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  1. I would do more research before jumping to Nimbus, shady privacy polices, shady company conduct, questions over where data goes….run a search here.
  2. I have to confess home looks brutally bad on the iPad, it’s a terrible use of the space. I do hope this is something they adjust which could surely be something they adjust depending on screen sizes? I can relate to the frustration, on the phone - great, laptop great, web great, iPad it just looks like an after thought.
  3. I think it’s a fantastic feature, you will find just because you do t use it doesn’t mean it’s useless.
  4. That they do lol 😂. There blinking everywhere now, cut your grass too well and an Aldi is there in the morning.
  5. I use some large notes, I merge screeds of notes into one as an archive (im a little obsessive about that 100k limit even though im NO where near it lol). One of my notes (a part a of the book!) a book note is 14k words long and growing and still there is no lag when opening it and writing in it, only time i noticed is when I right click to correct spelling that it can sometimes take a bit to open. I have a small amount of notes but a few are big, another, a merge is 30k words and works fine too. This is what puzzles me as people with way better machines are having much worse experiences and there must be some reason why. ps - you may be thinking I thought he left and cancelled sub - I did then the 40% discount came along, us Brits are morally opposed to rejecting discounts.
  6. I find this odd, I’m on a desktop which is old and can’t run neither windows 11 nor html 5 browser games etc and my EN runs fine, no notable lag. I wonder if it’s note numbers or something? I don’t have many notes and I would like to think EN 10 has taken massive steps to prevent lag when there is volume but somethings causing these issues.
  7. It was the original reason I started this thread, tasks were not working so his point isn’t unreasonable, tasks still aren’t. As of tonight tho I’ll not know as my subscription expires tonight. I hope Evernote improve the quality of their updates so they fix more bugs than they create.
  8. I’m sure that’s the case. When I contrast EN as I’m experiencing it just now with the stability of OneNote there is no comparison. Yes I have to use an additional task manager and lose templates and the search I really enjoy, but I need it to work better than this. Tasks isn’t new, neither is home, both have been out for long enough that stability should be a given. I’ll keep an eye out for how things develop, as I said EN10 I am rooting for, but I need it to be more consistent. Hopefully that comes and as it evolves a new use case opens for me in the future.
  9. This is the issue i was having too, the app is now opening but tasks still does as you describe. In the end I decided enough was enough, I don't need an service in which who knows which parts will work on any given day. I have backed EN10 and still think its the right call but the glitches on top of stripping it back when I feared my account was breached have taken me to the point that I just don't have a use for the app now. Today I cancelled my subscription.
  10. Thanks, I couldnt see anything similar on the forum either. I will leave it for now and hope whatever is going on resolves itself - have a whack load I need to get on with so will use onenote for now and hope whatever is going on fixes itself.
  11. I downloaded 10.20 this morning and opened it, i noticed tasks was not working so restarted the app, now all I get is a white screen. Not sure whats gone wrong but wanted to flag this up incase others are having the same issue. I will use OneNote today as I dont have the time to toy around with the app to get it to work, tomorrow is another day, maybe.
  12. Hi all, I got an official response today after sending an email saying 24hours and I cancel (not being dramatic - I had a timescale and after a week of silence i figured I give it one last go). I got the following back - These IPs are from a service used by Evernote to securely log in to your account. The access history listings were erroneously triggered by the login activity from your devices and should have been listed under your IP instead. Apologies for the highlighted text, not for drama just can’t figured out why it’s there or how to remove it! This is reassuring as it confirms there has been no external access to my account and that it remains secure. I hope that reassures the others concerned by similar events.
  13. I have, it’s an auto generated one via iOS. I’m quite confident between that and authenticator that shouldn’t be the issue. I’ll see what support says though I’m not optimistic. I’ve removed anything sensitive from Evernote which kinda makes it useless for me now.
  14. That’s not fair nor true! I had done everything asked - unique password, two factor, google authenticator and still there is access to my account that shouldn’t be there and it wasn’t me either as that date was my daughters birthday and I wasn’t using it. But instead we get witty dismissals here which I’ve shown great restraint on as I’m not going to bite. To all - I’ve now had a reply from support, their security department is going to investigate and get back to me early next week. I’ll let folks know what comes back.
  15. Thats three users all stating access to their accounts on the 16th, in each case they were from Texas and New York, yet we are being told here we are worrying about nothing because, if I’m following the argument, somehow each of us, by complete coincidence, each managed to have our IPs mislocated and each of us was accidentally seen as in New York and Texas. I think that is a leap I cannot make. It seems far more likely to me, with three users each noting the same thing and from different areas in the globe that there has been some sort of incident. As I said I will see what support says, so far I have had no further response and the one above are sure not encouraging. Three people all getting their IPs mislocated to the same area in the US, all on the same date, I am off out to do the lottery.
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