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  1. No. But the current beta has trapped the issue so that gives hope for a solution. Meantime, stick with the legacy.
  2. Notknowing exactly which applications you have in this process, it is a little difficult to test. Perhaps @gazumped has offered a solution... What happens if you store your commands in a code block? Does that simplify the code for you? FWIW, I attempted to replicate this in an SSH window running PUTTY. The text from a note is copied, pasted and the command executed regardless of the text being regular font or from a code block. Perhaps it is a combination of Evernote 10 and the terminal you are using. Another option to try... Copy the note and paste it into a text editor. Then
  3. This blank note issue has proved very challenging to identify the cause. I know that the tech folk are working on this and have attempted several unsuccessful fixes. If the issue gets in the way of work then revert to the legacy version. It works as it always did. This blank note issue will, eventually, be resolved once the cause is found. For now I have seen some progress so I am hopeful that it will be solved but in the meantime I can save my frustration by sticking with the offered option of the legacy software.
  4. A quick observation and potential hope... I'm currently running a beta for Evernote and aside from the particular test I've noticed that, instead of the blank note issue, I now get a message which says 'Window is not responding'. There is then an option to relaunch which almost instantly fixes the problem. A small improvement on the daily Quit/Restart but more importantly might mean that the bug can be trapped and fixed. Hoping.
  5. I'd still recommend a support ticket. Another option is to uninstall your existing app. Then try installing from scratch. However, before you do that, and in case that isn't successful, you will probably want to retain the apk of the app already installed. You can get an app called apk extractor. Retain the apk file to reinstall in the event that the new version still fails. However, my experience so far is that tablets aren't being supported in v10.5 so you may still be unsuccessful. Probably best to just wait until it finally works.
  6. Do you mean that the update is available but won't install or are you saying that the v10.5 update is not available for you. The latter is very common. Many users aren't able to access the version 10 update. This is particularly the case with tablet devices. I haven't found anyone with an Android tablet able to update to Evernote 10. I suspect that tablets are not included in this roll out. But there are many phones which aren't getting the release either. If the former, then you might raise a support ticket for assistance.
  7. I don't believe that this is possible at present. A lot of options are not yet released.
  8. @SunscreenAl Thanks for your contribution to this discussion. What about putting a separate request in the Requests forum so that this suggestion doesn't get lost here - in the midst of blank screen woes? Just suggesting. Would hate for a good point to get lost.
  9. I made sure to capture the apk of the old version of the Android app. Many users still only have that and are keen to get the update despite the issues that trouble some users. I have confidence in apkmirror as a service to get the previous version but I know that some folk would avoid this. Uninstalling v10.5 would clear the application from the device and hen installing the old version would cause your notes to be restored. Just remember to turn off auto-updates to ensure you don't get version 10.5 back again.
  10. Thanks @Mike P I noted that the web version is clever enough to add the file suffix back onto the document. The problem is that Windows requires a suffix to know which application is required to open the file. With images and PDFs Evernote displays the content internally. If you have attached a Word or Excel file by a sendto link or dropping on the desktop icon then the loss of the suffix means that it is not linked to an application to open it. I fear that when Import Folders arrive the file suffixes will be dropped with regularity. Likewise with a PDF but at least Evernote shows the
  11. Some more diagnostic information... I spent a few minutes today and took Evernote 10 back in time. I had to go back to v10.3.7 to find a version that retained the file suffix after scanning (or for that matter dragging a document onto the Evernote desktop icon or via sendto link). v10.3.7 was the last version that created an individual import folder for each scanned item. We all celebrated when v10.4 came along and scanned into the default notebook but perhaps in our excitement didn't notice the loss of the file suffix. I have a support ticket open and the advice so far is to use the
  12. On Windows with Evernote v10 I find that I open the document, make the changes and then - this is the crucial step - click SAVE. Only after saving can I then close the edited document. If I go to close and then respond to a save prompt it will demand that I save a copy outside of Evernote. The key is to click SAVE first before closing. Doing it my way I find all the changes are always saved back into Evernote.
  13. Moving notes in Android 10.5 works for me. Once I select Move Note I am presented with the list of notebooks. Tap the on the one I want and bingo.
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