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  1. Here is another answer from the forum (Nick is EN staff), but this is related to clean out a prior beta installation of EN. Click to read the full posting:
  2. Currently I am running out of ideas. Any chance to try Apple support ? Another option would be to go for 1 month on EN Premium, thus being able to get their support to work on this.
  3. One solution mentioned was to switch to the classic editor (bottom right of screen).
  4. Any other apps that do create problems ? In another thread, one forum member could unlock things by restarting the Mac in safe mode, ramp it up, send it back down and restart normally again. Then it said the install problems were solved. Here is how https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262
  5. Thanks for getting back on this. The only security software Apple itself says will not interfere is Malwarebytes. Antivirus software on the Mac creates more problems than it may prevent. After my Kaspersky-Experience I have read about the issue. Because Security software needs root access, it opens a new, severe risk on the Mac. Root access is normally closed for all apps except system-only. This may be even more true with Catalina, where the System partition on the disc is specially protected, set to read-only unless the system itself updates.
  6. Yes, I think it actually does check, because it builds the icons with a little delay. But this can be done by comparing a date, or a hash, so it should use only little bandwidth. I think the main issue is all the metadata hidden in the note itself.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. For my MacBook Pro, I use the large docking described above in the HomeOffice. For mobile use, I just recently bought a 4-in-1 adapter just for graphics: USB-C to HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA. I did not want to be out of options when trying to present my stuff somewhere. But I think it is meant to work 1:1. USB C Hub, Weton 4 in 1 Typ-C Hub Adapter Dex Station USB C auf 4K HDMI/VGA/DVI/Mini Display Multiport Adapter für MacBook Pro 2016/2017, Neues MacBook, Sumsung S8, Huawei Mate 10 und mehr Since VGA is a rather aged standard, probably it does not go along well with other standards. Maybe splitting the task between 2 adapters could be a solution. It should be in the specs of the Dell what visual output options it supports - depends on the installed GPU as well.
  8. Oh - hmm. Normally it should ask and get everything it needs on installation. If you go to the Privacy and security settings in the Macs system settings, and to the rightmost tab, there are several categories in the left column, and in each position it shows the related programs allowances in the right column. Click on each of the categories in the left one, and check all in the right one. I have restricted some other apps, but with EN, Skitch and the Web Clipper I have checked all and every entries. WebClipper settings are in the Safari settings, but it works the same. Are you running any sort of additional security software on your Mac, like Anti-virus or extra Firewalls ? I once tried Kaspersky on my Mac, but it created nothing but hot air (from the fan when pushing up system load), so I uninstalled it - which in itself is no easy operation. This sort of SW can really mix things up.
  9. ... and AFAIK not when already running Catalina.
  10. Probably the whole issue is performance driven: If it would look up whether an offline copy exists, each „call“ in the program would need to ask „if there is a local notebook, then .... else ...“ first before doing anything else. This would eat into response time. So I understand why they only start to look for local, offline data when there is no internet connection. This is then the LAST option to be called before saying „oops, currently out of service“. And then, response time is not important any longer. But thinking and designing like this goes back into the early ages of mobile devices. If I look at my iPad Pro, it feels like putting horses up in front, and pull my Porsche out of the garage to take it to the road. And on the engine button someone has printed „Do not push“. The data is there, like on a Desktop, but it is for the most time not used by the app itself.
  11. My comment is related to the one from CalS, and why desktops (with their local database) show the pdf as a Full preview (from the local copy), the mobiles don’t. Sure the offline notebooks contain all information, but as long as there is an Internet connection, the mobile client will not draw anything from the offline data. It will always by default go to the server and download from there when a note is opened, and the attachment clicked. It falls back to offline only when there is no internet connection. But even then, it will not show a preview of a pdf attachment.
  12. Hello Nick, thanks for releasing 7.14 officially. Have installed it right away, worked very well (MacBook Pro 15 / 2018, Catalina 10.15.2, direct install). I use MacUpdate and AppCleaner to stay current and clean. When I updated, I got a window from AppCleaner with several folders it wanted to erase. I confirmed, and got a good install. I am not sure it works always like this, especially when updating without a little help. Today I tried to help a forum member who had an installation of 7.14 beta 2 that obviously took a wrong turn. Maybe these cases are related to some system residue not cleaned out.
  13. The behavior on the mobile devices is driven by the fact that it only downloads the attachment when it is clicked. This is not logical in cases when the content belongs to an offline notebook, But even then, as long as there is an internet connection, it downloads the attachment freshly from the server. And this prohibits to show the attachments content prior to downloading it. Where I disagree: It would not be simple to use the pdf instead of a note. The note contains a lot of invisible information, that is used for server purposes. This information can not be saved in a pdf, and it would on top of that mean the pdf would permanently be altered - which is against the idea that the attachment should be isolated against the working of the machine handling it.
  14. Thanks for the reminder. Now it is 12 ... although I regard this as a bug, not a feature.
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