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  1. That's a known problem with note links As you discovered, the links are coded with the note-id of the original note evernote:///view/1156250/s10/ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776/ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776/ but the note-id gets lost when copying/merging/importing I make a practice of appendIng the note-id to note contents. Id: [ee54e6a3-dd90-4b0f-8196-72b0b6868776] This allows me to use text search to resolve broken links
  2. Negation For example -tag:test The search feature is documented here
  3. Wow - that actually works I learned something today Changes for Add myURL to note tell application "Evernote" set theNote to create note title theName from file theFile notebook hardcodedNotebook set source URL of theNote to myURL end tell btw - You're retrieving page url from the browser. I'd also retrieve page name
  4. No, there's just a small database for metadata on the iPad Note data is accessed from the severs via the internet
  5. It tends to be a collection of small files Content is a folder containing note content There's a separate subfolder for each note LocalNoteStore is a folder holding a small SQLite datable that holds the note metadata
  6. You need to have Evernote's software installed on your Mac (www.evernote.com/download) Launch this software and login to your Evernote account
  7. Correct, hold down the option key while clicking on Help
  8. There's a tag list in the sidebar Dragging tags works I can also start typing the tagname and a drop-down list appears
  9. The master version of our data is uploaded and stored on the Evernote servers (except for designated Local notebooks) We don't have to worry about a device crash A full data copy is stored on the Mac The location can be accessed by selecting option key Help > Troubleshooting > Open Database folder
  10. Not really a Scannable question It's possible to add a signature to document It's an annotation thing The Evernote editor does annotation; I use the Notability app on my iPad
  11. I understand the advantages of markdown and the advantages of html and the advantages of a wysiwyg editor I don't understand why markdown people are using the Evernote wysiwyg editor
  12. WorkFlowy does not support embedding their lists This is do-able, using other editors; for example MS Word lists, and embedding the document
  13. Shared notebooks are documented here >>I would prefer to identify "internal" notes only for me and and "external" notes that anyone can see (without logging into Evernote) Instead of a notebook, share a Table of Contents note that has public links You have complete control of entries in the note
  14. I merged your post with an existing request To indicate your support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion >>I wish there's a feature to high light - change the color of the background of the title of each note, so some of the frequent notes are more visually popping out - i think the current short cuts are not as useful as it is intended You might want to post this separately so that it can be better addressed as a request No colours, but you can insert emoji characters into the title
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