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  1. Without trying a lot: Open Skitch and edit it from there Save a copy of the picture Not working was create a duplicate of the note - it was write protected as well.
  2. The easiest way to get the old helper back is to install legacy. This can be done side by side to v10. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  3. We had reports in the forum that a „fresh“ tag may not show in search for a little while. There may be a background indexing taking place, that needs some time to run. So for a valid test probably wait some time (an hour or so, no idea how often this runs). For me tag-based search is working, including features from the advanced search syntax.
  4. ... and this is so important you need to scream out your need to get it ? Hint: All capital letters is regarded as SCREAMING in the web. Maybe change your thread title.
  5. There was a post about a related feature (EN helper) where reinstalling reactivated the feature.
  6. As I understand it, you need to be logged into your account in the app before you go offline. You can close the app, you can shut down the computer, and it will start when you power up again while offline. The only thing you must not do is to log out of your account in the app before going offline. Probably it checks your account status and settings online, and stores them in the app. If you log out, these credentials are dumped. My own test about this is pending ...
  7. Thanks for posting. Maybe next time skip the intro and the last part - just the „emphasis“ does the job, and keeps the forum readable.
  8. If I were on the EN side, I won‘t publish anything either. This discussion only shows where it leads. Instead of unfinished stuff at an announced date, I prefer working, tested software at release, whenever this may be. Maybe EN has learned this lesson the last months - hope they did.
  9. It was sooooo important that between January 4th and now, nobody else posted here. The new editor is pretty basic in some aspects, more advanced as before in others. It is quite a unique mix. In general if you need advanced formatting, I would use a word processor or page layout program, and place the files as attachments into the notes.
  10. There was probably nothing more hotly discussed with the old clients as dark mode - especially because the Windows client didn't have it until v10. Now all clients have dark mode. I think even when you want your special version of it, the case is pretty closed on this. There is not even an own setting in the app for it - it will mimic the system settings, and that is it. So if you don't like it all dark, switch dark mode off in system settings, and you have what you want, at least in readability.
  11. This thread was silent now for more than 2 months. Doesn't seem this is a hot issue - probably you are driving yourself crazy about nothing.
  12. Audio is still on the „to be released soon“ list that came with the v10.10 release today. It is already working on the iOS client, and you can install legacy on the Mac to get it back there until v10 will have gained this feature one day.
  13. You can issue a support ticket as well as Basic user. Go to the help pages, log in, search for something, go to the bottom, confirm it was not what you were looking for, and it will take you to further actions. Choose support ticket there, and select „Account“ as ticket type. This is the only ticket type allowed for Basic users. Now you can send a request about the unavailable Business Account to EN. You can as well use the trial Premium User offered to Basic users to get access to support for a short period of time. Second if you are using the actual Business Account (which was lau
  14. In fact EN search is probably meant to be sort of fuzzy - often when you search you will not know exactly which search parameters to use, so it takes you close to the result, and lets you narrow it down further. I would not compare it to Google search, which lives of an indefinite larger base of search content and search history. Googles Search practically lives of what other users searched before, and what they found interesting from the results. This is obviously something EN can’t allow to happen on your personal data. The search language is better than it seems at first glance, althou
  15. Maybe it needs to trickle down through the system. Have you checked whether there are really no more devices registered ? You can probably get to the account information pages through the Mac client, if this is working properly. Else I have mentioned a choice of options above. No further ideas of how to resolve this problem.
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