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  1. If the Laptop has a classical hard drive inside, it can be replaced by an SSD. I do not know of any laptop with a turning disk drive where the drive was soldered to the main board - this is sometimes the case with newer laptops. If a computer shop does it for you, they can clone the data from the old drive to the new SSD, which will then appear as the old machine, but way faster. Depending on whether one wants to do it, it is often better to make afresh install of windows and the other stuff needed. This will clean out residue that has collected on the system over time. Because the laptop will gain another 3-5 years of usage, it is worth the money and effort. If you can spare the bucks, get some new RAM as well.
  2. Desktop = Win or Mac ? Online means web client ? On the same machine ? Do you use any mobile client ?
  3. The posting is an impressive reminder of all the possibilities how to speed up a lagging Windows installation. Unfortunately Windows will collect all sort of residue in the systems caves, that tend to make things sticky. Most actions above represent not harm, but some can cause damage to the installation - use with care. The golden bullet is in fact to install a SSD instead of the current system drive. Especially on older laptops the drive can usually be exchanged (on new ones, it is often soldered to the main board). This speeds everything up, not only EN. An investment of 100$ can easily give a vintage PC or laptop another 5 years of productive usage. If I had not done it already, I would go for it ! If you do a fresh install of Windows then, many issues that took the old PC down will be gone for good.
  4. On the Mac, one option would be XnConvert. It can do much more, but one workflow is to change pictures in their physical size and/or quality (file size). It is build to do batch jobs, so one can place a bunch of pictures into it, and get them processed in one go.
  5. Somehow I don’t understand the logic that things get harder to use every day - because nothing has changed. The iOS version is still the pretty reduced mobile app without a local database (or nearly without, one can download notebooks for offline use). And es, this sucks compared to one of the desktop clients. The only thing that has changed with iOS 13 is that it is easier now to access the web client from an iPad than before, because one can deliberately choose to open the web client from a „desktop“ browser. I hope as probably everybody does that the new stuff is rolled out soon.
  6. Personally I am not on the web client very often, but never had issues. But it is Catalina and Safari, in my case. Do you use the new version, or the classical one ? If you are on the new version (which is sort of a beta for the new editor), I would recommend to switch to the old one. The new one is known for some weird behavior, and because it is a testing ground may be changed by EN devs without notice to the users the code was modified.
  7. Nobody here to bump into than other users. And I tell you: It is not healthy to bump into elephants 🧐
  8. ??? You can load the EN app to an iOS device from the AppStore without being asked whether you have an account. Does this download fail ? I don’t think so, however your post sounds like it. When loaded, you open the app. Then you will be prompted to log in to your account. If this fails, how does it fail ? Any error message, does the app crash, ... A little bit more information is needed to sort this out. And yes, the same please for your „computer “. What sort of device / OS ? Do you use an EN client there, or do you access EN through the web client ? The only thing certain here is that, yes, you have a Premium account, so no limits for devices here.
  9. You can always share the link, and they can open them in a browser window without a need to open an account. Because there are probably billions of notes in the EN database (seen from an all users perspective), the URLs need a certain length to specify an individual note. But when received in an E-Mail, it is just clicking on the link, nobody needs to type it. If you want a very simple way to share from EN, you may have a look at https://postach.io
  10. Store versions are often somewhat restricted. I would always install the direct version from the EN web site.
  11. The best way to avoid rework is probably to set them right before uploading. On iOS there are even shortcuts to resize pictures and upload to EN in one go (which means they are made smaller before creating a new note and put them there). An easy way to restrict pictures in a note is to create a table, and put the images into the tables cell. This will resize them to this size when viewing, but will keep the original size and resolution for later. On my Mac resizing outside of a table is done by the blue handle. To rotate I found this, by simply right clicking on a picture in an open note (blue is rotate clockwise, below it is count clock). After doing so, I would always click the little sync wheel before continuing. This will make sure the changes are really saved to the data base :
  12. Very nicely worded - but it is OK to use EN on a free ride, which is basically on the back of others ? How super clever you are ....
  13. Maybe it helps to fix database problems. Hold down the ctrl/strg-key before clicking on the HELP-menu. There will be new options added at the base of the menu list. Some are used to fix glitches in the data base. Depending on the size of the data, it may take a while to execute each of them, one by one (wait long enough before continuing). If it is a database issue, this should fix it.
  14. Then no idea but uninstall and reinstall the app. Since I am completely on iOS I am not familiar with Android. From the iOS client I do not know this repeated hassling. I was asked probably once, long time ago, and that was it. As well from iOS: With other apps it sometimes helped to uninstall, then switch the phone off, reboot it and only then reinstall. The shut down will clean out the devices memory and eliminate broken routines that got somehow stuck in there. Probably similar with Android (that manages RAM differently).
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