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  1. As a work-around, you could use third party solutions. As an example, I have IFTTT applets appending to a note. See https://ifttt.com/channels/evernote/actions/62-append-to-note
  2. My notes are heavily cross-linked, and I also use the Classic Link in external apps There are various type of links - Classic - Opens in Evernote App - Public/Private - Opens in Browser To force the classic link, hold down the Option key when right-clicking
  3. I redid the links
  4. No, adjusting row height is not an Evernote feature As per @gazumped, the Evernote editor has basic features for tables; it varies for each platform and some platforms have no features at all Copying from another application is a good idea Also, it's possible to work with the underlying html code. >>Is there a way to sort a table based on a column? No, sorting based on a column is not an Evernote feature
  5. As @gazumped says, Evernote is all about organizing notes Also, at the very minimum, I have standards for note title (<subject> yyyy/mm/dd <description>) so my notes are organized just by sorting on title
  6. The contact point for Evernote is Contact Evernote Support I'm not sure how much they can help you with iTunes billing. My preference was to pay directly to Evernote
  7. Not an Evernote feature. Personally, for any serious writing, I switch to a dedicated word processing app. I store the document as an attachment to a note - Evernote works well with Office/iWork files
  8. This has been requested as an "Archive" feature My solution is to apply a tag (!Archive) to notes I wish to exclude I then use -tag:!Archive in my searches
  9. I haven't seen this before. My conflcts are because I've updated on multiple devices without syncing. In this case, Evernote uses the latest update Evernote attempts to identify conflicts and provides both version of the note; either appended to the note, or stored in a notebook Evernote also has a Note History feature which can be used if the note was synced to the servers
  10. Evernote search only acts on leading text; i.e. words beginning with "top" The full documentation is here Evernote Search Grammar
  11. You'd get a more specific answer if you identiry your platform and device Handwriting-to-Text is not an Evernote feature On my iPad, I can use the MyScript Stylus tool to do this
  12. Here's a screenshot from my Mac with examples The preference means that counts are showed for tags and notebooks
  13. I assume we'll get the same feature on Macs someday, but in the meantime I use a script (documented here)
  14. Not necessarily, but it does open up the issue of identifying priority My Task Lists could have over a dozen items and I feel the need to add some order - both in my Current Task List and Project Lists I currently sort by Title and use a + prefix for task notes; ++ for next actions Each day I prepare a daily journal with an activities section. I populate this section with links from my Current Task List. At this point, I can add order to the tasks
  15. How do you handle multiple categories for tasks? For example: A task has a date category of this week, a project category of Project-xxxx ..... On top of that, some task notes are shared with a project team, requiring a shared notebook