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  1. Evernote does not have an archive function My process with notebooks/tags is to prefix the name with an x The entry is still in the list, but sorts to the bottom I also flag notes by assigning a tag (!Archive) This allows the notes to be excluded from searches
  2. I'm interested in hearing details on your tag system For myself, I'm applying tags at the note level, and using a single tag per note
  3. Offline notebooks for mobile platforms is a paid subscription option in Evernote (Legacy and v10) Offline notebooks for desktop platforms (Mac/Windows) is supported for all account levels It's optional for the v10 product; set in Evernote > Preferences
  4. Tagging certain sections is not possible with the current database structure Evernote would have to develop a new database entity In the meantime, we can implement keywords into our contents like kw-Sample
  5. To be honest, I don't know if EN is working on adding the delete option For me, delete is necessary Fortunately, I'm using a Mac and using folder actions to process an import folder
  6. Install the Legacy product from https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote This installs the app named "Evernote Legacy" (we can"t have two apps named Evernote) It also does't auto upgrade to v10
  7. Is Bookshelf an Android thing? Please provide some details Also, I understand stacks, notebooks; but not the reference to "pages" For myself, the notebook/tag trees provide organization I also have select tags/notes/searches in the shortcut section I also reflect hierarchy in the tag names
  8. HTML Export Option - still a work-in-progress (links to attachments don't function) Import Folders - still a work-in-progress (edit; delete option is missing)
  9. I'm using a Mac and have a local "full" copy of data (optional) Export does not require an internet connection; the export data is not downloaded from the server For those who opted for no local storage, and internet connection is required, and the export data has to be downloaded from the server I also use the Legacy product for my backups
  10. You can have both Legacy and v10 products running side by side I use the Legacy product for data backup via export
  11. Wildcards will work in a search by tag Search tag:#travel* Search any tag:#travel tag;#travel/*
  12. This would indicate there's something happening to the file that triggers the re-import Is there anything unique going on with this one file? My preference is to have a delete option I don't need two copies of the files, and such re-imports wouldn't happen
  13. The blog says "the recent re-introduction of legacy features such as bulk export" afaik this is not correct We are still limited to selecting 50 notes for export An alternative is exporting all notes in a notebook There is no limit to number of notes
  14. Your discussion title is misleading For organizing with a dashboard, I use my own customized note It's a combination dashboard, planner and daily journal It's the first item in Shortcuts, so quick access with command-1 There's a dashboard discussion forum at forum/644-home-dashboards/ >customizing is only for "Premium" holders Are you sure about that - I don't think customizing is a Premium option Compare-Evernote-subscription-plans
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