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  1. Hi. You may have been the first person to request this feature. Of the 250M (or so) Evernote users, I wonder how many have a Pixel 4? - Don't know what it would cost to add the facility for that device, plus others providing the same option, but it doesn't look like it would be a high priority. Still, you've registered the suggestion: have to wait and see if and when it emerges...
  2. Hmmn. Don't know exactly what happens when an employee with a personal account linked to an Evernote Business Account leaves the business, or how any 'migration' works. You still show in the forums as a premium user, so I'd suggest you contact Evernote Support - they will be able to tell you your account status anyways. https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new
  3. We grow potatoes in a bag around here (limited ground space) so we're a shovel - and paperclip - free environment. I partly agree with you on the 'intuitive and effortless' front though, but I'm not precious about software being precisely aligned to my task, or about it being totally aesthetically pleasing. I grew up in the DOS era when the IT mantra was often "we don't fill that field in" or "you always show zero there" - tasks had usually evolved past any original programming parameters; sometimes before the software was even released - and it was too expensive (even then) to go back and just relabel fields or re-order calculations. You worked around the system, not wholly with it. That's still my style. Plus - in line with my "anything to get the job done" comments previously - I'll use any available means to get to an end, even if that is an image of a shaky whiteboard sketch in bad lighting. Done is always better than perfect - I'll dot I's and cross T's in the layout later. Maybe. I do think modern software leaves a lot to be desired though. On another project I've been looking to build an information dump which requires a relational database structure to tie things together. I've been through dozens of CRM systems, 'simple' databases, personal assistants, wikis and anything else which might give me the structure I need. In many cases I'm sure the software would do so - if I could spend the time to learn how to use the service before I apply it. The situation (to me) is a little like my wanting to saw timber and being given a square piece of sheet steel and the instructions for making a saw. I don't want to learn a new skill, I want to cut wood now!! I know Evernote could do the job for me, and once the data gathering is complete, it might wind up there. But meantime I need to avoid duplications, carry out quick searches and apply some formula-based calculations. I'm managing with Excel (don't ask) but there really should be a better option out there. If you're involved with spreadsheets I do commend Airtable which is a spreadsheet that thinks it's a database - but for display purposes (and my project needs a public face) some of Airtable's layouts are definitely Duplo rather than Lego. I need the output to be informative and to look at least professional, even if I don't particularly care for the style. Sorry: that got a bit ranty and well off topic!
  4. Hi. For the record you don't have to create a new account to change your email address - what you seem to have done is to add a second Basic account with a 25MB note limit. The note you are (apparently) trying to save is too big for the second account - hence the 'increase the maximum size' message - and until you reduce the size or stop saving it, you'll continue to see the message.
  5. It's difficult to give you a sensible answer on that - I'm of the old school view that getting the job of the moment done (whatever that may be) is the important thing, so I'll use anything and everything in the way of tools and software which 1) I either know how to use, or can get up to speed with quickly and 2) actually does what I need it to. Evernote covers about 80% of that, and my ~49,000 notes are all in Evernote. I do some layout in Workflowy, mind-mapping in Freeplane, finance, word-processing and presentation in MSOffice, emailing via Gmail and Outlook, plus photo processing in Lightroom. Evernote contains my 'library' of information, my archive & historical records, and is also my index for any work I do in other software. Along the way I'll use various tools on my mobile devices - the camera on my Android phone captures anything too lumpy or too big to go in my scanner, and that, plus a tablet, is a handy lookup tool for user guides, emails and receipts that I need from time to time for reference. I've even been known to write things down with an actual pencil if something occurs to me after I just switched off the tech for the day...
  6. Hmmn. Can you check by using the browser version at Evernote.com? The only reason you wouldn't see the notes on the correct account would be that they weren't synced back to the server in the first place. (You could also check in the Trash notebook to make sure they weren't accidentally deleted...)
  7. Hi. Some web pages are harder to clip than others. Either give it a little more time, or use the embedded URL information to visit the page again from a desktop and clip it a second time.
  8. Seems to me you're expecting Evernote to do an awful lot of heavy lifting. You have 40-50 separate documents in each 16-18MB note and want Evernote to show you each individual found word in every one of those documents? It would be much faster to save one document to a note. You also don't mention whether these are searchable (pre-OCR'd) notes, or you're relying on Evernote to OCR the content of multiple notes with 40+ documents each. It does take a certain time to catch up with the indexing of new notes. I'd suggest giving it a few hours and checking again...
  9. Hi. The information you see on local devices can only be an estimate of the current position - Evernote's server keeps the controlling count. You say your current status was "60 MB (100 %) remaining in this month" - which means the local device is incorrect. Try restarting your computer to verify the situation.
  10. Hi. Attaching a Word (or a PDF, PPT or any other) file to an Evernote note, gives you a note with that original file connected to it. When you 'export' it, you're simply copying the file from the database that it had become part of, back out into the real world in its original format. (It's slightly more complicated in Windows, because the original .DOCX file -for example- is converted to Evernote's database format, but it can be exported again without loss.) Have a look at the main help site - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us and search for some videos about basic Evernote use for more on how the basics work. You're also welcome to ask more here. A bit of experimentation may help too!
  11. I have fallen for this myself when in a hurry - don't think changing the wording will avoid those (like me) who see dialogue boxes and fill them without reading the context, but hey...
  12. Hi. Could be something to do with Windows keeping track of the file during drag & drop - there's nothing in Evernote you could do other than the obvious... don't drag and drop files.
  13. Hi. Not having any problems with my tables - have you tried restarting your system? Changing the Evernote Web version you're using? (Change in Settings)
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