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  1. PinkElephant's post in How to set default tags and notebook for incoming mail? was marked as the answer   
    @AndreS1967 Go to your account settings and disable „Auto-Filing“. It is a function that tries to guess where to file incoming mails. It may work good with structured input, but with normal mails IMHO just spreads them around.
    Here is a description of what to do:
  2. PinkElephant's post in Evernote Free logged me out and won't let me log back in was marked as the answer   
    There is not only a device limit of 2, there is as well a restriction how often you can switch devices during a month. You can’t then add another one.
    As most limits, it will reset itself after 1 month. The alternative is to subscribe.
    Meanwhile use whatever client is still working for you. Sorry for that, from user to user.
  3. PinkElephant's post in Disable the Google Calendar Nag Pop-Up was marked as the answer   
    I got rid of it without radical measures: Just installed the calendar widget on my Home screen. I confirmed, closed the Home view, reopened it and removed the calendar widget again.
    The message box has not returned since.
  4. PinkElephant's post in Possible bug in web evernote was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for posting. Bug reports in the forum will have no effect.
    You need to open a support ticket to make EN work on it.
  5. PinkElephant's post in Editing geographic information of note was marked as the answer   
    The coordinates stored by EN and used for the search are the classical longitude/ latitude coordinates. You can (in the geosearch available in the Professional plan) define a radius around a location to search for matching notes..
    Editing the location is possible in the mobile app by moving the needle around - the mobile apps are the only ones that attach a geolocation to the notes, even if the desktops could do the same (at least my Mac knows where he is).
    My conclusion: The geolocation is a system controlled metadata. If you want to use and manipulate it, you do so at your own peril. System defined metadata modified by a user can spawn all sorts of unexpected side effects - maybe years later when a new release suddenly makes use of a field that was never used by the app before.
  6. PinkElephant's post in Web Clips Stopped Syncing 7/17/21 was marked as the answer   
    A corrupted clip can block the import of all following clips. The best way to avoid it is to clip a limited number at a time, and then open the app to let the import happen. That way you only loose a few, and usually remember what was clipped and can reproduce it.
    To avoid confusion: This is not syncing, it is an import of web clips. Import is purely local, on the device between apps, no server involved. Syncing is the movement of data between client and server.
  7. PinkElephant's post in Evernote IOS 10.13 - "Tap To Load Attachments" For Premium User With 'Download All Notebooks' Selected was marked as the answer   
    My attachments are all downloaded. If they are not, download is not finished.
    If you go to offline notebooks in settings, and any of them have a green/grey progress bar, they still need to download.
    Download only happens while the app is active. To speed it up, do this:
    Go to iOS settings, display & brightness, autolockscreen on to never.  Put the iOS device on charger Open the EN app, leave it open and in the foreground. Once it goes to the background iOS stops all background activity. I then reduce screen brightness to the minimum  Depending on the volume to download it can take very long - I let it run over the night.
  8. PinkElephant's post in Spin never ends on Moto G9 Plus - Android 10 was marked as the answer   
    My explanation is that all of you exceed your device limit of 2 devices.
    If you try to connect a new device, you need to be down to 1 registered device before you can connect another.
    If you try to open an existing device that has worked before, EN may think it is a new one, and refuse to connect.
    Use any working client to go to your account settings, tab devices. Unsync enough of them to get into your frame of 2 or 1 registered devices.
    Note there is a cap on the number of unsyncs per month as well, so don’t play with this setting. And the web client is counted as a device as well.
  9. PinkElephant's post in Easy access notification was marked as the answer   
    There are a lot of threads about this, if you want more details.
    In short: Go to iOS settings, display & brightness or accessibility, and reduce your text size. The button on the screen will show. After confirmation you can return to the original setting.
  10. PinkElephant's post in Missing Insert Sketch when editing a note on iOS v10.11 was marked as the answer   
    They are still there, but since EN added more options like Tasks and Google Drive, the box seems to be too low.
    You have to move the insert box a little up to see the 2 bottom options.
  11. PinkElephant's post in arrgghh!! was marked as the answer   
    You are noted here as a Basic user. This means no access to support.
    If this is wrong, there is a method to get this sorted out with support.
    If not, no support.
    About web clipper: There is no web clipper on mobile devices. There is the sharing function from the OS, that sends content into EN. What it picks is not defined by EN but by the OS. EN is responsible for the import.
