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  1. Anyone tried uninstalling Evernote, restarting the computer and then reinstalling?
  2. gazumped

    Shared Notes / Notebooks

    I moved this to a forum where others can vote and support the idea (top left of the page). If you want me to move it back, please reply in this thread. I agree sharing and collaboration should be easier than it currently is, though Evernote have recently launched Spaces which may be a step in the right direction. May be. https://evernote.com/business/spaces - It's been launched as part of Evernote Business, but staffers have indicated that some elements of Spaces will be moving to other versions including the web client in due course...
  3. gazumped

    Does backup (export) remove notes from notebook?

    Evernote don't (usually) respond directly to posts in this forum, though comments are read for possible future action... where exactly are you seeing this broken English text? I'm not sure how I could explain it more coherently - as I understand it notes are restored to a 'local notebook' - an unsynced destination on a local hard drive. Notes can then be dragged and dropped into whatever notebook you might prefer. If that's the process you're looking to clarify, can you suggest a better wording?
  4. Seems to me that Mr Wrobel is justifying the time they're spending on bug (and feature) fixing, and not on the extra bells and whistles that everyone keeps asking for. Which I totaly agree with - Evernote at its core is a totally killer application. It doesn't have to be a word-processor and a mind-mapper and a code notepad/ repository - there are others out there who in some cases have been in business longer than Evernote developing their own specialist apps. Evernote has no reason to reinvent those wheels - it just needs to find a common interest and run with it. Anyhoo - former support boss Heather's info-dump is about more than Evernote, despite the title; but you can have a look and sign up to lots of emails here... https://paper.li/heathriel/1334414259#/
  5. Hmmn. Same here (latest public version) - File > Print gives me these options, but whether that's through Evernote, or because I have Adobe installed seperately I don't know. If I choose the Adobe or Foxit options I'll be asked for a file name later... The File menu does have a "Print to PDF" option which works as advertised...
  6. gazumped

    Emailing to a EverNote Business Account

    Hmmn. I don't use Business, so can't really play with this - maybe another user will be able to help...
  7. gazumped

    Feature request: User-created, sortable date tag

    I just put a relevant date in the title field. My suggestion would be to create a note title with your periods of interest headings including the date - "1863 Civil War" etc. If you need better granularity, include as much date detail as you want - "18620307-8: Battle of Pea Ridge (or Elk Horn), Arkansas" you might use a tag for <Civil War> to define the overall period. The first method has the attraction you can create a note listing all the possible main titles to copy and paste individually into your next new note, minimising effort. You could then add individual keywords specific to that note's content. The second allows you to show all the main events in pure date order as well as by individual conflict name.
  8. Hi. No bugs or conflicts that I'm aware of. Have you tried uninstalling Evernote, restarting the device and reinstalling? The original installer package should be available here - - If you have any problems with that, try here - http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/history If the problem persists, does Windows Task Manager give you any indication of which app(s) are locking up your system with excessive CPU, memory or disk access?
  9. Thanks to Heather Wilde and the Evernote Daily News for pointing me to an interesting piece in The Register on Evernote's 10th Birthday. Not sure I agree with all they say, and I think they're a bit late to the party, unless there's an official date - but I did notice this comment... The comments point out that - as with Evernote - it's possible to run an older version if the most recent one deprecates features you need, but that's not exactly a long-term strategy worth following...
  10. gazumped

    Formatting several pictures in a note simultary?

    Hi. AFAIK there's no way to batch process pictures within Evernote. Some photographic apps (like Adobe Lightroom Classic) can import any number of images and do a heck of a lot more than just resize them - I tend to take a couple of hundred pictures at an event, and Lightroom lets me batch (as well as individually) correct them and output them to a standard size and definition. Some of this output goes to social media, so there are different output sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LR is a monthly subscription package and you don't sound like you need 99% of what it can do. There are other, cheaper (and free) alternatives out there - internet searches required!
  11. gazumped

    Need Your Help

    Hi. I don't think there is a definitive guide, because both Evernote and One Note have a nasty habit of improving their apps in different directions, and what worked on one platform and version may not work on another. If you're using Evernote Web your only access to the database is via the interface you see, so conversion is doubly difficult. These are the most recent discussions I could find on this topic...
  12. gazumped

    Quick edit reminder date unreliable

    I use Evernote for detailed notes, but a separate task scheduler - TickTick - for dates and times. I attach a link to my Evernote detail to the task note in TickTick - and if I need to change the date or time, I change TickTick only. Evernote has never shown any interest in becoming 'just another to-do app' but you never know...
  13. gazumped

    Work Chat

    Evernote have introduced a thing called Spaces which works as a Chrome browser add-in or within the Business package. It might offer you some new options - Otherwise you could try itemising what you want from a collaboration package and detail it in one of the feedback forums as an update request for Chat. The same wish list would allow you to check Evernote features against those of any other candidates to confirm which best suits your needs...
  14. gazumped

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 GA

    Thinking about it, I agree it's what you would expect, but did it ever work that deleting a note would remove a shortcut linked directly to it? If it did, it's a bug n this version and we should get it fixed. If not, (and I don't remember seeing it work that way) this seems more like a design omission and therefore feature request than an actual bug... Maybe repeat the request in the general feedback forum to get some voting traction for a future update?
  15. gazumped

    Cannot format or remove a table.

    Hi. Are you using Evernote web, or the installed desktop client?