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    All— It’s with a certain degree of giddiness that I announce a new community-centric role here at Evernote. As some of you may recall, I started with Evernote way back in the day as their Community Manager. Those were heady days, when Dave’s content ruled the boards and we were still running on PHPBB. Our users numbered in the 5 million range. The rest is, as they say, history. Products were launched, lessons learned, and Evernote is now sitting with well over 200 million customers and a bunch of exciting new developments both recent, currently in beta, and on the way. Over the years regular members can see my engagement with our community has declined. That wasn’t by design, but something that occurred organically as my responsibilities grew. As a replacement, we coordinated with specific team members in Evernote to comment, post, and offer support and/or gather feedback. That could only carry us so far, however. We needed someone to own this space, coordinate improvements and generally support our community here. Y’all are one of our most important resources for feedback and direction, and we need someone who has a singular focus in engaging and working with you. I’m happy to welcome Shane as Evernote’s new Support Community Manager. He brings a wealth of product experience, having been a Technical Support Specialist for Evernote with deep expertise on almost every platform we are on. He’s worked extensively with our product teams to highlight issues and drive developmental priorities, and has a strong community background. With Shane taking an active role in administering the community, we’re aiming to make the space more helpful, deliver more community functionality, and up our engagement. Please welcome Shane and we’re looking forward to great conversations in the future! Geoff
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    Hi All, As Geoff mentioned, my name is Shane and I'll be taking over as Evernote's new Support Community Manager! My main goals here are to relay the voice of the Evernote Community to our product and development teams, organize and curate the discussion forums to best enable users to find the information they're looking for, and to do whatever I can to continuously improve the overall community experience. I'm very exited to take on this role, and look forward to working with all of you in the future!
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    I love Evernote, but it's preventing me from putting in sensitive content. For example, I can't keep a personal journal notebook, because other people (i.e. girlfriend, family members, etc.) could one day be looking at those notes, especially since they know that I use Evernote often for many purposes. Evernote already has the ability to encrypt single notes. This is useful for things like storing passwords or other temporary sensitive content. But it's not practical to encrypt many notes one by one. I wish I could password-protect a whole notebook. This way, I can do a lot more with Evernote. If I can encrypt single notes, then why can't Evernote just allow me to encrypt entire notebooks? If reason behind this is because Evernote thinks one could lose a lot of data if a notebook password is forgotten, then perhaps Evernote can help recover the passwords through email. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using other apps (i.e. Pages, Day One, etc) to password-protect my content. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Folks - Version 6.13.1 fixes some bugs users have been encountering around reminders and sync. It also introduces an improvement to make it easier to troubleshoot specific notes failing to sync. You can download it here, or check for updates to get the latest. We'll be monitoring this release closely and be rolling it out gradually, so expect this to take a few days before it is available in the App Store. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac team ------------------ Version 6.13.1 Release Notes Fixed: A fix for an issue where reminders overlap text and omit notes on macOS 10.13.1 A fix for an issue where sync intermittently fails for some users after clipping content from the web (CDATA error seen in log) An improvement to make it easier to detect and troubleshoot specific notes that are failing to sync - if you see an exclamation mark on a note in the note list (for snippet and card view) and a red dot in the sync status column for the list views, it's a problematic note. Note: If you see a particular note that is failing to sync, try to make a change to the note - add any character click the sync button. We've found that in many cases this resolves issues. If issues still persist, please contact support or post here.
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    I regret to have downloaded the new version of evernote, as now my notebooks are all organized in a list. This does not give a good overview - one has to scroll down + it is an extremely boring layout. The old book form (the little squares) where better in both aspects (going from left to right, it was possible to see many more notebooks on the screen.) My request is to allow users to choose for themselves if they want list or books (just add an icon next to "your list" => sort by => books (instead of only number of notes, etc., names etc.) , and why in addition (later, after this has been solved) do not also work on a version that allow users to add other distinguishing features, depending on their own preferences (shapes, colors,)
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    Fine. But more important is to drag + drop a Evernote PDF attachment to other apps like Outlook, Explorer and so on. Please bring back this feature!!! :-)
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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Any actual evidence of this? The CEO says that they are currently self sustaining which is a position I don't remember the old guy ever saying. I'm not even sure what a "Power User" is, but a sensible user picks the best tools to do the job - you won't pick up a hammer to make scrambled eggs (although some of my efforts look like they might have been..). Trying to build a single tool that fits everybody's "power" requirements is the shortest cut to ruin that I can possibly imagine. I hope Evernote keep it simple, make it work seamlessly and don't try to be too clever. Too clever leads to Context, Work Chat, Socks and who knows what other nonsense.
