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  1. Using Excel on my Mac I selected random cells, copied and pasted into other cells The cells were pasted in top to bottom sequence, regardless of the order I selected cells
  2. It is an artificial limit and could be set at any number Possibly it's a method of directing user's to a better method for organization: Tags, limit 100,00 also, to discourage users from the organization confusion of too many notebooks
  3. I use the text colour feature to colour my code (Mac) global yyyymmdd, dddd, scriptLog, scriptStatus property scriptLog : "" property scriptStatus : "" set scriptLog to scriptLog & return & (current date) & " Evernote Reminders Script started" GetDate()
  4. For me, I simply add Evernote software to my device I then log in (userid/password) For the device limitation on Basic accounts, I make sure I only have one active device listed The new device slots into the open place on the device list
  5. My solution was to turn off Evernote's badge icon The badge is used for Reminders and Chat sessions
  6. Could this be an OS limitation? From a programming perspective, I can retrieve selected items I can not identify the order selected Do you know any Mac applications where the selected order is maintained?
  7. I'm not seeing anything special about the page and was able to save it both as a page and article The clipping is about 1MB size Are you close to your upload limit?
  8. Note: there are two terms: "Search" and "Filter" We are able to save a Search, even create a shortcut It would be a nice feature to save a Filter as a Search
  9. Yes, the platforms have different UI On Macs, you start typing a tagname and a you'll see a dropdown list with all tags beginning with those characters On IOS, you are presented with a tag checklist. You can also type into "Find Tag" box. It also allows selection of multiple tags I like the IOS UI and would like to see it implemented on MACs >>For example - an EN Tag by name of "Personal Car" You might want to revise your naming standards Car_Personal might work better if you're typing tagname "car..." >>On the Macbook, I have to write (if not select) "specifically" the tag word-per-word I only type the beginning letters and get a dropdown list
  10. Saved sort parameters is another discussion. It's actually a feature in the Windows platform. My solution on the Mac platform is to use Applescript
  11. Sorting by title makes "pining" easy by prefixing the note titles Sorting by creation date makes "pinning" easy by manually setting the date. For example, set the date to 3000/01/01 and the note will sort to the top of your list
  12. I'd use Applescript for this. This was actually discussed in another discussion and @JMichaelTX posted a script to extract text and generate a note
  13. Have you checked the options for highlight colours (yellow) I'd echo @gazumped, insert a keyword and search for that. You can even adjust the colour so it's not visible
  14. Never say never, but Evernote staff have said What's not returning: Home screen and home screen sections - primary navigation has been moved to the tab bar Presentation mode - this will still be available on desktop clients
  15. Personally I keep control of software upgrades and only install after I've reviewed the changes I find it easier to assume the database version and software version have to match. Sometimes I can get away with just replacing the software but in many cases I have to re-download the database. This is often the case when downgrading to an earlier software version