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    I feel on the biggest missing features is native support for Markdown. Please add native Markdown to Evernote.
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    Hi All, We are making some changes to the member-leveling system in the discussion forums. Moving forward, we will no longer use the speciality naming conventions, and have moved to a numerical level system. You can find a comparison of the naming changes below. Nomenclature Chart: Old Name: New Name: Guest Guest Member Level 1 Member + Level 2 Noteworthy Level 3 Guru Level 4 Super Guru Level 5 Why are we making these changes? Simplifying the nomenclature to a numerical system will make a user’s contribution more easy to recognize Specialized group names can cause confusion, and often become stale or outdated over time Internally, simplifying the level system makes it easier to manage/update community assets like member-level names, badge updates, etc when newer changes/updates are necessary Member-Level Badge Changes: Along with changes to the naming conventions, you will also see a change to the user badges. You can see the new badges in the table below. Please note, ONLY paid Evernote employees/staff members will have the Evernote Staff badge. Additionally, all former employees will have the Evernote Alumni badge to signify that they were previously employed with Evernote. Guests do not have a badge.
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    Thanks for this report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select File > Exit to close Evernote Open the task manager to confirm Evernote is not running as a background process (select "Evernote and End task") Open 'regedit' (Windows key + R, then type regedit) Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder Expand the "Software" folder Expand the Evernote Folder Click on the second "Evernote folder" so that a list of Values displays on the right Right-Click "EnableHardwareAcceleration" Select "Modify" Set Hexidecimal Value to "0" Select File>Exit to exit the Registry Editor Reopen Evernote Please let me know if the issue continues after completing the steps above. Thanks!
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    I am definitely in the "lots of PDFs but they're relatively small" camp, and use tags and searching without much issue. However, I definitely have a lot of manuals, genealogy information, etc. in my database that can be scores of pages inside one PDF. When possible, I actually try to break those out into separate PDFs and separate notes to help chunk it out into better lumps for organizing. I also rely pretty heavily on the annotation summary you can enable when annotating a PDF. It adds little snippets at the top of the PDF showing the edits and annotations you've made and what page they're on. So, when I add PDFs that are huge (like the one below), I make sure to edit and annotate it to show the bits that are important in the PDF at the top as a point of reference. Example:
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    Hey All, Thank you for reaching out! I wanted to let you know that we are currently in the process of determining how we will be migrating the Android beta community to a new location with the closure of Google +. That being said, I'll follow-up here as soon as I have more information, but let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.
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    @GNito Thanks for reaching out! Yes, you can revoke all devices from the devices settings in Evernote Web. To do so, go here: https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action There, you can force a log out from the devices from one location. Hope this helps!
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    Nah, that shouldn't be difficult at all if that stack -> notebook hierarchy was implemented in an optimal way in the first place. I have a degree in computer science and had been working with SQL databases from 2010 to 2014. I don't remember any significant difference difficulty-wise in implementing 2-level vs XX-level parent-child hierarchy. The UI changes also shouldn't be all that difficult to implement. Of course, doing that will require some work, but hey, you gotta work for your money. Now, if there are so many people have been requesting this feature for so long, there must be reasons that are valid enough and you should at least consider hearing them out and maybe even participate in a discussion, come out and tell them why this feature is not worth implementing. Maybe it breaks the core principles of Evernote mission (although I'm not sure how, lol). Now, you're asking why am I requesting this feature. I will tell you. No, my world won't fall apart if it never gets implemented. You see, I just don't like to be dependent on tags too much because they're just not notebooks. Every note can be tagged with many tags but only can belong to one notebook, so it's a more solid structure already. Of course, you might say that it's my problem that I won't stick to just 1 tag per note. But it's kinda limiting. Maybe I want to tag a note with "Summer", "Love" and "Sad" tags but at the same time I want it to be exactly in this Hobbies -> Art -> Music -> Songwriting -> My solo stuff -> Second album hierarchy. Of course, you can always find a thousand of counter-arguments to that, like "you can do basically the same with tags, blah blah blah", but no, it's not the same, even if you can achieve similar results with tags. I'd say just give it a shot and give your users a little bit more freedom. Sorry, it's really late and I'm not an expert in English. I don't really care about being right and continue arguing beyond this message. I just said what I wanted to say, even if it sounded like a complete BS to you guys. I spoke from my heart EDIT: Yeah, maybe convert those stacks to notebooks so that even the root object would be able to hold the notes in it. As well as notebooks. Basically what I'm suggesting is a folder-file approach, just like in Windows Explorer. We all know that notebooks in real life don't hold "sub-notebooks" in them but maybe make a poll and see if users would like this approach and you could get away with this concept. I'm not gonna suggest renaming notebooks to folders and files altogether as that will obviously make the brand name "Evernote" irrelevant
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    Sorry, @Nick L., I don't get why you would bother with even a Beta release that doesn't do much, and no details of the changes are provided. How can anyone test without knowing the changes??? And why would they bother, given all the issues that remain? Surely it cost time and effort to put out every release. Is this really a good use of Evernote resources?
