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  1. In addition to @DTLow's comments - as a Premium user, you have access to Note History (in the note information tab) - provided you didn't delete the entire note, you should always be able to step it back to a previous version if any part is lost or changed...
  2. Chat may not be an option at this time - you should find a link on the support page. Try reporting an issue, and give us a go?
  3. This 2-year old post has no other comments and 0 votes in support - seems like most users aren't exactly seeing this as a 'must have' feature...
  4. There is a setting in the installed desktop versions, but nothing in the web (yet). Previous versions of the web client defaulted to attachments rather than having an inline viewer, so maybe stepping back to one of those (in settings) would help?
  5. ...I forgot the standard advice - the best way to get used to Evernote is to start using it - even if it's only to index your collection of breakfast cereal packet tops. You'll quickly find its strengths and weaknesses, and if you hit something that the help pages and Youtube can't handle, there's always someone here to give you their humble(ish) opinion... 😏
  6. Couldn't remember whether I'd ever tried it that way. The mutex error (I thought) was suggesting that ENScript couldn't get access to the file - but I've never seen that error before, so no idea really. I tend to use either a desktop ENEX icon / Ctrl+N / clipping an email or a web page... or even just dropping something into an Import Folder to start off a new note...
  7. Hi. Not exactly integrated, but... https://evernote.cronofy.com/
  8. Hi. Is Evernote already open on your device? Looks like that error boils down to 'unable to access database file' which would apply if it was in use... Easy way to create a new note if Evernote is open is Ctrl+N or clip
  9. Hi. If you change the web version you're looking at (in Settings) you may have better options. The current web offering is a Beta with several features yet to be included...
  10. Hi. The forum is mainly used by users with questions or issues to report. It's a random grab-bag of help, suggestions and work-arounds. You might want to start with some YouTube videos on Evernote, or browse here for more information - Using Evernote - Quick Start Guide
  11. Not sure that web apps are allowed any local storage other than purely temporary workspaces that are cleared at the end of a session. Anyhoo - Evernote are doing what they're doing - we'll get to see exactly what that is (allegedly) later this year...
  12. Except it's a different company, different code base, different management, different priorities...
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