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  1. Hi. Despite the name, sticky notes is not an Evernote product. See for the software. I don't have any technical details of the storage locaton - at worst you could create a new instance and track where in the system the notes are stored. There must be other users out there - maybe someone else has an insight here...
  2. Hi. Always better to post comments about a release in the appropriate thread. Fixes seem to be ongoing...
  3. Sounds like you're connecting from behind a commercial firewall. Your system may block apps from downloading content. Is there a company policy? An IT department you could talk to?
  4. Ah. Search and shared notebooks. That didn't used to work, and it looks like it still doesn't. You could move or copy those notebooks from the share into your own account if search is a requirement... (You would need to do that on a desktop).
  5. Other

    Hi. I'd imagine the support team are kept pretty busy right now with issues arising from the recent updates to iOS, so a quick human response is unlikely. If you sent a support request you should have received a ticket number - if you post it here we can get one of the Admin team to take a look to see what's going on... Chat is a first come service - if you're in the right time zone (0700-1900 PST weekdays) and an agent is free you should get through.
  6. Did you check on to see what (if anything) is there? I don't see how installing a new app could remove saved scans, but if they are not on your device, and not on, I don't know how you would be able to recover them. You could contact support directly if you can, or message them on Twitter - but sadly, I don't think they'll be able to assist either..
  7. Hi. Are you guys both now on 8.0.2? Edit: When you are, it would be more effective to post here with any continuing issues..
  8. There's another thread around dealing with notes shared by URL. They can be viewed, but if the Save button is pressed to add that note to your own account, the error message pops up as above. Not known why this is occurring - possibly a result of the migration to Google servers. I can verify it's happening with shared URLs. Work-around is for the sharer of notes to share a notebook, and add new shared notes to that notebook; I can still move and copy notes from a shared notebook to my own account. Anyone having the problem please contact support directly if you can, or message them on Twitter - the more feedback they get, the more likely someone is to find the fix.
  9. Yep - thought that was too small. I will investigate further if/ when I can...
  10. Windows has a more basic access - but Ctrl-A in any list view window will copy visible content, which can include date and some variable items as below. Select and deselect as required. The result can be copied to a spreadsheet window for further analysis.
  11. Hi. Have you updated to the latest version now? Is this still an issue?
  12. ...and check that you have the new latest version...
  13. Hi Steffen - sorry to take a while, but for whatever reasons I have a lot of XPI files on my system in Mozilla-related folders. There's only one// which I'll send to you by PM if it will accept the upload. Use at your own risk!! Gaz Edit // from the 'extensions' folder you specified
  14. Hi. Because it is not obvious whether or not a note or a notebook has been shared, I have a shared Stack containing one notebook for all randomly shared notes, and any other notebook(s) that I have shared. I also use that stack for any notebooks shared to me, to keep the information all in one place.
  15. Hi. Did you save your scans to the Evernote account? Is Evernote installed on your device? Have you checked for the notes by signing in to