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    Tools -> Options -> General page Uncheck "Automatically check for updates"
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    Member Level Criteria: Updated (Jan 29, 1019) Our community’s member levels are determined by commenting activity—when you reach a certain level, you are automatically placed into a new group with a new member title. (To see the badges associated with each level, go here) Guest - New User/Not logged in Level 1 - 0-9 posts; Must have first post approved by Admin Level 2 - 10-99 posts Level 3 -100+ posts Level 4 - 300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Level 5 - 500+; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Member Level Access/Perks: Guest (New User/0 Posts) - User has not, or is not, signed in and may only be browsing. They cannot create or reply to posts, use any forum features, and they will only have ‘view’ access. Once a user signs in or registers with an account and posts, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 1 status. Level 1 (0-9 posts)- Once a user signs in, their first attempted post must be verified by an Admin. Once their first post is approved, they will be able to post content that will be immediately viewable to the forum community. Additionally, Level 1 cannot post more than 5 times in one day, start more than 5 conversations/PM's in a day, cannot message more than 1 recipient in a conversation/PM at one time, and are limited to 5 reactions per day. On their 10th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 2 status. Level 2 (10-99 posts) - Have all permissions available to Level 1. Additionally, they do not have content post, conversation, messaging, or reaction limits. On their 100th successful post, they will be automatically upgraded to Level 3 status. Level 3 (100+ posts) - Have all permissions available to Level 2. Additionally, Level 3 users can use profile signatures. After achieving 300 posts, and a reputation score of 50 points, they will be upgraded to Level 4 after admin approval. Level 4 (300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) - Have all permissions available to Level 3. Additionally, Level 4 users can report content for direct review by Evernote Staff. Level 5 (500+ posts; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval)- Have all permissions and moderator powers available to Level 4. Additionally, their posts and replies will be highlighted. Reporting and Moderation: Reporting Posts (Available to Level 4/5) - Reporting posts flags content and places it in a review queue. At that time, the person who is flagging the content can add a note about why they are flagging the content. Once in that queue, a member of the Evernote Staff will review the content and any notes, and determine what needs to be done. Update: Due to a technical limitation, these rules will not retroactively affect your account to upgrade your member level. If your member level is not accurate and needs to be adjusted, please reach out to Shane D. directly. Thank you!
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    If you could add this feature, it would make my life complete!!!! So it would be a reminder/alarm at a regular period ie. every Monday at 10am, the last day of each month, every day at midday etc. etc.
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    Thanks to all for the warnings about the first few sentences 🙂. I only got this far before stopping - "What the brain does best is thinking. Evernote is most valuable not as a remembering tool, but as a thinking tool." I would counter with David Allen's line, "Remember, the important thing is to get stuff off your mind and into a trusted system". It's clear the participants in this thread have worked to find a way to trust EN in a way that works for them, freeing the mind for thinking. Perhaps I am paraphrasing Allen, "Stress comes from not being able to remember where your stuff is". I don't think well when I'm stressed.
