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  1. You're right I wasn't aware of the indent shortcuts - we should be using them. I'll delete my post.
  2. I don't understand the "But just for one time!" Sharing works for me, and it's a permanent solution.
  3. As part of my processing, I append the metadata to a note's contents I have this automated with a script on my Mac I can do tag searches using Spotlight
  4. DTLow

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    Its working for me
  5. My preference is to use the like buttons. Also, Feature Requests have vote buttons in the upper left corner of the discussion. The +1 posts serve no additional purpose and clutter the forums.
  6. DTLow

    Add links within a note

    This feature has been requested before but so far Evernote has not indicated an interest in this. In the meantime, you might consider dividing your long note into separate sub-notes. You can then include links at the top of the note. In the example below, I have Evernote Note links, and also a keyword link (useable in text search). I put them in a table, but a typical table of contents also works
  7. DTLow

    Notebook list view missing?!

    You have various options with displaying the sidebar; your screenshot shows the minimum width sidebar You can longpress the notebook icon to show a list of notebooks You can also drag the border of the sidebar to show more content Right clicking the notebook icon gives an option to show the notebook list
  8. You're looking at the Notebook page, listing all the notebooks with note counts. I can't speak for Windows, but I see a notebook list on all my platforms. >>Why free users have much powerfull tools than premium users?! What the sense to pay for subscription then? Free users have the same tools as Premium users. They're both running the same application. There are some limitations on the free accounts; more info at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157-Which-Evernote-product-is-right-for-me- The strategy is Provide new users an introduction to the product Allow new users to use the product fully. The more they use the product, the greater the conversion rate to a paid account. Its a "freemium" model, explained here https://www.fastcompany.com/1659121/evernote-ceo-phil-libins-3-steps-freemium-success
  9. DTLow

    other Evernote for Linux

    Why, has something changed?
  10. DTLow

    Pinned Notes

    Are you aware of pinning notes in the Shortcuts section?
  11. Whatever process you use, I recommend backing up your data with a workable process. In addition to TM, I also use the Evernote export feature. Also, Evernote has a Note History backup which makes it easy to retrieve previous versions. I'm confident I will not be in the situation of losing an important document.
  12. DTLow

    The Future of Evernote

    My backup export is html format. I can work in this format. I have text editors, but editing is a pain. I'd look for a wysiwyg editor.
  13. DTLow

    The Future of Evernote

    Just in case that doesn't work out, I'm confident it's an easy 30 minute export and my data is available for my use. In fact, I run that export weekly as part of backups.
  14. DTLow

    Sticky Note equivalent

    Mac's Stickie app allows for a note links I can't find anything that presents the note content.