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  1. gazumped

    Request: Consistency Across Platforms

    Hi. Reasonable request, but I'd prefer that Evernote hunts down its current bugs and terminates with extreme prejudice before looking at harmonising features. Discrepancies have been mentioned before and I'm sure Evernote has said at some time "we're working towards a common UI" - although there are some interesting problems along the way when what looks good on a 24" screen is an unbelievable mess on a 6" one. Don't forget these nice toys all use different Operating Systems too - iOS / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 / Android (with various OEM mods from Sony and Samsung et. al.). Effects possible in Windows may not be achievable in Android..
  2. Hi. The 'remember me' option requires cookies to work - you might have to adjust the security on your browser to allow cookies from Evernote at least. I use the desktop client so my Clipper login is permanent, unless I deliberately log out of Evernote; and I have a password manager (Bitwarden) though others are available - https://top5-passwordmanagers.com/ - so logging into anywhere is pretty seamless to me... maybe one keypress required.
  3. gazumped

    Firefox web clipper update

    Hi. Just like the Mac and Windows apps don't get the same updates at the same time, Chrome and Firefox use different 'operating systems' so it isn't necessarily possible or appropriate to make them behave or look exactly the same. I'm sure Firefox Clipper will get updates, or has updates being tested now; but Evernote doesn't (usually) comment on when or whether a feature will be released.
  4. This link was recommended a while ago - I don;t know whether it still works... http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/
  5. gazumped

    Extreme Bored with the Green Color Scheme

    I agree!!
  6. Hi. According to your profile, you're a premium member - which means the max note size limit is 200MB and you are saving a lot of images into one note. Any chance you could set the options in Clipper to add a standard tag and just clip one image per note? You could group all these notes together by searching for the tag, and if there aren't too many they could be merged into one if that's preferred...
  7. gazumped

    Extreme Bored with the Green Color Scheme

    Currently there are no other 'skins' (AFAIK) for Evernote on any platform. It is possible to add color to notes... see
  8. gazumped


    Users are actually a little more comfortable with how this works now - the trick on a desktop is to create your note in a local app - notebook or notes - and copy/ paste into a note and encrypt immediately (before sync) in a Local (unsynced) Notebook, encrypt and move across, or with neutral content placeholders, encrypt, then place your confidential content between the placeholders so it starts out encrypted On a mobile device you do have some advantages - notes are not held in long-term storage, so once synced, there's no local unencrypted footprint to worry about; plus while you can't encrypt a new note, you can download a pre-prepared encrypted template to add content...
  9. gazumped

    Default note alignment

    Hi. There are no 'official' options that I'm aware of. One work-around might be to create a note with right-justified 'holding' text. Save it to your notebook and export that note to an ENEX file on your desktop. Now, when you double-click that template file a new note will be created in Evernote. There's a feature in development at the moment to include a templates option in the new note process. If/ when that is released you'll be able to choose your 'right-align' template from the new note dialogue.
  10. Hi. Not something I do often, but I just tested it and it seemed to work fine... (This was a Spanish entry about a French course...)
  11. Hi. In what OS / version of Evernote?
  12. I have nearly 44,000 notes - a lot of which are scrappy random bits of drawing or text associated with a project, plus related web clips, images and emails and occasional scanned documents. Where I need to put things together in a 'tidy' manner I use Word, or -less frequently- Publisher for posters or leaflets. The source documentation stays in my notes, and the public version is in a document file attached to a note so it can be opened anywhere I have software to edit it. Those notes get shared, or the attachments emailed, as necessary. I'm lucky (I guess) in that I don't care what my source stuff looks like. (Though there's one notebook that I share a lot and that has tables and some layout but is otherwise pretty basic too.) IMHO the joy of Evernote is that I can find all my source material (plus the bits I forgot I already had) and refer to that in building a report or a presentation. Evernote is not a word processor, and the menus would be hopelessly complicated if text style a layout commands were added. I use a dedicated word processor in the same way I use a spreadsheet if I'm crunching numbers, or a mind-manager app to draw relationships. I'd suggest you could change your workflow for all new projects and operate on something like my basis - if you've been living with Evernote for a while, you must have an existing method for working around its limitations - keep on doing that for existing work and just change your approach of the new.
  13. gazumped

    Extreme Bored with the Green Color Scheme

    Hi. Is this about the installed desktop client, or the web version - or everything..?
  14. gazumped


    Hmmn. The Windows team haven't (yet) followed suit. Version 6.15.3 (released yesterday) still sports an 'i'