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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    Hi, I am the developer of EverTool. Thanks for Rob’s great post. This post interprets all the features I want to provide to users. About the Fifth point, I am glad you find this little surprise! Yes, it works globally. Therefore, EverTool can transform the text style in every full-text editor, like Word, Gmail, etc.. Right now, I am working hard to make EverTool easier to use and provide as many features as possible. For example, in the next version you can resize all the images in Evernote to the same width in one click. Windows 7 is always in my plan. I hope I can support it asap. I am glad EverTool can help people enhance the productivity. Any feedback and suggestion are welcome 😀
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    At a guess, it's a standin for the ReminderOrder search term, documented in the Evernote Search Grammar doc (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php). At least, if I make a search of "reminderorder:*", all of the notes that match have a nonempty "Reminder" field. Conversely, if I make a search of "-reminderorder:*", all of the notes that match have an empty "Reminder" field. Per the doc: That it's being displayed as a date rather than an integer value seems like a (small) bug, but since the number isn't meant to mean much of anything to a user, and is only used to save order state when using a reminders list (as in Snippet, Card, and Thumbnail views) with "Sort reminders by date" unchecked, displaying as a date is harmless, though confusing.
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    Hi. Yes. Create a local notebook and create your note there. Once encrypted, move it to a synced notebook. Alternatively, use the native encryption built into your word processor to create a password-locked document and attach that to a note.
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    Feature Request: Add Outlining Capabilities to Evernote Evernote is great, but it's dying for the ability to create Notes that contain Outlines which are easily collapsed and expanded during creation and in use. One way to implement it would be a switchable editing mode, between standard formatting or outline mode. In outline mode, pressing the Enter key creates a new outline item, and pressing the Tab key changes the current item into a sub-item. Clicking on an item's action icon causes its sub-items to collapse out of, or expand into view. That's the way the Ecco Pro PIM did it, and something simple like that would be a good start for Evernote. The name Evernote implies a product that takes notes -and collapsible/expandable outlines are a huge part of note taking.
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    Please let us select the thumbnail picture shown in the note previews. I read the forum and I saw there is an annoying work around, but that's why I'm requesting this feature for real. Something like: • right click the image and select "Use this as Preview image" (I believe this should be the easiest to implement) • right click the note preview and select "Pick a thumbnail" that leads to a small selection of the images available inside that note • right click the image and set a priority that overrides the current priority These are just ideas, but any of those would be amazing so we have decent control over the thumbnail pic!
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    I want to put in a plug here for the EverTool App. I'm not the developer, just a happy new user. It's a Windows 10 and Mac app that takes the text on your clipboard and formats it. So you can cut text out of Evernote, open up EverTool, select a predefined format, and then paste it back in. Voila! User-defined styles. Here's the forum posting that pointed me to it. So what's so cool about it? First, it's a nice, convenient way to get user-defined styles in Evernote. Second, one of the options for a style is "Parse Markdown". So you can write your note in Markdown, cut it, go to EverTool, select a style that parses Markdown, and paste your text back in, and you've got a nicely-formatted note that you wrote in Markdown. Third, one of the options for a style is "Format code", with a zillion predefined code formats. Fourth, each style can have a keyboard shortcut. So even without the EverTool app open, you can cut text, hit the shortcut for your style, and paste it back in. It's not quite as seamless as having built-in styles in Evernote, because you have to cut and paste your text before and after formatting it. But still, pretty cool. Fifth, and best of all - the keyboard shortcuts are not bound to Evernote, they are system-wide (at least in Windows 10 - I don't use a Mac, so I don't know for sure). So you can actually use them in other apps. Let me say that again: You can use the keyboard shortcuts from other apps to add standardized formatting, including Markdown and code styling, on standardized keys in other apps. Want to write your Word documents in Markdown? Want to add a code snippet to an email? EverTool has it covered. I don't know whether the developer intended it to work that way, but if he didn't thank goodness for unintended side effects! Now, if he can just get it working on Windows 7, I can use it at work to more easily format my emails in Lotus Notes. At least then, something will be easy in Lotus Notes.
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    I would love to see Grammarly incorporated into Evernote. Evernote is my preferred platform for writing but Grammarly offers the tools I need to write better. Together = 💯🔥🎉
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    Hi all, Evernote is brilliant - could not navigate life without it!! A feature that I feel is dearly needed and would be tremendous to have is the ability to create an anchor point in notes. eg if I am working on a lengthy note and constantly referring to other notes at the same time I want the ability to specify a point where I am working in that note so I can go straight back to it. Also, when you open a note it goes straight to the start of the note. You always have to scroll down to the bottom of the note to add to it. Many thanks for any comments.
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    I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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    Hi there, For the folks who were on 7.3 Beta 2 and were asked to upgrade to 7.2.3 and are now seeing the "version too old" issue. First things first, we're really sorry this happened. We're working on a fix for it. As I mentioned earlier, we did a hot fix that caused this issue for our beta community. Aside from my first suggestion for fixing, you can also take another less destructive approach to get back on the beta. Open Finder. Go to Go > Go to Folder Paste ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/ and press Go Delete the "version" file Re-download and install Evernote for Mac 7.3 beta 2 from this link. Our sincere apologies.
