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  1. @DTLow, many thanks for the info. Do you know how long Evernote usually take to respond or acknowledge feature requests? I note the original request was posted 3.5mths ago. (Re-reading my intermediate post I can see that it's quite direct, so apologies if it caused offence to anyone. I need to remember to be more circumspect in my requests for updates 😉 )
  2. The query was addressed to Evernote staff. This forum is listed as “Product Feedback/Feature Requests” for Windows 10… so I assumed that Evernote were using this as a way to request and track feature requests. Is this wrong? Should feature requests be submitted through a support ticket?
  3. Ok seriously Evernote, this must be one of the quickest/easiest fixes to implement 😉 Has it made it onto the features list?
  4. I'm having performance issues as well. The main issue is: With Evernote open in the background, when switching back to a note and start typing there's often a delay/pause of 5-6 seconds before the text catches up. Makes things really awkward for quick note taking.
  5. Thanks @gazumped I've updated the title text to make it clearer it's a feature request.
  6. Thanks @DTLow for clarifying the current limitations. I'd suggest this is a bug/feature request - can Evernote comment on whether this could be addressed?
  7. In note taking, drafting, and especially legal, it's common practice to put text in square brackets [like this] and then search for "[" at a later date. I also use this format to tag actions for people using their initials (e.g. [AA]). However when I try to search for square brackets in evernote it doesn't find them. And when I search for people tags e.g. [AA] then it ignores the square brackets and returns anything that has "aa" in it. This is causing real problems - could search be updated to look for square brackets? Many thanks.
  8. Hi, When duplicating a note, the new note title starts with 'Copy of...' Assuming your notes are sorted alphabetically this puts the note somewhere else in the list of notes and you need to scroll to find it. It would be better if '(copy)' text was appended to the end of the new note title, then it would appear right beside the current note in the list. This is the same logic that windows 10 file manager uses when copying files (for the same reason I presume). NB If your notes are sorted by 'date updated / date created' then the new note will appear at the top of the notebook list anyway regardless of the name. Keep up the good work!
  9. Hi, I really like the tables feature in Evernote, very handy and I'll definitely be using them more. However they take up a LOT of space vertically. Is it possible to chance the cell/row padding?
  10. Hi, With the latest release there seems to be some lost screen real-estate. In the notes pane (left-hand side) the notes only have about half of the available column space. This is used all the time, day-in day-out, so should be maximised where possible. The other items (account, search, new note, 'need a little help', 'send feedback') I'm sure could be compressed into much less space. See image below with the usable space highlighted in red.
  11. @agsteele thanks for the work-around, that should help. For the Evernote team - this should really be something that's built into the software, rather than requiring manual user intervention to set up.
  12. For me Evernote doesn't load at all on startup (Windows 10), I need to run it manually each time. When it does load, it goes to the system tray. However I did have to make it visible again (right click on taskbar > taskbar settings > Select which icons appear on the taskbar > re-enable evernote)
  13. It's not ideal to see both work and personal notes mixed into 'recent notes' from a privacy and client data perspective. I believe there used to be a feature to hide 'recent notes' (see link below) but can't find a way to do this in v10.3.7. If this feature has been removed, can we request it to be reinstated? Many thanks, and keep up the good work. Previously implemented, now removed?:
  14. Thanks, I hadn't realised feedback was separated into pre v10 and post v10 - I'll post in the appropriate place.
  15. Thanks Mike, found it! Good tip about tags as well. Definitely not the most intuitive way to access these options but at least the option is there...
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