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  1. You may think what you think. I think, this forum does not exist to be good PR. It is explicitly user-driven. So sure it helps EN with supporting their SW. For me as a user, it is an opportunity to learn. EN staff reads it, and sometimes shows up to help with some issue. That’s it, and it is not to make PR out of it. The only PR-like stuff are the new videos about what is going on with key functions of Evernote, and these are very tech-driven and valued by a large majority of the forum users (which includes critical comments). If you have a problem, as a paying user you can reach support, either via the implemented function in the clients, or though the option or chat on the EN homepage. It should be obvious that reaching out for support may help on problems with using the app or bugs, much less so on development issues and feature requests.
  2. Just made some tests myself: Evernote, direkt handwriting into a note Apple Notes, same procedure Goodnotes 5, my standard app for handwritten notes To me it seems that with GN5, the handwriting is more legible. Up to what I’ve read about GN5, they use some optimization of the input to straighten out the script. In addition with GN5 I am mostly using the zoom window, which makes the smaller presentation neater anyhow. Evernote and Apple Notes are pretty much the same, I just observed one difference: EN sometimes straightens lines and shapes, which Notes never seems to do. So I am not sure whether they really use the same pencil engine - or EN runs some additional stuff. So I think the sketching in EN is working, but can not replace a good note taking app. What I did not test is how good the OCRing of my handwriting works. With GN5 it works amazingly good, and when you export your notes, you can send the OCR with it to have it still searchable in whatever app you send it to.
  3. Most likely by accident you’ve created a second account. On the desktop, you will still be logged into your original account. Make sure you are really logged into your native account !
  4. Sure it would be nice (got my vote as well). Since the toggle can be switched through the API, apps like Filterize allow for this already today - but for an additional price. You can find the description of how-to somewhere higher up in this thread.
  5. First I think Penultimate is dead in the water. If you compare to other notetaking apps, it is just not playing on the same field. Development nearly does not take place, updates are few, functionality lags behind. My personal solution is GoodNotes 5, but there are others around that perform similar. For sketching I use other apps. Since a few weeks Tayasui Memopad 2 ranks high on my list. It has a very clean, lean interface and since ver.2 has layers that allow for much better control of what you create.
  6. My progressives were set to normal use as well. Then I’ve got a stiff neck, etc. So I happily change glasses when I sit in front of my MacBook Pro. Tell you, doesn’t get better from year to year. So I’ve got me the 15“ Hope they put the 17“ to the market rumors talk about before it is too late. Maybe Tim Cook gets older as well, so he made product managers think more about the Golden agers 😂🤣
  7. Never got to this point before. Reason 1: I mostly use an external keyboard (Logitech), so the virtual keys rarely show. Maybe I will try tomorrow whether the trick works as well with the physical keys. Reason 2: When I copy stuff from the web (and do not use the clipper which I mostly do) I rather use split screen and drag & drop. Will try this as well.
  8. Yes - boom bang boom The move with the carrot trick did it. But only after the second try. So open, move, move back, in EN go down, place cursor, move, move back - everything still working - move, move back - and now it crashed when touching the EN app to move the cursor further. Looks to me as if there is a stack to hold intermediary information from the move, and on the second move there is a memory overflow that creates an undefined situation. If your support tickets are already open, maybe you should add this detail of the carrot/cursor placement to make the follow up easier.
  9. Thanks for the hint. Just tried it several times, on iPad Pro 10.5 / 512GB, iOS 12.3.1, EN 8.21, several apps open, Evernote open, Keyboard up, switch to Safari with 4-finger-swipe, and back, then to other apps, and back, on 2 notes, one with text, the other with a pdf as attachment. No crash. When coming back to Evernote, the virtual keyboard slides quickly down to the edge of the screen, and comes up right away. There must be some other factor in this that causes the trouble.
  10. If it does not show, it is not available. I use my iTunes account for my payments, wherever possible. As I remember, it was possible for EN to do so through iOS.
  11. As a Premium member, you can delete, what you like - you can always go to note history and restore a former status of the note. Only thing: The note must have been saved once, and been synced to the EN server. The note history is always running, for BASIC users as well - but access and restore is restricted to the paying accounts. If somebody on BASIC is afraid to have lost something, one can go for one month to PREMIUM, and restore, because the note history will have covered as well what has happened before. I am using 70% of my EN time my iPad, and have not lost a single note up to now. And if: Note history ! For me, the reason for locking notes is more with shared or business notebooks. There you can control it on a notebook level, but not note by note.
  12. 1) No, they should follow the movement on the Mac. Have you synced from the Mac to the server since moving stuff around ? If you have offline notebooks on iOS, this can create a time lag as well. You will see the download symbol behind the notebooks that are still syncing. Moving a note to another notebook means on iOS /offline that it will sync the note newly to the new notebook. The iOS client will not move it from one to the other, even if it is already there, downloaded to the old location. 2) No, if tags as such are concerned, same question as above. Yes, when tag structure is concerned, because on iOS the tag hierarchy will not show.
  13. Tags should sync without problems. There is just one issue to keep in mind: Tags can be nested in a hierarchy on the Mac. This deep structure will not be shown on the iOS device. The tags will be there, but not in the hierarchical structure. Tagging is a key function in EN, so I would rather give it a second thought. One note can only be in one notebook, but it can carry many tags. I do use notebooks and tags quite flexible. One example: During the year I collect invoices and other stuff relevant for my tax declaration. I am tagging them with #tax and #2019, no matter where they are in their notebooks. When it is time to do the tax declaration, I search for these tags and create a copy of the notes in a new notebook TAX2019. This notebook now contains all my tax relevant stuff for one year. I create a note with the table-of-content-function to make it easier to get an overview. And then I share this notebook with my accountant. He will work on it and prepare the tax declaration. When everything is done, I tag all notes in that notebook with a new tag #tax2019. Then I move the content to an archive notebook, and delete the shared notebook. By this, the access to the data is gone, but I can always reproduce what content has been in that tax declaration notebook in the respective year. This uses a basic though in Evernote: Notebooks are for the overall structure and properties like private, shared, offline etc. For content / information, use tags. If you do not share, hold nothing private or offline, you can live with just 1 mega-notebook, but not without tags. If you follow something like GTD, you can build your whole life around less than 10 notebooks, using tags. If you clean up your tags from time to time (like joining seldom used ones together), you can keep them neat and structured, much better than with moving notes around notebooks.
  14. Support is open for all paying users. With a Basic account, you can try this: https://twitter.com/evernotehelps
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