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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    Fundamentally, Evernote is a note-taking app. That is, it's for writing stuff down quickly and ensuring this tedious process is as enjoyable as possible. I feel the note taking experience is what set Evernote apart in the beginning, but over time, it has now been pushed to the back and forgotten. To be frank, the experience of writing notes in Evernote is generations behind other note-taking apps. Bear and Ulysses are two great examples of an experience of note taking that is enjoyable and intuitive. A big reason for this is that they allow for preset text styling using H1, H2, H3, etc. Having this alone will drastically make the experience better on Evernote. I'm sick of highlighting text, navigating to colours and font size, etc. to change headings. Then having to go through that all again for the next heading. Feature Request: I would seriously love font styling on the Evernote app.
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    Still at least one order of magnitude slower than 7.x. Takes for example like 15 seconds to be able to start writing a new note when switching to EN, even if I last used it two minutes ago. Totally unacceptable.
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    We detected suspicious activity on some users' accounts and have recently emailed them.This is related to reports of users receiving failed email notifications that they never sent, indicating that someone has learned the password to their account. The Evernote service wasn’t compromised, but we believe someone other than the account owner has learned the password to these accounts. Just to be safe, we’ve reset these user’s passwords. If you have not received this email notification from us and you have not seen any failed email notifications that you did not send, then you are likely not impacted. If you would like to take proactive action to further secure your Evernote account, take these steps below: Please visit https://www.evernote.com/ForgotPassword.action to set a new one. We recommend that you choose a strong password that you use only for Evernote. We also suggest that you change your password on any other websites where you may have used the same password. You can find more tips for keeping your account secure on our Customer Security page: https://evernote.com/security/tips/. To learn how to identify if an email that has been sent from Evernote is authentic, please visit this Help and Learning page: https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/115004380587.
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    After years of evangelizing for Evernote this app has me looking for alternatives. I have to admit I'm not finding any that have all of the features I've come to depend on and it's killing me. I don't mind the price increase -- I use EN so much that it's worth it to me to pay -- but this app is so unreliable and slow that I can't count on it to work when I need it. I use Evernote when I'm running events. I can't wait 30 seconds for it to respond and then another 30 while I hunt for the note I need because it reset me to the home screen. The old app worked, why mess with it? It's been a month since the last update, can you at least fix the glitches for your loyal paying customers? i hate to be this guy. I know you're working hard and that you have to make a profit. You provide a product I use the hell out of and I appreciate that. But that also means you've got me kind of trapped. I'm basically paperless now and it's all tied up in Evernote. The apps need to work or I can't. It's what we're paying for, and you're raising the rates.
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Hey y'all, just wanted to drop in to confirm that this is a known issue on our end, and we're working on getting it resolved ASAP.
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    So here is a Medium essay I wrote on the matter How Evernote is solving The Middle East’s conflict
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    Some of these remarks are getting overheated. I am sure Evernote cares about customer dissatisfaction with the new version of the iOS app. They've obviously done something about it; the lag is pretty much gone on my iPhone 7 and is significantly better on my iPad. Nevertheless, Evernote's silence is not a good idea. The app is down to a two-star rating in the iTunes store. The best thing to do in a situation like this is get out in front of it: acknowledge that the company made a misstep and that customers have valid complaints, and explain to customers what is being done about it. You'd be surprised how much that can go towards allaying customers' fears and frustrations. If anyone from Evernote is reading this, I'd strongly suggest escalating this idea as high as you can within the company. Rather than posting another puff piece in the blog or another rah-rah email, Evernote's communications team should be all over this. They should be communicating with customers via every channel available that Evernote understands the problem and detail the steps being taken to fix it.
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    This is IT in a nutshell! I read the Medium piece from the product designer and even posted it in the forums. The issue with v8 isn't because we hate change. There will always be people who hate the new paint color. This is about coming home to find that walls have been removed and now your house slants a little making all the doors difficult to open and close. I'm not mad about the paint. And yes there will always be bugs when you use new software, but this is above and beyond, and I think anyone can see that. I have to assume they are working hard on a new version, but would it kill someone on that team to take two minutes and say, "Hey folks, we are burning it at both ends to fix x, y, and z. Update imminent." Just a tiny morsel of transparency. So update...still slow on iPhone6, if it responds at all. Sometimes it just dumps me out to the home screen. Still waiting for offline notes. Should be done by October at this rate. I'm starting to think that the offline syncing is impacting the rest of the application. Just a hunch.