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    REQUEST – It would be amazing to have a feature where an image can be selected, and when you right-click (ie, the same way you rotate it, etc.) there could also be an option to override the "largest smallest-dimension" algorithm and set that image as the note's thumbnail. A little background –– One thing I use EN for very heavily is as an artist database for my job. I really like having both a photo of the artist and an example of their artwork at the top of their card. However, when I'm scrolling through snippet or card view, it would be really helpful to have the image of their artwork always be the one to show up. This usually happens but there are a few times where the photo of the artist is used instead. I've read up on the algorithm that chooses the image with the "largest smallest-dimension" (PS, see what I did there with the hyphen? Way clearer that way.) and I am actually OCD enough to try to amend the file sizes to have the algorithm pick the right one. However, even this doesn't seem to work – it's probably me because I guess an algorithm can't lie, but even when I resize the images, it's still not choosing the right one. So my question is – why would that be happening? Could it be that once EN's algorithm chooses an image, it always chooses that filename even when the size changes? But what would be SO MUCH EASIER is my *request* – could there be an override option to the largest smallest-dimension algorithm (which I agree does work at least half of the time for me) to choose a thumbnail? I'm not talking some fancy thing in the settings where you tell EN how to pick your thumbnails – that sounds like way more work than it's worth. I just imagine, like I've said above, having the image you want to be the thumbnail highlighted/selected, then right click (in the same way that you can rotate an image, etc.) and have something like "set as note thumbnail." Please?? Thank you!
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    Hi, Could the owner of the "Evernote for Android App Beta Test" community please be sure to preserve this community before Google disappears it in April, 2019. Instructions for how to download and save the content are here. Thank you.
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    @chuckkahn Here's the link for doing it with two notebooks. You don't have to hide the sidebar, but when I have two notebooks open I tend to hide it to get more real estate out of the note list and main note window. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l3LOkiIH-kYxVURYNaAuNHCME4mI_2MX/view?usp=sharing
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    Well, according to the new boss, fixes over features is the focus for 2019 (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/118322-evernote-blog-looking-ahead-evernote’s-priorities-for-2019/); I can't say that that's a bad thing. You may have to wait for the shiny...
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    I'm all about that -- at my stage of life, I have zero-knowledge days on occasion. That's what you're talking about, right?
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    Hi there, Fujitsu has updated drivers for certain scanners they manufacture, but they have not yet updated the drivers for the ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner. Fujitsu is the hardware manufacturer of this device and they have updated the drivers for each device after an OS update. We're in discussion with Fujitsu but do not have an estimate on when to expect these drivers to be available if you have already updated to macOS Mojave.
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    Enable note counts in Evernote > Preferences
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    It is disheartening to see how LONG this has been an issue for so many users of Evernote. EN is a great product with many advantages over OneNote, and I have been a huge fan for years. I'm probably not ready to even THINK about converting hundreds (thousands?) or notes to another platform - YET. But this seems like a very basic feature to this old former Silicon Valley software product manager - especially because it has caused so much inconvenience for so many people. To be clear, here's my summary of the issue as it still stands here in January 2019: Notes that are entered from scratch in EN have no spacing issues (but little in the way of explicit spacing OPTIONS either). Notes that are copied and pasted from word processing software - principally, Microsoft Word - end up with additional line spacing that cannot be adjusted or removed. Notes that are captured from the Internet or Outlook using the corresponding add-ins often have additional space at the top of the note and/or additional line spacing - neither of which can be adjusted or removed. For all of the above issues, the "Simplify Formatting" option does nothing to address them, and the "Remove Formatting" removes EVERYTHING - throwing out the metaphorical "baby with the bath water". Guys and gals at EN - this ain't rocket science. Here is how you can approach this LONG standing situation: The MINIMUM you should do (MVP) is to make it so that the "Simplify Formatting" option removes ALL spacing. That would allow a motivated user to go through and add spacing to a note "manually" where desired. This isn't ideal, but it's better than the current option - NOTHING. There should never just be a bunch of pointless whitespace at the top of a note. I challenge you to come up with a use case for EN where this would be intended and desirable. This Simplify Formatting enhancement should, at a minimum, remove any extraneous top-space if you think you have a good reason not to just remove it ALWAYS automatically. The better option is to allow for setting line and paragraph spacing globally for a note so the formatting of a new note could be enhanced and an imported note's formatting overridden. The best option would be Word-style spacing control throughout a note, where you could change line and paragraph spacing as desired throughout a note. This doesn't seem to much to ask to help out those of us who have PAID for Evernote for so very long. Thank you.
