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  1. With the App PicsArt it is - among a ton of other options - possible to reduce the size of pictures - works with the free version, if you don‘t care the ads.
  2. Hello everybody concerned about the EU-GDPR. I‘ve just signed my Data Processing Agreement with Evernote. The process was similar to other service providers I use, which means completely online and professional. The only difference was that it had to be initiated through a support ticket, and EN wanted to know in brief words why I was interested in signing a DPA. In my case it was because of my freelancing work as a consultant. From then on, no problem at all. From my side „AAA“ for the formal EU-GDPR-compliance on behalf of EN !
  3. No link, because it creates an autonomous document as a pdf-file. Sometimes, this is nice, because links may get lost over time. But the pdf exists without reference to it‘s source. By the way, this is not an EN function, this is plain iOS and works with all sort of apps. Whenever you can print from an app, it is possible to create a pdf instead of a piece of paper.
  4. Are the notes among those posted as a search result ? In my Win-client the remark says (for example) : „Notes found in several notebooks and in the trash“. But it only shows the notes from the other notebooks listed below, excluding those that are in the Trash. The notes in the trash are only listed when I do click on the word Trash. Then, only the matching notes inside of the Trash are shown. And yes, I‘ve not found any option to modify the search strategy.
  5. Just tried it before ‚cause of your comment. Maybe something in the options ?
  6. About cleaning up, any strategy that serves ones needs or feelings is o.k. I personally have a reminder in my ToDo-list to clean up cloud spaces which repeats itself one month after being checked. Because each app seems to have its own preference on which cloud service to use, there are several to unclutter from time to time. Just remember before cleaning up: No backup, no mercy ... On search: When I pick a notebook, or a group like „all notes“, the bin is excluded from being searched (tried with Win10 and iOS). When I pick the bin itself as „notebook“, then it is searched. And yes, this can be useful.
  7. ... and normally the waste bin is never emptied. The notes are just not „found“ by searches, and belong to no notebook any more . So recovery is possible even after quite a while. The downside: If you want to make sure a note is entirely gone, you have to actively eliminate it for a second time from the bin. This can be done selectively, or for the whole content of the bin at once. Then recovery is impossible.
  8. For me as well. The statement is quite o.k., I have seen worse. I have just asked for a Data Processing Agreement via E-Mail. Let‘s see what I will get. Once such an agreement is in place, and the usual data protection measures are taken by client and provider, the use of EN should be compliant to European law. There is no need to encrypt the database itself while it is inside of the protected data processing environment.
  9. 1st I do not know, no Android user. 2nd even if it sounds rare for an app called everNOTE, EN is not strong on taking notes. In the iOS-world people use apps like Notability, Noteshelf or Goodnotes (my pick) that are much better on this, including the selection of all sorts of stationery, default and your own. Even the iOS-native Notes app is better suited for taking notes. Penultimate is more or less dead in the water, in my opinion. The note taking ability of EN is quite basic. Good is that a note taken in EN Goes into the database without any further action. EN is strong in organizing digital information, which includes annotating docs like pdf files. This is a nice feature, but builds on a doc that is already on file. Top is the sync between devices, and the search for whatever „must be there, somewhere“. From my point of view, there are plenty of other pending improvements for the EN coding team before creating „yet another“ note taking champion.
  10. No problem on my iPad (Pro 10,5). Which device do you have ? Does it turn to whatever orientation is right after signing in ? Or does it stay in portrait ? Do you sign in with user+ PW or use touch / face ID ? I simply stay signed in, because the iPad itself locks after a short idle time. The app opens always with the right orientation, depending on the iPads position .
  11. Hello, this forum is user driven. If you need help, maybe try support. As a basic account holder, there is a way through Twitter. There are posts in the forum that describe how. Out of curiosity: Did you create the notebooks in the web, and they do not reflect in the win-client ? Are there notes inside of the notebooks yet ? Any more details ?
  12. As I see it, the scanner does not send a pdf to the SW on the PC. It is some other format, most likely proprietary. The iX500 is not compatible to the TWAIN standard used by many other scanners. The pdf is one of the possible output data formats. If the SW that does all the job on the PC is not open source (which I doubt), it is probably hard to not worth the effort to try to get in between. A quick search in the internet gave a number of available freeware options that will OCR whatever you feed. On the professional side there is more, mostly with business process integration, and for a small fee 💰💵💵💴💶💵💰
  13. Up to now, my experience with JPEG-OCRing is limited. Most is PDF in my case, the majority OCRed by my scanner SW (iX500-bundle). But I was quite amazed that the EN-OCR had even worked on a JPEG taken from the label of a wine bottle - bend, from an angle and low light 🕯 So checking it out like jefito advised, or get a support ticket seems to be the task of the day 😉
  14. If you go to the properties of the pdf, it tells how it was created. In my case it states the iX500, the software and the version. So the SW gets the source info and puts it into the pdf file. Maybe the SW is just meant to work inside of the bundle with the scanner, like it was sold. Some restrictions are quite normal in these bundles - it is the same with the RAW-SW package that came with my camera. It will not work with every RAW format.
  15. With the app „Office lens“ (Microsoft, free on the AppStore) beside other functions it is possible to open any picture from the camera roll of an iPhone or iPad. It can then be manually corrected to a frontal perspective by picking the edges, and saved back to the camera roll. There seems to be no automatic perspective correction, that exists if the picture is taken directly with Office Lens using the devices camera. Once there is the collection of the corrected pictures, use an app to create a pdf from them (in my case PDF Expert from readdle).
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