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  1. Do you Android users have a choice in downgrading to a previous version? I can install any version on my Mac, but in IOS we can't downgrade.
  2. No, the link would be within note contents; perhaps a Table of Contents note >>will have to figure how to limit it since it seems to search for every note after a given date. Something like created:day-5 -created:day-4
  3. You seem to be working in the Create Account process Make sure you select the Login option
  4. A sort/save option has been added, but only on the Windows platform
  5. How are whining BS posts working???????? >>I will open a ticket to cancel my subscription, yes. No ticket required. Update your account settings for the automatic renewal
  6. We're here, but this is a user discussion forum. To contact Evernote Support, open a ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  7. Which platform/device? Can you post a screenshot of your search. My search would be coded in the search box as tag:"sauce" Without the tag:, you are doing text searches >>I thought EN would return all notes with tag:sauce* because tags are now "nested", but it does not.  Nesting is not a factor in tag searches. edit: Correction - See @CalS post below; it's a Windows option The wildcard search is valid; the search will use all tags beginning with sauce
  8. Thanks I understand the "blocks" In Evernote, the "blocks" are maintained as separate objects (attachments); some with inline display The method of inserting a "block" is to embed a link - another note - a file (spreadsheet, word document, pdf, image, ...)
  9. The request discussion for "manual sorting" is Here Currently, Evernote only supports "manual sorting" in the Shortcuts and Reminders section. My work-around for "manual sorting" is to prefix the title with a special character. For example "-Project Master Note" sorts at the top in title sequence
  10. The discussion has been moved to the Technical Issues forum Yes, Evernote is a cloud service and syncs to devices. This requires an internet connection. The master version of your notes is stored on the Evernote servers. If you have access to a computer you can verify this data using the web platform at www.evernote.com
  11. I use / in my dates; for example 2019/04/19 and I search for 2019/04/19 I realize the / is dropped, but I still get useful results. >>but I was hoping for some way of using the note link The note link returns the note, regardless of special characters. It uses the note id (GUID), not the title. The link is url evernote:///view/...
  12. I use selected screenshots and Safari > File > Save As > Web Archive
  13. Reminder view is abailable in the previous web version. You might want to downgrade
  14. I'm moving this discussion to the Mac forum There are two types of windows in Evernote; Note List and Note You posted a screenshot of a note list window, with three note list tabs The tabs show the note list descriptions Here's a screenshot of the note window with three note tabs You'll notice in the note window, the note titles are displayed
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