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  1. You’re posting in a User Discussion forum, and we’re all users here Evernote employees do pop in; they’re clearly identified in the sidebar underneath the picture The point is, you authorized an annual deduction when you provided your credit card information. I understand that you’ve decided to cancel your subscription
  2. Which calendar would this be? I generate a daily journal note each and every day. An entry could be added to the calendar app with a link to the note You might look into scripting options. Evernote/Mac has a scripting layer and there’s other options for other platforms.
  3. Ok, how about viewing this discussion on your device. Do you see the special characters (∫∞√∑) or are they replaced with the box
  4. If using image format, you’re stuck with the looooooong page. There are no page breaks in Evernote notes; they are like web pages On my iPhone/ipad; I use Evernote’s Scannable app, with the document sent to Evernote as a pdf. Each document page is a separate page in the pdf
  5. Are you sure the note is finished opening. Can you actually type into it My Mac often goes into zombie mode and there is a delay in opening notes. I see a blank note like you posted. The Actvity Log, it shows the progam is looping, trying to do something like obtaining a lock I opened ticket 1895717 and support advised me the problem has been resolved in the latest version (beta)
  6. Just curious; if you’re working on your Android device can you type these characters into Evernote Actually, I’m not sure how to type these characters, I usually just cut and paste
  7. Have you looked at using other editors with Evernote. My favourite is Notability on my iPad. I’m also looking at Goodnotes for the ocr feature. I save my work as a note attachment, in both native and pdf format
  8. To be honest, this is not a feature I use much, or rely on I use tags; also make sure my note title contains complete details, and do intitle: searches
  9. I have my personal backup, and make use of the web platform Mostly I use a Win/Mac computer for web access, but I can use my iPad I have to request the desktop site; the mobile site is blocked
  10. I haven't had a problem with images not beeing indexed; sometimes the accuracy is a problem I can check the recoIndex to identify the problem If some text isn't recognized correctly, I can type it into the note directly
  11. Regardless. Evernote still has to prioritize the work, even if it's "fairly easy doable" One of the decision factors is the vote count. Please add your vote to this request Voting buttons are in the top left corner of the discussion
  12. Not sure you can get much further help from the user base. I'd advise contacting Evernote support Paid Accounts Contact Evernote Support All Accounts Twitter @evernotehelps
  13. What process are you using, and what results do you see My process is to right-click on the notebook and select Delete Notebook I get a confirmation box and select Remove
  14. Were you able to look at your recoIndex to isolate the problem The process isn't perfect, but it usually works for me
  15. I’m not a fan of a static TOC note. I prefer to use a search to generate a note list. If I needed a TOC note I could simply drag the new list into a note >>I've seen similar things on webpages. I think there must be a way to implement this in Evernote. Sorry, no ideas and no response from EN on this request This feature is supported in html and we used to be able to backdoor it into the enml code. That option is no longer available