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  1. Hi. I don't recall seeing any requests for document management features or version tracking here before, but maybe I missed them. If this suggestion gets a large number of votes, it'll maybe move up (or onto) the agenda, but until now I wouldn't think it had crossed their mind. The problem is that (as we've discussed elsewhere) Evernote is some help with lots of things, but it doesn't specialise in anything - apart from storing and finding. I use dozens of external apps like Lightroom / FreePlane / MS Office because they're more focused on different tasks - just as you use Google. I wouldn't want Evernote to include any higher levels of expertise in any area - because it just means extending the menu system with many more levels of options and settings all of which have to be backed up with tons of code that has to be written and tested. On the potentially positive side, Evernote are improving their Editor - maybe this is an area they'll develop further.
  2. Totally agree - and it's good to have users that can and will contribute ideas freely. I just sayin' - best not to hold your breath...
  3. Only subscribers get access to email and chat support, though there is a general access for everyone on Twitter @EvernoteHelps The Forums here are -mainly- supported by experienced users, though developers will chime in from time to time - it's good to post issues with new releases in one of the release threads forinstance where the devs for that version will be watching more closely than usual. Evernote staff do read these posts, but it's not easy to keep up to date with everything!
  4. Hmmn. This conversation is a lot like the usual exchanges on word processing, mind maps and spreadsheets - Evernote is fine for very basic use in various areas, but adding menu options for the features of even one of those specialised applications would pretty much double Evernote's complexity, and make the learning curve even steeper. It is possible to set up a table in Evernote and do some very basic layout, but if I want to do even semi-serious spreadsheeting, I use Excel (and usually store the XLSX file in Evernote). Same for Word & DOCX, Freeplane & MM, Lightroom & NEF etc etc. Like @PinkElephant I would not use Evernote to catalogue pictures - Lightroom does.. everything.. you need and I already use it. (And it has an even steeper learning curve than Evernote!) But since I fell out with Microsoft* I've been trialling Linux, and Lightroom doesn't 'do' Linux. Which made me aware of a parallel world where clone-ish products are available for Windows and Linux at much less cost than Lightroom (which is rumoured to be going up this year). Various apps like Lightzone, Darktable, and Rawtherapee exist and I can convert to using some of those in both Windows (while I still have a device or two running that OS) and Linux (which I'm still cautiously feeling out). TL:DR - If you need a job doing, don't just reach for your favourite tool and try to find a way to use, or bend it if necessary, for that purpose. Do some due diligence and find out what software exists out there to deal with your needs. If the reviews mention your favourite tool, then fine: it's in contention. But if something else out there will do a better job, then the choice should be clear. *Long story - updates / security / cost / blue screens... <sigh>
  5. Thanks for the update - please let us know the eventual outcome.
  6. Hi. Good suggestion, and I can see the attraction, but you already qualified your comments with "adding new tags.. infrequent" and "may not be for everyone"... Given that any new feature takes development and testing time - which eventually boils down to cash money - is it worth Evernote spending time developing something that may be used by some of their users occasionally? IMHO this is a 'nice to have' for when the team doesn't have anything more important to do.
  7. ?? The new CEO is sounding off about improving existing services rather than new feature development - - and I would have thought that improving storage management on mobile devices would have been something to look at, provided it's technically feasible. But Evernote (other than the videos) don't talk about new features until they're released, so all we can do is wait....
  8. Hi. What?? A blank account usually means you logged into a new account. Please log out of everything, power everything off... and then restart with your original user details. An update would not 'delete' notes.
  9. Hi. How do you know the account was hacked? Where and how are you seeing the IP address??
  10. ...but to prevent them being displayed? - (IMHO) No.
  11. Hi. Bug and security fixes come along all the time, so while you could stick with 6.15 for a period of months, it will be increasingly advisable to update as soon as you can. If you leave it longer, Evernote changes for new features not supported by your version may cause problems with your existing data. Easy question - NO! As suggested earlier in this thread, I'd suggest you raise a support ticket to talk to Evernote Support - we're (mainly) fellow users on this Forum; you may be able to get some information or assistance that will resolve or at least reduce this issue for you... Support
  12. Hi. The speed of your internet or network connection will be important. Bear in mind that mobile devices do not store notes - the complete note content has to be downloaded before you can edit it (unless it's in an offline searchable notebook) and the whole thing saved back to the Evernote servers so that it will be available on other devices. Long notes are generally more difficult to load and save properly than short ones, so like @Dave-in-Decatur I keep my notes short. If you need to produce a longer document, I'd suggest using a common title or tag so a lot of short "paragraph" or single-topic notes can be linked together. Then a Table of Contents note will list out links to all your content, and the links can be arranged in an appropriate order before (finally) merging them into one document.
  13. Hi. We're -mainly- the Evernote (Users) team in the Forums, and the company don't (usually) comment on when or how they'll develop new features prior to release: but there's a lot going on right now, so I think it's safe to assume that there will be more development around this area in the coming months...
  14. Yeah - by "Evernote is not the largest app" I meant to include all Evernote storage, not just the app itself. However you're (kinda) right in that I have a "mobile" notebook where I swop in and out (on my desktop) the various files to which I need to have Offline Access. I have a 20+GB database - there's no way I could keep that all available offline. So my offline notebooks are always pretty small anyway. I haven't used / don't use DropSync, so I don't know how that works exactly - the blurb on the Play store says it syncs Dropbox files with your SD card, which seems very different from having a local database that syncs with Evernote's servers stored there; a database which also needs file locking and other features so you can open and change notes that are then synced back to Evernote. I don't pretend to understand the issues involved, but I think you can assume that Evernote staff are smart enough to do this if they could: they're also active users who would appreciate the option.
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