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  1. Tags and features reconnected to tags no longer appear to be a priority for Evernote (see the CEO interview on Engadget). In fact, what transpires is not only the effort to have coherent versions (a single base for all platforms, with lower development costs, but also less adherence to users' needs), but also the ambition to become manistream, flattening on the needs of average users. Not realizing, in my opinion, the fact that average users already have many easy solutions at no cost for their annotations, often reconnected to operating systems and environments familiar to them (Microsoft, Ap
  2. Without the quick keyboard combinations and reconnected functions, I think that power users (who are naturally the most loyal subscribers), are losing confidence and looking for plausible alternatives (not just apps, but sometimes just different routines ...). ctrl + alt + t allows you to insert tags like a ninja. ctrl + q + additional tags is a deadly weapon for researcher. cltr + alt + n is very handy on whatever window you are ... And I could go on. Personally I hoped it was clear and they intended to extend these functions to the mobile version and not vice versa.
  3. It was maybe the killer feature of Evernote end essential for my work
  4. Slow, slow and slow... Many clicks for functions more usable in previous version. Many functions not present.... I've to come back to 6.25 for working.
  5. Ctrl + Alt + T ►Not available Ctrl + Q ► Not available Ctrl + Alt + N ► Not available etc. too many steps back, far from the keyboard and usability in the destkop version
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