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  1. Oh for crying out loud! I’m on this forum for a few minutes, which I’ve avoided for days, because I’m tired of the continuous and exhausting moaning and here it is again. I’ll stop here cause trust me my next comments are way less constructive!
  2. I don’t know what folks are doing with their apps but I’ve seen my EN10 app on windows running lower in demands than the native. I’ve never seen it running cpu when not in direct use and I’ve seen it using as little 85mb ram. Now I’m not a power user and my notes are primarily text but it fascinates me that I never see what seems to be an issue for so many others. In my option, electron, which is used by many companies with good effect including notion and Joplin is not a concern, it’s only being made so to justify some of the angst towards EN10.
  3. I use a blend of Evernote and Apple reminders, it depends on the task. I am hoping I can converge it all into Evernote eventually, if they can develop a task manager for checklists and stabilise iOS sync I’ll be good to go.
  4. And this has what to do with the new home feature or task? Taking over threads to complain is ridiculous - are we not adults? This is petulant and really frustrating, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that wondering everywhere moaning about it. There are more than enough complaint and wingeing threads here and frankly many of us are beyond frustrated by the constant complaints, leave the treads alone that are not on that topic!
  5. Goodness me! Do you just go round every topic to post negativity? Is it against your ethos for any positivity? If you don’t like to product stop using it! By the looks of things that would increase your joy substantially cause your clearly not in any way happy with this product.
  6. That tasks feature is exactly what I was hoping could come with checklists etc. It will be so useful to have note reminders (I use these to compile meeting notes and it pops up near when the next one is due) but also inline todo reminders which I can use for the to-dos from the meeting. Great stuff, this is exactly the kinda thing I’m hoping for.
  7. I have both the legacy and 10 on my computer, to be honest for the most part I prefer 10, it works fine for my needs and the familiarity across devices is a massive plus for me, i dont need to remember where everything is, I can just get on with things. I use legacy to do full back ups and will continue to use it for that until 10 gets that feature.
  8. Haha intentional or accidental.....a tantalising glimpse of things to come? 😂 I think you can engage with things that are being worked on by joining the beta programme - @Shane D.is the chap in charge there I think.
  9. V10 works fine for me for the most part. A few issues I’ve expressed on the forums but by no means ‘bricked’. Are you aware you can download the legacy version for Mac/windows? That may help soothe some of this apparent angst so visibly on display here 👍
  10. Erm I see staff posting in these forums all the time? If there is a new bug or if they need more information about something they are pretty good at engaging. What they don’t do is engage in the rants and frustrations that many of us have and that’s fair enough, what would they gain from that? Much better they use the time productively. I don’t think it’s fair at all to say they are never here or respond.
  11. If tags are power user then I’m a super power user 😂 For me what keeps me on Evernote even though I have massive issues with sync and a few other things is - universal tags, custom templates that are easy to implement, multi device, email in notes, note reminders (a new one I’m starting to use). This stuff is really handy as I use Evernote for meeting notes and weekly organisation, for research, book notes, all sorts of things.
  12. I think there are many like myself who are not ‘power users’ but who pay for the product. Things like offline notes, multiple devices, email in notes etc are features I use frequently and I am sure there are many others the same. I’m by no means a power user, I don’t have the first idea about advanced search or much of the other features. To be honest, i find the narrative that it’s power users that matter, I’ve seen them proclaim themselves as ‘elite users’ (sigh!) a little tiresome and pretentious. I don’t see why one group of users seems to consistently set themselves up as over and above a
  13. Hi, yes, sadly many of us are experiencing similar sync issues. One issue I know helps is dont leave Evernote in the background for long periods. Normally with ios we dont close apps, they sit in app switcher and we use as needed. Close Evernote completely when finished using and ensure when you open it you see the Evernote logo etc when it opens. When it’s been in the background for long periods sync doesn’t seem to work.
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