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  1. If this is two views of the same note, or a view of a note list plus a note content, can't you use the installed app, a popped out note and a web view to have up to three views of the same account at the same time? Edited notes have a nasty tendency to revert back to the top of the text after a change, but maybe it will work enough for your purpose?
  2. Hi. I don't think anyone has said it's a positive feature, but there are several suggestion in this thread for fixes, revolving mainly around (it looks like) Admin access. Would none of them work for you? I have admin access to my Win 10 machine, and the icon goes where I put it every time...
  3. Hi. We're a (mainly) user-supported forum, not a direct feedback to the company, although developers will read these pages for feedback at some time. It will help fix issues like this if you contact Support if you're a paying customer or tweet them if not.. or - the more reports they receive, the more likely things are to get fixed... (I believe changes to the web client are already in hand..)
  4. You can also take pictures of diagrams and displays, or use a paper note-taking solution and the scan the written and drawn pages with the app...
  5. Any special reason why? There's only so much you can do with a mobile device - everything is much easier on a bigger screen and keyboard with local permanent storage...
  6. ? Hi. Try tapping the green progress spot - there are options to change the notebook, add tags and choose between full page and bookmark - unless the tablet version of EN is very different from the phone one...
  7. I have Android 6 and Evernote and have no problem clipping a full page if I need to. Is this the same in all browsers? Have you tried Firefox as an option?
  8. Hi. It would - people have been asking for years...
  9. Hi. 'Folders' are actually notebooks, and they don't get a picture at all, they just have names. If you're including a picture in a note, and using the 'snippet' list view for the note titles, you'll certainly see a thumbnail of whatever size picture you attached. If you're adding a lot of information though it may take some while for the picture thumbnails to catch up, so I'd give it a day or so before you start to poke settings around. If you can use smaller picture file sizes that would probably speed things up - you'd need to have a way outside of Evernote of reducing the size though. Most picture editing tools can do this. Evernote can't. It will store whatever you give it... and create its own thumbnail. Use Google's image search if you can - that will allow you to look for small images of any object and copyright concerns aren't an issue if this is for your own use only. I clipped part of a search page for 'widget' (which interestingly includes pictures of beer...) - there's no 'small' but the 'icon' option might be good, or 'medium'...
  10. Well - Evernote doesn't do 'folders', so I'm assuming you mean a notebook. Which - if it's just accessed by public URL - is a essentially web page. So in theory you could i-frame a page into WP (I assume). However1 a notebook 'contains' notes which have to link to and from a URL which isn't (presumably) going to be anything like the one for your WP page. So I'm heading from 'I don't know' in the direction of 'Nope.' However2 I'm not by any means a developer - they hang out at Stack Overflow where you might be better off asking this question... You might also look into a Table of Contents page which is just a web page with links (which you could make public links) to other note pages, which could have (public) links with each other and back to the ToC page. It's a way to build a mini web site with access through one URL - which might be a quick-n-dirty way to do this... When you find a solid answer, would you mind coming back to tell us about it please? I can see there being other WP techs out there with an interest...
  11. Chrome

    Er, you're welcome - sorry not to have actually helped!
  12. What can I say - never has the problem, never seen it reported before ("many, if not most users????") and if you report things to Support -which we ain't- you get a more or less immediate ticket number even if a human response usually takes a little longer. No ticket number means you didn't do it right. Saving back to the device works OK for me - saving back to the note (AFAICR) has never worked because mobile devices don't have the note itself in permanent storage. You need to re-attach the file to the note by syncing it back to the server copy, not the temporary local version. (Details, details...) Answers, rather than being scarce are pretty easy to get - try a support query (if you're a subscriber) or tweet @EvernoteHelps if not - quote your ticket number here if you like - we can ask a forum Admin to check that someone follows up...
  13. Other

    It's a good introduction but you'll get more useful feedback from your readers on the page than us older nerds. You might want to caution against creating too many new notebooks (that 250 limit again) unless that's already in your other posts.
  14. Higher Ed

    ...and repeat the keypress to change back.
  15. Hi. I don't believe that's possible in the web app - can you use a desktop or mobile?