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  1. The note list options 'small' setting still only shows 5 notes on my iPhone 5S. This could be much more compact, for example I don't need to see what time or date they were created, just the list please!
  2. +1 would be very useful - images are a very quick way for the brain to parse notes
  3. Yes, +1 to this request, it's rather frustrating as a premium user not to be able to select which image in the note becomes the thumbnail. I note that the previous thread/suggestion discussing this feature is now closed, after 300+ comments, so no way to add my vote there. Evernote - is this on the feature list? Thanks.
  4. +1 Not being able to change paragraph spacing is a big pain. Mainly a problem when clipping from the web, and the original formatting is exaggerated to create a huge long note from what should be a relatively compact one. Surely not a difficult request...
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