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    I've made that same comment about users hating any new interface, and then treasuring it after it's replaced by a newer interface. That happens. I don't think that applies here. The commentary about missing, and non-functional features has been very specific. The performance issues can't be dismissed. The nuisance sign-ins don't make any sense. The user criticism of the new interface is pointed, specific, and grounded. Meanwhile, the criticisms about poor pre-release testing are at best understated. I've seen the release philosophy that "if it compiles, it's ready for release". The 8.0 release has that scent to it. Anyone is welcome to be an EN apologist. But to achieve any traction, you have to go beyond memes and proverbs. The EN community -- insulted by poor testing, interrupted by absent or broken functionality, and frustrated by EN's bunker mentality -- expects and deserves some consideration. JMHO
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    Ever since V 8.x I am asked to enter my iTunes password every time I try to use EN on iPhone 6 and on iPad Air 2. Really, really annoying. When I contacted support they said they heard some others are experiencing same thing, but not fix planned.
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    Just upgraded to 8.0.3 EN still asking me to enter my iTunes password. I'm on iPhone7Plus. Same problem for my wife on iPhone6sPlus.
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    Evernote Team, Please admit that your v8 is completely failed, see how many negative complaints from the forum and App Store, and it's really not fair to us as of paid users (heavy users), you used to be very reliable, things should be getting better but yours are getting worse!! Please just give up your v8 and stop fooling around users who paid for your product and service. I don't personal expect how much you would improve the v8 current version, but I was quite used to the last version of v7, I herelyby sincerely ask you to switch it back to v7, this should be the best solution for your now! If anyone who has the same idea and supports to my aspect in this forum, and let's countersign the petition asking Evernote Team to switch back to v7, and we are not supposed to be treated like this as we pay for this service!
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    It would seem to me this is extremely on topic. In essence, some of our criticism is direct criticism of you, and that has to be tiring to read over and over again. I understand some of your frustration now. I guess I would say it this way: hear us. Those of us who built our workflows around Evernote have found the 8.0.x upgrade extremely damaging. Features that many of us used frequently have been removed. We now have an interface that devotes substantial real estate to five buttons, and an interface that makes designers cringe when they look at it on an ipad with a data connection. The day I accidentally updated my ipad to 8.0 I found myself paralyzed in meetings. I couldn't get the information I needed. Things didn't work and I was seriously compromised. By version 8.0.4 the app kinda works, but it's still slower and not as good as 7.x while not perceivably better in any way, shape or form. Ultimately I spent hours researching other options and then hours moving to another product, All because whoever you work for didn't allow the time for people like yourself to do the work necessary to properly test the app. Weeks to get to "kinda works" is simply not ok for a professional product. This isn't a game that is buggy with a bunch of complaining teenagers for customers. This is something we use(d) all day every day for our livelihoods. Of course we are going to be upset.
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    EN asks on ipad and iphone everytime to sign into iTunes. Very annoying. I am about to try out the rest of fixes ! I agree with others, aside from the problems, its a lot slower, sticky slow! I am an EN supporter. But i do keep looking at the alternatives at the moment. Am loathe to do so as i have a few evernote scanners that the business uses. I would request thet you get these deep down speed problems sorted. Also i do miss the presentation mode, and i dont like the separation of personal and business accounts for search purposes. Frustrated!
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    iPhone 6: EN crashes on startup on all new versions v8.0.0 + v8.0.1 + v8.0.2 (unable to use it on my iPhone) What i think: * EN is a great concept and i haven't found anything that measures up to it (Onenote, DEVONthink, Dropbox Paper, Quip, Bear, ...) * BUT, the editor is full of bugs (EN iOS and EN macOS) * I do feel like i am a Beta-Tester (which i don't want to be when i'm paying for my tools) * I do not care about paying $60/year for a great product, but those bugs make a great concept a frustrating experience PLEASE improve your testing!!! (some minor bugs are ok, but not with every release - and right now EN iOS v8 is absolutely unusable on iPhone 6)
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    The presentation mode must really come back on the mobile devices! I use it with my iPad and Apple TV every day. Just mirroring the iPad is not the same!
