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  1. There's no option for "image as an attachment" Evernote's note format is text based enml, with images (and ink) referenced as a link The images are displayed inline so the result will look seamless
  2. Confirmed; that would be a Windows specific feature On a Mac, they are regular notes with an ink attachment - easy to insert image attachments
  3. I'm scripting on a Mac (Applescript), Fairly straightforward script; Applescript does the parsing automatically and CalS identified the delimiter
  4. I can live with that - work vs personal In fact, looking back there's been various work storage paradigms In my life No that I'm retired, I'm only left with Personal
  5. That works, but my preference is to decrypt the pdf > annotate > re-encrypt The pdf decryption/encryption is not an Evernote feature - it has to be done external to Evernote using a dedicated pdf editor I use the Preview app (Mac) There's a request posted at the top of the discussion To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner Currently at 0 votes
  6. Your post has been merged with the ongoing discussion for this request To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion. There's currently 32 votes
  7. So, somewhere in the note contents; hence the "heading date" No, we don't have the option of sorting based on text somewhere in the note contents >>I sort by;- date created. (If I go by "Title" it mixes everything up). This suggestion was combined with entering the date in the note title
  8. Where are you entering the date? What sequence option have you specified for viewing notes?
  9. There's options for the note sequence All my note titles are prefixed with the subject date; for example 2020/05/21 Receipt [Groceries] They "remain in calendar sequence" when viewed in title sequence
  10. Even for non-authors, Evernote is a useful tool for storing reference data plus all my notes/documents - I'm currently over 15k notes >>If you're using a Mac for example, you can merge notes together Merge is a Windows/Mac feature An issue with Macs is the merge sequence is not based on the selected sequence >>A major downfall of Evernote is it it's not a consistent across platforms True, although I don't think "downfall" is the correct word I've always considered in my Evernote use; Mac is primary, iPad is supplemental I'd like to see more features for the iPad >>Evernote is not a replacement for xxxxxx" Definetly not a replacement for Ulysses and Scrivener >> Manual Sorting There's a request posted a https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119032-manual-sort/ To indicate your support, Use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion >>contacting Ian Small direct Ian's a busy guy Posting here is fine
  11. I also prefix the note title with subject date (yyyy/mm/dd format) Notes have a subject date field, but it's hard to access in Evernote I leave the note created date as .... the date the note was created
  12. Create date can also be updated on the Mac client afaik This feature is not available on any other platform
  13. The annotation is quite basic and I rarely use it; preferring the feature-set of dedicated apps >>They need to either 1) buy Notability ... I don't believe Evernote needs to do anything Notability is a great editor and I use it often It supports handwriting, and pdf annotation My Notability documents are stored in the Evernote service (indexed for text search)
  14. If Evernote had a $ for every post that specified "relatively easy" ... The existing infrastructure is not set up for this, and it would not be "relatively easy" My work-around is to use in-text keywords, for example tag_!Sample The keywords automatically get indexed for text search, and can be inserted in note contents, or note attachments I use scripting to pull the list of keywords from the existing tag table >>please make it possible to highlight sentences in more colors than just yellow The latest beta versions support a colour palette
  15. This is do-able - I format the date to yyyy/mm/dd Here's an example of code I use set {year:yyyy, month:mmm, day:d, weekday:dddd} to theJournalDate set dd to (text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & d as text)) set m to mmm as integer set mm to (text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & m as text)) >>2. My pop-up window starts at 1 line only; even if there's more than one option to choose from. Is there a way to increase its height or make height dynamic? See screenshot attached. Sorry, I don't have an answer. My drop down list is larger, and allows scrollin >>3. If it doesn't find a match, should we display a dialog that indicates this? Sure Display Dialog "..." My idea is to ask if a new note should be created - the script can create a new note and generate a link tell application "Evernote" to create note title selectedText
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