  12. PinkElephant's post in Switching from dark mode to light mode was marked as the answer   
    You can do it from every client. Desktop: Help menu. Mobile: Settings, Support.
    Or you follow this link:
  13. PinkElephant's post in Unable to access my en account was marked as the answer   
    You probably use an iPhone (you don’t tell …).
    Go to settings, display & brightness or accessibility, and reduce the system text size.
    The button to quit the screen will appear (in most cases).
  14. PinkElephant's post in Just upgraded to the latest version and have sync question was marked as the answer   
    No sync button on desktops - however it exists on the mobile apps. There is a thread with a vote to return it to the desktop clients as well.
    Personally I am in favor of it as well - on rare occasions I had the v10 client on my Mac upsync, but not downsync for a while.
    The note history is still there, accessible on the web and (if I remember well) on desktops. Works as before, a timeline of changes, and the option to reset the current note to an older version, or to create a duplicate note with an older version.
  15. PinkElephant's post in Export PDF to Google Drive is gone?? was marked as the answer   
    If something is missing from the share menu, sometimes restarting the device does the job.
    Then it happens the target app is there, but hidden. You can check by scrolling the row of Apps ‚til the end, to the 3 dots icon. Click it, and a window will open where you can de-/select apps for sharing, and modify their sequence.
  16. PinkElephant's post in Font Colour in Tables was marked as the answer   
    When it changes something you intentionally did, I regard it as a bug.
    To bring it to the attention of EN and get it eventually fixed, the best way is to issue a support ticket.
  17. PinkElephant's post in EN not updating automatically? was marked as the answer   
    Each Mac app that is installed through the AppStore runs in a sandboxed mode. It would take this thread too far, but in general sandboxing puts all interaction between an app, the OS and other apps under OS control.
    This means an action by an app (like sharing) may not work, because it is not permitted by the OS. On the other hand this makes running apps more secure.
    In iOS everything runs sandboxed. On the Mac, you can install via AppStore or via direct install, and for some apps both ways. In case of EN you install the very same code, but the AppStore restricts it on execution.
    I would give the direct install a try.
  18. PinkElephant's post in Can I install both the legacy version and the new version of Evernote for Windows on the same machine? was marked as the answer   
    Sure you can install and even run both clients in parallel. To avoid conflicting notes don’t work on the same note at the same time.
    Install v10 first, and then legacy. Install the „grey“ legacy client, since it will never ask or try to update.
  19. PinkElephant's post in How to modify saved search parameters was marked as the answer   
    The sequence is first change it, then save it
    Open it, modify the parameters by clicking on the 3 dots, select filters, do the changes save it again - when you enter the same name, it will overwrite the existing saved search Done Edit: This works in the iOS client, not on desktop. 
  20. PinkElephant's post in How to modify saved search parameters was marked as the answer   
    The sequence is first change it, then save it
    Open it, modify the parameters by clicking on the 3 dots, select filters, do the changes save it again - when you enter the same name, it will overwrite the existing saved search Done Edit: This works in the iOS client, not on desktop. 
  21. PinkElephant's post in How do I log a complaint was marked as the answer   
    For me it is no issue to run both clients. I just see myself moving more and more to use v10, because it simply has a better look & feel for me.
    But in general, it should and one day must be possible to skip legacy altogether. Still way to go …
  22. PinkElephant's post in Feedback? was marked as the answer   
    iOS (Mac is down for the Night)
    settings support send feedback  Feedback will be reviewed, but usually not answered.
  23. PinkElephant's post in Personal templates wish: Sorting was marked as the answer   
    From what I see there is a limit of 20 personal templates per user. A sorting or grouping would be nice, but maybe together with a raise of this limit.
  24. PinkElephant's post in Can't get past the animated "Introducing Home" screen display! was marked as the answer   
    We had other threads here about similar problems.
    There is a button hidden below what fits on the screen, if you have a rather large text font setting. To change this, go to iOS settings, display and brightness, and reduce the general text size on your iPhone.
    You can then reach the button, confirm it once, and then the screen will not show again. You can reset you font settings to your liking again.
  25. PinkElephant's post in Capability of setting alarms for individual tasks in To Do list was marked as the answer   
    Currently no, at least not without a redesign. The reminder date „belongs“ to the note, and there is only one.
    The workaround is currently to set it to the next issue on the list, and reset it as tasks mature.
    +1 for the request
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