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  1. Confirmed - clicking the Tags icon opens the Tags Page (Mac Legacy) I can also click View > Tags (Mac Legacy) >>Organising them is key to how I use Evernote I also use a prefix naming standard for organizing tags The first character indicates a class of tags; ?Who, -What, @Where, .When, #Tasks/Project Hierarchy is reflected in the name; for example -Budget, -Budget-Computer, -Budget-Computer-Hardware
  2. If this is important, use separate exports for each notebook I use a script on my Mac to control this >>or notebook hierarchy Confirmed; notebook/tag hierarchy is not maintained in the export I use a naming standard that identifies the hierarchy; for example Budget, Budget-Computer, Budget-ComputerHardware
  3. I moved your post to the Requests forum I've seen no indication that Evernote is interested in expanding the current note list view Personally, I export my tasks data to a spreadsheet and generate a Gantt timeline view (using a Mac Applescript)
  4. I've always used an import folder on my Mac for the Evernote Legacy product It uses the native OS Folder Actions feature, triggering an Applescript
  5. There are two export options; HTML and ENEX HTML results in a file for each note; readable by any browser app ENEX results in all notes combined in a single mass file. Notes can only be read by importing the mass file into Evernote Yes, the backup can be directed to an external drive (or a cloud drive)
  6. I use the official Legacy product - it doesn't auto upgrade Install at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote
  7. I'm not a Windows user but I think the url will be something like file://c:.. Be aware - we currently have to use the Legacy product to create the link
  8. You don't want to embed these spreadsheets into the Evernote database Store them externally and in Evernote reference the spreadsheets using a file link >>Is this not supported within EN No. The files have been removed from the file system and cell links are no longer valid
  9. afaik The only cloud solution is cloudHQ
  10. Do you have a list of edits that are not updates to the note - notebook? - tags? - title? - ...
  11. 20 years might be a bit optimistic 🙄 I'm expecting the app to fail eventually because of OS changes
  12. Continuing a discussion from @Peterppp, we have two steps for an import using Applesccript Processing the .csv file to produce for each note: date, content, tags Creating a note in Evernote Step 1 (Processing the .csv file) There are notes at https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/112095-exporting-from-apple’s-numbers-spreadsheet-to-evernote/?do=findComment&comment=498008 Step 2 (Creating a note in Evernote) tell application "Evernote" set theNote to create note with text theContents title theTitle tags theTags created theDate end t
  13. The Version 10 product currently doesn't support local file links We expect/hope this to get resolved This is discussed at
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