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  1. Most dashboards start out simply as Evernote notes Check out the examples in the forum and contest and ask questions
  2. Yes, page numbers are a reasonable and useful feature I use page numbers in many of my documents The documents are stored in Evernote as note attachment files >>What does it mean to be a "document page product"? One indication is defined pages, with page numbers 🙂 The most well known is MS Word; I use Apple Pages >>That's another thing about Evernote. I've observed several people post valid frustrations And they don't even bother to add their vote to feature requests - still at 0 votes or followup with work-around suggestions
  3. Yes, one of the holes is that Evernote is not a document page product This is an html base used in web pages; a continuous multi-line note with no limit for physical page length
  4. No comment on those apps; I know MS Word and Apple Pages have Headings. They're document apps (word processing)
  5. imho the Evernote editor is more suited for notes
  6. I merged your post with an existing discussion for this feature To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion >>This would allow me to share entire notebooks with my students without always having the extra step of making it "read only" for them. Edit permission is actually a function of the share process
  7. Evernote does not support pinning notes to the top of a notebook or saved search Notes are sorted by title or dates. By adjusting the note's title and dates, I can ensure the note is always sorted at the top For example I sort by date-updated. I set my index note date to 2999-01-01 and it's always at the top
  8. I've merged similar requests for this feature To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  9. I merged your post with an ongoing discussion As you can read, it's an OS feature
  10. Paste into Evernote will not provide "calculations In tables" I would embed the spreadsheet as a note attachment; displayed inline on my Mac
  11. The same for IOS. I posted a screenshot above
  12. As per @gazumped, Cronofy is an integration product I don't use it I use my calendar for events; I'd find it cluttered with all my reminders displayed For my task based reminders, I need a gantt timeline display I do a daily export of my tasks to a spreadsheet to produce the timeline display
  13. I don't understand why you think the apps are "secure"
  14. I'm using a Mac and screenshot >clipboard. It's easy to paste into the note
  15. Confirmed, Evernote search does not support full Boolean search syntax This applies to all searches, not just tags There's a feature request posted at the link below. To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
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