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  1. Great solution to something that has been bugging me for a while. As an alternative to the hyperlink I found I could just drag the shortcut from my desktop into a note - double clicking it then ran the search.
  2. When this first happened to me I thought I was going mad! I can confirm that both the work arounds described above also work for me: Open the note containing the link in a new window and then proceed as normal Right click the link and choose "Open in New Window" or just shift-click. I didn't understand the comment by DTLow that: There doesn't seem to be anything relevant in Help -> Release Notes, but perhaps he meant something different.
  3. I found this thread as I was trying to solve the same problem. I too have concluded that there is no complete solution but I would offer the following suggestions which helped me. The main feature that a bookmark has that an article etc may not have is the URL in the text of the note. A clipped article will only have a URL in the body of the note if there was one there in the original website text. Secondly bookmarks are small. While i cannot find a way of searching by size you can sort in order of size and save this view for the saved search (on Windows anyway). In addition a bookmark will not contain a pdf or a jpeg image (if an image is included it is in png format). So: source:web.clip* -resource:image/jpeg -resource:application/pdf http and then sorting by size will at least help. For me it went from 1094 notes just searching on source:web.clip to 234 of which about 90% were genuine bookmark notes; at the top of the list they all were. Once you've used the saved search you can then add additional search criteria (e.g. tags, text etc) in the search box to find what it is that you are looking for. The best solution is probably to remember to add a tag (e.g "bookmark") when you clip, but for going back over existing notes or as a check that you've remembered to tag, this search might be useful. Edit: My more recent notes seem to have the source web.clip7 instead of web.clip. I have therefore amended the search to include source:web.clip*
  4. This sometimes work - see my suggestion number 2 above. However, in my experience, formatting is not always preserved. Also if the html has links to other files (eg images) you don't get the images in the html document. Using the copying tools within the Windows version of EN, for the files I need to copy, is the most reliable method I've come across so far (see my suggestion 3 above)
  5. I've also struggled with this. I have a script that generates an html file that i want to save to Evernote. In the end I resorted to uploading to a web site and clipping from there. That only works because I have a website I can upload to and the contents of the file are not confidential. I've just discovered option 3 below and that seems to work for my file! Here are some other possible workarounds. The problem with most of them as that the formatting is messed up. Some of these may only work on Windows. 1. Copy and paste the contents of the html file into a new note 2. Use the windows upload folder feature. Just place the html file into the folder. This only works if it is a self contained file without links to images etc 3. Use the Evernote windows clipper accessed from the EN icon at the bottom right of the screen. If you highlight the html file you can then copy it directly into EN using the options found by right clicking the icon. In my experience this is most likely to preserve formatting. It can be achieved quite quickly with ctrl-A to copy and win-shift-A to paste directly into EN
  6. I don't remember that being an option in the past - I also hate the very ignorable "Reminders" at the top of the note list. I don't really use reminders at all but put a link to the note that I want to be reminded about as a task in my task manager (Todoist). This fits with my personal philosophy that all tasks are in Todoist and information is in Evernote. Would a shortcut to a saved search help? For example the search text: reminderTime:day will bring up all notes with a reminder set for today or later. You could at least arrange for that to be at the top of your shortcuts in the left hand pane. Other search options are here
  7. If you are not seeing a reminder date on a note in the windows client but there is a reminder date on the same note on your phone that sounds like a problem with the windows data base. You could confirm this by checking the note in the web client. If you press Ctrl and Help in the Windows client you will get a number of troubleshooting options. I would try something like "Fix all notes" and see if that helps. I recently had to use the "Recreate full text search index" because EN was not finding a note I knew was there. Now it works.
  8. Unfortunately I find Jane Does approach a little inconsistent. Sometimes it doesn't copy embedded pictures etc. html is one of the three text based formats (the others are txt and rtf) that Evernote renders as the body of the note if you simply drop the file into Evernote (or use the import folder in the windows desktop version). Unfortunately, again, this doesn't always include embedded content like pictures. The most reliable approach I have found (for stand alone html files with the content embedded) is to copy the html file to Dropbox. View the file on the Dropbox website interface (open in a new tab to avoid all the dropbox clutter) and then to use the EN webclipper from there. Unfortunately the webclipper doesn't work on local files
  9. I know this post is a bit old but I found it while searching with the same problem. There are various potential solutions that I have eventually discovered. Direct import of an html file (via the import folder in windows Evernote) only works for simple files and normally fails to include pictures and also changes the formatting. In my experience this is actually more likely to fail if you embed pictures etc in the file. My best solution is as follows: Save the html file to dropbox. Open the file on the dropbox web interface - you need to open in a new tab in order to see it without any dropbox clutter. You can then use the webclipper. Another solution that works is to cut and paste the file from chrome into gmail and then either use the webclipper from there or even better, if you are a premium user, e-mail into Evernote
  10. If you use the web version of Evernote you might be interested in the AlterNote editor extension for Chrome. This gives some advanced editing options which are not available on Windows or the web interface. In particular you can make table lines disappear so in your case the text would appear as two columns, which is what you originally wanted. Having said that the default table lines are quite subtle in EN.
  11. While I maintain that shorter notes and tags are the way to go (see my post above) I made a serendipitous discovery today. Alternote is a Chrome plugin which gives additional editing features for Evernote. I use it mainly to make the cells of tables different colours. I discovered today that it has a fairly primitive "collapse child items" feature. It's by no means a complete solution but might be worth playing with.
  12. I agree that some context would be useful. Meanwhile the new update to webclipper released today (6.9.2) seems to solve the problems I was having. I'm therefore also at a loss as to what this new version is trying to achieve - which makes me worry that we are going to be forced down a compulsory simplified text approach, where all our clips are going to be coerced into some bland house style. Please tell me I'm wrong!
  13. Well the good news is that it seems to solve the scrambled text problem. Pages that are unreadable in clipper are ok. There is only a simplified view available at the moment, which would not suit my needs long term, so I hope EN are not ditching the range of options available in the current clipper. The preview of the simplified view is very different from what you get in Evernote Windows, especially for tables. The link below gives the original article (full screen from webclipper), a screen shot of part of the preview and the actual meister clipper version http://www.evernote.com/l/AT3D12NQA_pB06BkDRPhRMBJAUar_HOKrfY/ It is also very slow Perhaps rather than trying to mend something that you broke you should just revert back to the version before you broke it (6.7.1) and get on with fixing some of the other bugs that need sorting.
  14. See https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004877-How-to-add-date-and-time-stamps-to-your-notes Evernote for Windows: Date and Time Stamp (Control + ; or Shift + Alt + D) Also remember that the created date and time and the updated date and time are available in the information window for the note. If you are a premium user you can also see all the updates with the date/time.
  15. Here's two possible workarounds: Have each section as a separate note and then pull the whole thing together by creating a table of contents note. It's not exactly what you wanted and the main disadvantage is that you need to recreate the TOC note each time you add a new note. Another similar approach is to have separate notes again and tag each one with the same tag. Searching for that tag (I suggest saving the search to make it just one click) would pull up all the notes. You could then easily click the one you wanted, especially if you organise notes alphabetically by title. This would be my preferred option. I think Evernote works best when you have notes which are just little chunks of information and then create the hierarchy though tags, notebooks or tables of contents. It doesn't really create structures within a note.
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