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    This lack of grid view has completely thrown off the way I interact with Evernote. Please bring back, I am a paid user, and I make no threats of leaving as Evernote is my life, I am trying to just appeal to your desire to provide the product your customers need. Thanks.
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    We love using the yearly calendar template for keeping track of projects happening at the same time or overlapping time. Is there a 2018 template available yet?
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    I'm here too, but more often as the trigger for user-sensitivity issues. I'll just apologize in advance
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    Hey, I would like to make a feature request for evernote to implement a text collapse, as seen in coding software such as Dreamweaver. The idea is to make it a little bit easier to organise long lists. Simply mark the desired text, collapse it and then you're able to toggle on and off and eventually remove the collapse when you don't need it anymore. Here's a picture I found: http://www.creativepro.com/files/story_images/20050926_expand.jpg It's a really simple feature, but it would make my Evernote life easier! Philip A
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    To force a full sync Hold the Shift and Option keys on your keyboard and click the sync icon
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    Androids are known to lose power in the battery quite fast... In such a scenario, it would be prudent to have a dark theme in my most used app. Pls give it a thumbs up.
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    We do need a (UI) way to reset those responses... (I've created a bug to track that)
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    We noticed that too. Has to do with drawing the (darn) custom scroll bar. (Oh, did I just say that in my outside voice?) I believe the fix is in the next beta.
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    What is the reason to remove a good feature? The new simple list is horrible when one has hundreds of notebooks sorted in dozens of stacks. Without the grid view Evernote is basically unusable.
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    Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
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    To force a full syncHold the Shift and Option keys on your keyboard and click the sync icon
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    ...and there's also an Internet Chat option (for Premium & Business users) linked from the Support page - subject to time zones and staff being available!
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    Ω (omega) You might check an Ascii Code Table; example https://www.ascii-code.com I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
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    For the truly nerdy: 42 is the ASCII code for "*" and the theory is that Douglas Adams, being a very smart guy, was suggesting via Deep Thought that the the answer to everything (to a computer) is 'everything' -or- 'anything'. This of course makes exactly as much sense as '42' and Adams would have been proud to have made people think about it. Thanks for the fish...
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    My issue is that for a week now my Evernote Windows Client is extremely slow. Each action hangs it for couple of seconds (2..10 sec). It seems to be correlated with installation of windows' "Fall Creators Update". Symptoms: - EN takes whole CPU (100% of one core, 25% of whole 4 core processor) after each action. - Actions that trigger the high cpu usage: clicking on note, filtering, changing reminder date, scrolling list of reminders, scrolling list of notebooks - Scrolling list of reminders without a change of selected note also triggers high usage. - Even moving a cursor over a list of reminders results in a "reminder hover style" to lag behind the cursor - Clicking on a note triggers the problem and note content is shown after 2-10sec! - Writing to a note is usually normal, but sometimes it lags a great deal - Sync operation works normally as always (it isn't slow!) - It seems that just UI is slow; - The rest of operating system and other programs work OK, only Evernote is that slow - I'm using EN for many years and I've never had similar problems Info: - Windows 10 64 bit with Fall Creators Update - note count: 1000 (no big change here) - on Android client everything works OK as always - disk: SSHD (SSD hybrid) - It all started with current public version of EN (6.7.5) - 2 weeks ago Evernote was FAST. That I've tried: - installing Beta changes nothing ( Evernote_6.8.4.6134.exe ) - optimizing DB and other action from CTRL+HELP menu -> no change;; - deleting evernote DB folder and downloading everything again -> no change; - removing all notes from trash; - compatibility mode to "Windows 8" seems to get things worse;
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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your recommendations. I'm going to start putting status on the TOC instead of on each note, which gives me the feeling of an aggregated space even though it's not dynamically populating.
