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  1. Works for me - I didn't have to go through textedit Also, the latest Evernote/Mac version allows text to be copied from a pdf
  2. Can you give more detail on the sharing - is this within Evernote or email or ? Which platform. My Mac allows "Copy To Notebook" >>or use tags from myself! The tag restriction is by design - only the notebook's owner is allowed to add new tags
  3. On my Mac I use the WordServices free add on
  4. Apple Mail allows for forwarding rules I wasn't happy with the results, but Mac also has a scripting feature so I could set up the notes exactly as I want them. My script is documented here https://www.evernote.com/l/AAoum50-o0dKQaabTlhz5w8aY8A68g75m1I
  5. There is no "merge account feature" @amanda_h gave you steps to transfer notes using a .enex export This works well on desktop platforms You can also look at the shared notebook feature which will work on the other platforms
  6. It works for me; you might want to contact support or reinstall edited: see following post from @BSR - reindexing is a better option
  7. I was wondering about the charge for the Premium Mode feature Aside from the issue of dopping a paid feature, I'd think we should be entitled to immediately cancel our subscription and get our money back, or at least prorated I suspect somewhere in the legalese, we agreed that Evernote has the right to remove features btw My subscription page still says Presentation is a premium feature. No mention of a platform restriction
  8. Sorry, I don't have anything else - they just worked I can tell you when I go into Evernote, I see my new shortcuts listed
  9. Most users are getting the software and upgrades at no cost
  10. "Places" was mentioned here
  11. I'm sure 8.1 will be more stable, but for those locked into 8.0, hot fix updates are being rolled out. We're at 8.0.2 now
  12. PDF annotation was a known bug. It's been fixed with the latest software version
  13. Updated software is being rolled out. Current version is 8.0.2
  14. Make sure you're using the current software version (8.0.2). This was a known problem with earlier versions
  15. For me, my focus has been accessing my Notes; not accessing my Notebooks Notebooks is only one of the organizing tools >>There is no longer an easy way to see them at a glance. Simply click on AllNotes and you have a list of your Notebooks