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  1. gazumped

    Please allow a style on notebook folders

    Hi. Containers for notebooks are "Stacks", not folders as such - although I know exactly what you mean. I tend to regard the Stack 'style' as being white text, since notebook names can be styled with any colour or accent so you can find them easily. Stacks are more placeholders for groups of files - Home vs Work, or a specific client name if there are lots of child projects. I'll vote for this though as a "nice to have" - the more options we have in Styles, the better!
  2. Hmmn. Can you use any other browsers on your work computer - Vivaldi forinstance?
  3. Hi. I'd suspect the speed of a human response depends on how busy the support team are, and whether your report indicated a critical issue or something that they need to investigate before commenting further. The fact you have a ticket number means you have a place in a queue, and will be getting help soon. Premium and Business users get priority. I don't think any big online companies provide help by return of email - there are just too many users, and any single issue can take anywhere between a different menu choice or a product update to resolve. Evernote have normally responded to me within 5 days before, but the individual response times varied widely.
  4. gazumped

    Shared links not open

    Interesting. If I copy that link to my Android 6.0 phone, I get "cannot open the note since you may not have permissions to access it or it has been moved". Exactly the same link in the same email on my Android 7.0 tablet opens in a browser, with an option to 'View in Evernote'. Clicking the same link on my desktop does the same. The link shown in the address bar however doesn't look anything like the one in your post - it's pretty horrible in full - https://www.evernote.com/client/snv?noteGuid=16a69549-96ef-4159-8eff-1dcecfe35f95&noteKey=70b8824db700e211&sn=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com%2Fshard%2Fs76%2Fsh%2F16a69549-96ef-4159-8eff-1dcecfe35f95%2F70b8824db700e211&title=Comprar - but that link works on my Android 6.0 phone! (Not sure if that helps anyone...)
  5. gazumped

    2019 Calendar templates

    Hi. Nothing visible at Evernote yet - see comments above
  6. gazumped

    Shared links not open

    Indeed. There are no settings in Evernote (Windows or Android) -that I'm aware of- that would make this happen. I do get my link in a slightly different way... The share note option in Windows gives me a wider set of options, and shows the link as a URL. Are your links in the same format?
  7. gazumped

    Select line or paragraph NOT select all

    Hi. It's easier with a stylus, but if you can select one or more words, have a look at the blobs at the beginning and end of the selection. Drag one of those up or across to select more words and lines, and stretch the selection until you have all you need.
  8. Hi. I use Xodo Docs - it has a lot more bells and whistles.
  9. gazumped

    Note content not displayed

    Hi. I can understand the frustration, but the fact the note didn't show the number you needed at the time doesn't necessarily mean the information is lost. Unless you set a notebook to be "offline searchable", your device has to download the content from the server when you want to see it. If the signal at your location is weak, it can take time for the details - even a 17 digit number - to come up. Have you checked for the number since? Or looked on a desktop or in the web client to see the note on a bigger screen? If the content was lost, that is a big deal and you should contact Evernote Support (we're a -mainly- user driven Forum, not Evernote actual). If the note content was just very slow to appear, try setting up an offline notebook. (Depending on the size of your account this can take up a lot of internal storage space.) Support - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new How to set up offline notebooks on mobile devices - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005177
  10. gazumped

    Cannot see annotated PDF

    Hi. What device are you using and which versions of Windows and Evernote? Have you tried checking the PDFs via the web version by signing in to Evernote.com?
  11. Hi. Which version of Windows do you have, and have you tried re-creating the link?
  12. gazumped

    Notebooks and Note Not Accessible

    Hi. Which browser are you using, and have you tried a different browser? Have you signed out of Evernote and restarted your desktop device?
  13. gazumped

    I cannot send notes to an email

    Hi. On the share note page, hit the three dots menu for variations including "email copy of note"
  14. gazumped

    Redesigning the top toolbar

    Hi. Be careful what you wish for... redesigns aren't ever always popular! 😄
  15. Hi. In Evernote for Windows it's possible to take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut and save either to a note (one screenshot to one note) or to the desktop for further processing. There are also any number of alternative screenshot utilities (including one in the OS) to save to image files or PDFs, including a number of very flexible presentation content editors like Jing and Snagit. I assume that MacOS has similar options Skitch hasn't been updated AFAIK for some time so further development seems unlikely...