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  1. Hi. Just to confirm. When you edit a copy of mydoc.pdf and save it again, you get something like mydoc_1.pdf being created in the attachments folder? Can you open and save your PDF in any other editor to check whether or not drawboard is part of this? If you notice a name change and use Save As to exit the file - changing the name back to the original "mydoc.pdf", will it allow you to do so? I don't have any problems with saving documents back to their parent note. Just trying to work out what's going wrong here...
  2. widget fails to create note

    Hi. I run a Note 4 and don't have issues with multiple pictures (I'm adding pics from the 4x4 widget though I rarely get as far as a dozen in one note). Does this behaviour occur when you have a good network connection, or when you're offline? You could try taking one picture and saving it to the note, so there's a synced (or at least a saved) base to which you can then add more pictures. You do then have to find the new note and hit the camera button to add more pictures. Or you could try opening Evernote and adding a new picture note from the '+' menu so the app is fully open.
  3. idle logout time too short

    Hi. There's a tick box in the login screen which gives you a 30-day extension, but I don't know of any way to extend a time out within one working session. Is you machine locked or idle during the period you're timed out, or are you working continuously throughout? You could consider raising this as a votable feature request to check what support you have from the community?
  4. Yeah, there's some conversation about Clipper here on the Android Beta G+ Forum too. Things are -apparently- being worked on...
  5. As @DTLow - I use Evernote to collate and collect information, not write long notes. I'll use bold text or a bigger font size to split things up if necessary, but if I want to write anything with styles I use a word processor. My notes are rarely long enough (in typed text) to require any more.
  6. Two strong caveats: Don't get your hopes up. This is a Beta we're talking about, and one I've not used in anger yet, so I could be very wrong. But Evernote just introduced a new Business beta with a feature called 'Spaces'. Where previously you had Stacks, containing Notebooks, containing Notes, you can now have Spaces.. containing Notebooks, containing Notes. What's the difference? (I hear you ask). You can apparently share spaces. So far this is between members of the same business account, and Spaces are not (yet, and AFAIK) shareable to other accounts. But between partners, and within small businesses, it seems to me Evernote Business just got a whole lot more interesting. (Remember though that the Business client requires somewhat more admin than a personal account!) Don't know where Evernote is going with this, and I don't mean to hijack the official threads. But I don't usually look at the Business stuff that comes across my screen - I'm not a user, am happy with the accounts I have (premium plus a couple of basics) and didn't need the extra learning curve in my timeline without a very good reason to change. I hadn't heard of Spaces until it was trailed in a recent Mac update, but on first glance it does seem to have some very useful applications when sharing (to colleagues), and possibly also in project management and GTD - see the video in the first link above. I shall be making the switch soon... There may also be hierarchy implications - it's easy to make new spaces and add notebooks, and I don't yet know whether that makes things more flexible or not; but I'm keen to find out. I wanted to post this in the General thread so other Business post skippers will see the item, but if you do have any reactions after using the Business client, please post them in the appropriate thread (see the home page). Edited for accuracy. Another edit to include this link...
  7. Evernote App PC location changed ????

    Just so you know - I'm also on 6.9.6 (updated as normal) and the files are in Program Files (x86) as expected.
  8. Don't forget to vote for it - click the up arrow in the top left corner of this page.
  9. How many notes do people have?

    Which OS, which client? Evernote Web will show you how many notes have been synced.
  10. Expanding article selection

    You could certainly add a request, but if Clipper can't auto-select the correct boundaries between article and page, jumping further out or back isn't any more likely to find the correct edges of an item. Manual selection is more accurate and probably involves less fiddling with +, +, +, +, -, to get to the margins.
  11. Same user shown twice under FILE Menu

    Hi. Definitely not usual, but you could always 'sign out of all users' and re-sign in with a careful eye on the menu...
  12. Can't paste in notes

    If you can do your thing in a word processor, which should allow pasting around, you could attach the saved document file to a note so it's available wherever you are - but it's sensible to use what works for you, and if Drive works..
  13. Using mouse in presentation mode

    Hi. In Windows there are a limited number of keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl+M moves the display from one monitor to another (if present) Ctrl+left / right arrows changes the slide up / down arrows scroll the current slide Shift-Ctrl-Enter starts a presentation from the current/ first slide ...there may be more... If you can get your mouse to emulate one or other of those signals, it may be possible. There are no controls (that I know of) in Evernote.
  14. Ordering items when merging notes

    As @jefito said - I find that worst case I retitle my notes 001 <original title>, 002 <ot> etc, and then sort my notes in title order. If I then select the notes and merge, they're in the right order. And if you set the dividers to include individual notes titles, you have handy numbered subsection/ bookmarks to the different elements. I usually take the 001 off the main note header though.