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  1. And where will the visual indicator from ? No out of thin air, I can assure you. It makes it necessary to keep a archive of the URLs somewhere, and compare the URL to-be-clipped with this archive. OK, so I switch it off. You know how software is called where this „switch this on, switch that off“ is the standard ? Bloatware, and in the end it is unmanageable. Right where EN got over the years, and is now trying to pull back again. still „-1“ from my side for this proposal (which the voting system does not allow).
  2. End to end encryption is not necessary, and as we know features like server-based search or OCR would not work with end-to-end encrypted files. This is legal under the Pricacy-Shield-Agreement between the EU and the US. There are other US-based cloud services that comply, among them (!) Google with Google Drive and G-Suite. The access for government agencies with the necessary court orders is not a legal problem concerning the European privacy laws. The problem with Apple is a lack of transparency and the missing will to sign the necessary agreements with their (business) users.
  3. IMHO a classic circle conclusion: I assume something should work, something specific, like „I need to print all notes in a notebook, without any work for me, neat and nice, etc.“ Then I declare this special wish as a no-brainer, only stupid programmers don’t know how to etc. Then I realize it is not working the way I want Conclusion: The world is against me, especially this bad, mean-wishing company etc., and I will swear sulfur and fire on their heads for their deceitful marketing messages telling me I could use this program etc. My conclusion: I am another user, obviously stupid enough to continue with this mess of a program. And no, I will now not dedicate part of what is left of my Sunday to try to help on this. Good luck !
  4. Web interfaces have a born deficiency with shortcuts - they often collide with those for the browser as „nesting ground“ for the web application. Here we talk several possible browsers, which complicates things further. Probably this will be one of the final things when going from beta to release level.
  5. Beta is beta - if you need nested tags, use the Windows or Mac client, which both support nesting. But other clients do not do this, like the mobile ones, so it is a local experience. With the web client, it depends, as you have experienced. We all hope this will change, having the nesting of tags available on all clients.
  6. So what ? In the end you have 2 copies of the same article, where is the fuzz ? But checking would cause a waiting time before you could clip, and this in ANY clipping process: WebClipper needs to identify the URL, send it to the EN server, there a search is needed, the result (yes/no) has to be send back to the webclipper, and a user dialogue follows („The site has already been clipped - are you sure ? Y/N“). A local database would not do, because many (at least I) clip form several computers and browsers. Nothing of that would make sure that the real content behind the URL is still the same (which means a duplicate), or has been modified meanwhile, meaning you would miss new content under an old URL. A bookmark is something else: It is just the URL, nothing more, and allows you to find back to content, that may still be the same, or that may have been modified. Quite a lot of my bookmarks are there to find my way back to content that is permanently modified, like this forum. Mainly because this proposal would slow down my clipping process waiting for the server check, I am opposed to it.
  7. This is easy - it just needs to send it to the upload e-mail of the account, and add a „@oursharednotebook“ (replace this by the name of your notebook) after the header text. This is IMHO not really difficult. The „@something“ will send the E-Mail to the notebook declared after the @ -symbol. If she wants to alert you about the Mail in addition, she can add „#urgent“, which will create a tag „urgent“ attached to the new note. If you then search for the tag „urgent“, you will find the new note, and know what to do next. Let us say: If you want to live a life of self-control, we better skip the last issue 🙃
  8. Another solution: Get yourself a Mac. I got one after having for 30 years to use what our IT-departments pushed on me. These were nice computers, don’t take me wrong. But if I declare them to be IT 1.x, compared to them the Mac feels like IT 2.0, at least. YouTube helped to learn the changes quickly. And dark mode comes for free, in all apps, EN as well.
  9. Good you mentioned the Backup - something not to forget if notes are kept off the server.
  10. And why among all places available MUST it be the Download folder ? The Download folder on a Mac is a system folder, and it is restricted. It is used by the system to store things from the internet, and I think (without knowing) that Apple has it sandboxed, not to allow anything to escape from there. This means it does not work as other folders. I have experienced some restrictions with the handling of downloaded files that were in that folder. Create an own folder, call it MyDownloads, or whatever, and push the stuff there. Or collect stuff on the desktop, and when your are done with downloading, collect it to a folder to move on.
