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  1. What new features would you like to see for Plus users? You may be right that the continuing Plus account is probably a pain in the neck for Evernote - not only do they need to maintain an app across dozens of operating systems and devices, it comes in three 'speeds' with different limitations. Simplification is always cheaper for the company, and they haven't shown any inclination to add another middle-range product to their armoury. Given the cost of maintaining different levels, the other possibility is just to expire the option - be careful what you wish for!
  2. I somehow doubt it - everyone who wanted a different feature would have complained that tag hierarchies got fixed first... plus my furor was about Import Folders and backups/ the lack of a local database. Dashboards were all the rage a while back - Googling "how do i create a dashboard in Evernote" generates nearly 700,000 hits so I guess they may have thought it was a popular idea. I use Filterize to build all sorts of dashboards, so I pretty much don't care - but new users seem to think it's wonderful.
  3. Importing means translating the OneNote layout into Evernote-speak and until they have the new app code absolutely nailed down I'd think this would be low priority for the team. I don't know, and they (probably) won't confirm one way or the other - but at least there's still Legacy!
  4. Hi. As @Rajesh Gaire pointed out this is not in a voting forum - and the Forums are mainly user-supported with Evernote staff monitoring threads. It's better to use the Support channels to feed back direct to Evernote - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (if you're a subscriber) / https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (anyone) / https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotecommunity (anyone). I'll move this page to a voting thread so others can show their support, but part of the problem is that in pleasing users who (forinstance) wanted the same layout to appear on all devices, Evern
  5. You CAN open a link in the Evernote app on a desktop, from another app on that same desktop in the Legacy version. Evernote (obviously) has to be installed, and (I would imagine) it has to be already open for the link to work. How that will work in the new version is currently anyone's guess, though the current Legacy version does have a link that will open in either the installed version or in a browser if that fails.
  6. I'm quite fond of Pi... https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/ Or - https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotecommunity Or - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps This is the way...
  7. There are other views on this... https://zapier.com/blog/how-to-use-tags-and-labels/
  8. Hi. Try https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new How's the Pi coming along?
  9. Hi. There are dozens of complaints in the forums that the spelling dictionary is set to one language only and (so far) has no facility for another option - or an off switch. The only fix I know is to go back to Legacy until they get around to resolving this. It should be soon...
  10. OK - you know the work-around for this if its an issue anyway. Evernote will look into it, but it may take a little time to fix...
  11. Hi. Worth re-opening your last report if it was recent - did this occur in Legacy?
  12. Hi. As long as you're still using the last public version of Evernote you'll have access to local notebooks which (AFAIK) are not part of the upload limit restriction. You'd need to create a new local notebook, then drag and drop the larger notes (or use the app 'Move') them into the new notebook. NB this is information that is entirely local to the device it's on. Back it up - it's your only copy, and it won't be accessible from any other device. As an alternative, in the All Notes list view, sort your notes by size and export the largest notes to ENEX. Re-import them to a local
  13. So am I - but it doesn't buy the right to expect that requests for additional features will be met. As users, we're invited to suggest new ideas - Evernote may or may not adopt them at some future time... With almost as many users worldwide as the adult population of the US and 365/24/7 usage, even minor changes take a while to consider, cost. code and test - so my point about this not happening anytime soon (unless it's already in development) is still good. Meantime - work-arounds...
  14. Hi. I don't mean to carp, but you're wanting Evernote to spend some thousands of $$ on development work to spare you paying an increased subscription to get Note History? Even if they were willing to do so (which they very well may be, no-one knows!!) that feature is not going to arrive for some months or (depending on priorities) years. Meantime you could be using a text expander like Phrase Express to add a date to your note titles so a simple sort will get you an accurate timeline - or go back to the Legacy app where the updated date is still editable, or wait for EN10 to catch u
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