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  1. In one of the early release forums I saw a note confirming that other types of calendar are being considered.
  2. There are occasional glitches in mail processing. On one occasion a fault was identified relating to my Email domain and support fixed it. If things haven't resolved today then a ticket would be the best way to go.
  3. Finding earlier versions is the task for your favourite search engine. I found that I had to repair the file associations for only two or three file types so it wasn't a massive task for me
  4. In Windows the likely easiest route to returning to normal would be to undertake a Windows System Restore to the point prior to the arrival of version 10.23 Since the roll out of 10.23 is suspended you should anticipate that te issue will be fixed before you are reoffered an update. Alternatively you can manually fix the various links. I chose the Winows Stem Restore for simplicity and speedy resolution.
  5. Also ensure that you have reminders for Evernote 10 enabled in WINDOWS https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360060663654
  6. Yes, and it works just as expected with the exception that it isn't possible to start minimised. I did see a note that the autostart option is on the list of things to be added. For now, add a shortcut in %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  7. I lost the link to .csv .txt .docs and .xlsx files after installing 10.23 Maybe more than that. They also disappeared from the right click New menu. Some research revealed that Evernote had taken these over too.
  8. Thank @galaktor There is a separate thread for program updates and I think it is preferred to have the annoucements there rather than re-posted. A link might be a good way to go rather than a copy and paste.
  9. EN v10 sync is as good as instant. Some users argue that this is an issue and sync should be more like the legacy approach to avoid note conflicts and provide more confidence. EN 10 syncs as you type on desktop.
  10. The good news is that each device can run which ever version you choose and, indeed, you can even have v10 and the Legacy running on a laptop at the same time. As long as you don't attempt to edit the same note in both versions at once. I have Legacy and version 10 on my Windows laptop without any trouble as well as an Android phone (v10) and tablet (v8). They all behave without a problem. The only limitation is that the older versions cannot display notes which include the new features - tasks and calendars.
  11. There is no means to disable this view. However, the HTML code block is a feature of Evernote v10. If it is really a major issue then use the old Legacy version of Evernote and you will see things as you did previously. As for simplifying the code block. I'd just do it the next time you access a note. So don't attempt to do it on all - just wait until it is needed. Alternatively, in the Legacy application make the small of edits - add a space or delete a character and the code will be simplified for you in v10.
  12. All sorry it's via the online ticket system or, for paying users, online chat during working hours. You seem to have connected quickly and I would expect a courteous resolution. Given that your renewal failed because you were unable to pay your initial rant seems a little unnecessary. Give it time to be fixed. If it will make you feel better go to the Better Business Bureau. It will make no difference to the outcome which will probably be sorted before the Bureau even takes a look at the case.
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