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Add right to left direction support


Hello guys!

I use both English and Hebrew in my Evernote notebooks.

There is some support for right to left languages (Hebrew in my case) but it can be improved.

Currently I can align the text to the right and what it does exactly is it shifts the sentence to the right.

What I want is to change the sentence direction (or flow) to be right to left too.

You can see how it's implemented in Microsoft's office word or Google's docs for example.

See screenshots for comparison:

evernote right to left example.PNG

googledocs right to left example.PNG

Notice how the words in the sentence are all shuffled and ordered badly when compared to google docs, especially when inserting English words or punctuation marks.

Thank you very much, yours with love, Alex 😁


So after searching I found out there is an open issue:

I discovered from the comments you can actually hit CTRL + SHIFT on the right side to set the text direction to be RTL just like I wanted!

I still can't do it on android though. It would be nice if there were buttons to easily set the direction on all platforms and visibly see the current direction that was set.

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