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  1. Strong message, wrong addressee: The forum is user driven. If you want to contact EN on your concerns, it is through a support ticket. Maybe they can offer you some help. You do not tell which version of the Windows client and of Windows you are running. I am sometimes using the Windows client as well (I am mostly on iOS and MacOS) and can not report any loss of information. Maybe you should uninstall and make a fresh reinstall is you feel things are not reliable.
  2. Since you have a Basic account, you are not entitled to use EN support on technical issues. The only support is available for account issues. This is a limitation applied by EN, maybe because they want to be able to offer support for paying customers as a feature. So they may tell you to submit a ticket, but when you log in, they check your account status, and the support option is no longer available. If you describe your problem here, maybe someone in the forum may be able to offer some help.
  3. In one of the videos it is explained that testing is primarily done in the web client. Reason is that doing fixes there is much easier than in downloaded software betas. So it is the web client first, then a last stop of app betas, before a feature is rolled out. Apart from changes forced from the outside (like the Mac/iOS upgrades) it is said that future changes will first bring all clients together in terms of layout, function and if ever possible code as well. New features are postponed after this, because the current multi-layout multi-platform situation does not allow for a real progress for all users. At least this is what I understood from the series of videos.
  4. Part of the new security measures by Apple: Browser extensions come by App Store. Apps other than extensions can still be downloaded from websites. There are just more questions about security before they are allowed to install.
  5. You can very easy create another account. So better check twice. If the account is correct, you can force a sync by holding opt/alt + shift before clicking on the sync symbol in the EN toolbar.
  6. Well, this is standard stuff. So it is hard to avoid, i agree. But still: Where is the root cause of that issue, compared to other installations ? When have you done the last complete uninstall ? With complete I mean really wiping the EN installation from the Mac. I use the app AppCleaner, and make sure to check all items down the list. Maybe make a backup before, just to be sure. Then I restart, and reinstall, with the version from the EN website (not from the AppStore). Everything from the server will be copied down again, which may take a while.
  7. iOS and EN app are on the actual release ? When an app crashes (any app ...), there can be „data residue“ of all kinds in the iPhones RAM. When the app is restarted, this debris from the former session can cause all type of problems. It is hard to detect what caused it, because each situation will be different, so the data that got stuck will be different. To avoid this, after an app crash you should power down the iPhone, wait a few seconds and switch it on again. You did it right when the apple icon is displayed on the screen. When powered off, the internal memory is wiped. Thus the OS will make a clean restart with a refreshed memory. If a crash happens more often, you should uninstall and reinstall the app that causes it.
  8. In addition, there is another possibility in iOS: When you are on the content you want to save, click on share (square with arrow) Pick the „print“ option On the now open print dialogue, select the number of pages you want to print Then pinch outwards with 2 fingers, like „opening“ the preview of the document This will convert the printout into a pdf document. This is open now. Now click again on „share“, select Evernote. The pdf will be saved as a new note into Evernote. The advantage is you get a clean pdf by this. If the website allows for it, choose the „reader“ view before clicking „share“ the first time. This will eliminate nearly all ads and other disturbing stuff from the page.
  9. Not having this problem. Probably it depends on some side effect of actions you take while editing. Yes, I agree, this probably should not happen, but it obviously does, and I do not think it happens to many people. Maybe it would make sense for you to find out what actions prompt these changes. Thus you could avoid them, or try to get EN to modify the code.
  10. If you do not want to have credit card information slip out - do not clip the page when you have entered your credit card data. If you do not want to send your browsing history out - do not clip everything. If you use web clipper, you can not avoid to send the complete page with all content plus meta data about the clipped page to the EN server. This is how it works. Technically this is handing it over to EN, even if nobody reads it. So they have to tell you in the privacy disclaimer. If you want to use a local process, „print“ the webpage to a pdf, and send this to EN. It will copy as well to the server (if it is not going into a local notebook). But this happens to all information you safe in your EN account.
  11. Often it is even enough to shut the iPhone down (I mean, really by switching it off), and restart it. If this does not do the job, uninstalling is the second step that in most cases solves everything left over when shutting down did not work.
  12. Which beta do you mean ? What Version of iOS are you running ?
  13. Using EN for Password management is like using a Multitool for a serious handcrafting job: It will do, but without excellence, and it will not spark joy while doing. I think there are many good reasons for encrypting entire notebooks - for storing passwords the note encryption feature is already enough, if one decides to use it for this purpose.
  14. Well, the trash is internally treated as another notebook, with some specialties. Among them is that doing a normal search, notes in trash will not show. It is possible to search the trash itself, just select it before typing the search text. And I think this is why the trash is synced automatically as well to the server. Deleting a note just sends it to the trash; out of sight, but still only one action away from being recovered. By syncing it, EN takes care that one can delete a note on an android phone, but recover it later on a Mac desktop. This is a nice feature when you change your mind, but if you do not want to sync something, you have to delete it completely from the trash as well.
  15. Between black and white there is a sea of grey, so go ahead. Regarding the tone of the discussion, I think there is created a lot of fuss about a very minor aspect. First I do not know any advertisement that promises „Webclipper for each and every browser, yet invented or not, possible or impossible, etc.“. There are several (!) workarounds to continue clipping and filing, at least Chrome (and it’s derivates) plus Firefox with Webclipper. And there is a continuous communication from the company to the users about what they do, how far they are and what is the next step. No need to apologize, for what ? They even did this, several times, from the CEO for those to read who care. And then there is a fact that does work for everybody who wants to leave: EN makes it easy to export ones data, and others make it easy to import them. It will not be 1:1, but close enough. So if one wants to move where there is no web clipper, not at all, it is a) possible and b) makes no sense to complain here and announce to go somewhere else, where the desired feature is entirely missing. So I think we can agree that nobody has to apologize to stay, nobody has to apologize to leave, and everybody is allowed to have his own opinion, stand for it and take a lively discussion when different positions clash. Have fun !
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