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  1. gazumped

    Problems logging into this forum website

    I've not had problems logging in - ever. If it is an issue, I'd suggest raising a support ticket or reporting it on Twitter - we're (mainly) all users here with no access to the forum logs.
  2. Hi. This is a (mainly) user-supported forum completely separate from the Support team who are available on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a subscriber, or Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if the support link won't work for you, or if you're not a subscriber. Evernote's developers read the posts at their leisure for general feedback and ideas, but will keep an eye mainly on faults reported in the release threads for the latest version. To get some direct feedback from Evernote, it's always best to report an issue directly.
  3. Its always possible, but Evernote very rarely comment on whether or when new features might be released.
  4. gazumped

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    Don't think that's what they are implying. It's never OK to have bugs in software that users rely on, but there's no come-back on Evernote if something goes badly wrong because the T&C's broadly say "if something goes wrong, we're not liable". The company does take a hit to its reputation, and if people move away or decide to use a different product, they'll see a drop in their income. You're quite right to say that if Evernote don't fix a problem you'll look elsewhere - though you need to give them some assistance to find and fix the problem. I used to run an IT support team (not Evernote) and I know from experience that it makes it a lot easier to support users if they are responsible and: report issues fully and answer any queries as quickly as possible - Evernote might not have been aware there was a problem until you report it; you may be the first to do so. The company may need your help to identify exactly where a process fails and whether it is a device issue or a bug. give the company a reasonable period to find a fix - sometimes it can be weeks before an issue is finally tracked down, even if it takes only a few minutes to produce a correction. don't doubt that the company takes faults seriously - Evernote have fixed some new releases within days of being made aware of a problem. Employees use the app themselves, so there's a fair amount of ongoing testing. don't send new emails or tickets as 'reminders' - all you're doing is tying up resources that could be fixing a fault with pointless paperwork.
  5. gazumped

    Firefox WebClipper with reader View?

    You're right - that option says the same for me. However have a look at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nimbus-screenshot/ I didn't realise that there were two apps!
  6. gazumped

    How to un-silo information

    I also don't think that Evernote is a silo - it's contents are easily accessible by search and by link - though I do occasionally have an entirely self-inflicted issue of not being able to find something I know I saved here. But what did I title it / tag it? What are the likely keywords? -And I find out later that the content didn't include any of the search terms I tried, just something equally obvious that I hadn't thought of...' On a few occasions too I've looked for the answer to a problem and found that I already clipped that months ago - I just forget completely. I do worry if others are using a database I created - will they use the same terms (and can they spell them correctly). Can they use the search feature properly? I don't know of any external solution (AI or not) that's going to help with that sort of problem until brain transplants become feasible. To seriously abuse a movie quote - it's the nature of information to be a mysterious and powerful resource who's power is only exceeded only by it's mystery.
  7. gazumped

