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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I submitted a ticket but some further delving found a post which said that a new beta version 6.20 fixed a problem with Google Drive links... Fixed: * Links toGoogle drive documents created in 6.19 GA on Win client do not work in Web client So I've installed Beta 6.20 and it seems to be working again. Thanks for responding.
  2. I've been working on a project involving a links to a Google spreadsheet and document stored in my Google Drive account. I create the link in my note and a link appears as anticipated. This then works for an indeterminant period of time. But at some point the link stops working. At this point clicking on the link in the note generates an error which says that the file cannot be opened at present. Recreating the Google Drive link causes the new link to work but not the old one. A bit of delving shows that the links saved inside Evernote seem to end with /edit%3Fusp%3Ddrive_web Here's an example with the unique document ID removed... https://docs.google.com/a/cnet.org/document/d/some_code_to_identify_the_document/edit%3Fusp%3Ddrive_web If I remove the extra piece and paste the remaining link into a browser then everything opens just fine. My browser of choice is Firefox but the same arises if I try in Chrome. It seems as though Evernote is breaking the links. When I checked on a recreated link it shows: /edit?usp=drive_web This piece works just fine so it seems that, at some point, the link is being re-written substituting %3F for ? and %3D for = is now breaking the link. I suppose the problem could be new to Evernote or new to Google Docs ie: Is Evernote rewriting the links when previously not. Or has Google Docs become more fussy about the links it will accept? Anyone have any ideas? Andrew
  3. Thanks for this. I've been watching for the Templates option since it was pre-announced to Evernote Community Leaders. I really like this feature but with one or two small things that could improve it. I had to save each of my existing 'templates' using 'Save as Template' for them to appear in the template 'browser. That wasn't a major issue but I needed to realise that this is necessary. Might be worthwhile highlighting when the function comes out of beta. I then discovered that one of my templates needed a couple of minor-amendments. I tried editing the original template note but that didn't change the template that was saved as a template. I then could not edit the saved template in the new function. It seems I had to delete the template and re-save the revised one. Perhaps some means of editing a template would be useful.
  4. Hi @notetakeingguy I'm not sure you will find it easy to roll back to an earlier version of Evernote unless you kept an installation program from back before Christmas. There have been a number of 'updates' since this issue first appeared. Like, you I found double clicking on the PDF an intuitive way of opening a document embedded in a note. Right-click | Open doesn't seem quite as simple. But I have become used to this and it comes as second nature now. This is an 'improvement' that doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon. At least the alternative option is still two clicks away.
  5. This issue seems to have been fixed in the new 6.9 pre-release
  6. There has been a change in the PDF engine in this release of Evernote. I think Evernote now has the Google PDF viewer embedded instead of the previous FoxIT viewer. A number of PDF functions have disappeared - presumably because the Google viewer doesn't support it. Nobody is saying why the change has been made but I doubt that the missing functions will return unless Google happens to build them into its viewer or Evernote reverts to the old FoxIT engine.
  7. FWIW, I can drag and drop into an existing note or into the note list. Both work as I would expect. However, I* do not use Outlook preferring Thunderbird. So, perhaps this is an Outlook issue.
  8. I raised this with the tech support team and they have confirmed the issue as a result. It has been referred to the relevant team for a future release. Let's watch to see how long it takes to resolve
  9. That's an intersting thing... Yes, that's what I get too. But worse, as you observe, the relevant resource opens inside the Evernote window and now I can't get back to the original note or to a different note. I click on the shortcut to a different note but the link content still occupies the window. Yes, I have to fully close Evernote and re-open to get everything back. This looks like a proper bug. Have you raised a ticket? @Chantal Leonard @Jason Miller
  10. Actually, I often feel this about IT service businesses. I could recount many examples of a perfectly good product being changed for a largely worse incarnation. Evernote doesn't feel that different. I am often left pondering what question or issue the change answers. It wouldn't surprise me at all to discover that the change in the PDF stuff has been driven by an increase in cost of the licence fees paid to FoxIt for the old viewer or the new Google PDF viewer licence represents a cash saving. Then it is presented to the end users as an improved interface when it is evidently nothing of the sort - just different... A start-up can easily be responsive to its customers. As the business grows the powers-that-be inevitably start to believe that they know what customers want...
  11. A good observation. I have to right click| select view as Attachment | then drag and drop to whichever location I require. As you noted elsewhere... sub-optimal
  12. right click, scroll to Open is the least bad solution for directly opening in your default PDF program. right click, scroll to view as Attachment is still the option to switch to Attachment view within a note.
  13. My default program for PDFs is and remains Adobe Acrobat. So this offered solution isn't a fix for me. I have the same experience as @TdeV and @CalS I'm resigned to the right click, scroll to Open approach.
  14. Thanks @jefito. It is certainly the issue that I've observed but your suggested solution doesn't work for me.
  15. I generally use the pre-release versions of Evernote. Normally I have little feedback but the latest version has an issue which, for me at least, is a backward step. The PDF viewing option is making greater use of the Foxit viewer that is built in. I see that the intention is to update the inline PDF preview experience with easier access to key commands including print and download plus the display of the file name. I didn't need that but can see that others might. However, what existed before a single place to click and open the PDF in an external PDF viewer - in my case I choose Adobe Acrobat. That appears to have disappeared and now I have to right click and scroll down to Open. So a two click option compared to before. I know this is hardly a major issue but it is, from my perspective, a deterioration in the UI. (306298) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) Windows 10
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