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    On 32bit systems. On 64bit systems, the default is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote" (because we're still just a 32bit app)
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    Hi, Ivanka. 1) Your Evernote program is really called Evernote.exe, just like everyone else's. It's true that Windows suppresses the file extension of what it calls "known file types" in its graphical user interface, but at the command line you MUST use the real file name. And the patch works just fine on Windows 10. 2) YOU ARE NOT EXECUTING THE COMMAND FROM THE RIGHT FOLDER. You have to first navigate from the command prompt to where your copy of Evernote.exe is located. It's likely in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote or C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote (That is, it's in the Evernote folder beneath ANOTHER folder ALSO named Evernote.) You can find out for sure where your Evernote.exe is located by right-clicking on the Evernote icon, then selecting properties, then the "Shortcut" tab, and looking at the value in "Start in" field; that value is the folder that contains your Evernote.exe file. To navigate to the correct folder, type these commands, one per line, followed by the Enter key, at the system prompt (which is where it says C:\Users\Ivanka): CD \ CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote" (or whatever value you found in the "Start in" field above) Note the quotation marks in the second command. THEN issue the patch command line VERBATIM as presented here: sfk rep Evernote.exe -firsthit -text "/-webkit-touch-callout: text;/background-color: #b2b1b3; /" -yes All best wishes!
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    Hm, I'm wondering what sin you've committed to get this demotion... No fear, @gazumped, @Metrodon and I will be on hand to help you with any user-sensitivity issues that may arise. . . . *kidding* Welcome, Shane.
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    Hi Shane ! We welcome the added support and focus on the needs of the growing evenote community. Welcome and thanks for being here! Trevor
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    Troy Since I wrote that, I've become a big fan of tags. Tags are crazy powerful, but there is a learning curve. The article the really got me started was https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags/ Malcolm
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    Being in IT for 30 years, I'm way past the reboot
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    Two things - I wonder if some of the slowness that people keep reporting (and I have experienced) comes from the tweaks that MS keeps making to Windows 10 - EN seems to run fine for a while, then there is an update, and EN slows down? For the timeline, you might as well stand outside and shout into a hurricane force wind - you will not get a timeline for any release/update from EN. It's just something they don't do. No, I don't work for EN - I have just seen that sentence repeated so many times. Actually, I don't work for anyone at the moment!
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    PLEASE stabilize the EN-Editor !!! Those small bugs that are in the Editor for months now, are a bit of a plague. Please track them and solve them one by one! But now there is new level of Problem starting to show up !!! I have one more or less complex Note with several PDF's within tables. One of those PDF's in this note is now overlaying my whole note in EN-Mac 6.13.1. I cannot edit the note anymore, except for removing the PDF which kills the whole content of this note!!! EN-Web shows this same note with the PDF on the correct position as it was always. Are you going to substantially fix the EN-Editor soon or do you intend to kill Evernote ... ??? And please don't bring up the "advice" to step down to an older Version of Evernote - there is no stable Version available - each one has it's own problems ... It is now 2.5 years ago (v6.0.11) since i started to note which versions of EN-Mac i did install ... each one of them promised to solve some problems but introduced new ones! What keeps me to stay with Evernote at the moment are my 3'800 notes and a good basic concept ... but there is only little hope left that there will be stable EN-Mac one day ... I stopped to recommend Evernote to my work-companions and friends - instead i recommend them to start with alternatives like OneNote, DEVONthink, Bear, ...
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    Fair enough. I understood that much. However my criticism of Evernote team still stands. We need Drag and Drop to work. Its important to many users. And what's worse it used to work, so I stand by what I said... unacceptable.
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    @LStar @Mark Daniels UK This has just been fixed on our end and will be out in a future update.
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    I've experienced this sometimes (unpredictably) also. Sometimes opening the note for editing helps, sometimes just tapping it till it responds does the job. Don't know whether this is caused by Evernote, Android, or some interaction between them.
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    SSD doesn't make a difference for me. I have been experiencing unresponsive attempts to scroll down or up the note for copy/cut, very slow & jumpy if at all, large notes totally unresponsive. I'm talking a note with only 400 characters. It happens on both my desktop and my laptop, which is pretty odd, happening on both computers. Both machines are incredible powerful, the laptop has SSD, i7, Dell Gaming Laptop and the desktop has massive resources, WD Velociraptor 10,000 RPM drive on Desktop (where OS and apps are), i7, 48 GB RAM, NVIDA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB video, digital display. The desktop can handle anything and everything I throw at it, Adobe Premier, After Effects, things don't get any more resource intensive than that. Tried all of the rebuilding stuff under Ctl+Help. It has done that since I have used EN (about 4 years). I have really just tolerated it over the years thinking it was a bug, but nothing ever changes. It is very odd that both machines experience the issue. It seems to point to some kind of dB contamination on the server.