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    It's been said above but just to be 100% clear: There's no vetting of requests for Evernote API keys from third-party developers. The reason there does not need to be any vetting in order for one's Evernote data to be safe from third-party apps is that there is no way for any third-party developer using the Evernote API to access a person's Evernote data without that person explicitly granting access to their Evernote data for that particular third-party app, for a particular length of time. There is, however, vetting for apps listed in the Evernote App Center. Those apps have undergone a review and approval process by Evernote. (Which of course does not mean that an app listed there won't ever be discontinued at some point.)
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    Thank you for reporting this! The problem is identified and fixed. Item styles synchronization should not cause database contention anymore.
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    Is there any acknowledgement at all of the slowness of this version? I used to use Evernote constantly, I've hugely reduced my usage since this version appeared. This version: takes 20+ seconds to open cold start takes 5+ seconds to get back to a responsive app if I switch apps randomly crashes, often taking content down with it, so I am forever switching between the list view and the note view to force it to save camera doesn't allow saving sometimes interface issues whereby it LOOKS like it loaded, so I start tapping, but hasn't, it's just showing what it last did I don't even remember what else - it just doesn't work well If I wasn't a long-time user and having paid, keep 1000s of notes in my account, I'd have given up by now. As it is I'm just investigating other options, but first choice would really be some feedback from EN that they are aware of the v8 iOS issues and are addressing them.
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    I still get the lag when I first open the app and it takes several seconds to do anything. I am not a power user so if the initial lag gets fixed I would probably not notice as many issues. I am a "I have that somewhere one sec" user so it really diminishes my opinion of the app that the slowness is from trying to access information once you open the app.
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    Hi, I lead Evernote's security team and can help answer some of your questions. Someone could have learned the password to your account in a variety of ways. The most common situation is when you use your Evernote password on another web site and that other web site gets hacked. Another possibility is that you entered your Evernote password on a computer that was infected with malware and the malware sent it to someone who collects and then uses or sells those collected usernames and passwords. To keep your data safe, change your password to a strong one that you only use on Evernote and setup two-step verification. That will make it very difficult for someone to break into your account.
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    Hi all, Our security team is actively investigating an issue where some users are receiving emails from Evernote indicating notes have failed to be emailed from their account. It looks like this may have happened to accounts that utilize the same password on multiple websites. If you believe your account has been accessed by someone else, we suggest you do the following: 1. Change your password immediately. Choose a unique password that you don’t use on another website. 2. Review the list of Authorized Applications for your account. Revoke access to any applications that you are suspicious of or that accessed your account from an IP address you don’t know. 3. Set up two-step verification on your account as an additional layer of security. Lastly, be sure to never share your account login with anyone else.
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    Yes, Evernote is so much different than Microsoft or Google or Apple in this regard. Google routinely tells me what's going to change in their apps. They even gave me advance notice that they were going to kill Google Reader. And I'm on the email list where Apple discloses all the juicy details regarding the iPhone 8.
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    Quite possibly the worst analogy I've seen on the internet this year.
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    Out of curiosity, why are we using Evernote's forums to discuss the functionality of other software? Does Bear have its own forums (which they pay for) where these matters could be discussed?
