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  1. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Thanks for clearing that up; I was thinking it might be a rollback
  2. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Fixed: New Notes are no longer opening in a separate window
  3. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Bug Report: The note list becomes invisible. The entries are still there; we can click on them but we can't see them This bug was also reported in earlier versions
  4. can't turn off recents in sidebar

    My shortcut list is available with a single click Also two methods of access to my default notebook; not requiring a shortcut Note: I prefixed my default notebook name with @ so it appears at the top of the list
  5. can't turn off recents in sidebar

    I'd still report the issue in the V7.0 feedback; it looks like v6.14 is being dropped >>And your "workaround" is useless. I find the icons view quite useful to eliminate the sidebar clutter I don't need to see Recent Notes and other lists all the time; only when required
  6. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    There was no beta for v7.0 but its a good idea to consider any .0 release as a beta. Issues don't usually get fixed until the later .n releases As to bugs fixed in v7.0; the release notes stated Improved & Fixed: • Fixed a syncing issue when renaming a notebook from the space view • Fixed a sync issue when editing a space • Made share status more accurate
  7. can't turn off recents in sidebar

    It would be better to report this in the v7 feedback discussion, linked below I noticed Recent Notes has been moved to the bottom of the Shortcuts section. There is no separate option to disable it We do have the option for a minimal sidebar (icons) and only display the lists when required
  8. like to be able to have TABs in a single note

    I like the idea of "sub notes" displayed optionally as Tabs or ToC links As separate notes, we can apply different options; for example reminders and tags This also simplifies the development work; no database change In fact, we can produce this with the existing UI; something like I moved the discussion to the General Feature Request forum
  9. Not a feature I need, but I could set a reminder on the note. I moved the request to the General Feature Request forum
  10. At least on the Mac platform the upgrade process is optional. I get a chance to review the feedback and make the decision if I wish to upgrade. Also, I can roll back to a previous version if I decide
  11. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Is Mac 6.14 being dropped. I'm currently testing the beta version
  12. Encryption not work

    For encrypted text you have two options 1. show encrypted text 2. decrypt text permanently If you select option 1. show encrypted text, the text is still encrypted. There is no need to re-encrypt it
  13. I'm not sure the purpose of your post The offline notebook feature continues to be a paid account feature. The setting is per device. You chose which notebooks you want available offline on the specific device. It doesn't have to be the same setting for each device, and you could change the setting as required >>Unless I have mobil data turned on Confirmed, mobile data allows you to be online and access data on the server
  14. Undo a sync?

    Like a Note History backup on each device. Evernote's focus is on backups at the server level; you could investigate implementing personal backups on your device.
  15. iPhone storage/audio notes

    For the mobile platforms, the default is note content is not downloaded, and is not available for offline use The content is retrieved via the internet when notes are accessed There is an option (paid) for offline notebooks. The note content is downloaded only for these specific notebooks