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  1. Maybe this iOS shortcut can help: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/0d6e466b4b1444549da81ddc6f90b82d Sometimes it works just fine, sometimes it does not grab all of the page. This is especially true when trying to grab a forum discussion .... but on normal web sites, it clips everything with a lean layout. Some of the pics may be missing, so if you need them, copy and paste them manually.
  2. Glad it works now for you. EN did not drop this feature. The „new“ web client is the way EN picked to bring new features (especially the editor) to the users. However, it is not fully integrated yet. Thus the choice of clients - the classical one is still there, lacking the new features, but running all existing ones. Sometimes hard to understand why things are working in one and not the other. When they roll it out, integration will be complete.
  3. Maybe I didn’t get notifications because 2FA is active. So I got mobile messages with the code, that serve as notifications as well.
  4. Personally I do not get a notification if a new device is connecting with my account. And I have a number of them, no limit ... From time to time I go to the settings in the client I am using at that moment, and take a look. I just checked the settings - I have not found an option where notifications of an account access could be activated or deactivated. However I have 2FA active, so I probably would be notified if somebody would try and fail.
  5. Probably the weird approach happens through an interface, maybe there is no notification then. Why or why not, obviously it is there, and if I were you, I would look after rapidly changing my password (something unique = only used for EN, and strong = long and complex) and throw the strange device out. You can use the web client to do that if you have problems with one of the other clients.
  6. Evernote is not a full word processor, and who believes he utterly needs spell and grammar checking capabilities should use something else. It is perfectly possible to have these documents organized in Evernote. When you have to edit it, open it inside of EN with the source program (like Word or Pages), do your editing, and simply close the document. It will automatically be saved into the note in EN where it came from. For note taking EN is perfectly working, and for this task permanent checking and correcting is more of a nuisance than a feature. The new editor features like headers and better checklists are far more important than dotting the last „i“ and crossing the last „t“.
  7. You could create a Table-of-content-note with all titles of the old notes you have. Each line is one of the notes, and the title can be clicked on to be taken directly to this note. It may be nostalgic, but it makes it easier to return to this stock of memories once it is buried under all the new stuff that you will create on top of it. This can be done by using one of the desktop clients as well.
  8. If you have local notebooks, you need to take care of them yourself. The usual procedure would be to export them as ENEX-file to have a backup that can later be reimported. Beside this and after a final sync, you can wipe it. After reinstalling, the new EN app will sync everything from the server. This may take a while. To get the new EN app I would always use the one from the EN Website, not the one from the App Store. It is exactly the same software, but the app from the App Store will execute in a sandboxed mode which created all sort of trouble on my Mac. No more problems since I uninstalled and got the direct install. For Web Clipper, this is not possible. Here you need to install from the official Safari extensions site.
  9. If the pdf was created from an editor, or OCRed you usually can directly select text with the mouse and copy it. OCR is even done by the scanning app I use on my iPhone, called ScannerPro. It costs a little, but not much, and allows to switch between picture and text view after scanning and doing the OCR. Works pretty good on regular printed stuff. The ScanSnap scanner as well has tools to convert scans into Word or Excel documents. For word this is o.k., for Excel it is more tricky, and often you would like to get the formulas, not only the raw data 😉 Personally I had to work for 30 years on Win-PCs, because this was what the IT-Departments of my employers pushed on me. I am glad I can choose my own hardware today, and it is NOT any windows machine I am willing to spend my money on.
  10. The main and most important issue is not unsyncing, it is solving your security problem. Up to now, all „double“ devices came from a hacker entering the account, by using passwords stolen elsewhere and used to get into the account. This means your current access data is compromised. Change it NOW, to a password that is unique, strong, etc. Never reuse a password, and just changing one or two digits is the same as reusing it entirely. Use the web client to do this, it is never counted as a device. Hint: Get yourself a password manager that will help you to create good passwords, AND remember them. After this, you can think about how to unsync the device that does not belong to your account. By the new password, it can at least not enter any more. One way is described in the thread, through support. There is support on account issues even for basic accounts. The maybe shorter way is to book one month of Premium, by this lifting the device limit, and simply unsync what you do not want any longer in the account. To be on the safe side, maybe unsync all devices and register anew those you want to use in the future. As long as you are Premium, you can benefit from being able to upload 10GB (which is a ton of documents), use search and support etc.
  11. The web clipping with iOS is weak, compared to the web clipper capabilities on the desktop clients. To improve web clipping on iPad and iPhone I use this nice shortcut for iOS that is clipping sites from Safari and creates a lean, clean note from the clipped stuff. It usually does exclude all the adds and clutter, comes with a reader-type layout and copies pictures and working links that are in the original website as well. The only downside I have found up to now is that it takes several seconds to execute. But the result makes up for this. I hope this link to the iCloud is working for everybody who wants to install the shortcut to the shortcuts App. It will show in the share menu in Safari: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/0d6e466b4b1444549da81ddc6f90b82d
  12. Thank you for your input - the forum is a good place to discuss ideas and find out how other users solve similar issues. 1) Check out the possibilities of ENs advanced search syntax. It is not completely Boolean, but it has a lot of capabilities. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax If you put for example the operator intitle: in front of the word searched, it will only search the word in titles, not in notes. „Intitle:mytext“ will only find notes that have mytext in the title of the note. Write it without a blank after the „ : “. 2) On any desktop client, you can always create a copy of a note, put each into a new window, and have these two side by side. Synchronisation will not be automatically, I‘m afraid. After you are done, simply delete the copy you used for the reading, keeping the one you changed. 3) A better structure of text by headers and sub-headers is part of the new editor currently under development. Check out the Behind-the-scenes videos for more information. Some features can be tested using the „new“ web client. We all hope rollout will be soon. 4) Picture handling is probably not the strongest side of EN. If it is real pictures, there are many picture cataloging or editing programs that do a much better job on this as EN. Probably it would make sense to use one of these, and clip pictures to EN only after pre-processing them there, plus only those that are really needed inside of EN. As I say, EN was not build as a picture library.
  13. An alternative that I prefer because it has superior capabilities on my Mac works like this: Right-Click the pdf header, choose „open with“, then choose PDF Expert. This is a program you have to buy, but it is worth the price. It will open the pdf. There the can be annotated, highlighter, signatures, stamps etc. are available. And it can be edited, which means the original pdf can be changed: Text modified, pages deleted or resequenced, pictures added etc. When I am done, I close the tab in PDF Expert - and it saves my changes automatically into the attachment of the EN note. Sure, it will not show the annotations on top, but the possibilities are much more elaborate than what EN offers. In PDF Expert itself changes can be saved in addItion, or can be embedded into a new flattened copy that melts the original pdf together with the editing.
  14. It makes no sense to buy paint if the wall is crumbling. Thanks for this insight, and thanks to the team that managed to not only refuel, but to switch planes while in flight. They really pulled this one off - without anybody noticing a drop in service quality. Superb job - now we are all eager to learn about the goodies that will arise from that over time.
  15. And Carl has a lot more about EN on his YT-channel. Generally the videos are about productivity in general, not research in special. Another good source of specific information (for example about advanced search) is the help & support database EN offers on its website. From sources like this you can learn, understand and then build your own workflows according to your needs. We have done it all ! For finding out I would probably use one research project and try it with EN. Only the desktop clients (Win or Mac) offer the full functionality, so for really working with your documents and data it is necessary to use one. TOC for example is not possible with a mobile client.
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