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  1. I don't know about shameful; it's an odd business practice to give you the product/service at no charge I've merged your posts, and moved them to the General Discussion forum >>It's odd to force users to pay for basic functionality The Basic account functionality is provided free of charge; subject to specified limits >>The whole program is completely unusable once exceeded. Then don't exceed the account limits; ... or upgrade your account level The "whole program" is completely useable for millions of users >>It is blatant, shameful money-grabbing. It's called capitalism; products/services provided at a profit
  2. To indicate your support for this request, use the vote button at the top left of the discussion Current vote count is 188
  3. You need to rethink your organization strategy Evernote provides two fields in the note metadata; Notebooks and Tags Tags are the primary organization tool, with a limit of 100,000 Other benefits; Multiple tags per note Hierarchy - unlimited levels
  4. Nice job, and I like the ToC automation via Filterize >>Especially if you have a calendar dashboard or something you can make dynamical with dates. Can you give some examples? My use case is a daily journal note which includes a list of tasks due that day. It's similar to the Filterize ToC, but generated each morning with an applescript on my Mac I also use a gantt timeline view of my task list In this case, I take the note list to a spreadsheet; which includes note links back to Evernote
  5. Discussions on this topic have been merged >>Having to cycle through a whole sequence of searches I could use a script on my Mac to run the sequence and store the note links in a daily study note
  6. I use Evernote to store my Daily Journal notes Description here A separate note each day Generated each morning by a script on my Mac from a template Script updates key information like date Can include attachments like images Can include handwriting as an attachment I use multiple notes if extended detail is being entered for an activity
  7. Before you totally panic, know that you can access your notes using the web platform at www.evernote.com Your Mac version is quite old; can you bring it up to date Does this match the issue in this discussion
  8. I looked at the text file generated by Evernote - screenshot attached B60489B2-D731-4A97-9CB6-E0053C44D7B2.en-pdf-text This is used by the search feature It took a few minutes to generate A quick fix - here is your pdf file, OCR'd by an external app I have B60489B2-D731-4A97-9CB6-E0053C44D7B2.pdf
  9. I added my vote; however I rely on the hierarchy to add detail to my tags There's an actual hierarchy feature, which I replicate in my tag name; for example Budget-EntertainmentMusic In this way, I'm not wondering the purpose of a Music tag
  10. You're using the "New" web version which is missing features like reminders You could switch to the "Previous" version
  11. DTLow

    Stacking notebooks

    Sorry, I'm not a Windows user, but afaik all notebooks are stackable Perhaps post a screenshot There's documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314158-How-to-organize-notebooks-into-stacks
  12. DTLow

    Stacking notebooks

    Confirmed: a Stack can only exist if there are notebooks. There is no stack entity - it's just a text entry in the notebook record
  13. Correction - Evernote's OCR processing is not enabled for handwriting within pdfs. Image format is required
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