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    Fifteen months ago, Business Insider called Evernote the first dead unicorn. While some might despair at such criticism, we took it as a challenge. In a conversation with Jason Lemkin last week at SaaStr Annual, I announced that we’re cash flow positive and in control of our financial destiny as a company. From here on, our operations will be self-funding, and we’re investing in new experiences that our users have told us would help them get more done. In the last year, we’ve added our 200 millionth user, doubled the number of paying users, moved three petabytes of data to the Google Cloud Platform, redesigned our Windows app and Evernote for iPhone, and begun winning awards again. But the thing I’m most proud of is the “Notable Herd” of Evernote employees that came together to achieve those milestones. Read more in our blog post and join us on this thread for questions. Note: if you're new to our forums and would like to join the discussion, click "Sign In" at the top right, enter your Evernote account info, select a Display Name and you're all set. Welcome to our community!
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    (Just posted this in the App Store - reproducing here) Hi all, This is my 7th year using Evernote and my loyalty is flagging fast - I'm ready to bail. In the past I've raised issues regarding the editor, it's strange behavior such as typing off screen, odd line spacing at times, appalling table function, constant hanging when pasting from innocuous sources like Outlook email, lack of fundament functionality such as format painting or paragraph markers all of which others must experience as well and more - *but* everything else seems to get an overhaul except the core of the application. I've recently been using One Note for work and the editor in One Note is a polished piece of work compared to Evernote. This afternoon, the Evernote app upgraded on the iPad & iPhone and the User Interface has changed - apparently for the better but right now a piece of information I need can't be accessed - on the iPad or iPhone. I had to go to the PC to find it. I can no longer tell if a sync is in progress. Why a note shows up in the left pane but is blank in the right pane needs me to stop what I'm trying to do and figure out the new UI. If I didn't have so many notes, many of them with encrypted parts and hyperlinks, it'd be in the bin by now. For this type of change to be a priority over a total rework of the core note editor seems to highlight that the Marketing/Product Dev people have a very strange set of priorities. If they disagree, put out an honest survey asking Evernote users what they love/hate/want regarding the editor *and* if the UI really needs to be tweaked as a priority over the editor. I'll go for a walk around the block before I see what's going on with the new UI but I'm *really* disappointed with the Evernote team responsible for the UI changes and management's lack of vision in sorting out the editor. Wrong direction folks - totally. Bart
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    8.0.3 crashes on startup on both iPhone and iPad. I'm on the latest iOS and iPhone 7 and latest iPad. This should not be happening.
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    And it is still a piece of garbage. It still crashes on my iPad Air 2. I still have unsynced notes on my iPad, so the reinstall "fix" is not an option. How long is this ***** going to go on? 8.00 crashed. 8.01 crashed. 8.02 crashes. What next Evernote? Is anyone bothering to even test these new releases? Are you unable to duplicate the issue? Have you considered sending out a private beta of a new version to some of us who are experiencing this issue? (I know for fact as an iPad developer that is possible to do.) Seriously your reputation is getting severely tarnished on is fiasco. And no one seems to be listening.
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    Evernote Wizards. Please, give us a dark theme. My eyes are bleeding with how bright your default theme is. (both web & desktop) No suprise, it is mostly white. A great choice for clean design, but ultimately a fail for intensive use. Please, give us a dark theme. Best Regards, Your Paying Customer
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    The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it would get me close enough to where it was before. Let me know what you think.
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    Is there any acknowledgement at all of the slowness of this version? I used to use Evernote constantly, I've hugely reduced my usage since this version appeared. This version: takes 20+ seconds to open cold start takes 5+ seconds to get back to a responsive app if I switch apps randomly crashes, often taking content down with it, so I am forever switching between the list view and the note view to force it to save camera doesn't allow saving sometimes interface issues whereby it LOOKS like it loaded, so I start tapping, but hasn't, it's just showing what it last did I don't even remember what else - it just doesn't work well If I wasn't a long-time user and having paid, keep 1000s of notes in my account, I'd have given up by now. As it is I'm just investigating other options, but first choice would really be some feedback from EN that they are aware of the v8 iOS issues and are addressing them.
