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  1. evernote current status - 2018

    I consider every note a candidate for multiple categories; so I use tags I also use notebooks for the sync'd/local, private/shared, offline feature. This is minimal. Also default inbox notebook(s). I use Evernote for task management. Again, any note may be actionable so an !Actionable tag is a better solution for me.
  2. Its not cool tacking on to an ongoing discussion. You should post in the request forums or add your vote to an existing discussion.
  3. stack:MyStack can also be used in a search. No other options for multiple notebooks.
  4. I guess it's a good sign that you only have one frustration; there are so many issues. However, this discussion is about a change to the subscription plans.
  5. Alternate sync settings

    fwiw Evernote has a Local Notebooks feature; data remains on the device and doesn't sync to the cloud. If you use Local Notebooks make sure you back up your data. Warning: Login requires access to the Evernote server, your admin may block this.
  6. Search notes while Toolbar is hidden

    I don't use full screen mode and I only recall some keyboard shortcuts; copy, paste, ... Here are screenshots from my installation Hide Toolbar removes the icons from the toolbar
  7. Search notes while Toolbar is hidden

    I don't see the benefit in a hidden toolbar, and as you pointed out this also hides the search box. You can access saved searches in the shortcuts section.
  8. The search feature is documented at Evernote Search Grammar Definitely not regex based.
  9. Searching a long note

    Using a different editor/format works for me. Its my goto solution to improve on the editor features For example, you pointed out the web browser works beter than the Evernote/Mac editor. You could also use MS Word as a format and editor.
  10. evernote current status - 2018

    Folders/Subfolders is old school, replaced by database technology, a more efficient method of organization. Evernote provides two organization attributes for notes; Notebook and Tag. Both are note metadata; fields in the Note record, although each have different featuresets. I'll follow up on your references; how the brain work is an interesting topic. It may not be relevent to my use of Evernote. My requirement is to store my data, and retrieve it as required.
  11. Having identified the bug; you could modify your search to "to do' list" "to do list" You'd have to do it for each variation. Not a great solution, but this will get you the highlighting.
  12. need a script

    Looking at your script I see the Copy, which copies the Confo# to the clipboard I don't think the Send Event does anything; Evernote is not set up to receive Apple Events The AppleScript code would be tell application "Evernote" set query string of window 1 to the clipboard activateend tell
  13. Change in-Evernote PDF viewer

    Also, a post doesn't guarantee a request will be implemented or a bug will be fixed These forums are just one of the factors used in the prioritization of development work. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses....Henry Ford
  14. need a script

    I'm not an FMP User but you could post the script for review. The script code controls where the data is copied to; a variable, the clipboard, ... >>So I want to copy the clipboard content into the "Search note" in Evernote. I'm not clear on your use of the term "Search Note" If your target is the search box in Evernote, here's sample code tell application "Evernote" set query string of window 1 to searchQuery activate end tell
  15. Notebook Stack

    I agree it's "clutzy" On Macs, we don't have this function in the Sidebar; we have to go to the Notebook page Even there, I've accidently dragged notebooks to other stacks.