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  1. gazumped's post in According to Evernote Terms of Service was marked as the answer   
    Actually we're mostly users here.  Support are the people to talk to for 'official' answers.  Subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and Free users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or use the feedback option in the mobile client). 
    In general,  if someone logs into your account despite that fact you're using a unique password and 2-factor authentication 1) it'll be pretty amazing and 2) they could do anything that you could do within the account - including adding,  deleting and editing note content.  So the thing to do is to avoid that if you can...  As an experienced computer user I keep my own backup of all my files locally - including Evernote's database.
    Evernote being hacked - what exactly do you mean?  They occupy banks of Google servers around the world.  The worst that could happen would be for someone to get away with user names and passwords to gain access to individual accounts - see my comments above.
    Accounts being deleted - won't happen unless you - or evil you - specifically did so.  See Backups.
    Evernote shutdown.  They're a billion-dollar company with hundreds of millions of users.  Even if they shut down there'd be an avalanche of new companies stepping in to help former users save their data.
  2. gazumped's post in A particular Note has converted to HTML was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Device?  OS?  If you click or tap into the note,  is there a header/ toolbar with symbols?
  3. gazumped's post in How to use evernote for work and personal? was marked as the answer   
    Yeah - generally the trick to avoid sharing personal stuff on a work PC is to have a personal paid account and a work 'free' account with one or more notebooks shared between the two.  Log into whichever account is appropriate for where you are.  Clipper will automatically save to the logged account.  See something at work that you need for home?  Clip to your shared notebook.  Need some home stuff to check out at work?  Add it to your shared notebook while at home so you can look at it at work.
  4. gazumped's post in Technical Support Access was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  The same page that allowed you to create a ticket should also offer the chat feature - although that depends on which time zone you are in.  However if you do open a chat session,  the Evernote agent will have to find out how far the escalated ticket has been processed before they are able to comment,  and you'll find that out when support respond to your original email.  I'd suggest you hold on for a little while longer before chasing.  Sometimes it just takes a while to find and fix an issue.
  5. gazumped's post in Saving files as .enex was marked as the answer   
    If you didn't download the Legacy version,  try that - you get a local copy of notebooks and can export pretty quickly IME
  6. gazumped's post in Suddenly when I view my notes, the font size and picture size is super small and unreadable was marked as the answer   
    As you're a subscriber,  you can definitely use the link I posted to get hold of Support - we're mainly other users here.  You should find though that if you hold Ctrl and use the "+" key,  you can zoom in on your text.  Don't know why it might have zoomed out in the first place,  but I'm also a 6.25 user with no problems on text size.  I moved your post to the correct forum for Windows and 6.25 (hence my confusion earlier...)
  7. gazumped's post in Unable to save this note’s content as template was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Have you created the note and synced it before you tried to save it as a template?
  8. gazumped's post in What is the difference between Evernote Windows Store App and Evernote Desktop was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  This is a mainly user 2 user forum - for a definitive answer you'd need to talk to Support;  but from our experience there's no difference in features - the Windows store just wraps the app in a Windows Store format and ties updates to that system.  WIth the Evernote direct versions you get updates and alerts as soon as they are issued - and maybe a little faster than via a Windows approval process.
  9. gazumped's post in Quickly input date or date/time was marked as the answer   
    Auto Hotkey or Phrase Express will give you dates and times to any layout you require. Just a quick keyboard shortcut to paste the data.
  10. gazumped's post in I forgot my Email address received a link to reset password. was marked as the answer   
    Ah.  OK - I understand now.  The only option here is to contact Support - we're mostly users in the Forums;  no access to account information.  You'll need to change the email address in your account as well as establishing a new password.  Contact https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new for support - use 'account' from the drop-down options as an issue type, or use the help/ feedback link from one of the mobile apps. 
  11. gazumped's post in Evernote returner - old notebooks deleted but still showing in sidebar was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  There's been a long-standing issue that some users receiving shares from others,  cannot remove the share from their own account,  even if the owner cancels the share from their end.  If you're testing out the new EN with a free account and have binned your own note history,  it would make sense to create a completely new account rather than spend time trying to engineer the issue. 
    If you do take this route you'd need to remove your current email address from this account before deactivating it to create a new one - unless you have an alternate address you're happy to use.  More details here - Deactivate your Evernote account
  12. gazumped's post in Unable to delete a KIV tag was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Was KIV part of a note / notebook shared to you?  Have you tried signing out of Evernote and back in? Restarting your device? Uninstall / restart / reinstalling?
  13. gazumped's post in Pin Templates was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Why not use Evernote's template feature? 
    When you create a new note just click on 'use template' and you'll get a screen showing your own saved note templates. 
    Use templates
  14. gazumped's post in Can't Update! was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Try downloading from Evernote.com?
  15. gazumped's post in How do I change the name of a tag? was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Either find the original tag and edit it,  or add a new tag with the correct spelling and delete the old one?
  16. gazumped's post in Do real people read our notes. was marked as the answer   
    ...and if the OP's question is about people reading through your saved notes...  see:  https://evernote.com/privacy/policy
  17. gazumped's post in Contents of Notes Disappeared was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  See What to do if content is missing from a note 
    And. Having been using computers for a very long time now,  I backup my files daily... just in case...
  18. gazumped's post in Are there formatting features only available in Premium? was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  There's nothing more in the paid version - but you already quoted the answer;  create your note in GDocs or Word and save to searchable PDF.  Attach both files to a note.  You'll be able to see the body of the note on some devices,  and if you become a subscriber the content will be fully searchable.
  19. gazumped's post in Losing larger images when creating a template was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Evernote version? Size of images? - And if you create the content as a normal note and sync it with the server,  does anything get deleted?  If not, you could export that note to ENEX and save it to a desktop file.  Double-clicking the file should create a new note with the same content...
  20. gazumped's post in BLANK NOTES was marked as the answer   
    Hi. Users have reported blank displays just after upgrading,  while the app updates itself completely.  Sometimes it takes signing out and back in,  or a complete restart; but no-one I know has been left without notes. 
    If this is still an issue for you - OS? Evernote version? device?
  21. gazumped's post in Workaround Outlook when not allowed by moderator was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  Finding ways 'around' work restrictions can be dangerous to your career,  so be careful of what you do here...  but if you become a subscriber you could forward emails to your account email address - Save emails into Evernote
    Otherwise there's copy and paste,  or 'printing' emails to PDF to attach to notes...
  22. gazumped's post in Welcome to Evernote Web Clipper! opens upon FF startup was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  The browser web clipper is a separate app from the desktop client. Your Firefox browser is apparently reacting as though the clipper app has just been installed.  Try using the browser settings to remove that extension,  restart your browser and reinstall the extension.  You'll see the welcome page again - hopefully once only this time.
  23. gazumped's post in Won't open in full screen was marked as the answer   
    Close it down how?  If you File > Exit correctly it 'should' remember your windows state.
  24. gazumped's post in Notifications not working on Android was marked as the answer   
  25. gazumped's post in What stops me from subscribing to Evernote? Why do you keep trying to charge me? your strategy? was marked as the answer   
    Hi.  You're currently using a free account which has some limitations on the number of devices used to access your notes. If you abide by those restrictions you can continue to use the service for free.  No credit card is required - and you should have free access to your account details to remove it if for some reason you have already submitted it.  For information:  we're mainly users here,  so have no interest in whether or not you subscribe at any time.
    Understanding the device limit
    How to manage your Evernote subscription
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