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  1. The home widget for tasks is officially announced in the latest Behind the scenes video by Ian Small:
  2. Usually you can create another calendar for tasks. Show it = See tasks, hide it = normal calendar view.
  3. If I understood correct what you do, and to make the smallest change to this procedure, it would be this: - Create an email from the first page file. If you have in between 10 and 99 pages, a 2-digit number should do. - Title the first email 01whatsoever. You can simply place „01“ in front of the existing title. - The next page goes into 02whatsoever, and so on. Then 10, 11, 12 etc. Below 10 the leading 0 is important for sorting. When you send them, no matter in which sequence they arrive, they will receive the mail title as note title. You can now sort them by the note title. As I said, smallest impact. In reality I would not do it like this. I would use a tool like Irfanview (on Windows), that allows to rename files with a name and a number. I would then rename the pictures with a file name that contains the page number, save them all into one or only a few emails and send them. Or better create the notes directly, without that email fuzz in between. All this can be done without any advanced software, Irfanview is free. The ultimate solution would be to pack the pictures into a pdf, OCR it first and then send the OCRed pdf into EN. Possible, but AFAIK not for free.
  4. When you uninstall, dump all data when asked. Everything else was said above. We run EN iOS on several i-devices from a 2014 iPad Air 2 to a 2020 iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is stable, tending to be slow on the older hardware and ok on the newer ones. Can‘t say anything about Android.
  5. Scanning is one of the reasons why I operate legacy side by side with v10. You can do the same, using legacy as a sort of scanner import tool. Import folders are announced for v10. I think they will allow for a better scanning solution with scanners that are not natively supported. There are hints they will be released with 10.16 or 10.17. The document flow would be scanner to folder, from there an import function will pick up every file and import it into EN.
  6. Currently it is yellow when using the shortcut. If you want more, issue a support ticket, or use the feedback function build into the clients. This will bring it to the attention of EN.
  7. If you think so, issue a support ticket. Since I think so, I did … pending, we will see.
  8. Had the same issue. It seems they put invalid date when the subscription is controlled by an external service. In my case I pay through my iTunes account. Just got the reminder that the subscription is due in a few weeks. Nothing to bother about, they still want our money.
  9. ??? Short answer: Mail is send by a mail server A, and it is received by a mail server Z. But it does not move in one piece from A to U, it is relayed through a series of servers in between. These server can differ from mail to mail send. Mail 1 can take a longer route (more servers) than mail 2. It just takes a server with more workload on one path, and 2 is received earlier than 1. Sending independent mails, there is no guarantee at all they will arrive in the same sequence they have been send. To go back to the initial question: If sequence is relevant, create an index (file name of pictures, email title) that allows to sort the content in EN.
  10. Feel free to use whatever you want to use. If it suits you better, have fun.
  11. Not the first software that had a feature removed in an update. The watch support is to return, one day. The Apple Watch support is in the category „would like to have it back, can do without“ for me. Feel free to disagree…
  12. It did not work with iOS until 10.4, which managed to download. But it didn’t update the downloaded data. This was solved with 10.6. With 10.6 came as well a working full download - before it was one notebook after the other. Maybe set everything to offline, and start testing with one midsized notebook. From my experience a notebook with say 200 notes should take no longer than 30min - 1hr to download. The phone needs to be alive all the time, EN being the active app. Ask support if it does not move.
  13. No problem. Offline should work for desktops as well. When I remember it correctly, you mentioned 32.000 notes (wow). v10 still seems to have some trouble with very large databases like yours. I would propose to ask support whether v10 desktop will already work in offline mode with this load. The alternative is to continue with the legacy client, until v10 makes up for the difference.
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