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  1. Hi. I'd recommend you raise a Support ticket and send a copy of your logs to Evernote. You seem to have done most of the possible checks to ensure sync works, and I can't think of any obvious omissions that would cause a problem. Have you tried from different networks? Home wifi as well as work or public connections and the mobile network? I'm not aware of any outages that might have affected you, but Evernote should be able to help...
  2. There have been various updates over the period and Evernote is continually trying to improve the service; but I'm not sure what we can expect them to do with this issue. If they never get to see some or all of the note content in the first place, they're hardly in a position to rescue it in the event of a comms glitch.
  3. I don't think Evernote are unaware of the need to improve their service. The new CEO Ian Small has been quite open about the problems, and -he says- is working on the fixes... https://evernote.com/blog/looking-ahead-evernotes-priorities-2019/
  4. Hi and welcome to the internet. I use a variety of tools to acquire content from we pages including print from the browser to PDF use any native page copy add-in available in the browser copy and paste clips from the page into a note use a copy page utility like Snagit sometimes it's easier to copy from a mobile device than a desktop or vice-versa I think this is an area where sometimes you settle for what you can get - I just pixellated part of a receipt to lose an online ad; but the result is good enough for my purchase record. I doubt Evernote (or anyone else) will be able to provide a foolproof way to copy every web page. ? Seems to work for me... ...sorry - I just got from your comments that we're talking about Evernote Web, which I agree is seriously overdue for updating - and which we're led to believe is getting attention now. So you should find things will improve in the next weeks and months...
  5. Nothing new yet that I'm aware of - as you're a subscriber, you could raise this with Support and get some direct feedback -
  6. Hi. Or you could set a default 'inbox' notebook and clip everything to one place, then reassign the notes later from another device. If you'd like to add this feature to iOS (it doesn't seem to me to be such an issue in Android) I can move it to the Feature Request thread if you'd like?
  7. Hmmn. Lessons to live by. Give a someone a straight answer, and they know where they stand. Give some people an aphorism and they'll milk it for ever. Apologies for apparently disrupting this thread with the funny section...
  8. Hi @witherford - thanks for posting a detailed fix. Users should be aware that if you use any Local (unsynced) Notebooks, they are stored within the EXB file but they cannot be re-downloaded from Evernote. Local notebooks exist only on a single device. If you have local notebooks it's not possible to use this method of removing chat messages. Plus I think you have an extra step at the end - once the EXB file is renamed to OLD, opening Evernote will prompt it to ask you to sign in. When you do so, Evernote will rebuild the existing database from the server, regardless of using the 'add another user' option.
  9. Hmmn. No problems for the wait - and I don't understand why that headline is opaqued out when it clearly has a recognised word in it. Maybe the OCR handwriting nanny was objecting to the scrawl! 😉 (My handwriting is actually worse - comparisons have been made to Sanskrit and drunken spiders)
  10. If you're still waiting on support, please post your ticket number here and we can ask an Admin to chase it up. Meantime have a look in the web client - I don't recall having any major problems with shared notes, but I think I have been prompted by the web client in the past to "rejoin" a share. Failing that, is it possible to have the person sharing the note with you delete the original share and retry?
  11. Just ran a quick test. I agree found keywords don't seem to be highlighted any more. Check Settings > Notes for title options like 'location' and 'calendar event' - yours may be unticked.
  12. Hi. Am I missing something? There is https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/scribzee/android
  13. There are always saved searches, added to the shortcuts panel...
  14. Hmmn. Have you checked for emails in the trash folder inviting you to a share?
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