    How to un-silo information

    So. As I was saying... I don't think there's any mystery to setting up a Mind Map and linking to Evernote content - I do that myself. I started out with Mind Manager, but now use Freeplane for my mind maps, largely because a MM subscription is 4x my Premium Evernote costs, and FP is free! Freeplane also has all the features I use, without some MM corporate bells and whistles that I never got into. I use links by copying the note link and pasting into the app's standard fields, which adds a red arrow to show it's a link. You can see from the pic that I'm editing one of the items to show the link content, but they come out as the note titles, just like they would in the app. This is a separated out part of my current 'to-do' map, and this is priority-5 (ie: "one of these days, maybe...") That, as they say, is a JOLLY good question. I'm just starting my 50th or maybe 60th annual "there must be a better way to do this" bit of navel gazing, which is why this topic is getting particular attention. I still don't use just one app for all my needs - currently it's Freeplane / Ticktick / Evernote, with rather more attention to Evernote recently. The big thing about getting things done is actually doing stuff, so no matter how cobbled together a solution I have, I'll concentrate on using it to the best of my ability. Serious testing of alternatives never ends well - I've swapped between apps before now because of some new feature that App A introduces, only to find that App B (that I just moved from) then catches up a few weeks or months later with something at least as good. I even moved back once... The main problem has always been that there is never just one solution. To-do apps don't usually have built in calendars except for a top dozen or so - although from my comment above I'd expect the rest to be catching up eventually. Ticktick does have a calendar and it's easy to add events that have a specific date, although only recently has it been possible to add durations. (The best answer to that was to repeat an event daily for a short period, but then you get a reminder every day unless you remember to cancel it... 😒) Ticktick doesn't have multiple calendars like Google, so you can switch holidays / personal / business dates on or off, but it does have Lists that you can filter on or off in the calendar which seems to give the same effect. It also copes with tasks that do not have dates (yet) so from my example pic above I was just listing and linking to clips that might prompt a blog post. No dates yet required. The one things that Ticktick doesn't do well is sub-tasks. They come up within the main task window as a one-level tickbox list with no scope for details. I'd hope to have the same options for subtasks as for main tasks. The answer is to list all my tasks as main tasks and link them with #tags, or to use Ticktick to hold the headings and link to details kept in another app. (Guess which...) (I don't use Google Calendar or Google To Do directly because it's just too long a job to add tasks to it unless they come through Gmail, but Ticktick will sync its calendar to Google.) ...I was going to go into even more detail, but I just reminded myself of an Evernote basic: the 'best' way to do something is whatever works for you. I know others use GTD themed apps, tagging and notebook changes, reminders and other to-do software. The ONLY important factor though is that the user must be able to use the system consistently and accurately and quickly. Speed is important, otherwise you spend more time organizing than actually working, which always a Bad Thing. Thanks @TK0047 for the link to Cardsmith, though I see it's a Chrome thing. I'm all Fox over here... Now. Back to actual work!
  8. We're busily hijacking @Myles McGinley's thread here - if there's more non-Tangle related stuff I suggest we take it elsewhere! I set up a new thread here: I'll add some more comment there... (Sorry Myles... )
  9. A new product thread about Tangle sparked some discussion about whether or not information in Evernote was siloed away, and how it might be possible to link notes back out into the real world so information and connections are not forgotten. Here's a link to the original discussion and the posts that started this thread - I suggest we continue that discussion here here to avoid hijacking that thread totally!
  10. gazumped

    Firefox WebClipper with reader View?

    ?? I'm using 64bit Firefox 60.0.1 with Nimbus... ...and the Evernote team don't (usually) comment on individual queries.
  11. One reasonably easy 'fix' for Windows users is to uninstall and reinstall the app - always a good way to ensure that there's no issues with the setup files. There are lots of other search and sync settings that can be changed, but that's a topic for another thread. Have a look here for some ideas
  12. That's a little unfair IMHO - the search feature always allows you to highlight items of interest. I tend to throw everything into Evernote and 'connect' it later. If I buy something online I'll make a note. Then add the acknowledgement email. And the 'we're about to deliver' email (with a reminder for the date). Plus the delivery note, user guide and -maybe- pictures of the unboxing. If I need to see the whole story, a search on the order number will connect all the dots. Or maybe I'm researching a holiday... tour guides, travel plans, checklists all go into Evernote. This time I'd cheat and add a tag <holiday2018> to find all the bits. But searching for each country name will remind me that I have a friend in Spain, so I can tag his address in case we get a chance to visit... Or I might have saved endless clips about photography and decide that I want to do some landscapes / portraits / night shots while away. I can set up some saved searches in favorites to bring up the relevant clips. New 'views' of existing data are never bad - the clump of information around photography might suggest I'm spending too much time there; or analyzing emails might show me my most important customer isn't who I thought. I actually don't know what connections might show up, which for me is the interesting bit.
  13. This thread is about a particular version of Windows called 'preview' - the latest edition of that operating system. What OS are you using?
  14. gazumped

    Importing VCF

    Hi. Evernote can import or clip a variety of file types, but AFAIK VCF is not one of them. A general internet search should give you a way to open these files, and you may be able then to re-export the content or import them into Evernote. If your OS in Windows, you may be able to use an Import Folder to process files in bulk.
  15. gazumped


    Hi. Sorry but I have no idea what that means. I also reported this as possible bot spam. Please give more details if you wish a response.