes field, and in such a field I can write whatever I want. (I can't remember if I added that field manually when scanning the card, or whether it was created for me.) Even without a Notes field, it is possible to type at length into an existing field (e.g., Name, Title, Company). So it's not that the business card notes can't be edited at all; but it is definitely impossible to do free-form editing, because they are not free-form notes in the first place. Again, this is based on limited experience and testing.
  14. I haven't used Rename Attachment before, but in a quick test it seems to do what I would suppose it to do, renaming the attachment within the Evernote system, i.e., in your local Evernote database, on the Evernote servers, and thus wherever you might access the note with the attachment (e.g., Web browser, Android device, etc.). It wouldn't rename it anywhere else, e.g., in the folder from which it was imported into Evernote. To accomplish that, you could do Rename Attachment, then Save As... and save it to the original folder using the new name. Of course, that would give you two copies of it there, under different names.
  15. Glad it was helpful!