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    Personally, I'd take the easy way out and put the text into Word, use "convert text to table" and copy/ paste the result into Evernote - or just keep the Word doc as an attachment, because all things being equal, Evernote is er.. not noted.. for its ability to handle large tables. Expect weird column widths and odd formatting problems if you continue with that. The Word (or any other WP) attachment will be editable on any device with that installed software, and can be saved back into the note. Excel would also work. In the same way that I use Lightroom, rather than Evernote for editing pictures (it's a tad better at it!) I'd use Word or Excel (or your WP/ spreadsheet of choice) for larger documents.
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    We have released a hotfix that has a fix for the annotation issue you described.
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    I've already downgraded from premium due to this and issues with slow performance. That such a simple to fix major bug has remained unfixed for months on end now does not bode well. Sadly I'm currently exploring alternatives to Evernote. If the feature you're working on is "lose lots of customers" then you're succeeding at that. If you'd like to keep your loyal customers though, perhaps stop whatever you're doing and fix this bug today.
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    I think it's obvious, at this point, that Evernote users want the ability to select the default thumbnail for notes. I agree that it seems ridiculous that this conversation started in 2013 and 4 years later this hasn't been added to the application. As a visual person, the thumbnail helps me quickly find what I'm looking for. For example, when I'm looking for a recipe for pancakes, an image of the video (pertaining to the recipe) of two cooks doesn't help me find what I'm looking for. I need to be able to select the pic of the stack of pancakes. The whole purpose for using Evernote is to be able to organize things so that they are easily found/accessed. I'm confused why this isn't already an option. This seems so simple to implement. Can we get some love on this issue?!
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    Hi... Tried EN many moons ago, then went with OneNote but EN's cloud and accessible anywhere features are bringing me back...Enough kudos... Is there a way to mark a note as "read-only" so I cannot accidentally erase or modify it? Thanks. Alex
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    Hi, @Nitja, and welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do to prevent it from happening, until Evernote improves the font handling and formatting of the Android app. You can probably get rid of the ugliness by using Simplify formatting (on the 3-dots menu at the top right of the note), but of course that will affect the appearance of the note on the PC.
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    Every day, hackers are trying to access Evernote accounts. Most of these fail, they don't have the correct account id/password. In your case, the hackers know your account id/password. You need to change your Evernote password. Use it only for Evernote; no where else
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    Hi. The simple way to move from one laptop to another (assuming you still have access to the old one) is On the old laptop, load and sync Evernote up to date. Export any local notebooks* to ENEX files. Check for the location of the old Evernote Databases folder via Tools > Options > General. Open that location and close Evernote. Copy the databases folder and any ENEX files to a USB drive On the new laptop, install and File > Exit Evernote. Insert the USB drive and overwrite the new databases folder with the old content (this will bring with it any stored settings) restart Evernote and sync up to date. (Edit: and import any local notebooks from ENEX) * What is a local notebook?
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    This powerful free scanner tool https://www.naps2.com/ stores my scanned documents in encrypted pdf (encryption is optional of course). In my workflow I store directly into the evernote import folder. edit: I forgot to tell that it can also OCR the pdf document
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    PDFs are one format that have a native encryption feature I encrypt the pdf on my Mac with the Preview app, or an Automator script. >>what is the benefit of attaching so many PDF files? PDF is my preferred format for static data. It's ubiquitous. I have many pdf files, and have to store them somewhere. Evernote is my single storage location. As to clutter, I have the option of using inline/attachment display.
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    I think Evernote is a fantastic product, especially with the iPhone integration. I currently use a program called UltraRecall because of it's heavy use of subfolders. This makes organizing my data very logical. I was wondering if Evernotes has a way to create subnotebooks under existing notebooks to help group numerious notebooks together? Example Notebooks: Work Clients Customer1 Customer2 Customer3 Customer4 Personal Electronics Web Clips
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    I don't use Evernote without my phone nearby to read the news or even do in Evernote Android what I started on the laptop before it froze!
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    Looking around, I noticed that the Windows and Mac betas and GAs are announced (and receive feedback) on their respective branches of the Product Feedback/Feature Requests forums. I wonder if the same could be done for Android betas.
