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  1. Ah, good weather.... That would be an Englishman's idea of a parallel dimension!
  2. That is unusual. I note that in the good photo, the flash is apparently turned off, while in Evernote it is set to Auto. Perhaps turning on the flash in Evernote (even though the other app apparently doesn't need it!) would help.
  3. Just to note that I only just recently did the update to 6.5.4, and I did encounter this bug, but only if the note is opened in a separate window, not within the main Evernote Windows program. I did the Tools > Options > Note, disable Set new note focus to title" workaround. Glad to know it's fixed in the next beta, though. @Sire, please note @Austin G's remark that this is a new issue, separate from the one reported last July:
  4. I noticed this when I updated to the latest version of the Windows desktop software. It doesn't happen every time, and it seems to get fixed anytime I switch notes, open a note in a separate window, etc. But is definitely annoying.
  5. No problem, @gazumped. I don't suppose in your parallel universe you could copy and paste within Evernote for Android without corrupting the formatting? Or perhaps politicians were sane and believable? - GDR (Does anyone recognize GDR as "grin, duck, and run" anymore?)
  6. With all due respect to the usually infallible @gazumped, it sounds like all that is needed is to use the Undo feature that current versions of Evernote for Android do possess. In a text note, tap the 3 stacked dots at the upper right of the screen to access the Evernote menu. The Undo option is at the bottom of the menu (you may have to scroll down to find it). This will undo most changes, including erasing a sentence.
  7. That's a really interesting idea. Having something like an auto-share option or setting or default app would be excellent. However, though I don't know the technical stuff, I suspect that Android isn't quite able to accomplish this--IOW, it's liable to be an OS limitation, not specific to Evernote.
  8. I haven't tried it very much, but I've found Evernote's automation of business card scanning to be somewhat hit-or-miss. It often has to do with the formatting of the card. If it's portrait rather than landscape, for instance, or has an unusual layout, or is two-sided, there can be issues. IOW, if a business card is designed in any interesting, post-1959 fashion, EN may have problems with it. Again, in my very limited experience.
  9. This is the Windows forum, in a thread discussing the possibility of resizing pictures after they're taken in the Windows desktop software. You may be looking for this thread in the Android forum:
  10. android

    Sounds like a good idea. The way these requests work is to click the upward arrow at the top of the page to register your vote for it; just adding a post doesn't do that.
  11. This advice--contact the developers of eM client and ask them to add this to their software--was given several years ago. It does seem like the best approach, since Evernote can't insert something into eM client (I don't think they can, anyway).
  12. Just to say that I just tested briefly using Opera as browser, and Ctrl+Tab did not insert a tab in place of selected/highlighted text. Could it be something that Firefox is doing specifically in Linux? Anyway, hope the Chromium fix works.
  13. Hello, Márcio, and welcome to the forums! I don't think that this feature is currently available in the Android widgets, but I agree that it would be nice to have, and I have voted it up.
  14. OK, thanks. Not much on registry editing, but I'll keep it in mind, especially for my laptop. It'd be nice if it could be changed in settings.
  15. Tony, I've noticed this a few times lately too, in Thumbnail view (still on Evernote 6.3.3). Generally it's the note that I've actually selected, so it's displaying anyway. But it's peculiar. I'll try to keep an eye on the conditions under which it happens.