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  1. Don't know about the company, but my app is still producing daily local backups here...
  2. Android options here - but (obviously) these are third party sites. Proceed at your own risk... https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/ https://apkpure.com/evernote-notes-organizer-daily-planner/com.evernote/versions https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/android/download/2259282
  3. I'm confused. The only 'paywall' is a stricter limit on the number of devices that can be connected to a Basic account. The actual Basic features are the same as they've always been - about 90% of what you get as a subscriber, just subject to lower limits including the number of devices. If you're talking about the difference between v10 Basic and Legacy Basic - that's a development issue; time will see ...most... of the previous features being returned, as soon as the Evernote team finish reading the Elektron 'quick start' guide.
  4. LOL I love a good rant sometimes too...
  5. Just so we're clear - this is a (mainly) user-supported Forum and I'm just another user with opinions. I pretty much agree with you about all of the above - but sadly Evernote wants to please its customers. Of course there's a well known phrase or saying about the general impossibility of pleasing all of the customers all of the time. Guess we'll just have to hope that when they crunch the final numbers, the Legacy apps will remain as an 'opt out' for bells and whistle haters!
  6. Hi. Poor old Evernote can't seem to get a break these days... Users complained that their notes in iOS looked 'different' than the same notes on the Web, so Evernote introduced en editor that - necessarily - was limited to the best features (and fonts) that worked on all operating systems. Notes started to look the same! And users complained that they wanted their fonts and features back... Users went mad for 'dashboards' - one place to show notes and links and 'to-do' items and somewhere from which to generally run their lives. So Evernote created Home Pages to save users the e
  7. I am definitely confused - where are these emails coming from if not forwarded to the account email address? And how do you know that millions are being blocked?
  8. Hi. There is no direct sync between iOS and MacOS. Both types of device sync changes back to, and receive updates from, Evernote's servers. Sign in at Evernote.com to confirm which OS is not syncing correctly... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313378
  9. I forward emails from my Gmail accounts to Evernote. I have to set up 'rules' for each incoming email - so I know exactly what emails I expect to see in my account. I could easily check Gmail to see what has been forwarded If I had any doubts about mail being received. Evernote is providing you with the same protection that most mail servers offer - there are automatic checks on the internet to see who is sending out spam, and lists which mail servers can use to block transfers from some sources. I do know (because I've been doing this sort of thing for around 40 years now) that I wo
  10. Hi. You know this how? Given the amount of effort they're putting into updating their product on an almost weekly basis, they still seem determined to provide some level of service to their users. Doesn't matter what format you store notes in as long as they can be extracted into a usable format. EN's native format is not just plain old HTML, but all notes, attachments and images can be extracted to standard formats individually or in bulk at any time. If that suits your level of access and use case, that's fine - I have everything except most images and books in E
  11. ? You prefer receiving spam ? - Please see posts above. By working with Evernote it should be possible to reinstate your mail forwarding.
  12. Didn't say they weren't watching - just that they don't engage in debates. And given the stats on the front page of this forum - I'd say they have a hard enough time keeping up with all but the most active threads, without trying to contribute their views.
  13. While I understand your frustrations, I'd imagine Evernote could happily employ 20-30 staff full-time in responding to all the gripes in the forums. If they have that many staff to spare, I for one would prefer to see them working on improving the app rather than talking to me. Subscribers can use the Support link to raise issues and give feedback - though Evernote won't (usually) respond to or comment on feedback. https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (Oh - and by the way we're a -mainly- user supported Forum so my feet are pretty safe from random gunfire.)
  14. IMHO this is all going to be pointless speculation. Evernote do not discuss their finances or their future plans in public, and no-one has any 'special' knowledge of their deliberations. We do know that a very large number of people have downloaded and installed the software - and by 'large' I mean somewhere around the total number of Windows 10 users - which is a user-base that all software companies (except Facebook and Apple) would cheerfully kill for. Evernote is pretty much guaranteed enough of an an active user base to fund its day to day operations for the forseeable future. Whet
  15. Don't believe so - I did ask for a definitive list of what's in and what's out of EN10 some while ago. No-one has posted anything that I'm aware of...
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