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  1. This could be interesting for other users as well. It would be kind of you to post the response from support here.
  2. No idea what happened to your search. Just tried it on my iPhone: Set to flight mode, search. It did find notes (hard to check whether some were missed), obviously from my offline notebooks. After leaving flight mode, the same search string returned many additional notes. So I conclude that search in offline mode is restricted to notebooks that were set to offline mode and downloaded to the i-device before cutting the internet connection. And there are no search proposals, offline it is „enter the text and hit the search button“ before anything happens. What could be a differenc
  3. The check box item is practically only a special design option any longer. Yes, they could probably implement something like this. But for real checklists, the use of the new checklist item is what EN intends us to use. So maybe they focus their effort more on this item. For now as a workaround: If you want to reuse a checklist, you could create one and save it, either as a template or as a note. You can create a new note from any note by duplicating it, or are a new note and select a template. This gives you a blank checkboxes / checklist note whenever you need it. If you want
  4. Maybe it needs a character (even if it is a line feed) first before a file can be inserted. Or it is one of the many little things that are bugging around in v10. I think there are more pressing issues, but if it is not o.k. with you, probably issue a support ticket on this. Expect to a wait, they seem inundated in support since v10 got released.
  5. No idea. EN is based on a HTML dialect, so probably it does feel well with embedded HTML. I would probably try to switch the web site to reader mode before clipping. There are web sites with a good reader mode look, and others are awful or disfunctional. Another option would be to „print to pdf“, and share this into EN instead of clipping it directly.
  6. No further discussion on this level. I don’t start blame games, and I do not participate in them. If you see no reason, it is your personal decision to do so, and I probably can’t change it, even if I tried (which I don’t). My excuse to you stands, and I move on.
  7. Hmmmm - for me it works, it creates a little box that can be checked and unchecked again. When checked it is marked with an „x“ and set to green. You can even add 2 or more behind one another, or several ones in one single line of text. That comes handy if you want to create a checklist template in an organisation, that people can use for structured feedback. You get more on a screen when you can have more than one box in a line.
  8. With the new editor there is always a format selected for text content, be it a header (1/2/3) or normal text, which has properties as well. The closest to a text with no properties is when you go to the blue +insert button on the very left above the soft keyboard, and choose codeblock from the available options. This inserts a text box with monospaced setting and no available formatting options, except of indenting a line.
  9. @JMichaelTX Sorry if you feel it to be disrespectful - it is a literal quote from Star Wars, and I did not say „my“ . Maybe I made a translation mistake. It was not meant as an insult. In fact when I checked directly after the first message, on my iPhone the release was not available. OK, I sit half around the world from Cuppertino where it was probably released to the AppStore server. Then I checked again half an hour later, and there it was. I do not excuse anybody (no need for that), but I think it really makes no sense to put blame on an employee of EN who decides to inform us in
  10. ??? It was one of the most requested features before v10 was released to have the same look & feel on all platforms and devices. Now you need to know and accept that the fonts installed on a windows computer are special to windows. In fact their use (even if they can easily be copied and installed on a Mac or iPad) is linked to a valid Windows license. For an individual this is chicken feed, but a company (like Evernote) would be faced with a legal issue if they took the fonts from Windows and simply installed them everywhere. It is the same with all other platforms. So EN d
  11. Opened at the first click on the link without any problem on my iPad (Safari). Maybe an issue with your browser, browser settings, addons like adblockers etc. ?
  12. Do you know this support article in the EN help pages ? It comments on how search in pictures is working, and how especially handwritten text should look to be easily OCRed: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314518-How-Evernote-makes-text-inside-images-searchable And yes, if the wait is longer than a few hours max, the documents were probably already processed, with no return of OCR information. Maybe you can isolate a reason from looking at the pictures and the support document.
  13. No tags in Apple notes. You can create a sort of tagging by writing something like „#tagtext“ into a note, which then is searchable. But there are no tags available in the real meaning, and the tag operations we use in EN to create a multidimensional network of notes do not exist in Apple notes. It is practically a plain, treetype folder structure. Even being on Apple devices (nearly) exclusively, it is no option for me. I would call it nice and feature rich, but „under-complex“ for a professional information management.
  14. Thanks a lot, have already downloaded it. My first impression is o.k., not mentioned but solved is the double flashing of the screen in dark mode when opening another note. And they have added real release information in the AppStore as well !
  15. Patience, young padwan... It needs to spread through the release Server structure hosted by Apple. On my iPhone it was not available an hour ago, when I checked on my iPad it was there and is just downloading now. An app developer only gets the information from Apple the release is now available. If EN would wait until the last Server has got it, we probably would have a shitstorm here in the forum about missing information. Let us be happy that EN lives up to the promise to keep on releasing, and to deliver fixes AND missing features step by step. My confidence is rising.
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