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  1. Hi. The issue with the cursor jumping to note title when writing in the note body..much reported - workaround pending a fix: Tools > Options > Note and UNcheck "Set new note focus to title"
  2. Hi. In Firefox I can set it to 'last action used' so it remembers the last choice I made - would that help?
  3. Chrome

    Hi. Clearly stopped being supported around 2 years ago so you're a little late to the party - though it wasn't withdrawn as such. I still have Clipper and Clearly as separate icons in my browser and use Clearly occasionally. If there's something you'd like Clipper to do that it currently doesn't, then you could mention it here and get others to vote on it - a 'dark mode' for the app has (I think) about 40 votes forinstance. While Evernote realise that there's still a lot of things missing from the package, they don't have unlimited resources; so the voting system gives them some way to judge how many users feel strongly about any given change, and they can prioritise their development. Evernote have trailed some (unspecified) changes to the editor coming 'soon', so maybe things will improve a little.
  4. Hi. Most of these comments are 3 years old and past their expiry date - we had about 20 updates in that time. What Evernote version are you using, and what exactly happens when you use the Ctrl+ link?
  5. Hi. Any of this help?
  6. I wish I was pub posting - I'll file that for later... I finally get which bit of the window we're talking about. Maybe I should go to bed or something...
  7. Ah - is this the little person icon on the far left with a drop-down menu to switch notes? If you go online to Personal Settings and find the 'contact' field, it's freely editable there. I changed mine because I could. Same in the current beta. Edit: if that's not what we're talking about here, can we have a screen shot? I'm fairly confused at the moment. (Nothing new there..)
  8. Minor winge, but I just did this for the fourth time in a row... Windows users now have to get used to the fact that double-clicking an image opens it, and every other image in that note in a slideshow window. It used to be the case that double-clicking would open the image in the editor of my choice, but that's now right-click and open. The image completely takes over the note list and content display. Not unhappy with that, though I'm still getting used to it. The issue is that in slideshow, the 'x' to close the slideshow window an the 'x' to close Evernote are rather close together, and I keep on closing Evernote when all I wanted to do was lose the window.... How about an 'are you sure?' on the app close option and a 'cancel' button? (In fact in writing this I just realised that a click anywhere in the window will close the image and get back to the notes, so what the bleep is the green 'x' for?)
  9. Hi. Can you give us a screenshot of the issue? I can't work out whether you're clicking on a note, in which event you should see only the note title - but Stacks don't contain notes, they only contain notebooks. And if you're clicking on a notebook you should only get the notebook name on screen. Or are you using the browser version on Evernote? - Although I can't see any email headings there either. Confused. PS - Evernote doesn't have 'folders' as such.
  10. See How to change your account login email address for more on this. NB If you have now set up your new address on an empty account, you'd have to change the address on that account to 'free up' the new one before yu could add it to the old account. You may need a third email address... How to swap the email addresses between two separate Evernote accounts
  11. A bit glass half empty there - Evernote staff do chime in on a lot of threads. With a few hundred staff and a few hundred MILLION users it's not surprising that personal service is not normally available. @terryjbenzie being sent here doesn't signify - it depends what sort of a report he made in the first place, and Basic customers get automatically referred back here for chat and comments - and to vote on the suggestion/ request under review.
  12. Actually I would have thought that Evernote's search feature would satisfy the requirement. Rather than cutting and pasting or tagging one sermon with a few dozen options, it should be possible to search the body of notes for all topics including one or more keywords. When the list of notes found with suitable matches is found, the keywords should be highlighted in the body of the text. If you then read through the notes you should be able to see all the comments you have made on that/ those subjects without further action. Not quite so convenient as a list of quotes on one topic, but not bad for no work. If you have documents or notes you intend to save that shouldn't be mined for quotes or stats, make sure they go into a different notebook / notebooks so they can be excluded from the search.
  13. Hi. Your developer is presumably talking to the Developers Forum which should sort the problem out. We're a (mostly) user forum and don't usually have that level of involvement with the coding. See - Evernote use StackOverflow for developer support now;
  14. Thanks again to everyone for the extra perspective on all of this. Must confess my first reaction at possibly losing the data was 1) Aargh!! and 2) some existential horror that I'd locked several years of experience into Evernote and -shock, more horror- it might not be safe there. Especially since my good practice in keeping backups was no good at all since I didn't know when my files had changed - if they had. I'm now reassured that everything is - and always has been - working as it should (except for one important wetware component that we won't mention at this point), I can go back to not worrying about things. I will stop leaving cute little notes for myself about passwords and use the actual password manager that I pay for to remember stuff. I probably won't get into encryption of my local storage - I'm happy that the main laptop is plugged into its dock and anything on that drive is safe - subject to backups - from harm. I'll continue to use passworded PDFs for the time being at least for the low-grade sensitive material I want to put into Evernote - mainly so no-one gets hit in the face with things I don't want them to see when I show off with Evernote. I have gone back to CamScanner on the Android rather than continue with Evernote's camera feature for anything sensitive. I can password protect a PDF file before I attach it to a note via CS. There's minimal risk that I'd leave a PDF unprotected, or that a note history could come back to haunt me, but if I'm gonna do this, I need to do it properly... I am reminded however that when you're working mainly alone it's easy to see a small problem out of all proportion, and it's very nice to be able to bounce some ideas around in a knowledgeable group as a sanity check. You may have heard that we had a little local difficulty in Manchester yesterday - that kinda puts some tech problems into perspective too. Sympathies to anyone who has friends or relatives in that area. For some things there are no adequate words.