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  1. I did this with a new laptop. There's actually no conflict in practice, and it was pretty pain-free. The steps were: Sync your main device and File > Exit Evernote. Copy the whole Databases folder onto USB download and install Evernote on the 'new' machine - at this stage it's a basic install with no 'personality' at all. It does have a Databases folder though... Exit the new app without logging in Rename the installed database folder Copy the original folder from USB to this location restart the app and log in as usual. Takes about 10 minutes. (Depending a little on the size of your file to be copied across....) Good luck!
  2. Hmmn. My 'default' search is in Evernote, then X1 is my backup if that doesn't work, to 'Evernote' the rest of my storage. Just checked in XI for a couple of notes that have been in Evernote for a while, and it appears we do not have a match anywhere; but that is probably because my database is a huge single file (windows, 17GB) and either 1) is too big to index at all as one lump or 2) is excluded by my X1 settings which (IIRC) allowed me to set an upper limit for files to be indexed, and I chose <250MB on the basis that anything larger would be media or backup files. You'd be better off - if I may suggest - talking to X1 - they'll be able to confirm whether your database could be searched. Unless things have changed, Evernote saves largely plain text, so you should be able to find character strings in the usual way. If X1 fails, the thing to do may be to export the whole database to ENEX files (which would also give you a convenient backup...) An app like Bakupery (which saves your account to ENEX files) could help there. - Having had a sneaky look in my own ENEX files, there's a lot of text but if nothing else the created date of a note comes through loud and clear, so you could quickly find likely notes directly in Evernote, after checking for the right details in X1. So. Not a simple answer, but I hope that helps..
  3. Hi. Best place to report bugs is always in that versions release thread; in this case here - Having said which, while I can replicate your 'bugs', the first one is copying text from a code block - which has a particular style - into a plain text location, which doesn't. So the text reverts to 'normal' for that location. If you paste your copied text into another code block, you get an exact replica of the first instance. And adding an extra carriage return has been covered elsewhere in the forums recently - as far as I recall, it's not possible in 'modern' HTML to determine which (if any) paragraph or style marks to delete. The work around is to paste into a text-only editor like Notepad to strip out the codes.
  4. You're right, of course, but I read this as the OP starting a new note on a mobile device and saving the note back to that device. As such, it's not an 'offline note' - just one that hasn't been synced yet. It would be in temporary memory somewhere on the device, pending being saved back to the server. In this case it looks like the email process also wanted some of that temporary memory... and bad things happened from there. For a lot of reasons, without a solid network connection (and maybe even with), I think it's always best to work in a third-party app that saves locally, so one fat-finger slip doesn't suddenly lose 6 hours work. I also record my audio files in another app for similar reasons - I can then use Evernote for more lookups or notes without killing the sound. If the OP can confirm the OS s/he was using, maybe there's someone out there who can suggest where to look for possible fragments of the information; but after the device has been off and on again, whatever was in temp memory is probably long gone. It is worth checking with the online version of your notes by signing in at to see whether anything was saved, but that's your only hope I'm afraid...
  5. I tend not to use the browser-based version at all - I'm almost always connected to the network on one laptop or another, so I might be overreacting.. but there are several threads around the forums of users - especially with intermittent or slow connections, or maybe with busy local networks - experiencing duplicate and incomplete notes. I've certainly lost the odd long answer in this forum (even on my fast network) through fumble-thumbing a Ctrl+key selection and losing the page, or occasionally through a connection fault. I'll normally do a long answer here in Windows Notepad first - though (trade secret time) a lot of them are pre-typed answers saved in Evernote and edited to fit the current case. Even so most answers are as short and pithy as I can make them. I have no problems drafting in Evernote for Windows Desktop. If some other option works for you, then go for it!
  6. Hi. Can you share a screenshot of the sort of note you're having a problem with? Are these business-card scans, or produced in another package? No reason that I know of for some text to become uneditable...
  7. Hi. For reasons best known to its developers, Evernote doesn't contain anything like a calendar, which would seem to be a major problem right there. Things like reminders and created / updated dates can be selected from a small calendar menu, but I'm guessing you have something larger and a lot more up front in mind. It would take a major -and expensive- redesign (I think) to move towards your ideal, which might, or might not benefit Evernote at all. I'm not seeing much in the way of positives here...
  8. Hi. A mobile device doesn't have an installed database to have a read/ write error with. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the software since the reset? Is your phone rooted, or running any specialised launcher software?
  9. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one...
  10. Google Keep does this - it's the one feature they have that made me look twice; I think the only problem here is - should Evernote to open the bag of worms that is location-specific reminders and commit its resources to developing (another) version, or would they be better off addressing all the other minor technical issues that affect most OS's, and adding in other 'must have' features that various users have requested. Difficult to see that adding geo will attract a significantly greater number of new users than anything else - especially given that Evernote is not your every-day to-do list. But more votes here may prove me wrong...
  11. Dim problem. Did @DTLow's suggestion work out? If not, the quickest solution might be to ask that the owner deletes you from the shares. You could have a word with Support if that's not feasible...
  12. Hi. Very simple - don't use Evernote for your drafting, try Word or another word processor. Main changes can be made to that document, then saved to a local file - which can be attached to the Evernote note. If you need to include search terms (only premium accounts search inside attached files), then copy and paste the content roughly into the note body. Layout is immaterial - future edits can be made directly into the source file using your WP app. I know your reaction is possibly 'why have a dog and do my own barking' but Evernote Desktop has limited editing resources suitable for notes, not presentation documents. The web version via a browser has less in the way of features - and you're also risking that the connection to the browser will drop out before you manage to save a long note content. Using an independent, locally saved option may be in your best interests...
  13. Hmmn. I'd suggest you File > Exit Evernote and restart your system. Did you copy this notebook into your own account, or is it still a 'live' share from another person...?
  14. Hi. You're talking to a (mainly) user-supported forum with no control over billing issues. Please raise a query via the Support page. You presumably gave Evernote your credit card details as part of an earlier transaction, and would have been asked to agree to their continuing to debit any appropriate ongoing fees. You do have complete control over your account level and billing at all times - see How to manage your Evernote subscription for more details. As you're requesting a refund however, you will need to deal with Evernote direct.
  15. OK - best idea would be to post in that thread. If something's not fixed the devs need to know about it...