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    I agree prescience. I use Evernote on Windows desktop and laptop, iPad and iPhone, and it all worked very well until the last release, which has crippled it, but for some time, I've become increasing irritated that every product update brings changes to the interface, making it unfamiliar and laborious to use. This most recent one has turned my familiar world on its head, and I'm now having trouble finding essential things which used to come to hand with no effort, particularly on the iPhone. Using my iPhone, I do a weekly shop for which I've created a shopping list, and as I make my way round the supermarket, I switch between Evernote and the supermarket's scanning app. This used to work very well, but since the last update, I find that when I switch back to to Evernote, I have to wait 15 to 20 seconds before I can use the app again because it freezes, and it sometime relocates to a different part of the list making it necessary scroll around to relocate where I need to be. This has made what is for me a key function completely useless because it slows me down in a process I've put a lot of effort into speeding up and making more efficient. Another irritation is that the editor is weak, never seems to improve, and can't be substituted for a better text editor. As a writer, I work alone. I don't want to 'chat' or 'share' or use other irrelevant gimmicks that get thrust at us. I used to subscribe, and was pleased to do so, but a price hike make me reconsider that and I returned to the free version. Rather than being satisfied with getting a small amount of money from me, they now get nothing. Too many mis-steps. Basically, I've reached the tipping point, and as I'm an Office 365 subscriber, I'm bailing out and going for OneNote, which I've been avoiding for years. It's a real shame because I've really enjoyed using Evernote for the last five years, but until they get their development and testing under control, they're going to alienate an increasing number of once-loyal users. They've lost sight of the fact that they're producing is a productivity tool, and if it cripples users' existing workflow, or lowers productivity by introducing meretricious changes or bugs, it needs to be replaced. They need to focus on getting the core product stable and reliable and stop fiddling around with gimmicks. No product is indispensable.
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    Evernote, I have been a paying customers for over 5 years. Every time you make updates, they add nothing that is actually useful and end up breaking more of the core functionality of the application. I want evernote to store text without butchering the formatting, I want reliable sync and I want it to be fast. Every year this app gets worse and worse, I'm done, you guys have ran this application into the ground, I don't know what you're thinking, coming out with a bunch of useless features no one cares about, all people want is a reliable solid note taking app, it's insane to think this app has gone so far backwards while being actively developed, I might just be one user on a forum and you might think I don't add up to anything but I'm telling you, this is how you lose your user base, I'm just one person posting but there are 100 others who are going to uninstall this app without saying a word.
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    @Evernote ( @Chantal Leonard, @Evernote Alex), I totally agree with this. And, not only fixing existing bugs, but quit creating so many material new bugs. (Perhaps a few new bugs are inevitable, but there is no excuse for so many material, obvious bugs).
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    Really... I do not know what the REAL benefits of these "updates" are. I mean from 8.0 update. The "speed" is not as they say ... In fact, there are multiple complaints about Evernote behaving slower. The so-called "simplicity" and "quickness" to create a note, is not what they say: In Version 7.18.1, in iOS, I can create a note (audio, reminder, etc.) EVEN without entering the application (iPhone, 3D Touch); entering the application, I can also create WITH A SINGLE CLICK any type of notes. They have suppressed the Presentation option, making it HARDERLY MORE DIFFICULT to read on an iPhone without that option (when it becomes necessary to use that option); deleted the Home Screen and now, at least to me, it was difficult (with the 8.0 and following updates) to find my notes. With Home Screen, I can see ALL OPTIONS and I can decide which one to enter (Shortcuts, Notes, Notebook, Tags, etc.). Also Search (in V. 7.18.1) works PERFECTLY. Words are highlighted without problems when searching and also WITHIN the note (before the 8.0 update). In the old version (which is the one I use, since I could upgrade), I never had (nor do I have now) synchronization problems; I do not have problems regarding "disappear" notes. Finally, the so-called "simplicity", I insist, is not as they say: when I open Evernote, I have a quick overview of all my notes and all the options (as I already said). I think I would upgrade to a new version if Evernote gave me the option to have those features (Home Screen, Presentation, etc.) AGAIN, so that I can CHOOSE how I want to configure Evernote: in the "old" or in the "modern" way. Despite all my complaints, I will continue with my Evernote subscription because I LOVE Evernote, but IN THE "OLD" version 7.18.1. Thank you for letting me have a free opinion in this space and for not censoring my criticisms.