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    This is what I sent to Evernote to try to explain how vital the Atlas Feature is to those of us who use it. I was told that it would be taken to the developers and they would let me know if they had any questions, but of course I did not hear anything back. I am hoping that it did get passed on, but in hopes of it being seen by more eyes I am posting it here: For the sake of clarity I am going to use the word "Atlas" to refer to the ability to view a map with all your notes locations marked and the ability to see your current location. Thus giving the ability to see what notes are around or are coming up as you travel. With a simple click you can view your note. Atlas is crucial to note organizing because it provides a viewpoint and structure to notes that no other feature in Evernote, or any of Evernote's competitors possess. The issue with only being able to view the location within an individual note is that you may not even know you have that note to begin with, especially if it has been years since you made it or visited that place. But looking at a map you can not miss it. There are many people that would benefit from Atlas: Realtors- notes for houses that they can see and access based off where they are Contractors- keeping notes about current and future jobs at each job site Door to Door salespeople- notes on clients and orders they see as they pull into the drive Anyone who does house calls (nurses, electricians, plumbers, etc)- notes related to jobs...or reminders for the next time they have to visit the house Reporters- keeping the notes of interviews and marking places to return to Photographers- marking places that are great for photos that they want to return to with notes and pictures Anyone who has a service route (delivery people, suppliers, etc.)- so they can include notes that they may forget- i.e. "always use the side door here" "beware of dog", etc. Business travelers- wanting to mark location of a great place to entertain clients, or notes on locations of places that they will forget by the time that they get back there Teachers- taking student on a field trips- ex. notes about the memorials in Washington DC, they can just pull up with the click of a button at each memorial Housecleaning services- notes about the preferences of the home and times they are available Restaurant(or anything) Reviewers- tracking which places they have been and where they want to go next Business with several branches in one city easily seeing all of them on a map Anyone planning a vacation- having notes of places they want to visit in a city and they can easily see what is around them at any given time that they wanted to do. Or marking favorite spots for the next vacation Any profession where someone travels a lot- it may be 4 years before you get back to the same city and it would be great if all your notes were marked so you could easily look and see your notes about from your last trip (especially since you probably don't even remember what places or notes you took) Community organizers/Volunteers -easily seeing where all the locations or supplies are located, send notes of things to accomplish with locations Political organizers- marking out rallies and offices that you can look at and see where you have a connection, or do I know anyone in ____? Truckers- tracking good places to stop and rest along the way, notes concerning roads that do not allow tractor trailers, etc. Anyone who shops- having shopping lists, coupons, receipts, notes about stores- you can pull it all up when you arrive at the store Relief workers- notes with needs and locations to return to and bring aid Fitness- leaving notes of good running spots or workout places around to share with groups Neighborhood watch- making notes on trouble areas or things to watch for Tour Directors/Guides- This is my job, and I list it last because I know that it is a niche market (Though as I mentioned I will be doing Tech Training for 600 tour directors from all over the world next week, and they would all be potential new members of Evernote and then go back and tell their companies about this great product if there was an Atlas feature). The reason that it is vital for me is that I travel all over the world leading trips and giving commentary. My commentary and general notes (location of rest rooms, parking places, where to eat, hotel details,etc) for these places are in Evernote. I may lead a trip to one location and not return for 5 years. So when I return I do not even remember what places I have notes for, so looking at the map I can easily see what I have and click to get to my notes. Going down the highway I may have a note about an area that we pass by, or about some structure we will see. With the Atlas feature I can see it coming and click on it with ease and then back to the map for the next pin. Without the Atlas feature I don't even know I have the note. Even if I do remember I don't have time to quickly look up the note when I see the building ...it is passed by the time I pull it up. A great example is when I do a city tour, I have notes all over the city. I never know the specific order we will see locations due to traffic and timing and different routes (this is why I can't simply use hyperlinks of notes to connect them). With Atlas I am simply tapping on the screen as things are coming up and people don't even notice that I glance down to get the highlights and go on with the tour. Since Evernote took away Atlas I literally have had countless times that I could not get to notes in time or I did not even realize that I had notes on something because I could not see it on the map. This is especially true when sharing notes (and this would apply to all other businesses)- If someone did not create the note they may not even know to look for it. For example if I send them my notebook on San Francisco, yes they can look through all of the titles and notes. However, when they are actually out and about working they can not stop at each site or attraction and look through all the notes to see if there is something about that location. With Atlas it is a look and a click. Simple, effective, vital. So much of that usefulness is transferable to the people I listed and so many more. This is even just focusing on the individual, it is easy to see the major benefit for companies to have their employees have this as an option when sharing notes and viewing notes. What I am asking for is just the simple Atlas back, seeing pins on a map with my location. But if you really want to take advantage of this vital part of note organizing it would be great if you aimed to add the ability to change the color of the pin (maybe based on tags, or simply by notebooks) so that there could be some distinction between them. Also make it easier to change a location than having to go into Google maps look it up and copy and paste the coordinates. Again to be clear, just the basics will more than enough to set Evernote apart from anything that is out there. I believe that if people really knew the benefit of Atlas and how to use it to simplify their work flow, you would have a lot more users and it would be a selling point for the service.
