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  1. I prefer a dynamic process; lists generated automatically Also - priority - duration - identification and record of completed tasks - identification and control of date specific tasks - identification of project Next Action tasks (GTD concept) - only show active tasks >>I make a new to-do list every new week. I don't make to-do lists - I use Evernote to generate filtered note lists My Current Task list is generated by saved search reminderOrder:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* (all reminders, exclude future dated, exclude completed) As you can see, I make use of the reminder feature It allows dated/non-dated and stores start-date and completion-status/date My process is A separate note for each task Use the reminder feature - dated for date specific tasks - no date for Next Action tasks
  2. Are you sure you want to be testing beta versions? I see this note on the web beta There are a number of features and functions that will currently require you to switch back to the older version of Evernote Web. These include: Create and execute saved searches Multi-file and advanced attachments Set reminders Access Work Chat messages View published business notebooks (Evernote Business)
  3. You posted the request, we'll see how much user support it generates It's not a priority for me This feature is not supported by Evernote, but API's are provided to access our data I can use AppleScript on my Mac to identify duplicate URLs
  4. DTLow


    Currently, the sorting option is a bit of a hack. The information is stored on the Windows device and not replicated anywhere
  5. Be aware the notebook list is an option; I roll with a minimized sidebar Regardless, your request is for a + next to the notebook icon. and for design balance, there would be a + next to the tag icon
  6. As per @CalS, make sure you're using the correct userid/password
  7. Are you using the beta web version? It's known to have issues The most stable version has your user icon at the bottom left corner
  8. MS Word is a good product for creating documents Evernote notes are more equivalent to web pages than "documents" Regardless, jump anchors are a web page feature; also jump to sub-pages >>So TOC is very helpful I agree - I use ToCs to simplify navigation between notes
  9. Manuals are usually divided into sections ToC is a good idea - each entry can be linked to a section (stored as a separate note) Include a link back to the ToC note in each section
  10. Evernote is a cloud service; our notes are uploaded and maintained on the Evernote servers This is not impacted by device failure Your notes can be accessed at www.evernote.com via the web platform >>There is no one to contact for support All accounts can contact support at Twitter @evernotehelps
  11. Vote button is at the top left corner of the discussion Requests for this feature have been merged >>For example you write some long manual for users. It is impossible to break it to multiple notes. Why is it impossible?
  12. Confirmed, this feature is delivered by the web app; it's not available with the "new" web version
  13. No fears; I take it as a sign that there's not much interest in this feature - from the user side, the request only has 61 votes - from Evernote's side, only supporting the sketch feature I also understand Evernote as a text based product - the note format is enml/html For handwriting, I use the Notability app (iPad, Apple Pencil) The documents are stored in Evernote as an attachment
  14. I've experienced this delay on occasion, but it's not usual
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