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  1. @CTLow: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/evernote If they have 200 million users, then it's in their best interests to do good QA so they're not wasting time addressing millions of support calls over stupid usage problems.
  2. Seriously? I jump back and forth between notes every few seconds. Your solution is a cop out. There's no "drama" in expecting a company with the kind of resources that Evernote has to do a bit of QA.
  3. Currently on 7.02 on MacOS. When in snippet view, the active note's sidebar snippet is lightly shaded in gray. OK, that's nice. But it keeps blinking! As in, when you're working in the note, the snippet shading keeps going off (turning to white) for a second every few seconds. So it's alternating between white background (like all notes) and shaded background. This is really distracting and annoying! Anyone else in here seeing that? Where's the quality control for pete's sake!
  4. I've been using Boostnote for a couple of weeks now, synced across two machines via Dropbox, with no problems. Not a replacement for EN for most people I'd think, as it's very plain-text based. So not inter-note linking, no font resizing/coloring/bolding, etc., no tables, no embedded images, etc. But for code snippets or other plain text notes it's pretty good!
  5. Oh wow! Thanks for the Boostnote reference. I'm trying it out now and it's great for my code snippet needs! It doesn't replace Evernote (because I wasn't using Evernote for code snippets) but it's a fantastic adjunct and replaces a bunch of text files. No mobile is no biggie because I don't code on mobile. And I'm storing the files on Dropbox, so it ought to sync between machines. (Will know more next week when I try it on my other machine.)
  6. ...or maybe Younmin Cho doesn't realize the dark theme would be an OPTION, not an imposed replacement for the current theme.
  7. BSR, I did submit a support ticket. The suggested fix was a clean reinstall, which I did. So far so good. It's only been a couple of days, but I haven't seen the error message since I did that.
  8. Ever since I upgraded to the paid version two weeks ago, I've been periodically getting popup messages that say: The operation couldn't be completed. (Evernote XML Error error 3.) I haven't seen any lost work or specific sync errors -- although that doesn't mean it's not happening, just that this error doesn't provide enough info to let me know where to look. It's mostly just annoying and causes me to lose confidence in using Evernote. Often the error will pop up four or five times in quick succession and then not show up again for days. I'm on a Mac, OS X 10.11.5, using Evernote app version 6.7.1. Note: this happens on TWO DIFFERENT COMPUTERS (each with the same setup, same versions, etc.) So... (A) Has anyone else in here seen this problem? (B) Is there even the faintest chance that someone from Evernote will look into this and fix it?
  9. I have the same problem, and it's driving me crazy. With a trackpad it's easy to accidentally double-click, especially when you're trying to click in that little box to check it. There's always a slight delay between clicking the box and seeing the check-mark appear (sometimes it's a full second) so the natural reaction is to click again because you think you missed the box the first time. As a result I end up double-clicking more often than single-clicking, so basically almost every time I check a checkbox I have to stop and watch Presentation Mode open, then close it. PLEASE FIX THAT!
  10. You bring up some good points. Here's a quick recap: First, the original request was for a dark theme because the default (and only) theme had become too bright. Over the course of the updates, it had evolved to be essentially "white on white" which was two bright for many people and did not have enough contrast between regions. Unfortunately, creating different themes to pick would require some actual development effort by EN. Much of the discussion then moved toward simply asking EN to tone down the default theme. That's when I jumped in. Simply making some style changes should be easy and would fix the problem for a lot of users. Since then there HAVE been several small incremental changes in the theme. The navigation bar on the left is noticeably darker than the editing panel, which is more than could be said six months ago. So from my point of view, that mission is accomplished. Then the conversation swung back to the original request to ADD ADDITIONAL THEMES (or at least one additional dark theme). Again, that would require a development effort on the part of EN beyond just a bit of styling. So we've come full circle, back to the original request. I personally have no need for another theme, but I recognize other people's need for it, so I want to join in on the voices that are requesting that. Comments that talk about workarounds outside of the app are not helpful. This topic is not about ways to mod your OS or hack the way your browser works. This topic is a FEATURE REQUEST.
  11. I'm trying out Alternote now. It's slick, and it has a night mode (which is a bit beyond the scope of what most people are asking for -- which is simply a bit more contrast and slightly darker tones in EN's regular mode). OTOH, I'm not sure what Alternote is supposed to be for. It's so similar to EN that it might as well be EN. Am I missing something? Is it just the night mode and the slightly simplified interface, or is there something else?
  12. What morphine said. I have a color and brightness calibrated monitor, and EN is the only one that gives me this problem. It makes no sense to darken EVERYTHING just to make one application more pleasant to use.
  13. Well, I use Evernote in a brightly lit office and at home (but not at midnight) and the current theme bothers me in both circumstances. And let's get something straight folks: most people are not asking for some kind of midnight style "dark theme." What most people want is a "slightly darker" theme. As in, the current theme but with a bit more visual separation between the various elements, the way it used to be until recently. I'm not sure what it currently looks like in Windows, but since Yosemite came out it's effectively "white on white" on a Mac. I have no expectation that EN are going to provide a "dark" theme. But a lot of people want something more usable, and it wouldn't be a big stretch to provide it!
  14. Thanks for that, tavor, but I wouldn't call it "Perfect." If you have to change your Windows theme (and thus the theme for every application you run) just to make Evernote acceptable, then that's a case of the tail wagging the dog. It's Evernote's responsibility to make their product friendly and usable.
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