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  1. The elephant icon in the system tray is the give away. If it is there, then EN is still running in the background. So you are right you need to do file -> quit or right click the elephant icon and choose quit. This has always been how EN has worked. I suppose the difference now is the need to completely quit EN to free up RAM.
  2. 2. Fortunately ths works reliably for me. 4. Isn't this just the top list view which has now been reintroduced for some time?
  3. @Laura Josepha I would check that you are using the most up to date version (10.8.5). Quite a few of the issues you list have been resolved.
  4. Works for me. You could try F10 or from the menu view -> sidebar to see if that works.
  5. All clipped content now appears in a web content box. As websites become more and more complicated the conversion to Evernote format often gets screwed up. Their solution is to keep it in html format. The disadvantage is that it can't be edited or even highlighted. The two main options are to capture it in simplified format in the first place or to use the simplify and make editable option once you have clipped it.
  6. Glad you liked it. It is a useful housekeeping trick. I find it easier in V10 to accidentally create notes in other notebooks and not in my default notebook. My weekly "tag and move" process then gets missed. My default notebook is called @inbox so -tag:* -notebook:@inbox finds all the notes with no tag not in my default notebook. There should be none.
  7. I would also like the return of the ability to sort by anything that I can add to the side list or top list view which obviously includes tags. Common sense dictates that if you have a table you should be able to sort by any of the fields. In your use case you can simply search for: -tag:* which will bring up all notes without a tag.
  8. It's been raised before. There is currently no way of changing the default behaviour to be to display as an attachmnent. You can of course change individual pdfs in notes. The setting currently seems to persist between sessions,
  9. ctrl+/ gives you a list of all the keyboard and other shortcuts. Adding the date and time has been split into two. The new commands (with my way of remembering them!) are: ctrl-shift-D adds the time ("I need to control my time better") alt-shift-D add the date ("Can we find an alternative date?")
  10. I agree right clicking does not work but I just click in the link box and hit ctrl-V
  11. Still not working in: 10.9.2-win-ddl-beta (2402) Editor: v118.3.15310 Service: v1.29.2 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  12. Interesting approach. I'm afraid the possibility that I would accidentally press enter and ruin all my work would make me unlikely to use it. <period><left sq bracket><right sq bracket> is my current work around of choice but it's good to know there are other options.
  13. As a premium user you can raise a support ticket. Go to https://evernote.com/contact and choose access additional support options.
  14. The two workarounds that have been documented in this forum no longer seem to reliably work. ie put a space before the checkbox put the checkbox in a bulleted list You think it is working and then when you come back to it has either converted to a checklist or when you then do something like hit return it converts Another two options are: Put a different character (eg a period) before the checkbox. In light mode you can't make the leading character white (it reverts to black when you leave and come back to the note) but you can make it a faint grey if you want to.
  15. If I understand it correctly you want something like: The way I did this was after "fourth sub" I hit enter and got an indented 5. as expected. I then hit shift tab and this changed to the un-indented 3.
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