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  1. Then this is clearly a bug in v. 6.19. @dmitry_bond, since you discovered the problem and have a Premium account, perhaps you should open a support ticket and report this issue. Or report it on the thread for v. 6.19.
  2. @dmitry_bond, I can confirm the problem. I copied your link into a test note in my Windows Evernote program. In the Web version of Evernote, when that test note synced, although it displayed the correct link, the underlying URL had the ASCII codes %3F for ? and %3D for =. Clicking the link resulted in a 404 error. It did the same thing when I created a dummy link https://www.fooply.net/htm?query=equal: it produced https://www.fooply.net/htm%3Fquery%3Dequal in the Web version. I'm not 100% sure that Evernote is doing this rather than Windows or the browser. But obviously it is a problem.
  3. I wonder if there could be a registry entry for Evernote that's gotten stuck somehow. I'm not a registry maven, but that might be something to check. Perhaps CCleaner would wipe out any lingering traces of the errant installation.
  4. I hate to pounce on autocorrect, but ... coffee show? You have coffee shows where you live? That would create a very excited tourist industry.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I've rarely seen that error, and when I have seen it, I think force-closing Evernote or rebooting the phone fixed it. That would be worth a try--first of all saving the content of the note in some other app temporarily! If all else fails, you could uninstall Evernote on the device and reinstall. This can be a bit time-consuming--you do have to make sure that any offline notebooks are temporarily made online, and then do a sync (for whatever notes will sync). On mobile devices, Evernote doesn't store the entire database, only an index and any offline notebooks. So when you uninstall, those will be lost. When you reinstall, the index will be recreated by doing a sync, and if you have a lot of notes and notebooks that can take awhile. So hopefully just restarting the app or the phone will fix it.
  6. I've tried that site in both Opera and Firefox; clicking the link won't take me directly to that page, which may require a login--it just goes to the Duolingo home page. IAC, in both browsers the "simplified article" clipping does indeed "truncate" the page--it ends with Duolingo for Schools, and doesn't include the stuff in the banner at the bottom. For me, that would seem to be part of the "simplified" process. I don't know Web programming, but I suspect that banners (or whatever they're called) at the bottom like that exist as separate elements that simplified clipping is not designed to catch.
  7. Well.... Yes, the step from 0 to US$70 is pretty steep. But $70/year for what Evernote Premium provides has never seemed high to me, if one is using Evernote in a professional context. For purely personal record keeping, yes, it might be a bit much--almost the cost of a cup of coffee per week! Honestly, I pay almost 3 times that much per month to each of my internet/TV and mobile phone service providers. Maybe I'm overpaying there. But the cost for Evernote Premium is trivial in comparison to other technology expenses that are generally considered reasonable, IMHO.
  8. Hello, @tarun6006, and welcome to the forums! These are mostly user-to-user discussions, but we love to help. The original poster here did not give quite enough details to identify the problem, so it would be helpful if you could say a bit more. What exactly is happening, or not happening? Specifically, are edits that you make to your notes getting lost altogether (so that they disappear when you close the note)? Or do they appear in the Android app, but not in the Web, Windows, iOS, etc., versions of Evernote (meaning that they are not being synced)? Are you by any chance having a problem similar to the one reported in this thread? In any case, what version of the Android app are you using?
  9. Stacks don't seem to be implemented yet for Opera. Looking forward to all this, though!
  10. "strg" = "Ctrl" on German computers.
  11. There's no way to change the highlight color in the Web, Android, or Windows editors. This is a feature that's been requested more than once. The editors are supposed to be getting improved for cross-platform consistency, but since in this respect they seem pretty consistent already.... My gut tells me it's not going to be a priority. But then my gut knows nothing about software (though it does like softserve 😋 😊).
  12. I've been in dialog with Evernote support, and at their request sent them activity logs and a screen recording so it could be bumped up to the development team. From the most recent email to me (today), this is the central point: While I don't have a time or date on when they would be resolved, do know they are working diligently on a resolution. I wish I could provide you a solution in this ticket but it does look like this will need an update to resolve completely. So the developers are working on it. I'm not surprised it would take an update to fix it. My fear is that it may not be common enough or predictable enough to be high on the priority list. It has not happened to me recently, but it was always random (or seemed so to me).
  13. Are you sure about this? I highly doubt that every time I made a tiny change in a note, like add a word, the entire content of the note is re-uploaded to the cloud. This would just be bad engineering... Also EN DOES keep version history... and I'm guessing they aren't saving the content of each version as duplicate data. That would again be very inefficient.. Where are you getting this information? With this reasoning, I would reach my monthly max upload by working on the same 100MB note for a couple hours since it would continually be syncing to the cloud... I'll admit I can't readily point to a document in Evernote's online Help that says just what I said. It's more a general understanding from experience and what others have said here. There is a Help FAQ on upload limits that does say this: To me, this makes sense. Evernote doesn't, nor would I want it to, monitor my keystrokes when I'm editing. The only way it could tell how much of a note had changed would be to compare the new version with the version existing on the server--and that would require a sync to upload the new version. I suppose the Windows desktop program could do that comparison; but uploading just part of a note and adding it into the existing server-side version at just the right place sounds tricky too. Formatting could get loused up, for instance. FWIW, editing a note doesn't necessarily mean continual syncing. You can control sync frequency (in the Windows program, Tools > Options > Synchronization).
  14. I agree with @CalS; or at least exit Evernote completely (File menu > Exit; clicking the red X-box only closes the interface) and then restart it. This often clears out junk stuck in memory. The usual multi-selection methods are working for me in 6.19 on Win7.
  15. The thing is, as I understand it, that when a note is edited, even just its text, the whole thing has to sync, attachments and all. Evernote intentionally does not track our edits line by line or attachment by attachment. It doesn't make a detailed comparison of the edited note with the version existing on their servers (which I don't think it could do without syncing anyway). All it knows is that the note has changed, and so the whole thing is synced. Obviously one could debate the fairness or wisdom of that. But I believe that is the system, and I can see the point of it.
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