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  1. It's funny you say that. For me, too, Evernote Legacy is the best alternative I've found to Evernote 10.0. I have my fingers crossed that Evernote 10 becomes as capable as Evernote Legacy.
  2. Send an email to Evernote works! That's great. Although it's a few steps, that's a good way to take a note completely hands free.
  3. I'm a huge Evernote user and fan, and also hugely disappointed by Evernote 10.0. Its lack of features makes Evernote 10 unusable. (For me, these include no keyboard shortcuts and not being able to move the shortcuts to the top of the app.) If Evernote renamed version 10 as 10 beta that would go a long way toward inspiring confidence.
  4. Last week, when I said"Create a note in Evernote XYZ" the note was created and saved in Evernote. Now that doesn't work. Notes are only saved in Google Keep.
  5. That's correct. I have a few key notebooks that I always sync for offline access, which Evernote lets me do. With all the other alternatives, I have to choose either to sync no data or all of it. And all if it is a lot. For that reason, none of the Evernote alternatives appeal to me.
  6. As far as I can tell, none of the major Evernote alternatives let you selectively sync notebooks with an Android phone. (I don't know about iOS.) Like other other long time Evernote users, I have a lot of notes, which take up many gigabytes of space on my PC. If I were to sync my entire notes database with one of these notes app, it might use a prohibitively large amount of storage on my phone. Alternatively, not syncing at all slows down note loading and means that I can't access notes without a data connection. I hope I'm wrong, but as far as I can determine, these apps don't have se
  7. One limitation to Joplin seems to be that when it comes to keeping notes on your device, it's all or nothing. There's no serve/cloud access. My Evernote database is 14GB, which would take up a lot of space on my Android phone and especially on my Chromebook.
  8. There's one drawback I've noticed with Joplin. All the data is stored on your local device, be it a PC or phone. If you have a large notes database it's going to take up a large amount of storage. I was hoping to try Joplin on my Chromebook, but my data file is over 14 GB, which eats into my Chromebook's storage.
  9. I've only been using Joplin for about thirty minutes, so my exploration is still in the early stages. I'm not a fan of markdown either. You can turn markdown off and use the WYSIWYG editor, which is more like Evernote. But when you turn Joplin's markdown editor off, you see this warning: "This is an experimental WYSIWYG editor for evaluation only. Please do not use with important notes as you may lose some data! See the introduction post for more information. TO SWITCH TO THE MARKDOWN EDITOR PLEASE PRESS "Code View"." Joplin has many features I need, but, unlike the Android version of
  10. I just started exploring Joplin. Thanks. Compared with OneNote and Notion, Joplin is a lot less complex, easier to use, and more like Evernote. I also like that the Android app was updated just a few days ago, always a good sign. I'm still hopeful that Evernote 10 will be as feature rich as Evernote 6.
  11. I'm exploring Notion, but some of the features I love about Evernote are missing from Notion: Notion doesn't let you create a note from the notification bar in Android (creating notes quickly is important to me) No OCR No location tagging of notes created on an Android phone Notion's create a new note keyboard shortcut in Windows (control-N) conflicts with Google Chrome Notion doesn't have an "all notes" view The Android app doesn't have the ability to create photo notes (though you can share a photo with Notion and add it that way) I'm going to continue to use the legacy ve
  12. I agree. Fast note creation (with keyboard shortcuts) is something I do in Evernote at least a dozen times a day.
  13. I was delighted to learn that Google Assistant now works directly in some Android apps, including Evernote. You can create a note in Evernote simply by by telling Google Assistant "Create a note xyz," where xyz is the note. (If you have more than one note-taking app on your phone, you may need to say, "Take a note in Evernote xyz.")
  14. I'm not ready to abandon Evernote, but even on the list of what's coming next to Evernote 10, I don't see keyboard shortcuts. I create a new notes and paste into notes all the time in Evernote 6. I'm looking at Notion, just to be safe, in case Evernote 10 doesn't become complete. Notion's different and far from perfect. (For instance, the Android version of Notion doesn't have the ability to quickly create a note from the notification bar.)
  15. I noticed, this, too. There's now an extra step for deleting a note in Evernote 10. The lack of shortcuts and other features has made Evernote 10 slower and more cumbersome to use than version 6.
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