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  1. Hi. Can you share a little more detail about what you're trying to do? Are you just changing a word? Adding a line? adding paragraphs? - and what happens when you try?
  2. Hi. Not yet - Evernote has an official Google integration; there are a lot of other third-party cloud services... (Having said which you could always create your own link - create the 'name' text, then add the drive link as the URL) Attach Google Drive files to notes
  3. Hi. No - I'm using Evernote for Windows 6.25 "Classic", Android 8.13 and -occasionally- the web; and they're all syncing together for me. Tips for troubleshooting syncing issues
  4. The process on Android is to 'share' a page to Evernote, not to clip it - and I agree; there's no approved clipper (AFAIK) for Chrome Android.
  5. Hi. Did the Legacy version meet your general needs? If so, just uninstall v10 (or just don't use it). Legacy does not and will not get updates.
  6. Hi. What speed is your internet connection? Do you have many other users at that location?
  7. Hi. I moved your post to the general feature requests section to allow other users to show their support. Personally I don't see the point of recording a URL unless you are at some stage going to use it to navigate to that page, but while a link has (usually) been created, you're not required to use it.. and opting to create, or not to create a link just adds one more step in the process. Changing the behaviour is not likely to happen soon, so I think you may have to accept the status quo or find an alternative way to deal with the issue.
  8. Hi. There are several third-party sites offering older versions of Evernote. I'm still running 8.13.3 on both phone and Samsung tablet which (AFAIK) was the last publicly available version. You should be able to find instructions online as to how to change settings and download an unsecured installer. It's not without risk, so consider your options carefully...
  9. Given Evernote's existing links with the Google ecosystem I can imagine that they might add something for Google Calendar in due course, but Microsoft may be a stretch... maybe an export from Evernote tasks to ICS format to be imported into any calendar app would help? In the meantime there's Cronofy - https://evernote.cronofy.com/ - plus all the automation tools like IFTTT and Zapier that might have suitable apps (or zaps) to help...
  10. Oops - my bad; reacting too quickly. Glad you found your stuff. (Sorry for the false alarm @Austin G!) 🙂
  11. Hmmn. Well - I'm another user, but @Austin G is the real deal - quoting his name there should get his attention; maybe he can suggest something...
  12. The 'parent' database is the one stored on the server. You can't 'keep' the copy databases stored on your device - they will be overwritten by the parent when you reinstall Evernote. Check the server as I suggested before, then uninstall everything except legacy and reinstall the new version.
  13. Could you have used a different email address or user name when logging in originally?
  14. Hi. You're adding to a 2-year-old thread and Evernote has been updated a lot since then. Have you tried simply File > Exiting Evernote when you've finished working? The app should then restart on the last note you were working on.
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