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  1. Hi. I know that Work Chat is disabled on brand new accounts to avoid a spamfest - the feature should be enabled within a day or three of the account being set up. Not sure about new free accounts - I have a couple I've had for a long time both of which have Chat working fine. If you don't get access soon you could contact Evernote to raise this directly on your paid-for account via or tweet them via
  2. Hi. This is a (mainly) user-supported forum, but the developers do come by from time to time to get ideas, so this is almost as good a place as any to request changes. A more immediate method of getting on their radar is to contact Evernote directly if you're a paying customer on or tweet them if not via
  3. Dark Theme for Android

    No idea. But Evernote never (usually) say what they might be working on, or whether or not they will schedule some work for the future. They just delivered two new Mac and Windows versions, squashing at least some of the ongoing bugs, so I guess they've been pretty busy - and I do prefer that they fix the bugs in preference to making things look pretty. Appreciate this is a vital issue to some, but even 74 users (the current vote) against 220M overall is not exactly a majority... It's not a democracy, so we just have to wait - or go see what else there is in the market...
  4. New Update changes "-" to Bullet Point

    Hi. The complaint shouldn't be necessary - there's a setting you can change to switch that off. Not sure exactly what it looks like in your current version, but here's a recent screenshot (not mine - apologies to whomever I stole it from... )
  5. Export Notice

    The latest Windows version (6.8.6) includes a print-to-PDF option too, which if you multi-select notes will produce one PDF file with lots and lots of pages...
  6. Hi. Can't remember when I last saw one of these - which 1) suggests your experience is unusual, and 2) probably guarantees I have one coming soon... Sadly we're a (mainly) user-supported forum. I suggest you reach out to Support directly if you're a paying customer on or tweet them if not via
  7. So post the ticket number here, and when an Admin checks why I flagged your post s/he can alert the Customer Service desk that your ticket needs attention. A week is not bad for a human response - and Evernote CS are the people to solve this, not us. There's a Payment Issues thread because people raise their questions here - not because we can solve them!
  8. Align Web app across browsers

    Hi. I recently switched from Firefox to Opera and you can also make code blocks in Opera - but you're totally correct; there's no such facility (directly) in Firefox. Which is odd - but Chrome and Firefox are different OS's, so the fact it's possible in one wouldn't necessarily mean it's easily done in the other. Or maybe they just forgot. But we are using the 'common editor' now, written by Evernote...maybe with more bells and whistle in some browsers than in others. Anyhoo - easy workaround, as in my Firefox screengrab below, is to create a code block template note elsewhere and copy that template each time you need the feature. ...Oh wait; copying a note in Evernote Web is not exactly easy either....
  9. Importing/Switching from Dropbox

    Hi. If you're talking about an hierarchical folder structure in Dropbox, there's no direct comparison in Evernote. We have Stacks, containing Notebooks, containing Notes. - As you probably know, there's no such thing as sub-folders. I haven't converted from DB, but I do use Dropbox (and OneDrive, and Google Drive) in addition to Evernote - by putting the share link from my stored files into a note, plus some appropriate explanations and keywords. You could, in fact, mirror all your existing DB files and structure into a note. The 'parent' and 'child' headings here are just note entries showing the structure... Parent 1 child 1 <file share link> - marketing plan 2018 <file share link> - budget 2018 child 2 <file share link> - marketing plan 2017 <file share link> - budget... child 3 Parent 2 child 1 etc... New files being saved could be attached to the same note as icons - all files types (except JPG and PNG) can show up as icons like this (which is actually an Outlook email, but shows the same icon.) PDF files can display as text ("inline") or as an icon. Right click the file to choose. Beware that having the file attached to a note restricts collaboration - you can't have two people opening the same file: one will see a 'file is locked by <user>' message. Dropbox is (I think) more amenable to multiple users having access, and shows real-time changes where Evernote syncs periodically - every few minutes - so updates in spurts. It's more sensible (and avoids being unemployed at Christmas) to run a test setup alongside your existing processes - get a friendly colleague or manager to help you set up a mini-copy of an Evernote environment and try it out. There's nothing like real-time experience to find any possible drawbacks to an approach... at the least you're demonstrating responsible project management skills and (maybe) alerting Management to a valuable new resource... Good luck! Edit: Also - one thing which always comes up with this sort of setup is confidentiality. Can we run this setup from our own server? The answer is NO. This has to be internet based; that's how Evernote works. But if your firm is happy to store stuff in Dropbox, then Evernote cloud storage is no worse, and (probably) considerably more secure!
  10. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported Forum, so they don't allow us anywhere near the cash - a public forum isn't the place to discuss money issues anyway. I flagged your post for an Admin to look at, but it will help if you can raise a support ticket via if you're still a paying customer, Twitter - if not. (Choose Payment Issues from any dropdowns.) Come back here and post the ticket number so they can tie up the connection.
  11. DARK MODE for less eye-strain

    Much requested feature - there's another thread around somewhere for voting with about 60 supporters though I seem to have lost the link...
  12. Hi. I understood most of those words, but not necessarily the order they were in... Looks like you may need the Developer forums. Evernote uses StackOverflow for developer support now; you should post your developer questions there and tag them with "Evernote".
  13. ..And again Hmmn... Back to the Support suggestion I think - there (probably) won't be an instant fix, but they'll add it to the list of Android bugs to squash...
  14. Android Lock Screen -- create new note

    Doh! I hadn't tried the pull-down menu on the lock screen before! Yes, it is possible to create a note from the lock screen via that menu!! I also have swipe security only (while on this wifi) so I don't know what password or fingerprint protection might do to the process. Uninstalling Parchi now...