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  1. Which feature was this? I hope removing features to "cohere the platforms" isn't a plan. Our desktop platforms are really going to suffer
  2. Sorry, I completely overlooked your signature. Two workarounds Simply use the Duplicate Note function to create a version copy Implement your own demand versioning backup. Windows is less scriptable than Mac, but I'm thinking of a note export, with the time stamp appended to the title. My backups are run on a Mac overnight, but I could add a demand option
  3. What additional features were removed??? My expectation is that with the new releases, we'll see the v8 outstanding work completed and we'll see the restoration of some features
  4. Not sure why this was mentioned. As a digital filing cabinet, Evernote can store files in any format What formats were you interested in? I use PDF for static data, the native formats of dedicate apps or the HTML format of Evernote
  5. There are two methods for contacting support Contact Evernote Support Twitter @evernotehelps The web page is for paying accounts and includes a chat feature
  6. I use reminder date to store due/start dates. Even if I'm simply working on a task, I assign it today's date Reminders have a "done" feature. This gives me both a done indicator, and the done date I also append "completed yymmdd" to the title (scripted) Reminders also can be part of search terms. For example, the search for my Current Task List is reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* Note: Future dated tasks pop up in my current task list when due I also sync reminders to my calendar using Cronofy Calendar Connector >>What about when I need to do different actions on the same note? I process this as multiple notes They could be linked to a master task note For recurring tasks, I keep a completed log at the bottom You could add a checkbox list at the start of the note
  7. You seem to have done the basic troubleshooting by reinstalling The only other thing I can suggest is: Reboot your Mac
  8. Let's not start a new request thread Users can indicate support by adding their vote to the request below. Voting buttons are in the top left corner of the discussion
  9. I would not expect changing your email address to impact access to your notes The master version of your notes is on the server, you should check there using the web platform (www.evernote.com). If the notes ok, you can focus on solving your windows problem
  10. Add a tag to the note, and a shortcut to give you a quick list For an automated method of emailing, you can use an IFTTT applet but my preference is to do it internally. I could script something on my Mac
  11. Welcome to Evernote. It's my favourite tool for organizing my data Don't worry about getting everything in place at first. Good luck and feel free to keep posting as you have questions >>1 - using notebooks to manage my tax/household expenses, my folks' medical docs, eliminate hard copy filing I have minimal Notebooks, and use Tags instead In some ways, they are the same function, but Tags have an added benefit of multiple tags per notes Some user's prefer Notebooks because the concept seems more like folders, something they're used to Others use neither Notebooks/Tags and rely on Evernote's extensive search features imho "Filing" is not the important function. It's important that you can retrieve your documents when you need them I've set up a tag structure to enable this document retrieval. Its too confusing if you're trying to deal with a random list of notebooks/tags I make use of the tag hierarchy feature on my Mac I have a standard structure I use in my note titles <subject> <yyyymmdd> <description> 2 - capturing written notes (get Moleskine for Evernote?) I just use plain paper, and the camera on my iPad/iPhone imho Moleskine is expensive, and no great benefit. I use fake Moleskine books I buy at the stationery store. They have an elastic, but no stickers >>(is a scanner the answer?) I have a scanner which I never use. Instead, I use the camera on my iPad/iPhone. Evernote has a companion app called Scannable which does the job for me >>3 - will upgrading to Evernote premium make a difference Premium gives you expanded limits and some feathers like searching PDFs, handwriting etc. There's more details here https://evernote.com/pricing/ You can subscribe for a month and try out the account levels Just starting out, I would stick with Basic or Plus. 4 - books / tutorials / classes - how to figure which are the best ones for reference. I could point you to some references, but I think the best idea is to jump in and develop a system that works best for you My workflow is to capture all my documents into my default Notebook (@Inbox) I process the notes later, using my Mac - assign tags, clean up titles, reminders ... - move the note to my filing Notebook (@Filing) I have shortcuts to searches which instantly retrieve notes I need quick access to On the advanced level, I use scripting on my Mac to make my workflow easier
  12. A demand History Backup button is a good idea and works with the Note History feature. I would drop the local copy and desktop items from your request. This implies a completely different product btw Which desktop platform are you using, Windows or Mac. I maintain a local Note History on my Mac using scripting. - This allows me to set my own parameters, such as timing - It also solves the problem of history being lost when the note is deleted
  13. As you said, the backup is "several times a day". We're not given any other details. Note, there is no sync back to the desktop. The backup data is stored on the servers and only retrieved when the Note History feature is accessed for a note
  14. I think you're referring to the Note History feature. This backup is run on the servers and is not restricted to the desktop platforms Re: deleted notes - the Note History backup is deleted when notes are deleted, and the Trash is emptied. This is one of the reasons I maintain my own backups An alternative is to implement your own backup process. You can implement your own controls and timing.
  15. We are users here and we're posting in a user discussion forum. Evernote bases their development on many factors. Feature requests and user votes are some of those factors