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    Signing the petition. Reasons: I've been using Evernote since before there was a web version and, frankly, it hasn't improved - each release seems to get worse I'm fed up of having my workflow disrupted by rubbish changes that are ruining the front-end just because of some fad in the UX world That seems to want everything to look like a child's app - This release is anti-UX just look at the number of people's workflow you have broken! All the things in the list in your release notes that aren't being moved to v8 Your assumption that everyone who has a Mac carries it round with them and that this means you can downgrade the functionality in the mobile apps - total groupthink. Tags list crippled Lessons not learned from the disastrous web "upgrade"
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    My primary frustration (shared by others, I see) over the last month or so is the lag time when you open the app - even when you are just switching to it from another app. It seems counter to EN's tagline of "remember everything". I have a thought/idea, want to capture it before I lose it, open EN and then... wait..... for.... it.... to become reponsive. The thing that strikes me as strange is that even though my settings are such that I would expect EN to be keeping sync'd in the background all the time, it still feels like it's synchronizing something when I open/switch to the app. (I'm a Premium user) I want EN to be my first and fast go-to app, and this is definitely discouraging that.
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    I get that a lot - confused, I mean...
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    Thanks, everyone. I was able to recover my notes! Have a wonderful day.
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    It's weird. It stopped doing this. Maybe I was just confused. Thanks for your replies.
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    This is not a feature request. This is not a question. This is not an idea. How about a simple pat-on-the-back! I was searching for a scanned receipt for some shampoo my wife bought recently. I entered the word "shampoo" and in a fraction of a second, Evernote found the receipt amongst my 40,000 notes. But I also found an RV advertisement I had clipped 3 years ago. Even though the text is tilted at an angle and in an almost hand-written font, Evernote instantly highlighted the word. Well done, folks!
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    Hi, Many of your users would love it if you could make a first class linux client, just like the mac and windows clients. Please consider this.
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    I, like many others here, pay for the maximum subscription. Like many others here, I use Evernote across my phone and iPad and several computers. However, it has been several months since the iOS update, and the usability has barely begun to approach where it was with the old app, and I'd like a little reassurance that someday soon the software will return to something similar to its former capabilities. The new look and feel is fine, the new workflow and buttons are fine, but that's not why people use Evernote—at least, it's not why people pay for Evernote. Overall, I (and I think many other users) feel the focus has shifted away from paying users who want software for work towards trying to attract new free users looking for the next shiny thing. Paid users are, fundamentally, looking only for stability, speed, or features which improve on one of those two. We are more than happy to use quirky, confusing, even outdated interfaces as long as they are fast and don't hold us back, but that isn't the case with the new one: it looks nice, it's well thought out, but I can't hear something important in a meeting and immediately write it down because I have to deal with 30s at best of waiting and random UI glitches. This is precisely what destroys products like Evernote. They get confused, they slow down, and someone new pops up with a narrow focus and a light, new codebase and everyone switches because even though it's not as good, it's faster and feels better to use. My most serious daily issues with the remake (overlooking the month when I stopped using it for anything important out of stability concerns): Too slow: I just timed myself opening the app, switching notebooks, opening a new app, and typing "this is a title" in the title and "hello!" In the body; it took 26.88 seconds. The new workflow is faster in theory (fewer taps) but the app is so much slower it more than makes up the difference. Scrolling through notes isn't even smooth anymore, it stutters and gets stuck sometimes This applies to all parts of the app, it's gone from feeling solid to feeling like a web view type app skin. New keyboard layout makes typing bulleted notes with indentation too slow to be worthwhile new keyboard layout makes anything except from the apple keyboard B I U buttons too slow to be worthwhile So many missing features no more suggested titles (there goes 15 seconds every time I open a note where I have to break my train of thought to think of a title) no more presentation mode (I think this has been adequately covered) Crashes