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    I need this feature. A good company cannot just make decision roughly like this.
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    Back in September, we announced that Evernote would be migrating to a modern, cloud infrastructure. We lost no time in getting started. Just one month after the announcement, we were already moving data to the Google Cloud Platform. We’re excited to announce that Evernote has successfully migrated our service to the cloud, and accomplished this with minimal impact on our customers. Read more in our blog posts and join us on this thread for questions. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2017/02/08/evernote-reaches-the-cloud https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2017/02/08/part-1-evernote-…oud-platform-gcp/ https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2017/02/08/part-2-protectin…ustomer-data-gcp/ https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2017/02/08/part-3-evernote-…l-transformation/ https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2017/02/08/part-4-planning-…cuting-migration/ https://blog.evernote.com/tech/2017/02/08/part-5-conclusion-future/ Note: if you're new to our forums and would like to join the discussion, click "Sign In" at the top right, enter your Evernote account info, select a Display Name and you're all set. Welcome to our community!
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    Normally Evernote Windows client will download new and updated notes' content (including pictures and attachments) during background sync. With on-demand sync option enabled, only the note's meta information (title, tags, created/updated dates, source url, etc) will be downloaded during background sync. The rest of the note info will be downloaded when the note appears in the note list view. For example, you just installed Evernote on a new computer and logged into your existing 10K notes / 10GB account. Before you'd have to wait a few hours for all your notes to get downloaded, however, with on-demand sync enabled, all your notes meta info will be downloaded in a few minutes and first dozen or so notes will appear in the note list view which will detect that these notes are not fully synced and request their content/resources from the server. These requests are served on multiple threads each having a dedicated connection to the service, so a few large notes won't block smaller notes from downloading. If you click on a partially synced note to get it into the note view, it will be downloaded with the priority higher than the notes requested from the note list. Now let's say you started scrolling the note list down, so each note that appears in the note list view is added to the note content downloader request queue. This downloader is smart enough to confirm with the note list that the note it is about to download is still in the note list view and disregard requests for the notes you quickly scrolled away from. This way the client only downloads the notes you are actually looking at. Since Evernote Windows client Search uses locally indexed note content you may wonder if you can search for notes that are not yet fully synced. No worries, you certainly can: search engine was updated so that if it detects that the current search scope contains partially synced notes, it will automatically start server side search (the one that is used by mobile and thin clients) and when it returns split second later, the results of the server-side search will be merged into the search result displayed in the note list, which in turn will cause found notes to be downloaded if, of course, they happen to fit into the note list view, thus closing the loop. As some of you guessed, the primary driver for this feature is Evernote Business: joining large notebook and waiting for it to fully download before you can really use it is not a good experience. However, non-business users may also benefit from this feature because it speeds up initial sync and optimizes the local database size. The latter may not seem that important because disk space is cheap these days, however, it has been proven that local database performance degrades when its size increases, so it's good to have it minimized. Moreover, on-demand sync feature enables us to implement long requested features going under names like "Selective sync", "Auto Archiving", "Offline Notebooks Sync", etc. For example, imagine that Evernote Windows client would keep track of the notes' access time and automatically purge note content/resurces from the notes that were not accessed for more than a configurable amount of weeks or months unless these notes belong to notebooks specifically selected for being always available. Long time users will certainly appreciate seamless access to all their notes without maintaining a huge local database file.
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    Stuff like buttons clicked, views shown/hidden, how the note list is viewed - essentially _how_ people are using the app. It also helps prioritize bugs (what do I fix first, FeatureA that 92% of users use or FlashyFeatureB that .01% use).
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    What's amazing is that after all these years, they're still fixing sync.
