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  1. No, there is no such option. This is controlled by the Safari settings, not by EN. When looking it up, you find what the website is storing, and the option to empty these data. In my case it says "Cache, Cookies and local storage". By clicking on the leftmost button I can delete it. The next button "Delete all" will delete this information from ALL websites - which means you will loose access data as well. So if you want to get rid of whatever EN stored, you can use this option in Safari Settings, Privacy.
  2. EN is cloud based, but it will copy data temporarily to your Mac. All websites do, because what you see is build together in your browser after being delivered from the content management system of the site. Whether it keeps it after you log out depends on the policy set in the browser. Sometimes browsers are set to keep data in a cache to make for faster browsing when returning to the same page. The message is from your Mac, to give you more control over memory usage. If you are short of memory, you may think about storing data locally. The master of your EN data is always synced and kept on the server.
  3. No idea. There are many programs that have this similar issue, not only with Hebrew but with other RTL-Languages as well. It seems the software industry does not have developed good solutions for these languages yet. I know the same request from other forums, for other programs. No fix there either.
  4. Real support means real people sitting there, answering your questions. These people cost real money. Can you explain why there must be a personal support for you as long as you are not willing to contribute ? It is not more than a cup of "to go" per month, and you would be in. If you do not even value the service you get that much - why should somebody set up support for you ? Just from one user to another ...
  5. Sorry, if it does not stop, no idea what might cause this. Sync is just working on my MacBook Pro (15“, 2019, Catalina).
  6. Depending on the size of your database, and the speed of your internet connection sync may take a while. If you still have your older MacBook accessible, you could look up the size of the EN database there. Sync should stop after it has reached (more or less) the same size on the new MacBook. It will have to build the search index, but this is another story.
  7. You can always go to the web client through any browser (even the one on an iPhone, which does not really work on the notes because of the screen size, but will do for the settings). Just log in with your account credentials at evernote.com. The web client is never counted as a device, so you can always un-sync another device through this way. Just be aware that there is a limit as well on how much devices you can un-sync per month. If you don’t like it, send your greetings to users that tried to circumvent restrictions in the past by permanently switching devices while on Basic. If you want to really sort it out, you could decide to go Premium for one month, which will lift the device restrictions for this time. It will cost you a months fee, so you have to see for yourself whether you need it or not. IMHO it is not necessary if you use the web client.
  8. My only idea is what I said: Try to go Premium for a single month, get support and sorted it out. If support access does not work after your account was upgraded, you can come back to the forum. Based on Premium status there might be another chance. Sorry for that, but we are users here. We can share experience, but not solve any issue related to technical account problems or server-side bumps.
  9. IMHO it is a contradiction to create encrypted pdfs just to decrypt them automatically. This means using the same password for all files, which is not a real good idea if sensitive data is concerned. A full decrypt might be possible with the Macs Automator app, but I never tried. And again it means storing the password in the automator script, which is NOT encrypted. This is like the doors key under the mat. If this does not work, to reduce typing the password over again, it could be stored in a password manager, and copied into the unlock field with a click. Encrypting means as well loosing the ability to search in these pdfs, etc. So I ask why use EN at all in the first place ? If I needed a super safe, encrypted storage, I would probably create a container file on my disk using a tool like VeraCrypt. Before I scan, I open the vault and send my scans there. After using it, I close it, locking all information up. For a backup I sync the whole container (encrypted) with a cloud service.
  10. Support is only available for users with paid accounts. You could try to force a sync on the Windows client, if I remember well it was holding down ctrl + shift before clicking on the sync symbol. I hope it does not get stuck on the Basic restrictions. There is another simple solution for both issues, sync and support: You can go Premium for just 1 month (which will cost a cup of Starbucks). This will give you access to support, and a 1-month-kick of 10GB upload.
  11. IP blocking is a known strategy to reduce security issues. So it seems it Is the security of many vs. the usability of a few. Not nice if you belong to the few, that encounter access problems by that. Maybe you could try a service like DNSCloak, which is not a full VPN, but helps to avoid some security issues as well.
  12. WebClipper is not a Bookmark (which would just require to copy the URL), but tries to copy the whole webpage, or the essential parts of it. And it connects to EN, maybe grabbing some information there as well. I would play with the options (WebClipper settings) to see if any of these influence the time to open. I can’t really advise on how, because my Webclipper opens reasonably fast (MacBook Pro, Catalina, Safari). Or try support on this.
  13. ... or with iOS 13 simply a double 3 Finger Tap, or a 3 Finger swipe to the left like described above.
  14. You can „print“ the pdf into a new pdf, selecting the pages you want, and put this pdf into a new or the original note. However you will sometimes loose some features of the original pdf by this, like OCR data.
  15. If you see no notes at all, make sure you have used the right user. One typo, and instead of login in you create a new account.
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