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  1. To put a number on it, the last note I opened on my Pixel 3 took 21 seconds to open.
  2. I've noticed a significant delay in opening notes on my Pixel 3, including in notebooks that are available offline.
  3. One man's bug, is another's swarm of spiders. 😉 OS feature or bug, it would be nice to find a cure. One possible cure would be for new Evernote windows to always appear on top. If that were to happen, I think that the Windows taskbar would not be popping up. I've followed the threads about this other topic --getting Evernote to open a note on top-- and, this, too seems to be in a state of limbo. For some, notes open on top; for others, including me, notes sometimes open on top (in that case the taskbar doesn't pop up), and sometimes they don't open on top of all other windows. I oten use another notes program called Notezilla because it mimics post-its and lets me stick notes to my Windows desktop. When I create a note using Notezilla, that note always appears on top of other apps, and never summons the taskbar.
  4. I use Deskpins to pin a note to my Windows desktop. It's not a perfect solution, but it works just fine: https://efotinis.neocities.org/deskpins/
  5. I use Notezilla, https://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than no sticky notes. As a sticky notes app, Notezilla is pretty good. You can use Notezilla's send to email function to send notes to your Evernote email address. Notezilla has a companion Android app; notes sync between Windows and Android.
  6. I've installed 6.18, but none of the new shortcut keys work. Is there something I need to do to activate them?
  7. Indeed, yes. My Google calendar has superpowers when I link events back to Evernote.
  8. I've stopped using apps and integrations to link Evernote with Google calendar. Instead I simply copy a note's link (Note/Copy Internal Link) and past that into the notes section of my calendar entry.
  9. Sigh. Uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote did not solve the problem. Still, whenever I create a note using Control-Alt-N or paste into a note using Control-Alt-V an Evernote bubble pops up along with the entire taskbar. The taskbar will only disappear after I click on that Evernote bubble (actually a rectangle) on the taskbar or open Evernote.
  10. In addition to the taskbar popping up, when I create a new note using a hotkey, an "Evernote" icon flashes in my taskbar for a few seconds. Then the new Evernote icon remains, along with the popped up taskbar, until I click on it.
  11. The Windows 10 taskbar does not pop up when I click on the create a new note icon inside of Evernote. Also, the taskbar does not pop up if I have Evernote in focus. In other words, now that you mention this, the taskbar only pops up when I have another program in focus (usually Google Chrome.) If Evernote is in focus, creating notes with the hotkeys won't cause the taskbar to pop up.
  12. I create new notes with the Windows key + N, and paste from my clipboard into Evernote with Control+Alt+V. Both cause the taskbar to pop up.
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