fairly regularly, especially losing work when annotating PDFs and stuff Others on the forum have discussed this more extensively, but this is largely why Evernote was great. It had enough features to support someone working at a desk all day, someone on the move all day (what happened to easy access to geotags of notes?!), someone presenting on the fly, or someone running a brainstorming session; Evernote was purchased by many different types of people for many different jobs, that's what made it great and that is mostly gone now. The subset of features that mattered to me as a student are largely different from the subset that matter to me in the office. No no longer the best at anything except for sync and search whenever I need to get something done, I find myself more and more turning to other apps. Drawing is useless in Evernote, handwriting is impossible, the new keyboard makes note taking frustrating, and the PDF annotations are not worth the hassle. The organization is the only thing keeping me on Evernote, because any time I'm not at my computer, it's faster to use a different app and then import it to Evernote as a PDF (except the PDF viewer is so bad I'm doing this less now as well). Can there be any reassurance that Evernote will shift focus back to the paying premium users, so that we don't have to go elsewhere?
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    I have an iPhone 7 Plus & 6 Plus and it seems the solution to all my slow herky jerky Evernote v8 woes is to delete the app, power off iphone, back on, reinstall evernote app, sign back in and wait for it to sync. Also helps to change the list options to Small, uncheck images, body text too. This is a pain in the arse that I have to do this every update but it does seem to fix the 5-10 sec freeze issue when opening the app every time. Not sure what the devs are having Evernote try and do when it first loads, I can tell that it's trying to sync but who knows what else. -Premium User since 2009.
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    "providing these forums" is not what I am paying for. I am paying for a working, usable application. I would gladly exchange one for the other. "starting this feedback discussion" is fine but air-dropping some notes from 10,000 feet and then disappearing is NOT a discussion. Well some feedback from the EN staff to confirm that the critical issues being brought up here and elsewhere are being worked on would sure go a long way towards keeping us patiently waiting. So far haven't heard a peep.
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    You can use the home key when in the note list to go to the top, end key to go to the bottom.
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    I'm not defensive about OneNote; if it works for you better than Evernote does, then you should use it. I tried it; the import process was pretty much broken for my note database (if I recall correctly, they handle tags in two different ways, both stupid), and I wasn't particularly impressed with its organizational/search filtering capabilities. Horses for courses. People here have been sincerely trying to help you use Evernote better; you seem to respond mainly by complaining about Evernote (it's badly designed, tags are unintuitive and Evernote doesn't care about them anyways, ya da...), then conclude by dropping a casual crack about how OneNote is probably better, when it seems clear that you really don't actually have a clue as to whether it is or isn't. That's professional? ??? How else would you find it, if you had a note database of 1000's of notes? Sure, in a file system, you can do a depth-first traversal of your folder tree, but that's rarely a good alternative to a search of some kind. Evernote depends on both notebooks and tags for organizing your notes (and to a much lesser extent, stacks). Notebooks have their uses (partitioning your notes for sharing, offline use, etc.); tags have their uses (categorization). I use a pretty simple tagging scheme, no tag-prefix-hierarchy scheme, they're not pseudo-notebooks, and I use tag hierarchies only to organize tags, not my notes. Maybe for that reason, the differences among the desktop, mobile, and web clients are not such a big deal to me. Your mileage may vary. Granted that mobile applications typically face problems replicating desktop UIs for many applications, Evernote included. I use the Evernote Android client, but mainly as a read-only application, not much in the way of content creation. Works pretty well for me -- I could see room for improvements in search, but it's not that onerous in my case. But I can multi-select notes and re-tag or re-notebook. That's pretty much powerful enough for me; it may not be for you. I use the web client very rarely; again, it seems fine for my simple scheme, but it's not up to the usability standard of the desktop, nor even the Android client in some respects. I'd likely have some difficulty using it for my day-to-day as a replacement for the Windows client, which is a shame, as there's a segment of users who don't have the option of using the desktop application (e.g. Linux or Chromebook users). If that's your only option, and you want to have a non-trivial organizational scheme, then Evernote may not be for you.
