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  1. Evernote has no support for folders You can emulate folders using the notebook/tag trees in the sidebar (Windows/Mac) imho Folders are a legacy filing method and the notebook/tag method is a great improvement >>persons that I have recommended Evernote I would not recommend Evernote to anyone who can't adjust to notebook/tags and must have folders
  2. Evernote uploads our data to the servers where there are backups in place on Mac/Windows clients, Evernote provides the option to backup our data using the export feature. We also have a full copy of our data and can backup the raw database files
  3. Unless specified in the email subject, a note is created in the default notebook There is an auto-file option No notifications; it's simply a new note being created
  4. Your post has various elements Screenshots on a Mac can be triggerred by command-shift-3, command-shift-4, command-shift-5 Your screenshot shows the Evernote Helper. It's a useful tool I'm an Applescript fan and use Fastscripts to assign keyboard shortcuts to Applescripts I'll check out Alfred
  5. Correct; swiping left reveals a menu list of notebook options The "download" option sets the notebook as an offline notebook A copy of the note data is stored on the iPad and is available when not connected to the internet We do not have access to the raw Evernote data on an iPad. The only access is via the app
  6. I don't think "downloaded that notebook" is an option for an iPad correction, offline notebooks Can you provide details on the process you followed As to backup and export, these are Windows/Mac functions IOS only allows export of a single note, shared to an email message
  7. You can contact Evernote support at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action
  8. Please explain the share process; usually it's between two accounts
  9. Backups are required for Local Notebooks; less critical for sync'd notebooks Most users run separate backups for each notebook using the Export feature
  10. No special noebook; in fact, I basically have a single FileCabinet notebook Yes, it's a sync'd notebook, backed up to the cloud
  11. These folders are used for temporary storage during the encryption process I do not keep data in these folders >>Is it necessary to backup the Evernote database? I backup my Evernote data, but I wouldn't say it's "necessary" (except for Local Notebooks) Evernote's cloud storage ensures our data is backed up at the server level
  12. Are you using two different accounts?
  13. The screenshot I posted was from the web version at www.evernote.com
  14. Try a forced sync Hold down `OPTION` + `SHIFT` on your keyboard and press the sync wheel on your toolbar.
  15. In your Evernote user settings, revoke access to reflectapp
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