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    i cant find my notebooks unless i search their names . sometimes a few of them listed on personal notebooks but not all of them. i am using google chrome app and web. sometimes they are visible,but when i scroll down they disappear. anybody has any idea what i can do? thanks
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    Still broken: Widget creating a reminder note - a standard note is created Reminder Date Section has an incorrect sort sequence indicator Shortcuts Has a bug in the note count Still Missing Alpha sidebar on Note List and Search Tag Picker List Notelist: Card View Tag Edit in Tag Management Reminder Manual Order Reminders grouped by notebook
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    Hey folks, we believe that this is resolved in 8.1 that just went out a few minutes ago. Let us know if this is not the case - note that the prompt may still appear in situations where there is an actual issue with an iTunes receipt for a Premium/Plus subscription, but in every other case it should stop completely. Thanks for your patience while we got this fixed!
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    @hernanballesteros and @DTLow, I respectfully request the back-and-forth about each other's comments and opinions please be taken into PMs instead of here in the user forum. Current app issues are frustrating enough without adding personal angst and/or animosity between members. Much appreciated.
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    Is anyone else having trouble with the note editor using the new version? Editing plain text with simplified formatting is excruciating -- after each keypress is about 750 milliseconds of dead time before a response. I don't see any posts about this -- is it just me?
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    This is the second day in a row that I cannot utilize my Evernote. I use it for work and this is a huge problem. Shortcuts will not load and the when I clock notes it just comes up blank. Yesterday it took 15 minutes for the site to finally load. I need help with this and fast.
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    @Chantal Leonard, thanks for your reply. It is great to see 60 bugs fixed! 👍 I was not asking for details of fixed issues, but may I suggest that you provide a simple list of them? I know most companies/developers are reluctant to talk about bugs, but in the case of Evernote I think it would be in your best interest to do so: Evernote has developed a reputation for releasing buggy software without proper testing, and for pushing out new (often unwanted) features rather than fixing bugs. By posting a list of bugs fixed, it would show us that you are indeed focusing on fixing bugs. This would enhance your reputation. It would also quickly let us know whether or not a particular bug that is affecting our workflow has been fixed. I do not see a downside to listing bug fixes. Since you already have the list in your internal bug tracker, it seems this would be easy to do. Thanks. cc: @EvernoteAlex
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    Unfortunately, this is old news. While I have seen premature, half-baked, not-ready-for-prime-time releases of EN Mac and EN Windows, EN iOS seems to be the most often occurrence. This is not the first, not the second, . . ., not the fifth, maybe not even the 10th time this has happened. It has happened so often that it is a clear pattern, and IMO, an expected event. Evernote was highly embarrassed several years ago when a popular, credible, tech writer came down hard on Evernote for releasing such buggy software[1]. For a brief few months, it looked like Evernote had learned their lesson, and corrected the culture and system[2]. Unfortunately, within the year Evernote had forgotten, and returned to releasing buggy software. So, I've given up on expecting well-tested, high-quality software releases from Evernote. I still use Evernote ONLY because nothing better has come along. But one day . . . Footnotes/References: Evernote, the bug-ridden elephant | jasonkincaid.net, 2014-01-03, Jason Kincaid. Response by then Evernote CEO Phil Libin, 2014-01-04
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    I am commenting on 8.0.4 on iphone 6s. Yes, I can confirm the iTunes login request. Yes, I can confirm the "cut short" saved searches. Yes, I can confirm the missing short-cuts. Yes, i can conform that I like the 7.xx version better / don't like 8.xx No, I am not happy and wait for the next (hopefully) super-improved release. For now, I find it to complicated to move to OneNote, but I checked.
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    Ever since v8 of the iOS app, I noticed my iPad keeps asking me (couple of times per week) for my Apple ID and password when I start Evernote. I have no idea why, because nothing happens if I do, or if I cancel the request. Can it be the iOS app checks the AppStore for something, needlessly, requiring me to log in every time.
