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  1. Has one of those with this problem tried to quit all devices at the same time, using the web client which is never counted as a device. Then uninstall the clients from all devices, restart, reinstall and (in case of a desktop client) rebuild the database from the server from scratch. If it helps, I do not know. But maybe it is worth a try.
  2. Usually there are override codes provided from EN when 2FA is activated. If you printed these and can find still them, you can override the 2FA-authentication through the smartphone by this. There are several rows of numbers, each 4 groups with 4 numbers in each group. You need one of these groups to unlock. Maybe you could connect to the Web Client at Evernote.com instead of using the desktop client ? 2FA will be active there as well, but there is no device limit for the web client, so it is one step less to worry about.
  3. The best way is probably to issue a support ticket.
  4. Recently I had the same problem. WebClipper got stuck and wanted to update again and again, but never finished (Catalina). Finally I decided to do a complete uninstall, restart my MBP and install fresh. I use several users on my MBP, for the install I used one with Admin power. Worked at the first try. Since WC is a Safari extension, it can only be installed through the AppStore, no direct install allowed.
  5. @ArneG Did you try to completely uninstall (with AppCleaner) and reinstall from scratch ? EN will then rebuild the database from the server. Take care to make backups of all local notebooks, because they will not be on the server copy.
  6. The Chinese operation of EN was spun off a while ago, into an own company running their own product on servers located in China. The software will probably become less and less compatible, because each entity is developing into their own, separate future. If you want to reach the EN servers behind the great firewall, you probably have to go there through a VPN tunnel. I can not say whether this is regarded as legal in China. Neither which VPN provider offers good service there ...
  7. The internal search of the EN app is not affected. So as long as Spotlight is not fixed, you can always use the internal search for valid search results.
  8. Then if everything you need is on the server, the next step would be to delete EN completely on your Mac. I would use the AppCleaner App, and make sure all program parts are really checked off in the selection window. Scroll to the bottom and check anything manually that is not yet checked. After that, reinstall EN (if possible the direct version from the EN website), log in and wait for EN to sync with your server account. This should rebuild a complete copy of what is on the server to your Mac.
  9. If notebooks can not be deleted, one possible reason may be that they do not belong to your account, but are only sort of shared to you. Are you having Admin level for the business account ? Probably admin rights are needed to change and delete those notebooks.
  10. I do not know a integrated tool in EN That would do this job. But it can be done half automatic, half manually especially on the Windows client: Define an import folder with the Windows explorer, and define it as import folder in EN Every file you put into that folder will be imported as a new note into the defined notebook Then, before sending the notes into their final notebook, you can manually tag them by selecting them and add the same tag to the whole group of notes.
  11. The idea makes no sense at all. First the EN servers do not only serve as a passive storage, most of the services you yourself mention as important features like advanced OCR, syncing across devices etc. are performed by or on these servers. No Server Storage, no advanced features ! Second wo says that he can run a better and more secure private network, than the professional servers used by EN do ? For other reasons and purposes I operate my own NAS in my home network, and I can tell how much time and effort I spend to keep everything updated, safely locked and at the same time accessible through safe methods like operating an own VPN server. I am sure that at least 90+% of EN users would not be willing and/or able to spend the money, time and effort needed to run their own infrastructure. And why should they ... ? Third EN does offers a very high level of security to his users, if and only when they activate the means available like using secure devices, strong passwords plus 2FA. I have no access to the real figures, but I think that only a fraction of all users have really implemented these measures. So why bother about fictional security concerns when even the very real stuff is not widely used ? If you want to run your own stuff, you better go for other solutions like DEVONthink that saves your docs on an open database on your computer, or run a NAS like a Synology and use the proprietary NoteStation-solution that keeps your notes locally on the NAS. Then all your eggs are in your own one basket, and do not blame anybody if this proves not to be the best idea ...
  12. 2FA by SMS is a Premium feature, since sending out messages costs a tiny amount of money. The Basic accounts need to use Google Authenticator for 2FA.
  13. What does „this“ mean ? Does not follow this thread ? EN is not following the postings in the forum on a regular basis .... Does not follow on the support ticket ? Can you tell us more about how EN does (not) follow on a ticker you issued with support about this .....
  14. Scannable is working for me, no problem there. App version 2.3.3, iOS 13.2. But I nearly ever use it. There is a good scanner build right into Evernote: Create a note (or type into an existing one), press the „+“ symbol and choose the option „Take a picture“. This will create a scan right into the EN note. IMHO there is little room left for Scanable as an independent scanner app. If I want to scan outside of EN, I use ScannerPro which offers more options than Scannable.
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