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  1. I'm currently using the freemium product Filterize to manage my Evernote account. While Filterize does provide individual "send to Evernote" adddresses* for each individual notebook, I found it such a pain to set up a separate forwarding address in Gmail each time that I now simply forward all selected Gmail mails to my default notebook**. Filterize triggers on keywords in the title or body of the email and reassigns that note to the correct notebook, plus adding any necessary tags. Once set up, this is entirely transparent to me - I just process the notes as I find them! * might be a subscription-only feature... ** this is kind've an iterative process. The first time I set this up I went through my account and used the Evernote Gmail Clipper add-in to send important mails to Evernote. Then I set up the Gmail forwarding for those emails plus the Fiilterize process within Evernote to allocate them to the right notebook and add tags. Now I go through my (much smaller) Gmail inbox to see what's left after those emails have been processed, and do the forwarding / filter process for any other relevant emails that remain. Currently there's little to do with my inbox except deal with spam...
  2. Have you checked your Tools > Options settings?
  3. So is this an installed Word or Office application or the online version? My installed Word (Office) application copies pretty accurately into a note. Have you tried restarting your system? Is it fairly easy to repair the indented layout?
  4. I recommend you not look at 4-year old posts for information then... You're not the original poster and haven't (unless I missed it) posted an issue. Evernote does what it does, and has several (or lots of) missing features. Not jumping back to the place you last left it is (currently) still one of them. If that's a major problem for you, then you should probably be using different software. As long as Evernote does not support 'remember last position' then it's reasonable to request that it should, but not so much to expect that the developers will immediately deliver your wish.
  5. Hi. Well - I copied a bulleted list and I seem to have the same formatting in my note. Might be a question of where you're copying from, or how complex your nesting is... - Given that Evernote also supports bullets at various levels, can you recover your layout easily?
  6. Hi. That works in Windows - select a bunch of notes and add a tag. Have you tried on a Mac? Was this the installed desktop version or the web?
  7. Hi. Do you have the left panel visible? (See the View menu) - If so, your 'stack' names should have a small triangle to the left when you hover the cursor over them. Click the triangle to hide/ unhide notebooks. Also Ctrl+<Left Arrow> and <Right Arrow> will do the same.
  8. Hi. I'm not a Mac user, but I believe you can reindex the database by using OptionKey Help>Troubleshooting; and force a resync of your data using the **Shift** and **Option** keys on your keyboard and click the sync wheel (next to your username). Be aware that both operations could tie up your system for some time, depending on the number of notes you have. I'd actually suggest giving the thumbnails a few days to sort themselves out - tag the affected note(s) and come back to them in a week maybe - before intervening too much. I believe there's a thumbnail index somewhere that might take a while to update when notes change... You could also reach out to Support as you're a subscriber.
  9. Hi - have you tried a browser or a system restart? A different browser to see whether this is broader than just a Chrome issue? If the answer to both is 'yes' and you still have the issue I'd suggest reaching out to Support as you're a subscriber.
  10. Not a good week - crashed again, this time while I was setting up a new Stack. Completed the FE window, restarted and my stack was still there (phew) but as New Stack 2, not the name I had been in the process of assigning. No excess load on the system, and I wasn't moving things around too much - just putting an existing notebook into a new stack... 🙁
  11. Hi. I'm not a Surface user, but could you merge two notes, or save the drawing as an image (JPG etc) if you don't need to edit it further?
  12. ...Possibly weirdly, in the real world I do shred a lot of what I scan - after a decent wait so I'm sure it doesn't need re-scanning - especially the bits with my address and most of the receipts with obfuscated account and card numbers. My theory is that anyone with a grudge against me personally is going to start as close to my base as possible: but any stalker dumpster diving is only going to turn up hamster bedding, not evidence of anything... and anyway those floor plans of the Bank of England could belong to anyone...
  13. Woo. That's a good question with a pretty long answer. The short(ish) version, like a certain pink pachyderm around here, is that I use passworded PDFs just like you. My casual security is down to the fact that of 48,000 and some notes in my database only a relative few(hundred) are in need of protection, and my library is part of the billion or so notes in various languages on Evernote's proverbial books. Even an AI process is going to take a while to work out where my stuff is, and which notes hold the plans for World Domination. Plus anything I hold really dear (like The Plans) is on paper and in a drawer near my desk. Anything with bank details is in an unsynced local notebook regularly backed up to a local hard drive, and my passwords to everything are with Bitwarden - which puts out some useful random sequences for passwords, like @Dq3J&N@&R (not otherwise in use!).
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