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  1. Hi. This is a (mainly) user-supported forum, so under-the-hood issues are outside our brief. As a subscriber you should be able to contact Support to check whether there's an issue with downloads. It always takes some time, and just after the update to v10 it may be taking a lot longer to catch up. There seems to be a 50-note limit in place on most things - are you wanting to download more than that? Do you have the storage space on your device for that volume?
  2. One of my laptops has an annoying habit of dropping out of the network, forcing NordVPN to reconnect to the server. Evernote Windows 6.25 doesn't seem to mind overmuch - my Evernote session stays active and open...
  3. You're correct in that before v10 the exb file contained all your notes. After v10 when local notes are no longer supported however... I don't know. It is was possible to extract notes from an exb file a couple of years ago - see https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/99531-importing-notes-from-exb/ You could (according to that in 2016) extract notes from exb into an enex file and -maybe- find your lost note there. I'm a little confused - we now seem to be talking about a local note, which would have to be stored in a local (unsynced) notebook. Reading back over this threa
  4. Hi. https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  5. Hi. Check your local storage and backups for an *.exb file. Windows saves all synced and non-synced notes in the same database. If you were to reinstall the Legacy version it would download another exb file, but this time containing only the synced files. The others were never sent to Evernote storage. If you don't have an original exb file, then I'm afraid your content is gone forever. If you can find the exb file, you can use the legacy app to extract your local notebook files.
  6. Hi. If you're using the desktop version, try the web client. If you're using web, try desktop. When Evernote updates there's a period where it has to rebuild the database, so you might just have had a temporary glitch. If it's still a problem, please confirm which version of Evernote you're currently using...
  7. Hi. Go to Evernote.com in a desktop browser and log into your account. If that doesn't work, use the 'forgot password' process and your original sign-up email address to get it back.
  8. Hi. I had a question and got a response within 7 days. When I raised the question I had an immediate response with a ticket number, so I knew I was in the queue. What's your ticket number?
  9. May be to do with v10 being launched. What devices / what Evernote versions / what trouble?
  10. Hi. Might help to attract some assistance if you can summarise what appears to be going wrong. Is it all iOS-related?
  11. Yup - you and me both. 5.33 is still unfinished and annoys me considerably in that it takes a couple of clicks and a 10-second wait just to delete a note. And don't get me started on multi-select...
  12. Surely no-one could be so underhanded! Misery does love company though...
  13. Hi. You may have noticed that Evernote just released v10, which has come with a slew of restrictions and several bugs. If you're looking to make a value comparison I'd leave it a week or three and try again...
  14. Hi. I assume you're using Evernote 8.13, which was the last public release. The reason previous posts in the forums have remained unsatisfied for some time is that Evernote were developing and are now about to release version 10, which may go some way to deal with your issues. However Evernote has never been great on mobile devices with long notes - you may find performance will also improve it you can take more smaller notes, linking them by title or tag. Good luck!
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