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  1. Hi. If you added these files through a cable connection, that should be the way to delete them. This is not an Evernote issue.
  2. Hi. Evernote has STACKS containing NOTEBOOKS which contains NOTES. A Note might include a one or more lists in text, or as attachments in external files.
  3. Hi. The way Evernote works is to save Clips in Notes, and one or more Notes in a Notebook. That's not likely to change anytime soon. If your issue is to save more than one clip to a note, you could try copying and pasting to add to an existing note, or creating separate notes and merging them together.
  4. Hi. This is a mainly user supported forum, so these aren't 'our' ads you're seeing. Don't know why you're having problems raising the issue with support - maybe try a different browser? There was an issue with support pages some while ago - see https://discussion.evernote.com/announcement/72-issues-accessing-evernote-support-channels/
  5. Hi. As you're a subscriber, report this to https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - we're a (mainly) user-supported forum, so there's no fixes here... just helpful suggestions and work arounds. As regards your searches - is the note you refer to one that was only recently edited or created, or have you found this an issue with long standing data?
  6. As long as Evernote and/ or Google are aware of the issue, someone will be working on a solution. Until that's delivered though, all you have is work-arounds...
  7. Agreed - but if checking the Android clipper doesn't show the reason for clips going astray, it can't hurt to switch it to 'selected notebook' for a short while and choose the default... just to see if it makes a difference... Edit: Oops. Makes note: remember to read the whole thread history before posting next time... Sitting down now...
  8. Hi again - if your mobile app is happily syncing to and from the web, there's nothing obvious wrong with either end of that transaction - the problem would then appear to be with your desktop installation. Is that your home or work network connection? If there's a software glitch, the quick way to resolve it may just be to uninstall Evernote, restart the desktop and re-download / reinstall. (Make sure you copy the databases folder from your hard drive to your desktop as a backup.)
  9. Agreed - my comment was in context of the OP's comments that the Android clipper was causing an issue, and I got the impression that clips were being saved to more than one non-default notebooks. In that case Android Clipper wouldn't necessarily be the issue, because it should be consistent in the notebook to which it saves - unless deliberately changed. However, the OP actually said: - which means that if that is one single notebook, it might just be the settings in Android Clipper that are causing the issue.
  10. Yeah - in Android you can tap the 'saving' button to choose a notebook, but whether that's (as I think it is) a sticky setting or it reverts to default, it should at least be consistent...
  11. Hi. Is it possible to log in via a browser at Evernote.com and set up a standard password?
  12. Hi. In the desktop application, collapsing stacks is already a standard feature... here's a snippet from my desktop. "Local" is the stack containing my local notebooks. The arrow fades in when you hover over the name...
  13. Hi. You added this post to another thread on something completely different, so I split it into a new topic. This is a mainly user-supported forum, so we have no input on payment issues. Try logging out of Evernote and back in to force the app to reset - that might be enough to trigger the upgrade. If that fails, you should contact Support via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - there's an option to 'continue as a guest', and there's no requirement to give a contact number - though Evernote do need to establish that you're the authorised user of your account, so you'll need to give your user name and password at some time... I'll flag this post as a payment problem, so Evernote may be able to comment here - if you can get a Support ticket reference, please post it back here so they can link this thread with your support request. Edit: sorry - forgot to add this link..
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