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    Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
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    Hi Folks - We've made our third beta of version 7.3 available. Please download it here, or check for updates. This beta continues our focus on quality - we've called out notable bug fixes in the release notes below. We've also added the ability to quickly access your shared content via our new "Shared with Me" view. Let us know what you think about the new functionality and if you spot any issues. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team ----------------------- Version 7.3 Beta 3 Fixed: All Notes is highlighted until a notebook is selected from the sidebar Spotlight Search not Working Searching stop words returns results for notes with attachments Annotating PDFs: PDF indexing failed error Clicking the arrow in breadcrumbs for a space takes you to the backing notebook Certain cases where items in sidebar were unable to expand/collapse due to an exception A crash when interacting with the Formatting preferences pane and the Font selection panel Preferences: Incorrect web link opens after clinking on "Go To Mac Forum…" in Software Update pane Client becomes unresponsive if searching for a term with no results while an image is viewed in full screen Fix crash with saved search macOS 10.14 Mojave: Fix crash with image scaling Dragging image to desktop creates Text Clipping file Dragging and dropping a notebook sometimes leads a crash Tags not displaying in side list View Can't create lowercase tag from note screen if similar uppercase tag already exists Annotating image will scale it back to original size Highlight: editor search highlight is misplaced when searching in zoom-scaled note Annotation window inner shadow misplaced when switched to full screen Can't use forward slash key when renaming attachment Note title and note body are out of alignment Sidebar: Can't collapse / open stacks in the popover (mini sidebar) Notes and notebooks cannot be dragged to the bottom of shortcuts list Fixed a crash that occurs intermittently right after installation Fix an issue where beta users get prompted to upgrade older patched builds Note list column resets after closing window Expanded card view defaults to card view after closing Evernote window Improved: New sidebar highlighting behavior when opening a notebook from the notebooks view Search results by relevance have been improved. Results can be sorted by relevance by changing the sort options for the results New: Shared with me let's you quickly access content that's been shared with you
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    No. You need internet access. If they have blocked it, you should consider they don't want you storing company information or work product in the cloud anywhere. It may make work more difficult for you, and cutting off internet access seems a bit extreme to me, but that is the company's choice, and if it makes you more inefficient and takes longer to get stuff done, they will have to pay for that, literally, in reduced output. Or, even in turnover after what seems such a draconian measure. But in the end, everything you do at work belongs to the company, and it seems they want 100% of that on their servers, isolated from the internet.
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    @DTLow, @jefito, @CalS -- you folks are THE BEST!! Thank you!! 😀
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    Boy is my face red. I have a ScanSnap ix500 scanner (instead of the Evernote-branded one) because of its additional capabilities. What I hadn't noted was that it came with ABBY OCR capability. All I have to do is to open a file in this included software and . . . . voila . . . . I can output in rtf, word or excel format. It is fast and works. With a pdf OCRed by ABBY, I can copy whatever I need to copy. I am adding this just in case somebody else has the same problem (and hasn't checked included software). In my defense (?), no manual was included so I simply forgot I had it. Moral: don't conclude that included software isn't of interest; look at it! LeslieTNT
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    You're right, this isn't supposed to really be human-readable. It looks like clients can set it, but they're not really supposed to (initially, anyway), in which case the server supplies the current timestamp (a 64-bit integer). But clients could overwrite that with any integer they choose (for example, when rearranging reminders in the list, in the Mac client at least). So viewing it as a date makes... a tiny bit of sense, but is mostly misleading.
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    For a glasses search EN will only find notes that has glasses in them, and EN then highlights any instance of glasses in the notes. Create a note with only eyeglasses in it and EN will not find it if you do a glasses search.
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    There is currently an issue that is causing the selected text to be unselected when you press ctrl. If you highlight the word a second time, it should remain highlighted and copy to the clipboard. A fix for this is scheduled for the next release 6.14. Thanks for your patience,
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    Thanks @EdHDefinitely not by design. We're still working on a fix for this one. Getting closer, but not quite there. The Syncronization options that trigger this (On Demand Sync and or Purge Sync) will continue to be off by default until this is fixed. When this occurs the original notes can be restored from the trash notebook. Thanks again for the report.
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    Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
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    The default Gotham + 14 doesn't look very sharp on my laptop. I have a Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10 and am using Chrome as my default browser. Resolution is 1920x1080. I was hoping that the default would be updated if I changed fonts in a note, but that wasn't the case and I was told by support that there isn't a setting to change that. I really don't mind Gotham per se (though I'd prefer a serif font like at a larger size for readability), but the legibility really is poor with the current settings. Either a setting or a better default would work for me. Thanks!
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    This is why though I keep Evernote around as an archive, I am no longer a paying customer. Something so basic, yet fonts have been ignored for years.
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    I agree. I liked the use of the map to see my notes. I was using it to capture experiences with photos directly into Evernote and the note captured the physical location on the map. Please bring it back.