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  1. I'm disappointed at the design for this feature As a notes app, I see task elements as note metadata Not as blocks buried in the note contents
  2. I suspect you're referring to a folder/subfolder methodology Some users emulate folders using the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar The notebook tree provides a 2 level hierarchy; the tag tree provides unlimited levels Personally, I'm thankful that Evernote introduced me to tag methodology; it's a superior organization tool
  3. Personally, I prefer to use a single storage location for all my notes, documents, web clippings, ... This includes MS Office documents If not the actual document, I store a link to the document Evernote supports superior organization features than Google Drive
  4. The Evernote base format is enml (basically html) This is a text format, and doesn't support handwriting As @PinkElephant mentioned, Apple Pencil's scribble feature converts handwriting to text Handwritten notes can be stored in Evernote as note file attachments In various formats; image, pdf, native format Evernote has a sketch feature generating an attachment file I prefer to use a dedicated app for handwritten notes I use the Notability app; there are plenty of alternatves
  5. Can you provide specifics What platform and OS version are you running? Which Evernote version were you running? and which version did you upgrade too? Which help guide are you referring too?
  6. Are you saying your files were stored in Local Notebooks i.e. not backed up by Evernote to the servers >>I downloaded the new app The older version of Evernote (Legacy) can be downloaded at Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote Your old local database should still be on your machine
  7. Likewise; I scan to a folder on my Mac As you posted, an automated import folder is a feature of Evernote's v10 product I also use an import folder for Evernote's Legacy product, but this requires Folder Actions and Applescript
  8. How did you setup the scanner to point to Evernote? You could try redoing that setup
  9. Legacy is working well for me; daily incremental exports and weekly full exports What issues are you having? >>You can't export all notes, only 50 at a time. With the v10 product, we can export all notes in a notebook
  10. When deleted, the notes are moved to the Trash; notes can be restored from there As Mac users, we have automatic backup via the Time Machine feature; previous database versions can be recovered from there
  11. I don"t understand the use of a "PDF in a backup folder" My data is stored in Evernote, in enml format (basically html). Attachments are stored in their native format
  12. There's a quote from Henry Ford “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
  13. Yes, it's a good idea to backup your data Evernote has an export feature. If you chose the html option, your backup notes are read-able by any browser app For backups, I recommend Evernote's Legacy product The v10 product has issues >>I'd like to hear your thoughts on whether it's really worth paying for Evernote or exploring other cloud options like Google Drive. I choose to pay for Evernote (or other app/service) It's worth the cost to have the organization/search/sync features
  14. Screenshots are from my Mac First, I switch to the Tags page by clicking the tag icon in the sidebar The Tags page has an icon at the top right for adding new tags I can also right-click on any tag
  15. Do you differentiate between notes and doucuments?
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