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  1. I recently did a NVRAM/PRAM reset on my Macbook Pro to deal with a number of resource problems, including extremely poor performance of EN. I am pleased to report that my MBP is running much better now, and Evernote has gone from "unusable" to merely "almost unusable yet still infuriatingly slow and laggy." So I guess that's a win. :-/
  2. Congratulations! I have a question: when reverting from EN 10 to legacy, did you experience any formatting or other glitches? What about things like HEADINGS? Legacy doesn't have headings, so does it break, or does it just resolve as text with a larger font? Asking because I will probably go this route soon. Either that or switch to a different product.
  3. (Using 10.21.5 on macOS Big Sur.) I'm shopping around for another notes app because the lag makes EN virtually unusable. I don't even have a lot of notes, but each is pretty long, and I bounce back and forth between them frequently. Four or five times a minute sometimes, depending on what I'm doing (I have about 20 simultaneous projects I'm working on and each project has a note that I update with all my project notes.) Seeing that green spinner for four or five seconds EVERY TIME I SWITCH NOTES is just killing me. Plus I can type a full sentence sometimes and then put my hands behind my head, count to five, and THEN the sentence shows up in EN. This problem seems to be baked-in because of the design decision to have everything in the cloud and not stored locally (or at least I think that's the design). That won't change, so I can't see how EN can ever be useful to me again. Any last-chance offers of encouragement?
  4. @CTLow: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/evernote If they have 200 million users, then it's in their best interests to do good QA so they're not wasting time addressing millions of support calls over stupid usage problems.
  5. Seriously? I jump back and forth between notes every few seconds. Your solution is a cop out. There's no "drama" in expecting a company with the kind of resources that Evernote has to do a bit of QA.
  6. Currently on 7.02 on MacOS. When in snippet view, the active note's sidebar snippet is lightly shaded in gray. OK, that's nice. But it keeps blinking! As in, when you're working in the note, the snippet shading keeps going off (turning to white) for a second every few seconds. So it's alternating between white background (like all notes) and shaded background. This is really distracting and annoying! Anyone else in here seeing that? Where's the quality control for pete's sake!
  7. I have the same problem, and it's driving me crazy. With a trackpad it's easy to accidentally double-click, especially when you're trying to click in that little box to check it. There's always a slight delay between clicking the box and seeing the check-mark appear (sometimes it's a full second) so the natural reaction is to click again because you think you missed the box the first time. As a result I end up double-clicking more often than single-clicking, so basically almost every time I check a checkbox I have to stop and watch Presentation Mode open, then close it. PLEASE FIX THAT!
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