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  1. Updated EN to 10.3. I opened it, typed a few words in a new note, waited for the editor to display what was typed, drank coffee, returned to 6.25. oh yes, now you can see how many notes are in the notebooks. I have a question for the community. On November 17th I need to renew my Premium. What do you think, update or wait until EN is fixed (maybe), and work in another application?
  2. That's what I'm talking about: I want to be able to view all notes containing any of the tags in a subcategory. I don't need to look at the notes containing all the tags. I want to do it in one click, I do not want to add additional tags to the note. Just expand the entire list with no character limit. At 6.25 this works great.
  3. I have a lot of notes that contain at least one of the children's tags included in at least one major subgroup. And for me it is fundamentally important to have full access to the category. I study propaganda and if it is an easy task to find "Chinese posters of the 40s", then it is already difficult to look through all the propaganda posters - because there are more than 50 tags in the subgroup by country and period. I understand that this is my personal experience and is less important for other users. But there is one more thing. I use Ukrainian and Russian, where words are one and a half t
  4. I have no doubt that the developers will fix minor bugs. But globally, this is a different product. Not the product that the 10 Evernote Alternatives wrote about. Now Evernote has become an alternative to itself. I do not see any other way to convey outrage to the management of the company, except for the forum and public messages. You are absolutely right - technical support will not help with this.
  5. I immediately apologize for the clumsy language, English is not my native language. I've been using Evernote for 9 years. During this time, the "elephant" has become my main working tool. In the beginning it was rather difficult to switch from the tree structure of folders to tags, but in the end it played a decisive role. During this 9 years, I saw a lot that happened with Evernote: good and bad, but there was always movement forward. They often write about productivity on their blog and it's true. Evernote allowed you to work very quickly with any amount of information, take notes with
  6. Let me decide for myself which is more important to me: the familiar data structure or your important syntax problems. I am not telling you how to work with the information, but only informing the developers about a problem that was not in the old version. Your invaluable opinion, of course, is of great importance to me.
  7. Let's say you are a reporter and keep statistics of crimes in your city. Murders, robberies, car thefts - for each type of crime, you add a corresponding tag. You also add additional tags to your notes: names of lawyers, judges, acquittals, etc. All these tags are combined into the "yourcity _crimes" tag group. This is a convenient way to structure data and cross-tag information to find the information you need. And now you want to look at the general situation in the city ... but no. An effective tagging system and its versatility is why I have been with EN for ten years.
  8. @Ian Small how are you? "...We do this to minimize risk and make sure future versions of Evernote delight you rather than frustrate you..." https://evernote.com/blog/staying-focused-on-the-road-ahead/
  9. At the same time EN uploaded 20 GB of data to the C drive. Please make it so that I choose where to save the data.
  10. The parent tag does not display the content of the nested tags. EN speed and tag group.mp4 ps. too slow((( ps. More 1 gigabyte of RAM for search!? Seriously?
  11. I would like to ask questions to EN designers. 1. Don't you think that these places on the sidebar can be removed? How often will users change profiles and use feedback buttons? Wouldn't it be better to give this space for notebooks and tags? This would save a lot of space on laptops with 13-15 inch displays. 2. A similar question about the toolbar. Did you do some analytics before placing font styles and headings at the top of the panel, what kind of tools do users most often use with text?
  12. and one more thing. please do so that I can choose the drive where Evernote will save the cache. I have almost 90 GB of data and the system disk will explode soon.
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