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  1. Instead of starting a new thread, I will add to this post. Based on what I've read so far... am I understanding correctly that you are locked out unless your desync your 3rd device? Even on your 1st and 2nd device... you simply lose access completely. This is not a bug? 🥶 P.S. I just found out that Web Client counts as a separate device a few seconds ago 😂🙈
  2. Anyone tried Evernote 10.18.3 yet? I am still using Legacy. And just tried 10.18 today. My top concern is the speed of creating a new note in a standalone window (one of the best features). 10.18 *seems* to have improved compared to the October 2020 version. It seems to be taking 3 to 4 seconds to load up a new note window instead of 9 to 10 seconds *when it is not lagging*.
  3. I don't use a lot of customization. I like some of the new features. I can get used to new updates. However, the slowness is driving me insane 😕 I chose Evernote over any other note-taking apps because of how quickly it loaded and how simple it was. I could just have one simple window to note down something real fast. Looking at other forum members' responses (and glad to see that I am not alone. OK maybe not glad to see the problem XD), it doesn't seem to be a problem with my computer. Before the update: New note ready to go instantly. After the update: Takes 3-4 seconds after pressing Ctrl + N (new note) to load up a new window. Followed by another 3-4 seconds of spinning. Then 1-2 seconds to load up the icons. I tried to deal with it but... after a while I just ended up using other apps. I hope the slowness will be fixed soon 😕
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