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  1. Typo? Or maybe just because we drive on the right side of the road. Rest of the world? Not so much...
  2. In the UK (or maybe it's just me) two greater than / less than characters means 'not equal' - "><" Never had a need to look into this before, and assumed there'd be an ASCII code if nothing else; but I agree - this is surprisingly hard in Windows!
  3. Hi. We don't know, but I wouldn't think so.
  4. Hi. On that - probably because this Forum is -mainly- supported by other users and we have timezones and lives. As to the account, if you've had it for some time, it presumably started out with a password, even if you subsequently signed in with Gmail. You're right that the incorrect email address in the account is a problem if you can't remember the password. Your only option seems to be to contact Support - which I see you've already done. If you can post the ticket number here, we can ask an Evernote Admin to chase up the lost password information...
  5. Hi. Deleted notes will always be found in the Trash Notebook, even if it was the notebook that contains them that was removed, rather than notes individually. If you have nothing in Trash, chances are that you accidentally created a new account and your notes are available in the old one. I'd suggest you go to Evernote.com and sign in online to see whether your old notes appear. If they do not, make sure you're using the correct email address and try the 'lost password' option at log in. If none of this helps, you'll need to contact Support to request their help to check for other accounts in your name.
  6. Hmmn. I'm also on 68.0.2 but Windows 10 (currently). Firefox took its own sweet time to load Evernote, but yep - that would be the new Beta. Glad to see it come to Firefox, though it sure would have been nice to have a Web Beta thread where someone could announce releases like this...
  7. This thread already suggested: use the Evernote.com version...?
  8. Hi. I don't know of any specific Zoho + Evernote links, but have you looked at third party apps like Jotnote / IFTTT / Zapier? And if you're on Mac, just plain old scripting?
  9. ...A very British example, but if you're using a hammer to stir your tea and find that the cup keeps breaking... try using a spoon. Just saying. Evernote is great at what it does, but where it isn't - maybe try something else?
  10. Hi. Also (currently) working on a Linux laptop, and -sadly- there is only the Evernote Web interface. If you were a subscriber it would be possible to 'fire' a new note at Evernote as an email, and if you want to investigate gmail and Airtable, IFTTT, Jotform or Zapier, there are third-party apps that can receive data and create a note from that data. For instance I have a Jotform setup that will create a create a Google Calendar and an Airtable entry for a given event. There's a Zapier 'zap' that will transform the calendar entry into a note. (It's not elegant, but it works...)
  11. Hi. Your Evernote content is not fully present on your iPad; AFAIK all you have is a search index, plus some temporary content for recently viewed and non-synced notes. Your 'parent' database is stored online at Evernote.com. I'd suggest you uninstall Evernote from the iPad, then reinstall the app and log in with your usual user details; Evernote should refresh your index and restore access to your notes. (You'll also have access online by signing into Evernote.com)
  12. As noted in this thread - It wasn't an issue in Mac and I tried to replicate the issue on my Windows laptop without success; so no - AFAIK no-one is currently trying to 'fix' this. You could try raising the issue with Support on Twitter to see if they can help...
  13. Hi. Not sure how your email address could have been compromised, but AFAICS your only option is to reach out to Support to reset your account. There's a 'guest' option here to raise a query by email, or you could try Twitter.
  14. Hi. We're a mainly user-supported Forum Evernote is currently working on updating and upgrading its editor, though they haven't shared any details of their planned improvements. At present mixed typed/ handwritten notes are not possible except by using third party applications or including images of handwritten sections in otherwise typed text. If you open a dialogue direct with Evernote via Twitter at @EvernoteHelps or maybe chat with some of the others in Education here: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/244-education/ you may be able to get some suggestions...
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