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  1. Make the Today note a permanent note. The link never changes. Each morning, backup (duplicate) the Today note to a date labeled note, then refresh for a new day. Also make it a shortcut - accessed by Ctrl+1-9
  2. You're showing the Notebook page, viewed by clicking the Notebook icon or View > Notebooks Looks like an older version of Evernote or maybe a Business Account
  3. Please provide a screenshot where you are only allowed to search one tag at a time @gazumped provided an example using the search box I can also use the tag picker at the top right corner - this provides a list of tags for selection, - the Mac version is less dynamic than IOS I have to reopen it for each tag
  4. -tag:* works for me. Can you post a screenshot.
  5. The problem is that you created a new account instead of using the old account >>is there a way to reset my email address to a new one for the older account? Login to your old account and change the email in the account settings Of course the new one is in use (you used it for the new account) You'll have to change that first
  6. I bought a cheap all-in-one printer that includes a scanner, for example Epson but mostly I use Evernote's Scannable app on my iPhone/iPad As @gazumped mentioned, a sheet-feeder is useful if you have a lot of documents
  7. Are you sure you want to be testing IOS beta versions? How to uninstall iOS beta software
  8. Further on this, activities start out as an entry in my journal note, but I find it more useful to push them out to a separate note (linked) As a separate note, I add tags, reminders etc. Also more details in the note contents Instead of a static entry in the journal, these are now notes that display in various lists
  9. My preference is for the daily note; example 2019/08/19 Journal [ Monday] I find Evernote and my devices work better with shorter notes. >>I pull a link for my month-note into my top tool bar every month, and leave it there until I have to change it for the next month. That makes access easier. My daily note floats near the top of the note list (All Notes), but I aways have to hunt for it.
  10. And generate .md files that can be stored in a note as a file attachment.
  11. There's search documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828 Examples; intitle:"aaaaaaa" created:yyyymmdd
  12. Check the master version of your data on the server using the web platform at www.evernote.com >>I click to update a note Can you identify the exact steps
  13. I'm not seeing this on my Mac. Can you post screenshots?
  14. This is the Table of Contents note solution; a static list of notes I prefer the tag solution - it produces a dynamic list of notes. (there are solutions to produce dynamic ToC notes) >>"Shortcuts" feature to quickly access my most important/frequently needed Notes ...50+ Shortcuts currently... I like adding adding organization to the Shortcuts section You can replace the 50 entries with your "Current Items" notebook, or theToC notes. You can even use a master ToC note which links to the other ToC notes On a Mac, we have keyboard keys for shortcuts; Command+1 launches the first shortcut, my master dashboard-ToC note (edit; Windows Ctrl+1, thanks @jefito)
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