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    I'm a EVERNOTE user since 2012, Premium (costing $$$) for 3-4 years and I have more then 5,000 notes. Using iPad Pro and iPhone 5S. So, I'm using EVERNOTE quite a lot ! But since the release of version 8 things are really going down hill to say the least. Like many, many, many other customers I'm experiencing lag, lost notes, lag, problems with search, lag, creating a reminder from ToDay widget not working, lag, creating a reminder from the "+" button on main window opens a note with the clock (reminder) set but need to click in note to start typing, lag, any many other "little" annoying problems. And did I mention LAG ? Now I have two "silly" questions: A) does anybody at EVERNOTE reading our comments ? does anybody at EVERNOTE "really" using Evernote on a daily basis like us, customers ? For the second question I'm really not sure that anybody is doing it, because they would have noticed all the problems. The problems people are reporting are just plain everyday usage of Evernote, not anything exotic or special, just plain normal usage. They dont even post (or I should say rarely) anything on the forum to explain, to say the take notice or anything. They dont even apologize for releasing a version that was broken from day one. Even with the latest version (8.03) we are experiencing problems, and did I mention LAG ? Anyways, we can read some customers looking for something to go to and delete EVERNOTE. The company is making a big mistake right now, IMHO ! Maybe the should release a NEW version 8.1 that would revert back to the last version of Evernote (7) that was working, and work honestly before releasing version 8.2 without too many bugs ! Hopefully we, customers, will get a working version soon or the company will lose many users of EVERNOTE. Just my opinion ! Robert
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    Amen. I wish EN would cease development of ANY NEW FEATURES and fix what they have, meaning the bugs, cross platform experiences, and workflows.
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    Just adding my voice to the frustrated masses of people here doing likewise. I don't know what has happened at Evernote HQ but the company has really lost its way. Premium member for 4 years but about to say f**k it and move everything to one of your competitors. Endless crashes, App store login request pop-ups, blank ios notes (that are fine on mac and the note is there in ios because it shows up in the preview but when you click into the note itself... blank), awful awful awful UI/UX (seriously, fire your entire graphic design team immediately and start from scratch). Endless frustration. Don't get me started on the 8.0 redesign. Whoever signed off on that is a complete moron. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it's true. Awful use of space, icon positioning, the entire UI is just atrocious. Just objectively bad design choices and lack of attention to detail. Ultimately it's the CEO who is signing off on this stuff so they should get the blame but I've no doubt there's some lower level managers and engineers who are clueless too. It's astonishing to say, but both the ios and mac apps from 4 years ago were superior in every way. Here's a tip for the current management: every new product idea you have plans for? Scrap it. At least shelve it indefinitely. Every single one. You need to get back to basics. Your flagship product, a simple note taking app, is a shambles. You're lucky you have a product where moving to another platform is such a pain in the ass to do because I guarantee you a lot more people would jump ship if it were easier to do so.
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    Not keen on this idea. I have a large volume of offline notes and a slow rural 4G broadband connection with a data cap. What I need is for EN to stop busting things that aren't already broken. What started as an aspirational dream to create a 100-year company seems to be degenerating into the flash then crash model that we see all too often in the technology sector. Sad really, it had so much promise.
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    I had V8 dot whatever running ok. Just updated to 8.0.3 after updating iOS to 10.2.1 and I have the crash on launch issue. This is hopeless. It looks like quality assurance has yet again been delegated without consent to the user community.
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    As a support team, we always welcome feedback and requests for features, and pass these along to the development and management teams. We understand Find & Replace is a feature a lot of users want, and our development team is aware of this as well. While the dev team doesn't always have time to reply to feature request threads, your votes do have an impact on what they discuss for future implementation. However, feature requests are just that, requests. We do not promise to add requested features. The Customer Support team does not have the ability to give you additional information behind why the development team has not implemented this as a feature, because we don't work behind the scenes to understand exactly what kind of manpower is needed to do so. We also do not share our timeline for the release of future feature additions.
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    Seriously, if this decision is final please say so and we'll head elsewhere. This is a terrible, terrible idea. It sounds like you have no idea why people used this.
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    Hi! With this update you have effectively ruined my existing workflow (GTD with own modifications), which I have refined over the last years. I am less than happy about it. Why would you remove a feature such as the home screen, without giving me the option to activate it in settings? Please understand that you are not providing a casual dating app but a tool which is a core component of many people's daily workflow. The home screen was a great way of allowing customizability. If you are to make big changes, please let the user still do changes in settings and for example change defaults and reactive hidden features, so that it can work with existing workflows. The tools is to serve the user, not the other way around. Now I seriously have to consider looking for other solutions. Partly because my workflow no longer works but also since I feel I cannot trust Evernote with having this much influence over my daily workflow since I never know what breaking changes you might do. I have been a power user, premium customer and giving recommendations for many friends as a part of the GTD workflow. Now I am not so sure.
