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  1. Interesting to see a positive post My issue is not about the direction; imho This version should not be a GA release until issues/bugs are resolved, and missing features implemented I recommend using the legacy versions until we see a GA quality release
  2. I merged your post with an existing request for Top List view To indicate support, use the vote button at the top left corner of the discussion
  3. The Legacy version (6.25.2) can be dowloaded at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314
  4. Mac users are familiar with the separate folder for each note; it doesn't slow processing Version 10 has one big .sql file holding the all note enml code and metadata It's no longer sqlite database storage which might add overhead to processing edit: The local storage is used when offline When online, data is accessed at the servers via the internet
  5. The legacy versions support Local Notebooks; unsync'd to the cloud servers Version 10 does not support Local Notebooks; all data is sync'd to the cloud servers >>...preserve my encrypted local folders. I can't believe the new version doesn't support note encryption! Encryption is another subject; no versions support note encryption or encrypted local folders
  6. Yes, the pdf is exported and editing is done on the local copy Saving the edits to the local copy is supposed to trigger an automatic update to the pdf in Evernote
  7. It's been pointed out that I'm putting too much faith in upcoming updates Perhaps, but mostly I'm taking a wait-and-see view The legacy version is working for me and I have no present need to update my software
  8. Only if you installed v10 software; I'm still running legacy on my Mac It's a great service and the legacy software runs well
  9. We're told the Evernote Helper app is pending In the meantime, you might be happier running the Legacy version
  10. Yes, you can install the Legacy version to run along with v10 >>How does the new version save the note files locally? Is it different? Will the new one ***** up the legacy version? will that get duplicated or moved or altered in some way that I can't get back? v10 is a completely new local storage structure Yes, total storage will be duplicated No, legacy data should not be impacted - warning v10 data will not include Local Notebooks
  11. You can generate this list using a search phrase Something like stack:aaaaaaa reminderOrder:* -reminderDoneTime:*
  12. Just checked - I'm not experiencing this issue (created date corruption) I recommend opening a support ticket at https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action They might be able to restore your data
  13. Confirm - these features are gone No indication of pending return
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