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  1. @hhayes I'm going to say that I and, I think, many others are not having this issue so it seems likely that it relates in some manner to way you are working. I can log out and back in and I still get into Evernote without needing to provide my username/password pair. I can hibernate or sleep and not have the issue either. I can't look over your shoulder but since you say you have colleagues with the same issue I wonder if your IT department has implemented some form wiping og the cache files that hold the login information. There is an updated version of EN 10 than the one you report. Pe
  2. @Mark. Create a shortcut to the Evernote program is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup = %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup THat will set Evernote to start when you reboot your PC. @MikeDuncan177 I'd hoped that setting the shortcut to open minimized would do the trick but apparently not
  3. This issue was noted by @notetakeingguy in the beta process and continues in version 10.4.3 Take some text which is prepared in Word including bullet points. Here's an example... Copy and paste this into a note in Evernote v10.x In fact it seems to be pasting all bulleted text. I can copy from these forums and achieve exactly the same. The bulleted lists are concatenated. Try it again with one of the lists bulleted and the other numbered... Paste this into Evernote v10 and the numbered section is bumped below the closing text... So
  4. I note that Import Folders are now officially listed as coming in the future in the Release Notes accompanying version 10.4.3
  5. You've posted in the regular Windows desktop application forum. You might be better placed to get an answer if you move or re-post in the Evernote for Business forum channel.
  6. If you have both v10 and the legacy version installed it could be caused by accessing the note in the other version before the sync has completed right through the chain. This is one of the issues that can be faced having both versions installed together. In particular the legacy version syncs every 5 minutes so lags version 10. As @Mike P says, try making changes in the web version and see if that works. Then work only in, say, the new desktop version and check that changes stick in that platform. If that works OK, use the legacy version after forcing a sync and see if that works using onl
  7. There is no expectation that version 6.25.x will be withdrawn at anytime soon. This wouldn't be a 'downgrade'. In reality version 10 is a restart providing a platform from the base up. the legacy version will work alongside v10 sdo you can have both installed at the same time if you wish. The only promise is that v6.25 isn't going to be developed further. Hopefully it means that, eventually, v10 will catch up and overtake v6.25
  8. I have an open support ticket and the indication is that there is hope for a fix in version 10.5 - not a promise but an indication
  9. The ability to add words to a user dictionary has been removed. It isn't clear whether there is a plan for this to be returned in one of the coming updates. Version 10 is not an upgrade to v6.25 it is a new platform upon which a new version is being built. So for the time being the best advice is to stick with the legacy version which can be used on its own or alongside the developing version 10.x
  10. Hi @Alan Priest, I'm not able to reproduce your issue in Firefox. I, too, work in academia so can appreciate the usefulness of being able to send a journal article direct to Evernote. However, I can't work out how to use the "right-click | open with" trick in Firefox let alone then have it sent off to Evernote. 'Open with' isn't an option inside Firefox for me. It is a desktop option in Windows10 and if I use 'open with' on a desktop PDF then it goes into Evernote as you have described in both v6.25 and v10.3 So I suspect that you have some interesting configuration of document hand
  11. This is actually a very significant improvement over the initial situation. I suspect that it has required a bit of work on the side of Fujitsu to update the ScanSnap Manager software which had been abandoned and superseded by its ScanSnap Home product. I, too, have taken advantage of being able to scan into the notebook which had focus but I also regularly ended up having to move stuff around when I had focus in the 'wrong' place. I agree it would be great to get this function back but I also want to record my appreciation for the work to resolve ScanSnap Manager scanning which was origi
  12. I was answering the question from @Randy Zeitman who asked if a notification could be made available and indicating that one was available. Sorry that didn't address your issue.
  13. Changing the folder to store data isn't available in version 10 at present. A user options menu is promised but we have no idea what it will contain.
  14. Bottom right corner is text which mostly says "All changes saved" but if you can watch and type at the same time you'll see it update as you are working you'll see it change to "Saving" as you type along...
  15. It is still working for me in version 10 and I just checked in 6.25.2 without problem. Except you cannot encrypt a bullet list - but that's never been possible... If text encryption is a key feature then stay with the legacy version until v10 is more feature-full.
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