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  1. It seems that Evernote has slightly different features available on each of its platforms. But as someone who uses Evernote exclusively in Arabic, I have to say that I LOVE working in Evernote. I use a desktop-based, premium version on a Mac. I have full RTL support (enabled by right-clicking, then selecting text direction for paragraph). They are also one of the few programs that can actually do a decent text search in Arabic, even with OCR on images of texts. I'm sad to hear that RTL isn't enabled as well on other platforms, but if any of the commenters above are working on Macs, I'm surprised to hear you're having issues. Try downloading the desktop-based program and see if that resolves the issues? I'm including a screen shot of RTL options on my version of Evernote.
  2. Adiron: Have you experienced this on the desktop version? I'm also curious if you're using free vs. premium. I use Evernote on a daily basis in Arabic (desktop, premium version) and have never had an issue with it reverting to the wrong paragraph direction. I'm wondering if the glitch is specific to Hebrew, for some reason? Sorry I can't offer a solution. I'm just curious why RTL seems to be a problem for some users and not others, since I also recommend Evernote to colleagues who work in RTL languages.
  3. @Muhammad Darwish - are you using a PC or a Mac? I've had full RTL support on Evernote (Mac, premium version, works on both desktop and web-based).
  4. I am using the desktop application (premium account) on a mac. When working within a note, I right-click, select "Paragraph direction," and then select "right to left." I also just tried it on the web-based version. There, when you right-click, you can select "writing direction"and then "right to left." Hope this helps!
  5. I started using Evernote a few months ago for dissertation research that involves using Arabic. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Arabic is supported, even on Mac, in terms of correctly displaying and connecting the letters. I have also been able to change the paragraph direction (RTL) by right clicking and selecting for it. What is annoying, and what I'm hoping Evernote will address, is the fact that you have to go through this cumbersome right-click>paragraph direction>RTL process every time you switch languages. It would be brilliant (and other software does this) that selecting for a new language automatically puts it into the correct paragraph direction. I hope that's a feature that will come out soon? It will make for a much smoother user experience!
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