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  1. I part-typed 'bu' then backspaced both characters and added 'burrow' as a complete new word, plus 'enter' to create the tag. Hadn't noticed any problems as noted by @CalS above, but I'm not a big tag user!
  2. Hi. The Evernote 'clipper' plugin is here - http://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/office/WA104379617 Please note that sending/ forwarding emails directly to your Evernote account is a Premium / Business feature only - more here https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005347 It is possible though to use the Outlook and browser clippers to send messages - one email at a time - to your account as a note.
  3. Hi. How large is your note? I copied the content from the web page into a new note and somehow got 1.7MB for 5,564 words. If your note is genuinely that big it will take a long time to download over a mobile network. Copying the content to a text-only notepad first I get an 11.2KB note which would be much faster...
  4. Hi. Is this the sort of thing you mean? I started to type 'bu' and got this set of options, but backspaced and completed a new tag 'burrow'. That worked fine for me using the installed version. (The note hadn't synced when I snapped this screenshot, so the new tag didn't show up in the list.) .
  5. This is from my latest Fatal Error report today... Despite the recent update, Evernote is still quietly crashing... I had 9 apps windows running, including Evernote, and had just added a tag. and moved 6 notes to another notebook. I used a 'shortcut' link on Evernote's left pane to jump to the top of my list of notes... and Evernote quietly folded its window and went away. I killed two processes in the system tray, and here we are again... I did try to restart Evernote from the tray, but got:
  6. Hi. Once you have uploaded notes to Evernote, there's no great advantage in deleting duplicates. It takes some effort to find them, and all you gain is some slight efficiency in searches, and -if you use a desktop device- a slightly smaller database file. I prefer to weed out duplicates when I find them as part of a routine search. It helps to tidy up the search results. Hyperlinks in the note body can be removed one note at a time, but not in bulk. Likewise links in the note title - like the source of a clip - can be removed separately. There's no easy way to do either of those things in bulk.
  7. Hmmn. Where are you getting the titles from? If you have several files from a word processor you can drop them into an Import Folder. If you need a note created like a previous entry, try templates... How to create import folders in Evernote for Windows How to create your own templates
  8. The service provider suggestion isn't the same as using Twitter. Your phone is connected to the mobile network through a service provider company - could be a local firm or a big international corporation. Depending on who that is, such 'service providers' may add their own special operating system to the phone - which may have updated recently, causing your current issues. Twitter is freely available to anyone via a web browser - see Twitter.com. When you open the page for the first time it will invite you to sign up with your name and either a phone number or email address. Once you have this, you can look for the @EvernoteHelps page (use the Search box) and send them a message. When you no longer need the connection, just delete your account. More detailed instructions are on their website.
  9. <Sigh> Now I know why my subconscious has been hitting me over the back of my head for an hour with a "this should be easy" stick! Looking at the backup suggestions made me remember that I use Backupery regularly to export my various notebooks to ENEX. Backupery stores the output files on an external hard drive, and to an encrypted Cloud server. If I open the folder on my hard drive I can see a list of my notebooks as file names. Using Karen's Power Tools (sadly, no longer run by Karen herself) I can print out the folder listing as a text file. Thanks for the suggestions folks - now move along please... nothing to see here... (Doh! Need more thinking juice!) EDIT: Hmmn. The Directory Printer has been updated - it gives me the system 'print to Evernote' option that puts a PDF into Evernote for easy reference. Neat!
  10. Hmmn. The Clipper doesn't have that option (AFAIK) but if you check the bottom of the Clipper window there are some options to choose from. I've never had that experience with the add-in several different browsers - maybe remove the add-in and re-download it from your Browser store?
  11. Was my guess too. Whilst we're here, and bearing in mind that I'm in the Windows / Android world - any ideas how to print off a list of notebooks? The 'best' option I came up with so far is to copy and paste the list of notebooks from All Notes / List View into Excel and eliminate duplicates. I have 46K+ notes... 😒 I'm playing with a new setup which has me over 100 notebooks now, and I'm running into the classic 'forgetting what I already have' problem I had with tags... (Apologies for hijacking the thread, but I didn't think it was going much further...)
  12. Hmmn. Don't know of any reason why a reinstall would fail after a reboot. Unless someone else with the same phone has any insights here, I'd suggest that you contact your service provider to see if they have any ideas, and follow this up via Twitter with @EvernoteHelps.
  13. Like others I have Evertool, Filterize and Backupery (a specialised backup option). These things exist (I'd guess) because getting the basics of a note-taking app that works reasonably well across Android / iOS / Mac / Windows in all their many recent variations is hard enough. Adding extra bells and whistles takes time. If third party apps get there first - well that's one feature that can go further down on the priority list...
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