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  1. Use a shortcut to a saved search - you can name it anything you want For example, I have a shortcut to a search called HotNotes Tag:HotNotes
  2. As @gazumped posted; it's a text only encryption feature. My solution is to use the native encryption in files; pdfs, office/iWork documents, ... So on my Mac and iPad, I use Apple Pages and save as an encrypted document. The document is stored in Evernote as a file attachment in a note
  3. Evernote does not support a "tag merging" function My method for "grooming" is to search and select the notes on a Windows/Mac computer. This gives a group box for the assignment of new tags, and the unassignment of obsolete tags (do the new assignment before the unassignment). I can then delete the obsolete tags >>Also, I'd like to be able to namespace tags. For instance, source:Title_of_a_Book. Now, when I look at tags, I can see how many notes refer to that book. I can see using a tag "Book - <title>" Not sure I need "Source"
  4. I get the same bug on my Mac The latest UI on my iPad has this cleaned up. There's no indication of auto-complete - the tag box and suggestion list are completely separate
  5. This option is supported by third party Filterize; two options Filterize also offers you an address for every notebook. Let Filterize organize your email notes; Just forward all your emails to your default notebook and use Filterize to organize them. Filterize is like your digital assistent, that can move notes into the right notebook, add tags and reminders for you How do you keep track of all the addresses?
  6. It's still not clear what your issue is
  7. This is a Fujitsu product. Shouldn't you be addressing this with them?
  8. You're posting in a user discussion forum? You can contact Evernote Support at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  9. If the titles are copied to a spreadsheet, there are tools to identify duplicates >>2.) remove all hyperlinks in my notes at one go, Why the need to "remove all hyperlinks"? They use minimum space, and are important information >>also i have problem with the way inserted pdf file is shown in an Evernote. please help me in this You'll need to provide more details
  10. Correct. I named my default notebook "@Inbox" (@ ensures it sorts to the top of the list)
  11. Here's an idea The screenshot shows top list view on my Mac, with a column for the sync indicator As you can see, the indictor shows notes awaiting sync
  12. Do you have a backlog of updates waiting for upload? The activity log might give you an indication of the activity in your account
  13. "patch of notes" ??? Which platform? I could do this on a Mac with Applescript. Where do the "different titles" come from?
  14. At the server, Evernote data is "encrypted at rest"; but not encrypted while the data is being processed (OCR, indexing, ...) Also, users do not hold the encryption key to their data
  15. I'm a Mac user, and would use applescript Here's a Windows solution from @jefito at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53536-how-to-backing-up-evernote-using-powershell/ # Write out notebook names to a temporary file, one line at a time $tempfile = "notebooks.txt" & $ENscript listNotebooks >$tempfile $reader = [System.IO.File]::OpenText($tempfile)
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