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  1. It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago, that Evernote companion app Filterize nicely fills this gap in Evernote's architecture - it's possible to create multiple self-updating Tables of Contents for a client, a customer, a product or any general class of note that you may have. Put general notes in one notebook, and a set of ToC notes in another, and you can browse through your ToC "drawer" to find all your current clients listed in one note - even if you added one 5 minutes ago. Click on that client's link in the ToC to see a note listing your entire contact history and all the current projects you have in hand and quoted for. It's a set of virtual folders as individual ToC notes. Filterize also answers any problems with saved searches and favorites - your ToC notes are searches that are running constantly; so 'next tasks' and open to-do items are also ToC notes. Still getting around to setting this up for myself, but it should work...
  2. gazumped

    Forum search broken?

    Hmmn. Still broke according to Chrome. Might be my settings or something. 🤫
  3. gazumped

    Sync-attachments not uploading

    Hi. Because 'phone storage tends to be limited, Evernote doesn't sync content to a mobile device by default. It is possible to assign one or more notebooks as 'offline searchable' if you wish, but that depends on the storage available and the size of your notes. I have one notebook set up that way, and I move notes into and out of that notebook as I need them. Notes are generally downloaded over the network only when you wish to see them. For the same basic reason, even if you can see a note, any attachments will show up as icons. The attachments are not downloaded unless you specifically open them - or they are part of an 'offline searchable' note. When you're downloading a big attachment, it can take a while to see anything on screen.
  4. Always best to quote issues in the version release thread... (I linked this one there) - or if you're a subscriber, create a support ticket.
  5. gazumped

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    Problems viewing shared notes in another thread...
  6. I tried a couple of searches this morning in different forums - the result is always Windows 10 64bit and Chrome - haven't tried another browser or reloading / restarting anything yet.
  7. gazumped

    Outlook Plugin fails to save to EN

    Apologies - I kind've derailed this thread in the Mac forum. Any more non-mac issues, please post in the Windows or other applicable forum. If you've updated to 6.17.5 and still have issues, please submit a ticket to support. This thread is about clips failing rather than freezing, and this other recent thread might be relevant -
  8. Just to confirm - now using 6.17.5 for windows, and things are back to normal. Thanks again for the fix!
  9. gazumped

    How do I get to the title using keyboard?

    It's theoretically possible to use some of the automation apps like AutoHotKey and Phrase Express to translate a keystroke into a mouse movement, but I haven't needed to do so. Can't suggest anything else though I'm afraid...
  10. Hi. This is a Mac thread. Please post in the Android forum.
  11. Hi. Are your old files in JPG or PNG format. See How Evernote makes text inside images searchable
  12. Hi. As you appreciate, your PCs don't sync direct, they each sync to the server; and if one device syncs and then another, the second will be brought up to date with the first, but the first PC will not receive an update from the second until the next time it syncs. If all the devices are switched on all the time, this should work fairly well - Evernote's default settings will sync each machine at regular intervals. If one or other device has been switched off, the next sync should be when that device is restarted. (All of this assumes you're using the installed desktop version on each device. The browser-based service is -or should be- always 'up to date' with changes made online.) The installed app has a 'sync' button on the toolbar, and provided this is pressed both before and after each edit on any device, there 'should' be no problems. If one or other device is not sending changes to, or receiving changes from the server, this is a syncing issue with that machine. If you don't see the sync icon, try customizing the toolbar to add it. How to troubleshoot syncing issues