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  1. I agree to what you are saying... Rtl is everything to me concerning notes, yet its a wonderful app and ditching it for rtl ia a shame they should do something in this regard
  2. Agree lets give them a low rating... But not 1 star i think it wont be fair with them...
  3. I dont have a desktop... I use it on my android tablet
  4. i think its time to ditch this program... (saying this with heavy heart)
  5. i work in four languages English, Urdu, Arabic and Hebrew. so practically evernote is useless for me without RTL support. Being one of the best program out there its a shame they are not resolving this issue.
  6. I love Evernote the best note program out there but it is becoming useless for me in this regard... I dont understand whats the big issue in fixing it...
  7. what a set back it appears like this not workable at all
  8. i wont be using it anymore for the real work if RtL does not appear... its sad... and its a shame that even simplest of note apps out there support it
  9. right to left support... please do something in this regard
  10. nothing they have done to solve right to left issue
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