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  1. Evernote can try to help you if you contact support - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum, so not in a position to help you with account-level issues. https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
  2. The way to get a response from Evernote is to contact Support, as you already have. Respond to their emails if you want more. We're a mainly user-supported forum, so no actual technical knowledge beyond our own experience.
  3. Backupery is still working well for me - the important tweaks (in case they aren't mentioned elsewhere) is to set the options to 1) full backups, rather than incremental - purely because if you backup incrementally, you (currently) have to restore that way too... 2) keep a maximum of 10 or less backup sets - my full backups run to 25GB a time, so I chose 6! 3) daily backups at a specific time - preferably when you're not using the system. Again depending on your system and the size of the database, things can slow down while it's happening.
  4. I'd agree with @jefito - you know best what sort of information you want to keep on your contacts, so you could create quick table with the appropriate headings and use that as a template to copy as and when you need it. You can save that to Evernote's template system, keep it in a specific notebook in your account, or export the note to ENEX and keep that file on your desktop. Each time you click the icon a new blank 'contact' note will be added to your database.
  5. Hmmn. You could try syncing the database and maybe signing out of the app and back in - seems like the search index hasn't been refreshed since you deleted the Trash.
  6. Hi. You can check on Evernote's security here - https://evernote.com/security and message them direct if you have any special concerns. I'd imagine (but I'm not an employee, so I do not know) that web regulations require Evernote to inform you of everything that might be captured by Clipper if you select -forinstance- a web purchase receipt showing your credit card details. No reputable software would delve into your credit card (or any other) details buried in system files or browsing history. Evernote just needs to 'see' the page(s) it copies to your notes.
  7. Hi. Why not make the notebook public (without telling your friends) and check the link out for yourself? You'll be able to see what they could see. If it's all clear - send them the link.
  8. Hi. Share the note publicly, which will give you a URL for access. The note is not searchable and not indexable by Google et. al. so you're reasonably secure unless you give someone else the URL Send the URL to yourself - no restrictions on email address - and you can open that URL in any browser. Then again, you can open the note in Evernote if you go to Evernote.com and sign in.
  9. Hi. Empty your trash notebook?
  10. Hi. I don't think so. The in-app links are to UIDs that refer specifically to a location in the Evernote application. I assume that the PDF editor simply doesn't know how to interpret them. Even if restored to an Evernote database that PDF file will not link to another note/ PDF. The PDF editor will know how to process vanilla http:// links - AFAIK you'd have to open a link in Evernote, copy the address of a note, then paste that into the PDF to allow it to link like a standard web page.
  11. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum, so -mostly- not the Evernote team. Staffers do read these posts, but there are thousands of posts and AFAIK only a dozen or so likely readers, so it's unknown when or if any Evernote team will receive your comment. If you'd like some direct feedback, the best way is to connect here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new In any event it's unlikely the company will feel the need to justify its business decisions years after the fact, but given that mapping works differently on the various different operating systems supported by Evernote, I'd say that they decided that maintaining Atlas was far more expensive and labour intensive than was justified by its usage.
  12. Hmmn. Weird that some notes sync and others don't. We can't do a reinstall otherwise you'll lose the unsynced notes. Android doesn't (AFAIK) have any little tricks that might tell you where the problem lies, and there's no way to export the notes to another format apart from the 'share' dialogue which may or may not work with unsynced notes anyway... At this stage I think a support ticket is definitely called for - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new While you're waiting for a response you could maybe check whether sync is working both ways by creating a new note on a desktop to see if it gets to the mobile, and while you're there, compare what versions you have of the 'unsyncable' notes to see whether there are significant differences...
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