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  1. Even the web trick doesn't work anymore. It's frustrating to say the least
  2. I really don't understand how Evernote can do this to the thousands of users who use R-T-L languages on a regular basis. All my notes in Arabic have become uneditable, even unreadable, after the last major update. It's really sad
  3. How can I share a url link to my Evernote from my Android phone without clipping the whole page. Also, is there a way to type something in the note that contains the link, before uploading it. At the moment it seems that I can only clip the whole page (unnecessarily most of the time) and without the ability to comment on it. You can only change the title, choose the notebook, and add tags. I can't comment or type in the Note's body. Here's the dialogue that appears when I try to save a url.
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