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  1. Thanks for jumping in. This happens on a laptop with a built-in keyboard. But I'll try a bluetooth keyboard when I have a chance. Unfortunately my bluetooth keyboard is in another city right now. However, I'm not sure your diagnosis is correct. First, when I'm jumped out of one note into another, the second note seems to be randomly selected. Sometimes it's adjacent in chrono order but sometimes it's not. If I were accidentally hitting some hot keys, I'd expect more regularity here. Second, sometimes I'm jumped out of a note when I'm not typing, but pausing. Third (which I didn't menti
  2. When typing in note A, sometimes Evernote will jump me into note B. Sometimes Evernote does this only when I pause in my typing, but sometimes it will do it in the middle of a rapid string of keystrokes. In the second case, many of my keystrokes land in note B, not note A. It's very annoying to slow down to undo the misplaced keystrokes and return to note A. It breaks my thought, and makes me want to stop typing notes in Evernote, which used to be my go-to place for note-taking. I'm a long-time Evernote user, and this bug is new in the past few months. I'm using version
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