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  1. Duplicate Notes Issue

    I appreciate work-arounds aren't a cure, but they do allow you to avoid some negative effects and maybe work more efficiently than otherwise. You may be able to get something more contructive from Evernote - I'm just another user making a suggestion. I find the Browser version much less useful than the installed desktop option (if you have one). However from time to time posters here have commented that they didn't realise that was available. So for completeness and other readers, I included it. I have used the 'work in a text editor and save the file' method which - beyond the need to remember to do that - is pretty transparent as an 'extra' step. A refinement is that the file content can be copy pasted into the note body to be search indexed. There are other ways to achieve the same ends.
  2. Interesting that pasting to Notepad and copy pasting from there does work. Seems to suggest that encoding isn't the issue, but I don't know enough about this... You might want to try Evernote support - if you're a paying customer you can reach out to Support directly on or anyone can reach them on Twitter
  3. Hi. Very sorry that this request was left for so long - this is a (mainly) user-supported forum and we tend to get around to posts when someone has the time to look at them. I hope your situation has been resolved by now, but as a Premium user you can reach out to Support directly on or anyone can reach them on Twitter There's also a 'chat' option on the support page if you're in the right timezone.
  4. Can't make Evernote for Apple Watch work

    Hi. Did this get resolved for you? The app (I think) got updated recently...
  5. Yeah - that's for the developers handling crashes and freezes to try and work out what the system was doing when it overloaded. Nothing goes to the actual support team from that.
  6. Is there a way to lock seeing Notebooks?

    Hmmn. I have lots of information on notes missing from screen listings, but it all seems to revolve around the desktop apps, and the issues have (allegedly) been resolved. As the web client is even more under the radar than the rest of the products I can only suggest you report this to Support to see if they can help.. If you're a paying customer contact or tweet them if not via
  7. Is there a way to lock seeing Notebooks?

    Any chance you could move to the desktop version? Notebook lists are easy there...
  8. Is there a way to lock seeing Notebooks?

    Ah. That 'new' setup is rather old now - been around for a while. Sadly there are no layout choices - what you see is what you get; though there's a dim hope that someone, somewhere, is working on an update. You may find that in Settings on that page you have an option to revert to the 'old' layout. If you have it, that's the only option here AFAIK.
  9. Notebook selector is slow

    Hi. I'd recommend that you submit a support ticket - if you're a paying customer, tweet if not. That selection process works fine for me and I've seen no other comments that this is a problem.
  10. Hi. There's quite a lot on the forums about 'freezing', but nothing specific (AFAIK) for Chromebooks... when you say you sent feedback, do you have a ticket number for your report? If not you may not get any direct contact on this. If you're using the web version, the freezes may be due to slow or intermittent connections, which is an issue that more frequently seems to give multiple copies of notes...
  11. Hi. How did you try to clean the format? Did you paste first into a text-only editor like Notepad and then copy/ paste again into the dialogue? Does it help if you 'remove formatting' in the note before copying?
  12. Is there a way to lock seeing Notebooks?

    Hi. Which new setup - Mobile? Desktop? Web? Windows? Mac?
  13. Search for regular expressions

    Hi. Evernote searches for words containing uppercase, lowercase and underlines. No special characters at all. How to use Evernote's advanced search syntax If you imported notes over a specific period or on a particular date, you could search for an appropriate created date to find the notes; or if the imports came from a specific source you may be able to use that search modifier.
  14. Looking back on this thread, I don't think I answered the original question very well. (The emphasis is mine....) I said, in part.. And I think I should have stopped there. Deleting all notes and syncing an 'empty' database back to the servers clears out all information from the server. There are no more notes. Evernote might have backups which could persist for some time, but within 6 hours or so of deleting your notes any most recent backup would restore a server copy of an empty database. Any others in existance would be replaced over time with the empty account. If the situation is actually different I'll be pleased to learn how...
  15. Hi. Are we talking web page bookmarks? If so, there is no reason why the links should not be clickable from the note. I have a number of collections of bookmarks (1 collection = 1 note) from which I can click direct to pages as necessary. The collections get tags as appropriate.