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  1. Hello Amir, How your thesis is going? I switched computers and tried to re-add Nimblebox to the newer one. Installation went smoothly than the first authentication process too. However after the first came a second one asking for a re-approval. Pressing that brought up a Linkedin popup mixed with Evernote request (see top line in attached image - failed..- How do you add an image here?) without any possibility to terminate the process. Any idea what's going on there?
  2. Another non-elegant-but-usable workaround is to keep both the "collapsed" and the "expanded" version in the same note. 1. Type your note. 2. At the end add a bar (control+shift+underscore). 3. Copy the note and paste it again under the bar. 4. In the upper copy delete all the material that otherwise you would hide in Word. That`s it. The upper part of the note will serve as the "collapsed" note. The lower part is the "expanded" version. Good luck..
  3. Thanks Matt for the fast and informative review. I do not live in the US so it would have taken me some time to get it. In the light of your description I think I will do. You see, most of my colleagues are "...completely new to GTD and Evernote..".
  4. Anna, Thanks for the links and good luck in the Devcup!
  5. I receive regularly a newsletter from David Allen Co. regarding various GTD subjects. The recent issue reports about the publication of Setup Guides containing GTD best practices for Evernote users, both Windows and Mac. Here is the link: https://secure.davidco.com/store/catalog/Setup-Guides-p-1-c-263.php It is needless to say that I am not affiliated with neither DA Co. or Evernote, but any help in combining these two is much welcomed.
  6. Cool, TomF! It is important to note that EN recognizes the imported table, and the table right-click menu commands such as "insert row above" etc. are fully functional. BTW, it is also possible to use Word (which is more prevalent) rather than Onenote for that purpose. Another simple solution to the problem of column width dizziness in EN tables is as follows: - Draw the table with the number of desired rows and columns. At this point all the columns have an identical width. - Use the Underscore key _ for drawing a continuous line _________ just above the first column, which is a bit shorter than the column's width. - Copy (or better - Cut) this line. - Paste the line into each of the cells in the first row. - Done. This table has columns with an identical fixed width!. - If columns with different widths are required, draw a segmented line which spans the total width of the table, divided according to the desired width of each column - something like that _____ _______________ ____ ________ - Now cut and paste each segment into the appropriate cell in the first row. - Done. This table has different, fixed width columns.
  7. Search for non-characters was available until version 2.2. It was deliberately omitted (except the search for the underscore) during the shift to the 3.x version. Many users complained since it is very useful indeed. I remember Dave Engberg explaining the reasoning for that but unfortunately I do not have the reference. Consequently, while apparently you don't like underscores visually, if In-line tags are very useful to you then sooner or later you will end up using the underscore as suggested above. Addendum: Just recalled another trick I have considered a while ago for in-text bookmark\tag marking, which is adding a non-obstructive character to the word in case. The best choice was the letter "i" in front of a capitalized tag. Thus searching for iWater or [iWater] will find this tag but not any other water, "water" , [water] in the database. I hope that this alternative could be more appealing than the underscore. Of course, capitalization of the tag is not essential, and the "i" could be added at the end of the tag as well. In any case it should be adjacent to the in-text tag, no space is allowed. Finally, it is possible to create a multi-level tag hierarchy by using an i, ii, iii system. BTW I have noticed that a computer company based in the US is using this i[Word] combination with much success.. Good luck!
  8. Jefito your guess is correct. Thanks! In brief, when using the actual tag search - tag: - retrieval behaves normally. - Let say I have a note, note-1, tagged with "Sunday". - If I press F6 (global search) and write "Sunday" note-1 is retrieved as expected. - Now I use "rename" in the tag's dropdown menu, to change it into "Monday". - If I press F6 again and write "Monday", note-1 is NOT retrieved (although it is tagged with "Monday"). - However, If I press F6 and write "Sunday", note-1 is nevertheless retrieved (although it is tagged with "Monday"). - Interestingly, if I press F6 again and use the search term "tag:" , it works OK, that is note-1 is retrieved with "tag:Monday" but not with "tag:Sunday". I hope that for EN programmers this information should be sufficient to resolve this bug. TIA.
  9. Just filed a ticket regarding this issue - number #16051-223922. Good luck!.
  10. I have reported this bug more than a year ago. See this post. As you can see in that thread Dlu of the Evernote team promissed there to file it off to be worked on. In addition I filed a ticket myself - # 16051-68503 - "[bug] Original tags can be used as keywords in standard search, but not after editing." I have tested that from time to time but the bug was still there. Nobody else reported similar behaviour so I was thinking that this could be a problem of my system, and therefore I gave up. Apparently I am not the only one anymore . I may send the previous ticket again, just in case..
  11. This feature is being requested frequently for a couple of years. The most promising reply so far can be found here, where EN says: "We are currently evaluating the ability to add RTL support to our applications (RTL input at least)" (October 2011). This is definitely more than just "thank you" but still not enough.. However there is some workaround for RTL, provided that one is ready to use the web client in Chrome (see here), as follows: 1. While in Google Chrome, sign into your web account. 2. Press right-control+shift, and start typing RTL (right-to-left). 3. To get back to English-style LTR press left-control+shift. BTW There is an add-on for Firefox - Force RTL - which presumably works with FF 3. I tried it (a year ago) with FF 7, just in case, but it didn't work.. Good luck.
  12. Somewhat rare event but probably very irritating.. Kudos to Maya! Reminding me of the so-called Opening-hours paradox, termed after the infamous lines at the bottom of the ad about the opening hours to the zoo: "....People who cannot read this post please ask the ticket seller". I recall similar situation reported a couple of years ago, but couldn't find it. However during the search I did find a post related to the error-proned scrolling procedure that mentioned by the OP, followed by a promising reply from EN staff. Well, by now it is 2 years old.. Client changed to Russian - Evernote - Evernote User Forum Posted 29 September 2010 - 11:46 PM In tools-options-language I added Dutch as a preferred language. Because the application language box is pre-selected I unexpectedly changed my application language to Russian with my scrolling wheel. It took some time to figure out that you first need to click in the list of languages before touching the scroll wheel on the mouse. hope it helps... Cheers, eddy ------------------- Posted 30 September 2010 - 03:27 AM The Application Language has focus and responds to mouse wheel events. I guess we can set focus to some other control in order to make inadvertent change of the application language less likely. /Peter --------------------
  13. Rajat, - Go to the support page at http://evernote.com/contact/support/. - Fill in the form under "Submit a Ticket" and submit it. - You should get back a mail with another form (the ticket) for writing your request - Unless this option is for premium users only (!?) somebody in Evernote will read it. - ... and the rest is history... Good luck anyway.
  14. Another workaround: - Insert your table. - Draw a dashed (or dotted, etc.) line ----- as wide as you want your cells. - Copy this line into all cells of the first row. - Done. This procedure will create cells with fixed, identical width and will prevent them from shrinking. In addition, if you keep your input a bit shorter of the width of a cell, they will not grow either. Good luck!
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