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  1. jbenson2's post in Search, How to jump to next found keyword occurrence? was marked as the answer   
    Here is a list of shortcuts for the Mac.
    I only use Windows, but I believe a similar search method is used for Macs.
    I try to avoid long documents, but if needed, I use the following steps.
    Searching for a specific word involves two steps.
    1. Narrow the possible choices down with the general search (through all your notebooks) for the word automobile.
    2. Another search is done inside the very long documents. Ctrl F is used in Windows. This will find the word automobile throughout the long document. I just click on the next down icon to jump to through all the automobile words
  2. jbenson2's post in Presentation mode doesn't change notes any more was marked as the answer   
    Navigate to the next and previous note within the same notebook (Mac):
    Next note: Use Cmd + Right arrow Previous note: Use Cmd + Left arrow
  3. jbenson2's post in How to merge notes in reverse order? was marked as the answer   
    "oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom?"
    Here is what I do with Evernote Windows. I believe this will work with a Mac.
    If there are 3 notes that need to be merged into one:
    1.) I start with the newest note and change the Created Date to NOW.
    2.) Then change the next to newest note to NOW. (a couple seconds later)
    3.) And finally the oldest to NOW. (a couple seconds later)
    If you have the sort criteria set for date, the 3 notes will be ready for merging in the correct order. 
    4.) Merge
    And if the original Create Date is important, you can edit the merged note's Create Date back to the correct date and time.

  4. jbenson2's post in Where are documents (.doc .pdf) stored in Windows Evernote? Can I access them from Windows Explorer? was marked as the answer   
    They are all stored inside the .EXB file
    Open Database File
    The default location in Windows is usually:
    C:\Users\ [user name] \AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote
  5. jbenson2's post in Can I update the thumbnail image? was marked as the answer   
    1.) see the "largest smallest" explanation - scroll down for more details - kind of an ugly procedure
    add the 75 pixel rule to make it a bit more complicated
    2.) to delete, place cursor just to the right of the photo, or one line below and press backspace to delete it.
  6. jbenson2's post in Finding and deleting duplicate notes was marked as the answer   
    Sort by the "Title" and view the notes as you scroll downwards.
    If that is too many, then narrow the results by searching for a key word you think might be a duplicate.
    I have over 30,000 notes with very few duplicates. I doubt that Evernote would add a deduplication feature. A duplicate note is not much of a problem for most users. When they come across a duplicate, they just delete it. 
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