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    You'll find that Evernote/IOS is missing some features available on the Windows/Mac platform As to tables; there is a feature available in Settings>Notes This allows table creation using [] In anticipation of your next question; No, we are unable to adjust table column width
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    I second this. As a long time windows user I had seen comments about how great the Mac interface was. About a year ago I moved over to the Mac for home use expecting to be wowed and instead was underwhelmed. In addition to selecting merge order I like the ability to remove the fat header and instead have a horizontal line. I miss not having the color options in the left hand pane and lack of customizable toolbar. You have to go menu digging to get to some pretty common editing tasks. The Mac app should not be the gold standard and let's universally get rid of the green share button.
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    Ok, but- why release it then? It's almost like you want us to be disappointed.
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    @mgpmul: Unfortunately, our dev.evernote.com website is woefully out-of-date. As was noted above, search functionality in particular has kind of fragmented with each client having slightly different behavior. Updating the dev website, our developer APIs, and having a more seamless UI/experience across all our apps is definitely part of what we're focusing on this year, as was laid out by the new CEO. I know this probably doesn't help with your current issues, but I at least wanted to let you know it is on our radar. We've got a LOT to fix to give our users a better experience.
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    I just ran into the same issue. I can see them on screen when I'm not signed in, but the minute I signed in I get the same error that you are seeing. You can get to them from within Evernote itself though by creating a new note and then clicking on the template function. They all aren't in there via this method but a few are. I have also added the link to see if my sharing one from my notebook will allow you to download it to your system. [Template] Character Profile UPDATE: Just in case you were able to save the template from the link I shared, here are ones for the other templates you are trying to use. (I'm a fellow writer so I know that when you find something that works you want it right away. I recreated the templates for you) [Template] Novel Plotting: Snowflake Method Checklist [Template] Story Timeline Tracker [Template] Novel Chapter Outline [Template] Character Master List [Template] Character Biography [Template] Story Planning: Worldbuilding Basics
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    The planet is spinning, the wheels are grinding .... Compared to other ages, we live in the best of all worlds.
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    Place your images into the cells of a table.
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    LOL. It’s tough to call the drivel I produce knowledge, so maybe I’m at zero as well.
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    Update: I did hear from Evernote on this issue. They're working on it, and in the mean time, disabling hardware acceleration does at least get the notes to show up. Tools -> Options -> General -> uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration -LF
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    I agree. But Evernote did downsize during O'Neill's tenure. And an internal email leaked to the media revealed it was because the company hadn't met certain financial targets. So it's not as though everything was unicorns and rainbows at Evernote. Because I can't read minds and am not privy to internal discussions within the Evernote organization, all I have to go on is what Evernote executives and employees say publicly. And the only things I recall O'Neill really saying publicly were about the company's finances, and a push to move Evernote into the machine learning space. There was never any talk about fixing the fundamental flaws with the service that have been frustrating even some of the most ardent and enthusiastic Evernote supporters. Therefore I had no reason to believe that quality and stability were a focus. That's why I had to give serious thought to leaving the service. If the company couldn't put out a Windows client where the cursor stayed put where it was supposed to, and the top executive wasn't publicly acknowledging that there were fundamental problems like this, I didn't feel like what I was paying for an Evernote subscription was well-spent. But Small very specifically acknowledges these problems. He's outlined a plan to address them. I won't be satisfied unless he gets results... but at least now I have reason to believe things might get better. And if they do... I'll have reason to get excited about the future of Evernote, whether that's machine learning or some other innovation I can't predict at this point. Because if the foundations of Evernote are solid, I'll have reason to feel confident that whatever new capabilities are eventually unveiled will be solid as well.
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    hi it would be quite nice to support right to left writing direction for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian. it is really hard to write and read when writing in left to right in those languages. thanks.
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    @dustynrobotsThanks for the report. Please try these steps to fix this issue: Select: Tools > Options > General Uncheck "Enable Hardware Acceleration" Let us know if the issue continues after disabling the option. Thanks!
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    This is really surprising. I really can't turn this off? Surely we must just be missing something. I can't find a way to turn it off either....
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    Thanks for sharing. It is a workaround, but, iMO, not a very good one. Won't work for me. It's just like opening up a new web page You can't the the surrounding context of the previous/next section Navigation is cumbersome Anchors are basic, long-standing HTML behavior. There's really no excuse for Evernote not to implement.
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