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  1. Hmmn. On a Windows setup, Revo Uninstaller should remove ALL Evernote files with extreme prejudice (you might want to backup your preferred database folder somewhere safe first). You might also check that nothing labelled 'Evernote' still exists in your folder structure. A subsequent new 'clean' install should then abide by the standard defaults. Evernote (a Windows developer told us) doesn't play well with network drives for file locking reasons, so the failure to move an orphaned database may be something to do with Evernote being unable to tell that it either 1) still exists or 2) has finished moving itself elsewhere.
  2. If the new app is the issue, then best to post here - ...where the developers will be watching. Updates are, to many folks, more trouble than they're worth until the newness (and the initial bugs) wear off.. you can step back by uninstalling the current version and "reinstalling" an earlier one (provided you don't have any local notebooks). You might also want to switch automatic updates OFF in future. If you're a subscriber, you can also raise your issues with Evernote Support which may get you a fix, and helps them find out what's not working...
  3. Java good. Just brewin' my evening infusion... (What? The whole of the UK doesn't just run on tea y'know..)
  4. Not helpful I know, but I'm also frequently on an Inspiron running W10 and it has no trouble opening notes in my default browser (varies between Brave and Firefox) or even occasionally in Evernote. There must be a setting somewhere...
  5. Hi. I moved your request to a voting forum so others can express their support. I believe there is already a password-protect request around to lock all Evernote clients, though all of them require a password to log in and open a database, and desktop OS's usually include a system lock when a device is unattended.
  6. Hi. I'm not an iOS user so there may be more useful suggestions from others that are. Although we're a mainly user-supported forum, Evernote do read posts here, so they're aware. I'd imagine Beta testing a new OS is rather likely to generate issues with software that was developed for current production versions. Evernote will already be working on iOS 13 compliance and iOS 8.22 was made available recently, but if that's not working you may wish to use a different device for access to your database until there's a further update.
  7. Hi. Evernote > Tools > Options > General will show you where the database is. There's an option there to move it...
  8. Hi. At the very top left of this page you should see a number: currently 350 for me. Click the up-arrow above it to add your vote. Evernote has been sharing videos of changes in progress to the various clients*, so you may get lucky soon. Meantime if you really want to switch, Notion or OneNote seem to be the options of choice. * See >
  9. Hi. If it was working fine until recently, what changed? Have you tried any of the fixes above, or maybe stepping back to an earlier version of the app?
  10. Hi. Recent Videos* suggest that Evernote is in the process of a root and branch rewrite of the Web (and other) clients, so we should now be able to look forward to some of our requests being realized in months rather than years. Given that this one has 425 votes now, I'd hope that it's likely to be part of the package, but a few extra votes can't hurt if anyone out there wants to chime in... * See:
  11. Hi. Getting help should be straightforward - Evernote Support (we're mainly other users here) are contactable at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - there's a 'continue as a guest' option if your premium account login is not accessible to you.
  12. Hi. Sorry you're having such a torrid time. It can be too easy to set up more than one account in Evernote - logging in and signing up are sometimes a little too close together. Each account though should have its own unique email address - which could also include typo errors in your standard address that will cause problems when you're signing in. Getting help should be straightforward - Evernote Support (we're mainly other users here) are contactable at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - there's a 'continue as a guest' option if your premium account login is not accessible to you.
  13. Hi. I have that option too. I think it's probably universal for this browser clipper at least. It's an official acknowledgement of something which some browser clippers were able to do a while ago - if you have one of those articles which extends over page 1 - page 3 Evernote sometimes was able to clip all the pages in one hit. Looks like they cracked the trick - in Chrome at least ...and with the proviso that it can make for longer clipping times. I have used this feature to clip pages alongside other tricks like looking for the 'print' option on a web page to get a plainer one-page layout, and using online services to export pages to PDF files. I copy multi-page documents so seldom though that it's going to stay 'off' in my Clipper.
  14. There are a few situations where Evernote will not OCR a PDF document, including where it has already been processed by another system. As I understand it, a processed (pre-OCR'd) document is searchable in all levels of Evernote. Only Premium subscribers get to have their unprocessed PDF files OCR'd on Evernote's servers. Where Evernote does the job, the text content is saved as another file on the server (It's unconnected to the original PDF file). I don't think an emailed or downloaded copy of that file would be searchable. If a file is OCR'd by a user in other software, the images of the pages are replaced by the text equivalent, so the original file is changed (and the file size reduced) with new content. That searchable package is downloadable.
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