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  1. trbyers - the latest Rocketbook ap update has a new "naming template" that allows custom names. I can already open their attachments just fine with the standard note header, so I suspect you have something else going on. I'm on EN, win7 My OCR with RB is for sh*t. I get zero recognition in EN searches (RB files are PDF), but I also get gobeldygook when I OCR an RB page manually, so... And here I though I was being all careful with my handwriting especially for RB notes...
  2. +1 vote for an archive feature or at minimum a "do not search this folder" option. I've been using EN since 2010 and have 15k+ notes (in my work acct - no idea about my personal one). I currently use a "ZZZ Archive" notebook stack and tag. Boy do I not need to search all notes every time.
  3. I'm on Win7 and noticed the same larger font at print issue on 5.8 or 5.9. I just switched to 6.06 and it's even worse. The smallest font size (8pt) prints like it's 16pt.
  4. Since New Evernote for Windows 5.9.6 GA the default view for EN Win desktop has become greatly expanded. More padding has been added to each icon, the white space in the left folder view (to the left) and between lines, to the tool bar, each icon, each line of text in the notes and tables and the editing tools for the note view. This all adds up to less content view and less productivity. I have to do more actions to find a shortcut/note/tag in the left panel, I can see less info in a large table, etc. When I shrink my whole EN window to show more than one line of desktop icons my left EN panel disappears. That means I can't drag and drop a desktop doc into my EN folder structure easily. What I'd like to see is an option for a compressed view, like Gmail gives. I'd also like to see an option to make the left panel width be static (like it used to be) or dynamic.
  5. Another picky layout problem... I usually view my EN window pretty big, but not at full screen. That way I can drag and drop files easily from my desktop to my notebook structure in the left panel. Since the new update when I shrink the window a tad from where I usually keep it, the the left panel folds itself away and disappears entirely. That may be helpful on some devices, but I'm not finding it that way on my regular desktop. It would be nice to have the general layout go back to being static or give us the option of static / dynamic, along with having a compressed view version available.
  6. Hey @ MauroC "I am currently using EverNote 5.9.6 and apparently the problem has been mitigated. I will continue to give feedbacks on the usage." I completely disagree. I started using about a week ago and this is still happening to me. I think it's been going on since I moved to Win7 (Pro, SP1, 8GB RAM). My EN freezes periodically - like maybe a dozen times a day - for up to 20 seconds or so. I get that it might need to do that while syncing, but it also does it at other random times and its more and more frequent. I have a 4.5GB database with just over 10,000 notes now. That this happens with something that is all one giant file makes a lot of sense. If the MacOS method of multiple files isn't an option right now, what is? Does anyone have a good, clean, way to archive a portion of their files that would be fairly easy to restore in case something needed to be looked up?
  7. +1 for a native Linux Evernote! I use EN extensively both for work and home. It's now the only program keeping me on Windows.
  8. I just noticed an odd new glitch: my left panel is auto scrolling as I mouse around. And I mean anywhere. It's happening even if EN is not the active window. Very annoying. That happening to anyone else? Another thing, and this may be due to something in my set-up, but since the last update, sometimes when I try to right click and save an email to EN it has started telling me "failed to load client request".
  9. Are you looking for a link to a file not saved in the Evernote Database? I'm not sure why it would do that, since that would be outside its file structure. I'm able to drag various files into the EN window. Not sure if you can drag in a folder, but I don't think I've ever tried. I find that I save more files into EN and skip the usual folder structure of the computer itself. Windows search capability has been slower than molasses since Win7, at least in my networked environment. For many good reasons, we must maintain our Windows file/folder structure. Evernote should link to outside files and folders just like it can link to an URL. It is possible, but cumbersome - you create a shortcut to the folder or file in Windows, then drag the shortcut into Evernote. We should be able to drag a file or folder directly into Evernote and get the option to copy or link it upon dropping. If we link it, we should get a link in blue just like when we drag&drop an URL. As it is, we get a box with file name, date and time that takes up three times the room it needs to. I hadn't thought of doing it that way. I just tried it and it works, but it does give a box instead of a text link. I like having many docs in EN directly so that I can access them on my phone as well. I would think EN wouldn't be able to access files that are actually on your computer via some other platform if you use your shortcut method. Granted, you might not use multiple platforms. My other concern would be out of program backups. It's probably not something everyone does, but if you wanted to backup your EN database and the associated folder where attached documents are stored, you have to fully exit EN by logging off and stop the processes for the EN system tray and web clipper. Backup programs will pass over in-use files.
