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  1. OK - If you're willing to invest a little time, I'd suggest you export any local notebooks you may have to ENEX sync and exit Evernote backup (copy) your Databases folder to somewhere safe like your desktop use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove every trace of your Evernote (store) installation from your system check that the original Evernote databases folder has been removed - if not, make sure it's deleted restart your system reinstall Evernote from Evernote.com and sign in with your existing user details wait for the database to be rebuilt import any local notebooks back into the database - All that sounds a little complicated, but should take less than 30 minutes - excluding the rebuild which can take a <beverage of choice> or two to complete, depending on the size of your database and the speed of your network connection.
  2. Hi. I'm not a Mac user, but I believe that's the standard layout for 'inline' note attachments. The options are: show as an icon, or double-click to open in another application when other options may be available.
  3. Hi. If you right-click the notebook name you should be able to apply styles and colours to it.
  4. Hi. You may be using a beta version of the web client - have you tried switching versions in "Settings"?
  5. Hi. These might help.. How to use auto-formatting
  6. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum and not access to Evernote CS or support. If you want to request a refund you do need to work around the support request button. You should find there's a 'guest' option if your normal login is not accepted. For information - Evernote Refund Policy
  7. Hi. Why don't you try both methods and see which works best for you? I have some big PDF files in Evernote because they're user manuals for things like cars and DVD recorders that I like to be able to search through and bring up on my tablet or phone when I can't remember how to do something basic. A DVD player glitched on me on the last few days, and I spent a happy ten minutes reading the manual and working out how to do a reset. (Just pushing random buttons didn't work!) On the other hand I have some books in Evernote that I'd dearly love to get out - they're just Sci-Fi classics like Heinlein and Vonnegut, but they do occasionally pop up when I'm doing more serious searches. I have a tablet and Kindle, and they're far more useful there. One of my non-Evernote peripheral services is a Calibre library which has about 1300 ebooks. I'm now moving any Evernote-attached ebooks into that when I find them. It's still on my hard drive but it's not messing up my Evernote searches . I do have a copy of the index to my ebooks in Evernote. I might change my mind about user-manuals yet - I haven't looked at the DVD version for months before this last thing, but I did have to look up another device's manual today when I found a sneaky second air filter I needed to clean (on a vacuum cleaner - long story...) and in either case I could have found that via my reading app rather than look it up in Evernote. And my Evernote database (last I looked) was 20GB and climbing... It depends on what you find comfortable and what works for you. You can always change your setup if you need to, so try one way and see if you like it!
  8. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum, so your guess as to Evernote fix times is probably as good as ours. One major benefit of being a subscriber is having access to Evernote's email and chat support services here where someone could probably talk you through any option choices you may be able to make to minimise any issues you're facing, and your input could help Evernote prevent similar issues in future. On the plus side, there are 250M (ish) Evernote users, a big chunk of whom must be using Windows 10 like us. If all of them were suffering the same sort if instabilities that you apparently seem to have, there would be a bit of a riot going on here. While I'm not exactly impressed with Evernote's current speed and stability, it's far from unusable. You seem to be very much an edge case. Whatever you're currently experiencing will continue if you do subscribe - the packages aren't any different, you just have higher limits. But as mentioned, you will have some support to find a way around the issues if one is available. We may be able to help with some suggestions here - I see that you have reinstalled Evernote; are you using the Windows store version, or a direct download from Evernote.com?
  9. Hmmn. On a Windows setup, Revo Uninstaller should remove ALL Evernote files with extreme prejudice (you might want to backup your preferred database folder somewhere safe first). You might also check that nothing labelled 'Evernote' still exists in your folder structure. A subsequent new 'clean' install should then abide by the standard defaults. Evernote (a Windows developer told us) doesn't play well with network drives for file locking reasons, so the failure to move an orphaned database may be something to do with Evernote being unable to tell that it either 1) still exists or 2) has finished moving itself elsewhere.
  10. If the new app is the issue, then best to post here - ...where the developers will be watching. Updates are, to many folks, more trouble than they're worth until the newness (and the initial bugs) wear off.. you can step back by uninstalling the current version and "reinstalling" an earlier one (provided you don't have any local notebooks). You might also want to switch automatic updates OFF in future. If you're a subscriber, you can also raise your issues with Evernote Support which may get you a fix, and helps them find out what's not working...
  11. Java good. Just brewin' my evening infusion... (What? The whole of the UK doesn't just run on tea y'know..)
  12. Not helpful I know, but I'm also frequently on an Inspiron running W10 and it has no trouble opening notes in my default browser (varies between Brave and Firefox) or even occasionally in Evernote. There must be a setting somewhere...
  13. Hi. I moved your request to a voting forum so others can express their support. I believe there is already a password-protect request around to lock all Evernote clients, though all of them require a password to log in and open a database, and desktop OS's usually include a system lock when a device is unattended.
  14. Hi. I'm not an iOS user so there may be more useful suggestions from others that are. Although we're a mainly user-supported forum, Evernote do read posts here, so they're aware. I'd imagine Beta testing a new OS is rather likely to generate issues with software that was developed for current production versions. Evernote will already be working on iOS 13 compliance and iOS 8.22 was made available recently, but if that's not working you may wish to use a different device for access to your database until there's a further update.
  15. Hi. Evernote > Tools > Options > General will show you where the database is. There's an option there to move it...
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