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  1. Confirmed - we get the note, and it's tags; no hierarchy I reflect the hierarchy in the tag name; for example Budget, Budget-Housing, Budget-Housing-Utilities
  2. Can you provide background on the location of the notes "2016-present" Where were they stored? Standard Evernote use is for notes to be entered on a device then uploaded to the Evernote servers during the sync process You should be able to log into the web platform (www.evernote.com) and access all your notes
  3. Most of my links differ from the actual note title I would not want them updated when the note title changes >>or is deleted. Update note links within a note accordingly. I have experienced broken links when a note is deleted What kind of update would you like to see?
  4. Evernote v10 no longer uses .exb files Data is stored and accessed on the server; a local copy is optional, but only used for offline access >>I would like to segregate that into multiple databases and reference them individually. Multiple databases is not possible, unless you open multiple accounts Data can be segregated using notebboks, stacks, or tags
  5. Log into the web app and confirm the tags have been uploaded server fyi We've seen reports of Evernote search failing
  6. Yes, text replacement strings are sync'd to all apple devices I end all my triggers with ,, For example i,, would be replaced by intile:
  7. If someone can post copies of their handwritten note, I'll process them and let you know what Evernote identified
  8. I'm not clear what you're asking for in "have them with the note content" fwiw I posted a request linked below to show metadata using the OS file metadata To indicate support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  9. I included an screenshot of the html code from an exported note on my Mac The dates are included as meta names
  10. You should know you have the option of paying annually for a reduced rate Annual would be my limit btw The software is free, along with updates No limit as to how long you can use the app
  11. . No one is claiming the Legacy product has "lost anything" I'm using the product, and the only concern is lack of future upgrades; no enhancements, no bug fixes, ..., also Evernote will discontinue data synchronization at some point
  12. I don't see this - the format remains as ENML (essentialy html)
  13. I concede that Backupery app functions well with the Evernote Legacy product In the context of Evernote v10, the app no longer functions I edited my port to make the context clearer
  14. As i posted above, with the Version 10 product Evernote Win/Mac has lost scripting support Also no support for Local Notebooks
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