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  1. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 3 Released

    Depends on your definition of long term. I think holding off on the upgrade will buy some time while Evernote works out issues with bugs and feature changes >>especially since the Evernote database itself was "upgraded" in the 6.12 release. I’d advise downgrading your database to if you downgrade the software. I accomplish this by deleting the database and the software rebuilds from the servers. Warning; the rebuild does not include Local Notebooks or unsuncd Notes
  2. Correct, like in my example I sent you an enex file
  3. Evernote no longer copies and pastes

    Please identify your platform afaik Switching to the basic account level shouldn’t have an impact, although you are subject to note size limits
  4. Evernote for Mac 6.13 Beta 3 Released

    We are not forced to install the v12 upgrade. If you’re happier using the v11 version, use that instead
  5. add keywords to existing notes

    Guessing you want to use the Tags feature My example is from the web platform on my Mac; it should be similar Above the title, you see the Notebook and Tags You can add a new tag, or start typing and a drop down list of existing tags will display
  6. Evernote's search indexing removes special characters (except _). It's an efficiency thing
  7. Local notebook - how to create?

    Hold down the option key and Press Evernote > File Warning: You must backup your Local Notebooks. They are not processed by Evernote, and will be lost if the database is rebuilt
  8. The Mac/Win platforms have an export/import feature. You select the notes to export, and a .enex file is created Here is a sample My Notes.enex
  9. How can I see Pdfs inline?

    There is no inline view on IOS (except for images). I think it's more of an OS/device restriction
  10. Help I can’t access my Evernote

    You would have specified the username/password when you installed Evernote and accessed your account for the first time, and if you've logged out >>When I say iv forgotten my password it sends a new one to my fs email which I can no longer get into You need to contact Evernote support at Paid Accounts Contact Evernote Support All Accounts Twitter @evernotehelps
  11. Cut paste issue & note history

    The Note History backup is running constantly for all account times As you noted, access to the data is a paid account feature. You can subscribe for a single month
  12. Collapsable sections

    This request has been posted before, with no interest expressed Evernote My process is to use the Evernote editor for basic notes, and to use dedicated apps for extended features For outlines, I would be using a word processing app like Wore/Pages I add the document as an attachment to the note; Evernote works well with Office/iWork documents
  13. My recovery process is to restore from backups I have personal backups and Evernote has a Note History backup that runs all the time, multiple times per day. Access to the Note History data is a paid account feature but you can subscribe for a single month Access is simple (Win/Mac); the images are from my Mac
  14. I gather you have duplicate IACP tags, so you're trying to make them unique In my view these should all be separate tags, although some could be combined Fox Enterprises Conferences 2017 November IACP
  15. The Win/Mac platforms store a copy of the data, including attached files Evernote/Windows has an interesting feature called Demand Sync. Only active notes are maintained in the local database; inactive notes are not included I understand this is working well, but it would seem to complicate the search and backup process