  10. Are you looking for a link to a file not saved in the Evernote Database? I'm not sure why it would do that, since that would be outside its file structure. I'm able to drag various files into the EN window. Not sure if you can drag in a folder, but I don't think I've ever tried. I find that I save more files into EN and skip the usual folder structure of the computer itself. Windows search capability has been slower than molasses since Win7, at least in my networked environment.
  11. Installed (277494) Public today on a Win7 machine. Not bad so far, but not problem free. The tables are getting more useful and the image resizing is great, though I do agree that the handle is pretty hard to see. My issues come down to visual format. There is more spacing everywhere on the toolbars, around the icons, the left panel, list panel and note panel. There is far too much padding inside the table cells. I want maximum note content, which is now space that is being taken up by toolbars and cell padding. For example, I have a list of shortcuts and notebooks that requires scrolling to see in it's entirety, even when the window is at max. I'm currently seeing about 10 fewer lines with the new spacing and that left panel has to be at least an inch wider to see almost the full titles. I also use the highlighter a lot and that is now the first button off the note screen. I'd like to suggest that we have a couple overall style options that would alter the icon size, padding and line spacing. Maybe standard, compact and compressed or just the first two.
  12. Sometimes when I save an email from Outlook via the built in button the resulting note contains a duplicate file attachments. I can't say how long this has been going on, but it has been longer than this last update and it isn't consistent. I just realized that it happens when I open the individual email and use the button there but NOT when I right click the email in the general inbox. The duplication happens when the screen to add tags, etc comes up. Obviously I can deselect the second attachment copy, but that isn't alwayts convienent when there are multiple attachments to begin with. I'm on Win7 pro, 64 bit, Outlook 2010.
  13. I'm having the same problem with saving from Outlook - I can't save multiple emails at the same time anymore and haven't been able to do so for at least a couple updates. I miss it and would like it back, but can survive without it. I'm on Win7 pro, 64 bit, EN (276742) Public, Outlook 2010.
  14. It would be a lot easier to see both options - 'Create http Note Link' and 'Create internal Note Link' on the right click menu. Now I understand why some of my links go to the web from my phone, but not others. Odd that it didn't start happening my computer until recently.
  15. I just found this discussion and am thinking I as a little hasty in my criticism. Basically, at some point they changed the way the paste behavior acts once you right click and select 'copy note link'. The CLASSIC behavior is to always make a link within EN. The NEW behavior is to link to the browser version when you use control K, to access the URL dialog box, but the familiar internal link when you simply paste. I simply failed to notice the change - much to my detriment. I'd like to know when / why the behavior of going to browser links started. Up until the update before the most recent (the most recent for me being V5.9.0.8665 (276665) Public) I NEVER got links that went to the browser unless I copied the URL of some page. I see two problems - at least for me - since I create links constantly: I need to add my link to the text I enter most of the time. Linking to the note title is sometimes too long or confusing for others. How can I get all my existing, unintentional, external note links to point internally? I have so many links that I almost can't go back and redo each one. The difficulty of finding what I want just be searching (I'm up to almost 10,000 notes) is the reason I started using links in the first place.All in all, I do love EN and have been a Premium member since 2010. EN has changed a tedious job that involved a bookcase full of paper docs into an indexed, accessible, searchable experience that allows me to hold the contents of that bookshelf in the palm of my hand, in the field. EN, help me with point #2 and I'll figure out #1!
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