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  1. it's gone from windows too as of yesterday with the new 10.3.6 version
  2. we were able to use RTL fine until yesterday when we upgraded to the new 10.3.6 version (and today 10.3.7) and it has broken RTL support! now many of our notes have the lines jumbled and out of order.
  3. where can we find the install link for the previous version of evernote?? the new version which we have installed today (10.3.6) has broken the RTL (Right-to-Left) function and we can no longer use the app properly. help!
  4. i have been logging in via google which i don't think has the 30-day extension, perhaps i should log in manually instead of via google and that way i can tick the 30 day box
  5. i am constantly logged out of the web client within several hours and need to log in several times per day. this is especially annoying if i have 2-factor authentication enabled. how do i increase the idle time before i am logged out?
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