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  1. How dare Evernote add features many of us are finding useful! Absolutely shocking that.
  2. The new update - my notes scroll!!! The bug seems completely gone now. Is it the same for others?
  3. DT your speaking facts, these folks are dealing in hysteria….and the odd spreadsheet lol.
  4. Hey Alan, I didn’t think that at all you are right, users need to express their views. My suspicion is when we have users who freely admit they don’t use the product and instead another one are jumping in to stir things up, I am not sure what the motives of such actions are. I can agree to an extent about going from top tier to second. Personally though I try to focus on the features, does professional make any real world difference to my usage needs, to which the answer (currently) is no. I have never been a power user though so perhaps I don’t feel that change as acutely as others.
  5. There are many of us who think all this complaining about price is absurd. It is what it is, thats the prices, I genuinely cannot fathom what complaining and posting spread sheets achieves? Haven’t you already left for the ‘wonders’ of notion? If so why are you here trying to build a case of protest against another firms changes?
  6. Whilst that’s never beyond the realm of possibility, note that even plus customers who could have been phased out here have not been. EN appears to be trying to honour prices to long term customers. Also, notion too can raise their prices, sadly any company can do this but the track record is encouraging for us. I can’t change my plan ever like if I want to save a small amount a year 😂
  7. Out of curiosity, what features would you like to see come to tasks? What would make it worth changing to personal? I’m just being nosy…… and enjoy speculating about tech features.
  8. Cause there are folks who find them useful, like myself who finds tasks really handy as I’m involved in a lot of meetings and struggle to keep track of multiple to-do lists. Now I can add tasks to the note in the meeting and find them beside all other tasks in the all tasks screen, thats genuinely useful. Plus if the new focus is ‘remember everything, accomplish anything’ there’s gonna be more features along those lines on the way.
  9. Man folks love to winge! Getting up to date in this thread was like wading through a sea of moans - most of which were absolutely absurd. A feature we have never had being put in the pro tier means personal has lost features, come on, I get being frustrated n stuff but take some time away to chill if that’s the level, it might help wonders. Writing things like that here won’t bring calm cause folks are gonna challenge it.
  10. Yup, it’s getting worse, I can’t scroll any notebook not, not acceptable. @Shane D. can we have some sort of acknowledgment of this bug? It seems to occur in any notes list of a reasonable size and is substantially worse if those notes have attachments. That’s several updates come out for the app and this issue has neither been acknowledged nor resolved and massively hinders app usage.
  11. I do, and many who use Evernote would likely too. The fact I can use meeting templates and add tasks into them and have these all in one place is awesome. This feature may not be useful for you but it doesn’t mean it’s useless. As I understand it there is a default folder you can add your tasks to, why not use that and leave your notes free? Or maybe EN can add an auto delete feature on tasks? When completed it’s deleted from note, tho I would hope such a feature is user enabled cause it would ruin my use
  12. I have to say I entirely disagree with the op. I am on board with the remember everything accomplish anything idea. What’s the point of data if I can’t in the end be productive with it. I like home, I think it will improve as widgets are added, I love integrated tasks as thats so helpful as I have many meetings and struggle to stay on top of to-dos from them. I’m not looking to debate this as we all have different needs but I’m seeing a narrative of we don’t want all these new features, so I feel I gotta say, no, actually some of us are finding them really useful.
  13. I totally agree with this, it really grates on me when apps treat the iPad like a giant iPhone - it’s not, it’s inadequate coding to me. I think for the most part this isn’t too apparent on the EN app, it is very noticeable on home though which really should have side by side widgets like the desktop apps.
  14. Thanks, that clarifies things. It’s as the email said. I couldn’t really understand all the complaints about price rises when the email said current customers wouldn’t have their prices raised.
  15. Yeah ours has risen from £4.99 to £5.99 per month for new subscribers. Honestly, with the price of pro being £7.49 there really isn’t that much difference between the two prices here. For context family OneDrive is £7.99 so EN is on the high side.
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