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  1. Yup. Not an employee, just another user. Having a Chromebook is quite an acceptable reason for not using the desktop application - I was just making the point that if you can avoid accessing the web application, it's probably a good idea. My question about what action would you expect was quite genuine - in the thread you mention, Evernote don't say they've identified or fixed a specific bug, they're just trying to reduce the number of cases where notes are saved more than once.. -and that thread includes a number of different scenarios for multiple notes, from glitchy connections to multiple scanned copies.
  2. What are Evernote going to fix exactly? I don't mean to be negative, but if you're working in a browser, a good internet connection is a basic necessity. If the connection is spotty, the best Evernote can do is rescue whatever it can from the browser cache and create a new note rather than overwrite what you may have already changed. The 'duplicate' notes are a safety feature, preserving everything you enter and not overwriting what might have been important changes. If you have a bad internet connection, is there a reason you prefer not to use the installed client, which saves locally and works much faster since it doesnt have to contend with the network connection?
  3. It was (I think) a change in Clipper to require this cookie permission, though no doubt there were good Google reasons for doing so. To be fair there are quite a few other queries and the 'allow cookies' answer in the Forums here, so a Google search is probably your best bet for any quick teching (it'll find Forum posts better than the forum search does), closely followed by a post here for advice and information. Agreed it would have been nice for Evernote to suggest the permissions change up front when they became aware of it!
  4. Hi. No. Have you signed in to look at the web-based note screen? Writing long documents in web browsers has its own hazards, but the web app has a minimalist UI. You can also use any other app with a preferred screen UI to edit your text, and copy/ paste the content, or attach the document file to a Note.
  5. Hi. If you are paying for a premium service then you should be able to reach out to Support directly on for email or chat support if you require it. This forum has around 275,000 members and Evernote developers do read posted suggestions and feature requests, though they don't usually comment on them. All input (within the forum guidelines) is welcomed.
  6. Hi. Please don't repost your comments anywhere else - they won't be seen by a wider audience. If you're a new user, a beta is probably the worst possible way to evaluate the application - betas are not supposed to be perfect, they're trials of new features and code that might fall over at any time. Your comments will be seen by Evernote developers, so here is a valid place to post them. If they're about the beta, then that release thread would have been an even better place: Most of your comments have already been made anyway, so we'd expect improvements in due course - No 8 doesn't normally apply; reinstalling or updating will simply upgrade your installation and keep your preferences as set. On occasion - especially when the available preferences change - you may have to reset preferences. That's an exception, not the rule. This is a mainly user-supported forum (devs read, but don't often respond) but if you do have queries or issues we'll usually do our best to help out or suggest work-arounds.
  7. I clipped that page with no obvious difficulty*. Restart browser? Restart device? Make sure you have the latest Clipper version for your browser - ie uninstall / reinstall Clipper? Here's the note in case it helps... I used the Article setting. * Win 10 / Firefox here
  8. I'm not offended as such, but still unsure why changing your phone number to all zeros makes a difference. That in itself feels like social engineering - encouraging users to shoot themselves in the foot for 'security' reasons. And nothing online can be totally safe. If one person can get to it, a black hat can always pretend to be that gain access. There's a subjective trade off which only individual users can make: ease of access vs security.
  9. Hi. To the best of my knowledge and belief - no. The best work-arounds I can suggest are: either 1) tag notes containing highlighted text with a keyword for each highlight so that a search by keyword will bring up all the notes that contain potentially useful text; or 2) create a new note for each subject, like "blue text" and copy/ paste all the quotes that relate to that subject into the note - with links back to the original full text if that's relevant. There's nothing I'm aware of that will pull the texts out of their original context and give them to you in one index. There is a feature in Mediawiki (the software that powers Wikipedia) called 'transclusion' which relates to part or all of one document being linked to another so that if the original is changed, all the various places where that edited text appears will also automatically be changed. I would imagine that it could be used as you describe, but you would need to mark the text with a particular code, and then embed that code somewhere else to see the content. Although unless you already have an existing wiki set up I wouldn't think its worth commissioning one purely for this purpose - it's too high maintenance. Edit: pipped by Mac scripting I see.. which is probably a much better idea!
  10. Evernote staff tend not to make predictions - you could try reaching out to Support directly if you're a paying customer on or tweet them if not via
  11. Hi. Have you tried running a connection speed check / restarting your system / closing all apps other than the browser / using a different browser?
  12. As you'll gather from the other replies here - it's not a question of Evernote not addressing "the problem", the software works pretty well for a huge number of people. Your issues may be at least partly to do with your installation or your device.
  13. Greater light dawns... I see what you mean about the toolbars - sadly there's no way (apart from F8) to change that. You could have a look at the note layout when you sign in at in - it's much 'cleaner' than the standard note interface, but I tend to set that against my prejudice against writing things in browser windows. I've lost too many FB / Forum posts to rely on a browser for long texts. You could also look at any other writing software - anything with a true distraction-free interface. Once you generate the text, copy and paste it into a note, and attach the document file to a note. You can then search the content easily, and also continue to edit the page in its own software whenever you need.
  14. Just tried that - doesn't seem to be an issue for me...
  15. Hi. Reported before - see