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  1. Please provide specific details; like a screenshot of the search and the note >>It appears to depend on how you are connected. WiFi is particularly unreliable. If you have internet access, the search is run at the server I wouldn't expect any difference with Wifi vs Cell access Without internet access, the search is run locally. Offline notebooks provide a complete set of data.
  2. No, it's a valid request. My only concern would be a performance hit on our devices.
  3. The search indexing operates on specific rules which do not include parsing text You're welcome to add your vote to a feature request; vote buttons are at the top left corner of the discussion
  4. Which platform/device are you using? On my Mac and iPad, the single note is displayed for a Notebook, Tag or Search >> Android The discussion has been moved to the Android forum
  5. You should also revoke access to the iPhone; and change your password It's an indication that your password has been compromised A best practice is to only use your Evernote for Evernote Hackers are collecting passwords from less secure services
  6. Sorry; nothing on the Evernote side unless you have backups Can you do anything on the Outlook side?
  7. Good to hear you got it resolved For future reference, we also have access to our data on the web at www.evernote.com This is not counted in the device limit
  8. I already do a reflection, but I like the concept of a Bad/Good/Great indicator I'll borrow that for my daily journal notes >>Each card ends with a picture of a coloured square which Evernote automatically picks up as the card picture in the middle column (Evernote layout). I'll just add an icon to the note title 🔴 🟢 🔶
  9. No problem. It's posted and users can indicate their support using the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  10. For myself, I concentrate on the features I need A,B,C,D... Where do I obtain these features? I do the research, and the answer is Evernote Premium; no alternatives This is subject to constant review - next year there may be a different answer Life is more satisfying for glass half full people
  11. My dashboard note is simply an Evernote note(s) that has links to other notes for quick and easy access It's created each day from a template note For easy access, I have an entry at the top of my Shortcut section. This can be accessed with command + 1 (Mac) >>dynamic content My dynamic content is mostly manually copy/pasting screenshots I generate some content using scripting (Mac) - third party Filterize has a feature for dynamic content
  12. We allow Evernote access to our data on the servers; backup, OCR, indexing for searching >>Can you speak to that concern since you use Filterize? I trust Evernote and Filterize with access to my data ...and I encrypt my sensitive data >>DTLow - sorry, I don't understand your response. You posted "Nobody can access it but me" For this to be true, your data must be encrypted with you holding the key
  13. That's valid, but it limits the scope (I removed Notes from this discussion's title) Your method forces a dynamic notelist Also, you might use a Shortcut for easier access In which case you're not restricted to a Notebook; it could be a tag or saved search >>Each week is represented as a single note in the notebook. You might want to specify a year in the note title instead of just Week nn I have daily notes with title 2019/12/07 Journal [2019.341 Saturday]
  14. Notes are identified by Note-Id, which is also specified in the note-link My backups (Mac, html) can be searched by Note-Id. Unfortunately this search is not possible within native Evernote - the link url and Note-Id are hidden and not indexed for searching As a solution to hidden metadata, I append a copy of the metadata to each note - the Note-Id becomes searchable. This is useful when I encounter dead links
  15. I use Notability and store the documents in Evernote as attachments
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