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    I just bought Evernote premium for a year just for presentation mode. Please relaunch the feature. I feel like cheated
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    Presentation Mode is an awesome feature (check out EN's YouTube video from 2014 to see it in action on iOS, which starts at 53 seconds in ). It has been available for iOS for at least 2.5 years, and I've used it most of that time. It's my favorite feature of Evernote. In Evernote 8.0 for iOS, the feature was removed. Which sucks, as I wouldn't have updated had I known that (it's not mentioned in the iOS App Store release notes). There are many reasons to pay for Premium, but Presentation Mode on iOS was the only reason I personally chose to pay for Premium. One of my personal favorite use cases for Presentation Mode on iOS was the ability to write a poem for my wife, and let her read it on the iPad in Presentation Mode. Why? Because the way Presentation Mode presents content is the most beautiful formatting I've seen in any note app on iOS. I've always wished that such care and attention to detail was given to the regular Evernote note-taking area, where we spend most of our time. There's no reason it needs to be any less beautiful, and right now it is - even with the update to 8.0. I recently started defaulting to Bear over Evernote simply because they actually care about giving you a beautiful note-taking environment. Their primary heading on the homepage is 'Write beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and Mac'. Evernote's primary heading? 'Collect it all in Evernote'. All this to say, Evernote has become my database for digitizing physical paper, so I can throw the hard copy away, and Bear has become my note-taking app. Do I like having separate services to search through and pay for? No - I wish I were only using Evernote. However, with all Evernote's resources, they've yet to provide a solution for the actual act of note-taking as beautiful as Bear's. Which tells me it's not Evernote's priority. Presentation Mode was the stopgap that made it at least worth dealing with the less-than-beautiful note-taking UI, because you could at least present the notes in a beautiful way. Now that Presentation Mode is gone on iOS, so will be much of my investment in the platform. Though, if I'm honest, I pulled away from Evernote for notes as soon as Bear came out, because there was finally something beautiful to take notes in. However, in cases where the presentation of the material was important, I still defaulted to Evernote, as Presentation Mode is prettier than Bear, in my eye. The beauty of a product's user interface is not everything, but for me, it's a lot.
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    Please bring back the alphabet on the side of a notebook in IOS. Scrolling through hundreds of notes is a pain in the behind. The Search function is not accurate and brings up more notes than necessary even when typing in the exact title.
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    Still at least one order of magnitude slower than 7.x. Takes for example like 15 seconds to be able to start writing a new note when switching to EN, even if I last used it two minutes ago. Totally unacceptable.
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    My notes and notebooks are also not loading, using Chrome browser as I always have, submitted a ticket, this is a MAJOR inconvenience, no, it's a MAJOR problem. When will it be fixed?
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    Coming Soon to an iOS Device Near You Posted by SiNing Chan on 03 Jan 2017 COMMENT We’re so excited, we can’t keep this news to ourselves any longer: We’re almost ready to release a fully reimagined Evernote experience for iOS that’s faster and more powerful than anything we’ve done before—Evernote 8.0 for iOS. Our team met with customers, pored over the feedback, and tested out many new ideas before arriving at the new design. “The beta community is thrilled with the updates so far,” says Chuck Pletcher, iOS Product Management Director. Many are saying it’s “the best release of Evernote yet.” This update follows some of the exciting new features we introduced recently, including iMessage sharing and 3D Touch quick note creation. Stay tuned for the fastest and most intuitive Evernote iOS experience ever. We can’t wait for you to try it _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the part I have the most trouble understanding. How many beta testers were there, how long was it tested, and what was the experience level of the testers? It seems to me that the ball got dropped somewhere.
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    Yes please!, I travel to a lot of different job sites and the atlas feature was an awesome way to find notes that where created at a job that I haven't been to in a long time. Instead of trying to remember what to search I would just pull up the map and it would show me what notes I had created around my current location.