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  1. Chat was discontinued, probably to free capacity for regular tickets. Maybe it will return when support returns to normal. Ticket return times were about 10days at the worst point. Currently tickets are often answered on the same day. So there is hope they can reenact chat. Tags: I am not on Windows with v10, but a lot of operations are now found behind right-clicking on a tag or notebook, and selecting from a Dropdown-Menü menu. Since the handling of nested tags was introduced to the iOS client with v10, I think tags continue to be supported. For the time being you can use legacy to edit
  2. No scripting for v10, on iOS no shortcuts either. At least my collection of EN pre-v10-shortcuts stopped working when I was force-upgraded on iOS. There is nothing official from EN about this (at least AFAIK), but I doubt scripting will return. The reason is that when I did a research on Electron apps a while ago, I did not find a single one that published anything that involved scripting. So probably the framework does not support it - at least for now. In general my impression is that v10 was not developed with a „power user profile“ in mind. No more than 10.000 notes in a notebook
  3. How many devices do you have ? And how often do you revoke ? But it needs to be a one-click-stop for this ??? Better make sure your account is safe - if accessed once, it can be accessed again, unless you take action. Strong, unique password should do, plus 2FA. Practically changing password already does the job to revoke all devices, because those without the new PW won't enter any longer.
  4. If you have a notebook that was shared to you by somebody else, try to use search to find content in it. Nope, won't do. Which is bad - my wife and I share for example 2 notebooks with recipes. Sorry dear, no dinner today, couldn't find that recipe we were sure existed ... If you download these notebooks to offline use, suddenly the results are there ! The other option is to use legacy, where the search works as well.
  5. It is not meant to be a two-way-communication. It is just a fast way to drop something into an inbox at EN. Probably it is then structured by an AI, and converted into a report for some desk. Reaching EN with a fast reaction is not easy since they stopped the support chat. Ticket return time got faster the last weeks, so maybe they will be able to get this working one day.
  6. Maybe yes, would have to search for it. With current iOS they could simply borrow the feature. If enabled in the settings, it even works offline. As a workaround I use the app „JustPressRecord“, that grabs the audio, makes a transcript and allows to keep both, audio and text. This can then be shared into EN for archiving.
  7. Yes, offline search works better than online for me. If I search online, content in notebooks shared to me only shows place holders, no content. When I go offline (flight mode) these notes are found and displayed. My impression is that the server based search still has an issue, especially with shared content. They find less content (hit count), and the notes in shares from others to me will not display, neither in the search results list nor when (blindly) trying to open one of the shadow notes. Maybe try going to flight mode, and repeat your search.
  8. Probably posting this here will not have any effect. To reach EN staff, go through a support ticket. In the v10 clients there is a new „feedback“ option that allows to send a comment to EN without going through ticketing.
  9. Just downloading offline to my iPhone now (iOS 14.3, EN iOS 10.4): All notebooks offline selected, autoscreen off set to never, iPhone on charger, currently 9hrs into it, 2/3 done, will be 16GB when done. Sort of digital detox 😉 On my iPad offline is still working fine, offline content is updating in seconds after new notes have been synced from the server. So for me this chapter is closed. In general the v10 iOS client is working pretty stable since 10.4. Importing notes has not produced a fail since weeks. Waiting for the Apple Watch now, plus table editing, plus a better clip
  10. You can export a notebook to an ENEX file, that many other programs can load. But I don’t think that MS Office is able to do that, and for what use ? What you could try is to import it into OneNote. Maybe it can then be transferred more easily into other Office apps.
  11. Nice idea, since permanent popups does not seem to do the job. But it seems Premium guys get the same treat:
  12. And now, we take out the magic wand: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote Nice design (well, the same as ever) Working features (wow) Audio, audio, audio (applause, thank you) We both agree that v10 is not really up to the job (at least at this moment). So why bother ? Eventually, it will come around.
  13. First this will decently work on the mobile clients, not really on the desktops, if you want to write something into a note. IMHO it works best with an iPad and Apple Pencil. You select the „sketch“ feature to open an area where pencil input will be recorded. You simply write in there, then you close the note, which will save the content, and sync it to the server. The handwritten text will then be OCRed on the server, which may take a little while (often just some minutes, if there is a lot of new content a few hours). After the server has performed the miracle, the handwritten tex
  14. Well the general idea of having 2FA is nobody can access your account without the second factor. Seems it works ... First you may have forgotten, but usually you get a set of emergency keys in case the dynamic 2FA does not work any longer. Maybe you printed them, or stored them somewhere. Try to remember ! Second you could try to issue a support ticket. I am not sure of this, but maybe they can reset the 2FA for you.
  15. BigSur is currently 11.1 - there is no release MacOS with a version number of 10.16. The current EN client for Macs is 10.6.9. I think there was something mentioned in the release notes about the problem you describe. I would install the new version, and try again.
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