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  1. CalS's post in Evernote freezes when alternating tab to other program was marked as the answer   
    The above quote only works with old EN. 
    You can go back to the legacy version for the time being if you like until EN gets this sorted.  I am still using 6.25.1 waiting for some level of functional and speed equivalence.  Not a strategy for everyone though.
  2. CalS's post in Lost a note with very important information. HELP. was marked as the answer   
    Search for some text you know was in the note.  If the note is gone there is no way to get it back unless you keep your own backups which is problematic with the new version.
  3. CalS's post in Filter notes with no tag was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried entering -tag:* in the search bar?  Or creating a shortcut for that search?
  4. CalS's post in Help with Reminder Saved Search was marked as the answer   
    To show not completed reminders through seven days ago try
    remindertime:day-7 -remindertime:day+1 -reminderdonetime:*
  5. CalS's post in How to submit a support request? was marked as the answer   
  6. CalS's post in Evernote issues continue ... was marked as the answer   
    Never seen the error.  I use 6.25.1 as opposed to legacy 6.25.2. I do not have V10 installed.  I deleted it within 10 minutes of installing it. 
  7. CalS's post in Upgrade? You’ve got to be kidding! was marked as the answer   
    Not sure then. 
    i use a ScanSnap s1300i, I like the footprint.  I created all my own profiles which save the scans to local folders which then are imported to notebooks in EN.  I did not care for the default SS profiles.  Can you do that with an IX500?
  8. CalS's post in Evernote Windows won't sync, Sync! icon was marked as the answer   
    This thread from a few years back references putting a limit on download amount, at least temporarily.  Might be worth a go.  Otherwise, it may be time to contact support.
  9. CalS's post in Moving notes in IOS was marked as the answer   
    One at a time in IOS.  Need to be using a desktop app to move multiple notes at a time.
  10. CalS's post in Windows Client Tag Bug was marked as the answer   
    This happens when you back space to the tag you want and then hit enter.  The tag will note be highlighted at that point.  Type one more letter of the tag and it will be highlighted.  Workaround is to be sure the tag is highlighted before hitting enter if you backspace during tag selection. I would agree it is a bug, done it more than once myself.

  11. CalS's post in Using San Francisco font for note body was marked as the answer   
    You are welcome.
  12. CalS's post in When launching Evernote, it will default to the oldest note in my notebook was marked as the answer   
    Change to your Daily notebook and then do a File - Exit.  When you reopen EN your context should be the Daily notebook.
  13. CalS's post in Dynamic content across multiple notes? was marked as the answer   
    EN doesn't really do any auto updates similar to what you want to accomplish.  The check box consolidation has been requested many times and EN has opted not to implement it to this point.  So only thing are "workarounds" to create the functionality in the tool as it sits today.
    Relative to your status reporting, a method could be to have a table of contents note for a client with links to the notes for each project of the client.  Perhaps a 2 by x-projects table.  Then you could maintain the status of the project in the TOC note, not the project note.  Add a link back to the TOC note in the project note and you can navigate the process.  This being said, you need to find something that fits your eye within what EN can do and determine if that is adequate for your needs.  FWIW.
  14. CalS's post in Where the heck do you set a reminder in the Windows client? was marked as the answer   
    You have to customize the note tool bar    Right click on the info icon, select customize, and add the reminder icon.  
  15. CalS's post in Change page when first open was marked as the answer   
    Desktop versus mobile start differently today, but neither starts with a notebook list.
    Though you can sort of simulate it on the desktop if you leave the left panel open, Windows anyway.
  16. CalS's post in Any ways to autocomplete tag name in the search bar? was marked as the answer   
    Use the tag search drop down in the search information area after you have typed in notebook and -tag:...  The drop down will show less tags as you type and any tags you select will be added to the search.

  17. CalS's post in Scrolling to the top of the note list was marked as the answer   
    Don't know if anyone posted, but if you press the very top of the screen where time is you should return to the top of the list.
  18. CalS's post in Grotesque fonts, arrows in annotation tool was marked as the answer   
    You can remove the outline from font and change colors with Skitch.  To simplify the font click on the little a above the text, example below.  You can also change color and font size is changed by adjusting the line width.  Straight lines without arrows though.  Rudimentary, but works for quick annotation.

  19. CalS's post in Reminders not shown in Windows Client? was marked as the answer   
    You need to be in Snippet or Card view on the desktop to see your reminders, they will appear at the top of the note list. Below is what it looks like in the current 6.1.2 version, snippet view with the left panel closed.
    Or do a search for reminderorder:* -reminderdonetime:*.  This will return all notes with open reminders, dated or not. 

  20. CalS's post in What do these notebook icons mean? was marked as the answer   
    The icon with an arrow to the right designates a shared notebook, and the one with a down arrow designates your default notebook.  Don't have any icons for local or other synced notebooks that I can see.
  21. CalS's post in no more back button? was marked as the answer   
    Customize the toolbar by right clicking on an icon in the toolbar and selecting Customize toolbar.  Drag and drop at that point.
  22. CalS's post in Undo Mistake After Sync Saves It was marked as the answer   
    No help now, but I think if you shake you IOS device right after the oops you will get an undo option.
  23. CalS's post in Sorting Notes was marked as the answer   
    In Windows, try setting the order the way you want and then File - Exit, do not x out.  This should set sort.
  24. CalS's post in Highlighting on IPhone 6 was marked as the answer   
    Select the text you want to highlight, then press the A in the toolbar below the text, then press the highlight icon.
  25. CalS's post in Deletion/Purging of attachments was marked as the answer   
    Backups of attachments you open from an EN note are placed in the Attachments folder while you view/edit them.  Sometimes they aren't cleared after you close the attachment, been that way forever as far as I know.  Anyway, if you don't have any attachments open in EN, you can safely delete whatever files are in the Attachments folder.
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