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    Already exists in the Windows client: try holding down the Ctrl key while you're dragging to send the clip to the clipboard; i.e., * Clip screenshot... * With the left mouse button down, hold down the Ctrl key, and drag to the other corner (notice that the prompt now says "to clipboard"), then let the left mouse button up. Your clip is on the clipboard, and not in Evernote as a new note Similarly, holding down the Shift key will send the clip to the desktop as a .png file (I think, that's configurable via the registry though)
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    As many of you probably noticed, there was a significant outage today affecting many websites, including, presumably, this forum. It was an issue at Amazon AWS. For those who are eager to use on demand sync, here's an example of the type of situation that could leave you without your data for some time.
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    Found my notes re finding attachments. PDF: resource:application/pdf Doc files: resource:application/msword (does not find .docx files) Excel files: resource:application/vnd.ms-excel XLSX files: resource:application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet Word files: resource:application/msword Zip files: resource:application/x-zip-compressed Specific filenames: filename:xyz* This will find filenames that start with “xyz”
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    Please open Tools/Options and select Navigation section in the left column, then uncheck "[X] Match tags by prefix" in the "Tags related options" section.
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    Hi @drkempnh - I'm a bit surprised to see this, as I was the one who took your ticket and emailed you. You responded stating that you had already resolved the issue. You then requested to be escalated to management, which I did that same day. Because you told me you had resolved the issue, no further troubleshooting was done. Chat support is a feature available for Premium and Business subscribers. If you feel you would benefit from this type of support, you can upgrade your account from Plus to Premium at any time. If you'd prefer to remain at the Plus level, you have the option of submitting a support request via email.
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    I'm using the notebooks the same way I used many categories in EN2.2, as "holders", as opposed to tags/attributes. For instance, I dump recipes into the Recipes notebook, Tips into the Tips notebook, etc. etc. What I'd like to be able to do is have subnotebooks so that I can have say Tips:Latex, Tips:Linux, Tips:Windows as subnotebooks on Tips. Yes, I can painfully accomplish the same thing with tags, but it's clunky for a couple of reasons: 1. When I want to mark a note as a Tips/Linux note, I have to: (a) move it to the Tips notebook and then ( tag it with Linux to distinguish it from other tips notes. If I had a separate notebook for Linux, I could just drag the note to that notebook and be done - half as much work. However, I've already got 13 notebooks - adding that many more will make the list unwieldy. 2. One of the joys of clipping to the web version is the ability to pick the destination notebook. Easy, quick, done. (Yes, I can tag there too - but I'd have to remember all my tags then.) Basically, I find the current tag implementation unwieldy. And frankly, useless. I can't easily select multiple tags, e.g., by clicking on their parent (a la 2.2), so the hierarchy is, well, frankly, completely meaningless. I'm trying to adapt to using it, but it's kind of a square peg/round hole argument. In addition, I find the saved searches to be pretty much useless for me too. Because I can't organize them in a hierarchy; and because they're not combined with the tag list, and because I can only have 32, I don't see the point in using them. What this means is that the only left-panel part of EN3 that I find useful at all is the notebooks concept. Unfortunately, they're a flat list, sorted alphabetically. This means that I've actually changed the kind of data I store in EN3. I don't keep anything "important" there, just scraps that I can dump into a notebook willy-nilly.
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    This request has been asked for for years now... but still ignored Another thing that was done without considering the users was to remove the presentation mode. Along with making presentations when my eyes would tire I would switch to presentation mode which had a black background to review what I had written. But it also was removed. It was one of the reasons I started paying for it. I even asked if there was a way to revert back to the earlier version and was told I could not. Looking at the many requests in this forum they would do something to respond to them. It appears that what the customer wants doesn't move them. It is an excellent program, but when my subscription ends I will not be renewing it.