  11. This thread was quiet now for 13 months. Which means a) it was fixed, meanwhile, just nobody told it was b) it was not fixed, but is is not important, so it does not need a fix c) everybody complaining was completely exhausted by the phenomenal ability of EN not to listen to it‘s users, made famous by some inexhaustible participants in this forum, who always cry „mimimi , they ignore us, mimimi “, and so on Pick your choice, please !
  12. This remark was a perfect use of Ocams razor - what a sharp cut !
  13. Yes, if your iPad is on iOS 12 (at least) you can open the camera roll and the EN app side by side, and drag & drop it from the photos to the EN note. On the iPad to create tables you need to use a shortcut, and it must be enabled in the app settings, notes, extended settings, and then the last point. It describes as well the syntax of how to create a table.So precreate the note with the table, with enough space for the number of pictures, then go side by side in split view, and start to drag & drop into the table. Editing tables is not possible on the iPad, you need to use a desktop client for that (or the web client). Or you could upload one picture after another by sharing, which will create one note after another. Then you use the windows client, pick all notes and join them into one. If I remember correctly, the joined note will contain the pictures in order of the note creation. So create the notes with the last picture first, and with the first picture last, to have them in the right sequence later. Maybe give it a try with a few pics whether it works - it is not a process I use. Sorry for that, no easier way as least up to my knowledge. BTW: These guys in London would get a heart attack if the see our largest kitchen knife: 30cm of sharp steel, plus handle, used to work on large veggies like whole pumpkins. You could use it as well to weed out your garden ...
  14. Confirmed - it takes me to 5.28 on Safari and FF. Which is no issue for me, I am mostly using one of the desktop clients or the iOS app. No Chrome, no beta. Maybe an explanation is that both Safari and FF do not rely on the Chrome engine, but use their own code do present web pages. Chrome-based browsers have the largest share of the market, so companies will develop for this browser first. And I try to avoid Google products wherever possible, so I will not touch it.
  15. Apple announced a while back they would end-to-end-encrypt iCloud. But they never confirmed it ! Then Tim Cook said in a byline during an interview recently, that they skipped this, and went to a "standard" encryption (where Apple is holding the keys). Then there was a report that Apple is going to scan iCloud-Traffic for child porn (which is a GOOD thing, but how could they do it if end-to-end ...). And in the recent shooting by a Saudi at an airbase in Florida Apple was very publicly (including a tweet by the-one-and-only bigmouth White House inmate) asked to unlock the iPhone of that guy, and commented they can't - but that they already had provided authorities with a copy of the iCloud-Backup of that phone. We know that with an iCloud backup you can restore the content of an iPhone to let us say another iPhone. And "authorities" did not follow up on this, which means they probably got what they wanted. All this is public information, and at least here in Germany reported on reputable new services (real ones, not shady internet-only pages) like heise.de - they are the publishers of the german "Mac & I" magazine, among others. Conclusion: Not all that is said is true - and not all that is true is told. Especially if as a US company you are forbidden by law to tell what you (have to) do. The US have a non disclosure law, so at the very moment a company is forced to serve the NSA/FBI/whatever security authority, they are forbidden to talk about it. Under European data protection laws iCloud is NOT regarded as compliant, and companies are warned against using it for sensitive data. This was not commented on by Apple, but they did not go and sue the government authorities for example here in Germany either, that released this warning. This is the text of an analysis from the official German government IT security authority ("Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik") , issued 2018-08-23 and renewed 2019-08-16 (google-translation, pretty accurate). The release is several pages long, goes pretty much in detail about MacOS and the related services and can be found here www.bsi.de : SYS.2.4.A8 No use of iCloud for sensitive data [user] (S) It SHOULD be prevented from syncing sensitive data between multiple devices via iCloud services. Instead, data SHOULD only be synchronized via self-operated services. Data worth protecting should NOT be saved in iCloud. Drafts, such as emails or documents, SHOULD NOT be automatically saved in iCloud. As a contrast, Evernote IS compliant with European laws, and I use it for my micro business based on a signed and countersigned data processing agreement that is legally needed to use an IT service here for professional purposes. Apple does not sign these contracts with its users (those who tried simply did not get them) ... they make you to accept THEIR legal small print, one sided. In general I think the Apple services are pretty safe for normal, law abiding citizens, and Apple cares. But if someone comes with a search warrant, there is a large barn door in the fortress wall, and Apple is holding the keys.
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