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  1. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who didn't read the notes beforehand and thought v10 was just another update... V10 makes me want to cry and that's not a relationship I will tolerate with my software. I just need to get info in (and have it actually be there) and be able to find it to get it back out when needed, without feeling betrayed. Is that too much to ask?
  2. I updated to 10.5.7 this morning in the middle of something I was working on. That something was an excel doc that lives in EN. I had saved it at least once and can see that because the file does show today's tab. I restarted my computer after the update. (Incidentally, I had a hard time getting v10.5.7 to even start). The short version of this story is, even though I'm a compulsive saver and had specifically synced in Legacy several times after my update, my file never actually saved beyond that early morning change. After doing the same tests in both versions, in the note and separ
  3. @W4KLV my TOC "hack" is decent for static things. Not sure how many links you can copy at once. I've never done more than maybe 12. I checked out Filterize and it looks very promising. I can definitely see where it could keep some of my most painful frequent tasks under control. A little bit excited about it TBH. 😃
  4. @DTLowYou ARE giving me ideas. I have stuff in EN that doesn't need to be there anymore, but should be saved in a still accessible, if static, format. I can work with the test note I just exported. I'll need to try it on a group of notes first, but I can see the possibility of doing that and backing up to my NAS. Thankfully I'm pretty good about creating useful note titles and I'm a heavy linker.
  5. Thanks @DTLow You're giving me ideas about how to potentially archive some old items. What do you do about attachments?
  6. Beyond that, I'd consider when your annual subscription runs out, if that's how you roll. That gives me until the end of March.
  7. When did this font thing happen? I could have sworn I had tons of options when I first installed 10.4.44 last Friday.
  8. My issue has resolved itself and I feel like I should have figured it out already, based on what @ArjenCsaid above. My unique ID number actually starts with a letter. My brain tells me it's a number, and EN used to let me search a partial string, but now, apparently the letter makes it a word. If the string is "M20.24599" I will find my note (the instances in the title, note/email body, pdf and the note with the excel doc) when I type that in exactly. Before v10 I could search "24599" and find any instance of that partial string. It's frustrating that this seems to be a fundamental change
  9. @DTLow I think any auto-anything should allow some user intervention. At minimum, do X routine, but flag for possible verification and tweaking. I have everything start in an Unsorted notebook, but I do have a regular influx of auto-FW emails that, if they did filter themselves (though not tag, in that particular case), would reduce some of my repetitive tasks. @gazumped I'm very interested. Sounds like what you use can be pretty granular, which could be delightfully flexible. I'm all for that. Thanks for the tip.
  10. In the Account Preferences (online, under Account, at least as of v10.4.4) we have an option to auto-file emails and auto-tag. I'd like to see that split into two different checkbox options: auto-file, and separately, auto-tag. The Tag option could further allow auto-selected tags OR give the user the ability to set them specifically. I email in a lot of content, but what it is varies quite a bit. It would save me a lot of time if I could have all my incoming emails auto-tag with the year and possibly some other things. I can see others wanting their notes just auto-tag based on what is i
  11. This has been commented on elsewhere. The web clipper appears to be gone for Windows. Not sure about Android. I know it's not as convenient, but you can select, copy and paste the content in a new note. That's something I started doing a while back so I could get the text without all the various web elements and unneeded formatting. If I really need to see something exactly how it appears on a website I'll take a screen snip. I keep reading that some of the previous features will come back as they continue to work on v10, but I've not seen any dates or a roadmap. If I've missed that info,
  12. I did more tinkering and discovered that yes, all my above mentioned searches work as expected in Legacy, which I now have installed side by side with v10.4.4. I can also confirm that it's happening with PDFs that are newly added, a month old, 6 months old and several years old. In my case EN doesn't appear to be indexing the PDF titles, among other sins. I still wonder if it has something to do with security settings on the PDFs themselves, but the PDFs of different ages have different settings. Also missing is the same number string which is in an Excel in EN. Unfortunately, I just foun
  13. I'm not sure if there is a difference in the security settings of some of my unique ID number email attachments, but I just found one that, while general search still won't find the note, "find in note" does find the ID number in the body of the PDF and the body of the note - but still not in the title of the note (email subject) or PDF title.
  14. Actually, I get as many tag suggestions as there are unique tags, depending on what I select first. I just filtered 4 tags in one specific folder and still had the option to filter by dates, email addresses and phone numbers. Search syntax can still be valuable; sometimes I don't want to click that much. YMMV
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