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    I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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    As per @gazumped, if the notes were on the server long enough to be backed up (runs several times a day), you will be able to retrieve them. The backups run all the time, for all account levels Note; you can subscribe for a single month
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    If I want two notes to have identical tags, I usually select them both, open Assign tags (Ctrl+Alt+T), tick the box "Hide unassigned tags" and tick all the remaining tags by using arrow down and space bar on the keyboard.
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    Less a matter of sarcasm than disbelief that I actually need to defend the utility of search refinement to someone who purports to know how to fix Evernote. Sorry, but if you don't even know your own tags, then you have too many tags. Traipsing up and down a tag tree probably won't help all that much...
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    No. Anyone can request an activation code, but to get access to your data, you need to install a program that accesses Evernote's service, and then give it permission for the program to access your data. Evernote cares about your data's security, but it can't protect your data against your own actions (or the actions of your proxy, which is what Sticky Notes would be).
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    There is actually something else you may want to try if your database grows again: registry setting HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/LargeResourceThreshold specifies the size of resources in megabytes that will be stored outside of the main database. This setting is normally set to 0 unless Evernote is running on a 32-bit system with low memory, however, you can set it manually if you want to keep your main database file small.
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    I really want the card view back, for the same reasons as the OP.
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    PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE: Please develop a product (similar to the discontinued Moleskine Daily Planner), that would allow us paper-calendar/planner lovers to integrate our calendars & schedules with Evernote & Outlook/Calendars/ICal. Here are my specific requested features/options: I would like to be able to write (on paper/old-school) my daily agenda/plan and to-dos on a hard copy daily (hour-by-hour) planner. I want to be able to scan that planner page, and have it sync with Evernote. I then want Evernote to convert that text (via OCR) into digital format - I do not want a scanned image/jpg of my calendar, that does me no good. I then want to have that digital plan uploaded / sync'd into my Outlook calendar (or maybe an Evernote calendar/planner than can be sync'd via the app, or another means like IFTTT or Zapier). I plan on paper, but execute off of digital/Outlook in my case. For this to work, the paper needs to be scannable into Evernote, and it must have an app integration that is OCR friendly. Furthermore, it would need to recognize preprinted dates and time blocks (hours), in order to synchronize with calendars. I want it to pay my bills and clean my house while we're at it... (Kidding... but yes, I realize I'm asking for a lot!) While I'm dreaming big, I would love to see Evernote partner with companies like these - which have easily acquired & quality daily planners (I like the ones that are small - pocket & personal sized, and that have the hourly time slots for appointments and such. Extra bonus if they also have a daily "to do" section.) MOLESKINE DAILY PLANNERS (You once offered this - where did it go? http://www.moleskinerie.com/2014/10/meet-the-moleskine-evernote-planner.html) Molekine's Daily Planner, with small/portable Colour/Color A Month Pocket Planners (#1 Request): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015NG45CE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or via Moleskine at https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-monthly-planners/12-month-color-a-month-planner/p981?ic=fe9MEQ%3D%3D Or even Moleskine's Daily Pocket Planner: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-daily-2017-planner/p1017?ic=WEqrnA%3D%3D They even have them in Peanuts' style: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-limited-edition-peanuts-daily-2017-planner-pocket/p978?ic=WydEOg%3D%3D Really, I'd consider any other quality planner with daily / hourly planning options from Covey, At-A-Glance, Day-Timer, etc. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
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    You might find the free CardDesk web application for Evernote worth looking into... it takes your notes and turns them into sticky notes. I've tinkered with it quite a bit. Here's what they say: "CardDesk is a web application that extends the functionality of Evernote to give you a visual organiser for your notes. With CardDesk your Evernote notes become "index cards" that can be layed out and arranged on any number of virtual desktops." http://www.carddesk.net/ You can visualize any notes you choose on the virtual desktop... and simply by clicking on the elephant icon at the top right of the "sticky note", it will open up the actual note online to be edited (having given the application access to your account, of course) I've been using it on and off for over a year. Very reliable with consistent updates.