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  1. For me, my scans show the location. Note: This is an option in the Scannable Settings
  2. Date Added is a valid defined sequence This topic seems more like "anarchy and chaos"
  3. You want to free up an email from account A so you can use it in a different account B Go to that account A and change it to the temporary email.
  4. There's other requests asking for this. My solution is to switch to title sequence and manipulate the title; for example a prefix of - ensures the note appears at the top of any list
  5. I find the Evernote editor is adequate for basic notes. For serious work, I switch to a dedicated app, for example Apple Pages for word processing I like that I'm not locked into a specific editor
  6. The backslash escape character ('\') may be used to escape a quotation mark within a quoted phrase. see Evernote Search Grammar for more details
  7. Can you look at notes and verify the author information is stored correctly
  8. Note History is a feature of the Premium Account level Plan comparison can be seen here https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157-Which-Evernote-product-is-right-for-me-
  9. mac

    I found the TSW sort by tags a hack, and it only worked on the Win/Mac platforms I use alternate methods to identify my high priority tasks; for example a saved search shorttcut to identify my Now tasks
  10. This is really old news, and note that you are resticted to two simultaneous devices You can use as many devices as you want; just not all at the same time You can manage your devices under User Settings Just swap the devices you want active
  11. I use the Evernote Scannable app on my iPhone It allows multiple pages to be scanned into a pdf file
  12. This is how I seach for multiple tags Click on All Notes, or a Specific Notebook Click on the Tag filter icon This displays a list of available tags Click on the tags you want to include in the search
  13. On the Mac/Win platforms, I can select multiple notes and export them at one time
  14. You need a third email address. Its only temporary, you can create it on gmail On your deactivated account, switch to the temporary email. The old email address is now available for you to use
  15. Not sure who you sent your email to. We're just users here, helping each other First off, make sure you're using the correct username/password Its too easy to create a new account, and have notes split between two accounts The master version of your notes is stored on the Evernote servers (web access) and is updated during the syncing process A new installation of Evernote creates a copy of your data by downloading the data from the servers Are you syncing your updates to the server? Do you have backups of your local database that you can restore from?