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  1. DTLow

    To do list

    It's not clear what "native functions" you're requesting. I see some basic list functions in the Evernote editor; Numbers, Bullets, Checkboxes I use Evernote to manage my tasks. Not really a list function; I use due date (reminder feature)
  2. DTLow


    Third party cloudHQ can be used to backup your Evernote data. As a cloud service, there is no device requirement.
  3. No, the upload limit is impacted by your upload activity; not by the total data you have stored in Evernote. In fact, there is no limit to the total data you have stored in Evernote Every time you edit a note, it is uploaded to the servers and your allowance is adjusted (exception for Local Notebooks)
  4. DTLow

    gtd 🔥 Shortcut for "Copy internal link"

    My Mac has a shortcut for Copy Note Link >>I am using Evernote for my GTD Setup. I link my next actions to my projects. For my processing, tasks and projects are linked with a tag tag: !Project-aaaaaaaaaa I list my project notes in title sequence, and use a prefix to control the sequence -Project Master Note ttTask (Next Action) tTask tTask Misc. Project Note
  5. DTLow

    Restrict search to one stack

    Search stack:aaaaaaaaa works
  6. DTLow

    Scubber for note list of the entire stack

    You can use stack:aaaaaaaa in the search box
  7. Local Notebooks still provide an Evernote feature I value; the note container. It contains the base note file (enml) plus any other other format files; images, PDFs, word processing, spreadsheets, .. Notes can be cross-linked. Tagging and searching is more functional within Evernote. The Evernote editor is basic, but it does the job of editing the base note contents; local or sync'd. My preference is to use sync'd notebooks; for the server backup and having access on all my devices. I use encryption to protect my sensitive data.
  8. Merging works for me on my Mac I select the notes to merge and the notes get merged into one note; same title as the first note Each note is prefixed by a banner After merging, the old notes are sent to the Trash. They can be restored if needed
  9. DTLow

    How to install web clipper on iOs?

    Confirmed. Try the IOS Share feature Safari is making the web page available, and you'll see a list of applications ready to process the data
  10. DTLow

    Evernote for Job Search record keeping

    I prefer separate notes with a title standard of yyyy/mm/dd <subject> <description> I use tags to identify type (job search), company, ... I do keep a daily journal note. This would have note links to the above notes; sort of a Table of Contents
  11. In answer to your original question, I know Evernote is accessing my notes. - Images and pdf are ocr'd. - An index is created from each note's text; I use this to search my notes. As for encryption, it depends on your device. On my Mac, I can select text, right click and select Encrypt. I can use the Preview app to encrypt pdfs. Using Office/iWork apps, I can saved the document encrypted.
  12. DTLow

    Color-coded notes, notebooks, and stacks

    Yes, these forums are provided by Evernote to provide feedback and feature requests. Also important, is the user interest in indivdual requests as indicated by the vote count in the upper left corner of the discussion.
  13. DTLow

    How to install web clipper on iOs?

    The web clippers are app extensions on the Windows/Mac platforms. There is no web clipper available on the IOS platform. We use the IOS Share feature
  14. I'm guessing you're using the Windows device/platform. Folders are not supported in Evernote; did you mean Notebook? The discussion has been moved to the Windows Request forum
  15. Change the email address on this deactivated account. You may need a throw-away address to use for this. You can create a temporary one at the mail provider services.