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  1. I was thinking that it would be nice if Cmd+Enter triggers the save button on dialog appears from Mac Share Menu as it does in Quick Note.
  2. After several years working with Evernote and testing almost any system implementation from GTD to Action Method and etc. I finally developed something on top of Evernote using Workflowy and the principle of Bullet Journal. I am testing it for a while and it works great! Requirements: Evernote Account Evernote Moleskine Notebook Workflowy Account Getting familiar with Bullet Journal Basically, Workflowy works as a daily planner and project planner, Evernote as a content management and digital note-taking platform, and Moleskine as a analog note-taking platform. If you are getting interested start reading it in detail, I call it: Workflowy Journal
  3. Hi Forum, I really like new Web Clipper but the new shortcut for calling the Web Clipper which is ` conflicts with new GMail inbox shortcut. If you press ` in Gmail it will change the inbox tab for you, but now both Clipper and Gmail behave weirdly. Cheers, Amir.
  4. The main problem is the performace problem in my case. I have expreience lots of lag and slow actions. Maybe it's because of initial indexing. Hope to see better performance in general.
  5. Dear forum, I have developed a small application for windows that helps you to quickly take notes in Windows. The idea is similar to the "Evernote Qiuck Note for OS X" but with more features: Right-to-left, Markdown, Evernote Reminder, Inline Tags and Notebook assignment, and ... It is fast, easy to use and powerful. Take a look: NimbleBox. Hope you like it.
  6. Check out my project, NimbleBox. I have developed a small application for windows to deal with this problem. I have also implemented some other features. Right-to-left, Markdown, Evernote Reminder, Inline Tags and Notebook assignment, and ... Please check out my application on http://nimblebox.me, and watch the Demo Video here: http://nimblebox.me/...box-demo-video/ Kind Regards, Amir.
  7. I have noticed that the typing cursor won't be shown sometimes. It happens when I want to edit a note with a only a title in the snippet view. Clicking on the note will show the note on the right side, but clicking on the note content won't show the cursor although the cursor is on the note content. Starting to type will show the cursor. Update: the note should be created without the content in the first place. If you create a note, and type something in the content you don't see the problem. Just make a note with title only, click on another note, select the note, click on the note content, there is not cursor but it should be.
  8. I think that would be great if Evernote for Android tag selection form can fill with "Recently used tags" instead of only a message.
  9. I have a note with an image in it. After removing the image, Evernote still shows the snippet of the deleted image. That's the problem.
  10. Since the note info has been moved above the note title, the tab stops are behaving strangely. Pressing tab usually moves the cursor from the top control to the bottom control. However, in the v5, starting from note title and pressing 'tab' does reverse. It goes up to the 'created' and then 'updated' and finally the 'note content'.
  11. There is a bug when searching for Notebook in Notebooks section! I'll get the error as soon as I start to type.
  12. Getting the same error. Plus I couldn't install the Evernote 4.6 anymore, getting the same error for that too.
  13. Thanks @martin, I really appreciate your proposal. That would be great but at the moment I'm working on my thesis at the same time. I will contact you as soon as I have started to work on it more frequently
  14. At the moment it only supports Markdown. I'll put it into the features list; hopefully I can implement it.
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