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  1. I can't speak to your decryption issue, however I know we can recover versions of our notes using the Note History backups.
  2. fyi After merging, the notes are moved to the trash. They can be restored from there. >>And what about a note-sorter function, so I can sort them the way I would sort index cards to find the best way to order them for a project. Evernote implemented this in the Shortcuts and Reminders sections For other sections, I can group/sort notes using a number prefix on the title
  3. There's an idea; search enex files for a title or keyword and only import the specific enex files Preferable to importing 1000's of notes just to restore a single note
  4. My solution is to eliminate the sync conflicts in the first place. When switching devices, sync on both machines
  5. No such feature in the Evernote/Mac app The features are built into the Mac OS; password required "when the computer goes to sleep, or after X hours of inactivity" I also use the Near Lock app to lock/unlock my Mac based on proximity I don't like the idea of someone grabbing my laptop, or having access to any of my data
  6. Evernote support can be contacted at: All Accounts: Twitter @evernotehelps Paid Accounts: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  7. I haven't lost notes, sketches, or audio with Noability; it seems like an easy solution. It's my favourite note-taking editor on the iPad with an Apple Pencil. When I'm done updating the note, I save it to Evernote in pdf and native format.
  8. I don't spend a lot of time troubleshooting my devices. I know I can nuke the install (app, database, ...) and start fresh. The app AppCleaner is recommended for this. The database is rebuilt from the servers.
  9. Are you trying to delete your one and only notebook? btw Here's the official documentation on deleting notebooks https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313478-How-to-delete-notes-and-manage-your-Trash EVERNOTE WEB Open the notebook you'd like to delete Click the info button (letter 'i') in the notebook header at the top of the notebook list Click Delete notebook
  10. One of my tools for "keeping things organized" is with a meaningful note title. I've noticed there are different default titles, dependent on platform. This should be consistent. It hasn't impacted my organization, however ultimately, I do make sure each note has a title. My naming standard is; <date> <type> <keywords> [description]
  11. Your mouse is pointing to a Stack Move the mouse pointer over the March 2016 notebook, you'll see the delete option to the right
  12. Using Evernote/Web, we don't right-click It triggers browser options instead of Evernote options Select the notebook page in the sidebar Move the mouse pointer to a notebook
  13. You didn't identify your device/platform. I have no problem opening a New Note on my Mac; shortcut Ctrl ⌥ ⌘ N There is a project developing improvements that include the New Note button; see video here I haven't recalled a new window being requested by anyone, but we'll see how much user support your request receives.
  14. I have over 13K notes. The majority are "pointless" until the one time I need them. >>Cutting the note syncing time by half is going to ease the involved stress a bit. Not clear on the "note syncing time" for my "pointless" notes I use a Mac and iPad with full offline data copy When weeding my note collection for oversized attachments, I sort by size and review the large notes. >>looking at a wall of images. I layout images by using a table. The picture size is restricted to the cell dimensions
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