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  1. I can observe some of it on different apps. How much it changes the workflow depends on the apps design. I edited a table in Numbers on my iPad, and this did work out badly. I could not, for example, type several words separated by a simple „blank“ from each other on that external keyboard, because the space bar was used for something else. Apple support suggested I talk to Logitech support about this.
  2. The appearance of text is controlled by the OS and by embedded information. It depends on what is installed on the device - fonts that may not be available will be replaced, slightly altering appearance. iOS does not really have full font control, as Windows or MacOS does. It is improving in this respect, and the new clients for EN are said to have better formatting control than today. If you want to try something, you could copy the text on Windows or Mac and paste it into a new note, using an option like „paste plain text“ or „paste without format“.
  3. Currently the probably best solution is to get yourself a SSD instead of a turning disk drive (HDD) as System disk, and install EN there. Prices for an internal 500GB SATA-SSD are appr. 60€/$?. Even 1 TB-SSDs are available for close to 100 €/$? For me it is NOT satisfactory that EN seems to run smoothly on a SSD only. It should work on a HDD as well, but it seems a SSD solves performance problems. What is good: Any computer still using a HDD as main disk drive will vastly benefit from being retrofitted with a fast SSD. The relatively small investment will prolong the usage of even older, or so powerful PCs by years. My 8 year old desktop still feels fresh and reactive, running on a 500GB SSD as C:-Drive. So in the end it probably means saving money by the retrofit.
  4. There are some issues with the implementation of keyboard control on the iPad. I use a Logitech keyboard on my Pro (linked via smart connectors) without a trackpad, that worked fine for years. Since trackpad Support got added, it behaves as if there was a trackpad, and the arrow keys jump between touchable buttons instead of positioning the cursor. I relate this to iOS, not to EN. Maybe try Apple support on this one.
  5. I would rather not discuss this statement ... 👊⚔️⚡🐝
  6. Yes, maybe something got corrupted on the sync before. My database file is well beyond 10GB, no issues. I have installations on Win10, Mac and iOS, all syncing fine. All of them are running on a sort of flash memory (SSDs on the desktops, build-in flash on iOS). We have users in the forum that are beyond 50.000 notes and 50 GB.
  7. Depending on the Scanner, there may exist software that tries to extract this information from the receipt (or other structured documents) and create a title including this information. There is open source software as well that tries to do this trick. From my experience it creates so many mistakes that it is easier to edit it manually. Personally I do not create detailed information like that. If I search for a receipt, I simply type the company name and some other content, and get a usually short list of receipts. There I pick what I want. The only date information created manually or by the scanner software of my iPhone is a yearly tag. This makes it easier to collect all receipts I need for my annual tax return.
  8. Use the „share“ (Open with ...) option to open the pdf from within EN, use an app that can decrypt it, and handle it there. Personally I use PDF Expert for my pdf editing on my iPad. When done, share it back to EN. And yes, since this is a workaround, it has one downside: The pdf will be in a newly created note, not the original one. This works different on a Mac, where the altered document is send and stored in the original note, overwriting the existing one.
  9. No, just pick the first note, then hold down <cmd> and select more. They will be visually grouped together like a stack of cards, and the options shown by DTLow will show below. The bottom option will add the same Tag to all notes. Operations on multiple notes like joining, tagging or TOC are available on Windows and Mac clients, not on the mobile ones.
  10. From what I read in the forum, a SSD is the only way to get good performance whenever there is a significant size of the EN data base. Since EN does not allow to pick the drive it is running from, this means replacing the system drive (C:) by a SSD. I can not confirm this, because I installed on my Win10-computer right away on my main SSD. But there are many reports here that problems went away after installing a SSD. Personally I think EN should be more flexible in choosing the drive, to allow to install it on a secondary or evening external drive. But as it is, this means replacing the HDD holding the C:-Directory by a SSD. Depending on the computer it may be possible to reuse the HDD as secondary drive. Hint 1: Using a SSD to hold Windows and the programs will speed up the computer significantly. So it is worth switching even beside the EN issue. Hint 2: Since SSD prices have fallen far, it is completely viable to install a nice internal SATA-SSD with 500GB for about 60-80 €/$. They come with programs that allow to move the content of the current drive to the SSD without a need to reinstall.
  11. Are you running the EN installation on a SSD or a conventional HDD ? If you need to restore from the cloud storage , the best way is to wipe EN from your local machine and start with a fresh installation. Force syncing with the existing installation may work, but as you described it can get stuck, maybe out of the same reason that caused the problems before. I agree on the backup issue. I am running a special job every day using Acronis True Image to make a separate backup of my EN data base. It is fast and will write the data to my Synology NAS, just in case ...
  12. On a Mac (or iOS) I would recommend PDF Expert as an app that can really edit the pdf content. It even works from within of an EN note: „Open with“, opens in PDF Expert, edit there, close, will return the edited pdf into the note from which it was opened. When the note is now closed (or saved), the changes will be burned into the pdf contained in the EN note. Works pretty seamless. The build in features of EN is not editing the pdf itself, it is more like „drawing“ on an invisible layer above of the underlying pdf. One may like it or not, but I don’t think this should be the issue to discuss in an unfriendly manner. The help article about annotating images and pdfs clearly describes annotation - it does never mention editing the pdf itself (what would ne needed if a text in itself should be highlighted, instead of placing a color strip above the text to highlighter it). If one tries to do the same with a real pdf editor like the one described above, it is clear that working on the text itself gives greater accuracy. But this comes for a price, to be paid on download. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005587
  13. What about this "Ignored Users"-Option ? You can add users to be ignored right in there.
  14. ... or join the club, and change your user name to Dave-The-Enlightened 😎 If somebody does not behave, I think you could DM Shane as well.
  15. Payment through the Apple AppStore, where I usually keep a small fund for apps, music und more. By managing my subscriptions there I have an overview of how much I spend, when they are due and what to cancel. If I cancel, the process is simple and avoids being flooded with „special offers“.
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