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  1. Tip: If you get a new Android phone and want to continue using Evernote 8, be sure to turn off auto update right away. Auto update for apps is on by default. I got a new phone today, happily transferred my apps and settings to my new phone, and about an hour later Evernote automatically updated to version 10.
  2. I changed my Google Play Android review from five stars to two stars. I've been using Evernote for eight years and rely on it. Version 10 for Android is less functional and slower. I hope to be able to revise my rating to five stars again.
  3. For me, Evernote has always been my most important app. It's where my ideas go. My important notes. Book outlines. Photos of restaurants I want to remember. Information I need to give my accountant. My kids' medical records. I depended on Evernote. Now I can't. I hope Evernote returns to its former self.
  4. Quick add from the notification bar lets you pull down from the top of your phone to take a quick note. It's described this way in the previous version's app settings: "When you want to capture a thought without launching the app, just swipe down from the top of your screen."
  5. I sideloaded the old Evernote for Android back onto my phone from here: https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/
  6. Does this mean that it's not possible for Evernote to add back some of the features in Evernote Legacy?
  7. In the past day, I've noticed several problems with Evernote 10 for Android. Some are bugs (it seems); some user issues. Sharing from one Android app to Evernote often fails. When sharing is successful, you have to click save. In the previous Android version, the shared item (a newspaper article or webpage, for example) would automatically save. Now there's an extra step to save. (This seems to be to let you choose the notebook, but it's an exta step.) The blue edit button blocks a line of a note's text. In my list of offline notebooks, my default notebook is list six times.
  8. A suggestion in another thread in this forum solved most of the major problems. I'll repeat that tech tip here so that anyone who's looking can find it. (Evernote 10 for Android still doesn't have the ability to create a note from the notification bar.) --- Solution to not saving notes and default notebook issues: Peter, with Evernote support I've find a workaround: - from web version change temporary default notebook to another - close and reopen evernote Android, now you can save with success - from web version change default notebook to preferred - eve
  9. I just noticed that, too: Images appear as attachments in Evernote 10 for Android. I'm running the latest version of Evernote for Android, updated January 20.
  10. My three phones just updated to the latest Evernote Android version. I am having the same major problems on all three phones, a Pixel 4XL, Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra, and a Sharp Aquos. These problems include: * New notes don't save * My default notebook does not show up in the notebook list * My default notebook does not appear in shortcuts (even though it is there on my desktop) * I can't make the default notebook available offline * I can no longer write a quick note from the notification bar * I can no longer add a note or notebook to the home screen
  11. My three phones just updated to the latest Evernote today. Notes are not saving on any of these three phones, a Pixel 4 XL, Sharp Aquos, or a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Not a single note has been saved.
  12. You're not alone. I found OneNote too complicated. I see Evernote 10 is improving on a regular basis. I continue to have hope for Evernote. (Especially if they give us the ability to put shortcuts at the top.)
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