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  1. RL7836

    Chance of a 64bit evernote?

    Older thread but the question remains relevant. I just had an issue w/ EN that required me to kill the program in task manager. I noticed that the program was still 32-bit, so started to search interwebs to ensure I'm not running an old, feeble version. This thread gave me my answer & provided a bit of an education along the way (many thanks to prior posters). However, now I'm curious. Is there a rough timeline for a 64-bit Windows-based Evernote?
  2. RL7836

    Edit note on iOS - always jumps to the bottom!

    Yes - thank you for this workaround. As others noted, it started with updated to ios 12.x. The workaround is a lifesaver!
  3. After getting burned a while back because I upgraded to a virtually non-functional EN version, I now try to wait a few weeks for things to settle down & see how the new version has been received. After 6.10.x, the feedback was fairly horrible - easy version to skip. I'm now trying to evaluate feedback for 6.11.x & am getting a similar vibe. Although it appears to be 'better' than 6.10.x, what true advantages does it have over older versions? Since my current version ( is perfectly functional for everything I do, the risk/reward for upgrading doesn't appear to have a good return. Am I missing something? In reading various threads, I've learned a new term: rightgrading - one that I would have hoped 1) didn't exist & 2) that EN, the company, should abhor... Ron
  4. RL7836

    ANSWERED iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    Ditto. While this experience has been incredibly frustrating, hopefully it will serve as a major reminder to not update any app, program, operating system without doing some due diligence (& definitely not within the first 2-3 weeks).
  5. RL7836

    ANSWERED iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    In an attempt to formalize this comment, I've suggested that Evernote actually utilize beta testers >> here:
  6. A few years ago, Evernote implemented a new version & it was an absolute nightmare for users. After a period of time & a number of updates, they implemented many user suggestions & made the app functional once again. To show their user base that they learned nothing from that debacle, they did it again with ios v8.0 (& v8.02) >> see this thread for one group of examples: More than one user has suggested (or volunteered) to be part of a beta-testing corps for Evernote. This is something many companies do & often helps find significant issues before software is released to us, the poor, unwashed masses. I suggest that Evernote implement a beta testing program utilizing a significant number of volunteer testers to vet their software prior to release.
  7. RL7836

    ANSWERED iOS app version 8.0 crashes on launch

    v8.0.2 crashes on startup on my iPhone. Give me a rollback. Give me something so I can function!! I really thought EN learned it's lesson with the new version debacle a few years ago - obviously not! Lesson 1: First - Do no Harm!, Lesson 2: repeat Lesson 1. Aaaargh!!
  8. RL7836

    Evernote v8.0.2 for iOS Released

    Someday I'll learn to come to the forum BEFORE I update. Evernote v8.0.2 crashes on startup in iPhone (even after restarting). Aaaargh!!! I really thought EN learned it's lesson with the new-version debacle from a few years ago >> First >> Do no Harm ...
  9. RL7836

    Hyperlink limit?

    Good call on the corruption. I copied the contents & created a new note & was then able to add new hyperlinks. Hopefully this isn't saying something bad about the status of my entire Evernote database. My ticket: 952485
  10. RL7836

    Hyperlink limit?

    Note is not that large - I have many other much larger ones. Articles clipped with Evernote are probably 5-10 times larger. I just checked my monthly upload limit - with one day left in cycle, I'm barely even registering (1% of max limit). I'm disappointed that Evernote support have never responded. I sent a follow-up email after ~2 weeks --- crickets.
  11. RL7836

    Hyperlink limit?

    For the past few years, I've used a note titled 'Misc' to host small tidbits of info that really don't fit elsehere. Naturally, this note has a number of hyperlinks (~84) Recently, I went through the process to add another hyperlink & when I was done, I noticed that it didn't take (there was no hyperlink). I tried a few more times & none took. I also noticed that the last few hyperlinks I added did not take - aaargh. I then went to another note & added the hyperlink without an issue. I created a support request ~3 weeks ago but have heard nothing back. I've searched in Evernote online help & here in the forums & have found nothing about a hyperlink limit within a note. Is there a limit to the number of links I can place within a note? - Windows 7 Pro - Evernote (274507)
  12. RL7836

    ios Evernote for iOS 7

    Yes - this would be excellent - I feel strongly that an easy-to-use manual sync is necessary. Over the w/e, I had my 1st data loss. Thankfully, it was only a few lines. I don't know what happened & I was unable to duplicate it. In general, I am quite happy with the upgrade (even though I'm usually in the camp of 'If it's not broke - leave it alone'). Hopefully, the decision-makers will listen to our requests & make the changes.
  13. Just read six pages of this thread & a few others as well, checked the blog, checked the KB, etc. I have not seen an answer posted on the sync staus. Since I go back & forth with multiple devices (& sometimes in areas w/o internet access), I need to know whether notes have sync'd (without having to visit each modified note to check). I saw some notes that some people have turned off background updating. Does that provide an option for manual sync? I know that I'm not the most observant person in the world - so hopefully I've overlooked something.... Ron