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    FYI seems drag n drop just dropped into the latest update.
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    @EdH, worked like a charm. Thank you! @gazumped, appreciate the confirmation that I wasn't going insane unnecessarily looking for an option within Tools.
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    I use Adobe and there is no button in Adobe to drag the current PDF to another app. With the new Chome PDF viewer you have to click the Download arrow, save to the desktop or wherever, drag to the target app, delete the PDF from the desktop or wherever. Before you just pressed the icon in the old PDF viewer and dragged to the target app. A whole lot more efficient. Also with the old viewer there was an icon to open the PDF in your viewer of choice. More efficient than right click in the PDF and select open. Maybe that could be reviewed for a return as well. Austin, (don't mean to sound snarky here though I suppose it does, apologies for that) is anyone on the EN design team thinking about use cases other than note taking when these changes are developed? Or a fairer question, what generic use cases are considered in the process? Just wondering what the offsets are for changes that make folks less productive. Scrolling PDFs are nice, but you still need a PDF editor to do anything with the PDF, which is now a little harder.
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    Can you please support the Adonit Pixel stylus
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    @rovengineer Thanks for the report. This separate issue is isolated to business card notes, and is scheduled to be fixed in the Evernote for Windows Desktop version 6.8 GA. Please let us know if the issue continues after installing the 6.8 GA. I'll update here once it's out. Thanks.
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    @Chantal Leonard, first I'd like to thank you for the very quick response to our comments. I really do appreciate this. Unfortunately, things get a bit negative from here. What I don't understand is why you would release a partial set of fixes as a GA release? Why not issue another Beta, so everyone would know there might still be bugs? I don't think you guys seem to understand our, your customers, perspective. We expect a production release (GA), to not have any material bugs (some minor bugs perhaps, but nothing material). But we especially expect you to NOT release a product with major sync bugs. Do you understand this? Why do you guys feel like you must issue production releases so quickly? Until you guys start releasing a production build with no material bugs, I cannot in good conscience recommend Evernote to my friends and colleagues, or really, to anyone. Well, I think nearly everyone would like to reduce sync conflicts. However, I suspect that many, including myself, strongly disapprove of your method of immediate, constant syncing. This seems more like a bandaid than a solution. IAC, if the user has a preference of a sync interval of "none", then you should honor that. Or for that matter, you should honor whatever interval the user has chosen. Ironically, you're new method seems to be causing apparent sync conflicts in EN Mac. Have you seen the reports? Sometimes, there are several good reasons to NOT sync immediately. Syncing is very different from local saving. So yes, I want to save very frequently. But there are times when I am making major, large changes to a Note that I do NOT want to sync until I am finished. Do you understand that? Adding insult to injury, you made these sync changes, and then completely removed the sync interval preference, without so much as a word in the Release Notes / forum post. How do you explain that? How do you justify it? Are you trying to hide it from us? In case it not obvious, this kind of behavior make us distrust you. The behavior of the Evernote Development team over the last few months has been more like that of a disorganized startup who thinks the only important thing is to be first out of the gate. It is very disappointing, and very discouraging. Please slow down your development/release cycle, and start once again producing a high-quality product that we can rely upon, that we can trust our life's memories with, that we can trust or most critical business ideas with.
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    After upgrading from 6.4 to 6.6, all my notes now have wide margins on both sides. I cannot find any setting to adjust this. Top and bottom margins are ok. This issue is related to viewing notes..NOT printing.
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    It's all because of the new table UI.
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    [Cross posted from Help Forum] I want to echo the sentiment in this post. I initially thought this was a new "default" setting not a removal of a feature. This is a very poor user experience move. Had you warned me that you would be removing what was a key branding element of this product, I would not have upgraded. As it stands, I will reconsider other options for me and my team. May I recommend that in the future, you perform beta testing / customer validation of such a major change before you launch.
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    Actually uninstall/reinstall the software has no imact on the database You can reindex the database using OptionKey Help>Troubleshooting You can resync your data using 1. Open Evernote for Mac 2. Hold the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel (next to your username)
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    Hi, I have the same issue. How can I resolve this?