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  1. Only 140 notes, but probably about 30 of them are in the 18-20,000 word range, and most others are at least 5000 words.
  2. I think I might have figured out why the new Evernote is so slow and laggy for me. Laggy to the point of being unusable; it's as if every character I type has to go to the server for validation and back before it appears on my screen. I can sometimes type an entire sentence and be on the 10th word before anything appears on the screen. I think it's because each of my notes is so big. Here's how I use EN: I manage about 25 different documentation projects, and each project has a note in EN. Whenever I work on a project, I enter the to-do list, task descriptions, and other notes, in a dated entry. So basically each note is like a blog for the project, where I have a running history of the work done. Notes run anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 words at this point, because some of those projects have been running for six years or more. So I think that's the problem; the notes are too big. I'm not going to change my process, so obviously I have to find another notes application. I'm just noting this here for the sake of other people who have severe lag problems; it might be because your notes are too large.
  3. I recently did a NVRAM/PRAM reset on my Macbook Pro to deal with a number of resource problems, including extremely poor performance of EN. I am pleased to report that my MBP is running much better now, and Evernote has gone from "unusable" to merely "almost unusable yet still infuriatingly slow and laggy." So I guess that's a win. :-/
  4. Congratulations! I have a question: when reverting from EN 10 to legacy, did you experience any formatting or other glitches? What about things like HEADINGS? Legacy doesn't have headings, so does it break, or does it just resolve as text with a larger font? Asking because I will probably go this route soon. Either that or switch to a different product.
  5. (Using 10.21.5 on macOS Big Sur.) I'm shopping around for another notes app because the lag makes EN virtually unusable. I don't even have a lot of notes, but each is pretty long, and I bounce back and forth between them frequently. Four or five times a minute sometimes, depending on what I'm doing (I have about 20 simultaneous projects I'm working on and each project has a note that I update with all my project notes.) Seeing that green spinner for four or five seconds EVERY TIME I SWITCH NOTES is just killing me. Plus I can type a full sentence sometimes and then put my hands behind my head, count to five, and THEN the sentence shows up in EN. This problem seems to be baked-in because of the design decision to have everything in the cloud and not stored locally (or at least I think that's the design). That won't change, so I can't see how EN can ever be useful to me again. Any last-chance offers of encouragement?
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