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  1. Just checked the billing page on my browser (iPad safari) and it worked fine, tested the cancel page and it worked. Might be worth trying a different browser and see if that works.
  2. He did say on Twitter they have an early prototype of it working on iCal but no guarantee it is reliable yet. I have heard a few different companies say iCal is a nightmare to work with, no idea why as I don't know coding but the struggle to incorporate it seems to be quite a wide one.
  3. With time blocking being added to calendar this makes the feature super useful. We can now work organically from note data to appointments that appear in our google calendar etc. Super handy. Can’t wait to test this out, especially when it’s out on mobile where it will be most useful for me.
  4. I don't plan to leave - i have adjusted my usage. For me the things I want to use evernote for are working well ATM - tasks, forwarding in emails, scans and reminders (tho reminders have a question over them), general note taking. I am using Craft for some other things though it is limited to apple and windows so not ideal for everyone. I generally mess about with them all at some point, Obsidian is the fad app but I find it far too demanding for realistic use. I am more an out the box it should work kinda person when it comes to apps and when they start down the plug in route I am a little weary. I hope things smooth out, if I am honest I expect they will, my renewal is December so I have plenty time to see.
  5. Yes, my iPad app does this, has done for at least a year (including after changing device). Whenever I jump to another app to copy text and then return to evernote it reloads the note, closes the keyboard, loses my place and wastes my time. I don't use evernote for research now for this reason, I messaged support about it about 4 months ago, never heard much back so theres that too.
  6. This was raised on X and Federico replied. Some random users have been given these to see what the feedback is - Federico says it’s NOT been positive and they are looking to develop this way more before it would roll out to others. Personally I like the clearness but I would like it customisable - what WE need on our mobile Home Screen - so if folks wanted that they can, if they want widgets bash on and add em. I would leave the iPad one well alone, the desktop home works absolutely perfectly on that size of screen.
  7. I installed latest version yesterday, I still don’t have / commands available on my windows computer. No idea why, frustrating that advertised features are not actually available. It feels sometimes like when new features roll out you got to jump through hoops to get them.
  8. Additional themes could be the solution to the current reactions, not sure if they are open to that, time will tell I guess. I’m looking forward to mobile (and iPad) getting some tlc, it looks aged to me now when switching from desktop.
  9. I must be one of the only people who really likes it lol, especially the dark mode. I like the addition of more colour too with the green and purple boxes for notes and tasks.
  10. I always remember legacy as incredibly buggy. It would never correctly sync tags and notes that had been tagged between desktop and mobile etc. 10 is far more stable now than legacy was.
  11. This approach I can agree with! It sucks that you don’t find 10 useful but instead of pretending that won’t be an issue you addressed it and found a work flow that works for you. That’s all anyone can do. I’ve seen some go to obsidian (not sure why to be honest as it’s so complex) some to Amplenote etc, for different reasons, trying to find a workflow that they can use. Glad you have found one.
  12. Yes I’m serious. I think complaining that software ADULTS have been told for THREE YEARS to stop using, that said users ignore that then have the entitlement to complain when it backfires are absurd. That is bonkers to me. I genuinely can’t fathom the issue here.
  13. I’ve no sympathy if I’m honest. Any person paying hard earned money for software they know is unsupported and could close at ANY moment either has more money than I do and don’t see that as a worry or needs their spending supervised.
  14. One month? You have had YEARS lol, years! One month! What the…..
  15. Are you serious? You use software you KNOW is out of date and unsupported, yet you are so stunningly entitled your here complaining because YOUR choice to use said software has brought consequences to you! If I thought I was dealing with teenagers, like around 13, I would maybe have some patience but thinking grown adults are behaving in such absurd and entitled ways - nah I’m not pandering to that.
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