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  1. Hi. It has been reported previously that some notes don't show up in the new client. It's still being worked on, and you found the work-around - just check back in a while and it may be corrected.
  2. Hi. You had a small meltdown over highlighting text... It's quite possible, and has been for some time, to annotate and highlight text in PDF files, and to highlight in a text note. The How-To Geek site describes PDFs as "typically used to distribute read-only documents that preserve the layout of a page. They’re commonly used for documents like user manuals, eBooks, application forms, and scanned documents, to name just a few." The operative words there being 'read only'. If you want to edit the content you'd normally pay a substantial fee for PDF Editor software to open and re-save the format. Sadly, Evernote can't do that for you, even as a subscriber.
  3. My bad - I looked up the thing I found. If you go to the user's profile and scan down the left side of the page, there's a leetle green box which includes the word 'spammer'... It's a bit like the Big Red Button (only greener) - there's this terrible temptation to see what would happen.... <evil mastermind laugh>
  4. Hi. Click the 'View' option to switch toolbars (menus) on and off, and right click the toolbar for options to customize the appearance, including about 30 icons for different services.
  5. Hi. You can clip a web page, and you can clip a screenshot, which should (depending on which OS you're using) give you the option to add comments - to 'annotate' the screenshot. That, currently is it. If you can describe a different preferred option, you could start a Feature Request to see how popular that might be...
  6. ...Wouldn't count on it. Got over 50.000 notes now, and Evernote goes off to look at the flowers for a minute or more every so often... 🤥
  7. Hi. Tools > Options > Printing - choose "print each note on a separate page". if printing several notes, Use an editor like NAPS2 to split into discrete files.
  8. Hi. How can I quickly reduce the image? See that big square box at the bottom right of your image? Click to select and move that box to see the size change. Are there hotkeys for quickly reducing images? See above. Otherwise - no.
  9. Hi. I think that's a browser issue. If it gets you to the correct page, I wouldn't worry....
  10. Hi. Sorry for the slow reaction - you're through to a (mainly) user-supported Forum. For anything account-related, contact Support.
  11. Amen to that. On the original query - I had an 'odd' PM a while ago and reported it. Didn't think at the time, but don't we have the ability to flag a user as a spammer (as well as a single post)? If I'm correct. I'd imagine that takes that account off the board entirely. Obviously not something you can test easily... Just remember chaps <in a very British accent> "With great Power...."
  12. Yeah - have an active ticket, so we'll see what the Oracles say; I'm reluctant to reload the database because I have a big chunk of local notebooking which requires export / rebuild / re-import. Too lazy. Anyhoo by some miracle* when I logged back in this morning the blue banner has gone! So lessee whether that fixes my freezing issues. More (as they say) on this later.... * I hate it when things fix themselves... now waiting for something else bad to happen... 😳 ** also: what is this 'bed' of which you speak?.... <sorry: lockdown is messing with my sleep.....>
  13. Well.. the forums are read by staff, but there are over 75,000 threads, many being added or updated each minute. I'd imagine ALL of Evernote's current employed staff would be required concentrate exclusively on Forums posts (instead if, say, coding...) to stay up to date with the traffic. Plus more input from staff leads to more questions and objections from users... So Evernote will not (usually) comment in the Forums on any individual issues. Developers read the forums to see what ideas we come up with for possible future features, and we have a few floating admins to keep the crowd in line - but most of the responses here (including mine) are from volunteer users who've been around for a while.
  14. Just submitted a support request, but I thought the assembled brains here might have some experience to share - I'm seeing a 'tidying up the notes in your account' banner in Evernote for Windows 6.24.2 ever since I used the extended help menu a few days ago. Quick background - I went through the 50K notes barrier a month or so ago (actually now 50,607 total) since when the app tends to freeze for 30 seconds or longer at random times... usually just after I start to use it for something. I've got the complete fix-list of recreating databases / fiddling with settings / increasing available memory / SSD's / firewalling the server etc (though it's disk activity that goes wild, not internet traffic), but I also have a few things I need to get done, so I wanted to try the optimise options in Help first. Scarily I can't remember whether I used Optimize Database or Recreate Full Text Search Index option, but ever since I have this blue banner on screen which starts at 0% and winds up to around 50% during the day. I shut down my laptop each night to make sure that everything is closed, because I never know whether I'll be working on this laptop the next day - I need some apps (including Evernote) to be synced and available to unlock from elsewhere if necessary. When I open up again, we're back at 0%. I don't know if that means we're starting again from scratch, or that this is a measure of the notes left to process - which means that in a few days the banner should get to 100% quite quickly and disappear. If need be I can leave the laptop running and close everything else down. So if anyone has any clues as to how this works I'd be grateful for pointers... Thanks in advance for any help! 🙂 (If it's relevant the OS is Windows 10 1709 - this laptop is steam-powered!)
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