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  1. AlbertR's post in Tag Sorting in v10 was marked as the answer   
    ??? If you placed a tag (by Drag&Drop) on the desktop, EN-Legacy placed an ENEX-export. Don't know why because it would be a better choice to habe only something like an URL that causes EN to show what's requested in a search phrase embedded in the URL's address 😉. But this functionality (storing and re-executing search phrases) was and is given by defined Favorite in EN10...
    You may place the tags in Favorites and sort Favorites by your own. Even if you rename tags, the order within the Favorites will not change.
  2. AlbertR's post in 048 - Cannot open XLSM file to edit (changes are not read back to note) was marked as the answer   
    FYI: Issue has been solved (at least with 10.82.2) 👍
  3. AlbertR's post in Copying links into a note was marked as the answer   
    OK - so let's make it an option 😉

  4. AlbertR's post in Every note has left now an empty space? was marked as the answer   
    Nope - check...
    Extras -> Einstellungen -> Notizen -> Notizbreite -> (*) An Fenster anpassen
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