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  1. Here is some more: https://evernote.com/blog/evernote-migration-to-google-cloud-platform/ The data is encrypted on the way (https-type, a common encryption standard on the internet), and on the servers by Googles own data management. Because https can be attacked by „man-in-the-middle“-setups, you should use a VPN when on a WiFi you do not trust (= all public WiFis, and maybe some closed ones as well). Plus activate 2FA on your account. When the new European legislation on data protection got effective last year, I have signed a data processing agreement with EN. By this putting my (clients) data into EN rests on a legally sound foundation. EN is certified to do this, amazingly some other popular cloud services are not. If you want to have special data very secure, you should use an additional service. For example account data with passwords etc. should not be filed on a service like EN, the same with credit cards, online banking keys etc. . I use 1Password for this stuff, that comes along with 1GB of encrypted cloud storage for „safe notes“. This encryption works differently, it is encrypted „end-to-end“, so the decrypted version is only created on your own device while using the app.
  2. My preference is clearly to have my pdfs inside of EN and on the server. This is the only way to have synced access from all devices, and a working search function. In other words: This is what EN is all about. If size matters, like with a BASIC account, there are some tips: If you create the pdf yourself, try to do your own OCR. OCRed pdfs tend to be smaller. And with BASIC, the EN server will not OCR it for you. If there is no OCR, try to reduce resolution. One way to do this is to „print“ the pdf on a desktop, and reduce resolution in the printer settings to 150dpi. On a Win10-PC I use Adobe Reader to show the pdf, and PDF Complete (free version) as a „printer“ to create the reduced-resolution-file. Only issue (with Premium): OCR will work less precise if the resolution is reduced. Collect your pdfs outside of EN for a while, then buy one month of Premium, and use the upload limit of 10GB to get the stuff there. Even when scanning and filing a lot, I did not ever hit the 10GB-limit. After the month, you can go back to basic, even when by this you loose some very nice search capabilities. But all your notes will still be there, and accessible. Just take care not to make changes to large notes, this will be regarded as a new upload.
  3. Try the Belgian beer then, the little brands. The monasteries there used to brew their own, and this made a tradition of good, strong stuff in many variations - long before this got reinvented and called „craft“.
  4. Sorry, but this is simply not true: You can choose „Location“ in your settings, and the location will be recorded (if available) and as well shown in the information section of a note. On my iPad there is a little Google map showing with a pin where the note was created. So if you have the locator running on your device, and if you have your settings set, you will record the geodata of where you created a note. What this thread is about is an overview map-style showing the creation location of a number of notes. This existed and was taken out of the functionality 2 yrs ago. If you would like to have this back, place your vote. Photographers hint: There are a number of programs where the geolocation can be added to pics, if not already in the EXIF-information. This can be done in after-shot processing, batch-style (select all pics from one place, and add the geolocation). Because the location of a photo shooting will often not be the same place as the location where a note with this photo inside will be created, I think tagging the picture itself is better than relying on a program like EN to geotag the „picture container“. But if wanted, see above.
  5. Question 1: Are you sure you logged into your existing account ? It can easily happen to create a second account by accident, just by misspelling. Question 2: If 1 does not apply, which client do you use to enter ? There are known issues with the WebClient, new versions / beta. Downgrading to an older version usually brings back everything.
  6. Would be nice if you find your example, to get back here. Maybe issue a support ticket as well. For me WebClipper in the simplified mode is important, and I just take it for granted (maybe I shouldn’t) that a clipped page is clipped entirely, regarding the core content. Don‘t want to check this all the time.
  7. If you look at the accounts possible, Premium is regarded as a personal account. So you can share, but control over the share is limited in itself, and as observed restricted to notes and notebooks. If you want to handle information flow and accessibility in a business environment, there is the option of the Business account. It allow through the Spaces feature to define who can read and contribute to which segment of the total data base of your business. This is run by an admin, not by switching individual shares on and off. New team member - simple to add; outgoing team member - easy to handle, even if you distribute the work load to several team members. Even if you think you do not need this today, when you grow it will make sense for sure. And it will take an effort to make the switch when you have to do it, because the work-arounds needed with a bunch of Premium accounts will stand in your way. Just unifying the individual tags into one structure will be a nightmare. Maybe see it the other way: The business part of the account cost the same as a Premium for each team member, and all team members get a own Premium account for free as well. Great place to work at ! And no, I am getting a bounty from EN when I get you convinced ... I‘v just seen too many overwhelmed IT installations in my life in small and growing businesses that made the whole place perform below the capabilities of its team.
  8. Sometimes I had a truncated part. When I followed up, I realized that the first time the page had not loaded completely. Going back, reloading the page and clipping again solved the issue for me up to now.
  9. P.S. Moved away from voting section - what in the hell should the vote be here ?
  10. There is only one side that will not allow you to board an Intercity train, reject your university application or send you to a Labour camp - all of this due to a lack of political correctness and deviation from the true doctrine. The social point system is Orwell reloaded. I prefer to get some good ads when I don’t expect them, and have my backups done by the guys up in Utah 😇
  11. Maybe it needed the next picture / scan to reopen the memory area where the last pics were still saved.
  12. Good for you - buffering on crash is not a bad strategy. This was inside of the EN app for iOS ? And as I understand the buffer was reactivated when trying the next scan, some days later ?
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