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  1. The release of v10.13 promised an improvement in the blank note issue. Sadly no improvement here and, worse, the apparent fix which generated a warning that the Window had frozen and offering a Restart option has disappeared too. So now I'm back to my daily close and manually restart process...
  2. I don't have this issue but if I did I'd completely uninstall AND delete the data and program directories to ensure nothing is left lurking. Then install the current version.
  3. Most users don't have v10.10 but I only have the Gboard interoperability issue in 10.9 and I'm hoping that will be fixed in 10.10 as you reported...
  4. The latest release v10.13 allows the export of a jote to HTML. From HTML you have the opportunity to print via a web browser. My view is that the legacy version is a less troublesome option but this is an option.
  5. The arrival of v10.13 has provided a workaround for the PDF creation issue. It is now possible to export a note as an HTML document. Open that in your favourite web browser and print to PDF. Long winded and definitely not a good user experience but is is a way around.
  6. It probably isn't going to change anytime soon. In V10 it seems that each note is processed individually rather than as a batch.
  7. @Eweforia You have identified a well known problem. The ability to print from EN v10 is entirely dysfunctional. Forget Print Preview, the actual printed output is rarely complete, text missing, lines of text split horizontally at the last line of a page. The legacy version should work just fine and provide the printing capbility you require until it is fixed in v10.
  8. @RussK Best to install the legacy version of the program and have that run alongside Evernote 10 or just use it instead of version 10. Installing the legacy version and checking that the import folders are correctly configured will clear up all the pending imports and keep running until v10 finally gets the promised function. For sure, we have all been waiting for months. Life has been too short to wait for the new feature so having legacy running alongside v10 has provided the best of both worlds.
  9. This is, I think, an issue with the Epson software. It is looking for the old software installation. EN v10 is in a separate location to the old program. I would expect that the legacy program would resolve the issue for the time being. But this will not be a permanent fix. The ScanSnap software was updated by ScanSnap to support the new version of Evernote. I would expect that this is what will be required from Epson to support EN v10 unless you can configure the Epson scanner software to point to the new Evernote program directory.
  10. Evernote 10 for Android has a very different set of widgets (well small set of very different widgets) compared to version 8. We are hoping that these will develop as the application continues to grow but there is no indication of what might or might not be in the pipeline.
  11. In Android you have to go via an APK repository. apkmirror is well regarded although some will advise against it since it isn't an officially supported option. So you can use your favouriate search engine and download the apk if you are comfortable with the potential risk.
  12. I think the issue is that a note printed from Evernote 10 to PDF is not being saved with its text recognisable to the PDF viewer. It isn't a question of being able to OCR an external document but why printing from EN 10 doesn't have its text automatically recognised in the PDF program (as was the case with the legacy).
  13. Definitely not efficient. In Acrobat Pro (I have an elderly version XI) I can go direct to Text Recognition (View|Tools|Text Recognition or via the Tools button with a mouse) and set off the process. Once each page of the document is scanned it becomes machine readable. That's definitely less hassle than the process you seem to have to follow. Perhaps an alternative PDF program might be better for you. Acrobat is too costly for me these days but I'd certainly try FoxIt Phantom as an alternative.
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