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  1. Scan Snap Home is replacing Scan Snap Manager on the Mac, because the older Manager is a 32bit software that will not be supported by the new MacOS versions. Maybe you were asked to do so because Macs currently try to show users the near obsolete software installed. When you open the scansnaphome window, you will find several profiles. You can modify them, or add own profiles with features you want. The icons on the right upper corner of the scansnaphome window are for this. Before scanning, you pick the profile you want to use. If this is set up to send scans into EN, it will do this. You can create profiles that send the scanned documents directly into EN yourself. On my MBP it even opens a new window for each scan, making it easy to title it, tag it and move it to the right notebook. The title is created automatically from the document, but it usually does not really show what I want. I have created 3 EN profiles, one for duplex, one for simplex (these with standard quality and file size) and one for best quality. In the quality settings you find an important checkbox: It asks whether it shall create a searchable pdf. If it is checked, the pdf will be OCRed by scansnaphome and send with this information to the EN server. EN will not OCR such a pdf again, but will use the OCR information embedded to the document. There are 2 alternatives: One is a scanner app for the iPhone, that will receive a scan instead of sending it to your Mac. So you can make a quick Scan in between even when your Mac is not running. The other is cloud based. I’ve tried both, but for most scans stick with my ix500 + MacBook Pro.
  2. There are 3 days in your life: yesterday today tomorrow Only one of the 3 is important - guess which !?
  3. Simply load the Oxford dictionary into that note, and I assure you: You do not need to remember anything, with any word you will be able to search and find it !
  4. = no need to store backups of EN here and there - the master data is on the EN server, from where it is loaded when in demand.
  5. Actually this is true- function names in Excel are localized. I came from real programming languages and had a very hard time to unlearn all that when I started with a German Excel installation years ago. It did not even accept the English standards as an alternative. I do not remember whether in the background it works when you send a sheet from a German installation to (say) Italy.
  6. You do not tell, but from the word DOCK I assume you mean „ ... on my Mac“. Moved to the Mac section ... P.S. Any of these little helper apps installed that may interfere ? Was EN open when you were shutting down the system, and „restore all windows“ checked ?
  7. I am not wondering. iOS backup services are spam, promoted or not ...
  8. On my iPad Pro I have nearly all notebooks in offline status. It is possible to create or modify notes when offline. But as soon as I am online and the app is open, EN will sync all changes to and from the server. It is possible to construct a situation in which this might not be possible before loosing or deleting a device. But I still regard it lees reasonable to use some piece of „special“ backup software in such a case. It makes much more sense to sync everything with iCloud, when any sync is still possible in such a situation. I have not tried yet what would happen to any offline notes that were not synced to the EN server before. I assume that iCloud will save the status of EN Including not synced content, as it does with other apps. But I am not sure about this. If I remember I will give it a try when I exchange devices next time. But still it makes no sense to use some 3rd party SW to do a job that the OSes own capabilities will take care of.
  9. Can you use with AppleScript the reader view of the page if available ?
  10. Personally I doubt that any 3rd party backup solution is a good idea for iOS-devices. Maybe it will do a selective restore for some stuff, but more important is what it will forget to restore. The file system of iOS is not really known for openness and simplicity. Due to exchanging i-devices for new ones, I have used the iCloud Backup several times to transfer everything from old to new. It worked perfectly, although on for my iPad Pro with half a TB of memory, it took a while to do so. And EN will anyhow restore itself on all mobile devices from the server data - so backing this up is not only not necessary, it will anyhow be overwritten by the server data once the server is available. It is more important to sync everything from the mobile device to the EN server before letting go, than backing up anything of that locally.
  11. Why do you ask us, ask EN ?! We can share our experience as a USER, which sometimes is enough to solve an issue. We are not any closer to EN than you are, just a mouse click away from the "ask support" link. They run a nice Zen-desk setup, so support staff is somewhat guided (restricted... ) when they try to solve a ticket. We as users are not, only a bunch of free philosophers. My experience in the performance enhancing-ranking is 1) SSD 2) RAM 3) CPU - but when you are beyond 1) and 2), which will both cost between 50 and 100€/$ per step, it is probably cheaper to get yourself a new PC, than exchange the motherboard, to support the new CPU, which will need a new power supply, which will not fit into your PCs housing, which ...
  12. From the threads here, I would not say "SSD = never have a problem". But many postings complaining performance were HDD-based Windows. For EN access time to information is more important than number-crunching power. So it seems that CPU-power is pretty irrelevant, but SSD-speed in data access can push performance a lot. Besides, SSDs got really cheap in the last year, 500GB selling currently for prices that start at about 50€/$, and 1TB at about 90€/$. Switching from a HDD to a SSD is the one investment giving the most bang for a buck, especially on older PCs with a cluttered C-drive.
  13. Concerning the fonts: You can choose which fonts are in use on your PC, and uninstall all the others. If you want to keep them "just in case" you can save the files containing the font information in another folder. Those in use will be found in all applications that allow for it. Concerning speed: No issue for me, and for many others. Additional hint: There is an attachments folder. Other users solved their issue by deleting the content: C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\Databases\Attachments , or wherever you have your EN installed.
  14. Just reviewed the video to be sure. Key statements: - Testing does involve an increasing number of participants, starting with just a few (hundreds) in the initial round. - Public betas are in general open, but as well participants are advised that there still may be glitches. Nobody is advised to use a beta on critical workflows or data. Real support can not be given to these users. - EN is working on a feature that would allow to install betas side by side with the actual version. Why am I writing ? Because this forum is full of „feedback“ that is practically useless because it is based on betas (several ones at the same time, each one having a different, not reproducable release level): OS Catalina beta, browser Safari beta, web clipper beta, EN client beta, and probably more beta stuff installed. The betas will be gone for good soon, but the Forum postings will still be there, mixing up with feedback on real bugs in the new software. It will be fun to sort this out, then.
  15. You are on a beta, following your own words. A beta is just that, pieces of more or less stable, incomplete software pre-released so that the company can find out what works, and what does not work. If you are running beta software, I would expect that you know this and behave resp. comment accordingly. So thank you for doing beta tests for yourself (and for the rest of us, I do not participate ...), but please stop telling what you are forced to use, and what you have to abandon because of disfunctions. It is practically impossible that all the pieces of software involved (here an OS, a browser, a clipper and a note program) during a beta are so synced to each other in their individual development that one should expect a working workflow. So you force yourself into it by going beta, and that is it.
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