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  1. And you navigate to the "specific note" by? I know there are alternatives but I mostly I live in the notelist.
  2. Pease explain the logic for this request. Mostly I work with notes in the three panel view. If I need more space, I open the note in it's own window. I run with a minimal sidebar on my Mac; just icons. I use top list view so my notelist is on the top; I can adjust the size and minimize. As the note navigation panel, I consider this too important to hide.
  3. Any pattern on the "specific files"? We've had reported errors with title lengths and invalid characters.
  4. Personal backups are required to retrieve data from notes deleted and expunged from the Trash. Evernote is a cloud service; internal backups are done at the server. The only access to these backups is via Note History which requires access to the note (catch-22 😏)
  5. You got my vote for logging tag changes via the updated field. All changes should be registered as updates. I don't think including an undo function is conceivable feasible.
  6. If I use quotes ("ausweis"), an exact match is required. No quotes (ausweis) and variations are found
  7. There's no "completely segrate" but you can add search parameters to segregate Personal and Business You're already using notebooks; perhaps a Business Stack as per @gazumped, and search stack:Business As per @jMichaelTX, Business tags, and search tag:Business
  8. This script worked for me set theFile to "/Users/david/Desktop/test.pdf" <----- Set a value for theFile tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"notebook"} tags {"tag1", "tag 2", "tag 3", "tag 4"} end tell Note: I had to identify a value for theFile Point of correction on terminology - This script creates a note, assigns notebook: notebook, tags:tag2, tag 2, tag 3, tag 4 There are no "specific folders" involved Which OS version are you running? Mojave is causing permission errors for scripts
  9. You're posting in a user discussion forum. As a new user, your posts were subject to a delay pending approval. You'd get better responses if you could provide more details on your issues. To contact Evernote Support, use web page https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  10. That's a surprise. For me (Mac and IOS), Trash is excluded from searches.
  11. Every account is liinked to an email address. Are you able to verify your email address? I can see mine in user settings using the Web platform.
  12. Just to be clear, these login pages specify Email entry
  13. The screenshot is from my Mac I selected the Trash icon in the sidebar From the notelist, I selected the notes to restore right-click > Restore Selected Notes
  14. With this panel, entering an unknown email causes the create account panel to be displayed
  15. Can you post a screenshot. This is what I see on my iPad
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